Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 21, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1952
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M PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily The Public Intent* Is Tfce First Concern Of This Newspaper VCH.UME 90, NUMBER 256 Associated Prnt Leased Wire FAYETTEVIUE. ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 21, 1952 AP, King and NEA features 10CAL FOftfCAsT-*. rjye*teviije m-! vicinity p a r t l y rMu/iy. »«tt?red thundprinowtn J*l« tonight, pirtly cloudy «nd cooUr W- itnrrcw Trace of rain Tfmperaturti mi M noun. hlfh ycilrjdsy 7.1 noon indav 74, low SI. Sunr.w 5 n iun- PRICE fIVE CENTS Chinese POW ^-Robertson Fights The Communists O i/ * L/-SI i nKoje Killed DieslnWreck Third Incident In Four Days Is Reported Prisoner Resists Search, General In Command Says Koje Island, Korea-Wj-A Chione or molc '"'c ! mcnls. Customarilv. Grcnd Jury Takes Recess Til June 16 Was Hurrying To The Bedside Of Father Hurt In Accident Springdale - ( S p e c i a l ) - John Spellman Robertson, 37, produc- j tion manager for the Steele Can- I The Washington County Grand ring Company here, was killed I -iry, m session for tv.o f u l l days, .,!,,,,,, o., n ,,,_,,,_,. (hjs m n r n i n g | until June 16. when a one-day!" session is Expected to clear t h e l " , cur .TM jury's slate for the year. car left the highway on and turned over near Checotah. Okla. Marvin Murphy Named Head Of Safety Council Dr. McFarland Of FBI Is Speaker At Annual Banquet Marvin M u r p h y \vn« mur.fvi president nf t h ^ F n y e K f v i l l e S;i'r-- | ly Counril at Ihr a n n m l VnnqwM j last n i g h t , MicreorliiH: Dr. O^r^f i Dmnignn. u-hn hrvide'l 1':o roun- , cil rlurinc it-; firs! !wn vo-irp. ! .1. R. Crfieker war- rlnMrH vl-e j president, mid Mr;:. Prirl" Tnr.'-- briHfic, secrplnry-trer'-'.irer. Irs ·'·!·· j d i f i n n , n S.T-membrr Brvirl of HI- Controls Issue Hears Decision i "Senate May Cut · He AvAakes The 1 Venture Sound Little Difficult b»;iiny blo-xl I'-.o \\( T;r-r ri( p n fp\v of t h r fir.t m n n 1-i y.T nil j u i t h o n i i.v.irrfs f l v t n . r n tho : bills--ir when nese prisoner wa^knicd by an~Ai- \ TM»"- Customarily, when any I |£** ^TMTM ^^°'."' \ lied guard Saturday in the third P= rs TM °' P^ons * indicted b y ! TM^'' r i i n i c ' t h e G r a n d . I u r . v . t h e fact is not r e - ! ,, . , , ? · ' ' the suspects are plac-l Hobertson s car apparently w e n t ; H ' o u t of control on a curve of U. S. . 69 just north of the | city limits. A v.Teeker pulled th* car into an upright po- I sition before the body could b e , removed. j Mr. and Mrs. Joe Steele left this morning for Checotah w i t h Mrs. f prisoner of war incident reported In a four-day span on this riot- v "jaled unti. , ,, _. v ,,,,, ridden rock. The other two oc- 1 ed " n ? cr hond - | curred at a 'woman's POW camp I During its two days of hearings : and a prisoner hospital. j t h c pan(?1 interviewed many wit- The shooting of the Chinese j nP5scs prisoner--announced only today- was the first fatality reported from the tough Koje stockade John Garfield Is Found Dead Heart Ailment Fata! To Actor I _. _.,, . New York-W)-John Garfield, today said combat-wise American ( 39, stage nnd screen "tough guy," infantrymen used concussion gre- j died of a heart ailment today in nades and a show of force to put the Gramcrcy Park apartment 01 since Brig. Gen. Haydon L. Boatner took over command a week ago. Boatner said an investigation Indicated the prisoner was shot when he resisted search on his return from a work detail outside an enclosure holding 5,000 Chinese Communists. Use Conr.tission Grenades The U. S. Eighth Army at Seoul Robertson. , He is survived by his wife and ; three children, t'.vo daughters and a son. Funeral arrangements are | incomplete. j , Proper down violence yesterday at a Pusan POW hospital. The Army E3id the Red rioters were armed with makeshift spears, barbed wire flails, rocks and similar weapons. Concussion