Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 16, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 8
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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMK, FnyettevlHe, Art Frldcy, Mey 16, 1952 Mac Arthur Hils "Conniving" For Military State ; Says Party Heads \- Interfering With .; Opposition Group inc." An enthusiastic audience of legislators and guests, domlnant- ly Republican, applauded these portions of his address most heavily. W a r m Of MlllUrlsm The retired Tar Eastern com-; manner warned t h a t the history o f ! the world .sKows t h a t republic?' and democracies have generally! lost their liberties hy passing from . civilian to a quasi-military s t a t u s . ! "It would be a tragic develop-: ment," he c o n t i n u e d . ",f this gen-; ^hwomm Clubwomen*And \J3oyJei Annual Meeting By HAL BOYLE Window Miss Christine Canfield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. _ ______ ___ _ _ ........ __ ^ ._ ...... __ 111/11W1J _ Canfield of Brentwood, and Char- rash of raids by college boys on| with a glove is that you%an"t"ti» | Ies R " d son °* Mr - and Mrs - fay co-ed dormitories strikes a cheer- '· it around your head. If you don't I " ee " of Winslow, were married fu| zany note in a mad and angry believe it, try tying your wife's | May ' at fayetteville by the REV. glove around your head the next!!*" 1 * 8 Hamey, pastor of the New York - f/Pj-The nationwide!--from his lady fair. The trouble e r a t m n was (njred to look to t h e ; rigidity of r n i l i t a r y dominance and New Officers Take Over Federation / 'Minneapolis-)/?) - The nation's but they restore my f a i t h m youth closed their filst a n - . and higher education. They show world. Others may cav at this antics figure out your income tax. civilian a d m i n ; l n hoth p u h l l c and prjval( , ]jf( , ·. ' a f u l l mno n. :as ,, . ., _ ,, .'7 B1 , M.rh.-^-Gc,,. DOUB- I M l - a m n | Mrs . r n - A . Ahlgren, W h i l m g , r h u r warned lar.t night It misht well destroy our his- , n d took mw lhc pres ,d c ncv for . n u a l meeting here today w i t h in- that the young of our land still Tl is epidemic of group student , s t a l l a t i o n of officers after rierlar- have the q u a l i t y of mild rebellior ' ra 'ds is naturally worrisome to ' · - · · · - · deans o f m e n a n d local police. And, of course, it would be bad if they really got out of hand. But d i s c i p l i n e to redeem it from t h e j j ni! lnr .' hi g hfr ]m , t .| s ,,, m f j r a l i t v , under the influence of spring ana r:,olr tut M r A nt a /-I,., li'.n iijmir, . . . .. . . . ...... : f 6 *...*. Most of these mass raids have ie said threatens America with a ; to the supremacy of the civil pow-' today's ele ^ilitary stale." . . . . . . \»"' ;. '·· .. .[installed by ijainst " i-onniving" which torir and wise concept which holds ·ction. Other officers _ . ,, i . . . ,,. . i ... , t , . -, ,, . .....stalled by tht 810,0011-member ,;; Today General M a c A r t h u r s. MacArlhui- lashed the national f General Federation of Women's motorcade rolled t h r o u g h n i n e , a d m i n i s t r a t i o n Clubs a r e Southeastern Michk'ari r o m m u n i - ! "Our leaders" he said, "are tin- Qes and stopped for n i e i f . n d ad- j a b l c to survey the world as a unit, urei.5 on the steps at noon. been in quest" of co-ed bras and sometimej TMIl«e boys have to which she was unopposed in yes-! panties and some of the blue · cru P l antl snow they are some'--' '- "" " 'nosed gentry w i l l surely see thisr'"'"* more t h a n t a m e receptacles as a new sign of moral decadence i t o be stu " ed wlth stale knowledge · time you go into battle-- trying to C n u r c h of ch "st- The bride is a ' · · · ' member of the graduating^lass of Winslow High School. The couple are at home temporarily on Highway 71 south of Winslow. Wives of members were guests when the Lions Club met Thursday night at Dogwood Dining Room. Chaplain James Burris of the Fayetteville Veterans Hospital was the guest speaker. RADIO TV SERVICE Lotnt TV TtM Equipment 24-Hour Service TRI-STATE SALES CO. 110 W. DickMO Phent S19 Detroit City Hall ( b u t have become so i n f a t u a t e d Mrs. Theodore S. Chapman, Jerseyville, 111., first vice presi- [ Prout, W a k e - 1 and ask suspiciously: "What do the boys want with those t h i n g s Anyway?" ; dent; Mrs. R. I. C. Just because they are working for ! sheepskins is no sign they enjoy the life of sheep. And a little larking now 1 and then helps teach The answer to this is simple and those in academic authority t ! : U t ; j J l ( iVJl.1. 