Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 17, 1952
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PAfiK TODAY 10 Head by ovtr 25,000 Daily IOCAI KMICAST-- -- r»ri!bvin« md vielnw mostly cloudy with frittered Ihowera and cooler tonlfht Tomoriow ptrlly cloady ·nd rontlnu«d cool High I«ntper«tiiM yntrrlar ·* km «1 11 « m. tnin 71, Sunruc 5.12; iunt«t 7.17. TAt Public Interest Is Tfct Ffrsf Concern Of This Newspaper VOLUME 90, NUMBIR 253 Aisocialed Pr*u leased Win FAVrrTEVILlE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 17, 1952 AP, King and NEA FraturM PRICE FIVI CIHTl Fire At Corpus Christi -. B i -' c * J T Eisenhower And Out, DUt LOSS Said To iSen. Kefauver Be A Million Dollars Foamile From 'oil Workers Back On Job At El Dorado's Houston Used I Pan-Am Refinery; Lion Plant Is Picketed to Quell Blaze ! El Dorado, Ark.-Wl-TK-ee h i m - j per cent of each worker's indivjd- ', dred and 50 CIO oil wor'iers went i ual wage in back pay retroactive Tennessean Takes Lead In Delegates Promising Support l By The Associated Press) Sen. Estes Kefauver recaptured the lead for Democratic president i a l - n o m i n a t i n g delegate strength today as he and Gen. Dwight Eisenhower coasted to victory in the Oregon presidential preferential primary. The vote yesterday gave Kefauver 32,955 and Bisen- hower 45,351 in 970 of 2,269 pre- Airborne Regiment Sent To Guard Prisoners At Koje Tanker Burns After Collision Threat To The City Over As Spectacular Flames Are Quenchec ul fu a l l w tlv ^-IW un v\ in i t i o « - - u i i u a j u a K C Jlj u a - K pd.v l e u o d L U v e : - i back to work at Pan-Am Ornor-i to December 27, 1851; a seventh! ju T ation's refinery herj last n i n h t . j p a i d holiday (Washington's B i r t h - ! . ^ ennessi er wages. The disputo w.'s settled 1 nuity, insurance and other bene- : j Fa lc " CCl ,,- e ^ 2 ° ? °i i^i '" yesterday afternoon when the; fits. The agreement is subject t o ' ^"TM ug TM h TM ±,fhv it company g-..nted a 1 i-e-nts-pn-'approval by the Wage Stubiliza-' gales h arc b ° Und b "' hour wage boost a 'd other con- tion Board. Its effective date is cession? to the strikir.TM union. May Corpus Christi, Texas-W) - A Company fficials F.liri it wo'jld CIO strikers and AFL macliin- milion«dollar oil fire which burn- be several clays before the big ists continued to picket the big ed all night in this coastal city p l a n t resumes f u l l production. Lion Oil Company chemical plant was extinguished shortly a f t e r ; Settlement of the strike--part of here. Neither Lion nor union of- dawn today. Firemen bejan roll-; a nationwide wage increase by the ficials have expressed any hope! ,, ' " , " , ,, ,, ! , / ,,,,,,,- _.,,,,, ing up their hose after a f i g h t ' oil Workers International U n i o n ; of a quick settlement. Two n u n - ' P among n oiner names, against what had been a raging, | -- w a s announced in a joint stat^- dred and 50 machinists struck fnr · S p-,.. : ..,.|., r t;- rpa t to the city. ; ment by the union and company, a reported 15-cents-an-.iour w a g e ; n r n . 1R n u i - Foamite -- a carbon dioxide ex- ! Besides the wage boost, the strik-: boost Thursday when their con- "'," f. ri 'l_'"j r .. . tii.juisncr which "suffocates" f i r e ! ers got night differential increases j tract with Lion expired. The CIO' nepenoe by depriving it of oxygen--dkt. o ( E j x a n d 12 cents'an hour; 4 . 