grenades are designed to stun their victims. They do not burst into many small, sharp flying pieces a uu deadly fragmentation grenades. One prisoner was killed in fighting at the hospital in Camp Ko. 10. The Army did not say how he died, but correspondents in Pusan said he may have been bayoneted. Eighty-five POWs were injured. half their injuries were minor. One American guard suffered a minor injury. . Would Show Mistreatment In Tokyo, high-level officers in the United Nations Command said riots and incidents were provoked . by small bands of die-hard Communists acting on orders to show that the UN is mistreatinpr POWs. 7he next move of the Reds, the officers said, undoubtedly will he to make violent accusations t h a t the UN is so low and contemptible that it is even torturing patients in hospital' Two Slid Wanted By Kansas City Officers Boyd Tacketl To Speak At U.A. Friday Night Congressman Boyd Tackctt of Nashville, Ark., candidate for the j ment for more than a half hour, thinking t h e y wore newsmen. The actor was at about 8 a. m. (CST) hy Dr. Charles H. Nammack, a private physician, w h o -- had submitted a John Oorfitld r o u t i n e telephone report to the medical examiner's office. Thc medical examiner's office said a cardiac condition caused death. In Hollywood, he was known as an actor with no taste for thc an actress friend, 'Democratic nomination for gov- i Iris Whitney. She ! ernor, will speak Friday at 8 barred p o l i c e P. m. in the ballroom of the Stu- from the apart- I dent Union at the University. ------ ' ' ' Tackett's appearance is spon- r.ored by the American Collegiate j Political League, a student organization. John Paul Runyan. vice! president of the league, today invited the public to attend. torial candidate to appear this spring under the league's sponsorship. Previous speakers were Ike ' to open his campaign formally Thursday night at Arkadelphia, -* L i t t l e Rock-l/l'i-Tlio Arkansas i P u b l i c Service Commission today ! refused to allow Southwestern | Brll Telephone Company to put a 1 proposed new rate increase into ( effect even under bond, j The commission, in a forme' i order, said it was refusing to ap- ! prove a proposed schedule for a ! SI.900.000 annual rale increase bo- cause f i n a l disposition of a previous rate increase was ponding. The proposed new increase would he in addition to 53.177,000 First Lt. Francis Humphreys. Fayetteville, Ark., is one of the U S Air ' v i i r i o u s lll 'sin'sT*. civic c'uhs. Force F-8S Sabre-jet pilots serving w i t h the 51st Fighter Interceptor ' vftfrnn * organizations and labor Wing in Korea. He is shown leaving the cockpit of -flis speedy iet ! S rn "P s l i g h t e r in f u l l combat flying gear after r e t u r n i n g from a comh'at iir j A p p r o x i m a t e l y .100 persons WCI-P patrol over North Korea. Lieutenant Humphreys is the son of Mr. and i Jl 1K ' sts "' ,' asl m E h l " banquet at T»-- »·* * T... .. L .,,- ,, .. ^. ,. . _ ... · Ratr" Srhon] enfold*:;!. Honor finest!! were members nf t h n f i r e and Pnlicp d e n a r t m e n t p . « h e r i f f * c office, j u n i o r f i r o rnnrsh;!' 1 ", yelinnl safety pat rote and Ihe iurlicinry. The outgoing president. Dr. Rrnnicnn, presided nt i h e hu.iines? session, nnd We'-loy J. Cordon, manngor nf f-t? Chamber of Com- i merre. served as master of cere- ' monies. In the ke.vnotn addrer-s. Dr M. t \V. McFiirlnnri of UltiV Po^k. *r\r- eiat agent in e*iar«e of i h e ^erirral Bureau of I n v r M i i r a t t n n in A r k a n - sas, cautioned in ». laUt on "Youth and Crime." t'ne Irend toward a rnmolnti 1 hreakdovn nf tlif home influence- must he rr-verped if juvenile dplinojirpcy ir. {"· he lessened. Sayinr: t h a t mnro tKin 50 per cent of fie persons " r m « t ed in the U n i t e d Stales last y^ar were under 21 years of n«e. Dr. McFarKind war nod t h a t t h i s trend can end in thr- d e s t r u c t i o n of American Trcedom. * "Freedom." he asserted, "ean- rnn- nnd Mrs. F. A. Humphreys, 403 North College Avp.. Fayettcvillc. (U. S. Air Force Photo) New Phone Increase sal Is Denied and the speech here will be his Re-Surfacing Of Streets Is Planned Mountain Street will be closed from the Square to School Street for re-surfacing hy the Highway 4?rirtment before it is turned back to the city on opening of the new Highway 71 by-pass. .. _,, Acting Mayor Webb W i l l i a m s has hoen charging. A method of said that thc- project is one of two r e f u n d i n g thc difference must be planned by the Highway Depart-' worked out. ment for Fayetteville. The other.j Tho commission said t h a t n e i - , ....... ...