Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 19, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 2
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2-- *0«THWt«T AtKAWAi TIMK ,. v .tt.,m.. Monday, May 19, 1952 Engagement Told jf^y Motif Stressed At Dessert-Bridge illllll ....... lilllllllllllllii Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . Grea: Bonks Group. M a l t l c C»l Maxted fi-31) Hi Si Club. Cluhrnnm, 7 Forir.mgfon Lodge, Farmingtnn Msjonlr Hall 7-30 Fayettevlile Lnd*» 740, Masonic Hall, 7:30 ' fHesday . . . Linn* Club, FerflUMin's. 12 Kiwsris Club, Washington Hotel 12 Sub Deb Club, Siig Call-, 7 Naval Reserve Composite unit, Kason Ruildlng. 7 3nfith M i l i t a r y Government Group, n j i ^ west Center 7'30 Sportsmen's Club, Clubhouse, 7:30 O. E. S., Masonic Hall, 7:30 Mrs. T. P. Head, who will leave "onn to join her husband in A l a - bama, v.-as complimented Thilrs- lay a f t e r n o o n at a dessert-bridge, given at the home of Mrs. J. II. Mulkey. Co-hostess was Mrs. Carl Mrs. Graham I^upp tt, the Leupp home on University Heights Saturday afternoon. For refreshments » pink angel fn,,d cake and a blue cake both decorated with flowers were served w i t h ice cream. i Mrs, Maybelle Kirk Heads Legion Auxiliary Personals The American Legion Auxiliary 'I'M District conference was held " * ..... TM used in car- , K .sins; out the sprint; motif for t h e v l | l n was named president of t h e ' ·lining table, which was centered district, succeedine Mrs y - "· Visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. G.- Stockforri this week, ; are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gussen- hovcn, of Norwalk, 'Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Gene Campbell, of Gains- villc, Fla.; Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Williamson, and Mary Gaylc Stockford, of Houston, Texas. Mrs. Rnb White is a patient in Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cowan a r e 1 in Washington. D. C., where they , are visiting t h e i r son. Lt. Col. ' ; D. K. Cowan and his snn, Donald Cowan. The colonel fle\v with his f t - i t:'0'n Germany to Washington, J where he entered Donald in \Val' tor Reed Hospi'.sl. F o l l o w i n g re| lease of the boy from the hospital, I they will return to Germany where Mrs. Cowan and daughters i remained. ' H"...h Miss Blythe To Wed Lt. Rainey Simpson, of Johnson, is hy club members, snid there would ' lionis. nf Johnson. The wedding May-pole, from w h i c h dreamers led to story-book do'lls Crossed in pastel gowns. May has- i " l "'t i:nls were also spaced about the '-ctli table. A variety of flowers were i °' {T ' used t h r m i g h n u t the home and as a ba?.c for the May-pole. Guests included Mrs. R G ·· Woodruff, Mrs. w. II. Chi-istensen'l ; i s alternates! Mrs. Joe Crumple,, Mrs. Carl | Mr.'. Charles « v ,, Rock. vice president of th Division, I Mr. and Mrs. Ernie E. Hawes r and snn. Butch, spent the week- j M a r t i n Arpin, 13, son of Mr and CIKl h!re ''if' 1 '"* '''"""'^ " nd '°" k ' ir r r i «._,_ L . , a ' ing over their farming interests. J . J. has r e n e d to| Quick Comfort (or itching, burning mitery of Simple Piles with soothing, oil-rich' Ritinol 'Contain! Lanolin RESfiNOL 0 '"*" convention. Mrs. Ruth Wharton I Street, of Hcnton.ville and Mrs. Ruby F.1- tracks near · o f Springdalc were selected The' engin;r-:rent nf Miss R n b e r t a W i l l i a m s In A l b e r t Lee Simp- ,, ., , · ' · son, snn nf Mr. and Mrs. U p t o n ; , ^ " rS ' W "' lrrcn Ciffnrd. Mrs. , Johnson, is announced j " C \' " nsm ' Mrs ' F TMl Whitc- r.v, chairman county f a i r e x h i b i t s , by her mother Mrs R u t h WP- Gerry Hudson. Mrs. · J J o e Fleming, Mrs. John White : Mrs. ,lne Fulton. Mrs. Sam Mc- Nalr, Mrs. H.