1\. I , V.,. J ' l U U l , W t l J l L - «-.,...,...- - i i f i j . i i . i n r i L . a u i . I I l K . D U 1 1 1 U 1 J I J l U l C t o - w i t h one area of Western Europe j r ic | d M j r h secnnd vicc prcsjrton ,. practical. Soaked in cold water, pect the fact that these young t h a t they have largely Ignored the : M ,._ r-i,i nn r.;r n r,l i^-. n ,,, nn · a n d tied around a throbhins head, i "hones of tomorrow" hav» th. -'-r" - ! " '-"' u i'-1 neia, Mich., second vice president 1 i ^,.o^u m _uiu w u u : i . peci me iaci inai inese :-He told a special j o i n t rom-cn- I h n l '"cy have largely Ignored the : M| , S ciilop Gifford, Lexington ' "" tic " anmti a throbbing h e a d . j "hopes of tomorrow" hav tton of thc Michigan Legislature : C o m m u n i s t assault in many other K v , h i r r j vice ,, rcs jfi cn |. Mrs E ' , these farments w i l l help many a : quality of rebellion as well (sst night: ;sections of the g l o b e " L c c O / b i r n Oklahoma Cilv re- ! f p l l n w bono "P for h ' E f i n a l exams, mission. the as sub- '. "We now find some of thc If ad- j irs of one party openly endnrsin£ their own selection a. 1 : the nnminee 'of the opposition p a r l y . . . They · enccuraco segments of their rank I Th(v E l k m ' hnm(v Demonstra flld We to I n f i l t r a t e the o p p o M - j " TM 1 c l u h """' Wednesday a f t e r - ; Bon's ranks to influence t h e f e - ' no TM '· vth Mrs - Charles Brashears. i liction of its nominee for the pres- ! Twenty-sis members and seven j$ cnc y ! guef;ts attended Mrs. Billie ' Lee · "Thl's form of political conniving ! G r i f f i t h opened Ihe meeting, and if destructive 1o thc very essence j Mrs - Kiinn " Carrisran reviewed the ^ true rcpresenlalive g o v e r n m e n t ! " nolt "' J n c l - Mrs - EIsi( ' Ho °d l»d and sets Ihe stage for the e m e r - ! l h c PTM.TM'- Mrs. W a d e Barron led fence upon the American scene o f i « r o " D sincmg. T h e members vot- fte ugly threat of « m i l i t a r y I'"' '" mcel at l h e church next llgtf t, Wednesday to make quilts for tor- " He made no specific reference I ll! " 10 v i c l l m s M "' M "y Jane cording secretary; Miss E t h c l F o s - I Thcy bcal a l o w p l a " hollow, ter, Slerling City, Texas, treasur- i These nocturnal forays into sororities prove that. They are in to any political party or candidate. I Sen. Dwight D. Eisenhower is the ! Baker, assistant home demonstration afeent, spoke on nutrition and gainst the "political cnnniv- I ^. . . . -: ! Mrs. «nly'military man now a presi'dcn-i flom TM slr! " rd the me ° K f l a t i n tia! candidate f n r starc h. Mrs. Hilda Bonnell re- -· M a c A r t h u r ' p a u s e d for cmpha- roivrri lh(1 mystery package, and Ht both before and a f t e r he spoke M r s - victor Jon " an a nniversary ~" B i r t h d a y presents went to Ida Worley and Mrs. Griffin. Games prizes were won by Mrs. Jim Carter, Mrs. Cora Stokenbury. MIT.. Elsie Ammison, and Mrs. G r i f f i n . Mrs. Brashe.-vs was as- tided hy her daughter. Mrs. Earl Stokenbury. The next regular meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Jim Carter w i t h Mrs. Hood a? co-hoslffs. Elsie WHITE SIDEWALL TIRES! Just Received Some NEW AIR RIDE WHlfE WALL TIRES BOB STOUT'S SERVSCE STORE 1M NO. COLLEGE PHONE 2E6 The Arctic ocean has ! low salt carrying a token--usually a glove Uil.."".- er; and Mrs. A r t h u r Crom, S a n ] Tl| ere is historical precedent for! essence nothing but a mild revolt Diego, Calif., director for juniors.'""