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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 17, 1952
Page 10
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|(テつサ HOtTHWUT ARKANSAS TIMU. F^^vlHテつォ. A.k.nM* FARM ANDTfOMfhliWf Start Of A New Herd Market Trends Forecast By Placements Chick Volume Moy Telegraph Slump 12 Weeks Ahead' Arkansas b r o i l e r producers i Nard-hit by the recent slump in trices, are probably wondering how they can predict similar slumps in the future. There's no sure way, of course. 3ut T. E. Atkinson, economist for he A g r i c u l t u r a l Extension Ser- テつキire. t h i n k s producers can get pme strong indications by watching reports'on placement, of baby chirks on farms. These reports he said, can be obtained by writing to the Federal-State Crop Reporting Service in Little nock. "It takes 10 to 12 weeks to grow chicks to market size." Atkinson pointed nut "So if you know about how m a n y chicks are being placed on farms at a given time, you can get a good idea of what market supplies are goi.ij; to he a couple of months later." i - - HUM i in i i テつォテつキ MIMI_ j j i J ! a b ' B su PP'y Is in prospect, rFrilk MayfiB of Johnson looks over the four polled Hereford? ind ih ,, , K *--テつキテつサテつサ*テつキ* chances are t h a t the price trend .Luther Johnson of Springdale. The revered n ^ * f テつォテつォnH.v bnughl f r o m ! TM " be downward. A small sup- ,plテつォ(r,em his broiler raisin* operations The c a t t l e are InVaird o n a 7 a r r l w h h h I , Wh ,' Ch W i " Sup ' ' P '' ' k テつー ly mCan ; A veteran of World War II, Mayes I, a member of an in "mutional n ^J / , , ' CaFed al テつキ I o h n s f n -! ' ng priccs ' !Lj* Smith of Fayetleville. Active for Tevwal "oar, -,"3 sucrTM ,7hr n n .'"'"l r ' aSS la " Shl by The prire brrak t h i - ^rm, '-L'J*テつー''テつォ 'テつー make his forming program more div-r'sifiert b ""' CI " ""^ hc "J^MESFOTOTM'" -'*"" - "*"" "' * '^ Adutt Study Days Scheduled For Thursday New Version Of - - -- Patrick Henry's Liberty Stand And Friday Al Main Experiment Station WEEKLY BROILER Guest speakers for the annual テつキ uuesi speakers for the annual , Hot Springs-(PI-Editor William A d u l t Study Days to be held at | H. Fitzpatrick of the New Orleans the University Main Agricultural | States quoted Arkansas Atty. Gen テつサテつキテつォ.... Experiment Station next Thurs- ! Ike Murray in a speech to the Ar- PFVIFW " c. ay o n d a y wi " be Clarence j kansas Bar Association here yes- n L I I L f l r : Byrns and Raymond Orr, Dean terday. Fitzpatrick said Murray Lippert S. Ellis announced today, last year "brought up to date'" , Byrns, editor of the Southwest I Patrick Henry's defiant "give mテつサ I American Fort Smith daily news- liberty or give me death" state. -..-.-,,..,,,, ,,,. PaP", will speak on Thursday af- merit. This is Murray's present- Demand was good, but offerings ' ern テつー2 n ',テつー" Friday afternoon, Orr, day version, which Fitzpatrick re- were light during the first part F Smlth businessman and mem- peated- ' ' Der テつー' the University's Board of テつォ,-.'テつキ テつキ,., Trustees, will give the princinal テつキ me " berty ' a m l n i m u m address. Principal | in(ake 0( 3]000 calories d a i l y | eight % GALLON Vinifla Ice Cream 63e Holland trot. locVtr were テつキ- --テつサ--.*- .---. ... h ij,^ juat jjdll of the week, but improving later and were generally adequate for the fair to good demanc. at the close. Prices were two to one cents higher at the close, mostly one cent higher. Batesville-Floral area also firm during week, closing steady to firm on Thursday. Supplies were good demand address. The two events are open u farm men and women from North west Arkansas. With the exception of the afternoon talks, identical programs will be held on the j paid holidays a year, free merli- to cine, a paper doily under every plate and two swizzle sticks in my two days. There be special programs for men and for women i in the morning, to begin at 9:30. short of meeting Q , M during the entire period, closing ' '" the rooming, to begin at 9:30. prices two to one cent higher. The men will meet at the Uni- The other commercial broiler vcrsif y Farm and the women's raising areas steady to strong this week as there was a stimulated old fashioneds, or give me death, provided social security pays my funeral expenses." テつキ - ...