Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 16, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 7
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LEGAL NOTICES ·--»... J CONSTITUTIONAL AMENOMCNT NO « ·* n _. BES(H -vBi ot "' snit * * the sut* ot Arktnii* *na DV in* Home of RfprMpnIitlvei. · Mamrirv of All m* M*mb»rf ElrclwS to Enrh Hnui* AtfTeeini TVrefo: · That ttlf fnllnwlnf lit ntreby orr POMO «· an «mfn(1m«»Tii IB th* Con- ·Hfiit.on of thr Slit* of Arkunnis. ind upon hrtn* *uhmitt«i to the eltvtnrt of tn* SUf* for approval or ffjpcnnn ·t ttif next Bpn^rnl eli»rflnn for R*mi»- ·tyitatlVM and Senatftrn. If * matorltv of ttia elector* vntinc thereon at ·»ch an elertfon adnnt *urh amend, rnent. the *sme shall brrrtror a cart ot the Con 11 (tuticr. of the State of Arkansas, tvwlf: SECTION I CommlMion Created-- Mtmbeei--Poweri. There Is nerehy created · State Hlehwav which that) be vested with a!) ttre pnweri and duties now or nereaHer Imposed ht law (ot the administration of the Sfate Hiehwav Department, together with all noiveri neremarv nr nrooer to enahle the Communion or any ot Hi officers or emPlnvrrn tc carry out fully and effective reeulatlonii and law* relattrm to State Hlfthwav Ioar1ment SECTION 2 Qualification? and Ap. point mem 61 Membtri--Termt ol Office of Flr«t Commission. Within ten flays after the convening of the General As«mnlv. nf the State ot Arkanpa* In thp Tfar 1953. the CSovernor. b.v and *'iln the advice and consent nt the Spnate. Khali appoint five persons who LEGAL NOTICES FOR SALE--ROME NEEDS $17.000 in the y«r IMQ. JI8.000 in the year IMI. J1S.SOO in th- year 1M2: $19.000 In the ytfir 1M3; il5.5W) In the year 1M4; $13.000 In the year 1W5; SI 1.500 In the year 1MB; $12.000 in the year M7; 112.500 In the year IKR $14.000 in the year 1969$16.000 in the year 1810: The bonds .will he callable at the option of the Diitrict on notice publisher, for nnr- iniertion in a newspaper of getter*! circulation in the , Slate of Arkanins at leant thirty (30) "ays before the dale nf call in in- verv numerical order, at par anfl accrued interest, on any interest pay- . .,, ,, mg date, up to and includmc Jnn- ... _ .. nary ir,. 1957. only. from any surp'ua. We Deliver. t ,.,,, *K£", a 3, IIS ZVW'.n-'.'n 1 ; UM £TM , °«°f·. BASEMENT 4 - " .vear after there has been set aside a , H!?? T. rl « id ? lre "'r.ig.eramr sum sufficient to service the said Mandinc Fpyettcville School Dl«m ^o J of Washington County, Arkan- , ^ . -- - «a ( . r-,'-, and 27, Contraction Bond i .."f'ST M - . . $«5 00 dated January 16. 1MO, and from anv !, 2 5 endlx """""atic washer s 79 (K - · - ' ""ed Montgomery Ward washer S 1300 WALNUT rlmelte wOiew" ,,,. H ,o dinette set. 51260; white kitchenette act. drop leaf table. laM-n mower. $6.00, bed divans. 51?tf,o and $24 60: coffee tables. $.1 50 and $4 SI) while kitchen cabinet with tnillt-m flour lifter. S13SO. Lloyds TrndinE POST. Hlfhway 71 South. 