Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 17, 1952
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Church Satuidny, May 17, 195Z jrrF , |Jfo Religious Freedom In Yugoslavia, ' ffirecfor For CARE Says After Journey Bible Transistors Will Meet In Indonesia Indonesia jcpsi _ From May 17-31, a regional conference of Bihle ti-aiisiatois of the Nether-.lands Bible Society will be held | in D j a k a r t a . Indonesia. It w i l l he I , .,,,, ,,,-,.,,,. ,,,, '"ended hy Bible translators' degree Centenary w r k i n E in Indonesia and by the Itov. W. J. R r a d n o c k anil Dr. E. A At Centenary Gi'nndny-l/TVA direr-*(Cooperative for | f \ · , /^i t l.ances tr, K l l r P l p f , j UlMSt S C h u r c h , we i' no ri-lijinus freedom , \] r .,.. TAJ,. .,, f)f iFlsvia. There i s t i l l plen- ^t-W I N J I I I C Ul Central Christian { the: XT.*) Vtigo , i'..ty o' ehurch-Roing in Die mm- r.";jJtr.Jnir.t land, s.iid M^cr. Joseph ^.^·'^oncjii5 of NV-.v Tnrk, a Honian .'"Catholic prlepi. but · woe to (each- £v~9rs and official*- u-hn are seen in a .".- ·-."Chllrlrrn nrr- fc.rhidrlcn to tead . t h e catechism. More t h a n 200 .^priests are in prison. In the ro- 'V Jigiotir-. r.nrn] and p o l i t i c a l fields not fee any r h f f c i e n e p bp- n Yugoslavia and the Comin- countrles." He has marie a day inur for C A K E of Pre- 2T~3flirr Marshal Tito'r, country. ·'."'..'KonciUE said Catholic Arrh- rs.3Hsho_p.A]oyciiis Steplnar told him a.e from prison last The Kev. I) I.. Dyke."., ,lr.. p a s t o r if tin C e n t r a l Methodist Church in'villc. w i l l receive an h ' j r . M j i r y d'-tfir-*' fn;n: f'f.Ile-/. ;,i commencement ·-·,-.-,- f l - i " . M.-,v 2~i in Shrrvepnrt. . N i r l a . .,,,., 0 , Mi I l ' k r - s m.-olvrd hp; eiirlv : ""' """ British and Foreign Bible? M-hoolint: in Plensiint H i l l was Society and of the American Bihle Kt.-idti.-red fi-nrn Centeiuir.v in 1!):(H, Society respectively. ·Ml"nr!i-l Southern Methodist I l n i - j The purpose of the conference H H. f i ' . m Kt Religious Beliefs Are Debated In Open Forum Still water, Okla. -Mvstlll wafer's United States Pictured By Baptist Minister As "Vast, **»* Lost, Pagan Mission Field,"-With Many Non-Church Members Miami, Fla. - tip} - A Baptist* · minister pictured t h e United ,. .. . T r , States as , "vast, lost, pagan mis- 131153$ CHOIF 10 SlRQ . . . cretaries for translations, Uic fourth verbal b a t t l e on the Old and New Testaments. The oratorical marathon of o which the last rounds were held Plan For Union Worked Out By Church Bodies Bombay, India (EPS)--Delegate^ nt five enured bodies in North India a o ; . , ., . ____ . . . _ _ .............. u m American democracy and freedom ( ' ehoir nf 25 voices, will be pre- i have agreed upon a tentativa plen night with 4.L p C er a sons'a,tendin 5 g ' ^^^ST^rSZto 1 1 U K * f r t l i r i n \7«rha1 K-ii* 1«. *-- * i _ _ i _ i _ . » . . _ . . . . . world at Dallas, Texas, told the I Thr Women's Choir nf St. , Southern R a p t i s t Convention ! Thursday night that "the threat to ; John ' s College. Winfield, Kan., ' A ' T M i d i n c to ai-l .fin t a k e Sunday n i n h t . t h e C r n t i ; , | ("hrr llan C'hiJii-h u-,11 |,, k n o w n in f u t u r e ,-ni riiri.'-rs f h l n c l i . In rnrdance w i t h t h e h i - t n i - i c i u: | of C h r i s t i a n (..'hurdics. t h e ronc giitinn hat .'iniichl to bf. non-: ( a r i a n in c h n r n c t e r , ,-utd avoided connection w i l h I 5 ·^·December had done little jjnori, v.