^,*. . r u n n . - l l m l u l d l U U demand in most sections for the heavier supplies. Central North Carolina and Shenandoah Valley prices unchanged to one cent lower for the week as offerings were ample for fair to good demand. There were sharp price adcvances Harriman Appears To Top Senator Kefauver Philadelphia-W)-A new sun'ey - -- ...-..,, t*.~ 6 icmi. テつー^ Democratic delegates repre- with visitors selecting the ones senting Pennsylvania's 70 votes in they wish to attend. There will the forthcoming Chicago conven- be time to attend three different tiテつーn today moved W. Averell Har- stops during the morning. Topics riman. m u t u a l security admini- to HP nrr/iiitjcftH in^ln^ln T-^,,',4 ,,.._ rtrili' nn - J : _ - ,, * _ _ _ i r. _ .-, , program will be held on the cam pus. Eight different topics will be offered on the men 1 : program RADIO TV SERVICE lerteif TV T*it Equipment 24-Hour Service TRI-STATE SALES CO MO W. Dickion Phm. "3 EVERYTHING M KUMBINO and SUPPUES . FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAtfCO GOVERNMENT AVI. director, above Sen. Estes Increased Beef Production By ilSBSeen ; ,Idb,6o0,00b Hedd Woy Be On Forms (n Five More Years By OVID A. MARTIN d Pren Firm Writer . Amerk, ns " will have n, Jj"^ " テつキttlfi* -more beef' by ]テつサ テつキ don- I n llBttera ate an aver.テつサテつキ of テつォテつキ 11 D . cycles during the past 25 years. The first began In lf)!7. with cattle numbers starting an upswing under influence of a general improvement in economic conditions H reached a peak in 1R34. Low (arm prices and a drought which ruined mnny pastures brought an j end U) the expansions. I After drooping o f f , cattle n u m - bers _Etarted a ncw upswing in 11138. Improved farm prices, coupled with an increase In feed supplies, encouraged a new expansion. It was spurred to a record height by World War II. The downswing in the cycle started In 1045. Tight feed supplies plus farmer complaints over price controls were given as factors. In Korea Then camn the war In Korea. Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith The a n n u a l A d u l t Study Days at Experiment Station of the the University, are to he held Thursday and Friday of next week. e TM- ply of birds coming on the market acc テつーrding to Atkinson. And the situation could have been foreseen --at least to some extent -- by the heavy placements of baby chicks about 10 to 12 weeks earlier. Atkinson says t h a t economists at the University College of Agric u l t u r e have been studying broiler price variations for some time And they've found what seems to be a d e f i n i t e relationship between j chick placements a nd poultry prices. For example, in 1949, t h number of chicks placed on farms . . ^ . ^ v,.,...^ p j i ^ c auuvances テつキ -"テつキ'テつキテつキ.i'-u jii^iuut: 11 UJL pro- a L i n u u i i uirecior, anove ten tstes in most other areas, with offerings d u TM n n. disease and insect con- Kefauver in the Associated Press some-times short for improved de- JTM. small grain varieties, cul- I national tabulation of avowed del- mand. As compared to late last week Delmarve prices were one to three cents higher. North Georgia prices were up 31-2 to 4 1 - 2 cents and North Alabama gained five -...vaina gajm'U rive to 5 1-2, while Texas and Mississippi areas w cents higher. It's Time To- Vaccinate young cattle against - - - ._.テつサ.