100 yards South Purdy's_Slore. WE~ HAVE GLAMORENE the New Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. Phone 246 T iside a t"t""j " "·"" llltr »cimjerainr S 4000 d nut* Used Servel ·"* re'rlncrator . S 69 00 Sttr^t ' SC 5 9 E Hectric «/rig e rator S R9 00 irkan d larie Serv(1 S»" refrig. fQR SALE-- MlSCKI.LAVFOr'H maple I 191] the 81ir Pli" collectioni of the fwo 121 m i l l . ""J JJ" 1 builrilnP fund tav r* n « In ^n,- _ IJI S« t.t A r e qualified electors of Ihe Stair constitute the Slate Hieh for terms of two. foi Hiehwav Com · nrt ten vears resnec-tlvely The terms of the oerioni so apnnintea usiaii he nptermlnpd by lot The Commtfl'lon- ers to be appointed from the Stata at larff; provfrled. hnu«vrr 'hat no two Commfssfoneri nhall be appointed from any glndc Congressional Dls- trirt. x In the event of rejection by the Senate of a person whose name has been to submitted, the Governor thall within five dav« after rereint O f writ- len notice from the Secretary of the fiennfe of such rejection ?uhmit the rame of another annointee to fill p»ch vacancy. In the event the Governor fhmilrt withtn five.days thereafier fail tn apoofnt or fall to submit to thp Srnaf.- for conftrmatfon ihe name of any arrsnn to he nnDmnfed. the Senate Shall oroceert to make Ihe appointment of its-own choice SECTION 3 Terms of Office of Nemfaert. Upon the expiration of the tnrremnz terms ot satrt Commissmnrrs. a successor shall he appointed hv the Governor tn the manner .orovlded for in Section 2 for tt term of ten v*pr.« v.hirh term of ten years shall thereafter he for each, memhcr of the · Commission SECTION 4. Removal of Memh«r« --Heannft-.Review and Appeal. A Com- rnissionpr may tie removed bv the nnvernnr only for the same causes a« nnplv to other consiilutlnnal officers after a hearlnp which mav DP reviewed ny Jhe Chancery Court for the First District with right of appeal thprefrom to the Supreme Court, such review and anneal to ne v-'ithrrjl nre- Btimotion in favor of any finrtinR DV the Governor or the trial court anrl provided further, tn jHrlttion to the r;pht of cnnfirmahon heremahov* re- pirved to the Senate, the Senate mav upon the u-ritten request ot at least Five 151 of itd members that a member or members of me Commis should ot removed thrrelrnm. uhrn In teision. lo npar anv evidence Dertlnent tp the rpasnns removal The member building fund tax remaining in any j year after there hai been «et aside i a sum fiifficlent to service the naid I nutBtandine Fayetteville Srhnnl Dis| trict No. 1 of Washlnifton County Arkansas. 2", and 2;% construction Bonds, dated November 15. insi. and I on any interest pay inn date thereafter, the bonds of ihis issue may be called nt the option of the District in inverse numerical order, at par and j accrued interest from any available flirt ··!·;. | "'he Board o! Directors will provide. , by resolution that 'the District will call fnr prior payment ihe outstanri- inc FaypttevilJe School District No. 1 of Washington County. Arkansas, l'i" nnd 2"- fjanst ruction Bonds, dated January Ifi, ]9."0 and the outstanding Fayetteville School District No 1 of Washington County. Arkansas 2'". and 2.