-.rnld Dulan, Mrs.! I'ri/Q by Sprmgdale ^iuf f'funts Carle.ton Borden, anrt Mrs. John j ^ ' l o . A f t e r the rr-cotinz a IP- Williams. i w a s held with Mrs. E '-·· *-··'· .' written 111, 1VJ1 , '"I 110 ; the late Abe Grove. Members of the Scott House and of Paw Kolb of Prairie Everyone v.Tlcnmt. be 100 per cent participation this I w i l l be an event nf early f a l l . Mr. year. Guests of the club were Mrs. ; Kimp.'on Is now serving with the Earl H. Garrison nnd Mrs. L. R. ' Navy aboard tho Aircraft Carrier Mrs. L. M. McGoodwIn is j I'nlau in the Mediterranean *,-,,., ern speaker. ,,·''.'"'. travi ! pnze lvas wnn b - v lh liichey of T i t t l e ' ' v 6 " d0 ' CS wcr ' c n t e r t a i n e d a ' a i Dinner and Carnival. Fun for i West-lr!"!' 10 Sm " rda y at Devil's Den, all. St. Joseph's Catholic Church. · ; State Park. Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Tuesday, May 20 from 5 to 10 was the principal j p^ were program chairman nnd Mrs. J. C. Gllbresth presided MJS. Clarence Blythe of Benlnn- LcVCrCtt P.T.A ville announce the ensagement and approaching marriage a! their dauBhter, Cleo, to u. Charlen Norman Rslney of Guymon, Ol:l*. Following her graduation from high school et Ouymon, Miss Blythf attended college at Panhandle A. and M. »t Goodwell, Okla,, where «he recei'.'«d a de- Sre« In home economics. Litutenant Rainey also gradu- «ted from high school it Guymon. and Is now attending th» United States Military Academy at Weil Point, where he will gradual* Th« wedding will l»k» place on June 4 at 8 p.m. In the Cad«t Chapel »t West Point. Reports Final Meet Of Year i The Leveret! Snliool r.T.A. m e t ' In the school a u d i t o r i u m Thursday afternoon, at which time Mrs.! Carl Hoffman gave an account o f ! Miss Williams will graduate with the senior class of Faycttoville High .School this June. 14 H.D. Clubs To Meet During Week In County Washington County home demonstration clubs will meet this week as follows: Today -- Rnldcnrule, s c h o o l n · i " r *" w crerecelved by ., j . asssisted by Mrs. i --' .it, IT ii-i.t.-iveu i j y j ,-··«. ,,tn, ri.-^siiinju OV Mrs Mrs. Joe Crumpler, Mrs. Hudson, j Maddnx, .Mrs. Belle Sweetsei Mrs. Whiiehead, and Mrs. White, i Mrs. Biggcrs. A hostess' gift was received by the honoree. Bob ant Reams-Bolain Engagement Told Berryville Host lo Gashopper Members house, afternoon. Tuesday -- Morrow, Mrs. Dee Hauttii, 2 p. m.: Victory, Civic activities Center, 2 p . m.; Brush Creek, Mrs. ,, . , · . ,, I Hnctni i ,. n ,.i, i t ., _. . /^_,. f ,- .._ iiolain of Miss R Nutrition Discussed By Braden H.D. Club Housewives have the pnores nutritional habits of any group o persons, Mrs. Margaret Brown i-!d, county honr. demonstratloi agent, told members of the Braden club Thursday. The meeting wa held at the home nf Mrs. W. H Pryor, Mount Sequnyah. with Mrs Boyrt C. Shafer assisting. "It is important for persons growing old ti eat properly," shn said "and espe- rlally impoctant in the diet is calcium. Housewi»cs having the task of preparing food for others, too often fail to eat properly them- Mlves." The meeting was devoted to the ·ubiect nf nutrition. Mrs. C. ,T Brown demonstrated the use nf dry skim milk. "Th* hard pressed housewife," she said, "can make substantial economics by using thlj product, «t least as »- partial «ubstltute for fresh, whole milk and she can use skim milk to add considerable nutritive value to the existing diet at relatively low cost and with little trouble."' Mrs. Robert Bone sketched the life of the French artist Ceianne whose famous painting "The Blue Vase" was the picture of the month. Mrs. Delmar