^'rincc he was Mill unable to serva £f.bis church. £* . . ^_ ·fc^j', Arabia is helipml by *omp au',,".. CJpritifts to be thr original home ~;!;4t.tke SNnilir peoptfp. X.ixier Catholic '· and Ihe Sntantic challenge to our i sented in program of sarreri | for union. At a conference held at are of the opinion t h a t a number , - .-.- | 1 1 1 ^ 1 1 . 1 1 1 C 1 I I U U l C f c U I l UllVK I U A movie company which'came, ious a f f i l i a t i o n whatsoever. Bach. Pacheihel, Wal-it problems can best be tackled, to f i l m parts of the event was re- . , - ther, Handel, Mendelsohn. Shep- , not on an international, but on a fused permission hy Dr. Bee\ ittees along the Pacific Coast larg- , regional level. Some of the fiml- ,,,. ,,,^, c ,.,, who explained the arguments con- than Orlando, Fla., or Wichita incs will probably have a p p l i c a t i o n . That eccleniasticnl n r R a n i M t m n , f l a i r - M , r I I /U' · the Rev. Fr-d n. H u c k o l b m y pas- . M l ' ' ^blc, Missionary ,0f Noio, Is Dead believes thai cerned two issues.'not two personalities. Stevens, however, gave ^'±X';*zi;;!i, lS :--TM ;v ,!t' *="= *^:«-TM~ snare t h a t the lerm, "Clirisfs rhiireh." j linciiished missioonrv. Miss Mil- with no d e n o m i n a l l o n a l implini- ' d i e d Cable. Miss Cahle joined the lions in Ihe public mind, would ! China I n l a n d Mission lid vears aco. most adequately e x p r e s s the j When Cenlral Asia was closed to church's chararter and a t t i t u d e s inisslonarv work in 1041. Miss -. Cable drvotcd herself to the work ~£Ss£: *"""" "'s;SS£='= Transitions SpcrctariM of the cameraman A.B.S. and the B.F.B.S. was thought advisable. They will bn able 1 in pass them olhrr areas. '·/aluate the findings an T, , J ^ n n c T i i o c f r A f m on to translators i ' U-bans OU6StS At Unitarian Fellowship , The "Spanish Main" of pjra legend was the m a i n l a n d border ing the Caribbean Sea. Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend FIRST BAPTIST WALTEH L JOHNSON. PMtor · 0-30 « m Sundej School 10-55 · m Mornlnc Worship . $ermw "The Apoitle's Doctrine"-the B*v. A L. l.ftake fi-3U p m Hapiift Training Union 7 Z" p m Kverlnf Warihin Sermon. "Th* Slnrm it £«·"--Ui* Rev A. L L»kr CENTRAL PnESBYfEHlAN C eUWARH ftnUDAKER F««1nr Wiliiam C Gibson. Minuter to Blu d*ni» . e-4 · m Church School . 1055 A m. Morning Wonhip Sermon: Edward Hrubaker Anthem. "God li « fiplrlf--Kopy - f 00 p m Hifh Srhool Wpilrvlnntfr V(B n m t-'nlvfriily Wnlminiler JTrllowihlp, Wcnlry Kounrtatlon. lpe«h *r, Marie Llpki. mi(*lonary ·*· FIHST PRESBYTERIAH · JAMES W BUTLER. JR.. Pftltor Willitm E GIbion. Miniiter to Itu dvnts S 45 · m Sunday School Jo-as Morning Worihlp Anlhem: "Gr«tt U Thy Mtrry"- Handel Solo- "By th« Wjilrrn of Bihylon"-- Howell-- Jerry BoitW Eermon: "Sim Aifulnut thf Sol]" (Fttiral Life Sunday) 4:30 p. m. Junior Fellowihlp 4:30 p. m.'Jr.-Ht rellowihtp 5 M p. m Weitmlnitar Felio'A'il ·T. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL - vMAHIUS J LlNDLOrr. Rector Bfliatlon Sunday 8:60 · 8 30 ll 00 m Holy Communion Family Servict Morning Prayer i 0:9o p. m. Yimng Churchman ·*· j CENTRAL METHODIST D I. DVKa* JR., Tailor $.00 ». tr. ColieKD Student Colfea » Hriur ' 9 no * m. Sundtv School I 10 4b a m Morning Won hi D ' Anthem: "BleMod Jeiu Fount of . M.MCV .