Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 19, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 9
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Bosox' Oldtimers, Back In Lineup, Blast Detroit, 7-4 Detroit-WP) - is Manager Lou* Boudreau, the handsome experimenter, eiving up on the hotshot rookie infielders who boomed the Boston Red Sox into pennant contention? No, says Lou. He benched young shortstop Jim Piersall and second baseman Ted Lepcio yesterday after the Bosox had dropped seven of eight games on the current road ' trip. I SPORTS ROUNDUP "Mayo Clinic 01 Golf" Proposed Bums Trip Cubj ' 7 " 2 ' To Gain Lca ' ue bad ForPGA'sClubAtDunedin,Fl3. N By GAVLE TALBOT w Ynrk-{/P)-We are pleased ; The dazzling pair had lifted t h e ' Bostonians into first place by ·**-«· j ··»«-i*-i i-nc me i/i^aacu , _ _ their early season plav. Then the ; to " dd to our it-had-to-come d e - . / V / * / c · i p o r t m e n t lhe happy intelligence ' L ^ ***·* f skid came. So Lou switched to his ohitimers ' '|? at / " Mayo Clinic of golf" is in : d the muscle men came up with ' V? e f "«TM""« "'*« «t the PGA ; G C " Club of Duntdm, ; and a 7-4 victory over the Detroit Ti- N a l l t i n a l gers and some lusty hitting. ' F '" " ' ,. 7 ,,,, 'l 1 11 . , ,, . . , "I haven't given up on the kids Well, maybe it hasn't come · but timers as long as they keep" winning," explained Lou, who said he hadn't given any t h o u g h t t o j ' 7~)/-.*/A/9 T-l Osisl 0V e LUl4UlV-lL VUU,V1 Browns Nip Yanks Shantz, Garcia ! nFi " lfa "V: 3: Swap Shutouts Lose Second, 8-1 A's, Tribe Split Tw n-Bill, 2-0, 6-0 entirely of a St. Loills-(/Tl-A trin of New , York Yankee home run? plus fivi- '· hit pitching by Vic Hasrhi earned | Clrvelanri -/?i- a split for thc Bronx Mnmbers yes- , ..,,, ,. lor.-iny in » double-header w i t h "" a lhe St. Louis B r o w n s. Tlir · J T --"'lay Brooklyn -(/Pi- The H r i m k U n ' nodgers jlippeil Into t h e N o t i o n a l I Les»u« lead ypmrrday, l i f n t i n g the Chicago Cubs, 7-2. a l t h o u g h h.idly ' outhlt. Dodger mound « e frtvcli- ! er Hot plpked u p i n « victory, h i s ' fourlh w i t h o u t t!efe«t. i The win enabled t,-.r Bums in I move ahead n; t h ? Nnv Ynrk Gianis, who sn-.v a Kchcdulpd lc.,u- bl*-h»fcd«r w i l h P i t t s b u r g h w.-iih. cci out, I JJortljtnrst Arkansas SPORTS Wilrin 5 on lhe p;irl of marl; or t ··· wiirH . porous ecyto.iaMnl^SI'.rrh^ton^^C _ _ 6 magazine Golf Digest. But r.o | the American League lead, took ir.j on a uniform himself and! 0 " 6 who knows at m a ny as t h r TM | ih c first game or a cirnbl;-hcarlo- playing short. j golfers can doubt for an instant j with the Chicago White Sox. 2-1, "I changed b"c;juse I thoucht i l h a t thc c!inic wi " ho founded and i but dropped the nightcap, 4-8. Piersall and Lep'cio were 2 e U i n " i t h a t il wi " f l o u r i s h - ! Lefty Lna Slealcr 5 ainori ^ : "» t h e i-i!:; of Cob Crrv. Irv Norm down and needed a rest Thev " Thp idpa '" says lhe Di * cst ' " i s : ' " , ° -2 gu H wl c '".'"'" E ' a ," "'"' G i l McDou-jlad. Ccrv'.