Collins guvx the poem of the month. Donated articles were auctioned bv Mrs H I, Stafford for the cltib's phil- ·nthroplc project. Mrs. N. E. Ter- her trip to "the parent-Teachers Association State Convention at Little Rock, Reports of the yea. , .,, . , were heard and Mrs. H. P. i ""sset Lynch, 11 a. m.; Oak Grove, Jenkins, retiring president, ex-1 (1 " I( Rrnvp Church, i p. m.; pressed her appreclnli m for iheMlomemnkors, Mrs. Paul Noland, h co-operation given her d u r i n g the I '·''" 1'- m. | . r. Mrs. A. W. niake. president j Wednesday--Ki, P a. Rula Curt- ol the P.T.A. City Council, i n - . .''incor, 10 a. in.; Salem. Coinmun- slalled officers for the coming '. ily House, 2 p. m.; Ml. Union Mrs -w«r as; j,,|,,, w.-ilh-n, a l l day. Mrs. H o f f m a n i M - n c i r l m i t - M.-.- ! Thi G M M: Mrs. John Wadswnrlh was ,.. ·harge of t h e nursery, ; U K | refreshments v. ere served bv Mrs. Rnymnnd Edwards. M r . - . . ' R . ]{. Truax and Mrs. K. n. Helm:.'. · ··· n ' n ' . o t i n n u .mrn, an (lay. Mrs. Hoffman, president; Mrs.! Thursday -- Valley View, Mrs. 1 ("inn Ynor HMr UTM,, .orfl.ui Rowley, vice prcMdenl; j Ulther Neal. · p. ,n.; Terry Vil- ' Un ° Y C O r UIC|S rlOROr Irs. George Oarley, F"i-rclai v; l.-icc. t n m . niit announced. ' ' GI |pc,lc A I- P n r tv Irs. Davis Richardson, treasurer.! Friday _ University Heinhls,' ' Ml'S. .Tdhn W n r t c \ t ' n i l h M/',V I n l - l i - i - A ^ i . ' . l i : , , .1 .. ... . t r - ' ! r, , . ~. . .. , Twelve members of the Gas- daughter. Carole La Haye. to L. P. n c r r v vn ? th'' T^' *"*,* "' Bolnln, son of Mr .nd Mrs Edgar | S RX ",' h( , "Xr'nwn " " "attended -Benlon- i n, 7 ^ " n ' VS d TMTM^rated all sorts : High Schnoi before mo -i g ! ",'''""«' '^"iding combat and ·ulsn last year. I nl ' a n d fle '' v t n c P |an « from 1 Mr. Bolaln graduated from Ben- P n ""' f ° r j h c rcmair " 1cr of the t h c """noon. They went to Berryvillc on invitation nf the club 'there called the "Flying Coffins." Those who went from here included Ren Swett, M a r t i n Arpin Sidney Miller, Bill Younkin, Ross Busby, 7!ay Calhoun, Henry Kron- lonville High Schnnl class of 1951. . r n o n ,. l A n n a Helle \\lnsted; 1'cace- G r a h a m Ladon Leupp, each one Don Wiswcll of Prairie Grove A , iY : 'i'' y ; nTM '!? · n n p ' n m T r l ' ' · vo '" " lrt "" M «- v '«· "'ere honored Aeeompanving them v.-ere Mr and n^ i n a "'' Umv "TM ly ' bc - I al · ; l « n h d a y party given by their I Mrs. J. ]'. Arpin and Carol and mnir i n n. m. mothers, Mrs. Everett Ham HK RACE, men i PULL TUB PLUS." · Verbenas. Petuniai, Scarlet Sage and Many OIh«r Flowering Plants · Tomato, Pepper and Ego Plants · Summer Blooming Bulbi and Flower Seeds A D A M S FLOWER SHOP Phon. 320 33 N. Block Go To Seed Brown Bros. Where You Con Gel Fresh Quality $« e d Also Baby Chlcki Hatched Every Tuesday and Friday Mi*lk WEST CENTER ST. FAYETTEVILLE without trained, professional insurance advice Y«« wm,ldn'l buy a hf,\ «, n tr«nt hy «»!l nr · prfwription from a non- prafMtional. Von wouldn't hn dothi-s M«l doo'l fit or a houw loo bin or too all your insurant* contract* pri- ! by somwnf who knows ymic tpnaal situation and needs? Do they p.'C-twt assist priviM-ly l|,e danjtr. that art thf (treated fc you? Doro insurance fit «o that had luck won't orah your bank account wb« n UBurpcctivt lupprnj? Arf you mrtnin MBIC prrmiumi ami't oversize K you're ptjinj too much money now? Tfceie'i a sure way io m«le rwt«i n all I»K intiuinoe ii rijlit for you. Call 111 'i your iiluaUon and your RENNER COMPANY, Inc. "Iciuronc* of AH Phom 236 . . anrMjulicn Arpin For Graduation Batistfl Lingerie . 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