?l n the d "5' s of chivalry the [against the boredom of the com-- k "'Kht always rode off to battle) a/atlTBlace which weighs upon us Folk Festival To Be Held Al The University The fourth a n n u a l Arkansas folk festival will be held Chicken Said One Of Best Buys In Sfores This Week (B.v the AP) Chicken prices fell this week as heavy supplies burdened many 1 t h c l marketing areas. .Reductions of a. much as eight cents a pound brought price? to the lowest levels in several years at competitive retail stores in' some sections. Most pork items were on the way up, however, with loin cuts advancing two to 14 cents a pound. This trend is seasonal, | since marketings of the fall pig University June i.1 and 14, it was announced today by Miss Mary Celestia Parler, secretary of the Arkansas Folklore Society and a member of the University faculty. The program will open at 8 p. m., J u n e 13, with an address by Harry Ashmore, executive editor of the Arkansas Garelte. The lecture w i l l be given in the ballroom · , ,,. of the Student Union. Thc a n n u a l . "°P are f a " l n f ! n f f anri t h c n c w business meeting, i n c l u d i n g lhc , spring crop won t go to the butch- election of officers, will be held at j cr5 u n t l 1 fa "' 10:30 a. m. Saturday in the game! Except, for localized specials in room of the Student Union. .' a . fTM' items, particularly steaks,' Performances of folk songs, hal- ! r ' n roasts and pot roasts, beef was lads, and dances will be presented : n bout unchanged from last week, from 2:30 to 4:30 p. m. S a t u r d a y ' " 5 w(?1 'e veal and lamb. - - - i ' n '^ e S |udl?n ' Union ballroom. | Chicken shipments, particularly .content compared with other seas : The program arrangements are ' broilers anri fryers, are expected j bcrause of the many American ! being made by Mrs. Jack Carlisle, | to average about 25 per cent high- I and Asian rivers flowing into it, I Used by thousands in reducing ilets--Jungo's Roman Meal bread. 11-19-tf major store chain said the situation could ease gradually and reach a supply-demand balance about mid-June. Woman, ChW Hurt In Freak Auto Accident Rogers- (Special) -A 19-year-old Monte Ne woman and her 26- months-old nephew remained in Rogers Memorial Hospital today, suffering from injuries received yesterday when the woman attempted to catch the chijd as he fell from the seat of her car, lost control and struck a tree. Mrs. Bill Bridges suffered a broken left wrist and severe lacerations when she was thrown -hrough the windshield as her car tt GALLON Vanilla, Ice Cream 63c Holland IrM. locker Man* I SEE A MOVIE AND ENJOY YOURSELF O Z A R K NOW SHOWING 1:25 - 3:25. 5:25 . 7:30 - 9:30 RAY MILLAND Ktlena Hugh CARTER F,rr«, TUCKER · CARTOON* P A L A C E FRIDAY SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE WITH CARTOON! Exc'Hng Spact Adventure! "LOST PLANET AIRMEN" struck a tree three miles north of I Pfc. James~Lyons, son of Mrs. i Tale Drummond, has returned home after nine months in Korea. He landed at Seattle, Wash., ^nd will spend a 30-day furlough h«re before Camp Chaffee. Mrs. George S. Valliant of Albuquerque, N. M., and Mrs. Burl Winn of Valliant, Okla., were guests of honor Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. R. Page. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ben DuPar, Mrs. Edna Brainerd, Mrs. George Korsten, Mrs. Norman Aimer. Mrs. Janice Krause, Mrs. E. A, Hbbbs, Mrs. Maude Duncan, Mrs. Ida Muir, Mrs. Harry Denton, Mrs. Tony Hiatt, Mrs. J. E Bernstein, Mrs. LaVada Burns and Mrs. Ed Larsen. Mrs. Charles Reed and daughter of Coqville, Ore., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Connor Mugley. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Parks and children have moved to Fayetteville. , Many places within the Arctic ircle sometimes have summer temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or over. Tonite ARE YOU SHORT-WINDED? Saturday If you ore ... don't come. Thii pie- 7:45-10:07 lure makes 'em hold their breath! ROD CAMERON ADRIAN BOOTH FORREST TUCKER ""·· ·-·Added Fun ·A-Fifth Column MOUM *D«p«r«do.i of IV i ·11 DRIVEi IN Guam has been sion since 1808. a U. S. posses- EVERYTHING M , . nUMBINO and SUPMIB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. lisle. A public address by Quincy j prices continue long, according to Wolf, a member of the faculty of i Ihe Poultry Southwestern University in Mem- i Board, phis, Tenn., will close the festival. He will speak nt 8 p. m., Saturday suffer heavy losses if