-: four- wcren't hittinp You knci-V th-v l h a t Soifers could go to Duncdln i '° n » t o PTMvide the Senator* with ' h »»--r cime w i t h two mm on had been pain's com.nuo^y «* · TM". «»'° "~*«. or lon g er. j ^°^« h *TM ^^S"' " - error i,v Noron in th, eigHh Since January 20. Thai's when we ! a n d h n v e a com P lcte c h c c k ' u P'! all th« way Saiil'Ro«'ovin worked lpd I o *""« Down's only r;.n j n r- r started our rookie camp. J ?"* 3 .* an ° r econd.t:oning c.'l f 0 i , tn? So ,. t g j v i n 3 u ° n s - v c n r i t r ; ., second /^ms. i Bro\vnics won l'-o i'ir.-l s-imo, ·}-;!.! Cleveland Indians ond tin- srventh- thc second, 8-1. ' j p l a c ? Philadelphia Athletics halv- T'f 1 I-omnrs. an e r s t w h i l e trade 1 - i lending .lough » cd a double-header. Shantr, I the i,j-cnpr. 2-0, and Clarrla came "This is not a permanent shift. Fellows like Pier.-aU. Lepcio and catcher Sammy White will got their golf games, roushly compar- I able to what medical patient? get for their health at the Mayo Clinic." allowed three 1 plenty of chances. We just needed some hits." I And he got 'cm from the old-- Hi timers--especially Vern Stephens, 1 m a n the 31-year-old vctorr.n nf 11 m a - ; anaemic long irons would be jone by Hie first j suor:d t w i c e , ' , fram? when the Nati and that was thc ball game. In the second contest " Clint Courtnr". Brmvn'e c a t f - h ! cr, f»av« Ire lion:» folks the rl.'iy'r. Dob I '"'" ll * ri3 ' b ' V F * n K ' I n S w i l h t h r fil'though ' I'JnJ^ l°p d [? I "^ IC . l . ^ St ° f ^ loaded the bases with two o a t s ' h ^t t ; c E^cr! Sox t h a t was Satur- lu take the srocnd game, ba k 6--0. Home runs s]? of victory for SiKHi'i?, v/ho i «tJMow Y=rh 3 ·!?* . CT. LOUIS jor league seasons, who started at j over by specialists in each com- 3n d retired the sHe. He F^ved on day. Duane Pi!lrlt rt went thp dis- shorutnp for thp first time since! ^laint instead of trusting h i m s e l f , until the n i n t h when the Sc:ia!~:-d lane? in tno iirsl gamn to cain his 1930. Ke had been a third- b a s e - ' a s he has in the past, to a gener-' picked up two singles with one, TourD rleci?'on in .^ix starts man since then. ! al practitioner. The thought h t s f o l nut. · -. . Vern batt^rad n three-run horn-! m u c h merit t h a t one may o n l y j Harry Dorsh came in to ftce er, sing:ed, srored twice and field- 1 wonder why su?h an instUution . n " fl b p ^ t ' : r ''^rfch he got out. nnd ed nino chances errorlcs c lv H e ! was not endowed years ago I then J, 1 : 1 }' Pi ^ ce to f- 1 over to haloed in two double plays" · "As we visnaUze it." the Digest i Jj^f. "JJ^J. y*TM onnl S Br °' Jnd Billy Goodman moved in from j continues. "» 'patient 1 would he! n ^ l "^ f^ ~^\\ y { "wo Icit field to second base and . nut on a rigid schedule of instruc-' lorl twic«. Don Lonhardt took i tinn, practice and p!sy, based up- Gooriman's o u t f i e l d post and hnm- upon the length of time he was rr?d. Third baseman Johnny p e s - l g n i n g to be there and ths tyne and ky singled twice after 24 