テつォ, ,,,,,, missis- cus sion of dairy cattle feeding sippi areas were as much as seven ! bre eding and management, a poultry section; and a livestock section, to cover sheep, swine, and beef cattle. Members of the College of Agricultural staff will present the discussions and demonstrations, and will answer visitors;' Questions. Women will also have an opportunity to attend three demonstrations or tours during the The program includes tural practices and diseases, hay and pasture plants and their management, soil testing demonstra- , llc ,, cw u K u, e 5 p, ace narnman lion, demonstration on how to in- 4Vz ahead of the Tennessee sena- crease f a r m m-ofits; artificial I tor. 92 to 8714. Kefauver had breeding demonstration and d:=- --_:tional tabulation of avowed delegate leanings for the Democratic presidential nomination. The new figures place Harriman chick blackleg. Clean, oil and store brooding equipment. Cull "boarder" cows during the surplus milk season. 107H to 93% lead over "the administration troublcshooter, but a shift in the Pennsylvania totals substracted 20 delegates from the Kefauver column. PRICES ARE BORN HERE AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Open Each Evening Til 9 HILTON BROS. DRIVE-IN FURNITURE reached a peak during the week of Eleven weeks later, s m season . Start dusting tomatoes for di- I LTM eat , TM. ltil ' g demonstration, ae-a ^nn*-テつォi ...i-- ,, . i demonstratjon on rhemistry in [ mie urci ov Jwsa; t o n - ' テつサテつキ, j , ""tea. .tann,, Me an a v e n g e - o f 82 7 I ?,?,'"'"! I mcnt incrcased ' s テつー pounds of beef and veal last vcar I . , prlccテつ」 - A ncw c a t t l c c ' clc テつォ - as The Apiculture Department'savテつォ ?, , ?' Farmm bt can increasing The Apiculture Department cays three years the average iholild be around 81 pounds. ;Thテつォ. department explain tittle- production has for their herds again. The department says that if the j p , rescnt . cyd ? follow * the P atl(?r " . st in . department explains t h a t j , . vpar I , ps . st rTl " il wil1 reach its テつキ ' April 16. broiler pr 22 and 23. | lowest point they reached" during The farmers of Northwest Ar- ' l h c " rst nincl monln s of the year, kansas are fortunate that the Main I Thc same general thing happen- ".perlmcnt Station is located in | cd in I95 C. when placements meir midst. It is appropriate t h a t reached a peak during the week 'ne farm problems of this section cnd '"K April 1. Twelve weeks Jane investigated at this station as i ler Prices had declined about tne problems of Southwest A r - 1 seven cenl * テつサ pound. In August of Kansas WOUld hn ctnrlln*) ni j i - _ .' in/in n rnlatinnK. l^- nn テつォ,. 1 _ テつサ control when they have in the field for four the moved "up and'down" in"'wi'nV"it i P Ml1 , in , 1D55 w i l h a recorrl n u m - fテつォIlテつォ"'"cattle cycles" The notion ' '' n " CDf c a t t | c "n farms and a i _,, ;テつキテつキ Jテつォ now in the midst of a cycle up- TM. [ '"I?.P umbcr scnl to m a r k c t for テつォ.'" C , x ': enmrn ! al . dala w TM^ !テつサe cycles are influenced by テつキVT.~ things as prices, supplies of llVWtock feed, condition Of pii- .'uW'and consumer demand. There hove been Ihres テつサuch [ilaujhlcr. The 19a7-'34 cycle started with kansa* would be stuciled'a't Hope branch elation. There is no betler way of cell i n g first hand information on the progress of experimental work a t t e n d i n g the?e study days not be published for pome ' テつキ-" ""'.テつサ '^ *テつサi. i lime will be furnished along w i t h I I a l n r prices were down of the implies. WHITE SIDEWALL TIRES! Juit Received Some NEW AIR RIDE WHITE WALL TIRES BOB STOUT'S SERVICE STORE US NO. COLLEGE PHONE 2(6 . . . v . u b , - . i t t v u i u M r t l i c n w n n n n n r n n r i ^ l n i 57 million head of cattle, climbed roStol th X(P , a , n !テつー ns to 74, then dropped back to 05 n n i ~i u, , l , h ? J a l a TMPics. テつキ ; - - - - テつキ 8 .. ..テつォ..,.テつサ ,., c The J938-'45 cycle started with | drh-e h l r f ' h a l hn -miid hree-wcrk period from February M million head, increased to 85 I " I,"',,?"" Vlcw " fcw "'Pm- 6 テつキ" March 1 - which was 10 or but declined to 7ft in IH49 I mo lal p n f ? TM s ". v olher day. I " w テつォ*s prior to the price dron. but declined to 78 in 1949. The present cycle started with 7 0 ' million and reached 99 the lirst of this year. The departmenl says the number is expected to reach 92 million next year, 97 in 1954 and inn in 1955 unless there arc unforeseen developments. Whal Is likely to happen after . 