-Dvornk I Solo: "Thr Good Shepherd"-- Van i DC Water--Mri. W J. Smother* ; Sermon: D. L Dykes. Jr ; I'OO p in Wealey Foundation f- W p m Youth Grnupi 7 30 p m Evening Servic* A n t h e m - "Grnnt H j Thy Peare"-: Gounod Solo R t r h t r d Gre*T Scrmoir D 1. Uyke* Jr. Broadrsit over K«BH UNITAHIAN FELLOWSHIP Ofirif room Studrnt Union n a m HIHDSV1LLE BAPTIST CHUHCH CJIAnLES HAY. P« lor " nun ^ n JO:W) «. ni. Rfmdiiy Schnnl M M «. m. Wornhip Srrvim ?:00 p. m. Training Union I:"" p m. Wonhlp Service ^VtrttruMttr. 7:,TO p. m.. Pr.jcr Strv- W. M. II. Fourth frldny ROCK STREET N. T. CHURCH (CENTHAL CHHISTIANI "HED HUCKEI.8URV. 1'n.lot 40! Well ftrcK. Strtct 8:« a. m. Sunday School Mini i. m Bible School 11:00 · m Wonhfp Servict Communion Sermon 1:45 p. m -- Y o u t h Mcetlnl 7:.10-- Evening Evnnne!U1lc Service end Communion ':30 p m. WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH Sunday School 10:30 « m. HINDSV1LLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH TOM WILSON. Pnsffir looo n. m S u n d n v Srhfnl JI.w n m Wnrship Service. First nnrl Thirrt Sundnyi SECOND BAPTIST V DRAKE. Pastor W:46 (i m , Sunday School 10:4fi a m Morning *.Vnr*hlp 700 p m Hflphai Training Union s oti p m. F.venlnc Wonhip WedneEclay, 7:^0 p. m.. Prayer Mcet- South Locust Street KG 9 HH '° * :ls "' '"· H " d '° 1r "' rm - tl:4.S M. m. Sllndfly School 11:00 «. m Morning Womhip e:.10 p m. M. Y. P. s. Prnyer Meeting fl:4fi p m N, Y. P. s. Progrnm fi:4.s p. m Adult Prnyer Unnrt 7:30 p m EvangellKtlc Service Wedncidky. 7:30 p. m.. Prayer Meeting Trniridny, 7:110 p. m., Vullntlon -r- · Baptlil Fotfl tommunKy Church Firm Sunday 11:00 a. m. Rov Uean Parker Serond Sunday I I 00 H. Laudfrhack Third Sundfiy 11:00 a Alfred Wh'teler Fourth Sunday: 11:00 a C. Erwin 10:00 a. m Each Sunday. Sundny fi:hool m Rev. 0. n Rev. Kev. V. FIHST CHRISTIAK i ROBERT MOFFETT Paitor f 9 4i a. m Sunday School 1 lfl;03 a. m. Sunday School Clawes l 10 SO · m Morning Worihlp · Srrmon To choose or Be Choirn" ; ii 03 p m. D S. F. 6:30 p m Chrutlan Youth Fellow; ahlp and Chi Hho Kellowihlp · »T. JOHN'S LDTHEHAH · Arkansa* and Dlckson Tel Ml or 372 1 FREDERICK GLIM/,. P»slor ; S 30 a in Sunday school ·---840 a m. Adult Bihle Clan 1C "0 a m Nuncry openi - . JP 4.'i n m Sunday U n r t h i p ; Sr-rmon "The Aic'omion o[ Jesui Self. "1 will Extole Thee My God --LaForce- Mm F A fiunu WEDIWOTON METHODIST CHURCH A L RKJfiS. Par,TOr IfltW a in Sunday School 11.00 a. m. and 7:30 p m Prenclllng Services on Foiirih and Flflh Sundays WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD DRANHAM and STEEI.E. Paitori IMS n m Sunoa.v School 11-00 Morning Worship u..".!'? 0 p "*· chrl " Ambailador li 30 p m Junior c. A Service 7 30 p m. F.vunnellsllc Service Wednesday al 7:30 p. m.--Prayer Meeting nnd Jilble Study BHENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHUHCH PMlurB-Rcv. ptha Tackett and Rev Rex Morgan '.0:00 a. m Sundny School 11 Ofl n m »-:rmon 730 p m. Evening Service s 00 p. in Friday nighl Bible sludy nnd prayer mcc'lnn -f MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON. Pastor South Church nnu Third Stretta 0.4.S n. m. Church School l l - l i n n m Morning Worship fi.;y p m Youth FellowihiD 7:30 p m Evening Worship WEST FORK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASDELL. Minister DM.'j n m Churi-h School Prt-nching JEHOVAH'S WTNF«SCi 3rd Floor Red Cross Drua Bldg Wednesday. 