2 ' u n i o n struck April 30. the trick. Two hundred thousand rounds of foamite in five-gallon .cans arrived f r o m Houston at 6:30 a. m., and was applied to what was left of a blaze already near the point of burning itself out. Kathleen Marshal! of the Cor*pus Christi Caller-Times told of walking "right through where the fire had been" less than two hours B f t r r it. still'loomed large. An estimated 200 firemen worker! tn extinguish the flames. Oilmen made the estimate that the blaze h a d \ caused a million * dollar loss. About 3 a. m., a huge blast ripped through the area with Graduates 102 Seniors Springdaie -(Special)- Diplomas were presented to 102 graduating seniors of Springdaie High School in commencement exercises last night in the new high school Field j «"«· · had exploded with a blinding; flash just before midnight. The 2} a. m. blast sent firemen racing for cover. A 27-block area containing 300 families had been evacuated.^ Jersey Heifer Show Winner At Rogers Barbecue With Farm Families As Guests Scheduled Tonight Between 1,200 md 1,500 persons · Rogers-(Special)-A Jersey heif- attended the exercises. The Rev. .er owned by C. H. Brown of Route James A. Burris, chaplain at t h e : Fayetterille Veterans Hospital, de- ' livered the commencement ad- Firemen succeeded in confining j dr « s - L - °- Vanzant senior high the blaze to the General American "n«P'. introduced the doze'n smaller thousand-gallon Pea Ridge, yesterday became grand champion of the third annual Northwest Arkansas Dairy Show. The shqw was held yesterday jClark Moves To Prevent More Red Outbreaks Gcnero! Soys U. N. Camps To Observe Geneva Convention Tnkyo.//Pi-Gen. Mark Clark tonight jgid the U.S. 187 Airborne Infantry Regiment has been sent In Kojo Island to reinforce United Nations troops guarding Communist prisoners of war there. Clark, commander of the U. N, Command in the Far East, said he ordered th* reinforcements to Koje to prevent mats outbreak* by the prisoners "which Inevitably would result in additional violence and bloodshed." "I do not propose to countenance for one moment further unlawful sets on that part of thos» prisoners of war and civilian internees," Clark said. He said the ]87th had completed its movement to the island 30 miles off Southeast area. Clark, who took over the U. N," Command one week ago today, said he ordered the paratrooper! to Kn)c at the request of Gtn James A Van Fleet, U. S. Eighth Army commander. To Reinforce Troox er in second position and issued ! p eake and Delaware canal. Several crew members of the tanker were reported missing and five were in- reinforce the troops already there congratulations to the g^ieral on jured. The mldsection of the tanker is completely awash. (AP Wirephoto) | U. S. troops ind South Kortan -~ --·--~-- guirdi have in the past b«n guarding the POW'j on Koje. I The 187th Regiment, larger thin | most I n f a n t r y regiments, has b«*n j stationed at Beppu -in Souther* Kefauver's nationwide delegate support, as tabulated by the Associated Press, now totals lom compared with 92 for W. Ave.rell Harriman of New York, mutual security director. A total of 267^ and the rest It was uncertain whether Eisenhower would get all I B or only 10 n Dele- unpledged delegate - candidates make out! Fragmentary returns showed they were trailing Eisenhower partisans. Oregon's GOP delegation is uninstructed. However, all but the eight suppppedly for Taft, who declined to enter the popularity race, agreed to support the preferential choice. Taft. drew a moderate write-in vote. Another GOT 1 candidate, Gov. Earl Warren of California was j Fore a n d a f l sections ol the tanker F. L. Hayes burn, sending dense clouds of smoke skyward after it running away behind Eisenhow-| caught f j r e f 0 ii ow i ni! a collision with the freighter Barbara Lykes south of Wilminton. Del., in the Chesa- his "tremendous vote." Returns from 874 of the state's 1.269 precincts maintained the trend fright from the start. Rep u b l i c a n : Eisenhower, 39,090; Warren, 9.127; MacArthur, 4,589; Sen. Wayne L. Morse of Oregon, another captive candidate and an Traffic Problem Considered Members of the City Ci Planning Commission. Eisenhower supporter himself, 2,- ! Chamber of Commercf 070; Harold E. Stasscn. who cam- , n ,j, , « , , . . , paiined briefly, 1,720; Taft (write- tl?rd f. J m thp ""' of and today in the business district I st - ; ' j0uis . 