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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 20, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 10 Head by ovtr 25,000 Daily tOCAl KMECAST-- Fiye; f evil Iff »nd -iclnUv: CV" *»j pirtiy cloudy tonifht and tomorrow, imp#faturn psi' -4 h o u r - /iig.i ,,,- t*rday K3. neon today 61 low lait nichi 51. SunriH 513 r m,»iuni«t 1:19 p. m Th* Public Interestfs The Wrsf Concern Of TWs Newspaper /OLUME 90, NUMBER 255 Attociattd Pr*u Ltattd Wirt FAVITTEVILLE. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 20, 1952 Af, King and NEA f«atur*s FRICE FIVE CENTS Truman Sees Hope For Preserving Freedom Without A Total War Says Kremlin Still Wants "To Dominate' But Declares Reds Have Failed In Korea Objectives Bill Sponsored By Fulbrighl Under Fire Of CIO Secretary Before Banking Group Washington-W)-C10 Secretary- Treasurer James B. Carey charg- bill before Under present law. the secretary Dedication Of - Dams July 2 At Mt- Home Parts Of Small Loans Law Said Unconstitutional Decision Of Supreme Court May Bring Lawsuits In State Little Rock-(/Pl-Predirtpd law- j suits, "temporary suspension of Washington-f/Pl-Two po'ver and flood control dams in Northwestern Arkansas w i l l be dedicated by President Truman on July 'i. The dedication date, which caused rontusion in both WashinRton and Mt. Home, Ark., yesterday, was settled definitely last nisht by the White House. The two dams. Norfork and Bull Shoals, arc part of a White River development program. ; . . . Representative Trimble (D-Ark) business" and silence greeted the Said present plans call for Mr.! Arkansas Supreme Court's deci- Truman to leave Washington by | smn^thal sections of the state's train on July 1, reaching A r k a n - ~~" Rioting Of Communist Prisoners Spreads To Pusan; POW Is Killed ^Mild Revolts pas July 2. He said the three-day small loans law are unconstitutional. The high court ruled yey- festival is bcinc planned .by Bax- '-"day that portions of Act 20.1 of tcr County and Mt. Home officials. \ I9S1 are l n v a l l d . s ' ncc the . v P=TM' ! of labor can require that contrac- j Yesterday Trimble said the ded- ' 1Jsur - v contrary to the Arkansas tors on government jobs pay wages equal to the prevailing \vagc for that type of work in the locality. Fulbright's bill would require t h a i the Labor Department interpret j the word "locality" to mean the ed yesterday that the Senate Banking Committee, sponsored by Senator Fulbright (D-Ark) is backed by ''big business." Fulbright's bill would make changes in the Walsh-Healey act, ' community in which a plant is lo- | . which concerns wages and work- I cated rather than on the national West Pomt, N. V-W-President; ing c o n djtjons in plants under gov-! or regional level. ication date v.-as July 1, the White House said July 2. Truman said today the Kremlin's ; ernment contracts. desire to dominate the world is Specifically naming the Wes- tric Corporation Carey quoted from a letter he said was w r i t t e n by Ralph Stuart, Westinghoupe. vice president, obviously unchanged, "but I be-' i n B house Elcctr 'lieve we are well on the way to j n j s argument to the Banking Com- which he said threatened c u r t a i l preserving our freedom without j mittee, Carey said that "big busi- . ment of Westinghouse expansion paying the f r i g h t f u l cost of world | ness" desires to hold down South- j in Aic South unless the company is , war |ern wages. Shortly bclorc Carey i permitted to establish a "The plain fact is," Truman i testified, the committee voted 7-6 \ structure in its Southern said, "that the Communists have utterly failed in their objectives in Korea. The Communist aggression failed to shatter the United Nations. Instead, the C .attack has made the lions stronger and more vigorous j against t u r n i n g the bill over to the i lower than Senate Labor Commitlcc. its its w a g e ! p l a n t s Northern plant ; I wages. un"a-|Grand Jury Hears Witnesses ,, 0 *. ,. jre vigorous | end has demonstrated t h a t it ran ; A c CQC-C-i/-M-» f/^K-kti KM lot- · \n\\ and will act to defend freedom in :r\S jGSSIOn V - O H T i n U G S , J Q I I ' And Courthouse Inspected Joel Carson To Be Heard On Assault Charge Pardoned Murderer Of Hospital Guard Free On $400 Bond constitution. The decision was noted by several operators of loan companies. 