straight degree of training he needed. A f t e r an initial examination. hulcss trips. I And catcher Del Wilbcr -- the ' ciurins which a student would be 33-year-o'd csstof from t h e P h i l - j classified bcRinnev. inlcrmed-iale r'iiiilics -- c'rovc in a run ,or advanced, he would be assigned The Sox chased Waj'lin.'t'm U'-irtrr Don Johnson in the f i r r t with two-run honiers--!'T? fi":'J by Al Zarilla and the sncon:! by Eddir Rohlison. Noron. c f - J b 4 n n-Sch-n 3?rra. r 3 1 l.lliver.i :'.':--i. ]!» - - - T l - M l C t t - * ' CR.-V. cf . 0 S t - . o I o.Dj-ck. If 0 1 0 n ii o 4 I L 1 Wrshinjton PFRST GAM If V/ASHIHGT-JN CHICAGO i r h nh ! to one or more pros for intensive | Jen .c^, rr with his single, his second hit th? American League. ' i n d i v i d u a l coaching during his Only youngster to survive the · stay." shakeup was rightliclder Fayc" '« would not even be necessary to Yost. 3!) Bunby. c( Thorneberry. BOSTON . Th'brrry. rf Lcnhardl. If S'ephene. as VoHmer. ct Gi-od n, 2b Dropo. Ih Wi!b;r. c Wight, p Kinder, p DETROIT r Ir ab r h S n ^ Upon, si 4 0 1 4 ] 0 Kollovrav. Ib 2 I u .1 2 'J : Kcll. Hh 5 2 2!Wer:z. rf n 1 I'^ouchock. If 5 1 2 Mapcs. If 4 0 2'Groth. cf 3 0 1'Balls, c 4 0 0 " Priddy. 2b 1 0 U.bHutchin5ftn S'.uart. p Trou 1 , p Little fie id, F ·Mullm Ho-ft. n White, p cGinshM-j 37 7 12 Totals staff the various branches of lhe Dunsdin spo. Thc place is crawling with professionals from ill ovrr the country, especially d u r i n p the winter when scores "of 3 n o i o n o o o i o o 9 1 1 1 i 0 n o o n o o o o n i) ___ __ _ _ :o 4 6 a--Popped o u t ' f o r Llttlefield in 7',h. b -- Hit in;o double play in 9th. Walked for While in 9th. 3 1 2 0 0 .1 i 1 J S J i m?t'.?rs stand now, (hey can keep 4 o 2 ' their touch only by disserting each teachers from snowed-in Northern clubs go there to hibernate. As other's games, and that could easily breed a feeling of futility. Boston . 0201.10001--7 ' "Complete records would be kept on every student," the Uigest stipulates, ''and each would be given a progress report to take home with him, analyzing faults, outlining remedies and suggesting further training and practice. A Vern I h 4 1 ) ] 4 1 1 0 0 0 Co-n. If Biker. :b Klu:z. c Sleatcr. p 2 n l 'ox. Zb 3 0 O'Zirmo. If 4 I ZlMlnoso. cf .1 1 1 Co'eman. uf .T n I 1 4 0 l:Hnb : n:on. Ih 4 0 1 4 0 0 Mc'e. rf 2 II 'i 4 0 rLollar. c 4 0 ] .1 0 ]iCarRauo ; , *s 4 » 1 4 0 O.Rodrlqi'z. "h .1 n ] RoROvm. p .1 ft 0 ·«D^n*« ] n o .11 2 7 To:«1« n: I 8 La pa I. Totals : _-ff t--" . . 1 0 0 Cmiriney, ,. 4 1 iiiGn'dsh'ry. ]h 4 0 O.bXVright 4 0 O l A r f t . n 0 - led the margin the d i m i n u t i v e Ltyr.uo's brultn^ piirh?r '".'ith ?ix vi;r(cries in a row, a.qainRt one d r ' c n t , Ectriie Jrosl ;md Gus Zpniinl liammcrrfl thc hall over Ih' 1 fence to give Sl'.antz hia mar- Kin over volrrnn Hnhby Fellfr. Sh;ml7. f i l l n w e ' l only three hits. Hnrrin posted his fi.'th victory n/?ain:-t l ./o de.'eats In th? afler piece, by uTiertively r c a t l c r i n g nine singles. Thc I n d i a n s were ablr to /;et but nine hil^ of their ov.