7:30 p m Book Study Frlday.-7:30 p m Service tncetln h Friday. 8:48 p m.. Thtocratlc Hln istry School Sunday,' 3:00 p. m., Watchtowe Study 4- CALVARY TABERNACLE 35 Eaat South Street BERYL E BETH. Pallor 10:00 a m. Morning Service 2:30 p m Deliverance Message anr Praye. 7:4S p. m. Evangelistic Services 7:30 p m. Wednesday Tarry ri Services 7:30 p. m Saturday. Testimon \ Servict + WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BREWEH. Pastor First Ant Thin ««MIJI 8unrla- School 9*30 a m Evenin- Worship 7:30 o m ·* an* Ah F.urlh iy n ..,, Morning Worship 9.30 a m Sunday School 10:30 a m Evening Worship 7:30 p m WYMAN COMMUNITY CHURCH 0.00 a. m Sunday School I t 00 a. m Morning worship Srrmons: Second and Fourth Sun- Hals-He-v. John Asbell Third Sunday--Rev. Virgil Erwin QOSHEN CH0BCH OF THE NAZAHENE CARL FIEDLER. Pastor "1:00 a. i,. Sunday School. 11'00 a. m. Worship Serv.coa 7:30 p. tn. WorihiD Serv!c». + BAPTIST CHUHCH E M" TETER. Paitor 10:00 a m. Sunday School 10:45 a m Morning Worship 7:00 p m. Baptist Training Union i:.'0 p m. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 n. m. 7/irf.u.^kU m i Morning Worship and I CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD rry fim nnd Ullrd . JOHNSON CHURCH Of CHRIST BILL E SMITH. Minister WEST FORK BAPTIST H H HEF.D. Paaior 9-46 a m Sunday School n-00 a. m Morning Worihlp 6-30 p. m. Baptist Training Union 7:30 p m. Evening Worship + SETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W. REEIJ. P»slor 6.11 Mlnsion Strert 9:43 a. m. Sunday School 11.00 a m Morning Wonhip «:30 p. m. Training Unlun 1:30 p m. Evening Service Midweek Pray** 1 service-- Wednti- day p. m . 7 + CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DEAN Paaior » 4S a ra U u n d n y E.-hool loso B m Mornmg Wor.^hip ! 7 00 p m Bnplist Trnining Coune 8'Ofl p m Evening Worship 10:00 a m Hlhip S'urly 1C.51 a m Worship' Service 6:30 p -m Young I'rnple's Classes 7:30 p in Worship .Service Prayer Mectlns Wednesday at 7:30 800 I vice. p. m Wednesday. Prayer ler- ' FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. ; SCIENTIST P :.n A m Sun^iy Srhin.l 11 O'i a m Sund» Sqrvir« f *5 p m KGHH Sunday Radi ?:T' gram · Wedntiday. 7 *!· p m . Rrijdine Roorn m church op^n each ; day rxrupi Sunday and holiday*. - GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST OniS SA1.VER Muiiat*i 100.1 n m Chuirh school 1100 a m KrrniOfc 11 45 * m l-ommiirnon R«rvlrt 7 50 p m Son* Service and iJlble Biudy- ·f BT. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER CmVAnn It MALOY. I'aitor tiundav M n » » f 4 * (W nnd in on a m Tfcur»(la.""7 30 p m Nnvena MHiiei. Devfiiions WVrkrt.ty Mnta. Monday ihrough Frxlay. 7 Soiurdfiv Mi«i ? t-0 n tn Firit Krldny MBLI. I 00 a m. Flrit Saturday Man. J 00 « m Confeuioni ~.oo to 800 p m and before all Mu.iei CHURCH OF CHRIST FRED MrCLfNG. Mmlitff WMI Onirr JUKI North !xcu«1 * 45 a m Bible itudy 10 .IS n m Morning Worihlp T. Oft p m Claiiei T-in p m \Vor»hip Strviro ft:M t. m . Wfdneidny. L»rtl« Bible FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY G1B11S Pnstor 1000 a m. Sunday School. I I 00 a m Preaching. 7:1* p m Evangelistic service '.Vsdr.cjdsy. 730 p m Mid'vei Prajer Service Friday. 