184 - i n ) , 1,142; William R. Schneider of presented the diplomas. Rogers. It will he concluded I Democratic: Keffltiver, 28.402; tanks Another.80,000-gallon t a n k , , . of light die.sel oil was saved. · 't Miss Nena .Term r.rogdon. dangh- 2-5no · tonight with a barbecue, for which light Corpus Christi firemen had the r. and Mrs. Hnl Brogdon, presented Ihe valedictory address, will be given to farm families. Three breeds of cattle are . n. f' ^ 7 1 hihited in t h c ^ show ' Thp onn "' « ave the s a l u - C. H. Brown heifer, in addition ' Dou.zlas. 5,477; Stevenson, 4.219. Members of the City Council, City Planning Commission, and the irce met yes- if. a series of meetings to consider proposals for easing Fayettevllle's traffic and parking problem. Webb Williams, acting mayor, presided at the Ta'ft picked iip ei'jhf more dele- i "cellng_ in the City Administra- gates in North Dakota yesterday j lion Building, wbe'i a conventicn st Bismarck put io^ethpr a 14-vote uninstructed delegation. An Associated Press survey showed eight of the William Bonner and Dr. W. W. Grigorieff of the University Institute of Science and Tccnology conferred with the group and presented a proposal for an extensive study of the traffic and parking situation. No action was taken on the proposal. Williams said another meeting j Branigan, Hoydon Ltwlt, and of thn three croups will probably | Wesley .1. Gordon of tlie Chamber I be held, next wec.k, and subsequent , of Commerce. meetings are planned. Attending yesterday's meeting were Williams, 3 o n n e r. and Grigorieff; Chairman W. H. Pryor, Haskell Utlcy, and I'aul Young, of the Planning CommlMlon: Tred Hunt, of the City Council; and Sam E. Gearhart, Dr. Oeorge help of fire-fighters from the Cor-: ,, ... pus Christi Naval Training Center.! "?' ie the Corpus-Christi Coast Guard, t a t "' _. , . , i to being grand champion of the : VJT ""T? wT" 1 eiRIU °' T n e station, local companies and from = ,, J he K e v ' Stanley Jordan gnve gh ? * { p h 14 favored Taft, four wore uncom- 1 * . t h e invocation, and Miss Neva ' J mitteri, one was for Eisenhower! j Cram played the processional. dmwon troph - v - j The high school girls' chorus, di- I rr-r*if*A hv Mrc Hnv \vann, sang oil firm rauad-i on tirm squads. rected hv Mrs. Gu I t was (he final event of the school The winner in the Guernsey di' vision was a heifer owned and i-rtr-u ny .iirb. uuy vvann, sanp: wn numbers. The commencement , showed by Bob Stophlet of Rout* S, Rogers. In the Hnlstein class. and another "might be" for the j general. The North Dakota result makes Taft lead Eisenhower 374 to 30fi. w i t h 15fi delegates uncommitted or in dispute. Canada Boosts Newsprint Price tne Kev. H. M. Lev.'is, pastor o f i Between ou ana tiu neaa or cows, i » ji t » _ _ _ _ - j n r 1 Ottawa-m-The Canadian gov- the First. Methodist Church, as- heifers and calves Vere nn dis-lBifllV 1)311)406(1 D¥ t\ ernment has agreed to allow a j sjsted hy the Re-. Douglas play in the hiiRe tent which was 1 ' $10-a-ton increase in the price of Brewer, pastor of the First Pres- : e r e c ted Thursday afternoon.: year. The baccalaureate service the "'inner was a heifer owned held Sunday night in the and showed by John Ginn of · 111 P,.lk«~. f I..J!. auditorium, with the sermon by , Centqrton, Route 1. ndlltGl DlOlllGn JlUOlO the Re\-. H. M. Lev.'is, pastor of i Between 50 and 60. head of cows, ! . newsprint for export, but not on i byterian Church. .Final examina- sales to Canadian publishers, a i lions were given Wednesday. federal spokesman disclosed t o - j - -- - -- -day. In Washington. Price Stabilizer Ellis Arnall said Canadian representatives informed him the increase would go into effect June 15, boosting the price of news- | print from Canada, delivered in ! Hugh lichlyter Dies; Postmaster At Johnson BurbankT Calif.