Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 16, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1974
Page 13
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FHS PLACEMENT Trained Fayelteville High Schoo) students available for part-time work in following akill areas: Secretarial, office machines, accounting, appliance service, welding sales, auto mechanics and body, electronics, printing, draft- Ing, construction, cooking and dental assistance, Call: CARL BAXTER Fayettevlllc Hi^h School 443-3535 ; CLASSIFIED INDEX BAUD OF THANKS IN MCMOKIAM · 1--AHNOUNCEMENT* 2--COMINO EVENT* «--PERSONAL! '4--SCHOOLS INSTRUCTION* i--UO1T «, FOUND t--TRANSPORTATION T--BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ·--MONCV TO LOAN · »_SAl-ESPERSONS WANTED 1--HEk-P WANTED 11--SITUATIONS WANTED 1C--SERVICES OFFKRED 17--BOATS MARINE SUPPLIES U--CAMPING SPORTING GOODS U--RECREA1ION RESORTS 2»_MOTORCVCLES 21--AUTOMOTIVE--FOR SAL* .J3--MACHINERV FARM EQUIPMENT 'S--LIVESTOCK - FOR SALE M-DOOS, CATS PETS ]S--HOME NEEDS -- FOR SALE STfrOR SALE-MWCELI.ANEOU1 27--MUSICAL MERCHANDISE ZtTANTIQUES - FOR SAin SlFOR SALE OR THAbf M-WANTED TO BUV Il--WAHTED TO TRADE S--FOR SALE OR RENT J»--ROOMS FOR RENT JiZftPARTMENTS FOR RENT H--DUPLEX FOR RENT :M-HOUSES FOR RENT 17--MOBILE HOMES SPACES FOR RENT M--MOBILE HOMES--FOR SALE OFFICE SPACE, BUILDINGS FOR RENT RENT OR LEASE RENT-MISCELLANEOUS U--WANTED TO RENT OR LEASE O--REAL ESTATE--WANTED 14--REAL ESTATE- SALE OR TRADE IS--LOTS FOR SALE 4*-FARMS ACREAGES 17--REAL ESTATE--FOR SALB LEGAL NOTICES 10-HeIp Wanted ROUTE SA1£S: Family person, prevohu pxp. not noccssarj-, start S3M. LES: Xranufadurer's rep to relocate Tutsa area, to 510,200. KPR/IIECKP: Double entr- plus llli ing. nice atmosphere to W71 JTSIDE 1UISTBXANCE: Bcginnfr OK, txl hours, benefits, start *!50. LES: Automotive exp, helpru] Itarl nrn. p!ns ?3». MKKEEPER: Full charge, excellent 73D up. fUBENT i lVIFE:.!0-a hrs iteek. you non't believe 'til you see tl. S21-7111 21» S. CWllece 1--AnneuncemenH _ TEUJfAN Ball Barber Shop Is now open on Lik« sequoyfih Drive, one block off Highway IB Bail. Residential phone SX9. For home delivery of the TIAAES, Phone 442-6242 ^JUIJIJT-rLnJxr_nj-Lr L ^r j-.n- |"| * . . . . . . 3--Coming Events PORCH SALE: September 17th. 203 Nortt CSiurch. TAHD 'SALE: Dally, O[M 9:0(H:M) Cilldrm'i. Udles clolhei, etc. Sell buy good used domes. «2-SOa, Comer 62 and Razorback Rd. OZARK AUCTION rir«t Auction Sept. 21 -- 7:00 P.M Every Saturday Thereafter Open daily to receive consign menta. Four miles west on 63 t Ozark Trout Farm. Follow signs ·Re. 4, Box 555. springdale. Ark. 4--Schools And Instructions PIANO . INSTRUCTION Private. Now accepting new st dents. Study music with a Chris tian emphasis. Reasonable rates Experienced. References. Phone 521-1923 QUALIFIED TUTOR. Remedial rcadln for your child [Trades 2 through 6. W.O »r hour. Phone 521-8197 after 3:30. HIGH SCHOOL AT BOMB Diploma awarded. Finish rapidly. Frt brochure. Write American school of Cli Mgo -- Box 1UJ -- Harrison. Ark. 7M61 6--lcnt Found. FOUND: Male, Siamese killeri in vlclni of Washington Counly Fairjrounds. Ca MI-MOB_· n_d_ 61a jn. 7--Butineti Opportunities RETIRING JM's of good businesses offered by ow ·rt relirlrvg. Exncllenl ienm. Wriic 'r»ll American Business Exchange, 23C Ko. Loop, Austin, Texas. 521-lg-gB1. IT'S ALMOST READY Own a Westlnghouse Laundrom flelf-Servlco Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store located In Siloa Pprinaa. Excellent money niakin Investment with low doxvn pa ment No experlenc* necessar Call West Fork, 501) 839-3359. after 6 p.m., Here, unfinished. A BEAUTIFUL Westlnjfhouie I-aunrlrom Wllh re/rljtcralcrf Jiir. One year old, R Ing busfness; small down flnrt UKC ov f^Tll^Ln j_^'r " " -" -' 10--Help Wanted hOUSE PARENTS nccdM: Resident hcility tor c\«M Icennire youths. Mal Couple with basic parcr!ln2,- counsel ·nd homcmflkcr sltllli, B«ncnts Incu room anrt board, health Inaurnnce, sala nngt for couple beginning at (300 [ month. F'or furl fx-r In form a II on anct-or Urvlew: Youlrt Hrld^c, Inc., 7201,4 Sti Pireel, Fnyctlcvlllc, 52t-1M2 or 521-272 ·fler 5 p.m. opernlor. S p.rn. lo m ·lint, TUCK, ihni RM. Must have o ile Wong'». COOK'R HraPF.rt will Iraln WlWfil|t»t. TliM, thru R«l. M\nl tnn*«»orUllon. W3-2213, siule FOR POULTRY houjo InsuSition -- r»- modelijig or buildlnf, call 751-O46. SECRETARIAL SERVICB9 -- Will do typuiif. accuracy guaranteed. Orarlcj BuUdln? 