| r r Construction Bonds, dated No- vemhcr is. 1951. only if at the fiame timr it calls for prior payment in the same proportion the construction bonds of this issue. Thr bonds will not be subject to conversion Thr District will pay all expenses in the issuance of the bonds, including the approving opinion of Ihe firm ol Rose. Meek. House. Barron Nash. and the purchaser may name the paying agent. Trust??, and the bank to certify Ihe bonds. A cashier's check in the sum of S5.2(if) mint accompany Ihe bid or b? deposit with ihe S t a t e Depart- mont of Education, tn be the District's liquidated damages j n case the j bidder fails to mnkf good its bid. and to be applied to the purchase price if it gets ihe bonds, and otherwise I lo be relumed. For further information, communi- ! ca'e with Virgil T. Blossom. Super- i inlcndcnt of School*. Fayetteville. Arkansas. Herbert A Lewis Secrr-lary of Fayetteville School District No 1 of Washing! Used diane Used bicj ·asher S 59 ftli s ijftri S liOOO -. FORD 2 door, by owner Sfc Raymond Davis at Western Auto in KayiMtcvillf between R a jn and .'i :i1 p m or phone KOS IxMwcen same ""pACKARD-WILLYr" Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. · 208 North Block LOOK!! BARGAINS TODAY 1950 Buick Super 4-door. Radio i; ' ri1 WLKJI; 'j t"u pn-knn nr n and hea,e, N,ce one. | ^^^±; y ~ rt ^ ' ff ANTED TO BUT wAVFrfriK-VTitiirr ,11 klrld , -£,7. son Bu.Tiiiiiih. :3J Etll Prospect WANT lo~hm C-|rn7rTaF~Spor oisF IJiiM Mntnr Cn Spring.lair, phone "WANTED PINK HOOT SI 2S por l.b S N A K E ROUT «·"" HIT 1 b K A N S A S BLACK S N A K E HOOT Jlr I)Mivprci1 Si l.«uis lrv and Ck-ai. U l . A R A N I F r n until May :n U5j nr lonrcr W n t r fur Ficc Pnr(. h:si of 1MIIC1 Itmm HiTlis ll.crk- MINNER- DONZEI.O'l Cn Ik-pt 2 131 Soutti ^ NOiTHWBT MKANtAJ TIMIS, Ny^Hvlll., Arkamm Friday, M« y u, 1M2 FOR SAI.f. OH TRADE nANiY""Vnmi| " t ' " with hrrtilrr capnnty arouml fllrv.Pr Wntr f\t\ K-HI. '-Time imd DEM ING WAT IK SYSTtMS SAVE MONEY TIME a*d LABOR Fig. 2090 Marvel Counly, Arkansas. i 9-16-2.1-c ! NOTICE $136.00 F A Y E T T E V I L I E Plumbing Healing Co. 310 NORTH WEST PHONE 730 E 1949 Ford Club Coupe. R a d i o ! and heater. Very clean. 1948 Chevrolet Flaetline. All the '· extras. ] 1946 B u i c k Sedanene. Radio and heater. 1946 Ford Club Coupe. Radio and heater. Very nice. 1946 Chevrolet 2-door. Radio 1 and heater. 1940 Chevrolet Club C o u p e . Nice one. 1950 CMC !;-lon. 1947 Chevrolet Vz-ton.'- -, . . I'll buy yourveaf~-'''-* · or soil you mine. CARL'S MOTOR SALES PHONE 3 2 1 1 Three miles south Springdale Highway 71 Knnlrn ire f'h j J. I-'raine lirovf nim; w i t h fpnrrdTlwn Tplr fur lnri,'.?r home space Will pay dlf- · 2.1fijJ "I e«n't wail t« hear th* lauad of OUR chitdrvn running thru th« houtc." i mtnil.KR li r. . . : OR buy. . '"V-Tirncs 3" BKUItOUM' tnoiioni "suhurbn'rV RefcrctHTS Wnic Box K-9(t. FOR RENT-- MISCELLANEpriS ~ ~ MII itp month, i'hnnn 1093 ONE room npnrttncnt. Pri nnd entrnncc. .in^ Jtinhla j)21. - BEDROOM nnnrimrnt I _rcnt Utlllticft nnirl. IKUUJ. .1 ROOM'iiicVly fuVnlnhrd i^Tfi nn North CuMege. Private bath, pn- vnlc rn1rai,L-i'_ Phone JR57M. AI-AHTMENTS" nmi ili-rpmR "ron~nTi June first. Ccnirnl loratinn. rhone APARTMENT." avnTrnMr"~Tiine~fir7i" siidltNise for ,1 months or rent pfrm- """_"_' '·' * J *"_i^_ j fincnUi'. Phone 2,'if*i)R COMPLETE servlcp for sliTlTivfiSmi flJflNISHED an:irtment"."Ncar "nduivre" ·hin.n. Incluriins dinner plate*, salnrl I