7 30 p m PYPA Sem-« n";'."h; BLACK OAK BAPTIST H O W A R D PRICHAHD 1'iiMor III 00 a m S u n d n y School 11 00 a m Prcnchini; Si-rvlce 7 Ofl p m T r a i n i n g t ' n u m B 00 p m P r e a c h l n u Mervioe T h u r s d a y 7 ,10 p m P r a y e r m e e t i n g BON'S CHAPEL 5 MILES EAST ON HIGHWAY U 930 n. m Sundny School S'.ncrintt-ndcnt--Turner · Bruvrj Auxiliary tvery lourln Monday 1:00 f AHMINGTON BAPTIST D K KREIS. Pastor . ltl:00 a m Sunitai School 11 no a m Morning Worship ri.30 p :n Bcptint Tiaming Union · 30 p m EvBnuellstlc Service Wednesday 7.30 p. m. Prayer Meet- i ' + FARMINGTON METHODIST A ... niGQS Pastor 10i!fl a m Sundav Schoo; 11 00 a m and 7.30 p m Preaching Service on First. Second and Third Sundays · ' S1.1 South College H L BAYLESS. I'a.tor '·« 1. m Sunday School. 11:00 . m Morning Worship «:3U P m Vounj People* irwetlnt 7 30 p m Evangelistic Service n - 3 0 p m. Thuriday. Prajer meet- CALVARY- BAPTIST CHUHCH Two members of All Souls Unit a r i a n Church. Tulsa, Okla., will conduct the sendees at the meeting of the Fayetteville Fellowship tomorrow. They are Prof. B. K. Melekian, former professor of pard and Marcello. The r wicnua ^° w '" s ' n S "He Shall Feed His Falls, Texas, with no church O f | Flock" by Handel, and a cotitraKo any kind. Within our convention ! l n '"', fji' eh 1Iath 1 I ° t - S 'TM-" b 3' torr.-i^,, 11,0,.; ]!,,,,- ,, 1..:._ I Gaul will be sune b; territory there lives a population | ,,',, of 79 milliyn of which over 40 rrtilliori are unchurched. "The betrayal of h u m a n vanjes as Christian virtues'by the American people themselves is a far more sinister threat to (he American way of life, than the militar forces of Soviet Russia or Red I = -China." Solomon F. Davis of AtlanU. secretary of the Department of Lois Srhep- Brahe will be sung by Lorraine The Israelites arc believed to have first entered the land of Canaan, now Israel, about 1,400 R. C. jab. Presiding was Dr. James Kel- lork. moderator of the United Church of Northern India ani Pakistan. The tentative plan will now be submitted to the individual denominations. Since no agreement could be reached on the unification of the Anglican and Methodist episcopates, the question will be referred for counsel '.\ the Conference on Faith and Order to be held by the World Council of Churches in Lund, Sweden, in August, 1952. speech at the University o'f Tulsa, Cooperative Missions of the Home and Laurence Ferguson. Prof. Melekian, who o c c a s s i o n all v preaches before the Tulsa congregation and at meetings of the Stilhvater. Okla., fellowship, has for his subject, "Unitarianism Is Not All Negation." A question and answer period will follow his talk. Several members nf the Tulsa church will accompany them. The meeting is held in the Game Room of the Student Union, beginning j at 11 a.m., and church school con- ' venes nt the same bour. Next Sunday Ihe local fellowship will close the church year with an a n n u a l meeting and picnic. r armers To Use Land Turned Over By Church High government and church eaders in Greece have agreed to lave the church turn over four- ifths of its cultivated land and Is of its pasture lands to Mission Board, told the convention that "the rural areas of our convention need 3.000 new- churches to meet the needs of the people." The convention unanimously reelected Dr. J. p. Grey of New Orleans as president for a second year. Dr. C. C. Warren of Charlotte. N. C., w»« elected first vice president and Dr. E. V. Peyton of