-n off the offerings of Sam /.oldak nnd Carl Sheib, but picked up three unearned runs as the result of er- rore by Zernial and Valo, Phl1irie!phla 2. Cltvttenri · PiRCT OAWI HlLAbliHIA~ '"CLIVKLAN9 "~ ah r hi ab r h Joor.t. FI 3 1 I; Sampson, rf 4 0 0 Valo r r 4 0 l"\vl!a. ?h 3 0 1 i l t l r y . i-f 4 n fi B: f tinmo and it Jaclfir Kohin^nn ImmPr by Iinm t rr helped out. Willie "Thc Knuvk' 1 Hamsd held the Dodgem hitless u n t i l t fourth. In t h n t f r n n i c thc fiers got tv.-o hi Is and ronv them into four runs. Robinr-on horn* d u r i n g thp i n n i n i n*vf helped his own cnu.r; l\y ^c fi hit to srorp n r u n . H.;mr forced one run home v.-ith u w after filling t 1 r b: SM. CH1CACO ' QROOKLYN ililt t o n Zirnlal. H .1 :i 7 Ir. p .---nan fnr" K ·1, b-Mlrrl mi- s o n : SJ 4 9 I Sill .. 1 IDoby. rf 4 0 1 , 4 0 H M I t r h c l l . If * I) 5 Hnchc'k. lh 3 0 fl-Knstcr. Ib 3 o {· Koll. 2\i 1 n f.Kennrdy. 3h n n «j Ar'ro'h. c 4 0 3 upgan. c Sh;mt7. p 2 0 0 ;-'cllcr. p Tw when \v:nninR ) oio iur CIO 101 001--1' r-\'nnc. RBI-Courinu.v 2. KJemnii or '' W o o d ' i n c " ^lir" "P.--Mi-p Hern ! E--:«u!er. Kc'l. R n i -- J n t r;;r.r.iS. Marrnn nh-WnortuS HPI- j SH-Valo. P-Hitchcoch SI --F'iid oul for Rogovfn in 9lh. Wachlnglon ... Chicag 201 noo ooo -'. 000 Oil 0 0 0 - 1 TtBI--Vernon. Runnt!:;. Lollar. ?B--Vernon. SB--Jensen, f -- Bmby. DP--r*rrasqu"l and Rnbin-cn: Left--Waahinn'.on 7. Ch : eago 8. BQ-- Ro/rovln 4. Siciter 4. SO--S'cator i. Winner--Slcater ( l - j ) . Loacr-- Hopovfn (3-2l. U--Soar, Romm?l and Steven:;. T--'J:12. SPCOND CAM! WASHIHfSTlN CHICAGO Wcnd'lnjj. S-- ^1 :\rt f .-n 1o R;27.uif Id ?-lTrtin: Y n u n » ', *ti Mari-ip. 'o Gold-berry ''. L t f ; -- N e w Volk 5. K'. Louis 4 HR--Lop-lt ' P i P p t ' e ?. 3C--Loput 4. Pillclto 2. R ft EH--Lnpai 4-4. Pill-til- :i-3. W-- -U. Icttc H-^i. I, (l-:il \J-Pt*. r^rnlla. Piiparcllr. Rnhh nnd Hurley. T---::07. A - ' R n m (c-'timi'ctl) SECOND GAr^C h'EW YORK ST. LOUIS Mlk-Ts. it J(*t(fna:. f t Hrmnik'. r Sauer. If Jnckton. 3b Primeia. c bHat'.en Fondy, I b Rrmottl. 2h Rsmidtll. p Hack*r, p aSmilley Ktily. p Totali *h 4 0 . ' 7cx. r .1 l 0 HCP--P. *- r 4 1 2 Inlrier. t-l J 0 2i.'tol)}. 4 » O ' P n i k n . rf 4 U I H d d R C I , I I ) 0 0 OiWIIllHnit. If 4 0 2:Wa'kcr. c 4 fl 0 : Ho*. p 1 0 Oi I 0 0: I 0 0 0 0 0 33 2 «:Tatili 25 7 4 *--Yiled out for Hichftr In Sth. b--R*n for PromvER fn 9tli. Chicsfo . . . . too 009 ooi--: Brooklvn ... 00! 402 Olx-7 E-- wn'krr. RBT - S a u P r. Pafl:», Hodges, Roo 2. V.'a'Icr -, i-.i JO~Siucr ;. Fonuy. Mlk:ls. Hit Walker. HcriMairk! s:i .IfiCc-.n'. Hot.- . . inson. HoclRei. D P -- M l k T ' i t . M m n « : - : f f 1 , '"" vviln Jtnd Fonciy 2. M )t«ii .-nr| K u t H l y . Jlr^f, '. t - d i n i n " I Humtunn find Hnrtf---. C ' l - v C'l'viii'-n snd Hodjcv I,er---c»i i t l ilmoh- p yn (I. D B -- U n n i - d P l I 4. J t n r k r r .1 Kelly 3. Rnp ?. lj:; . ·; . t l l -t-'l ." in .Vj innln^n, H«rk«r I In ::'.. K'-Uy 1 in 1. R t- K R -- R i m i r f e ' t rf -l. l i - i - l t r p ^-^; KcUy J - t : Roe ^-'. H h J : ly H-MII;'!"