-. ,,.m- . not yet approved hy the highway ther it nor Ihe company has any | ents, charging t h a t the American commissioners, calls for a S I G . O O O J experience .as to earnings under ' home has tlegrneratM into a re-surfacing jnh^ on College A v e - | t h e former'schedule and that i t : place to ent and sleep. "' "" " ' The invocation was hy the Rev. boost already approved by the A r - 1 not exist whore a people f a i l to . . .. , kansas Supreme Court. This was j build the moral and s p i r i t u a l char- h . v M ''»- B'mn Hell, Board Power Fulbright Amendment On Minimum Wages Creates Controversy U''/fVA hill to con- t i n u e v.-agr-pric" controls until next March 1 and rent at:i credit controls u n t i l June :Q. 1953, comes to a vote today in the Senate Banking Committee. As amended by the group, the legislation would strip the Waje Stabilization Board of authority to intervene In lahor disputes, as it (lid in the steel case. It also would make the WSB n body representing the public in general--its rjrej. ent membership gives equal representation to the public, labor unions and industry. Before the committee today was a new controversy over .1 move by Scnalor Fulbright ( D - A r k ) ti hook onto the u n i t - i n f l a t i o n measure a revision nf the Walsh- Hca!cy labor act. That law permits the Labor Department to require holders of government contracts to pay not lew than the minimum wages prevailing "In the particular or elm,- iliar locality." Fulhright seeks to define local"" '" '". "iiiiiiiids Hy as "the city, town, village or ,?rrt °!?rf »,., r in a ."rJ' olh!r clv " subdivision" where the plant is located.HI* Idea Is to :· m"rc. Dr. Onyt ·lif! in an intrrvir-.v the pilot o: tin. f u t u r e Knvi I'.-irtir.. .-itniuEphcre he ml :.'t toilfi v.-it'i s n r c d i M T meteor, o t h e r f l y i n g bodies. Dr. V/hilf. rr.T-mT-i director of I/ivelnce C l i n i c i;l A l i n i r j u c r f j u e . N. M., (Kidrorse.-f n join! meeting of the I n s t i t u t e ,i[ Aeronautical Sdcncrr. gnrt Ihe Cleveland Acsi- emy of Medicine here last night. Dr. Bent Will Address Seniors High School Sets Graduating Services Dr. n. K. R r n t of the University Collcpp of E d u c a t i o n will address Ihe g r a d u a t i n g da-.s of the Faye t t o y i l l e I l i j h School .it exercises closing the school Friday, M a v 3D. I'rcsoiitaiion of diplomas will he m . s r less t h a n the company sought and actcr of their c h i l d r e n " Thnrc nrr no t r u l y d e l i n q u e n t ' £ children. MrFnrlanH s n i 'I. ; firincipal. Snnerintcndent i T. Blossom wi high" scK; TM?_ ."ITM I*!!? [ ' a I 0 :., 06 ""'merit In fix uniform natfon-wldi full for Ihe crowing IP on t h e program. R a r r n l a u r e a t o rrrvico-: - e ormer s c e u e a n that i t nue between .Rock and North; would hi "against the public in" More Than $24,900 Raised For Red Cross in County; Tornado Fund Helps Swell Total R e d | Springdale--S2.408.86 plus S3,- irgest I ^ disaster relief, totaling Sa,- Slreets. "··" ···- -"- ................. "·.