present and Egg National The Department of Agriculture urged customers to stress both resident. in the Union ballroom on the life ; chickens and citrus fruits ' in their of Fent Noland, pioneer Arkansas shopping this week because of the plentiful supplies and thrifty prices. Asparagus also was high on the most-plentiful-foods list this week. Potatoes continued scarce--even iti Maine, the biggest potato producer. However, new crop supplies were beginning to trickle to R.O.T.C. Equipment Inspection !s Held A Signl Corps inspection team from Fourth Army Headquarters, i distant markets f r o m ' C a l i f o r n i a . Fort Sam Houston, Texas, has completed a two-day inspeclion of Signal Corps equipment at the University Army R. p. T. C. unit. The team, consisting of James j R. Wannall, Rex L. Passmore, and ' R. J. Campbell, has just inspected all organized reserve, National , Guard and R. o. T. C. units ir» i Arkansas, and from here will go i to Oklahoma for similar inspections. Alabama and a h a n d f u l of other states and a produce buyer for a the child home to care for it during the illness of Mrs. Patton. The Courts Circuit Court James Walling pleaded guilty and received a suspended 10-year sentence for uttering and was sentenced to three years imprisonment on a charge of forgery. BOWL FOR PLEASURI Jim Benton Bowline Lanes--Adv. Atnrttae IB IB* TORS--It H ;i WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP PRICES ARE BORN HERE AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Open Eath Evening 'Til 9 CMIM Mt and krawM trniiK. I«y tormt, tmt lurhlnf. S * H HILTON BROS. DRIVE-IN FURNITURE Hlwir 71 NHIh I If youVe tasted todays SCHENLEY ... you know it's the best-tasting whiskey in ages! B L E N D E D W H I S K E Y S 6 P R O O F . 65* G R A I N N E U T R A L SPIRHi SCHENLEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW YORK. NEW YORK ·- AND OPEN 9:45 ON SATURDAY ROYAL FRNDAY SATURDAY DOUBLE-FEATURE PROGRAM ACTION i LAUGHTER "MAGNIFICENT BRUTE" VICTOR MCLAUGHLIN COLORED CARTOON Western Adventure! "GOLD RAIDERS" GEORGE THREE O'BRIEN STOOGES N, EXCITING SERIAL I I A D M UAKK ENDS TONITE ·CARTOON* STARTS SATURDAY »LATE NEWS. BEHIND SEALED LIPS . THERE'S OFTEII A SHADOW OF SHAME AND DISGRACE' 'OHN DEREK · IEE J COBB - JODY UWRANCE lli« tAT. k SUN * liM.Jill.lilS.Till.jhll · I Same wonderful features you'll find in the most expensive custom-made covers. Perfect fit! They hold t h e i r shape! They w e a r a n d w e n r ! A n d m a n , they're S H A R P L O O K ING! Fords, C h e v r o l e t s , Ply m o u t h s , Pontiacs in stock now. Others nvafl- n h l e on s p e c i a l o r d e r basis. See them today at THE SIGN OF SERVICE 1» NORTH ILOCK ST. Ttora vtt · y«M| fevytr MM* F« WWw »r Mdr hn kw Im It* ttu. Then I got Conoco'* NEW 123 miles No Wear Service! NOW Lawyer Pace wins every case . . , thanks to one of the greatest services ever offered the motoring public--a service that helps engines last lor.ger, perform better, use less gasoline and oil! It's exactly the same service that kept test cars new in Conoco's spectacular "50,000 Miles--No Wear" road test! In that famous 50,000-mile test, with 1,000-mUe drains nnd proper filter service, test car engines showed no wear" of any consequence; in fact, an average of leu than ' on« one-thousandth inch on cylinders and crankshafts. Gasoline mileage for the Last 6,000 miles was actually 99.77^ as good an for the first 5,000. Now you can get this same 1-2-3 "50,000 Miles--No Wear" Service, at your Conoco Mileage Merchant's todayl HILFS YOUR INGINE LAST LQNGIR, PERFORM BETTER, USE LESS GASOLINE AND OIL! OiPW-CONTINENTAl OIL COMPANY HERE'S CONOCO "50,000 MILES-NO WEAR" SERVICE Al prop«r ml.rvoh, Your Conere Mitogt Merchant wHk Q Drain cut grit and «ludg., preferably while'the engine U hot! Q RdcondlfioF all air and ell f!ltw«! © Fill Ihe crankeaie with great Canoce Super Melor Oil. 1-2-3 Scrrict Available At F. 0. "BUD" PAGE CONOCO SERVICE STATION College At Center Glen LudwickConoco Station DickiM At Locuit Best in Lubrication FOSTEP CONOCO STATION 124 W. Mountain Franks Conoco Station Mill St. At Huntiville Rd. Motor ml Chassis Steam Cleaning

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