!] l.oscr-- RaimdHI (O.Ji ' IT--'Jusllc'niit ' I|f)Mili Conlnn nnd S!*wiirt. T--e:23. A--I4.14D j shipfi. * " " j l i t l i v - t h ' slraijhl line t n n n j h a 1 NORTHWE3T ARKANSAS TIMES, Payettevlltt, Arkart*4tt,- Mondd/, May 1?, 1952 Snead Wins At Wykagyl, But n'ns Of Poor Playing Unt-hrMr. N. V. -(/P.-Sim-f , u n t i l lhe ·rr-ek they're pl*ye^/'h- v ^;;ni .Srrr.vt hm i .vnn f u i i r ; . . . n l u i n r . ' r d t h *r plalnttvtl? i j "Yon'rr cither on your xinie 0 - . o r f i;. ;iml you dnn't knov/.'L |nallcrir» Didn't Know . . p , Sncad v.-a* off his gurat thi '"· v j\v«k. the fiailprfea didn't knew it i For f i v e roimds on four day* h* * * ' l i w n i Ii sirnvw undrr par f« t»M ··V | hill:,- O.KSS-yard Wykafyl cpurrt ' i; '" [ Tiir only rea?.OT anyone L s 8m*^closi \\n him In the point scoring w«i lhat CM,V Miri-Mccoff and U o y e i Rot hot on the Uit tw ,s^n slipped tn. · plr oJ pnr 7iiR. hl.i worst scor*» Of tM lourn^mont, Middlecnff c i m I . ihroiiRh w i t h A 64 ftnd 80 on * hj driVi; \ .TV ·. - r M ;n'l my vprpn't very ';mfl. I i.'H ni.'ikc snm? W f s n r f p r f u l recov-ry shot"? t h n t gave mo n'mrl put'.s." Expcctfrff Snesd, who (s exporting i he birth nf his nennid child w i t h i n a V.TC'*, rilrin'l mind t!;fnT! 'he monfty. M v.-iM hn.v R lot of ;;nr ' T.'i .0.' hi;. ].-i:i)il.y (!; ,,'ii in W h i t e S u l p h u r Spr Vn . ;n rounrt.i to 'oiiil. Th« fi-t set » courx r«ofd. u'hir'i MsnRrum equnled y«*t*r- dny to cnpUire third plt'Mi'frort Clf*nrlc H.irmon In the fln*I ^oint M«ls under the round robin iror- f n u system which relate* ^elcb !;iv's ?;pnres to (hose of ..j6th«k mr*r'hr i rs nf (he fame foursaffte. Tii« firm! -tandlns was finfid f TL " .IS, M.inftrutr^ 34 ir.r j rlru . r]c H n r m n n 2 ] «nd Jim vido -A will t arch for such linop. cooy rf this reiiort would also be j i 1 *"' 0 "' p rent to whatever home to-vn pro i ^Campos '·'err ck. p bWiison Tolals O.-'O 001 120--4 r_Xn!'n\vay ?. Wrrtz. H B I -- W i l b t r . IJrapo. Stephens 3. Lenhardt. Sou- chiclt. KcM. SB---3attf. P--KoHowpy. rP--\V:chT. E ' e p h c r s r,n-1 Dropo; Ko3- v and Pridd.v; KeJl. Priddy an-i KnMov/ay. LOB--Boston 1^. Detroit Ii. t'r r 'e'ri ?. Hrtefl 2. SO--*V:ght ". SUinrt C. Trou? 1. Li:tfir!ri ? !;O--Wight. .1 , in v ! 3 innings: Kinder, i j n i a . ? : stuirt.; would benefit from follow-up and check-up lessons nfter the student returned home. Eventually sub- clinics, staffed hy local oros train- th'j Fludent had designated. "It is cniirely possible that home town pros would receive "referral fees" for members they to the flinic. Thoy certainly 3 in ".: Trou'. 6 in ?-' ( : U f l c f i r l d . 1 2S; Hoeft. 2 In P.,: White, o n '.,. R .· ER--XVIftht, 4-4: Stu-.rt. 2-0: Trou'.. 4-4. Hocft. 1-!. HBP--Kosft iV.'ilhpn. \Vlf--Wiijh:. W--Wi«;ht '"-D. L--S'uart ab r h! YOG'. 3b 4 2 4 ^ox. 2h Bu-by. cf 5 0 1 Zarilla. rf-H Jensen, rf 5 1 2'RdrRiipz. Cb Vernon. Ib 4 0 l|Robinr,on. Ib R u n n u i F . BS 4 0 O'Coleman. cf Conn. If n 0 0 S'ewart. If Dakrr, £b 4 0 J'Mclc. rf GrasBo. c 4 o o Sheely. c 0 0 OiCrrsqttcl. ss 2 J 1'Dohson. p 1 0 0 Kennedy, p 0 0 0 Dorish. n 1 0 o; T'j-rrc p 37 4 lOiTolaJa : "a--Flied o u t ' f o r Haj~ri*» in"r... b--Filed out for Ferrick in 9th. Wn.ihfngton . 