Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 17, 1952
Page 7
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Ex · Yankees Sparkle As Washington Beats Cleveland _ CleveJan-J-l/P) - The New York Yanl.C" rrlrlnn r.if.l:? a poo:' trade fcut 2t thr- it appears tii-y pu!lc:l n -whopper' 1 in dijpatchin's Fran!: Shea, Jackie Jensen and Archie Wilson to Washington for Irv Norer.. Yank Manager Cs-ey Stengel was reluctant to ran v.-ith thn trio but claimed he was forced to (rumble. Stengel's fears have been rea- i lized and if Norcn ron.-n't pick up the sage of Yanke? Stadium will have nightmares in the djyfime. · Sliea, Jensen and Wilson have Riven the Senators a brighter out- i loo!c on life while Korcn has yet to catch fire. Btonrt Cubs Take Twin-Bill From Giants, 3-2,6-4 Rogers Wins In Second Half Of Bowling League Noren Paces Yonks To Win Over Detroit · New York-(/P)-T h e Chicago' C'ubs, beaten eight straight times by th; Krx York Giants, almost got even in one afternoon yesler- day m they swept a crucial double- licader from the Durocher.-nen, ,1-2 and G-4. The two lusses drop- perl the high-riving G i a n t s into A tie with Brooklyn f»r the loop lead. Bob Rush brushed the G i a n t ? back with five hits in the opener r.'ev. 1 York How They Stand The victory moved Washington to winthin 1 '4 ga-nes of the Tribe. Since the tract on May 3 the Senators have uon nine games and lost three to rise from the SEC- ; Detroit-',P)-Irv Noren. a h a t t i n g flop sine? he joined th- New York I Yankees, unleashed a home run · and Shea teamed up last and a single t h a t accounted for night lo lead the Senators to a 2-0 two runs in the Yanks' narrow 3-2 l n cnd a f i v e 2 triumph over the Ip.-isr.up-leafHns' · win over Detroit. A l l ' p T)»vnniric ' ning streak. It Cleveland Indians. the way for the wor'd champs." I " usn *' " le Giants on Ausust Noren was switched from center ! 2 ' 185 '- Bruce Eri.vardi dr-ivs home field to first base yesterday r.nd ' n e winning run .wlih a fly ball in the change evidently' did him come U" f i ' l n - --- Rood. Hi- pasted a fast ball i n t o ! J o h n n y who hurled ond division to second place u-hile the stands in the seventh and wi:h only ore complete same last year, the Yanks have won seven and the score tied and one out in Cic · yielded six hits, indurii s homers ; n i n t h he hit a single to center fie'd i.v Hsnk Thompson and Do^hy to win the ball ga.-r.e.. Gil Me- ,' Thomson, in join? the riis'.ance nougiad was on third nas a result j for the third t i m e in Ui? nipht- of a doubie and a sacrifice pre- cap. Hank Sauer clouted a Iv.'o-run c e d i n g Noren's gnm5-vrinnin« ' blow. (B The Associated Prenn) , AMERICAN LKAOUE I W L Pet. : Cleveland . . . . . . 18 in .643' Washington I S lo .firm' Boston 15 |2 .5,1(5 New York . 1 3 12 .520 St. Loui:. 14 14 5110 i Cricaco . ._ 13 H .4.11! Phihdclphia |0 14 .117 Detroit . 7 1 9 TI9 ' Friday's Results " i New Ynr'K 3. Detroit 2. Sf'. Loui? 2. Boston 1. to i n n i n g s ' '.VashinRt ..i L'. Cleveland 0. " j P M l a r t o I p h h ;it Chicago, p n p i - ' poncd, rain. Benton County Teom To Enter Playoff With S l u m p Keglen dropped four. Shea, who failed to appear in a : single game for the Yanks, has i ivin three straight starts d u r i n g : v/hich he allowed onh- ivo r u n t . ' J?:iLCn, who collorted onlv tv.-o.' hits in i n trips for _\.v York, has bsnpod out 17 h:'s in ."1 t i m e s at ' bg! for Washington, for a .333 gsit. '.Vilson. who cot one hit in two trys for the Yanks, has smash"* out 12 hits in "3 chsncos for n .316 : mark and driven in nine runs · Noren has collected only 12 hits in 38 attempts for the Yanks, a .250 average. Shea blew down the Indians on two hits and fanned nine in out- pitching Early V.'ynn. Jensen drove in both runs with a six- inning single. Ray Boons singled with two o u t 1 in the f i t f h for Cleveland's first N A T I O N A L .'