37 of which were licensed the year the new act became effective. S. M. Harris, manager of the Atlas Finance Company, said he expected a rash of lawsuits as a result of the decisions. One lawyer said persons who still owed money which they borrowed im- More Than 15,000 Expected At Silver Strike Jubilee Siloam Springs Plans At Koj'e Are Said Settled Silnam Springs-ISpmall-Morp square dunce rluhs nf tho 7.arks. than IS, 000 visitors arc expected: The hie parade is set for .hmo here June 23 and 24 for the Silver^ 4 ' w i l h h n r w l M S "rriacm nf all ton: descriptions f i r m l y ruled out. N o ' · Strike-a bonanza of nearly a iim. s r i v ( . r l l s j n R floM ,. wi] , bi _ of silver. The Silver Strike .itibi- od R i d i n g r l u b r . bands I lee w i l l be the grandaddy 'of t h e dancers, surreyj. Wells K o r a n w n c i homecoming celebration w h i c h , nns. st.igr. conches and bungles ! has been held since thr 1RBOV w i l l m a k e up the parartp. i when the town was a f r o n t i e r sup-! High spot of the two-day rele- Minor Injury is Suffered By Guard In New Outbreak Murderer Joel Carson w is arrested tended to stay in busihess in Ar- ! ply post, and all store clerks had b r a t i o n will he the Silver S t r i k e . · Pusan. Korea-'/Pl - Communist I to speak Cherokee. The frontier when n i l of the Industries in the war prisoner riotine spread to a der the act probably would file : atmos P hc ' r ' wl11 h(- preserved -- town will pay t h e i r payrolls ,v one Pus,TM camp todnv and flared In suit in an a t t e m p t to cancel the · ! hc "'° mf . n Wi ,",. rir " s in hu5tlcs ' lim(1 in p ' l v ( l r rtfllla ".' '" " l l ' a t - Iwo new hut minor revolts at Koje bonnets, l o n g - f u l l skirts and up- tention to our modern «llver v e i n ' ' s l a n t ! ("imp No. 1. swept hairdos--the men in whis- of w e a l t h - t h e growing industries One Red POW wns killed and kers and pipestem pants. Every, of the community. fir, i- Pr e in-urr-l at Ptisan One man in the community has. upon Most stores will remain closed American cuard s u f f e r e d ' a minor pain of jailing or ducking, been. from Monday noon t h r o u g h Tucs- i n j u r y In the t'.vo-and-.i-half hour crowing whiskers /or a month or day n i g h t , hut window displays b u t t l e of clubs and fins in m " ro '. i and store fronts w i l l call t h e i r Camp No. 1(1. No shots were fired. Universal I n t e r n a t i o n a l News-: viewers tack lo Ihe f r o n t i e r days by the co-nhai-wisi- United Na- photos is p l a n n i n g complete r n v - ! _ t h e 18B(Vf. tlons guards although they wcr» crage. A two-block lopj s t r e e t : Organized by Ihe C h a m b e r of nrmeri -.quart; dance exhibition w i l l be Commerre. Ihe a c t i v i t y is an a t t e m p t to cancel the balance owed the loan companies. J. C. Evans, manager of the · Public Loan Corporation, said t h a t his Little Rock offices would sus- ! pend m a k i n g loans "for a day or j two" u n t i l another plan could be t inaugurated The Arkansas division manager for Quapaw Finance Company, North Little rinck-l/Pi-Pr,rdoned Carl W. Dude, said his firm in- I .the world. "But we must also be alert and ready to meet treachery or a renewal of aggression if that should come." If