Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1952
Page 6
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HWIST AIKANSAS TIMW, F«y*Ntvm«, AriuHM* Soluratay, May 17, 1*52 Irairie Grove tiers Hear )rsey Jones 34 Graduated In Annual Exercises At Auditorium Grovc-(SpcciaU Dorsey Jones, professor - Dr. of history at the University, was the principal speaker last night at annual commencement exercises for members of the prairie High School senior class. " The commencement exercises, in which the seniors received -;.-Atoeir diplomas in n traditional »« «.«rcmony, climaxed graduation Taking part in that program were Betty Pente, Mary Bell Thornton, Ellen Marie Clark, Doric Jenn Smith, Betty Smith and Nadlm Neil. Baccalaureate services were conducted Sunday by the Rev. S. Patty, pantor of the Method! Church, nt the church. Also taking part in the program were the [ Rev. H. R. McKissIck and the Hev. | Ed Phillips. i Dr. Jone» spoke on "An Old Prescription for New Graduates," last nlfiht. The Rev. G. C. Bidwcll gave the invocation. Jane Blakemore gave the valedictory address, and Ellen Marie Clark served as salutatorian, Superintendent Ray C'ornwcll presented awards on behalf of Ihe school, while perfect attendance j awards were presented by David I Grove McCartney of the faculty. The' American Legion award was pre- .The annual class dny program .-.-·was held Wednesday at the uraric ^fjchool auditorium with James --···Cosby, class president, presiding. KGRH sented by Claude Ferguson, and Mrs. G. C. Bid well gave Ihe Sjudy Club award. Mrs. Donald Parks presented the Federated Club ewnrd. Diplomas wore presented to the 34 graduating seniors by G. K. Wfswell, secretary of the Board of Education. Mr*. Lutic Cunningham playrd the processional and recessional. 87 FRED STARR Former Texans Now Raising Cattle Here Hillside Adventures 1 In The Ozarks Find They Have Become 'ft! Loyal Arkansans And State Boosters The yard is overflowing with summer's splendor. Besides the usual crop of vari-colored iris, the tall, orchid-like duckbill ones rear their regal heads in queenly beauty. The mock orange bush is in full bloom, reminding the onlooker of the closeness of June-the month of brides. The honeysuckle pours both its beauty and j ptrfume into the May sunshine. I Field daisies and wild Sweet Williams scatter their white and pur- I pie blossoming over green mea! dows. Above all this prettiness the sound of bird happiness throbs and pulses, making life seem good, and maybe so causing a body to want to live forever as long as it's ·ATDr.ll/M EVBNl*d '-"'8:00 Lombard.) on the Air - c "«:!5 Stnrlight Time ~"""B:30 News "r*«:43 Ozark Sports Review :,"TJ:00 JO Questions -i*??:30 MGM Theatre of the Air .-.4i:00 MOM Theatre of the Air 1 Hi:30 Lombardoland U.S.A. ',',,: j:00 Chicago Theatre of the Air "·7:9:30 Chicago Theatre oi the Air 'JJptOO News ;,. 10:15 Dance Orcli. ""10:30 Dance Orel). 10:55 News .11:00 Dance Orch. ""11:80 SlfnOff «-···- IUNDAV MORNINO "·· 7:00 Freedom Story .-..-7.15 Mutlc foe Sunday " : 7:30 Music for Sunday Church ot Chriit *~*SO F«yett«vlll» Bipliit Ana. J *:45 Sunday Serenade t TIOO Nazarene Church ! 8:15 Central Christian Church : 0:80 Voice of. Prophecy 5 V:H Sacred Htirt · ·g):15 TIMES Morning Newt :., . Edition 5 111:30 Ttbcrnicle Choir t iH:45 Harding Hymni 11:00 First Baptlit Church i " SUNDAY | 12:00 News with Vanm-venter; I IMS -Piano Portraits . . ^43:30 Show Tipl and Show TUIIM Truman Demands Full Budget For Defense Must Have What Is Asked To Win Cold War, He Says Washlngton-Wl-Presldent Truman confronted Congress today with a demand that it vote every dollr.r the administration has asked (or defense, lest the mobillza- lion program falter and the nallon be plunged Into World War 111. "To win the cold war Congress must Rive what we ask," the president told a national Armed Forces Day dinner, here last night He branded as "poppycock" the argument that defense spending will bring on national hnnkriiptcy He «aid the only citizens who hav suffered in the defense effort so far are the men fighting in the Korean war and their families You must not do anything tha' will cause those men to Ret shot i the tack," Truman said. The president spoke briefly and extemporaneously at the dinner after Secretary of Stale Achesor had delivered a full-dress speech on the theme that only the combined efforts of the United. State: and its allies can prevent Russia from "engulfing the world." Both men stressed their belief In the Horn" of the Whites on their Flying W Ranch. A huge sunporch (left) runs across the roomy three-car garage. By RIUJK JINKS W i t h the current m i g r a t i o n of Harrison. The red of the floor contrasts with the