·. T rw York Ne'» Yerh 3. Detroit 2 MEW YORK Bh r h' Bauer, rf Riziu'.n. i Orv. DETROIT ih r h homer and Frank Baumholtz a lhret?-m:i homer tn s/iare l:atiin£ honor; for Ch:ca;n. Sausi-'s clout, his eighth, enabled him to Chicago Ci:iriniis;i I'hihdehiiiii St. Loui.-,...... Boston Pittsburgh tic Fr l" !v ''' s . H's-ill: v; 17 17 Ifi 14 12 . 1 2 . I I Pet. ."lift !s(l7 .5in .4RO .4.J4 .!-!(! .172 wrested the lead from K.l Hrolhors L u m b e r Compinv on the T-. last u i E h t of th, season. Th, Benton C o u n t y t e a m took . 3-1 de- cir-ion f r o m t h e l u m b e r merchants to win the second h « l f of play in t h e Fiusines.; B n n - I m j l.faijue. Kclley Brothers and Modern Motors tied for second plsce Snead Widens Lead In Golf Round Robin New Rochellc, N. Y.-'/TVY'iii'd never call Sum Enead a w i n d y «olfer. He's downright reticent at limes, loosening up v e r b a l l y i.nly orcasionilly. Plsyinr s.-'!f in th» wind Ir. something d i f f e r e n t . Snead's b'.sze-t v i r t n r v of 10 r j? cime in th*' M a s t e r 5 at A u E j - i r t . - i when blustery winds made i i ' i r r t the same effect on ih"ir fi-nres id blew mam l e s t e r d i i v in a tricky .?n-mile-an-h ur B u s t r ,,·; Sammy :;ai! the Round iSPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES. Faytrtivllle, Arkanxn, · Saturday, Moy 17, 1952 *fl nut tar i;\ f r n r i i Holun tfiurniim-Mit Snead firorl mumh nf fiii-- six under par--and 71 vft.fp,v(;iv. fo!- Spahn Pilches Braves To Wr Over Cards, 8-3 single point back of thr winner!. l ' ovvln * ln openin B (17. Tiiat Rogers and Slump F u r n i t u r e i ' m 34-hnle medal score nf ;'fit Ihe first half winner, will en'iaire'i *"" * 3 °-P" in l marRin ,*·,, "his in a playoff for a Icniue cham- I n 5' r . esl P ursuer in the select field pion?hip Thursday night. I n o t h e r matches Modern Motor.; defeated U'hilfieid Motor: Uprra. c M D'eald 3b Wocdlinj. If N'cren. l b Msrlin. 2h Reynolds, p * 0 n I i p o n ... 4 1 ·: Sell, r-i 3 0 1 Mullin. If 4 0 2 Wcrrz. r f 4 1 1 Sourheek. lb .1 0 N l ^ n - b s r f . c 4 1 2 Groin, cf 4 0 1 Priddy. ?b 3 0 I'^HiJ'cI-inson Gra". p rMapss Brooklyn's Andy Fafko f o r t h e ' 4 0 2 leagu= 33 3 10 Totals out on strikes for 4 o i 3 0 0 4 Tr 0 ( 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 1 I 0 I 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 n in t :at riep?rtment. Chicago 3, (Hw T«rV z FIRST OAMI emcneo R r o o k l v n f i , ":-!---r;o a.ri. X P h i l n - i e l p h i a ?,. P i t t s b u r g h 4 1 4. 1.1-1; Prorin l e d M c l l n TS, Potato Chips down- Bank. 4-0; Sv/anson's of 1(1. With two more rounds today and tomorrow Mr, li.n-'.IVT'- h.Tl their h.i'n- ni:;' t .-i: ('-.:·· i 1.,,111 C ' , : ,: · ' . . ;|f ,rk I ' - : , : l . , - · to pl , . piled up S3 points and his pursuer. coolinj;-off r i a u d c _ Gray Total! a-Called ; in 8th. ! b--Singled for Prirldy in Bth ' c--Struck out for Hoeft in Sth. ; New York 100 000 101--3 I Dfitroil . ICO 000 010- ^ ^ E--Merlin. McDouga'rf iourhork hit and AI Rosen singled with two I KnMl-S' : 'j"S 0 l7 r f :iie in the sixth for Ihe Indians' DP--Martin. Riuuto nnd Noren. Left f i n a l i!mv ' --N« York 5. D e t r o i t f B B -- ! t f v U n a l b.ou. no!dB 2 Gray j So _3t.vnoid S 9. Criv - rt '" J n u n n h e d the Senators' · ·»· HO--Gr«r fi in 8 inningi; Ho*rt 2 in , 1 I. R A rn--Reynold! 2-1. Gray 2-1 1-1. Winner--nevnolri* M:kii?, si .teffcoat. cf B m h o l t z . rf Sauer. If Jack-on. :b Edward:, c Fondy .lb ' ' . R'm'zo'ti Ruih. p Tetal! YORK h sb r h 5 0 1 Williams. 