it should come, the president said, the Communists will run against a solid wall of free world · resistince with the growing might of this country and its new atomic weapons in the key defense position. - Truman's speech was prepared for the 150th anniversary convocation of the U. S. Military Academy. The president came here by train to deliver it in the role of commander-in-chief of the armed forces. This role, providing civilian control over the military, is "nailed down" in the Constitution, Truman said. And--in what could have been an allusion to Personal Finance ( Seaboard Finance j Jury Rules For Sheriff Black Benton Official Wins Court Sirt An Oklahoma man" failed to collect yesterday in a $21,790 civil Members of the Grand Jury | continued to interview a series of witnesses today, but there was still no indication of how many individual cases are being considered. Apparently at least two separate matters have been studied, but the total may well run as high four or five. here t o d a y . lie was charged with . kansas and to make loans in coma s s r u l t w i t h a deadly we;ipon a n d . plianre with the Supreme carrying n cnncea'erl weapon. The · decision, charges grew out of an alleged O f f i c i a l s of f i g h t last m i d n i g h t between Car- I Company am son and a North Little Rock man ! Company either reiusetl or., were who was not believed tr have .'not available for comment on the been i n j u r e d seriously. The n'.nn ' ruling. was hit on the head v/ith a pistol.! State Bank Commissioner Ed L. Carson VMS released on bond of McKmley said his records Indi$4(10. Hearing was set for June 6 cate about M.000.000 had been in North Little Rock Municipal loaned under the act. Carson's case was a hcariliner 14 years ago when he was committed to the Arkansas State i . f i l m c c i in sound l h l n 'li nl "f J u n e : coordinated by Homer Court! 2 3 ' This P prform:in « will be put; president .and Miln Roth, general on cooperatively hy Ihe leading chairman. On K n i c . It was dirclosed two B y n u m , m i t r f r( ,,. n |, 5 wre , r ttied without k I · · I r* J A I S~* National Guard Almost Gets Into The Act At Missouri jAs Pantie Raids Continue damage suit a g a i n s t Benton County Sheriff John Black of Bentonville. A Federal Court jury . . . . , , ,, . heard t h e case i n Fort Smith a n d such steps as his dismissal of Gen. t ni , cd f o r s h c r i f f B]acl . Q D . Douglas MacArthur -he went on j Morgan of D e l a w a r e County, to say: j Okla., claimed that he was held "Mans- presidents, including the in j a i , at Bcntor , ville for t n r e c present one. have demonstrated A ^.. w j t n o l l f -, dcquate me dical I Ho Price Reduction On Cigarettes In Stale Little Rock-Wl - The Office of Price. Stabilization says Arkansas ,, smokers are not to get a price re- i Har "*«l P°»« were caught be- th^phv'icTaP, 0 a^orme'r inmate f TMi'»n"victai of first degree! Action on cigarettes. The revised tween raiders and the neleagured of?hc P cHv »n .nn- T,,. "Thlr I murder and sentenced to death. I order, released yesterday, said that girls In the dormitories. Yesterday afternoon the jurors i Mental Hospital in Little Rock for apparently ended their considera-! observation prior to t r i a l on kid- tion of at least one case w h e n ' n a P i n « an(i robbery charges al| they summoned Police Chief Pearl! Conway. He escaped from the Watts and Marion Bayles n i g h t ! hospital a f t e r shooting to death (By The Aisocliled Prens) The college hoy craze, to Invade women's dormitories for p a n t i e s : flared anew nn campuses from I Vermont to Minnesota last night. : citv police radio operator. E a r l e r - Keller, a guard. of the citv iail and several other I rnurder and sentenced to death.. cit. jail anrt several other, His scn(cnce was