Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 20, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 20, 1952
Page 6
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I ARKANSAS TIMK, tmi**i»t, Mmmm. Tutwttay, May 20, 1952 tors Hit ly Truman In Speech Irate Made "By President Are Questioned By Some W»shinj!lon-lP)-Prctidcnt Truman's truthfulness came under ad- UI| nnal Senate firo today. Senn* BrldRM (R-Nin and Senator rt ( R - I n r t ) joined the of Republicans and Dcmo- s questioning the accuracy of ""**"*" Truman made in a po- tlcal speech before the Aincrl- for Democratic Action Sotur- of " msllclou* untruth" In telling the ADA, self-styled liberal organization, that the Republican party wants to turn the country over to big business. On the Senate floor yesterday Sen. Lyndon Johnson (D-Tcx) said Truman had not followed the facts In asserting that a bill passed by Congress to give the states title to the oil-rich submerged lands off their coasts is like "robbery In broad daylight." "The president's statement on robbery is no more accurate than his statement on ownership of the submerged lands," Johnson declared. "Possibly if he had taken (he time to look up the facts he would not have been so reckless in his language." Sfrawkerry Festival At Jtilwell Planned Thn Lincoln, Ark., High School band will be one of two binds performing in the fifth annual Strawberry Festival May 24 in Slilwell, Okln. Plans for the festival were announced by the Stilwell Kiwanifi Club, sponsor of the cvnnt. The Lincoln band, directed by Charles Tunstall, will lake part in the parade at 10 a. m. and will present a concert «t 12:05 p. m. Other events will include crowning of a strawberry queen; music and othrr entertainment; a strawberry auction and free sen-ing of Johnson contended Truman's UK- j strawberries and ice cream; an ad- Bridges, Republican leader in -Senate, said In a prepared lc address that Truman's pro- cemenls are "losing their ring ( f u t h . " . : 5«4~Capehart accused the president NEW GARAGES No Monty Down '.'» o t Monihi to Htpiy PYKE LUMBER CO. Ml SL Charta PRICES ARE BORN HERE AND BRAISED ELSEWHERE J ""Opt n Each Evening **" 'Til 9 . ·My ttnm. ··ty parking, f *fc M ·rwti HILTON BROS. i-IH FURNITURE Mh»y 71 sertion that fotlrrnl ownrrKhin of the lands had. been a f f i r m e d by the Supremo Court was not an accurate statement of the fuels. Welker Worked Up This Democratic criticism of Truman 1 * veracity was morn than matched by Sen. Herman Welki-r (R-Idflho). Welker accused the president of making an "utter falsehood" In naming him as one of a group of Senate GOP mem- bem who criticised Sen. Alexander Wiley (R-WIs) for defending some administrative foreign policy decisions. 4 Truman told the ADA Unit Wiley had bc«n jeered and .sneered at by his Republican colleagues for Buying there were some foreign policy actions of which every American could be proud. The president named WeJker, Bridges and fivr other senators as having joined in thin castration. "It the president had used h a l f common sense or his ghost writers had checked the congressional record, they would have found 1 did not take part," Wclker declared. Welker said he had written Truman demanding a retraction and was going to answer "whenever the president of the United States stoops go l o w , a s to use my name in utter falsehood." Keep ·» with fcfet Urn**--r«*d the Time* 4*l\j. rtrrss by Oklahoma Gov. Johnston M u r r a y ; a rodeo; and a dance. Orders have been placed for 2(1,UOO servings of ice cream and strawberries. Lawmakers Of Both Parties Agree for Once On Device For Reducing Their Taxes By JAMES MABLOW Washington -OP)-In a spirit of perfect harmony the House Democrats and Republicans have voted for a device for knocking thousands of dollars of their own Income tax. Not yours. Theirs. their eyes twice because they suddenly realized they didn't understand the full significance of the amendment, which provides: That the place of residence of a member of Congress in the state, district or territory he represents Marriages WHO FIXES RADIOS? x We've Been Serving You Since 1929 SMITH RADIO SHOP IL John Swanner and Mrs. Mamie Blamling, both of Hartford, Kan., were married May 19 by Chancellor Thomas F. Bull. Jack Harris and Mrs. Yvonne Krnest, both of Tulsa. Okla., were married May I P by Chancellor Thomas F. Bull. Frances Eugene .Thames, Tulsa, Okla., and Miss Marie Louise Johnson, Pcttigrew, Ark., were married May 19 by Chancellor Thomas F. Butt. Oscar PcBram, West Fork, and Mrs. Mary Ella Cansley, Prairie Glove, were married May 19 by James H. Kay.n, justice of the peacp. Bobby Gene Wiliford and Miss Nelda Howes, both of Tulsa, Okla., were married May 17 by the Rev. Charles F.. Bruhaker. In this election year the men on sha11 bc considered to be his home Capitol Hill have called for ccon- for purposes of the federal tax