2 b 5 0 0 5 1 Z'-^ockman. lb 5 1 ;. Thomson. :ii 4 0 1 Elliott. If 3 0 I ' M u i ' l e r . r f 4 1 1 Dark, ss 1 0 2 M C V F . c f Bo.Mon 3 0 0 4 0 0 . 4 0 n 3 1 1 3, C i n c i n n a t i 2, Lnnis 3. ASKOrtATfON · beat Cnc.i-rnla. 3-1; Rickett'n! m o n ' nf Mamarnnrck, Orleans 2b « 0 1 4 0 1 j»nign!y Noble, c bThompron Ko?lo. p cHnu-f r on V'lihelm. p dU'l'srn Snsnrcr. P eYvars 3» a I E To'sls 0 0 0 o o o i o o i o o 1 o o 33 : 5 _________ Birmingham _______ 19 ' Ifi L 13 16 15 If 17 17 18 26 U r u s t r i m m r d Ma«nn's, 3-1; Stump Furniture defeated H a h n , Con^trurtion, 3-1; The Hitter j r *d-hot t h i r d Agency hpdt Dr. Pepper, 3-1; Cyi col (* opposition tn t a k e th 'Carney downed Palare Drug, 4 - 0 : j * i t h _ a P |us 20 total. Creiphton's dumped F a i r w a y l! ,. -. "Pnrky" (}\i\-rr nf ( .. jnir ,' Lemont. 111., rsmc through wi:h :\ j i n v r round o K . u n f t ire. ,i' nTf , P ' n f P ' wn- v, .. - - - Thru rnmn' |- r ij,,ff, Jim Ferrier and Gary Mldrilernff, r-Kriw- I 0. 91 h winning rally w i t h a single in the i Jjoefi ' sixth. Ed Vost followed w i t h double and .Jcnsrn cashed them both in with his clutch single. '· Yojt. 3b li-l-.b. . rf .Trnscn. rf Vc.-non. lb f u n n e l * . ES Co.'ii. If TitTr^h. 2h Grarso. r. Shea, p W.-shlnetcn "-. Cleveland 0 WASHINGTON C L E V E L A N D a h r h a ' n r h 3 1 2 Simpson, rf 4 n n 4 0 n AYI]?. 2h 3 0 0 .1 o ] Rosen, nb .in: . " 5 0 0 Dob 1 ', c f 3 0 0 3 0 0 M i t c h e l l , if .1 n o 4 n 1 =ster. lb 3 0 0 . 1 0 0 cFrirtlry o n o .T n D BnctiL-.' si 3 0 1 3 1 1 hRpisp-r l n 0 Heira-i. p . i n n Wynn, p 2 0 0 ^McCorky I 0 o Tntals ?9 ? .1 TolalK*' P 29 0 2 a--Grounded out fnr \VymiTfTR^hT j b Struck out ior Hnnnp in 9th. ' c -- R a n for Easier in 31 h Va?hing:on ocui 002 noo--·» Cleveland ooo noo ono--o i T--None. RBI--Jensen 2. 2B--Yost. ' Sn--Yost. D P -- A v i l H and Easier . IJ.inne. A v i l i and F,^3ti?r. Left--W;i?=h- i inaton 4. Cleveland 7 RB--Sh-a 5. ' Wynn 3. Brisrie ]. so--Sr.«» 9. Wynn 5. Brir.3 ; r 1. HC--Wynn S in 8 tnninf": Brissio o tn 1. R ER--Shea 0-0. Wynn ' T - " Bri«sir G-^ PB--Gra)"EO. Winn*r ' --Shea 11-0^ I.osf---Wynn '4-3i. U-Berry. Napn Mc-Gou-an, Grieve. T-2:03. A--15.494. Bentonvilfe Downs Prairie Grove In Ozark Opener, 7-3 Bentonvillr-fSppriaD-The Benton villo entry in th? Ozark I.c-agup maHp its first ?*art a pood one d f f p a f i n n Prairie Grove. "-3. B?ntonvili c pitcher Oliver Bates was the big show for Hie win- TiTS. He allowed the vi.sitin.? team four scattered hits and helned hi? o-'.-n cause with a three-run homer in the eighth. Phillips pitched for *he losers giving up ei:jht safe blow?. He v-s trailing by only one run in a good pitcher's battle u n t i l 1'ic eighth when Batss sewrri UD thr decision v/ith ?'!F circut b!n.~t. For Bontonville it wn? i h r i x t h victory in eight samcs this year. aMhouflh the first in league play. Lospr--Hpfft f O - n . U -- D u f f . ?· iner*, McKinJey anri Honochick. T-. :.25. A--«,209. Phillies Nio Reds In 10th Inning, 3-2 Phi!ad*lphia-(/PI-Gran Hamner singled with the base's-loaded in the HJth inning test night to give the Philadelphia Phillies a 3-2 edge over the Cincinnati Red*. The winner v.-a* Ken Heintzelman, who made'it four in a row for the upsurging Phils. ; Although Heinlzelman uot credit for the win it was Carl Drews who did the longest and most effective stint on the mound for the Philadelphia team. Drews worked thr first seven inninijF and allowed ; : but three hits. He was removed for · . a pinch-hitter. J Herm ^Vehmeier absorbed the ; . defeat in a relief role. --Ran for West rum in 7th h--Foulad out for Nob In (· -- Fli e rt ou* for Koslo In 5'h d-Sing'sd fpr Wiihe'm In "th : p--Grounded out for Sp*n"rr i n G l h · chicarn nti n;n n:i:i--3 ! NPW Yn'k ' onn ni icn--2 I F--Ko'Jn WMtrnm. Fon-'". "'T . r.