-WI-An area Judging was conducted yesterday '·· two block square in Ihe vast War- afternoon and evening. The Rogers High School band. ner Brothers studio lay in ruins today after a fire that caused 12 Persons Are Injured In Accidents Twelve persons were injured in ·· two separate Washington C o u n t y ; highway accidents yesterday, but only three remained in hospitals; today. Two others, hospitalized for I emergency treatment, had been i dismissed before noon. Eight of I the injuries occurred about. 5 p.m., I yesterday in the head-on collision j of two passenger cars on the Ellis i Under Fire directed by Miss Gay G i l l i a m . , damage officially estimated at Us : music instructor and leader, will ' million dollars. : ! give a concert tonight as part of ; of artificial breeding in the pro- ! duction of better calves and to | Springdale - (Specia 11 - H u g h 'New York, to S126 a ton. About ; Lichlyter 75. postmaster at John-', increase interest in the dairy CO per cent of the paper used by ! son for more t h a n 30 years and I d u s t r y of this area American publishers is imported vateran merchant of this area, I -· ' from Canada. idied yesterday at the Washington Arnall said an increase would, j County Hospital, where he had of course, boost the cost o; pub- g nn e for an examination the first m i ' i n' n lishing newspapers and other pub- p a r , of t h e ,.,. ot , k Mr Lichlytcr WnllC RlVM PrOQfSm licatkms in this country. The in- . ..,.as own er of the Lichlyler Gen- crease would be the second by C ral Store at Johnson where he _ . , , _ , . , . u .,, , . Canadian manufacturers within a : na{ , , ivc . d ? i n r e 1907 j Trimble ( D - A r k ) says he will ask other equipment. Ford Road seven mile?; northeast' ' of Springdale. The other four vie-, ,, . - . . , , 4 tims suffered minor cuts and Destroyed by the flames yestor- hruises in the colllsjon o( ,, , m c k · |J Uhe dairy show Purpose of the '' da ' wcre 1hp s l u t i l " s Sound Stage anf ) automobile on Highway 16 ; | show is'to demonstrate the v a l u e : 2 1 ' '"S" 1 in *"· mnvil1 industry . three miles west nf Fayetteville several large exterior sets and about 5:30 yesterday afternoon, much valuable equipment and Most seriously injured in the scenerv. Kllis Ford Road accident was H a r - . !' The' fire started d u r i n g the '. lan Mounce. 19, nf Lowell Route lunch hour and burned over e i g h t ! ? - who suffered serious head in- acres before it was controlled two ' den^^vereGene ^cGarrah ^fl" hours later. A series of explosions Lowol| . opal'McGarrah. 16. Low-' punctua'ed the spread of thc , pl] . Leonard McGarrah.20, Lowell; flames. Firemen said the blasts otis Dean Mounce. IB, Lowell: came frnm air compressor tanks Vclma Dixnn of Springdale; Syl-. Washington-i/Pt- Representative that power wind machines and vcstcr Guist. 