Lncklies, Va., second vice pres- Lutheran Hour Picks Up Static" In Japan Hadio station JOSH in Nagano is the seventh station in Japan to carry the Lutheran Hour, the world's most wide-spread broadcast. according to an announce- for use by destitute I j In compensation, the wo-thir he stat armors, hurch is to receive a cash indemt lity and some other lands. F.xemp- ion from seizure was secured for number of estates in Attica, said o be the most valuable of the hurch properties and estates be- onging to the Ecumenical Patriar- hate of Istanbul. jnent hy Dr. Eugene R. Berter- m a n n , Lutheran Hour director. 9 i a ni. Sundir School ·11:00 a. ra Mornins Worjliln «:.10 p m Training Service J:M p m. Evening Wonhip Weclne«dBv «t 7:5o p. m Praver Service and Bib!.: Study IMMANUCL BAPTIS1 CHURCH G W MORRISON. Pa.tor vnunl-n Corner Duncan and stoni ,« : . fi m s " nd »J' School 10:S.S Morninc Worship siiil S m B " p '!" Traininj Union O p. m. Evrnmg Worship baptist Classes Have oint Picnic On Farm The LOA Class of the First Rap- st Church, taught by Mrs. Estelle aker. and the Business Men's lass, taught by Parker Rushing, eld a joint picnic at Cove Crest arm Thursday night. In addition i the hosts nnd hostesses, ap- roximately 50 guests attended. Announcements . . Wednesday. p. m. Bihli Studj GOSHEN METHODIST : S M YANCEY. PaMnr 10 00 a in .'-'unilny Sf nool 11 00 a m MorntnB Worship i 7 00 p m Evening Wornhlp t AYETTEVILLE BIB^E MISSION 900 BLOCK SOUTH CUl.l.tUt Interdenominational ' HOMF.R MOITTET. Pa.Mor fl .S a in Sunday .·x-nmi It 00 a m Morning Worship f U n m YrunjE r°rop!r« S?r\ ii-c* I on p rn E v n n i e r l u t i o S c r - i f r . Junior Choir will meet Saturday al ' p m Wednesday. 7.30 p i n . Prajel Mening -)SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST U K - E MORGAN. Paslni Aill.I," HOSTELLER. A«mtn:lt Pa.tot in oo n m Sundav School 7 ;io p m K v n n f e l t s t i c Mrn.Tui Wednesday prayer meeting at 7 30 p m NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD SAMUEL E U R U C E Paslor I" 0" n. m Sunday Srhool 11 Od n m Sermon 7 ."Hi p m F.vnnfiellstic Service liH.-Ml.iy Young Peoples c A Sec * KC* 7 ;!(j o in Fr:rt.i. Prajnr Service, l l p m. PAHKSDALK BAPTIST M K N M - - R U A V I i p.mor A R L F N M l l S T K L L A R Assistant Paslor IO.IHI n m .Sunday School 7 nil p m EvimurliMIC Message \\cdncsday 730 p m Prayer Meet- FIRST ASSEMBLY'OF QOD DONALD WALKER. Pastor »:« a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Preaching. 6 0" P m Y;. p c,,;, 7 30 f m Evangelistic Service* . .X n m rrl| l»y-« atudy ':30 p ra Tuesday, c. A. Servict OAKLAND BAPTIST i S . wM'r/astr" 1 ' tn.On a m Sunday School tl.oo a m Morninc Wonh.n. 7 M p m BYPTC . S .10 p m Evening Worship \\edncKd8y, 7.30 p. m Prayer me«t- nx. i n u lay. 730 ( m. Young People W,d,,e,d.y. P r . ,,, I HIGHLAI . D COMMUNITY Meeting and nihle Sti/dy"for" all ELKIItS COMMUNITY CHURCH JAMES K CARTER Superintendent 10 00 a ra Sunday School CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN Dtt.L BARNES. Paslor ·07 Douglas Street +M t. n\ Sunday School I'M IX m. Evening Worship 10 30 1 m Sunday 11:15 a. m Morning Worship Wednesday night, 7:30 p m.. Prayei services LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JKSSr C COI.EMAN Pa«lor 10 00 a m Sunday Srhool 11 00 a m Morning Worship * 30 p in T r a i n i n g I'nlon 7.30 p. m Evening Worship meeting. 