-urr. F - l w a r - - . r t u ? l ' r - 2B M k'l-:. "B--Batmih Mr.. 1IR -M::?ll"- SB-: L f r k m i n . J e f f c n s t . Fnn-l\'. D" 1 --'A'r- ' t r u m nnd William!:. L r f t C-*-ca-o 9. 1 New York R BB-Ruth 4. KoKlr 1 · S O -- R u « h ^. Knslo 4. Wl'hr'm 1. Spf-n- : -rr 2. HO--Ko^ln 8 in S inn-nji!. Wil- hr-lm 1 in ?: Spfnrer ". in "-. R A- KF Kf-'r n-r. RUT.]-) 2-1. W P - - R u « h . \ V i n n r r ~nu*h M-2). Lnser--Koslo M - 2 i . U- GuRlic'mo. Cnnlin pnH K^pwari. T-2:42. A \2 nun ' p s t i m i i o d * ffCOND CAMr CHICAGO NEW YORK H'.I r h' Hh r h M : kM«. ss 4 1 1 W i l ' i t i m « . ' IV 4 ° ' -Tcffrosi. rf 4 n m.ockman. I n n'mholt?. rf s 1 2 Thomson, rb Fu'rr. U 3 "' ' Thnpinson. If Jftrhfon, 3h 4 0 I"*Tue'!er. rf Atwcll. f 4 n ?"n~rk. ^ rnnriy. I t ' 4 n n Mny*. rf n ' m ' r n t t i . ?h 4 I 1 -Vcitrum. c 4 ft n Klin stein, p 3 0 1 Hcarn. ti 1 n n Lnnier. p 1 « n aWiUnn 1 n ft ·v;ih'j1m, p H (1 n Totals S5 B S Tn1a!s 33 * B f--Fanned for Lanior in 7th. Chirago nm 'MO (ITi--fi rk ono 102 nni · I . M M r Rock __________ 13 Memphis _____ 8 Today's Hejuli* : A t l a n t a 7, NPW Orl^ nnrminchsim 2, Mobil rhatniT'o^.i 7. Little Hork Nashville Ifi, Memphis 7. Labine, Snider Star As Bums TripBucsJ-l R r m k l y n - (XT) - Clem Labino p i t c h e d .seven scoreless j n n i n r r s nf r n ? i p f to pace t h e Brooklyn Dod- *ers ^ast ihp P i t t s b u r c h PirRf-r, s - i j fi-4. It was t.ahine'j: f i r r t victory 4 n I' nt fh - p ywr. ;md r n a b M t h e Rum's 4 n v | to tie t h e rCew Vnrk G i a n t s for t h e Pet. .61S _...,..._ . , , . , . , , , , , , .S7T i Slores, 4-0, and' Bohe's" Grocery i l i e d w i t h plu. IT, and'Llo'yd Man- · ? i l j trimmed FerRunon'?, 4-0. |rum, plus 15. !»28 AR'j .tl!) .235 '·;H t'lln^ Tt-f d^H n t n p l e rt the j t r i m m e d Fer^unon's, 4-0. 1 J. L- M r K i n l e y rolled fl 26ft sln- ' K l e ?amc for t h e Rogers t p a m and the w i n n e r s h;id B 1050 high Fin. pip. K e l k y Brothers' G. R. Hale 'lied n 233-flOl. T h r f i n a l M i n d i n g ? : ^ e i · - 45 _ _ 4 4 I Mo']j?rn M n t f i r ? j M r l l r n y R a n k ' Sv/ruipnn'a Rlpkott'-! i H.ihn Construction ' Dr. Proper _ . Cy Carney _ _ ,, Crritrhton's . Stump's Frrgtison's F n i r w n y ; Mason's :Cora-r:ol,n , 1 Procter P o t a t o Chips Mohc's Cirocnrv · \ V h i t field P a l a r p PriM Husbind Reporti Thai Bibe Is Seriously III V'nvK'-IA'l-Mrf. Mll.-irrd "n»b»." nidnckson 7.ah»ri« is seriously ill J j " nd may miss rnmprtinn in n .. .. .. 42 nn.Tnntincntal pnif t o i i r n a m o n t - ... -. 3!) nor hUFbanrt said here bst nighl' 3n ' 3 7 i .1.V 34 : «\ 32! Mrs. Zaharis and her h u : l i - i i d Oorge, l«fl Denver hy p l n n p to confer w i t h t h e i r f a m i l y ph.vsHun nt Meaumonl. Texas. 7,ahnri?s said his wife niay l-n out indefinitely and r.Tid "ri.'ihr's be.~n d e r l i n i n s for some time. She is n pretty sick girl." Babe herself flflmitlod punk.' 1 ·os'on t. r,\ ST. LOUI M K K ' I I ' Sl.Vl. I S'. Loin. F, l) it . "Irk. liar!.., dtm V.'h ..... irn* 1 :'M 'il. Mm Isbell Signs Pact To Play j With Red Sox ! Warn. Te.xas-i.fVIt w«« Ittm- ed today t h a t Larry [shell, one of tie finest quarterbacks In South' we-.! Conference football history, has firmed a bonus contract with the fioston Reel Sox profesiionil baseball team. Ijb-11, besides be- in.: ;n A!f-\rnrrican jtrid star ii I nn all-conference etlcher MM a i heavy-hitter. --^ I Exact amount of the bonu»_V»« 1 not announced but reliable rejjjbrts · indi'vi:* it was around $33.0® to lrbe',1 It a left-handed bjjttr who compiled a .425 mark InTBin- f e r r n f t play thl! yelr. H* il;3»x- . nertrd to report to the BBOX aro.ind June 1, hit graduation'flats .it Baylor. P,y signing th« baseball · contract Isbell apparently it pm- ' Ing up a chance to play profej- ! sional football. He is a younger ! brother of Cecil Isbell, former All- Americnn at Purdue and a gre«t pro stir. The Washington Hed: skins hold [shell's draft right.?. ' Thursday night at the Legion H ' t N.Tlin" N«»I hud a« guetta 4 i i * Thurvlay nifiht at a "bunking ' ' ' p o r t v Sue Vinson, Bubble Curt- "Iniicr, Coretta and Sue WUsnn, Cnmills nnd Kathryne Bidwtil. 