Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 20, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 20, 1952
Page 8
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NMTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMIS. Fav«tt*viH«, ArkaiMM Tu»day, May 20, 1952 IWOODLBy DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME THE 'NEf?VE OF THAT HOW DOES WXOLCV EXPECT US TO SLEEP WITH THAT AJOJSTUS. COME UNDO THE WIRES. WE MUST GET WHAT SOU RE CONG IS POOLISM. TME POLICE SUCXILD BE NOTIFIED. MAMMAf SHOULD BUT IF HE'S ALIVE HE MAV SMOTHER BEFORE rWE POLICE GET SEND DOT VIEW iN HERE C-UWG-F-M-I-A-L \ THANK VOU WAY ACROSS THf ·OV.' WAIT UNTIL THOSE DAMES HERE'S THAT TRUCK / TO THt HAWK9 / LIT* WAIT 9TWHT, SW, AND WHtW VOU 6CT IN L.A. SEB ME no THESE CLOTHES; WITH A UTAH LICEW6E . SAWVEfi; , UNTIL THEV POSITIVE. J COME AND PICK THEM UP! 6K5NAL BY TAKING OUT HANDKEtt ACROSS THE STREET *UZ TAKES OUT Hit HAKJWtPCHlB- AND T* ALERT COPS SAUNTER TOWARD THE TRUCK. '~~s~ NOU' WE TIE · (THE OTHEO \ TO ~-u^ WE DONE ISAIO HK'O PC I WE HAD A VsTOO BAD, fVrf °"K BEST; x HANGED IF VROPE BUT/HE JUST AIN'V/'OKAY, BOYS. u^i^'ST tlE 'DP6AW} n GOT , IH'MWJIIYIN/VOU tONEWUC nt W-*Jl_lJN T I ODY';j COME 8A£K! A HUMANd Mi*.! 9O MV BUS HAN06OME LOVER BOY AIN'T TH' MARRYING KINP, WELL.POYS, VEP.'TBK.'ISK.' I WAR SHE /TOI-mHATFELLEC HE WAS A MARKED MAN W- I ; ; .-; £:; r* ' t e v T r i " ' ; v V'-N ·' ' )U . * *M~,» VOUT»E A '-Wlfl' i POM'r MKftACLTo THE UNIFORM E* I' VOU wrAR.'/ THIS NEW CAME HERK-MARLOM SHMANtX ' NAMFD r,piRf-THF.M HAVF- BEEN ·mAMPUfM ME TO DEATH. RUSHING \M-- FVJT-WMr.N THEV COME OUT THrvnr EVEN MORE. PAMc,r.'n OUS.V THAT BICTURR DOCS SOMETHING TO TM. THOSE Zlth VEA« Junior ·mi A W««klT DepMlmtnt Edltd fcr U» Fayrtttvllle niih Slarr Is Installed As SC President '51-'52 Offl»n Give Report* Of Council Work For Year Jon Larry Starr was installed -- as Student Council president for diplomas and worrying ''how do I -i the school year 1052-'53 B e 11 y I look in my cap and gown." Undcr- ! Amos And Henretti Just Reminiscing Everyone will be leaving FHS in just one more week and I (Amos) can hardly believe it. The loumllm ClaT seniors will be thinkin B their Sisemore was installed ident; Val Ann Watson, secretary: Alfred Taylor, treasurer; and Clyde Meacic, reporter. Bill Parker, '51-'52 president, served s installing officer in the special convocation, May 16. The new officers - classmen are looking forward to being in t h a t new building next year. (Hope they provided a place for me in the journalism department over there.) Henretli and I were talking of all the Rood t i m e s we've had this Rev. Cooley, Baccalaureate Speaker Farewell Song When the Deep Purple falls Over Fayetteville High School halls And the end of school brings quiet once again, Then it's time for our fond farewells To classmates and passing bells As the days come and go "jyear, when we heard a few senior *"" EUCC «? ! : s]Isecm , ln E riw ' band members say that they hoped rhen "'£ rCCa " t h e )TarS in , ! - the student oooy. po( 'In the JUNIOR TIMES there : there would be some stood trobone I . , , f. Hb ; have been 34 stories written concerning the Student Council," s.iid Margaret Hudgcns, reporter, as she told of the work of her office for the year. Bill Cunningham, treasurer, reported on the finances for the year. According to his report, the Community Party, which replaced the Circus as Student Council benefit, though it didn't bring in s much money as was expected, offers a good oppor'unity for fu- ure Student Council programs. "Fayetteville High School has attended several SC conventions," said Larry Head, vice president, among which are the SASC in Shreveport, La.; two district meet- ngs in Springdale and Fort Smith; Workshop in Conway; AASC in