2". Fayettrville, a n d I ' Guist's 15-year-old nc-ph?w, also Secretary of Commerce J' ear - Survivors include his wife, Mrs. i a committee to include a ' revised White River development Spring Storms Strike In West Wet Weather Over Wide Port Of U. S. (By The Amttlitad PrewO Spring storms, with snow, rain iJapin for *bout one year. Before thit It was in Korea, where tt participated in two combit jumps. "Communist prlioner» of w«r and civilian Interne*! on Koje have not only reiorted on repelled occasions to unlawful violenc* but, obviously «cting undtr . in- structiont from outside icenti of the international Communist power conspiracy, have threatened mas.i outbreak! whicfc ineviubly would result in additional violence and bloodshed," Clark said. T« Olnerve Convention He continuca: "The nited Nations authorities . will continue to observe the provisions of the Geneva Convention in the administration of U. N. POW Camp No. 1 and at all other POW ramps under their control. At thc same time, they will require that the prisoners of war and civilian internees observe the responsibilities pliced on them ! and high winds, lashed Western ' by "} e provisions of the same con! states yesterday causing property i v ntion. Good order and discipline i damage estimated at more . than I w "' be required of. (hem at all $l.nno.non. The storms hit North- I tim«. oaslern Utah, Southwestern Wyand Southeastern Idaho. "The presence of the famous 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment Winds nf near iW mil*??, an hour ! w '" enable Gen Hayden L. Boat- i i ' swept (h- Ogden ama north of , ""· commanding general, U. N, . S a l t !.nkc City, d a m a g i n g more : POW Camp No. 1, to insure that | than a score of light a i r c r a f t and I my directives in this matter are i d i s r u p t i n g telephone and electri- ! fully implemented." ! ral service. Property damage in j - · -- " - · Utah alone was estimated at m o r e Of c o a n r from the Western stales today moved over i i n the n o r t h central part of the c ? un- ; mQUlH/ By try as far south as the Ohio Ffiver and portions of Oklahoma, M i s - 1 ouri and West Texas. of Faypttevillo. j has "exhibitor] nn u n t h i n k . i b l c f\n- H a r l a n Mouncr and Gene M e : £ rof . O f bias" in n p r n i t i n R A m c r i ,, a - s has | p MPO I mi |],. nn( | Charges Germ Warfare Used Termed "Lies" Rogers. Ark.-(Special)-Coroner | W F. Burns said today he is in- j v e s t i p a t i n g circumstances surrounding the death of James Paul Atkins. I I , son of Mr. and Mrs. ! I-rank Atkins of Cave Springs, program in an omnibus flood con- wholly," he said. Fnr most A r k a n - , pas pnpors, the 01 be to offset the costs through in inff nnd-nr c i r r u l a t i n n rafes." Bruce Lumber Company Sawmill Burns rin^uc^ 1 Attempts To Ride Elephant For Money To irrMsod advcrtis- ' ' Help Family, And Ends Up In The Hospital Little leveled the Bruco Lumber Company rnwmill hrrr tnd;iy in a matter of minulos. There was no im- mrdinlo rMinintp nf the IHSP. Twn miln hiiildir.KK-- the m i l l iifolf and a building housinR t h r power plant arid engine rAom -- wrrc dc- stroyod. Thc mill was not in nper- Ation, hut maintonnncp crrw Phornix, Ariz.-f/1 1 i L A JOfi-pnund I p h n n t three minutes. [ sidf to sido." mother, "who suffered a «hroknn j "It seems silly now," she said, Frank, the husband, r;ud he had neck trying to ride a hurkinfi cir- j "hut I wasn't too worried about a premonition of disaster as h- eus elephant to Ret money for h e r i r i d i n p r thfit elephant. The money Kaw the elephant start f l i c k i n g its fire family, may have, to undergo an j was a w f u l l y important to my b u s - ' s k i n . "I knew my wifi» wouldn't Under Investigation The h.v 7 . 1 her · it work, It holioved sparks from ft welder's torch slnrtrrt thr hlAZfi which iwcpt th« half-Mock nrc*. operation. Doctors nt Maricopa; band and me." be able to stay on. She County Hospital said Mrs. Doris She said she and her h u s b a n d , have n chance. I don't didn't hf lievc Scott, 2!1, f r a c t u r e d a vertebrae F r a n k , had been out of w n r k for anyone could have done it." · Ka.ilep tnick suffered minor in- uries, Jones said. He i d e n t i f i e d them as Mrs. Lottie Eastep, 46; Retty .Iftari Eastep, 13; Charles Eatsep. 