cool green of the many Texans lo Norllrvrst Ark- walls and drapes and forms a ansas comes the opportunity for i background with aesthetic appeal us non-Tcxans to Icnrn whether I for the tasteful and comfortable 1:00 BASEBALL New York Yankees Vs. St. Louis Browns their famed stntc-loyalty is for Texas alone or for the state nioth- bv adoption. For in- Mrs. B. L. Bcrryvlilc. They year from West them j stance, nsk Mr. White of near came here last furnishings of the room. Three large bedrooms complete with cedar-lined closets have bath adjoining each room. A dream of whits-enamelled porcelain marks the convenient rind modern kitch- Texas where Mr. White hud been j en. A drop-freeze locker in the engaged in the oil business for 20 | kitchen replaces the grocery store years. As fnr as they knew they would be Texans lo the end in spite of their new e n v i r o n m e n t -- h u t that was before Mrs. White entered a hospital at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The first time an uninformed nurse asked her if there were any cars in Arkansas, Mrs. White became as angry and hurt as any dycd-in-thc-wool Arkansan. And like n true daughter of the stale she still jrcls a little riled up when she tells of the incident, even now. Of course, (he White's and their 20-ycnr-old son, found Arkansas LCP, Jr., have vastly different t h a t cannot be found on the next corner at the Flying w. At first Lee, Jr., was not at home in his new home. .But now, in his sophomore year at Rice in Houston, Texas, he wroie his parents that he wanted to spend his summer vacation at the Flying W. this year. His parents offered him the c.hance to return to West Texas and work In the oil fields instead. However, after paying his former home a visit, younu White replied t h a t he preferred to come to Arkansas after all. Apparently, Arkansas has a grip on him, too. Plans A Living Mr. White, who owned oil wells need for increased military strength. American 3:00 Under Arrest 3:30 Private Files ;. · :BP» *8:55 Bobby Benson' nf Matthew 4:00 The Shadow -.$.·30 True Detective Mysteries 5:00 Sunday Down South -rH:30 Nick Carter ~JJ:55 Cecil Brown i - SUNDA* NIGHT «:00 Meet Your Congresi j«:SO News ^l.:45 Christian Science Program a~};00 The Great Day Show 333:30 Methodist Church S 8:30 Favorite Stories 39B:00 Top Ten i:15 Top Ten 15:30 Top Ten U:45 University Hour 10:00 News 1J:15 Political Picture Sign Oft MONDAY MOBIONO '6:30 Rise N' Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 ·^"8:00 Rise N 1 Shine ; _ f : 3 0 Market Report and Weather 1 S3fj:35 Rise il' Shine J 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Korfee Kup Kapen 7:30 Otnco Newi 5:45 Koffce Kup Kapers 8:00 Robert Hurleigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion ;30 TIMF.S Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Mornlnc Melodies 9:25 News--M 0:30 Take a Number 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Ixive 10:30 Qupon for a Day On The Radio New York-W)-Saturday night NBC--7 This Is Korea, Armed Forces Day; 7:30 Ralph Edwards; 8 Judy Canova. CBS --6:05 Saturday In St. Louis; 8:30 Western; 7 Gene Autry. ABC--7 Dancing party; 9 Armed Forces Day. MBS -- 7:20 Questions; 7:30 Theater of Air; 8:30 Guy Lombardo. Newest In Classics '11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Baurkane Commentary 1):ZS Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ 2lJ:45 Musical lloundup 11:55 Market Report MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churchci 12:15 Ifows at Noon 12:30 Chllckwagon Jimborn 12:tt Bidtn of the Purple Sif« l:0».Ltdle Fair 1:11 BASEBALL Boston Rrri Sox .. VK. ; * ltrolt Tlgrre Tun* Plclt'n Tim* Tun* Pick'n Time ' , 1:00 Bobby Bnunn i»B*:M Wild.. BUI Hlckock r* CM* Brow* ! JKTTUI ! . JilO Tui By Sue Burnett N o t h i n g like the handsome clns- stc dress to innure perfect grooming all dny long. This version is so new and smart with shaped collar, button-trimmed labs, cool brief sleeves. Pattern No. B826 Is · sew-rite perforated pattern In sizes 12. M, 18, ID, 20; 40, 42, 44. Rl» 14, .1% y»rds of 38-Inch. For this puttern, ttnd SOc (or EACH, In COINS, your nime, nd- dress, sizes denlred, «nd the PATTERN NUMDER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkunjsl Tlmen, 1150 Ave. Amerlcm, New York S«, N. Y. Bmlc FASHION for '52 Is filled with lde«« to mult* your clothN bud«ft no further -- time-Mvlnn ind fconomlc.ll d«tlfn« th»t art y to MW. Gift pattern M*. IS ctntt. from the plains surrounding their | i n Texas, did not come here to former home in Wink, Texas. That make money, but to make a liv- was evident when they purchased ing, he cays. With $75,000 already 1,830 acres of lanrt to raise Angus invested in the