Morrilton; and the KASC to be attended by Jon Larry Starr this lummer." Mildred Bohannan, secretary, reported on the activities spon- ored anew and maintained by the SC. With her report of the activi- ies, the 1951-'52 record came to a :lose. Standing committees for the icxt year will be announced in he last issue of the JUNIOR TIMES, next week, according to Jon Lyirry Starr. and clarinet players to take their j places next year, and they would · . . . . .,, . A " t h e * Mock Graduation Given Ai Student Thought* Revealed Rev. William F. Cooley, Fayw otteville District Superintendent of the Methodist Church, is to be the Baccalaureate speaker. Services for the graduating class will be Sunday evening at 8 in the Root Gym. One hundred and twenty-nine seniors will enter to "Pomp and Circumstance" and exit to "War March of the Priests." After Tuesday's finals all will be back on Friday night to receive their diplomas. A mock graduation exercise the joys, andi? p e n e d thc Junior-senior activities Kiwanis Club Will Award! All '52-'53 Star Farmers The Driver's Ed. students have asked me to tell everyone how pleased they are lo own their driver's licenses. Some students are happy lo finish their senior workbooks, while others regret to leave second-year algebra. The would- be-actors in dramatics are sad, but opportunity is yet to be found. I heard some seniors talking about what a swell job the janitors have done during the four years in FHS. Henretti and 1 want to add our vole of appreciation. They rescued us from the wastebasket in journalim and typing class three times this year. They are really a bunch of "cood Joes." Henretli and I aren't sure just where we will spend our vacation, hut riaybe Barbara Shorey would take us to Texas with her. Or maybe we'll help Mrs. Ellis move the Studenl Council material to the new high school. Have f u n . everybody, Don't forget pep convocations pass slips, ^nd talking to your friends in the halls. Hope you won't forqet Fayetteville High School and the grand year irt.Tl-in.T2. tears " j i n cor| vocation, May 14. To "Pomp The mem'ries of Ihose four =hort! a n c ^ Circumstance'' the s e n i o r s years 'marched up the aisle and took: Are ones that will outshine all t h e ' places for the exercises. The members of the band. The Girls' Chorus sang a song written by lOWn CiviC flllht fhnntP Ev e!yn Schlccht and Lois Mitchell I U H I I UTIl UUIU inOQie to the melody of "Deep Purple." 'Ct D....' n.i n I i I One h u n d r =d .dollars was pre- 5Z Boys Mate Delegates scntw1 * 10 the s *°°i '«TM ^ 3 j seniors by Jamie Cornett, senior The a n n u a l Boys' State at Lit-' president ' Tlle money is to be put tie Rock, which is to- better ac-i lri '° the f u n d for a grand piano q u a i n t the boys of Arkansas with!' o r tne new school. Ihe procedures of our State and Mr. Blossom (Jim Baldwin) pre- Nalional governments will begin' sented Miss Natalie Hays, featured on May 31. Two delegates will be l s P e a l er, "'ho expressed the ap- elected at the Boys' State meeting preciation of the senior class to to represent Arkansas at Nation later in tho summer. Each year the civic clubs Fayetteville make it possibl of for several boys to attend Boys' Slate from Fayetteville. Each club select; one or more boys in accordance with the scholarship and leadership abilities required. Alan Adams, Gene Jones. Stan- Boys' the faculty. The 1952 Senior Class was presented for graduation by Mrs. Bunn Bell (Diana Wray). As the graduates walked across the stage to receive their purple crepe paper diplomas from Mr. Bryan, president of the school board, (Julian. Stewart) and Mrs. Ellis (Evelyn Lewis), a voice in the background John 1. Smith, agriculture representative of the First National Sullivan And Carroll and m a k e talks at the various , clubs concerning their activities Nominated For President while in Little ««*· ley Williams, and Bobby Dickson, revealed the thoughts of each stu- were chosen by the Rotary Club. I dent. Joe Richardson and Rosalie with James Blair by the Exchange Bent supplied the voii-es Club Larry Head and Don Lewis| i n closing Ihe Alma Mater was by the Lions Club, Eugene Hen- sun dcrson by the American Legion.' and Alfred Taylor by the Kiwanis' Club. · j The hoys will return on J u n e 7 ung and the seniors retired to the tune of the recessional. I ' Students See " Af HI In the election unit conducted , by the Government Class, Claude Bank, .gave the main address to! Carroll. Conservative, Danny Sul-i the second annual Future Farmer livan, Liberal, were nominated for Parent-Son banquet in the' high president. Running mates are Por- school cafeteria with 83 attending. I tor Lunsford and Bob Dozier res- , 1 · · .* Philip Mhoon, chapter president, j pcctively. The slate for each par- JUniOr*jCniOr 031101161 was toastmaster, Thomas D o c k c r v ' l y was nominated in the respec- gave the invocation, and Matt, live National Conventions, May 1,1 Holtzen gave the welcoming address. "Moonbeams" is the theme for Bulldog Waggins « Clyde Carroll is the new president of the Future Teachers of America for the coming year. Other officers include Shirley Davis, vicei president; Elizabeth Bridenstine, secretary; George Davis, treasurer; John Lussky, librarian and historian; Jimmy Mo . Roy, parliamentarian. The office ! of reporter was left open until j next fall. Mr, Louis Johnson, instructor of Institution On-The-Farm Training of Veterans, introduced Mr. II. D. Hammond, who announced that! the Kiwanis Club would offer The direct primary to elect the; the Junior-Senior Banquet."\May ! Clayvena Duvall, Marvelyns liberal nominees for state and'22. with blue and silver (junior | Rise, and Emile Sonneman assisted county nfficei will b* May 20. The primary will bo the last event of the election unit this spring. Next fall the unit will be continued by the next years' class. awards at-the next banquet for i n - i The campaigns of the candidates dividual members who succeeded! will be carried on, and the general 'n carrying out various productive j election will be held. enterprises, and one for the overall star farmer. The productive en- i ~" terprises include outstanding pro- I. Smith. Mr. Louis Johnson, Mr. ducer, outstanding poultry pro- W. A. "Jake" Davis, Mr. James ducer, and outstanding hog pro- j K. Gregory, Mr. Marshall Heck, ducer. I and Mr. Clint Walden. Seven people received honorary: Special guests were Dr. Roy colors) decorations carrying o u t ! ' " the editing of this week's the motif. Stanley Williams ' ~ ~ toastmaster, with Chamber Commerce president, Clint Waiden, guest speaker. Entertainment will include a ballet, a piano duet, and a Triple Trio (nine is I JUNIOR TIMES. They will o f ' the last issue. edit Thanks from the FHS Band go to Herman Tuck. Jr. He presented the band with a tom-tom and junior girls) which will sing a ; a wood block set for the drum group "Moonbeam" songs such as j section, and shells for the bass "Orchids in the Moonlight," and ! drum, orchestra drum, and a street "Moonlight and Roses. Following the banquet be drum. I the Junior-Senior dance, which, j Cards have been frantically ex- this year, is for juniors and seniors I changed the last two or three Future Farmer memberships In- Roberts, Dr. .1. C. Atherton, eluding Mrs. Bunn Bell, Mr. John Dr. H. G. Hotz. and As We See Seniors-- From Memory Lane Looking back o: 1952. . . memories, tary over there is the class o f ' f e l l o w in that class was really an exclusively. A flower-laden arch above a garden bench will be the frame for the couple pictures. Back of the orchestra