1 rhTlene Ilrewer ond Mary Nell I Gei.t;er. che ls;?",;' n ; nr ''"' "!''··-"' "feeling pretty ,,,,,,,,. , Wcr| , *' I -- IS-! I. \v-j-'-' ·· 2 " i The interior of c o n t i n e n t s iirual- ! ' " ' '""'"·!'. ?.-·.".· 23 ly have greater extremes of l-r-n! ' i-.'"c, .1,,,-i'V I, 'v 33, and cold than dii islands s u r - . SmPm u.-i I..,,»r 2 1 : rounded hy the sea. " ' i l l 1 l r - l i i n . W K « - 'l.r''i.'- '"]!" 1 ', n ii ' I, Ml.-Pll 3 h-' ^7. ^ MlrJl_ :· '·r'.. ;|.y Wlnnrr- M-cIl ' ! - · ]'. r:l' :t-. Cop .'. T - BOWL FOR HEALTH .rim Bentnn Bowline LanM. AAt, ; F^'cryone welcome. Barbeev , D i n n e r and Carnival. Fun for .ill. St. Joseph's Calhollr Church. I'liesd.,;-, May :0, from 5 to 10 p. m. 17-St-e 1. Cincinnati ] CINCINNATI PHILADILPHI* I ih r h nh r Ii Adam;. 3b 4 n 1 Ashburn. cf 5 0 1 | UjToslck. rf 4 n n Hamner. SB s 0 l : K'zewski. lb 4 0 0 Burgess, c 4 1 2 I Adcock. If 4 1 2 Enni. rf 4 n i I Westlake. rf 4 0 1 .tones, r.b 4 0 1 H a t l o n . 2b 3 n I . R y a n . 2b 2 n n · Hov.'tn. tr .10 n Msyo. If 4 1 1 M'Millan. sa .1 I n v/aithus. lb 1 1 0 , B.verly, p 2 n n nrewf. p 2 0 0 Wehmeisr. p n o o eNicholson 1 0 n aF.ttward*. p 0 0 11 Hansen, p 0 (1 (1 ; hRossf. c i n n K'trelmnn. p o 0 o r i C n b a l l « r o 0 0 0 i Total! 32,£ 5 Toljll! 32_ 3_7 ! a--Walked for Byerly In 8 h. " , b--Htn for Edwards in S:h. i c--Filed out for D r e u s in 7th. i rl--Rsn for Heintzelman in 10th. ! C i n t r l n n a l i MO 000 110 0--·* ' ! Philadelphia 000 ont 101 1--5 | F:- Hoxvell. RE:--Ennls. Nicholson. . ' Hamner, Westlake. Adams. 28--Burgess 2, EnniJ. Adcock. SB--Mayo, s Ryan. Wehmeier. Heinltslmin. Dp-- . ·· Hamn*r. Ryan and Wai'kuri. L f f (-- ' C l n r i n n a l i 4. Philadelphia 8 BB- Byerly ?. Wehmfier 1. Htnsen 2. i , , . . . . , , . Heintrelmin. SO--Byerly I. Wehm-irr · orful Ed ' Por f 3. Drews 4. HO--Byerly 5 in 7 Innings: i Wrhmeier 2 in 2: Drexvi 3 in 7: Hansen l in 2 -: HeinJrelman 1 In 2 ' i . R k ER--Byerly 2-1. Drews 1-1. Han- 1 spn 1-1. \Vehm*iir 1-1. Winner-- i"-3i t'~Bo£jest. Pin»!ll, Gnre and .lorda. T--2:26. A -- I9.J1J. ; E--Dark. Mays. R B I -- S n u e r 2. Br.lirn- , hn!l?. 3, Thempson. Thomnon 2. Mays , rB--'.VillUm*. Baumholti. HR--Ssii»r. Btumholl?.. Thomo-,on. Thom-.on SB ' : --Mgyp. Miksis. R--Klippsteln DP-William*. Dark nnd Lockm^n. Lef! - ChicaRo R. ,\ew York 4. RB - K l i p t t v e t n , 1. K-arn 3. Wilhelm 1. HO--Team · ' F, in s innings: Lnnier 1 in 2: Wilhelm ' 2 in 2. R *· ER--Hurn 6-5. KlipDIIeip 4-4. HBP--He^r-i 'Saner'. K l i p p - V i n .' ' i I . o r k m H h l W i n n e r -- K l i p p ^ l c n r r - l l Lnser--(3-1). U--ConUn. S'^vvart and services Gndiclmn. T--2:17. A--11.350. I sir | 0 ii.,, Nioht Western Open To Sport Fast Field St. Loim-fSpeciHn-The li^t of top professionals who will compete in t h e 49th Western Open Holf C h a m p i o n s h i p at tt'nsty-nnri Country Club, May ?f)-June 1, reached 26 today with Ih? announcement of 17 a d d i t i o n a l en- trie?. The new entries include the cnl- Olh er, Tommy Po!t, Doug Ford, Da 1 . F Dougla?. J i m m y C l a r k . Ske- Rie';"l. A n d y Anderson, Bill N a i y , .Terry B a r - , !)er, Fred H a w k i n s , Lnddie Kern- pa, J u l i u s Boros. Dirk Mayer. Ted Kroll. Al - Z i m m e r m a n , Boh Toski nnd Jim Simpson. Previously announced- as p a r t i c - ipants