ranch, his ambition cattle. With his present cattle I j s t o raise 100 calves each year, numbering 150 head of cows :md He feels such a goal would provide calves, Mr. White grins his slow genial western grin nnd says. "What I needed was 200 ncrcs." Nevertheless, when he told one of his Texas frlenrls about his Flying W ranch in Arkansas, the friend arguert thai there are no ranches in the Ozarks. "Well, 1 have one," replied Mr. White. A carpenter working on the new addition to the residence on the Flying W Ranch wondered about building such n lurpe sun deck over the triple garage. Mr. White answered that he understood that Northwest Arkansas was the only spot in the. world where a man could make a living just watching his cattle from the front porch. That was 90 rolls of barbed wire fencing and several dozen gates ago. But now that Mr. White has learned the difference, he is glad he was wrong. Who wants lo spend the rest of his l i f e silting on Ihe fronl porch, even with the wonderful panoramic view that the White's have? Enjoys Flowers Mrs. While enjoys the wild flowers on the ranch more than anything else. Walk into her spotless home any summer day and you will find several well- studied arrangements of wild sweet peas or daisies or any of the many varieties to be found in the woods near-the house waiting for someone like Mrs. While to appreciate. She is fond of her home--and well she can afford to be! The four rooms originally in the house have been remodeled and a spacious living room and dining room as well as the gar- ape and sun-deck were added. One of the outstanding features of the house is the highly polished cedar floor of the living and dining room. The cedar was cut on the Flying W Ranch, sawed at a near-bv mill and kiln-dried in living. This year he will raise 75 calves. His cattle have come from Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas wherever he could find black cattle to buy. He is frequently present at the sMes barns In Springdale, Fayetleville and other towns on auction day. While Mr. White is learning a bit about rattle-raising in Arkansas as opposed lo cattle raising in Texas, he is also leaching his neighbors. He owns the only sleel restraining chule for use in branding and dehorning cattle in his seclion, and he has a natural love for cattle as only a man brought up with them can have. Mrs. White enjoys the home demon- stratinn club in her community as a means of sharing and learning techniques in home making for the rural housewife. In short, the Whiles are Arkansans not by birth but by choice--snd which native of the staU can make a more com- plimenlary remark! Mays To Get Short Delay In Induction New York - (ff 1 ) - Willie Mays, originally scheduled for Army in- duclion locVay, will get in few more days as centerfielder of the New York Gianls. Transfer of his draft papers from his home board in Fairfield, Ala., to New York has resulted in the delay. He might have another month of baseball with the National League champs. K«i np with th« Hm«»--read the Time* duly. age-old method of water witching. To make a forked «tick reach for water isn't one of my accomplishments. There's them what can and them what can't, and n o j water witcher can make one out of those not psychic or whatever you have lo be. Oul of seven who fried lo locale Ihe place where the stick lurned downward, only two had whal it takes. I really don't know what the! percentage is when it comes to the number in the U. S. who can not only find water, but can tell how deep you will have to go, and whelher the kintj you get will be so hard you can't sink the bucket in it, or soft as a mother's heart. early summer. A country correspondent comes the next depression. They could not onlv find out how many in this great country of ours are moans the fact she has to spend her allotted space sticking to news about births, weddings, sickness, and visiting, when all the time she's aching to write of the beauty of a pair of red birds honeymooning in the cherry tree. . . or a brokenhearted old farmhouse, left alone for the first lime in many years. . . of how her heart chokes up at the sight of an old forgotten family graveyard. Tt has been said if you give the dandelions an inch they'll lake your yard. A woman wants to know how to rid her lawn of the pesky things. Lady, dandelions are like sin; you'll always have some of it around. Some haunt their lawns with knife in hand and dig up ever lasting one that rears its pretty yellow head. That amounts lo plenty of patience, to say nothing of the labor involved. Better just lake the advise of the one who said it's best just to learn to love them. Blackberry winter came over, last week-end and stayed