1055? The department d o r s - n n t look beyond t h a t daie-at least for publication. Some of its experts do say, however, it is a question whether the nation could feed many more t h a n 100 million cattle without considerable improvement in range and pasture practices. A volcano often will erupt, mud. er av Perhaps t h a j could be h e l p f u l mi- i : dor some conditions hut most like- IV not. One would never lean, ror,, Mien a casual visit whether n cood plot of oats wore conrt lie- cause of the fertiliser applied or because nf the disease resistant variety planted. The remark is often.-.hesrd that the station had some pretty poor s l u f f out there CertainH- Ihnt. ,j~ 41 ,. _ 1950, a relatively large number of chicks were placed, and after I I weeks the price was down about nine cents a pound. テつキ The year 1951 was somewhat d i f f e r e n t . The summer peak in placements didn't arrive t i l l the week of J u l y 21. But. 10 weeks , , vere down to the lowest point of the year. This year placements ran high during 'the Ihree-week period from February " to March 1 -- which was 10 or weeks prior to the price drop. These cases are based on placements of chicks in Arkansas, Atkinson, said. He added, however, that peak U. S. placements coincided fairly well with those in Ar-' kansas -- and t h a t placements in olher areas tend to influence conditions in Arkansas. What about the weeks and months ahead? Atkinson believes sease been set weeks. Spray or dust cabbage tor worm control. Dust beans with cryolite to control bean leaf beetles. Side-dress garden with nitrogen. Till the garden soil frequently, but only when it. is dry enough to work well without forming hard clods after drying. . " Eliminate moles from the yard everyday life; a display on storage facilities for farm homes with a : discussion of a new research proj-' ect on rural housing, a tour o f ! the Home Economics Building I and a tour of the i Fine Arts''' veeetahlpQ! Buildi "S- Transportation will b e 1 8 es Provided to take women visitors 1 from the farm to the University I campus, and back at noon. Lunch will be available at noon at Agri Park, the newly developed I recreation area at the farm. The ' MAE MARSHALL'S PRIVATE HOME FOR UNFORTUNATE GIRLS Seclusion And Expenses Paid Tel. 934 Edmund Box 186 Oklahoma ^immiaie moies from the vaM ,1-- imn. i n u and garden with traps or poison I afte . rn ?テつー" pr テつーe rAam . w "ich will al- bait. p so be held at Agri Park, will be- Check shoes, gloves or other *'" at ' p ' m ' Tn addit 'on to the ! leather articles for mildew dam- i K - U6S - s P cak ' rs . 1 ' h "e will be group arm- urinn t.,.-u i ! _ i _ . ... sinEinc. and 3 brief welcome Qr "* age; wipe such articles with cloth dampened with alcohol. inlroductions. At 2 p. i^. ing the general program. fo] low- visitors Plan a family trip; you'll find '"5, L 8 eneral Program, visitors that planning together is as much ' an 0 PP or 'uni f -y to attend fun as the trip i onp more demonstration or dis- --^--. cussion. The soil testing riemort- Plavin,. rarri* ,r k r j , -^ration and the demonstration on have come from A? h f to '""easing f a r m P rofits wi テつサ c ^h h a * e come from Asia, but somelbe repeated, and in addition there REMODEL -- REPAIR CLEAN UP - PAINT UP NO MONEY DOWN Up lo 36 Monihi lo Repay DYKE LUMBER CO. US St. Ch.rlM Academy Award Winning Stars! Ill テつキA LOVE STORY Modern as the Morals ol Tomorrow a u t h o r i t i e s believe that the Egyp tians invented them. Used by thousands in reducing Jlets--Junge's Roman Meal bread. 11-19-tf will be a special discussion on , "The Control of Poultry Parasites" I at the poultry farm. I BOWT, FOR PLEASURE Mm Bonton Bowling Lanes--Adv Treat The Whole Family To A Drive-In Movie This Week-End TONITE 7:45-10:07 . .. - - - j ....... ..mi, \i ( i IIHTP ...