comml]led ,,, , i f e i Arkansas cigarette dealers may that those words in the Constitution mean what they say." Mr. Trurnan declared this coun- _ try wil] not accept the Red demand for repatriation of all cap- witnesses hari been questioned, j I" Also appearing before the Grand Jury yesterday afternoon was Mrs.' Ervin Wood of Fayetteville. This morning committees of t h e ; Grand Jury took time off from ipiisomnent. A f t e r serving abo'it. continue to use prices fixed by the K - vcars prison. Carson re-. state's so-called fair trade law. coived a f u r l o u g h in 19SI. And on j A Ors decision last February, last April 4 a f u l l pardon a n d : which \vould have reduced cig- rcstnratiun of % citizenship was; arc 'e prices by two or three cents attention after he was injured in I i talking with witnesses to inspect ! ! facilities at the courthouse and : I granted by Governor McMath. Similar collegiate outbreaks have occurred at other schools in the nation. Here are last night's developments in silken sorties: At Kvanston, III., come 200 An. ambulance driver scid he found Morgan in a ditch at the I late today or early tomorrow. tured Communist soldiers wheth- j scene of the accident and er they want to be repatriated or ! him out nf the ditch i.-to ai not. : ccr ' s car - Morgan said he was ex- : "It would be a betrayal of the I amined by .the Benton County ideals of freedom and Justice for which we are fighting," the presi- health officer but' received no treatment except an aspirin when n he r.iStarts Life In United States ; P" VTM*;**.- TM ]M lor " n a t i o n - ! Northwestern University women He is the second Arkansas k i l l e r ; wide rollback of the prices to June., seron aded in front of the men's to get into trouble again after r e - ' 1950 levels--state, laws notwith- ] dormitories The boys applauded of four at Springriale, failed to re- pegged cigarette prices at six per t u r n from a Christmas furlough cent above the basic cost to re; and now is charged with murder- · tailors, i ing two rr.en in Utah. i The revised OPS order said it Truman Signs Pay Boost Bill To Benefit Armed Service Personnel Washlngtnn-(/P)-Presldent Truman has signed the bill boosting I pay and allowances in the m i l i t a r y [services by nearly h a l f a billion ! dollars a year. The W h i t e House dent said, "if we forced these men he complained of pain, at bayonet point to return to their Sheriff Black denied ex-masters. "We won't do it. We won't buy an armistice by trafficking in human slavery." P a '^ ft "return visit" to the wo- s announced the sicninc todav The mpn ., houses Sincinc and chopr ! d """ un " n mp M B n m B uln ''- nc ^ the male student/ snatched"! "''" Cm "" c f f c r t l v l w l l h t h l s lingerie in five dormitories. But j mn " W!i " a v vouchers. 3n women ,,, , sixlh house Intended to help offset higher Carson had .- brush with the would allow^ Arkansas dealers to. p u l s ( . d , h( , invssion w i t h h u c k c t s living costs, they rang- from $.1 nf wa(cr p 0 jj co sc j 7(! j n | n( , s t u _ ; monthly for privates and seamen dents but released them a f t e r a '' ln Ms f n r two-star generals and lecture. j admirals. They apply lo r.pproxi- ' Two Held Following Benton County Wreck Bentonville - 'Special) - Two Negroes are being held in the Benton county jail after more than $200 and a pistol \vas found in the rar which they wrecked four and one-half miles west of here last night. The car. a 1947 Buick, carries a Kansas City, Mo., sticker. Neither man was inured when the auto- mohile went out of control, left Morgan's claims exrept that he n-as held in Jail. Black and Sid Jackson, county jailer, testified that | Morgan did not ask for medica! attention. Co-defendrnt in the ! suit with Sheriff Black was the 1 Maryland Casualty Company, his ' surety. The jury returned its" verdict in a few minutes' time. Paper Price Increase Held "Mailer Of Greed" Toronto-W)-Some of the Canadian producers of newsprint have decided to put into effect June 15 the $10-a-ton increase in the price of newsprint exported to the -United States. Ordinarily. law in an earlier le.ive from sell at the state's minimum prison. While on a'Christmas f u r - ' "-- o _ lough in 1942, he was convicted By bovine Two i o f robbin s a F ° rt smith Clemcnton, N. J.