longer than usual. That might mf-an there'll be a whooping biff crop water witches, but what are the , \ requirements. Do you have to be the seventh son of a seventh son? Is there such a thing as a female water witcher? They could alsn Amendment To Curb Spending Is Proposed Constitution Change On Appropriations Is Suggested Washington-^) - Senator Taft (R-Ohio) and Senator Ferguson (R-Mich) estimated today a constitutional amendment they propose would hold federal spending ] books." to about 55 billion dollars a year. Some 30 billion dollars less than President Truman's budget requests for the 1953 fiscal year starting .luly J. Taft, a candidate for the He- State May File , Against Writers IJItle Rot'k-(fl*j-The co-authors of the book "U. S. A. Confidential" may be prosecuted by the stats of Arkansas if they don't "apologize and admit articles on Arkansas in the book were fabrication." Hcndrix Rowel) of Pine Bluff, appointed special counsel to irv- vestisjate the book, filed a report on the case with the secretary of stale yesterday. The report will be sent to Lee Mortimer and Jaqlc Lait, the authors, Rowell said. Ro'.vell said he plans to prosecute under federal laws prohibiting ''using the mails to transport obscene, lewd, lascivious or filthy set up a eode, form a union, and i publican presidential nomination, put a ceiling on the price. According to some good democrats that depression may be nearer than you t h i n k in case we wake up with a republican president come November. Buckner of the black gold. H so, they'Jl j rear come in right handy like, lor dry j Lim weather has ruined our prospects for strawberries. While d u n k i n g cake in Mrs. Jan Jansen's coffin down at West Fork recently, her next door neighbor was trying to locate a place for the well driller to start hunting water. lie was luring that The Buckner 4-H Club mot Tuesday night at the Community Building. Miss Mary Jane Baker and J. D. Ford, assistant home demonstration agent and assistant county agent, were guests and speakers. Twenty-three members and five guests were present. Sponsors present included Mrs. Willis Drake and Mrs. Bert Flowers. Mrs. Otis Watson took part in the program. The Buckner Home Demonstration Club met Thursday afternoon at the Community Building. Mrs. Eula Osborne led the devotional, and Mrs. Cordia , Drake read the poem of the month, "The ie is Busy" an original. The members discussed the proposed visit of another club, and planned a luncheon to be given by the club at the "field day" May 23 at the Jack Hall farm. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson demonstrated the various uses of powdered milk. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Louise and Ferguson introduced a resolution yesterday proposing a constitutional amendment to curb the power of Congress to appropriate money and to increase the public debt. If would prohibit the lawmakers from authorizing expenditures in excess of five per cent of the estimated national income, except for military spending and interest payments on the fedora 1 debt. Military spending would have to be defined by law, and could include outlays only for raising, paying and equipping the nation's armed forces, and providing military equipment for U. S. allies in time of war or to fulfill a treaty. Another part of the proposed amendment would bar Congress from raising- the public debt except by a two-thirds Vote of both Houses and then only to offset the diference between estimated revenues and actual lax receipts in a fiscal year or to meet the needs of war or other emergency. Sell and Mrs. Osborne. Prizes were won by Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stacy Phelan. Not white, not wheat, not rye, but a flavor blend of all three-- Juage's Roman Meal Bread. n-19-ti R A G S D A L E CARPET CLEANING CO. 326 A. No. West Rugs Cleaned AND Repaired SPECIALIZING ORIENTAL RUGS MOTH PROOFING R E M E M B E R CLEAN RUGS AND CARPETS NEVER WEAR OUT We Pick Up and Deliver! Phone 2112 ·· ·· ·» M · «» M «» Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS CITY HOSPITAL Priori* 1200 GAS. Phont 2160 ACCOUNTING-IHODMN ·UtlNIU GOUKIM * CITY WATER PUNT. Phon* 721 U6HT AND POWER. Phont 2200. --^-----~« MUTUAL INIUHANCC FIRE. Phom 73 POLICE. Phon* 38 TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOBS SECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS ·HONE II H. O. DAVIS. PRM. AUTO GLAU ' ' AUTO GLASS * MIRROR SHOP Auiomobilt GUli IniUlled Glail Tahiti -- Plain Olan -- Mirtori Mirror RuUTtring, Glasi Furniture Topi ALL WORK GUARANTEED 119 West Meadow. Phon* 2720 Educator Says There Are Not Enough Modern Men To Go Around, Urges 'Wake Up" By DOROTHY KOK (Associated Tress