202 000 000--4 Chicago 40!1 001 fllx s E Nona. RBI--Jcnsrn. Vrrnon 3. Znrilla 2, Rohinron 2. Co'ennn " ~ 3 0 0 2 0 (I I 0 t ] firom-k. p 0 0 0 ?ah 31 2 7 Total* _ 3! OJJ - -k nut for Keller in Sih M c d r l p h l n . ... . 001 Oil 000-'! OM OO'J 000--0 noflt. 7.crnl«l Shnntr, 2. DP Kennedv and Boons nnd Left--Pittsburgh 7. C'cvc- , ; ! i s n d fi "Tin--shamr. s. rtllcr 2. so- ^ r r h f t p c t u r a l s l r u r t t i r n Shnn*z B. Keller 1. HO-FHIer 6 tn H pcar to snR. dwiflMriT often pro- 'rui'tiR^: uromoK I in I. n A: K H -- . . . . . . ' .Slinntx O-'l. Ffllcr S-?, Grnrnrk n-n. \V-- Hhanlz ir.-ll: L--Teller 13-31 Il--Sum- m-rs_. McKlnley. Honorhlck. D u f l y . T SICOND CC.MI PHILADELPHIA CLCVtLAHD fib r h' nb r h ." o s Simpson, rf J 0 : Avila. !li 4 n l i n m i n r . II 4 0 OlDoby. rf ·I 0 1 Mitchell. II ci l! Busier. Ib 4 0 2 Kennedy, a b 4 0 l.Tobbeti, c 2 0 1 jarcta, p i fi n i n i 1 __ !G » 0 Tftlnll i-- Grounded ou'. for Znlrtnk 0 0 II ' Philndelpllia . . . . 000 000 003--0 1 0 0 , Clcvrlnnrt 020 100 Olx--' 0 0 0 1 K-- ZarmI, Vii?o. RBI--Ilnster. G»rria ?.2 ] f j : K-nn-?d.v ?. Rnnnr. Doby ?B--Hobv ^t, I Simp:nn. K'-nnfriJ SR--Vnlo. DP-- r i' ;., ' Mnjfiki. Hitchcock nnd Joost; Boon-. »:n. ' : Avjla nnd Easier. LOB--PhUe"-'- 1 -'^ Nc\v Vnrk fn P-I- i l t i -. lo. r'cvoland s. BOB--Scheib 1. _ _ . Si. Louis mi) ooii onl-l '· SO--7-oldsk 2. Garcia «. HO--Zoldilt E--Dcm-r,tri. Koren HBI--WcDou- fi f n B inninyi; Sclipih 2 in 2. R fl* IR-- wld 2. Cerv i. KorTM2 N|(-'TIII" "n ~ ' Zoldnk 3-7. Schclb 3-1. Oiircla (1-0. -MichF.?:s. D^UT. Herri i i r t -( r v WP--Srb^lh W--Gprrln l.i-2i \r-- 23 Norcn, M"Dauanid. S-- R'z~mo RB S . ?.f)!dak 10-11. L'--McKinley. Honochlck. on. chi !. DP--Nieniin. Younc nnn i B u ' f y and Summer!. A--:0.200. T-- i h a t \vrll 'r--n!i h-'il I i : " iii j,i c ,. 17. p rom ihsre they hili:r,;( his, (l ,.,., n l o m i n u , , S'ltU St. · ::a :,n np-; fcnriinn "You I'ointr tn Opc-i ;m:l I'GA (Jlin-inlnn- Hv nrver v M-: !!·!· Or:v:i I 1 '.* n'.;i''ir llvit I'.ini--: ii'I ·.-111 i:c do- the r''vr knrrv hu'.v rlt iti th" 1 -' 1 Intti n I (ii-vn in minus B3 lor British pl»n ;C'h.-!mplnn Max Faulkner. C'.-imcls with one hump *f* b*- i j c v w l In have beer, one rf: tin first tinim,i'.:i to b« domutlctttd. Uicd tiy thounnndi m lieu--Junjc'i Roman Mcil ll-l»-« f'.'f In Ik* TIMKS--II. ^ b i i V 3 ·! 0 3 I 2 S 0 1 4 0 1 II 0 0 3 II 1 3 0 1 ! 0 1 I 0 0 0 0 II n o o 1 fi n h.'~ Bauer, rf KiEZUtn, an WoodllnE. If Bcrra, c M'DDRlrt. 3b Cerv, ct Norcn. Hi M a r t i n . :b Totals a--3t"ruck h--G 4 0 1 Young. 2b .1 1 1 '.Jlilbrry. I b 5 0 O f . c h n i r n , Ib 4 2 1'Kiver.-.. c f ." '.! ^'N'icman. rf .- 2 2|DciB!ng. If 4 1 llMichaeli. 3b .1 fl 2 Courlncy. c 1 0 U:rrmT,tri, ss cnnpp Ciln. p Midison. p JiKryhoski Ovcrmire. p hV'rloh'. 