-(/P)-"I " they were in trouble so I jumped , ' in and pulled them out." That statement, spoken in Danish, tells the story of the rescue yesterday of two small hnys from Clemcnton Lake hy a 16-year-old Danish youth who arrived in America four days ago and is staying with his aunt. . . Highway 71, and struck a tree. I all the producers follow the lead store. His 15-year sentence on t h a t count was mide tn run concurrently with his l i f e term. OPS Says Canned Goods Prices May Go Higher TheH Of $233 A Springdale Reported Springdale - (Special) - T h e j admirals. They apply lo At Columbia, Mo.. 3,000 Univer- '' mately S.SOO.OOO active as well of Missouri men students as- retired personnel. sit, saultcd sororities on their own c a m p u s a n d dormitories at Stephens College and Christian Dnricraft m i l k company's Spring- I College, both women's school dale headquarters was robbed of J A c t i n g Police Chief .1. L. $2.11 last night by someone who Parks said damage might run into snatrhed (he money from the seat thousands of dollars at the three of a company truck, Charles Eck- - schools. He said he obtained per- ; .m V » - . I I I B ui mr |UII|IIIM:U M.-W ft u.,,,.,. u..* n _ ronr,rtrvH hinnH m a n , loral manager, reported to , mission to call out the N a t i o n a l i four-lane highway from Fayetle- I '" n c i ' TM nm n rc P nnea °moa- Cuard, hut t h a t the youths retired i ville. (o Springdale was started lo- Survey For Four-Lane Highway Said Started Surveying for the proposed nrw incidenf bv ihe new camp corn. mandcr, Brlff. Gen. Haydon L. : IValner, d u r i n g the first four days : of his rommand. These occurred ' w h i l e hifih-rankin* officers of . Oen. Mark Clark's Far East Com: m;md in Tokyn studied reports on j February-March Ko)e riots in which PO Red male POWS and one American roldler were killed. One nf the minor new Koje I flare-ups involved the 4flO women prisoners of war anrt civilian In, ternecs held on that island, 30 miles southwest of Pusan. The other was a sitdown strike by prisoner inmates of a U. N. Command hospital and their prisoner- doctors. Boatner settled both with persuasion and firmness. There was nn violence, no shots were fired, and. n6 one was injured, he said-. Prisoner* Reported Screened At Seoul. Gen. James A. Van, Fleet, commander of the U. S. Eighth Army, said the Pusan outbreak resulted from "an attempt boosting ; hy f a n a t i c a l Communist prisoners | of war to resist proper medical ! treatment of patient inmates of [ Enclosure 10." j All the prisoners nt Pusan pre; viou.i'y were reported to have ( been screened. The Army said j they professed- opposition to Communism, and to repatriation to Red areas if a Korean truce is agreed upon. Pro - Communist prisoners were kept on Koje. Today, ihe Army said Enclosure ]fl is a mixed camp lor boin Communist prisoners who want to ret u r n behind the bamboo curtain and anu-Communist prisoners who don't. It did not say whether (he rioters were Chinese or North Koreans or both. Presumably The prisoner who was killed was bayoneted. There had been trouble at enclosure No. H . - n f K i ^ r t ^ i m n · · M i n n , I "I d l n i r t l l d g e r , reported IO , i i u ^ n u m HI i n i l i i y i l i l t ' l ^ a i i n n a i *"Ui -nun M I K I V K I 1 1 - I I n F rtjfi-llt-- i u j Tt,« « n , 'net,rn VialH annul WashmBton-WVPnccs m many Sta!