Women's Editor) The only trouble with modern women is that there aren't enoufih modrrn men. The girls arc way out in front when il comes tn ticking over t r a d i t i o n s to kcrp up w i t h changing times ami concli- ions. The male ot the species slicks ·stubbornly lo his agc-honorr-cl irc-jiidiros on the subject of work- ng wives and similar enntrovers- fs. and all too o f t e n hinders his own as \vrll as his wife's future. These are some of the ideas of ")r. Henry A. Ilowman, head of he division of the home and fam- l.v at Stephens College, Columbia, Mo. Known as one of the top marriage-education experts in the United Stales, Dr. Hinvman has been n member of Ihe Stephens faculty for more than 20 years, nnd lias helped thournnds of college girls to tackle successfully Ihe complex problems of being hnppy and sureessful wives. Says he: "That old saw nbout women's place being in the home went out of dale along w i t h bustles. Wo- men'j; place today Is In the comm u n i t y , In/ 1 office, or wherever her lalenls Inke her." Moat rl»n Tn Work MoM Shephens students, nays Dr. Bowman, plan to he married and lo continue worttlnj til- er their graduation. He explains: "This is the result of the nation's changing economic conditions. Most girls have to keep on working after marriage in order lo meet expenses and help provide the kind of living standards they wanl." Rising costs, higher taxes and more attention to the professional education of the husband, which may continue f.-.r -several years after marriage, combine to make it necessary o.'ten for the young wife tn hold down a job while also working at the business of matrimony. The day Is coming when running the home becomes a family mailer, and isn't the sole duty of Mom, this expert feels. Pop and the kids should have their own responsibilities, sharing work time and leisure time with Mom. If bolh mother and father go out to work every morning, the chores of cooking, cleaning and housekeeping should be divided equally. This Is the way our world is headed, says Dr. Bowman. The w'omen already have accepted their new economic stattis as partners In breadwlnnlng as well as bieadbaklng. Only the stubborn male pride nf many huibands is holding back the dawn of this new day. And so he advises them: "Wake up. hnvs, and eatch up with your wiven" AUTO SUPPLIU ' FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY II EAST MOUNTAIN FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. PHONE 774 Crankshaft Orinding Motor Rebuilding Paris For All Cars and Trucks SINES BODY SHOP Specializing in Body and Fendlr Work, Painting, Safety Glau, Upholituing, S»t Coriri. 227 W. Dickon Phon* 196 CLIAHIM » LAUNDRY CITIZENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. West Phone 2146 ORUtt STORI Phont 677 Complete Drug Store Service. Free Delivery from 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency 422 Dickion St. FayelteTille, Ark. LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "Rig/if on fhe Hiwoy--Right on fhe Price" 100 N. COLLEGE PHONE 1212 Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNBROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIDE SQUARE LI4UOIU- 1 L SAM'S LIQUOR STORE FayaftevHU'i Moif Up-To-Dote MIUC FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. PASTEURIZED - HOH06BHZO MO Nw* WMI IN Washington County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Organized 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance · Phons 180 209 North Block Street HEWS STAND -CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Formvrlr Fowltr't Fruli and Newt Stand) "THE BIG LITTLE STORE" In FAYETTEVILLE at 412 WEST DICKSON PHONE 391 JOHNSON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACT OR REPAIR Corner Spring and School. Phon* 1060 XADIATO* CHOP* HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP Lti Harry inspect your cooling system and recondition your radiator for winter weather. New cores installed. EAST OF MONTGOMERY WARD TIRE SHOP J2'/4 E. Hock St. Phone 2214 ·VlCt STATIONS* WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR ALL CARS *Be»" Wheel Alignment Wheel Balancing FRAME AND AXLE STRAIGHTENING 113 S. COLLEGE, FAYETTEVILIE, ARK. PHONE 772 ·HOI «TO««- PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC SIGNS -- NEON -- ELECTRICAL WIRING 1-DAY SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WOHK S32 SOUTH SCHOOL PHONE 2601 TAXI MRVICI- 400 W. DICKSON 0-K TAXI CO. Our C«ht ire now tqulpptd with J-wtT Radio to (In you bett«r itrrlc*. FBI Prompt Taxi ferric* call TIM N.w ROYAL Family can h.lp You if it typinf to do. ALEXANDER TYPEWRITER CO. ·ALII raon MS Kitvics

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