4. JOHNSON BAPTIST CHUHCH f. M I.Otil n. I'.islor 10 IHI a m Sunday Srhool M ll-l H rn W o r s h i p Seivires 7 "l p nl Trainmc I'nlnn « 0" p m evening Service Wednesday ;.30 p m.. Prayer Meeting SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIiT iV M i l TH STREET SATUfdlAY 10 oo a ni Sahhnth Srhnol 11 00 a in Church .Service Tuesday. 7 30 p in Prayer mealing SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W It S1IAHP. P.iMnr Six Miles ivirllnvest 10 On n m Sundav School 11 o«i n m Morning Worship 7 "ii p in Evening Worship v.'ediicsilny. 7-30 p m., P r a y a Merung -t- CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS MMF.R Fl.rrCIIKR. Flder Siiident ltnnn Hiue Room 10.30 a m Sunday School. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JF.SSER. Pastor (HighWhy 16 Ws»t) 10 00 a m Sunday School. 11 o.l a m Morning Worship. 7 30 p m Training Union » IS p m. Evangelistic Service Wednesday. 8 p. m.. Prayer Meet ' Friday | Pronram Monthly^: p m.. Third Friday Fel- ni.. Youth Musical .. r r i a y e- i ? . » i l p t t s »en'' - - ^rothcrhonrt and \\ M t OREKNLAND COMMUNITY BOB CORNKLU'S. Pastor 9 ^^ a 01 Sunday School 11 0» a m Morning Worship Thursday 7 30 p m.. midweek aarv- ives led hy the Rev Jack Taylor. APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH I NKOI.A MOORK. Pns'or Highway 71 South 10 00 a m Sunday School 11 00 a m Morhlng Rervlra 7:30 p m Evangelistic Servlta Wedntsday. 7:30 p. m.. Mid wa«k service ST. JAMES BAPTIST (Nionl J w WEBB Pastor 10 30 a m Sunday Sc n(X) i 11 30 a m Morning Worship s Oft p m Young Peoplt s meeting h:(to p m Evangelistic Sajrvle*. ST. JAMES METHODIST iHaoro! A L BUCHANAN Paator * 45 a m Sunday School 11.00 a m Morning Worship 6 4S p m Youth Fallow-ship. 1 Mi p m Night Central Prenbyterltn Church Circle five of Central Presbyterian Church will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p. m., in the church Social Room. Mrs. Jjillle Mashburn will be hostess and Miss Huth L-arabee will be co-hostess. The program on "Missions To America," will be given by Miss Mildred Greer and the devotion by Mrs. Grover George. The Woman's Organization o f . . Central Presbyterian Church will j meet Monday at 2:30 p. m., at the j | home of Mrs. W. A. Fowler, 1500; i Cleveland. Mrs. Jeter Morse and Mrs. O. W. McMillen will be co- The program, now heard in 36 languages over more than 1,150 stations located in 57 countries, is sponsored by the Lutheran Laymen's League. The Rev. Prof. Armin C. Oldsen is speaker on the broadcast, which is heard over the Mutual network and affiliated stations every Sunday in the United States. LUTHERANS BELIEVE · that Christ is really God and that He paid the penalty of the world's sin by His sacrifice on Calvary. · that sinners are saved by faith in Christ's atonement -- not by their attainment. · that good deeds are the spontaneous fruits of faith -- not requirements for salvation. · that the Bible without "interpretation" is the only source of religious truth. · that the church's sole business is to proclaim salvation from sin through Christ. The Lutheran Church Arkansas Dickson To Attend Conference. The Disciples of Christ will have five delegates and a consultant at the Third World Conference on Faith and Order in , Lund, Sweden, August 15-28. ' Plans are under way to bring to I the Disciples in North America an j understanding