Adults. Phone .187. *q»are. (onnhle MAKE UP TO $2,000 A YEAR IN SPARE TIME OWN A NUT ROUTE Route already set up t.» Requires 3 hours a week. Must have cor. Investment of Only $750 Present owner graduating. Machines relatively new. List references. Give phone No. Write Box K-89, care of Times FOR 8AI.K-REAI. ESTATE j FOR_SAXE_REAL ESTATE h-nr-s ONE of Spi hrrfrnn riiihr.! In arldiiinr. Plfld Can he ttcjn i~V HnnVh., m{!i:F print on Hi^liwny 45 'ONE WAY~f"6 LOVE 1 ,,,,,,. , aicr-Saturday. i. orot-ped. j WANTED to huy-Clean G £ T 'fP prices for your furnilurp. Window The- b^ 1 ? 88 "** 1 ' to onr 5nle P^nne 17TO. | nillnn Brus. Auction House. SMALL house, modcr i GOOD iyrrrhnhy~i)nT|~^ti~kani-"wet nnilrcss_PJione J8IMJ. J GROCERY rtOf-k/'uMth'orwiThntTrfix"- lurc-s Rent huildinK wilh ICP h-mie and livmp quarters. One inilr soulh of HpriTiKilnle on South 71 and cant HH intfrsi-rMon.__ Jim's Grnrnry 2 FINE hVifpM.'nn*. l,roM~n J Pr *ey on- Holstnn. 2 rose rnlnrei! riijjs flxi* anrl Pxi;,. ()np snlld wahmt hnirh nhinpt. nnr solid u-fllnut !,Mmnm Miiip. DniRv ohurn. milk pai! milk p-ins. Me. John W( . 712 South Col- modoni ho'nieTMTM SmiTh Phone 2«HJ2. V n r n n t J u n r nd K* him*-. livinn r.fjm. I t'ortsr ! SERVICES OFFERRP EXCAVATING - BULLDOk..TM - 1 ONDS - ROADS - CLtARINO OLIN KARNES AND BLLIS WILSON 3Io2W 241IJ lUN-TILl Venetian blindi and *lLim(. num window icrecni mcf «wnin|» Tree M*.im»ttl. Gih« Corp«r. 441 South Lnru»t Phone' 1011 Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake i t-. _ Ponds - Roads - Clearing ^^"ir^Kr^r 1 ;^^ H ' H - JONES, Contractor I Smithtt-i-si pin of rliy. plione IMS ! ft37 E. Lafayette, Box i43 L 1 . Sta. ' ' " '" --~Sl£21^SSuiJiS!iSXiIil^^ FOR SALE--RKAI, JESTATI RANCH" TYPE ·ash phon 2126. -- ars Spnt Motor Co., Springdcile. "NICE OPPORTUNITY!" wnnpe removal is so reaueMed «tiall , ---"-- --TM---TM~»- HP entitled to br neard in the mait*r i RiicivFfiQ r»Pin.»TrTVtTV ano to be represented oefor* the Pen- BU »I«ESS OPPORTUNITY ate ny legal Counsel These proceed- in« conrtucted bv the Senate shall he oubllc tnd n transcnpi of the testimony so neard shall he prepared · nd preserved in the murnal nf the Senate. The takinR of evidence either orallw or by deposition shall not De- bound b.v the formal rutei of evidence. Upon the conclUFion nf the near.HE the Senate, slltlne as a body tn executiv,? «essmn, may remove ?airt member or members of the Commission DV a majority vote conducted DV eecret oallot. SEC"nON 5 Vacanciei-FHIing. Vacancies on the Commission due to resignations, dea'.h cr remcvai fhail be filled by annmntmem of the Governor for the unexpircri term «,-lthm thirtv davi Irom the date ot turn ·ancy Uoon failure ot the Governor to fill the vacancy within thirty dav, the remain) ne rnrnmissloners shall make the aopolntment for the unex- pired term. SECTION «. The Commission snail · DDOtnt a Oirertor of Hlftnwayi wno thai] nave such duties at mtv oe liroscnbed Dy the Commission or by ·tatute APPROVED: March 20. 1951. Seuietaij of State C. G HAU_ PHI LCD" REFRIGERATORS AT BARGAIN PRICES One fl ft. vSr-rvel Gas Rcfriccralor Speed Queen Wash-up Machines EASY TERMS WANTED'from private party. $ fiSO 00 , . ^./ioi , r .