law. The reporters checked with the Internal Revenue Bureau, where they learned this is what the amendment means: It would let members of Congress deduct as business expenses all their expenses while living and working in Washington, away from home. This would include the cost of food, transportation, hotel expenses, or expenses for renting or owning a house, tips and so on. He couldn't deduct for the expense of his family. Businessman Can Deduct That's the way the law Everett Wlllard Wcsl and Miss ] omy in a stern tone that could be heard by the folks back home. And they have cut a slice off virtually every government spending bid that came before them. On Thursday, up came the annual bill covering the expenses of Congress for another year. Instead of cutting money for Congress, ihey upped it. The bill, prepared by their own Appropriations Committee whose job is to Klare a' every penny before deciding it can spend, called for $62,381,780 for congressional expenses. The House increased this by $1,500. Home Office Space Then the House voted to let every one of its members--there are 435 seals--spend up to $900 » year for office space back home if he can't find free space in some federal building there. Senators already have such an allowance. If every member of Congress took advantage of this, the cost to the government would exceed $477,000 a year. In the midst of this carne amendment from Representative McCormack of Massachusetts, leader of the Democrats. This amendment wasn't a sudden emotional notion by McCormack. It had been figured out by tax ex- P Lloyd McConn To Leave University For Butler Lloyd E. McCann, assistant professor of education in the University College of Education for the past year, has resigned to join the faculty of the College of Educa- _ lion at Butler University in In- | ""postmasfer"and Mrs." Kenneth Van Tries' office on Highway 71. Mrs. Annie Po*. who has been a patient at the County Hospital for several days, will be returned to her home this week. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip White of Buena Vista, Calif., announce the j birth of a daughter. Mrs. White is i the niece of Mrs. E. A. Hobbs. dianapohs, it was revealed today Bradley have moved to their new by Dean Henry Kronenberg. home west of town on the Devil's "We have been fortunate to I Den Road. The house has been have Dr. McCann with us during j completely redecorated. Their former home has been purchased by Mr. Bradley's parents, Mr. and Mr*. Olcn Duncan, who moved the past year, and Butler University is to be congratulated on adding him to the faculty," Dean Kronenberg said. Dr. McCann is a native of Nebraska and if a graduate of State Teachers College at Peru, Neb. He holds both the master's degree and the doctorate from Colorado State College of Education, at Greeley, Colo. He had wid? experience as a public school teacher and administrator before becoming a college teacher. here from Fayetteville. Mi. and Mrs. W. M. Wells havei as guests their daughter, Mrs. N. E. Jones of Washington, D. C., and Miss Mary Palmasari of Scranton, Pa. Both are on vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Aimer went to Muskegon, Mich., Monday to spend the summer and fall. Mrs. Callie Stockburger will b« hostess to the Women's Society of Christian Service at her home Wednesday. Major construction work on the Great Wall of Chin* was started after 2 2 8 B . C . Window Hazel Mary Potts, both of Kansa: Cify, Mo., were married May 10 by James H. Kays, justice of the peace. Dayton Thomason, Fayetteville, and Miss Wanda Lavern Sligh. Arkadelpbia, Ark., were marriet May 10 by the Rev. 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But, since some members of Congress live in very high-priced hotels, this McCormack amendment might mean no income Uix for them at all. It would certainly mean far less income tax for all congressmen. All members of congress, in House and Senate, receive $12,500 yearly in taxable pay, plus a non- New officers of the Boston Mountain Rrsort Association are: works | George Kersten, secretary-treasurer; and directors. F. V. Morton, ! Douglas Mitchell, Lee Cameron,. Lloyd Doughdy and Ben Alsip. j Mrs. Irene Williams has return- ' cd from Little Rock, where she spent the winter and spring j months. She has an apartment' with Mrs. Elizabeth Sublctt. Mrs. Bobbie Barnes, musician and folk singer, represented the I Arkansas Ozarks at the National i Folk Festival at St. Louis May 1417. Roy Van Tries has been named chairman of a temporary commit- I tee to consider the organization of taxable $2,500 for expenses. After I a telephone cooperative. Other next January 1 they will have to I committee members' are C. H . , pay on the $2,500. They voted last' Cramer, Frank White, Harold ' year to make it taxable. Hcckert. Alvin Bishop and Ruth | The House members didn't vote! Rhodes. The next meeting