·""! ~hc Mountain Street joh calls , nt this time second of the summer campaicn. I for the ,,,,, ,,, h .. s;r , ha!ijc . c ,, n . j A $5flo ,,,,,, Mcmnilv bf , n ,, was erete similar to that used by t h e ' proffered hy the company vester- city in re-surfacing parts of Dick- day to guarantee refunds to sub- son Street and Lafayette Street. ; scribers if it should he determined If approved by the commissioner;;, f i n a l l y t h a t the rompanv was not the re-surfacing of College Avo- entitled to an increase or was en- nue w i l l be done in the same way. titled to a lesser increase than City officials some time aso re- asked. quested the Highway Department! --- · -- ; terest" to allow the new increase J- W. Butler, Jr., and the bencdlc- | lion hy Chaplain .fames L. Burrin of the Veterans Hospilal Hunt's has the right glfl fur your I graduate. (Adv.) . night clubs, the social circuit, the : '· fancy cars and other frills of so j ' many actors. Program To Send Students To Conventions Called Off; Local Effort In Project Eyed I The Washington County Cross Chapter met its la peacetime quota in the 19o2 fund drive. George C. Faucette, Fayetteville, chairman of thc fun'd · drive, announced today that a total « « » ' "ised. Just 583 Bentonville-(Special)-Two Ne; K ro men, arrested here yesterday, ^ ° l «« total quota. ar« wanted by police in Kansas l n c City, Mo., for questioning in c o n - j j y w , , ^^.rnhh^rv =nri a tornado disaster in other parts of The original quota for the coun- Bccause of the 487.86. Lincoln--$878.76 plus S34.40, totaling S9I3.16. Prairie Grove--S633.17 plus $150, totaling $783.17 Elkins--$216.48 plus $15, totaling $231.48. West Fork--$164.10. Winslow--$116.33 plus $4, totaling $120.33. Pace Says "New Army" Probably Here To Slay Columbia University has called i been paid by the broadcasting off p];ins to send selected h i g h ! company. The two sponsors v.'cre school students to the Chicago ''" ·'"'""«'· M'fcial t r a i n i n g and ac- n n t i o n a l political conventions this j "Howpvcr" Coh^mhin'"'^^*TM t · summer--squelching the plans nt'.har notified the high school here , . ·- --· West Point. N. Y. -10, . Army '· a cn "P'e of Fayetteville boys. i that it is not possible to carry out lege Avenue will be made u n t i l the Secretary Frank Pace said yester-1 Alfred Taylor, a junior in Ka.v- Ihe program. No reasons "ve'rc Hiljhway Commission meets at day "the current period of p a r t i a l ! ettcville High School, selected l a s t ! given. The development was r e - I ,, ,., Little Rock May 26. College will mobilization may well last indcfi-1 month to attend the Democratic : porled y'eslerdav afternoon to the "°stTMi-(/P-The Amcrcar, FerJ. continue to carry Highway 7 1 i n ' t e l y , and that a peacetime and Republican conventions as an ' a d u l t i.av Advisory Commltiec : c , r , a11 TM of Lab ? r ' 5 e " cfutivc coun ' ^·s: i ^»'«^'i««pp^«iaa«^ to repair M o u n t a i n Street. Ion;, the route of Highway 71, before it is turned back I" city control. They pointed out that the street has been beaten to pieces hy heavy truck and other highway t r a f f i c . N"o decision on repairs In C'ol- sp'ca'k~as"part"of i m i n i m u m wages. ! The AFL and CIO have oppowd be ! the Fulbright amendments. : IIIMII aiinnay evening w n n tho Hev. Senator Humphrey (D-Mlnn), j W i l l i a m Coolcy, Methodist d i s t r i c t ! chairman of a Senate labor «uB- superintendent, delivering the ser-! committee, announced he will oik mon. t he program will b* held a t ! th* ^Jenal*. to knort ntif *.· Vni X A ss±?wT!r!: sur-1 ?*?-- «?^ , . . I Committee approves them, and to refer them to his group for study. ptktte Scheduled ·THe- Banking Committee, head- I ed by Senator Maybank (D-SC), I schedule* debate and a vote on : Ihe amendments at a closed door j session today before voting on th« "measure itself. A favorable majority would send the- bill to thc Senate floor for what promises to be stormy debate involving thc whole vast controls program nnd administration handling of the steel strike. The House Banking Committee f j nearing the wlndup of public hearings on its own version of the measure. The bulk of the disaster relief He's A Fast Man rection wth a rape-robhery and a -- -murder Sheriff John Black learn-. Arkansas, the chapter quota was . . ,, ,, ,, ,, ed today. The two men, listed by j increased 25 per cent, to a total of i contributions were r e c e i v e d the sheriff as "Willie Moore, 33.' S24.RR4. ! through three sources: Radio Sta- nnd Harold Vaughn, 29, were a r - i Collection figures as released . tion KGRH. Fayetteville. S4.918.27; rested by a Bentonville patrol-. b . v Faucette are: | Radio Station KBRS, Springdale, man Monday night after t h e y : Fayetteville city and r u r a l -- : $3,507 (of which $428 was credited wrecked their car on Highway 71 ; S10,8,)3.67 plus $6,277.53 in dis- j to Benton County); and University west of here. ! ; ' t c r rclipf . totaling $ l 7 , i n i . 