200 W. C«nter. 531-1021, «2- 4958. Bonnie for house cleaning. bJe rcfcrencej. Phone «2-8047. work fiooe reasonable; remodeling '- repairs - pain tin? -" floor mamlc tile. Bill McCacn JW8 WILLIS Jeep. JS60. 1KO Ford H lrtr* wilh Uncoln motor, (750. Comity Cattle Co. See Tom. WJILard, ELklns from 1969 JAGUAR XKE ROADSTER AJr-WtwiHloned, wire wheels, 34,000 mites five almost new steel mdials, new clutch Phone SiS-3321. STOMER SERVICE: Customer r lite lyiJins, riling, etc. Start 5, raise in 60 days. Call Jan. EN'L OFFICK: Reception, some typing bit o'bkkpc etc. To WOO. Call Rose. XJKKEEPEK: Good salary tor good Us. Call Rosemary. jC, GEN'L OFF; 37 hour week. Start HI6, CaU Jan. HX with filing secretarial duties. 1 Rail Jan. ^YPUNCH: Fay'ville, W22. Uozers, lo '0 Bhot at supervision. Spdle, S3W rt, with cJcrical duties, sal. negotiable. II Jan. llDE SALES of various products from to 4S hrs. a week. To $2.25 an hour. 1 Rosemary. BPAIR TRNKB; Outdoors apprentice- at ?ZK hr. to start. Journeyman ten thou. Cdll Jan. VIJK with brijrht future. A city lerri- ry. S7POO sal. mileaire to start. Also r salesperson ol proven ability, draw comm. Caii Vergil. UPERVISOR: Background In metals. To 4K fee pd. Halt Vorg.l. EX71I. DESION' EKO'Ri Degree vr eYi. i S15K, fee pd. Call Jan' ISIGN DEIAPISMAN: IJ-JO. benefits, ill Jan ROCBSS BNG'R: fadilne processes. Tc IK, See pd. Call Verail .EC. EXG'Ri Dcprep or experience, o $15K, fee pd Call Jan UANT MGtNT TRNEE: BSBA. Start produclion supervisor at (9600, go the ladder. Call Jan ATH TCHR: Middle school in NW Ark alf\ or elem. cert. Keedcd now. 57201 Call Vergit. ARE YOU Aggressive, outgoing and enjoy competition? \Villing to eb judged on your personal performance? |n need of an income in excess of $12,000 per year to start? Neat in appearance, with a car available for your full- time use, 21 or over, and bondable? NOW looking for a career position with local and national management opportunities? Energetic, with a capacity to work hard and enjoy it if you're doing something you like? Ready to start immediately to earn over $800 per month, accept intensive training, and do some limited traveling? IF SO. CALL FOB PER9ONA1, AND CONFIDENTIAL INTERVIEW MR. WALLACE MOREHEAD 501-452-4200 Call Monday through Wednesday 9 AJM. - P.M. An Equal Opportunity Employer Termites? Pests? "ABCON* ·A Bttttr CMtreO Ray Johmon 521-3750 RAGGEDY Aim Andy Child «r* Center. R N *upenmed, ases 3 years and over Hot lunches, snacks, iniide 4 o'Jl- slde play areaj. Will accept children after school, drop-Ins welcome with notice. Phone 4JX-56PO. EVENING child-dare d rop-las, Wednei day, Thursday, Friday acd 8aturda nights. Phtme 17--Boat* And Marine Supplies MERCEDES 251) automatic, pow steering and brakes eight track tape FM. air-conditioning. f2,500. P;ione 443 3319 after 5:00 p.m. 1973 SILVER Capri, V-6. four speed, air conditioning, deluxe Inlerior. Phone S36 51SS alter 5:00 p.m. Perfect condition T 2,900. BY Owner, 1?72 Cutlass Sport, 23.00 miles, a bcautilu! ore owner car 521-2625. 1J72 VOLKSWAGEN convertible, 22.CKI miles, new tires. Call alter 6 p.m., 5W7. 22--Machinery And Farm Equipment FOUR Ion Starlir.e spreader, used seve months. Two i£ht ton feed bins. Four 5--Horns Needs--For Sola REMODELING SALE ;·' Mas:e o-.rf Slove. oven timer, flood nd:t:on. 8T5: G.E. Ur.der-lhe-COUMer shwashcr. some co.-roslon around door, 15: 2 Friclrtalre 1 to^ ii-r (.