of the I by name, but by voice which i committee will be Thursday a t ! identifies no one. It can't become! ~-- "^^ ' --= \ law unless the Senate also a p - ' " ~ proves. laTertlse In the TIMES--It osys. RADIO TV SERVICE Latest TV Tetf Equipment 24-Hour Service TRI-STATE SALES CO. 320 W. Dicklon Phon« 513 ! f l * SPECIAL DURING COOK'S SPRINC PAINT SALE COOK'S DEEP-TONED SCRUBBABLE ENAMELS NOW IN TWO BEAUTIFUL SHEENS SHADOTONE FLAT ENAMEL Most Colors REGULARLY CtAJC, $]45 16 IDENTICAL COLORS IN EITHER SHEEN SHADOTONE SATIN ENAMEL Most Colors COOK'S PAIN: Use Your Crtdit at Coofc'j EAST SIDE SQUARE--PHONE 526 T1 Three Talented Teachers Each Win $1200.00 Awards in 2nd Lion Oil Essay Contest Here Are The Stories of... · Why they entered · What they wrote about · How they plan to use their Lion Oil Scholarship Fund Awards * $· Mrt. Long Wanted More . . . . . ^ Latin-taicher Sara Liston Long, S1200-sward winner from Decstur (Ala.) High School, wanted more education. And so she entered the Lion Oil Tetcher-Eatsy Contort to win/ And win the did! With words like theee: "teach determination to win, refund to accept defeat. Help pupils tee how others have wrested success and happiness from seemingly impossible circumstance*." And thoughts like these: "Give pupils social responsibility ... help them translate into their lives--Trust in God and keep your powder dry." Daughter of a minister, wife of a Judge, and sister of a college president, Mrs. Long teaches so that her sons may obtain the education she believes is the American heritage. "Wonderful for furthering educational opportunity for teachers and students," is the way she described the Lion Oil Plan that will let her get a Master's Degree. Bedecked with flowen presented by friends and faculty, English- teacher Berths Tillar of Till»r (Ark.) High School receives her 11200-award from M. R. Springer, executive representing Lion Oil Scholarship Fund. School Supt. C. C. Stuart looks on. » ... Mrt. Jillar Wrote from /*m/e Mrs. Bertha T. Tillar believe* in practicing what she teaches. So when 67 of her pupils entered Lion Oil eesay contests, she entered, too, and set a winning example. For Mrs. Tillar feels that teachers "must plant precious seeds that develop boys and girls into well-rounded, self- supporting citizens." And she writes of the need .. ."to stimulate minds ... radiate moral, physical and mental values that fit pupils for life." In 90 tragic days in 1931, Bertha Tillar lost husband, father, and home; and she started teaching to "hold home and family together." She calls the Lion Oil Fund "the most inspiring plan I have ever seen," and plans to use her »1200-award to obtain a Master's Degree in Creative Writing BO that she may go ahead with a history of D«iba County, Ark, a project she has planned for yean. Lion Oil executive F. M. Rider, representing the Scholarship Fund, presents Decntur (Aln.) High School teacher Sara Lilian Ixing with her $1200-flwnrd in a special ceremony presided over by Prinripnl W. H. Jenkins. TW IM! lit* OR TMcbtr-IiMy C**tMt WQI judged by Hw following ilaff members of Minitilppi Stolt Colltg*: Dr. Fr.d T. Mitchell, rVciidmtf Ore. Herbert Drwinon and Robert Holland, bo* of Itw English Department. Th« ·stay topic was, "How I Can S«t rVoore My Students For The Future." Education... a forward «t»p in the March of Southern Progress... It is a real privilege for all of us with Lion Oil to see the real and sincere interest shown by our Southern friends and, neighbors in the student and _,.. ^^ teacher-essay contests. For it shows a deep-rooted desire for advancement of our Southern ttaia ...the homeland of ut all. CHAWMAN Of TM MAI* L I O N O I L EL D O R A D O C O M P A N Y A R K A N S A S Walter Haun, executive representing Lion Oil Schollnhip Fund, presents Biology-teacher Gertrude Buckhaltsr of Pin«y Woods (Miss.) High School with her $1200-»w«rd. School Head Dr, Zilpha E. Chandler looks on. * Biology-teacher Buckhalter Linked Science and Religion In Piney Woods (Miss.) School, Science-teacher Gertrude Buckhalter was teaching class when the good news came. Tuskeegee Institute graduate Buckhalter also attended ( Southern Illinois University, where «he received a B. S. in Education. With the help of her full-year, $1200 Lion Oil Scholarship she plans to obtain a Master's Degree in Biology. Here are some words and thoughts that made her entry in the 2nd Teacher-Essay Contest an award winner. "Students should bear in mind-«nd believe-that all honest work is honorable work... thst whatever the task may be, it be done with efficiency." And she concludes: "With fsith in Ood ... in education... in the future... students can lift their heads and triumphantly march forward.' MODUCERS OF OVC* 40 PETROUUM AND ·tTRO-CHIMICAL PRODUCTS FOR SOUTHERN INDUSTRY, AODKW.TURI AND TRANSPORTATION

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