(? Poljpp , ' s t £ M J j h C u a r r i | hl)t t h a , t h v o u t h s u d villc !o Springd.le u-a s started to- ^cd. The en.e.osurc held aoout The Danish youth, Yohan Sven- 1 f rocer - stores may B0 up one tn r o h b r r v ncrurrecl bKptwepn R * a n d ; a f t p r he alerted the Columbia unit i day, Leek Owens, district engm^er i I0 ' 000 P nsonc " imllt two cents a can today on some R . 30 p ; m ( at a s e r v j c p fMm ^ j Thp f o r a y s last(t(1 f o u r ho , jrF N(J the intersection of Highway 71 J serious injuries were reported. trup, was on his way to the gro- . eery store. As he passed by the Banned lake he noticed the two boys, Daniel Wayne, three, and Francis , Welsh, three-and-one-half, pfayinc ot ^ r fo ° d s. by the water. On the way back ^ """ from the store, he saw the boys thrashing about in the water. He dropped the groceries, removed his shoes and stockings and jumped in. He dragged the Wayne boy vegetables, on f r u i t s -ome a n d ' · . " recently, a n l i - Communist , juices. Housewives can expect in- and 68. The Daricraft firm is us- o,ne^r n ° n D ' arCC Var ' e ' 3 ' of ing tno-sJa^sdri^tempor;^ A gallon of wine, two bottles of J of those first announcing. ashore and then returned for the liquor, and several cans of beer ; In Washington. Representative' Welsh child. Later all three were were found in the car. : Bikes (D-Flai called the S10 i n - j treated at Audubon Hospital for Two rolls of bills and a quantity . crease in Canadian newsprint I exposure of loose change were discovered j prices "a m a t t e r of greed, not of -^ . when officers searched the trunk need." Sikes told the House the ' of the car this morning. Sheriff j Office of Price Stabilization told i Tfl rhoflf Day John Black is contacting officers i him yesterday u saw "little which I ·"·'·" '"J from neighboring states. Neither I can be done w i t h i n the frame- man was identified early this I u-ork of its own powers" to eom- The Office of said it was g r a n t i n g the higher prices on vegetables, fruits and juices tn compensate wholesalers for "markedly lower earnings." Under t h i s order come canned corn, green beans, peas, tomatoes, tomato juice, canned f r u i t cork- t a i l , pineapple, peaches and pears. c- , ... while its own building is under Stabilization, construction. Eckman said this morning he ha*. 4 checked one company driver in, t a k i n g his day's receipts of $233. which he left on the seat nt the pickup. He then checked in At Minneapolis. SOO University of Minnesota men s t u d e n t s raided three women's dormitories but t h e raid netted only four bras, four pairs of panties, and a silk slip. Some 3.00f) University of Connecticut students at Storrs. Cnnn.. milled around the sorority q u a d : the four-lane, artery, rangle in another p a n t l r r a i d . ' with the Arkansas Highwav D e 1 , ' ,,, , . . ,,. partment, reported. A cr,w of . P TM*^_?°:^ °ife r . K .± Hishwav Department workers i some from Little Rork. assisted hy "loral' ! """" Communists were sent to Highway Department employes, : ' Ci , .,, . , . . heean the work I Enclosure i n is commanded by negan w o r k . I ^ { . (pl Jo[)n H Boslick a MiWary Owens explained that the sur- . Pn | 1P(1 o f f l r c r | ast s t a tj o n ed at vpyins is p r e l i m i n a r y to letting nf K n r l s , m Houslorli Tpxas . the contract for construction of : Tho f j R h , i n ( , , odl1 ,. was at a hos- p i t a l for ?rrious!y morning. the increase. Reminds That Garbage . . . Manv Shoe Price Drop Sten Cleveland-d'Pi-Shoe prices soon: p . . . . . B ·" should drop from 25 cents to SI a V-QHS MUST Meet KulCS pair, the executive director of the National Hictc Association predicted yesterday. John .I. said a decline - i n hide prices to the lowest level in years should be reflected before Ion? In fool-^ wear costs. - c i t y ordinance requires c o n t a i n - ers to he both water and fly proof Fayetteville residents are bago c.lns t h a t f a l l far s a n i t a t i o n requirements, James Coe. r j t y s a n i t a r i a n , rc- ! ported today. He pointer! out t h a t Mmnoch u s i n K W short of normally buy direct from producers rather t h a n from wholesalers. Killed By Train Preston. Kan.