-on- t' sooi wortnj condition, but ecd dean-up, KS and S35. Green Iwist . ,-- Dark irec.i id Muc shag carpet, 1?\13'. plus hall ·unrer with pad, 515. Foam backed batV oom carpet, red, 4Hxj?i". fo- Child's 1 chairs, maple JCO. s child's fovb'.e easel. IALL tree, very good, marble top, ^176 One f a i n t i n g couch, oak, $175. Old kitchen safe, refinished, glass doors, $150. Circus piano, real good, $300. Square antique kitchen table, 70- Two old dressers, 150. Brass ceiling Hght, very unusual. §150. Two six ft, show cafees, good, J100 each. 16-3737. FURXITURE DISCOUNTED--Swivel rockers, high bach, heavy nauga- lyde, choice of colors, $39. King queen size mattress sets, large se- cclion, full size sets $99, 312 coils, quilted cover, extra f i r m , twin size also in stock. Bed room suite, dresser, mirror, chest and bed, walnut inish, $139. AL W1LKIXS FURNITURE, 410 NORTH COLLEGE AVE. Save $100 THE GREAT BOOKS Never Opened : ; $250 Bella Vista, 855-3469 ONE repossessed Electro'ux, guarantee. PtiKie -J13-1543. SPANISH REPOSSESSED HOUSEFUL Spanish jsofa and lovcseat coverci in black vinyl; 2 Spanish end tables with matching coffee table Also 2 table lamps with red am bisck Spanish 7 piece dinette, labl and G chairs; large triple riresse months. Two eisht ton feed bins. Four and b cnairs: large triple nresse Jet water pomps, other case toyer and mirror with panel headboard equipment. 7jl-T^3. I new full size mattress and bo BULLDOZER. TD18A International, rebuilt motor. hydreaUc blade, good undercarriage. Meuser Equipment, Co., Hwy. 71 South, Springdale. 751-C6SO. AGENCY E. Emma, SpringrJaU 7Bl-82a 1373 TERRY baas, 50 h.pu Ei-inrude, Super motor guide Dilly trailer, stick slPRrinK, olher extras, like cew. Pbone 636-S273. NEW 197^ IS ft. Rebel American Pro bass boal; a new 197i TO h.p. JohnKm motor; new custom TJeluxe drive on trailer. Complete rig new. never been used. Pbone (501) 5HS3* after 5:30 weekdays, anytime weekends, 14 (t. DURACRAtT ilihin* boat. 40 h.p. E\-Inrude, depth gauae, trolling motor. See at 2135 HunlsvJLle Rd. 19T1 IS Ft. MONARCH bass boat, 50 h p. Johnvw, locater, live well. Ifte new, Pfluger trolling motor. 4434632 after S p.m. 18-- Camping And Sporting Goods TEN FT. pickup camper, stove wjlh oven, refrigerator heater, lights, water, two beds, kvro water systems. Phone 442-6510. GOEiF CLUBS (Northwest OontourX full PRICED right 1971 450 Case do way angle falajSe, low equity, a payments. Trailer also available. 63 23-- Livefok-- For Sale BEAUTTFUIj gelding, 5 years old broke arxl gentle, priced reasonable new saddle. Phone **W277. HORSE SALE Monday, Sept. le, 6:30 p-r BenlonviUe Livestock Auct Plenty ol horses and plent buyers. TWO registered qoerier msres and wesnina colt Phone 521-2255. REGISTERED Angui bulls, Wye Ing 7-19 monUis old. Dale Pharr. 31-5n4 after 6 p.m. springs. Used 60 days. Sold new fo L.OS9. On, display at Horn Brother "urniture. Take up payments nex months, only $oS7,J4. HORN BROTHERS F U R N I T U R E . . . . Mile west of Eilasm. Spring on Oklahoma Hwv. 33. 9:00-9:00 Weekdays 12:00-7:00 Sundays TTYO floor fumac .31 control. Phor.e 5"H ,m. TV BROADCAST SALES5iL\N: Need full time salesman with broadcast ejcperienee for established territory In N.W. Arkansas; FayetteviUe, Springdalt, and Royers with established accounts. Salary plus commission fend car expensej. Call CSiff Walker at liS-ff^BS Fayelte\*il!e, or Gordon Brown at 783-3131 In Foit Smith. Also need ex- periencod newsman. Equal Opportunity Employer. ATTENTION Cannery Supervisors Id established canning operation i Texas needs highly experienced reduction manager capable of cord inating people and machinery result in maximum output! Dayl i f t operation on fresh vegetable.? nd dry pack items, shelf sizes and ·10's. ery challenging work with good ay for the right person who can ring us the needed skill and ex- erience In managing entire pro- uclion line efficiently. Ail replies