«^i» vrimcs rt Sccurlty - Write Box K - 9 2 -| CLIFTON LUMBER CO West Fork. Ark. TO start your own liltlp profitable business No experience is necessary , You can star* with spare or full , ·^-' w vws«w«*-». e to first feel your way and e x - 1 CHINCILLAS -- _ DEBUTANTE COSMETIC^ FULLER BRUSHES. PHONE 1548 ,1'fui nay HIIU (.·.'i- | VI pand as earningp justify. A reiiahle .-- -Dun and Bradstrpet rated firm will ! «QW nvallal /ated firm will - - rcspnnfiible individual from this arr.T to rpprp»;ent our products distributed fhrnugh new automatic merchandising machines. An investment of only 1600.00 In 20 initial nncnines and merchandise is required t o - s t a r t you. When you can add additional equipment and in- vrn*nry for rxpandin?. One of our items is a new rhlnrophyll Gum lypc ^ limited Ruppj quality ChinchHlas. Registered fJ7 C.'fi \ isitors wclromp Free literature See at Clyde Timhrook, 518 Cuntcr! DOGS--CATS--PETS PUI'PIKS. Hachshund. Chihuahua I' :,^IP Tucsdny. May M"7"n,ilrs Southpasl nf Fayptloviilr .1 n,,'., ens! of napiiKt Ford. «ne mile nonh 01 Yank Wnldon plnrc. : K nnt\ milk rows, nnorl ic.Tm hnrscs. farm inol^ furniture. misrHlanennK Saip »t,nri- inj; 10 n. ni HrrhTt Mitchell mvnrr Oltip Tnchctt nnd Hnu-c HonH. auc- I3KiP _l)cfnre ; : Rni)M ' ho»iw on Mission Rtrret riij.iir J9F.7. H n r t n n . hiith Utiiiiifs paiti. 2nn West Spring* itiJOMS. imtiirmshrfl. nvatiaole now, : and - rooms, furnished available , phone- | _.Iiiric It__rhnnc .1031. i 2 "nKDHOOM " house Amplr " closrl uparp huil t'int. vend inn hiinrtu hnrrivood floors, flnnr furnace. Mld- \vny I IP t worn I own and collctc _A_vnj_lal)lc June f i r s t Priori* ^fifl MODERN' 4 room h'ou«p"'62"Highway" ^PlionG 237[W. 4 ROOM unfurnished" ""'ground' Tloof npartmenl Phone 29S6M4 COHNKh'wiishlnRton and Lafnyeitf beautiful apartment unfurninhni. Two hrdroomi hnrdvood Jlonrs. tile hnlh_ Phone .insfiJ. ^Vli* w n , iC M V [ urn '" n ~ r " ( '~"V^rT,7n7. 12^ West Menttow. Srhool "" \ ROOM ri Innil. n;ilur;il um cl f|l w a t e r . ^ 'id') hrrt nice yard, trers nhniha .md n"ower« -Init on' of (,'itv linnti. Prii-f S*i n:n --. ACRES. 7 nilleii Univrii'y » mil^n Rprinrdale. good .-11 rontrn. t rnmn modern hriiisc gun^R? ' nm hrniler caparity largi- t.arn. ·lock pond 2W) piiiu-la Ix-ginninw to J 8i no\v C»«h $2..SfW Pr,t-e Jfi vm J. P. PETTEY PIONEER HF.AI.TV ' Phone 914 H i g h w a y 71 South In SprlngrJalf, Ark ARE you a prniipertivo' hoinf hu\er' 1 have a new .1 hedronrn hcrne w i t h t laragn. on larg* lot G' ( od roiixtnie- : tion, nicely arranged ntnm* r\- \ crllcnt plumbing, on r l t y srwrr mn- i nvcilnn. Plfniy of nicr xharlr rlo*.- : to gride and nrw lush ichool Will lell for acluat ro»l. rhone 13)IW for HOUSE BARGAINS FOR QUICK SALE Seven-room houje. .. . J1JOO- Five-room houie $1000 Two-room house . . . . . $ 300 Garage bldg., 4 1 x 2 J . .$ 77J Buildings oil located ; . West and new Highway 71' Phone 28I3-J-2. : ppoint ON HICiMWAY 62 WEST FOUR- room home ^i (eii. elertricltv Arr w**t ,5 hecommK ni'i J*s» and i{c on Mv f2 vntushlt- nn-l All aluminum. Sec Jess Williams. ?'