-f,TVMrs. C. H U n r u h was k i l l e d hy a speeding Rock Island t r a i n here Monday. It was her job !r deliver mail from the post o f f i c e to the railroad ... ,, station. The accident occurred as which may he protested by tax- : sll ° u ' as p l a c i n g a mail hag on a payers or s l a t e o f f i c i a l s " .hook so the t r a m could pick It up roads b u i l t . w " nol 't stopping. ^ programmed OFS s a i d , most independent W aV left unguarded'^nly" for abou"t stores will be affected, but few chain stores will be, ?incr they another driver, and on returning Girls retaliated by dousing boys lo inn truek found the money, with buckets of water, hr- reported. The truck missing, For Road Building Maps L i t t l e Rock-MVStatc A u d i t o r .1. Oscar Humphrey says he w i l l check the voucher a u t h o r i 7 i n g payment for new highway rofi- struction maps "for a n y t h i n g The maps shows contracted for and d u r i n c the period J a n u a r y I, t h r r e m i n u t e s , he told State Police. Part of the missing receipts"-- Slfi6--was in cash. The remaining $6B was in checks. The Weather A r k a n s a s -- f'loudy to partly cloudy and cool; pratterert showers in t h e extreme east portion t h i s a f t e r n o o n . Partly rlourty and cool t o n i g h t Tomorrow p a r t l y cloudy; a l i t t l e ronler. Arrfjfti Madf At Tuscalonsa. Ala., polirr- kept would b=- raidors. more t h a n I.onn stronfi at one time, ncro^ the streets from a row of University of Alabama dormitories d u r i n g ,1 long anri sometimes heated dis- ru?sion a« to whether the men student?, should enter thej women's rjuarters Ten MudenU were arrested and and eight were charged w i t h disorderly conduct, t h e i r triaU beinc set for Thursrlav m n r n i n g Two were rharRed w i t h disorriorl CONTINUED ON PAGE T H R K C ' the ( a m p . New Disorders Al Koje Predicted By Russians Mosrow-OPj-Pravda headlined today t h a t the American m i l i t a r y is "preparing new murder^ of war prisoners on Koje Island." The Soviet paper, organ of thf* Communist p a r t y , srud the Americans have -directed a r t i l l e r y ;tt the prisoner nf war c n m p and predicted ney.- bloodshed there Pravdri '·aid thorr were a hoi j I ROO women anri mm* children in wounded Chines? and North Koreans. The total of p a t i e n t s was not reported but it probably is more, than at any other hospital in t h ? world. Correspondent? ha-, e not been permitted at Enclosure 10 lor several days. Poultry Market -- The poultrj mirkct today ai reported by the University of A r - j s P r o u t a rpf l condemnation lac-- kunsan Institute of Science «nJ i P'fwi In *re by the collector ;ire to A p r i l SO, lt52. State P r i n t i n c C'crk Bryant W i l d e r said the --and many of them are not. j 75,1100 four-color lithographed OarbaEe cans must he between maps would cost the stale $5.-' five and 20 gallon he sa;ci. fis-l. 14. . Washington Student's Body Removed From Icy Mountain Crevasse Garbaue cans which suddenly TechnoloRy nnd the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of th* U. S. Department of ARricul ture. Northwest Arkansas market out of business. The R n i b a c n man won't collect from them u n t i l they arr replaced. Employment Flffurtri I'p Humphrey said the payment voucher would he examined for "irregularities" and nn a t t o r n e y Koneral's opinion m i g h t be snucht on its v a l i d i t y as a s t a t e obligation. firm, offerings light most points I WnshinRton-(?)