strictly confidential Please reply today to: Box M-94 C-O TIMES PRINTERS MultMith Operators One year or more experience nexr- esssry. Short runs with paper masters. Pay based on experience. Very cJ ea n shop. Na t iona 1 company, excellent benefits. Call Joe Jomes or Bob Nichols collect. D0-2:00 p.m, (918) 835-2381. set with cart very good condition, $1W. Phone J i%«n, ask lor Norman. J6 FT. two man Folboat cjinoe. Folds itito two compact bags with pwfldles. Good condLtion. JIM or best oifer. ARTIFICIAL IXSEMIN-VnON ser\-ice. Al! breeds, lop bulls, fast evident seni-ice, anylime. Reasoaatale rale=. REMINGTON automatic ihxrtgtm, model 1100, 12 sauae mag. 1175. Fhooe 858-2141. 1K7 _ 14 it. CAMEO travel trailer. ,,.. conditioned, steeps 4 comfortably. W»I trade for car of etpul \-alue, Phnne 756-6725 after 4:M p.m. ___ 1973 BROUGHAM motor home, 6,000 miles, low equity, assume note. Phone 636-7189. 20--Motorcycle* NEED good woman or man capable ol sell in? men's clthinflr. If interested write Box M-33 c/o Northwest Arkansas Times, WANTED: LPN to work 7:00-3:00 ih1f(, five da-s per week. For further Information, call 44S-52H between 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. NFANT Development Center neerts hours per week. Cal] 521-6831. EHATIONLT: Good working conditions. . v In person. Ozark Cleaners Laun- ry, 101 No. Block. TARS marhclinp; anil group represenla- i.*ejs. One of InduMr/s l e a d i n g insur- nce ngencics needs outstanding person o sell in exciting ^^as3 irariicling and Group fields. WorJr with 75 members of \gcncy and do personal sales. Now hava urdred.T or group accounts. College jtrad- a(c preferred. Financial assistance whi!e c!1! n g qslah] i shed. Exceplional oppor- unlly. Call or write James E. Blavln \C 501 6G4-81GO, Executive earch or- lion Agency, Suite 676, McKinley and fits., LUIle Rock, Arkansas 72205. REGISTERED NURSE or work in industrial plant: (Excellent starting salary (Retirement and pension plan · Group insurance program 0Savings and stock bonus plan 0No shift rotation Apply at personnel office Campbell's Soup Co. 7100 West 15th Sf. An equal opportunity employer B ARM AI D wanted. Sprin?o*ale. Apply I PaJmroom person. WANTED: Assistant cook 6 days a week, hours -- 12:30-6:50; also assistant housekeeper, 3 hours per day. 6 days a week, hours S :00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Gill home mother, Zela Tau Alph EXPERIENCED MECHANIC References Required Salary Negotiable R J \CES -- September 29, 1:00 p.m. Admission ?2.00. Ttie World ot Two Wheels, Brentwood. Sponsored by RazorlMdc Riders. «2-2«7. 24-- Dogs, Cats Peta AKC Shetland Sheepdog, (minifiture Oo! He) puppy male, Blue Merle, chempion ship pedigree, weaned, 8i5, Phone 442 2311 U KC REGISTERED American E5n mi puppies, eight weeks old. Phone lale evening, or 44^-5217. AKC renisterea Trish Selter pupp es aiult Irish Seller; adult English iu 1 dogs and Brittany, also slud sen (doss) Santa GerUvidis bulls and COT t o r s.! ' " " TM 0 774-2616 or T74-?22^ REGISTE RED Bri tUny jaipp- cs - Pi!Qn 75^6932 or 7S1-9839. 1965 305 KOXDA SCR AMBLKR, i cellent condillon. Phone 443-105. GREAT Dane, lain, lema'e, 3 monlhs many champions in family, $200. Fnon 521-2963. 1973 CB 350 Honda, new condition, JSOO. Phone 521-2225. _ 5IUST sell 1974 Kawasaki F-7. 175 cc. 1974 Kawasaki MCOM. Roger* 635-7273. 90 «. raolocrosa. 