stand will be silhouettes of senior boy and girl in cap and gown, and around the base nc llao.l VI ll;lluw III l l l a L lln^» \ \ f l i ledllv (ill , That secre- outdoor man; name was CLYDE hou c"« of graduates. be smaller sil- MILDRED BAILEY, remember her in Driver's Ed class and in NHS -- she sure did like pecan pie. . . Brings to mind ROSALIE BENT, Vice- u u i u v i u i i n n i i , u n i i i c i ^ n a l ^ L j l l J J ^ i ,, _ ,, . . . GUIST-liked to hunt and fish May 23 ' J un '°rs and seniors de- played softball. . . Back to girls-- i part for a ria - v of Picnicking and fun at Lake Wedington. Three buses, making two trips each to remember one who foved steaks and French fries---let's see. Oh yes, CHARLOTTE EDMONSON President of NHS that year, call-? was her name; t h i n k she went in- ed her "Rollie"; played the lead in the Senior play, too--seems like to nurses training--bet she made a good one. . .Another girl, PAT the lake transport the stu- she majored in music at the U. of KELLY -- knew her in Peppers dents. Games will be played all day, with swimming and boating as special attractions. days as the seniors prepare to leave FHS. Invitations were also sent out this week. Books are due in the library May 23 for all students with the exception of the seniors. Deadline for senior books is May 22. The journalism department has been a bedlam since the decorations for the dance are being made there. White and purple Kleenex flowers have covered the entire department. and government class; tall dark-haired she was-think went to the U. of A. . . Little! m ndj I jhrarjan? Parkinf! shc i LlUldl Idlli rdlMIK] _ T ° to business college--probably a j These are busy days in the Fay- secretary or stenographer now. . . j e t t e v i l l e High School Library. The sorted. A. . . LORETA DAVIS, that was a swell girl, just at FHS one year, bet she's enjoying life, wherever she is. . . What about the hoys in that class--What was that black- haired fellow's name in home room 20? Oh yes, J. W. DILI,-took D. O. for a couple of years. Wonder where he is now. . . Another boy in that class--JAMES JOHNSTON--used to help out in I--haven't seen her since gradu-1 being packed the library; friendly fellow--won- ation. . . Oh well, enough of this One of the'jobs connected w i t h der what became of him. . . One -back to work. . mm , nfi will he'dU.iding'he books The books, magazines, etc., now in the Fayetteville High School IA. brary are to be divided, to a cerJ tain extent, with the Junior High students who will occupy thd building. There are approximately four cards for every book in th library. These cards must also bi Just the opposite was' LOUISE MACK, tall with dark brown hail -was a member of NHS and FHA extra work is a result of the mov- j One advantage brought about ing process. All books, magazines, pamphlets, art files, and etc. are by moving is the opportunity affords to weed out the old book! and repair tl-.e others. Another bit job that comes about this time o] Before /t or AW No satisfactory census has ever been made of the number of people in China. Irish monks lived in Iceland be* fore it was occupied by the Norse* men. It is believed that whales do Whalebone was at one tim« not have a sense of smell. I worth SIO.,000 a ton. WITH NO YOLK Submitted tv OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William i : ,|j |W THIS? WHY, THIS "' ISTH' BOWE OF TH' COLP PORK CHOP SAM'WICH VOU GIMME--ASJ' DON'T THIWI4 I'M GOMMA EAT TH' BREAt? 1 THAT'S AROUNP / WELL.,1'P LIKE TO SEE WHAT NOJ'D D3 V WITH A SPARERIB I CONTWNMGlCHMCHiS OF OtffKfin PARJSHC5 SAN'WICH, ER. FISH WITH TH' BACKBOME IM IT/ ENMXM » 9BT Mt n Set OH CM DM . TH6 WORRY WART _--.. _. NOtll "·" NOBlt MftfSMWWMK MIWSMWOFrXI "

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