17; and Vera Eaytep. Sue Williams, two, and R. D. Won]1 an a t t e m p t e d robher soy nf n n u t e 4, pasTW-ngers in the Hrui: Stftro, a d j o i n i n g i h r \Vm;!n',v Williams car, eseaped injury. post o f f i c e on t h r twn sides, v:ere rrpnrtert loriay. Mrs. P.'iRe d i S f n v r r M when she opened th* 1 *\rrr thi-^ mnrning tha i putty had he^n removed from n r n u n d the viinflow jiln^s in The front door, hut t h n t the M ' . i e had two speeches ThV forineV Far East Harvey Joyce has piirrh.vyl rim b^m f-ntrred. Ilohh-. r:iid n commander .inrMm p a r l y , tnclud- proprrty in thf 900 lilork nn North j s m a l l amount of caMi w n s r u ^ - i n z intt M i s . M a c A i t h u r . a r r i v H at j Office Building On North College Planned T' L^'^.Tv," 1 ''" 1 " "°'V t j " n s u:H1K ^'^nnloK^Vweap" t h o K. A. Mohhr. More and nrK f n r vi»ar« · · · · ' " ' P.iyr's » ' " . MocArfhur And Party Back In New York New V o r k - i / n - O e n . Douglas M a c A r t h u r rested here today from a two-day tour t h i n u s h I d ' M l c h i K-III comnnmitic-s w i t h pauses for visit had been paid to a faith healer in Siloam Springs. S u r \ i v n r s in addition to the pn/ents are three brothers. Marvin, Frrink and Jackie of ! h « home. The body is at the Callison- McKmney Funeral Home in B«n- tonville. t h a t is pressing aeainst a n»rvp. ' three months and needed c l o t h i n g Then he watched in horror a. College Avenue, and will run- I from tur. cash iceisd-r and N CW Yr.ik Surgery may be rerfuired to cor- for t h e i r seven-year-old son. she pitched sideways rff the re-ir- ' . _ . . . . reel it. struct a colonial type brick nfico ^(l^lc m e r M i n m t i ' e h;id hern t.ilt- , .lames F.arl. F.vnrythmg was nil me a n i m a l . She was ru«hed to the building. Wnrk is under way. hr en. Thc f t n r e was cm^rcd ibroush last Ih Despite her condition, Mrs. rich!, she said, u n t i l two n t t e n d - hospital. Her condition l» listed aj reported. The properly w a s ' p u r - the of «he front door · M ' 1 r A r t h l 'r yojterdav ,is h( made - Ma,ks showed where t h e , hie,,! ner^^ ^en'^t^e^ a p p a r e n t l y « ynunRslcr. h.-id n ;, PS nrolint | the automobile cen- Beds Reported Tearing Up South China Roads . . , , , . , , , , Menu Kong-f/rvDispatcnes .in '.· York s l,i f.iianlM f i e l d laic Chinese newspapers h«re todav n i g h t . C rowrin estimated in told of destruction by the Chines', h u n d r e d s nt thousands snw nods or roads leading Inland from Scott, strapped tight in n traction a n t s rtmovert bull hooks from the "fair." device, remained cheerful nnrt elephant. chased from W l l k l n s R * l l v , and Scott sulrl tie didn't try tn div- Is the Cnllrn estate property. talked freely with reporters. She "Then t h a t animal turned Into suade his wife because she h a d ' A stone house nn the lot has climbed up the door facing to told of tryinz to win the $1.01)0 the hlssrest. nastiest ihinij I'.-P ever mnde up her m i n d ami nad w m k - been »nld to Dr Donuld Fletcher · reach the transom prize offered by the cirrus to any- seen. It slarled to roll IH h c « d ' e d around elephants In f clrcul who w i l l remodel it and locate his R h c n f l Tirucc f'ndcr on« wh» could «tjy nn th* «lc-|»nd (lap it* earn inJ busk f r o m , a b o u t eight years ago. ( o f f i c o there. I vw,tiK,illni!. the South Chins coast. Accord- Ing to reports, which hive tw*r Increasingly frequent over th« p*st two months, th« Reds v« attempting to detsroy nil bu' . , ,. ., . . . two t r u n k highways--which th«j i n ; H u n t i ha« the right gift for your r «n eontrol-«i « bir to InvtriBI I graduate. (Adv.) I forces from MM ·» .

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