1973 YAMAHA 360 MX, excellent rondi tlon. will lacrilice, BOO. Hithwiy 71, Greenland. BACK-TO-SCHOOL S A L E ALL 1974 MODELS DISCOUNTED . ' . - ' --SUZUKI-GT 550 XiT -380 TS 185 TS 125 TM 100 RU 90 Street Street Enduro f Enduro 5Toto-Cross Trail $1,350.00 81,095.00 753.00 599.00 599.99 499.00 APPLY AT CAPWELL CONSTRUCTION 70S Lowell Road Springdale, Ark. 751-4290 CO. FUL.I. ant^ part-time wailreaea.' Musi be over 21. $1.75-4100 per hour pfu* tips lo qualified personnel. Apply _Ia person to Bleak and CaVe Restaurant, U300 No. College. NEED two line mechanics, must be trained on. General irblon cars, commission with a ffirarantee. Write Box M-B2 C/O the TIMES. We have an opening for a day cook to work 8-5 shift. Uniforms furnished, no experience neces- Eary. Person applying-must be neat in appearance. Apply in person, KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN NO, 3 2768 North Collges A1TK ACTIVE, «f(idcnt oodtlail waitress for private club. Call 521-637" aller noon, or 442-9035 after 8:00 p.m. TEACHERS NEEDED: Speech Theraplit Vocational Adjustment Tncfter, All areas of Special Education, Elementary, Men's Physical Educa tlon (Must be ab!« to *wim). Hath, English. Mast have de. sroe ana appropriate teachers certifE cale. Position are It monthj, some positions 12 months, amail class, %bundar teacher aide help, ouLsfandang fringe be n efiU, Equaj opportunity employer. Oonlact Ga tesville Stale Schools 10 r Boys, Phone i*3-x or 277-x through Gatesvllle, Texai Operator (srea txrfe 817). --KAWASAKI-- G5 Fll H-l H-2 lOOcc 250cc SOOcc 750cc 9 499.00 S £95.00 51,295.00 $1,695.00 E f f E F .fAGN'AVOX Home EntErtalnment Cc: er. 21" Cotor T.V.; stereo; phonosrap im/rm radio: rediterr»nean Cabin e ooff. Phone -142-59S3 after 6:30. AS s 1 ove, top condltion, SIM. Copp refrigerator. S12S. Phone 521-6114. FACTORY DIRECT -- to you prk tag sewing machines, W9.95. Butto out attachmentj. See and test today UNITED FREIGHT SALES. Rt. 3, H' 62 West Op?n 9-9. Hon.-FrL. til 5 Sa NO reffrel. Uie best yel; Blue cleans carpels beautifully. Real elect shampooer, $1.00, Lewis Brothers, on a re. FOR longer wear keep carpels clean B!ue Lustre. Rent electric shampooe JKOO. Folk's Furniture, 603 W. DJckson, orlhwest Arkansas TIMES, Won., Sept. 16, 1974 AYETTCVILLE, ARKANSAS 13 5--Home Needs--For Sale EW S-VLE -- Famou* SINOEH. lewbia nes. Just LR RB.S5. Zig-zag Jlilrii, cmcjram,* butlotiholes. Never bc*n ed. C^sh or terms. UNITED FREIGHT Ls, Rt. 3, Hlway K West. Op«Q 9-9. oa.-Fri., tJi 9 Sat DODSON'S OUTLET STORE S37 South School. 5H-S711 USED FURNITURE SPECIALIST have a URGE selection tt GOOD ed furniture. Want to BUY or BELL? ill oa us. AND CONNIE DOD9ON 374 SEWING MACHINES -r Comp streUA-stitch, buttoiiholer, mono- rammer, zig'-zag i decorative *titchJ- attonally advertised at 52SS.S3 -- ou; H39.95! Al! 5tee! cor.slrucl!on wiU ull 20 yr. parts and labor guarantee, or te rms. UN ITED FREIGHT S, Rt 3, Hiway 62 West Ope; 9, Moa.-Krl., til 5 SaL NOW OPEN buy, sell trade new : used urniture. We also sell freight dam- ged : all tj-pes of new f u r n i t u r e or less than you would pay any- here else.-We al§o do upholstery vork. GLEN'S FURNITURE 2275 School Phone 413-5756. FIREWOOD, for wl« rick-. DsL'orrf Hue TRY A WEED EATER with fishing line. ExceUen IrJmmlng chain link fences rocks, sidewalks, curbs etc. LAWN E Q U I P M E N T SALES Call 521-7071 day or night AL W1LK1NS HOME FURNITURE Quality Furniture Discounted iVe Trade t n or Used Merc hand is 410 N. College - 521-3042 Fayetteville Al Wilrlns · Ann Wilkln. 26--For Sal* -- Miscellaneau GOOD used lumber will be for dw throuEh Fridav. 100 b'.ock Oente Street REDWCWD SAUNA. dr- hrot. C after 5 p.m. or write loQt ATTENTION CB'ers LAFAYETPE 3SB 50 side band me bile cb radio, used f o u r month cost $300, sell for $225. New anten nae rotor and control wire. Twin hustler antennaes, $30. J rola extension speaker, $10. Fou amp. power supply, $15. Phone 52 54vS7 between 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.n 9x13 CABLN lent, like new, ?56. Adn ral rolor TV 25 inch oon.w'c. Phil portable, black i white TV, 13 incti. ' model S;-\-ania tabs niodel. back a while, 19 inch, all 3 for $50 or hi offer. Gray male chinchilla, ^10. T 24x43 wire cage*, each has S com PA meats. Reminuton senii-automalic 3( modol 740, buckhom sights, walnut sh J,?5. Antique trunk (has been antique perfect condition, S2S. Set/of 14" huboaps, f20. Antique drc SSP r, wood one side has drawers, olh r wi!h a locking