of what Lund can ' and should mean to them and t n : the Church Universal. Those' personally in attendance at. t h e ! conference will serve as a com- ! mittee to arrange for discussion l of the Lund report at colleges,' seminaries, ministers' meetings.! conventions nnd conferences, and , to issue Interpretive literature. A I two-year program of education i envisioned. (From The World Call.) Some whales are more than a .hird as long as their mothers vhen they are horn. Avenue, 7:30 p. m. « , C £ urchn u f m«t If ^ Wo^lruH hostesses. The devotions will be j day tea. in charge of Mrs. Nell Seals and the program, "P's and Q's of Missionary Education," will be given hy Mrs. Guy Kiriman. Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, for a regular meeting and a birth- GIN. 28:17 In God's Holy Sanctuary, You Will Find War- shipful Reverence, Surceose for Troubled Minds. f *r- -- - -.,. V E N T E R . . . W I T H P R A I S E / ^~ . PSALM 100:4 ·--' FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter L. Johnson, Pallor R«T. A. L. Lsake, Associations! Missionary, will ipeak ai ihe morning end evening worship services. "THE APOSTLES' DOCTRINE" , Morning Worship Hour 10:55 (Broadcast orer Station KGRH) Sunday School 9:30 "THE STORM AT SEA" Evening Worship Hour 7:30 Training Union 6:15 The Nursery is open at all services St. ranl'n Episcopal Church There will he a Corporate Communion Sunday at 8 a. m.. for Young Churchmen at St. Paul's Kpiscnpal Church. Breakfast will follow in (be Parish House. St. Paul's Chapter will meet Monday at 2:30 p. m., w i t h Mrs. R. D. Baldwin, 4 East Lafayette Street. Ste. Margaret's Chapler will flve a 1 o'clock luncheon meeting, Monday at the home of Mrs. 'rank Diggall in Prairie Grove. Mrs. Robert Leflar will be co- losless. Ste. Anne'f Chapter will have a 7:30 p. m. dessert meeting. Mon- lav w i t h Mrs. Hampton Halsell, 614 East Maple Street. Viggins Memorial Hcthodlut Church The W. S. C. S. of Wiggins Memorial Church will have a business meeting Wednesday at 2 p. m. «t the church. - A L \£ Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicote This Schedule · Arkansas Western Gas Co. · Boston Store »Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Compl»ell-Bell fFoyetteville Drug Store ·Hatfield Pontioc Co. ·Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozark Grocer Co r^vCo. . t W - G ' Shipley Bakino Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. ·Vicker's Inc i . First lUptlut Chlirrh Circles nf t h p First Baptist Chlirrh will meet Monday is follows: Circle one. Mrs. C. ,T. Tidwell. 3M Wnshlngton Avenue. 2 p. m.; Circle two, Mrs. O. T. Wllllamj. Greenland, luncheon meeting, 12:l p. m.; Circle three, Mrs. W. O. Ship- Icy, HixkH HeiRhtf, 2 p. m.; Circle five, Mrs. C. K. Phillips, «2(t I.lndell, luncheon meetlnn, 1J:- 30 p. m.; Circle six, Mrs. Don Brown,, Hl«hwjiy It, west, 7:SO p. m.; I Buflnew Women's Circle. Mrs. ! (Vwrge Miller, 1108 North Collefe ' HAVE YOU ATTENDED? Revival Services CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH 419 WEST ROCK ST. Plan to Attend Tonight and Every Night Through May 18 Souls Are Being Saved Church Members Are Being Revived Song EVANGELIST FRED D. RUCKELBURY , Preac I 1 '* J J^IX^ight by Evangelist Fred D. Huckelbury. ins at 7:45 0 Clock Nightly. egins Everyone Is Welcome

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