2 0 . |students. $1.359.26. A pistol and S250 in money was found in the car, the money, con-! cealed in the trunk. It was in bills; and- loose change. A roll of q u a r - j ters bears the name of a Kansas: City cafeteria, Sheriff Black said. 1 reported burglarized last Janu-, ary. Both men have waived extradition. Missouri authorities are expected to assume custody of the men today. Firemen Help Save Life Of Child In Springdale Springdnle - (Special) - Springdale firemen were' credited with helping save the life of a three- week-old child yesterday. Katie McMillian, daughter of Mrs. C. E. McMillian, burped-and strangled. She was unable to j breathe when firemen arrived I with a resuscitator. Aided by Mrs. McMillian, a registered nurse, the firemen revived the i n f a n t in a short time. Poultry Market -- The poultrj mirket today at reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science nnd ; Technology and the Dairy and j Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agrleul-' lure. Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t . about steady, offerings reported Increased today, with some buyers, reporting offerings slightly in ex-; cesi of fair to good demand, others i .,..,,, reported offerings generally n d o - i Kredrlie Agabashinn, driver nt Ibe C u m m i n s dlesel racer, was the hot- quate. Prices at tho farm rcporl- lest t h i n g on whccis nt thc Indianapolis, Ind., Motor Speedway t h i s crt up lo 2 p. rn. today, broilers or week when he broke all exisling q u a l i f y i n g records w i t h a 138 n i n frycT» «11 weights (2.65 to .1.15 ! milet an hour for the four laps. Jlerc he receives a grateful hug f r o m ,ioufid«) 28-27 mostly 17 cent*. | owner Don Cummins. ' preliminary work. Seeta Approval For Joint Budget Committee ai-. . t i m e s its prewar size." he t o l d ' h i g h school, was r i cadets o_f the United States M i l i - ! ternalc observer. i I ary Academy at a dinner closing One student from eich 1! S vrmerday's jubilee convocation, high school p a r t i c i p a t i n g in Colum- the last major event in Wc=t . |,ia Universilv'^ "Viti^VJhin ,,£, : Point's observance of the acad- .· · ' utizon.shjp edu- cm.v's 150th anniversary I cation project" was eligible for the President Truman participated' 1 " 1 1 w h l c n Wi " '"^ndcd to sup- ... . . i * IVBIUCIU i i u n t d i i pririicipaica Washington - (/ri - nepresenta- i in the day-long activities but re- P men * ^ e studonts* ritixcnship '""' "" " today ' turned to ^Wa?hington by train be- education and incrrar* the pun- | adults w i l l try to rfiisc th' tive Colmer (D-La) said t h a t despite opposition of the House leadership he hopes to get House approval for establishment of a Joint Budget Committee. He referred to a bill by Senator McClellan ( D - A r k ) . already passed by the Senate, and a companion measure hy himself to establish a House-Senate committee to scrutinize governmental expenditures and appropriations on a year-round basis. The hills have been set for hearing next week before House Rules Committee. fore the f i n a l dinner. McGranery Approved By 52-18 Senate Vole lie's interest in the lions - Mnsl of Ihe hills Alhster, Jr. of the a d u l t com- I l r r d a y in ., statemoB , « W e i|, h nuttee and t-o other members. ln i n f o r m congress as clearly and Oenrge r.write and Jasper bluntly as possible that organized yealt. arc going to sec if it -ill . labor can not a n d will ,,,,, partid . he possible to get one or both of pate ln an} . wagc stabilization pro- the boys to th- convention. And ^ K r a m tlnless , h c Wage stabiliza- if they can get the pass3s a n d , ti on Board is set up on a tri- facilitles they'll need, (hen I h e . partite basis, as at present." money * coming elec- to send the younrsters to Chicago i i to fe American po'itics in oper- vere tn have atir.n. Train Piles Up In Town Washington-W,-A 52-1R Senate vote clearer! the way for James P. McCranery tn w a l k into the Justice Department today and t a k e .... , over as the boss. The Senate last the : n 'Cht confirmed Pn sident Truman'.': n o m i n a t i o n of thr 56-yoar- olri Philadelphia jurist to succeed | J. Howard McGrath as attorney i general. All votes a g a i n s t the appointment wcu; ,-:,,( hy Republicans, hut 14 o t h e r R e p u b l i c a n s joined 3fJ Democrats in voting lor it. McGranery. a former House member, has been a f e d e r a l nHgo in the eastern d i s t r i c t of Pennsvl- . v;inia since 1046. During the war trrrlav. A U.S. Eighth" A r m y ' S t a f f '. \\" s " rvofl n? th " N '" 2 "" ir '--l in officer said the Allied t a n k s ran ·"»"·· Dopaitnvnt. as assist- into small arms, mortar and rocket '"" '" 'h^JiUornpy general, f i r e from a Red force. The t; N. I - · « - -force dug in and pounded t h e nods with a r t i l l e r y , m o r t a r and 1,-ink f i r e before disengaging. Urdu Make It I.oud Mosrow-f/J'i-The Soviet prors today continued its b i t t o i editorials c h a r g i n g Ihe t J n i t i ' d Stale', w i t h m i s t r e a t m e n t of w n r prisoners on Kojo Island and on the Korean m a i n l a n d . Six-Hour Battle Fought On West Korean Front Sr-iul. Korea-i/IVA i;mtor] Nations t s n k - i n f a n t r y patrol fought a six-hour b a t t l e w i t h Red forces enst of the P.inniunjom t i u c f site ,in the Korean western f r o n t yoc. Child Dies Of Injuries Suffered Near Marshall Tht W.orh.r A r k a n s a s -- Partly r l o u d y ; warmer t h i s afternoon nnd a l i t - tle warmer t o n i g h t ; '(-altered thunrtorshuATrs In the n o r t h por» I tion tomorrow. i Harrison, A r k . - ' / I ' i - l l u t h Ar.n ' ' ' i l e , 11, died here today of m- ijiirie.-. M i / f e r e d when she f e l l from a m r t v i n g l i u c k j She and three o t h e r .Mi.r.vliprry pickers 'vcrc repoited in h a v e l a l l - r.i nc;ir M a r s h a l l Monday alter the truck's t a i l g a t e c.ime loose. The others suffered only minor injuries. The girl was the d a u g h t e r of This n a general scene of thp ,' Drivers Of Two Cars Injured In Collision Drivers of two automobiles suffered minor injuries late yesterday afternoon in a collision on Highway 71 two miles south ot Fayetteville. injured were Mrs. H i l l y Webb, 21, of Fayetteville, and L. A. Hollis, 65, of near Greenland. Both were taken to Oty Hospital in a Watson ambulance Hnr.pitaj attendants said they suffered cuts and bruises but were no! seriously hurt. Shenlf Firuce Crider, who In- vrsticatM. aid Mrs. \Vebb, trav- olm; r.nrth. was passing another automobile when Hollis drove onto t h p highu-av into her path from a side road. Both cars were badly damaged. U.S. Battle Casualties In Korea Reach 108,707 \V.i?hiii|tnn-i/Vi-Announced U. S. b a t t l e casualties in Korea reached 10R.707 today, an incrcajo of 294 since last week. The Defense Department's weekly summary bau-d on notification to families through last Friday rtporlcrt: Killed in action 17.172. an Increase of S3; wounded 70,060, «n Increase of 2S5 iind missing 12,- 47S, a decrease of 14. I.os Angelcs-(/n-Stan1f7 , JS, wns honeymooning in New Yoik today vilh actress Marlon -- « , i f M s t h a t p l l e d u p I n Sawyer, Mich Mr find Mrs. 11. V. Cole of Pin- , Siimlny night The pileup shattered a lumtwr company wirfhousi i M«V»hsli"."M." Th«v" witi rnirriid da "' Arl( ' I (lowrr center; and rammed lnt» th railroad station (upp«r *ent«r. Ij/estcrday !· Wettmiod. Calif.

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