door, $40. I^ay-on ciser, 15. -For Sal* -- Miscellaneout R-COXD1TION-ER. S.500 BTU Weitinc- u«e. $75, Phone 521-7WS. RAINBOW TROUT Ozark Trout Farm Johnson 751-2S3 Lake Keith, Cave Springg ORY chess jel. 4" tir.p. J300 or b*!t e r. Pixme Dici Rosatif af l r 7' DO 2-W33, F E S C U E S E E D Clean and Tagged. $22.50 Phone 789-2258 C DiapnnsUc mariiinc. almost ho-e 42^wO a f t e r 4:00. UV v-o-jr World Bc:or*M^a before rease October !, J. Mrs. Hayes. w'i acd Oi'Jdcratt a lame price ln~ Reoomracnded by 751-311S. VYING hens, ducks, SC^P. qnaiT; slso rge, white Xorge refrigerator freci«r, Push irwwcr. VS. Phone 361-2SW. .-. Phone 4li-J5», AN SON Pocketonic calculator perfect ir stud^ati. Phone 521-37o7 aller 2:00 MILITARY syle beds with mattres?H nd covers, will not stacir. Gcvl owdition, 20 each. Call 521-3WI after 5:00. ACTORY BEDROOM clearance -- S1S3.S8 TTTIS a^·ai!able. Factory Moor mode's in panisii. Traditional and rodom styling, jet Includes large dresser, mirror, anti hcadbiianl, some with ni.e"fit- s. First fame, tint served UNITED "HEIGHT SAVES. HI. 3 Hiway 62 West 'pen 9-9, Mon-Fri., ttl S Sal, VOOD D1NIXG Sets. Table with (6) :ardvrood chairs, Stein and heal resistant table top. $179 rsf'n or terms. Thil shipment many ftyies, sixna with matching china cabinets. UNITED FREIGHT PALES. Rt, 3, Hi way 62 West. Open 9-3 Mon.-Fri., til 6 ?aL FACTORY FUR^mtlRE -- This we*K only sofa and chair set for T169.95. R»- rliners a( J5-I. Regular siie htde-«vbedj vour choice of fabrics and styles, $149.95. Ca sh or lenns. UNITE D FREIGHT SALES. Rt. 3, Hiway 63 We it Open MG.-i.-Fri., Ul 6 Sat. JUGGF.R BHDDIXG. Qiiein end tini size matUesj and box springs sets. Nen ment. Queen 10 year orthopedic mal- tress and box spring, just $129.?5. Regular and twin sizes available n!so. Cash term?. UNITED FREIGHT S-tLE5, Rt. 3. Hiway 62 West. Opea 9-9, 5!on,Fri. Sdt. til B. CO C S N S H O P PAWN Over 100 Rifles and Pisloli To Choose From 1!OS S. Thompson 75MT18 PE.YNYRICK BRAS aA-ISH. nirdies. lrie» (regular-long). PROSTHESIS--100r» silicone custom fit. Dot Modon 1404 Township. 4I35TW. S E R V I C E DIRECTORY CT. BERNARD puppies. 53a. Five M. live male!, five reroales. SH | Theelock, Hivvay 71 South. Phone · 1506. ' : " . --Advertising Service-- AKC Irish Siller. 10 raonlh'oM (tmals Beautiful "needs good home* HO. Pnoni MALE Afsban, 443-1734. excellent PROFESSIONAL all breed stoomhlS. Reasonable tales. Free delivery. FX«tlevil!e ° ma rente eil. sa-22n, 2 pick up and Eaiislact.or, ITCHlN'Ci FOR BUSINESS? Madeline Manager will help you Put Jos-'Uier a successful program. (501) 677-2507. --Air Conditioning-FOR Residential Sen-Ice. Healing shelton Sales Commercial sales i Alr-cootiitionlng call service 412-9310. i'URK Sales Eervl«a. Installation, heating-cooling ducts. Load calculations, tee Est, Call Paschal's. 7a-0135, COLLIER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING ror Appointment CaU ·443-3441 ColllerK hM 50 It. iadu ol W» and Kasoo Aoz food. Complete Line of Pet Supplies Collier Stores. Ali brecu aog ffnwmbff. Also ban for small breeds. Member K.D.G.A. 9S59. iROFESSIONAL Dog CroominB -- Boaijl- iz -- Obedience Training -- Persona ly [ng train doz or give I|«lh1du«l In- D D CYCLE SUZUKI-KAWASAKI '.,Kl-i*li -- Fayettcvill* 1373 miles, J3£0. ; Davidson, 350 SJC, i.500 *one 318-7719. RENTAL motorcycles r,ow available (or members at "me World ol Two wheell." Call 442-2847. Yearly memberships -(20 Family. 