were Sammy Snead, .Tack Rurke, Jr., Lloyd M a n g t u m . Bobby Locke, Jim Forrier, Kd r'in'ol, Carl Erskine. s t a r t r r f n r t h r Bums, v/as no rnvslory to t h e HITS and vie'dod four r u n e h e f n r e he could E f t out of the pa me in 1-n sornnf]. The Dodders w n n 4 tn \i-nrU nn P i r a t n F t a r l f r P-ob Vrirnd H n H tied |h P count in t h e i r own h n l f P n k ? Snider homerrd off F^r- rrrt M-iin i n f h » f i f t h t n brp-ik t b r t i e and sin.etns Hy Rn\- C a m n a - nclla. A r r l y P a f k o anri Snider pro- ducrrl t'^e f i n a l r u n . T l i e Pirates nla\-r»l w j t h n i j f t ^ r of Rain 1 ! K i r i R r \.-ho ).·; | sid"l'n?d with a n u l l e d n a r k m n r I cle. The ma.iir l ^ s i r ^ r bnme run [ r h a m n h a « horn in a b n ' H m j | s l u m p and w i l l now be fnrcr^ tn ; r e m a i n idle for fivo days to a week. ! *r--Mvn 6. Pittsburgh I ~:H B H O O K L Y N Rb r h 1 n b e. -Hi n i i Cox. 31 e. l b S 0 | R-"!Pf. ! M$ve To Grow Fish For Commercial Purposes Draws Protest At Public Hearing Held In Little Rock L i t t l e nock-f/Pi-A group of» sportsmen yesterday protested a move to prow fish for commercial purposes w i t h o u t control hy the Harrist And Paige _ VM f KACAV rail D0AUA clsni from sporlsmon who said it would bo an onen:n« wedoe toward overthrow of commiision authority over all hunting and fishing. Onme and fish resulations do not permit practice* necessary to make fish f a r m i n g profitable. 'The M'kn M'C'Inuzh. r - n 0 . n 0 n K n i d r r . cf n n n Holers, l b 0 0 n Abr-mi. If 4 1 2 ^urilio. rf 4 1 l Frih'np. p o l S O ! » 1 I t o 1 3 · 3 .1 I he ! 1 1 n 1 0 0 0 0 0 34 « 13 nd. (By The Associated Prets) New York--Billy Graham. 147. New York, and Rocky Castellani. j the host professions!. Jim Turnc-.i 15S. l.uzorne. Pa., drew. 10. ' S k i p Alexander, and ricfendin? New Orlcan'--Walter Haines. champion M a r t y Fur^ol. l-t.'i. »",· Orleans, nulpointed ( V i r t u a l l y e\civ t u p pnlf IKKHC Freddie P n w - n n , 142. Chicar/i. 10. i in the country is e.\i;ect?d to he F.velelh. Mian.--Glen Flana- I among liie field of 1M which will can. 127. Pt r-n\. and Corky . be shooting for the $13,000 in prize Gonzslos. l?s. ilenver. rlrew. 10. i nionrv. Merjnn 2h I.H G'co. cf F ' V k ' n n d . ss 4 f F n r n r t . p I n r «shtit M i ' n . p 2 n n Lihin W i ' k v p n n o cDiusk 1 n ]' Tnla^-. ^ 4 4 8 T"(al.« "a--^oTi'lTd'oui for BJa b--Rsn fnr f l a r a j e i o l a in K t h c--Sin^'tfl fnr W t l h s In fl'h Plt!«b\irch ' OJn ni'i f(w.-4 Emnk^/n o'O nin iox---r, F-E'-klnn RR! -nei Gr--o. Sirick- lanrl. r ^ r i i p i i o n ^ . Met1;ovirh. Crx ^ four. Rnb:nron. Sni'-nr ?. 2B M f r .ion. Bar'irom?. »B--Strirklan-1 HR ! ,]«,,- : f , , .,, , Sn'rtVr S--C.i3'.icr!ione. n-iv- DP; a l ° n c " v ' ! ' ; ] l »' T,»hinr. Rrc;r enrl Ho^lgr': Lcfl--P,:t-- = I* VO1J t r v t o r\t bureh fi. Brook'yn in BB--Friend t K»!n ". U i ' k s 2. E r s k i n p ?. T,«hlne 3 e;Q- -^r'Trf I. I . i b i n e 5. HO--Fr'enrJ r. »n i - , i » n - n " « : M-»1n R in '.',: Wilks 1 ; n !··· Tr-'tr'nf 4 'n t ' Tib fit 1 in J · ' ^ l i i n " 7 in 7 P f- HR FriPnr] M Wi'n "-' P ' ( k ; n " ^-4 \'-p-.r, n ), M r current ouen season does not coincide with the best fish harvest time; t a c k l e now prohibited would have to be used, and commercial Srov.-ers would have to lower the . bowed out for a pin-h-hitter water level at harvest time, a the seventh. Paice walked two practice t h n i is prohibited. , and fanned four in his three h'it- Lonokn A t t o r n e y Charles Walls, less rounds to pick up his seror Jr.. told the commission t h a t rais- , victory. McDt.