7)Dnrdcn. n I 1 10 'I'o1r;is ut "nr M^d-nnn i idcd out for Domr. 1 : nl , r , I! Jomt, ., 1 o o Vnl "- r t V J, Phillcy. cf J ,, S l Z v r n l i i l . If 4 0 " ' Mijc-'ki. r,b 4 0 i 3 0 I 2 0 1 ] .1 fl I ! 0 fl l o n 0 0 II 1 o n Hitrhc'k. i b Kell. 2b Murray, c ZoldHk. p aThomaK Scbeib. p Totals 4 (I 4 1 n 4 U L 3 1 1 4 1 2 4 0 4 0 0 1 0 0 M I 9 7ih" 9. Chlc/ifo 11. BB--Dobson 3. John- I'-lMcGn^n/'Gricvr. Berry and | cd at Dunsdin, mulct he held in i JTM; 'j."HoUSohnsonTl''!^''" Innings'- i\.-.pp. T--2:ns. A^-^n.971. " other par't of the country at other I 'Pitched to four men in firstl: Haynea ? in G; Dobson 8 in fi s b: Kcnnerty 2 m 1^; Ferrick I in 2: Uonsh 0 in' 1 -: Pierce 0 In "i. R ft EH--Iolin-on '.*: Haynei ;-2; Dobjon 4-4; WP--H«yn-5. Winner--Dobson (5-2i. Loser--Hayn-l (0-2V U--Rommel. Stevens ind Soar. T--2:2. A--(actual)--21,765. Cardinals Edge Phillies, H Behind Staiey Phi!arlelnh ; a - if?) - The Fiehtin' P'nils cam 0 up with a d r a m a t i c ninth-inning rplly thnt fell only one run s'lort of the mark yester- dny as the St. Louis Cardinal? won. 4-3. The Cards hud to c%]] on two relief hurlers to qurll thr Philadelphia last gnsn uprising. Card'nal ace Gerald Slaley got credit fnr the win. his seventh of the ?eason, which is the hiph t o t n l for hot : i maior l^agups. Staiey jp now responsible for half ~r the 14 gn'ne^ in lhe Reribirrls 1 \\-on cnltimn. Sfaloy was tn complete control for eight innings, having shutout thr Phils on four hits. But in the ninth HIP Phils started t h i n g s wit 1 ! a pair of singles followed with Willie' long blast into the left field stand;;. That ended the day's work for Staiey. Jo: 1 Yuhas came in und after celtinR two outs surrendered a double to Eddie Al Bra?.Ie then took t h e mound and forced pinch-hitler Tommy Brown to drive a liner to third baseman Tommy Glaviano ending the ft-me. St. Lctuii 4. PhiUdtlphia 3 IT. LOUIS PHILADELPHIA ;b r h 1 all r )i n I 1 A a h t i u r n . cf .1 0 (1 Hfimin-r, ut 4 ] 1 BurgpM. c 4 2 .1 Ennis. rf 0 O'.Tnnrv ^h 4 0 r Ryan. Ch Homm. ** I,own*;-, cf SriTtll'sl. 2h Mtifllfll. If Sii'alucr. rf Si«l«r. I h . . . .,.,, Glaviano, 31) 4 0 : Mn Rice-. Stalcy, p Ynhns. p Brittle, p 1 0 l.Wnilkus. Ih 4 fl ? Mc.vcr. p 0 n O'aLnhrkf · 0 0 Han*fn p ToUh Ifl rtBrnwn 12 TniaU 4 0 0 4 n 0 , 1 0 2 4 1 1 4 1 f 4 0 1 1 4 0 l j . 1 0 1 2 0 ft | i o a o o o o i o 0 n o 1 o o ·--Filed iut (or fclever in nth. S--Srered for Biirf«li tn 9Ih. r--Cim; in *.o bat for Hnnsrn in 9!h. fl--Mnrd out for Nlchojion In 9th. St. KlUlf Oil fWl (170--4 Phlllrlclnhli . . o(Xl Odd m.1-3 E--Aihhurn Rll--Jonri n. sulfr 2. M u i l i l 1 IB--Burflt. Wlllkul. Muitil HR-Jnnu. S--Mcmui DP-- R/«», H»mn«r ind Jomi. L«ft-St. Uull I, PnlltdtlphU I. »»-Sliltv t, M«rer i co-ruKu i. M»yer J I0- sttlty T In I Inntnii; Vuh» I In 2-3: IIMIU n In 1-S; Mc»r u in ·; Htnttn I m 1 K A EK--«UKy J-.V M.yr 4-4 winner--Sintr 17-n. Lowr--M«y«r 11-4), u--Wirmkii. OMU. DIMOII tnd S«ogf». T-3:I7. A-I5.SW. j timss of '.e year." ! We do not feel, personally, that this business about "referral fcss" should have been brought into (he open. It smacks too much of