! North School. KELVINATOR rcfrigcratVr," likc"~ne~\v. _CalI 2Z7_or see at 540 Fnst Prospect. .,, HORSESHOf; lunrh Voun"|pi~'R dininK ' -- ·--- tnh!o». one stcnm lahle and inJuccl- I b -"P 01 : 1 ."lodern housi Inneous work tahlnn Croij^liton'fi HIG brnnzp hnijy href "tiirkry ZK* T. H AndruF, Iluntsvillr. Ark luuie_lJKW. fOR good riuanry~~onk~noorln| see Henth Hnrdwnod Co Phone 2fi5. Silver'' mile South. W ton's Kennel. Highway 7; ork road. Items is a new rhlorophyll Gum ivpc -JT11 TM" m product, whlrh is receiving BO much ! ^* w "' wvs ^~1 *««^^*-'-^«.--s nniional publicity. Thi^ is an op- f OR RALE--LIVESTOCK portunlty well worth your fullest i ^^^^ _. .. ; ^ portunity well worth your fullest ^7^; invesliRation. For personal inter- ,J1 view, nrite. Riving your qualifies- | J r n ' tionR. name, address and phone num- * ,,_,/ hrr to Mr. Wiggins. Pres.. INTER- ' ' rnrWG c L O «*^ ! _^?_Sg^Mam Street. Carthage^Mo. ( Of School Bondo ky I SINCLAIR service station. Good goih'g District He. 1 ! ,JiiJi!J£SXx.J2ivw^^ - heifer freshen ^rlmg reRistcreri .Jersey hull e numher J9. 4 miles north^.. ^ ^., g.' re r 5fj- Arthur Bailey CORPORATION, j A y^£ S T thorouRhhred'iprTnili'nF Hol- , REMEMBER to Ret those Rood old R Xi H Green Stamps nt Castling and Russell EMO Service Station, fi miles North. Highway 71 Notice Of Sale . Fayettavilte Sent,.. _.,,,._ Of WHhingten County, Arkana* ( Notice is here^y pivcn that Kay- PERSONAL e'teville School District No. 1 of Washington Counly. Arkansas, will Bell for cash at public: auction to the highest bidder at a meeting of It* Board of Directors to he held at n.00 ,_,, May^ias^at^he^^^^ TRAXSPORTATTON WANTED itendent of Schools, in Fayettrville.' KNOW anyone comirlg from or going j _ I272W. . SADDLE "horse. c.vreTl^nT'j^r'chiTd or | _\vgrnan. Phone_:i7.1J. FIVE purobred Snam-n milk conTs. One Alpine W P BoRnrri^ Winslow. Ark F'ekin "duckhngs. hatches. Cus- to California by truck. Phone 2069 ,"184 or write Box K-87. TrTimes. MONEY TO LOAN Arkansas, its $260.000 of nrgcitiah.e coupon constructltm bonds dated May 15. 1952, bearing interest at the rate of two and one-half per centum 12V] per annum from date, payable S=m«? nua "3i °. n i thr fifte ,l nth riaj ' o f ^ fHA HOME LOANS January and July in each vear and ; ·· i maturing on January is in "the 'year" i Ij ° w interest, long terms 1953 to 1970. inclusive. ' I UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. The bonds will be secured hv a ' pledge of a building fund to he created by resolution of the Board of Directors of the. Districl. which will direct that the amounts required t o ' pay the principal of ond interest on I the bonds each year be paid into the building fund that year nut of the surplus of the proceeds of a building fund tax of fifteen lift) mills continuing annual levy duly voted at the · annual school election of September' 2*. 1949. remaining fn each year after I there has been set aside an amount j DAY old goslingB." . , baby guineas. Weekly ,,«,- torn hatching Ancell Laws.m «, Hatchery. .3600 Uateway Drive, iin. Mo. FOR SALE.