-mott I h i r r -ihnrt pofms. Thf Bursts · · wore i n v i t e d i n t o the d i n i n K r n o n i ' where Mrs. W ; i l J n c e Pyenlt n f . F a y j f t t c v i l l o ; t nd Mrp. Clyde Ror- tiers served. M r s . U ' r l l - M - c Pyentt (if K f l y p M ^ v l l N - v/ii:, ;i guest n n d ! Mr.«. J e f f ,S!i: rp. u In has hern I fiiisonl f i n , , i i h ? f - l u b f ^ r Severn! I years \\ f ;-, f p f ' t f t i t . i Dr. F i e r i Mc( u f t j n n n r r i v c d ! T h n r v h y f r n n NVv; York t n ^ .'·pcntl a f ' ·· wcr);:, ,-if );{·, hninr here I j r f u n - K")IP; \ \'\-\i-\\\-,\. '-. \\.\r\\..\-.\ 1'a t r i c k i', . l i f r i f i i n c H.f r!(i:-ui;t exPtTJ.Kr'. n nt St. I V - i l t f r . ^ v ' «'-i . . W. K K i : . !.- n - J - l s who . J ^ f t Tmu.'i.iv i,j«!,t i with ;i t n - f :·. !-i--jr| nf .-- »nH doubled with |..vo o,, In^hoi"-' 1 !,", 5 ,"'^'- 1 -''"'·'' inth to win the g*mv. Harri-t M- : ' , . . , , ,, . ' · · lowed only two hi!5: licforr ' Arh.-.nFai Gnir.p and Fi.-h Commis- . - f=ion. A riclp^ati-ni of Lonokr. Ark.. TAfflhllMk IA businessmen yestordny RUfigp.tfd i ·WlMllilTO I W at a public hc-ar:ng that the com- i mission givp up control o/ fish In ; priv.ito walprs fo t h a t th» busl- ! nessmen roulrl o?tah!i.«h tithl St. I-ouis-l/Pj-Karl Harris! n n H farms. The proposal drew ,-riti- I Kstchel Pa: R e combined to p i t c h the St. Louis Browns to a 2-1 .-.·')- hit ID-inning victory ovr;r Ti'v. ton In a nigM ([ame'at Rt. J.r, u i« ' The Browns collected onlv f o u r ' hits ol/ Mickey McDertnoH nnd Ellis Kinder, hut throe of t h e i Corns In and See Us About Our Easy Paymtnt Ploii on Rt-Mtxitling Your Home, Building N*w Garage, Chicken HowM or Milk Barm, etc. "Clifton Lumber Ct. Phon. 27. Wtfl «.rk, Art. blows were by Bob Nieman drove in both tuns. Nicm«n homered in the f t'.o s.-hno ,;,l. '.",. Charle "" i n n ; /r.. low t h e commission t h a t rais- , victory. McDtrmott was the 3 o ~ , m- fish in a r t i f i c i a l reservoirs although Kinder yielded the : wnulri mil r.m'ervatmn and floor) nln(t hit. '1 and would help protect ' -*- c o n t r a w i n r t foil orosion. .J. D. Parks, sncakinc for the sportsmen, c'-arsed t ^ a t thf business croup nronojod "to u-'iro thf power of !';, ro.rniijsinn ·· p a r k , said that "v. snortsmen will ;o rcason--.hle, but a-rsv with the /" TO-WIG (jTOL'6 on-1 n.i!l»nfant T -r4r A -- 3 :S5. In th- TIMF!",-|I Nats-Browns Exchange » By H. W. YOUKKIN · We had h'iped to have new bus schediilpr. inrlur:i:iE snn'ice to several a d d i t i o n a l yrc'ions of the l city, in operation carlv in June ! bin f i n r e ro:nr of the n("v street ! pavinR jolis will p.ol li? coilpleted as soo.i a? we exne-trd. we will · have to 'vait a w h i l e lon.ccr before making any adciitions to routes. Commencing next week, for t h e . benefit of f.v tory u-n-.-^prs w i s h i n g ! to ge: to work befo/e rovrn in the i niorninfi, we will star: :he Lc\-crrtt Stre.f-t run :it 6'21 a.m. a n r l t h e ! Fairurn'in/ls run a' n.nn a m. Those ' Wjio ride from t h e F.nnuounds t o . the Square and v. tn go on to i the Rwanson ,^ Suns p l a n t mav .-.t.i.V on Ihe ^--imr bu and w i l l bo I .ikon to w i t h i n a I. '··(·'( nf t h e i r rieftln.llion. Sinn. Tue;·!:.' of t h i s wee.k, a bus has been ieaVnii; the square at ft.Sn a.m. fnr the Reur , Brand Hosiery plant, where work , now starts an hour o i r l i e r t h a n ' usual. This h-,is leaves tie hosiery , plant on its return t r i p lo t h e : Sfluare at fi:4r a.m. and is available to those on S m i t h School Street wishing to get to town early. Since the new fare r a l e went into effect a week aco many o f ' . our trlttlt riders have liken a d - ' v.intase of the fact t h a t the in- · crease smounts tn onlv 2'1 rents ' a rlda If they purrhase'twelvc-rlde 'Icktls for M.