21--Automotive -For Sola IVfAl.E OR FEMALE .COLLEGE STUDENTS; Earn WOO per week while atlend ing college. Must be 21 and own car. For personal interview send resume and recent photojrraph to LEON 9ANDVIG P.O. Box 9 North Lltlie Hock, AR 72M8 PAUT TnrR help needed, hours. Call Don, 751-126. NIGHT auditor. Apply In person, Scottish Inn, 3000 No. Oolletr*. NATTONAUiY known company needs rep- rescnlallve lor sales jnd Hrvlce of small appliances. Car helpful. Possibility [or advancement excellent. For InfomuUon call 443-2KB. SCOTT PAPER CO. ROGERS, ARKANSAS MECHANICAL DESIGNER Immediate employment opportunity for mechanical designer. Experience required, excellent company benefits and pay. Apply: Employment Security DivUlon 700 W. Cypress RogerJ, Ark. 636-4755 An Equal Opportunity Employer CADIILAC 1*71 4-door Sedan DeVille, brown, am-Cm stereo radio, electric wirvdows. lorks and seat plus many olher extras, 5*,000 miles. $3450, 1IUST BE 3BEJJ, Call alter 5:00 p.m. 521-6715 iraui fvui "«B. «" e- ·- ··· slmctim. Cynthia Jluison. Phone COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand lines mplete ieltettonjg, «U veletln- aty iuppHM. Evtnthlng for youl ftl. Eutxate Shopping C«ater. HWT. 16 EA*I ^__^ 25-Hom« Need*--For Sale 1371 four nteel drive Jeep rtommander station waaon 3 speed transmiision, radio, lock-out front hubs. 1 owner, extra , nice. Ozark Motor Oo., 5031. 751- 1969 VOLKSWAGEN, excellent condition, new lires mag wheels, tape decJr and carpeting,' $360. Call 6364323 between 8 and 5. FIREPLACES DECORATIVE FIREPLACES BUIUT-IN FIREPLACES FIREPLACE SCREENS GLASS FIREPLACE DOORS ANDIRONS FIRESETS TRUCKS, 1970 International Ford. 3 fc 2'i Ion with grain Hat and van bodi«l, AmplT supply. Hugli Major, 150 Sinclair, So. Ro\ana, 111. S8-14S57. 1969 IATSUN plefcup, excellent xunnlnr c»ndilion. Vfift. Phone alter 6 p.m. or all day Saturday fcnd Sunday, 521*163). U/72 TOYOTA LAND CRmSER. Phone 53-6033. 19S5 FORD pickup, good condition. Pee At 3kull Creek CX, $595. Plione K21-3I9I. 1967 CHEVROLET Impata. One owner. JCaroon, while vinyl top, automatic tram- mission, factory air, power braVes, power sleerinff. Low mlleaire. Top condiiton. Must sell. 52I-96M or 5H-3585. MUST sell 1963 rontiac Bonnevllle convertible poner itetrlnff, power brikef, «lr-condilicinpr, Tilt wind, 57,0011 mllei. I ftor* «¥«r.!nn, (H-2S74. THIS CLASSIFIED AD IS GOOD FOR A 5% CASH DISCOUNT ON ANY FIREPLACE PURCHASE (offer expires 10/10/74) NATIONAL WINDOW COMPANY 418 E. Emma Avenue Springdale, Arkansas 756-6145 FOHTY Inch wtilU electric r a n m , fixr condition. t50. PdOM -Bullduiing-- OADS, POXD3 VBLE RATES, , rhone BED A ROAD -- an old one rebuilt? orar backhoe and rft^d grader ivorte. ravel and topsoil. CaU Lefty or Larry I £39-259. --Bushhogging-- PAUL'S TRACTOR SEP.VICE Phone 413-JS73, If no answer Call afler 5:30 p.m. --Carpet-- AVB YOUR. Carpets Cleaned by csiionals. Call Glenn's Cleaners a 1 r 6. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY SI 4.25 PER MONTH -Carpenter-- IOU?E PAl.STJXG A N D CARPENTER VORK - OUTSIDE AND IN. HAVE REFERENCES. 105 or RAY RAG5DALE. OSIPLfH-E HOrE REPAIR. Experien- d carpenter, we do carpenter work hat your husband won't. Phone Concrete Work-- U-NEED -- WE DO DRIVEWAY SPECIALISTS PATIO, FLATWOKK. CARPENTER WORK. RETAINING WALLS. NO JOB TOO SMALL EXPERIENCED, DEPENDABLE SERVICE FREE ESTIMATE Jack Miner Scott Miner 442-6162 . . 412-7209 Don Z i m m e r m a n 443-3125 --Ditch Digging-- BACKHOft and Dump Tn'x* wort John MHler -- Phone 442-6373. LOW COST Trench lor water. «is. electric lines. 5"x2l" dench 150 foot -- Big V-30 Dltcbwitch machine -- Expert operator. Phone 412-5513, Grez Lindsey --Dressmaking-- C.UZ, Lj-nn Marie's for custom deilfmed d i n g and Christeninff towns. Phone ountaln wind Eoolinff A Kemodelin?. afntin?, carpentry, sheetrock. Bi? or small we do it all. Call Jake, 442-9*53. OIAL-A-DRES3 Professional Drefsmalcl Phor.e finaw'6 Sewtlque ---Fence-- FARM FENX'ING, corrals- and loading chutes. Free estimates. Call Jack West' brook at T51-7i30. , FEN'CING -- Farm, Private, Industrial Dozinjr right^l-ways. Baclcfcoe service Bids estimates Free. Gulhree'i Fence, SW-2401. EXPERIENCED contractor to do bulldinsr and remoJclinJ. general repairs, alsoj laintinjf »ri^ rooling. Week days or week ·ntJ? t 4B-393I. --Custom Made Furniture CREATIVE CARPENTRY, d-iinp'ele Tome Repairs -- Additions, Tommy Horon, tIZSSX and James Chillers. 