-AUTOMOTIVE Call E U Z A H K T H _ ? ? - _ E V E N l N G S nilUBARn for canning' ntiriI freezing. Hammonrtjre.c. Faimington FULL set golf rHiliK. bag and~T(f halls, brand new Hnl point dir;h\wHsher ·r been uncmtrd at ;i real h;ir- iricc. .See nr call Tom Price at UN1VEHSITV npnrtmpnU. YurniBhed'or unfurnished fnr Hummer ntudenti PARK vTEW" nparlmmitsrTii..... nnfiirnish'-n Bonrtix laundry »erv- . tr .?-H 1 l°P.eJ!'TJ. 3 HOOM and bath unfurnished~apiirT- rncnt. Newly Decorated, strictly prt- ···T- ROOM unfurnished aparlmen blork from University. $S7 :.f), LKSHT hous-k i _ b n t h Ulilitic-s | 2 ~ R O O M house! ~1I3 "fl Sn!urday,"flt ! NEW 2 bedroom d'uplcx. _ __ e|)inB room, 'nTxt To LOOK SPEGAL Tomorro Here Today And Ho, 191S CHEVROLET Fl Cadillac r-ngin SETTER bird dog pu"^ Two whorl Irnili-r -r x -2.nr_ E _ r ! i . i i_ Kniic K iif p f ! t ,, GIRLS green wool coat, rippnd MninR. size H-lfi years. 2 awim ainm. _J^ne_ ne^cr worn, 8lzo H4. Phone K£0. LAST rhnnci- in buy like-new electrical equipment f or l, prire or leas- One Hoipnmt. doubln-tivpn atnvp. one year old. S2?.'i nn: »nc ::0 cuhir foot Wes1inghnu»p romtnercial BI]U tivo door icr box. No defrosting 2 ye.irs old. ?.?5noO; onr 12 cubic- foot Kelvinator. 4 cnrnp.irtm t.V|] Cnrner Ml3Fion " "nWHebepca"' aUo : rpkK"nVri nir1 2 ' C(lr P ( "!i housp. 007 Leyrrrlt ..... R ood -^'--^LW.i^r^S^p^ni; _ _ Green Acres, j THRKE room furniaherl apartment ,, ! Jim off University rnmpus Glasicd- porch, large kitchen Nicely dec- Wilson Adams Addition ONE of ihe niri- homes in this coveted new addition It hai central heai. n I Inched |amgr and a fevtl lawn Ihil'i l«v»!x wlih plantlnfi. H t charmlni. Prle« |11,$M. tarly American A HONEY nf a little homt. near cam- pui on paid pave men t and direct flly IU.R Hot. U'| fxceptionilly huilt and ha* 4 roomc and attached f»- rajte with e x t r a itora«r Ifi nn i hcsuiiiu] lawn and has low intrreit tlnsncmf Location ti also convenient lo Leveretl School and County and Veterans Hoapltal. Only )l,tH. j Near Campu* AND rlty bus route, on paid pavement; a nearly new home wiih 5 morns, service porch, finished haie- ment, lovely Moon and door' furnace |ld,TH. 6 Room Brick $10,500 ON one floor, big fireplace, central furnace. le.vH lot, paid pavemcni Convrnient walk to moit tvery- Four Bedrooms JUST half blork Waihlniton Avenue on pnid p a v e m e n t , hlj l i v i n g loom nnd dining room. |ni fired fiirnici*. An abundant hom» in a top loca- t ion for $12,5ft. TELL UB what you want and If w* don l have it today we may hive it 'omorrow. : KOO.M h i miles Wesl wliK'Tiocirlcfi? Mr "' Mnry 10( s; p . , i ) now will hrpnrn* mor^ ft l'rif» nnh S.l.niW. itnd. ONLY ?snn down payment rerjuirrd If you ran pa rent you can buy thl*. McCONNEU AND COMPANY Krai Kil« ( f fieronrt Floor Knmm Iluilriine LOT at 707 South Wishlnftan nnr Jcfffmnn Srhool WxlJO 1 Ab«'.ract. Termi if desired PauJ Wlntari! jihnne I2.1fi ^ Ranch Style, Choke Location; 2 hathi. lar|« kitchen with break* faat room. l*r( living room w I I'-H iirrplnre and hcatalator. d I n i n* mom. paneled d»n. 2 car attached «nrage. utility room, wall to wall r^rprtinH 'hrouihout. btiaboird hot wairr rfldlnnl heallnf ·yitem. fully Insulnted a'. Northtiii corn«r Waih- inirton and Rebbeca. Owner l«tvln,J T E R M S land mil*! from : n;n!nil c»n ' All /--ncfd plenty hmisf bnrn nd|n 1 ACRES . highway 71 bi» pastured free