fee- splitting, a practice which is frowned uoon in bstter professional circles. Otherwise, the entire plan strikes one as sound and carefully thought out. Lookouts Looming large On Horizon In Southern Loop (By The Associated Press) Well-stocked with able hands hy the parent Washington Sena: tnr?. t'ne Chattanooga Lookouts i nrp threatening to supplant Mobile ' as the best parly-season club in thc . SoiMhern Association. j But riespite their wraith of tal- I enl, lavis u ed by an owner with no ' triple-A farm affiliate, it remain- I ed for a husky youngster fresh j from yemi-pro ranks to chill Mobile yesterday and comolete thc i double-headrr sweep which pulled I the Lookouts to w i t h i n one-half j came of t'-e loading Bears. ; Bob Mitchell, who hurled(scmi- pro ball around the national capi- i tal last year, blanked Mobile on i three hits as the sizzling Lookouts ', · copped the nig'itcap. .1-0. a f t e r I winning the wild opener. 13-12. i With 8 chance to takeover the lead, the New Orleans Pels faltered and divided a pair w i t h Nashville. The Birds took the second Rnme, G-2, after losmg, !)-", in the opener. Memphis and A t l a n l a also split, the Chicks t a k i n g the firsl, 5-4, .and thc Crackers the second. 3-2. Birminchnm and Little Rock . were rained out. "=====--== I Micha-la; n f r r n l o and Noron: Mic'.n-'; and Youiif L r f f -- Nc-.v York 7 S! Louis 7. BE-Cain 4. O v ^ r m l r - I RiTchi 3. SO--3rardrn 1. Rarln 7 HO --Cain 5 in r,\j inninns: Madison 0 fn Hfi: Ovrrniire .T in 2 BoDrdC'l 2 in ? R ft ER--Cain 4-4; Madison 0-fi: Pascal 1-0: Ovprrnire 3-2: Bc-ard*:] 1-1. \VPttasch: \Vinnrr--luichi (311 ) Lo^er Cain (.1-^). U--Pnp--rrl!fl. Hobli Hurley md I'nssflrclia. T--2:17. A--16,113 (paid). To keep index tabs on books from curling up wilh i : se, dab them v.'Hh t'.vo thin coats of fresh v.-hitc shellac. Kerf DP with the iimn--reid - r'MRS rt.ll) Come In and See Us About Our Eoiy Payment Plan on Rc-Modcling Your Home, luilding New Garagt, Chicken Houte of Milk larni, etc. CliKon limfcer Co, -»- A.L fVi AfR. Same wonderful features you'll find in the most ox- pensive cuslom-mnde covers. Perfect fit! Th-y hold t h e i r shape! T h e y w e a r a n d w e a r ! A n d m a n , they're S H A R P L O O K ING! Fords, C h e v r o l e t ; ; , P l y m o u t h s , Pontinfs in stock now. Others nvnil- n h l e o n x p c c i n l o r d e r basis. S?e them todiivni-- THE SIGN OF SERVICE I I 1» NORTH ILOCK ST. FHONE 35 America and its people did not become groat through accident. A country founded on sound religious precepts, on a strong othical base and folbwinq a program of conscious thrift must succeed os ours did. And an in* dividual pursuing the same course will reach the sue* cessful goal. Proyor, cthicr, thrift -- here is a program for all of us. We arc proud thet we too play a rolt in thil program that is still making America ana iti people to successful. FIRST NATfONAl BANK FAYITTIVILLE. ARKANSAS ~ M*mb«i P«d«r«l Rtxrvt imuianu Ccrp. '«0«f«l RiMrvt

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