^n. Those under . Iwelve can set twelve ride: fnr · -- . .M.OO. Illch school s t u d e n t ! ran accond h a f e m a n Cass .V)ico«»l» ( l e f t ) w»s traded by the W»»hln;ton Senitors to the £t l.ouis Ilrowns fni rirle to and from school at the pileher l,ou Sleater (center) and infieHcr Freddie M j-sh ,'rlnhO. Washington hosj n a r k r i n f f i t h In sn- ol twelve trips for a doll.~.r. inouneing the denl said It was a straight player iloal w i t h r.o cash tn\'nlv«l. ( A ) ' U'irephoto) commission, h a l f will f i R h t i!." t and D r v e t n p m e n t Cnmmisjion in- i lrn-lucf.,1 ,-,( Hie hearinif said f i s h l,'row:nK as an i n r t l r t r y could | e,,u;.l or exceed the prodm-lion ol I »-ef r a t t l e in A r k s n j j u , both in amount and d o l l a r value. Scwell Cowphihis O/ Trough Dug For Ash hum's Bunts The's Sludy Cn;b rnet Wedn«sdny at t h » hn' of M, ? . Fred McCuiston \vith Mrs. O. .»,'. MK'ormick ind Mrs. T. P. H.-irri- i son as atsistunt hostesses Mrs i n n "' ' « ; r.. E. Mdupin presided ,t the i,,,,,- Mr. and M r n . Ivey Tale entcr- j t;.inn:i a t r l ^ m o r T h l ' I FC 1 ;y In ho lor of t h r u - yo:i. Clyiir: Monts-fimery. ' o f A b i - r ' l e e n , V.'nrh. (lue^t:; were : Mr. .Mid Mrs. FT! Slot's of Tu':.-! ' Okl.i . M i . .ui'l J T r r . Tale I I.Inyl St-..;e a r . I ,'.,".;iv r.".'.\ \'\\ a n d M i s . I l . i n ' v Pf ! s£, ond S'.n. Kil'.he. . ||,r.|| »,,|i|v. vi-.. (IT. been ' \ i. I ' l :.'. I i : I ' » ' V . ' T . M l - - Shaving Crtam haitt- ruB coiKlx Ukw you «h*v» . . . atv«r DliMf *r l«r ysuti «U bow ( Inf Cr*«m Mt*«d o! t p ···t. lur It t l(l . i h o f n c r . I;.: J - . T t l e John mectinR. a! w h i r h t i m f n a t i o n of $!0 i..-,.^ n.'idr In car.rer d r i i f . A |.r'iBr.i"i UN ' ninn.^ rrotherfc' 1 -.··a-. r\- rr. i . v R i e / f . Mrs. E t l i - I K i d d i e t o l d "Mary W a s h i n g t o n , rr.c.tlvr Oforje U ' n s h i n R t o n . " r,nd Edward Broyj« r«ad ;. r k"; "Mary's B u s i n e s s -lust C,rr-\':." story of Mary M i»«n of T.n lown and her F'in[;cr.; i i i . . t !, hfrome faniiu. 1 . '.]rr-. P i r . f f r!n t h iiroRu.,! v i t l i thf rr-M;f:! i r . h t e r , : l Ho · : . V r j . .1 C I 1 m m mm a m idel,,hla -in',- HiMhall has . h a d ' f-'reenherg f;anlcn«." » n rl "Kincr's K i t c h e n . " ,\n ·. it has . "Ashburn's V'nlley." At least t h a t ' s w h a t Manager l.uke Sewrll of the ''incimi.i:, Reds had to sny li,t . n i c h t a f t e r a I t i r h i e A.-'iihurn h u n t h e l p e l heal h:s eluh in Ihe lfi;h Rr-well c l a i m s the t h i r d base l:ne ,il Slui.c 1'i.rK Is hanked a l i t t l e s o t h i r t A s h h u i n . t h » fleet | Phil,Tf«lphi^ b u n t l n s expert can lay down his b u n t and h u s t l e to first I-SSP while Ihe opposition w a i t s for the hall to roll foul. Only Ihe b a l l doesn't roll foul, says Sevell. "I can t a k e you out on the f i e l d and show yuu t h a t valley." said Sewcll in the clubhouse after the The C i n c i n n a t i pilot, perhaps l i t H e on thin ed«y :,d« as his Reds absorbed their f o u r t h str«lnht defeat since lnv.iIm« the Fast, wondered out louil about whs! « fine i h i n s It would ht If every m«jor le.iuue b.ill purk v.-ns laid r.ut to f i t a slar pljyer s specialty. i Everyone SnviieJ! B A R B E C U E DINNER ind TUESDAY i May 20,5 to 10 P.M. · SI. Joseph's Church Hail and Grounds Lofoyerta V/i!lov Streets R A I N O R S H I N E MANY ATTRACTIONS for YOUNG n«»! OLD · Dinner Caftttrlo Stylt ·Bingo dPony Rldoi GET READY FOR THE OPENING! Most Complatt Line of FISHING TACKLE ot Lowest Prices Guarantttd Gloil Fly Rods as Low · $11.95 Guarantied Glcu Casting Rods ·! LAW · S4.95 - Complttt Lint of RODS, REELS, LINES and LURES including BOB STOUT'S SERVICE STORE Ul NO. COLUKM ' PHONE 1M

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