-Non-farm em- al itrowers holding for h! n e r . p l o y m e n t went up 280,nno between: has agreed to be prices, demand (air to good: prices | March and April, largely as a 'ff.itr-Rl-l.irRp to ftt farm up to 2 p. m.. broilers and 'result of seasonal construct'on 'rym nil weights (2.tV1 to 3 25 : work. Ihe Rnrrau of Labor Stfltis- :DF.; 2G-28 cent* In., mostly 27. I t i e i reports. Truman To Rr DtleffAt* St. Lonis-(/P;-rresident T r u m a n a M i f f o u r i dele- the Democratir M o t l f t n n l r/tnvmilinn hul floes not plan tn a t f e n r t u n t i l a f t e r t h e parly Spirit r . n k f , paused on a n i g h t man intoned the lar.t ritr-*; of the c h u r c h (IVPI the borly nf his yon nn Mt. Si. Helens. Tho y o u l h . A r t h u r . I r j ' - e l t , 20. slipped u i t f h i h r n a r r o w ch,ism ;it 1hf» mounlain's R.fino-foot level whiU- on a c l i m b i n g t r i p w i t h I h r e o cnmpantons Sunday. He hvrd a n u m b e r of hours Delects its presidential nominee., talking to his companions .is t h e , ifrr ] slipping ice eased him H/rrvr a n d ' o f Common Prayc: ·* m o u n t a i n p.ith las: ·' deeper into the crevasse, Mean- strained voice; K i i o r - M r i c k o n c l e r c v ! whil(?I rlimb(I " *ouxht to rescue h i m . I.,ite vpstordfly. expert m o u n t a i n d i m b p r s were lowpn-d 7^ fflrl i n l o I h e f r i f i i f l t o m h a n d recovered t h e young U n i v p r s i t y of W a s h i n g t o n s l i K t e n t ' s body The f a l h ^ r , thr KPV Thomas K. .Ipssptt, met the somber p a r t y as it descended ihrnuith fog and r a i n lo t h i s r n m i n U i M l a k e tn South- Washington. ·r and read in a ' t h r body was wrdpeH t i x h t l y between the ".'alls of ir« They cut the icr* *wa\ and the body w»s raised b ropes. Dr. Otto Trnti, who r ; s w i t h Ihr ski p^trnl p u r i v . said i h c hoy h;ut hppn dn;)d about U hours. Mr dird of exposure. Young .le.siett .-ippHiendy h«d leen nhle to bre.'ik his f a l l n n l y 37\ fprt honest h the s u r f a c e 5nnw. R u t hr had the only ror* in the " I n l f ) thy hands, O m e r c i f u l Savior, we commend the soul of this t h y servant, now departed from the body . . . " Then the f a t h e r dinpppd to his k.ipf-s, facM the sky and med: "My Kfn' Mv jon My son!" He rojtp and shrok h a n d s w i t h pach of the etsht ski p a t r o l m e n whn had recovered Ihe body. Two of the resru^rs. ,hm and , s t u H c n t p n r t y w i t h him. making Louis \ V n f t t a k r r , t w i n brAthers i m m e d i a t e rescue imponxihlr. While , from Seattle, had been Inhered hy n ,s companions sought tM, He opened the Episcopal B o o k i l 0 p p R into the rrevanse. They M i d , lower and low«f. Voluntary Services Al Hospital To Be Honored A ceremony honoring voluntary *ervit-e: a', the Veterans Hospital will he hflti tomorrow nigh* at 7 ^n o'clock in the huspital audit o r i u m The local ctM-pmony will be h*?ld in c ' n j u n c t i o n w i t h -T national iihsci v.mi'C co r oniony beinij hole .it the "nn\r- ?irnp in Washington D C ' . ,it \shirh Prc.-iidpn*. Trumar ·.vill spejk nvor a n/ttionwido r,idu hookup. Tho speech will bo transcribed and rp-hrondenst durinf the local ceremony. A premlei ihowmc of the film, "Within thi Town." is scheduled Dr. Leslie H W i i a n t . VA Hospital manager, wil prpppiit a u a r d s to those vnlunteev. nnd niK.mi/;itinn; whn have River ntitstondinj! J.OTvires to the lorMU hospit.ili/rfi vptcrrins d u r i n g thi r a l p n d n r year of J951, Voluntctr; include some from as far away ai Fort Smith, Joplln, Mo, ind HIP rison. Hunt's hatt the right fin for you

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