521- illS. CARPENTRV. RENtODELIXG. VORK. PAISTISG. ROOFING. 751-1416. TRIM CALL FOUNDATION repairs, floors leveled. silts replaced, basement water corrected. 0 yrs. e\perlencc. CaU Hank Hansro it 524-3372 Ccliecl. , iTEMODELTNG snrt cabinet worfe. Quality craftsmanship. Ver' reasonable prices. Have references. Call David Vicker?. .21-6514. Remodeling. Carport Addlttoni. Patios, House Leveling. Roofing, Pfllntina, Phone (13-1016, 751-1774. Remodeling. General Repairs. Room Ait ditlons. Homes butll. Experience, Wort Guaranteed. Reference* Happy Anderson. Cal] 7:*-356t. evenings and weekends. --Child Care- CALL 442-7503 for child care service, It p.m.-7 a.m. and 7 a.m.-3 pnv llwy. 16 East. We serve healthy brcaxfasls. --Concrete Work-- MACK MINER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Home Improvemrnls - Patitu and Cover - Driveways - Retaining Walls - Flalwort of all KinU; Floors, etc. · Water Drain Problems · Culv«rls - Small Bridges Trailer Parts. NO JOB TOO SMALT*' DBPENDAnLS SBRVIO3", XLVCK iflNER. made furniture. Dining arfi kit tab'es, coltee tables, also hale! cover tables. Phone 521-363. --Grinding-- 'REXIISIOS SHARPENING -- Saws -land, circular -- scissors -- mowt todes -- All tools -- Ozark Orindin; Service. 65? HuntsvfllB Rd. 531-3090. --Handyman-- CARPENTER -- PalnlJnff -- Roofing -Til? -- Carpet -- HauUnsf -- Tree Trim m i n ? -- Yards -- Landscaping -- O\l Jobs. Local refcrcnoos. Ken Foyers, 443 Ltj bulrtinz Job?, repairs, roofinj rnlnlinj; and odd Jobs. Larry GUliam 361-2377. --Hauling-- LOOK 1 . HauUns, morlnf A trasb serrtcc Have truck A ttock rack. You name We haul !L Reasonable. --Landscaping-- aK»i:np, leveling. Top ftil Creelc Qravel, Doz«r Work. Call U2-S6 --Lawns Gardens-- ROTOTTLLTXG witli Troy-Bill. mowing, gardenlng. tree removal, hou rcrvilr, hauling -^ dump Imrit, Ford va --Paint Paper- FAST ED'S Palntlnz Sen'lce. Indoo outdoor window ckanlnj; Bnd odd Job, work guaranteed, excellent re/cr«n« tree csbmaift anytime. S pedal fall ral Ed rearsoa, it --Paint Paper-- TING, sh eel reck rrark, Inleriof d excrior, license i, bonded and la* , free estimales. Phona Henry. S24- AIKTING, paper hanging, spray palaU iheet rock finish, autteri carpentry, ng. 521-3655 --Piano Tuning-- PLANO AND ORGAN GARB PHONE 4J2-7737 --Private Detective-- ONFIDENTTAL INVESTIGATIONS -IVIL -- CRUEIXAli - · MI5SLN*G PER- OKS -- L-censed fiiale of Arkansas. e 442-1160. --Rock Stone Work- OCK · WORK -- Firepaces, relalnini j ratios, all types it styles of rocs or*. Abo exposed aggregate sidewalks. 2-5974. -Roofing Siting --Septic Tank Service · SBPTIC TANKS PUMPED Ltnei Repaired. Lowest Rate* Local Buiinej.i Phont 143-320?. --Services Offered-- IMJLJNG Cleanup work- Also house- ing and cement or roc's work. Frei ilimates. 751-02-13 --Sewing Machine Kepair-- Sewinsr Machine? Have tools win ravel. SKaw'j sc.wliqut, -our \TWng, i'hite and E!na daalar. 731-5732, Spring- ale, --Tres Service-- CHARTER, Oak Trfe Seme*. Injured !il 300.000. Free estimates, trinanici, fee* og bracinif, removal. 442-211-1. ,\TPLKri TREE TRtMMTS'G -- Remov- il -- and Topping. Free estimate. Fnoni ACK'S Tree Service, cut, top, antf remove, injured, fre« estimates. Phon« 321-3690. TREE Toptfn*. TrUnmtni hauling. Fret estimate*. 257-326$. --TV Kepair-- TIRED ol hieh T.V. repairs? Call Rus- setj Dale Fast Home Service. 52I-1S31. Reasofiable -- Reliable -- Oolor --Btacfc/ Vvtiile T.V/s. --Waterproofing-- BASEXIENT3 water proofed without diffsins. CVxnmercial-reildetiUal, Fret stir- voy and estimate. K and F GrouUwf Ser- 'ice. 515-2527 or S1-313J. --Window Washing-PROFESSIONAL- window washing. Coiti* m ercial and re il d enlia I. For e sf :mat» call 521-9319, Charles Oovey. --Venetian Blinds-VENETIAN BUNDS nEPAlRED and ds mada to order. Phoa* Gab« Cco- --W«ll« Pump* WARD BUC/THERS WATER rraraau Pumw, FlJtari. Purlfic-ilori. All n\alfftt MCTKWd.

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