^........ .I..V.OI,. j-iiiMn.suii neneve Certainly they do, they have plants l h n t if Arkansas and U. S. place!, m, XP | S /^" ch , s . how "P pnnrly and are m TM' s ^ntinue to decline, prices a question discarded: C;osses which shape up ! might continue to improve. The enuirt feeri poorly and are discarded: and i adjustment may be slow because plants and animals which are a r t i - I P'acements were heavy over a finally infected with diseases for I lon S period of time, the purpose of studying the cures' Oih factors that may slow ad- Just because something looks poor .'Justment are: the likelihood that at an experiment station does n o t ! much low priced poultry will go mean that they can't produce!'" 1 0 slor ase; competition from I something better. Demonstration j che;1 P er P n r k prices; and some I and experimentation are two d i f - I "'fakening in average farm prices i ferent things, and they have some I sincf ' ^st December. j of the very best in both their ex- " ' -- テつキテつキ "^mental and riemonstrational | there early and study the sched- Community Improvement \ Program Meeting Planned A county-wide meeting for a l l ! t h e map. Oak Grove and Mineral I communities interested in the Springs both had representatives' rural community improvement | at the state meeting and some' .-.テつサ. w .,.,,,uiiuj impim-emem at me state meet ng and some program will be held at the Hos-| member of each group win appcTM Pitality Room. Phillips Motor on the program Monday night テつキ"OmoanV. F a v M t ^ v i l l P . M n n H a v r i f - , K テつォ TM n tir_:_ui _ . . i . Don't Mist If . . ROD CAMERON By ADRIAN BOOTH m FORREST TUCKER Company, Fayetteville, Monday, May 19, at. fl p. m. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the rural community improvement program and make plans for Washington County to participate this year. Oak Grove was the county winner jn the contest last year and was recently re-organized to continue the program this year. Mineral Springs has recently organized and residents are making Graham P. Wright, extension community activities specialist, I Fayetteville for t h e ' meeting. Wright has worked all be WHO FIXES RADIOS? Been Serving You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-VANTRESS CROSS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS Established Orer !5 Yeari Truck DeliwiM to Many Lテつォaliliテつォ SCHIICHIMAM HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PULLORUM CIEAN r Phonテつォ 347-2R For Prices And Delirery DatM put their community on I ington County. over the state in the interest of the program and his talk will be of interest lo any person interested in the rural community improvement program. The rural community improvement program is open to any un- i incorporated community in Wash- HIGHWAY EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT STEVE STARWYCK'S TRIO BUBBLE CLUB 71 NORTH Plus Serial Color Carroon Conn Ai Lite Aテつサ 10:30 -- Se. ih. Hoaul.r Sh nテつォmテつサUi For Midnilt Show Ai Ou? Gui.1 Mldnire Show Thil on * STARTS SUNDAY . 3 Big Days Monster BELA LUGOSI Remember "Dear Ruth" and "Dtar Wife" f ! ! ! Don't Miss This One . . . . MONA FREEMAN -- EDWARD ARNOLD テつキ, BILLY DeWOLF IN DEAR BRAT tht Whol テつォ EXCITING Wait 'till the sun shines, Nellie ... but Nellie couldn't w a i t . . . for a man to come back ... for a town to grow up ... for a song to come true! LAST DAY! "Bonanza Town". "Lost Planta Airman' Now! Doors open 12:45 p.m. One mad roging moment behind the roadhoust . . . and a lifetime of reared Zane Grey 1 Thrilling Story of tht Desert ROYAL LAST TIMES TODAY Doubk-ftarr.l.d AtHonl "GOLD RAIDERS" AND "Thi MAGNIFICENT BRUTE" Starting Sunday 1:05-3:0テつサ. 3 : 1 3 - 7 : 1 7 - 9 - J l LAST TIMES SATURDAY * Ar "BUGLES IN THI Th* gang iveryon* lovテつォテつサ . . . DEAD END KIDS AFTERNOON

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