nf water Fair 4 Fmall rh.rk*n hf ... _.. ...... .... telephone ax'ftiiabie A good placf to run lome ilnrk with * small In- vettmtsnt St.7.'ifl tolal price. $4fMl 01 down, balance 4 ~ . your own lermi i Art now I B-U-Y ONLY SI UO down B room modern I home and gnraRe on ' . nrre of Innd i al th* rdijr of Sprlngdale A I o \ e h · ; yard «had*d with several lari{« onk Ireei Fertile jfarrien «pnt Rfnlly a : fine place to live. Total price. ' BRIEFLY' ; 3 BEDROOM almoit new Fine teacher for grade and high school. Degree am! experience not ! necessary. Salary si?.300.0ft without decree nnd experience. Sinn on m- ! rn-ase per year for experience up to I 5 years. Contact Lenno Johnston at I Welch. Oklahoma. WANTED-MALK paper route. Coll 43 uTite to Box 4,1.1. " aftr; 30 of 2% Conitruction Bonds, dated January 16. 1950. maturing that year and the next six monlhs' interest, out of the surplus of the proceeds of n hiuld- ms fund tax of two (2) mills continuing annual levy duly voted at th'e annuaJ schoo; election of Soplemher ^3. 1951. remaining in each year after there has been set aside an amount ·ufficient to provide for the prin- cipil of and interest on ihe out.ltanrl- Ing Fay«tteville School District No 1 of Washington Coimty. Arkansas 2 r , KotembS- ^ 0 r9M U ma;;,r!n;1ha, d ; 1 ea f r' HELP WANTEollFEltiLE and the Brxt six months' interesi ~ "~ ~" nnd from any other legally pledReable inrome. nnd v/ill he f u r t h e r serured by a mnrtRase on its real propr-rty fixtures, and equipment. ?uhn-rt to prior mortgages, and will mature in the years and amounts, respectively ·s /ollnws. hut rnllahic on ihe terrni · hereinafter sprrif ' _ __ Fay YOUNG" MEN 18 NOT subject to d r a f t , single or free i to travel entire United States with j rhapcroned group Traveling ex- ' penses paid. Average earnings $7.VOo ! per week. For information write t o ' Mis-s B. B. Hunipreys. Box Iflfift ' _JTerre Haule.___Indiana BOY or man for bell boy~s"ht7irwaah- I inston. j - -- · ..Bine, iwm ! spot lights, blflck and shinv. __.. fornia special. I have a nirv line of cars and trucks to choosr from CARL'S MOTOR SALKS Highway"?! S ° Uth ° f SlrinKrlnle SLICK running !!141 ForrTpirVup""Rea- sonahle. Phone 1696.11 1950 CHEVR'oLEfTi' lonliTckiTp 1.00-) miles. HarriBon heater s j 075 oo j-^eu-JS Davidson. 74ft Wnnlaey ' Ml CHEVROLET~scdan" KoVrT'rn^roT Call 3n9i-L-3._ AS "LONG AT24" MONTH5 TO PAY «-n footl. 520(100. Cnn Ii- eeVn'ivt /CV nniifh. 0 miles East on 4.1 or iimp 2-door.V phone -1054W2 imittles. mm/usKD" 4 m'onlhT~r^~vM~nM-10 .S cubic foot Coldspot free7er. $ ITS 00 Cnn bo sren WashinRton Transfer WOOn7^nIv~?"ir,.ori Roirhah?d""wTr7. S') posts. $1200. GHR brooder stove ._S2iM)0. Phonp_1,15R. . ' FHRNITUHE.' niodcrrTllpik. TWO very nlre (hr f .p rnnrn apart- moim. Knch wilh p r i v a t e h.ith. nt-tv kitchen built ins. Dendix fncihties. highly polished floor* nnd etc See mp.inrncnt let- rrenni 'hr-in now and t;ik" your rhmc'e Holds 4fl't poun:l# } U; ir !Ii. n " n '' Hrally Company. Phone 7S3 KiOO. Cnn ho Ep-n nf nrinM^; "f/.r" r'ot.7 " ,,,^. ,,« nT. ~ jusl . R. E dmintt unite, lablo" top oil late model washing marhtni toasters, etc. 4:|0 photgun M _TVaton. West Fork. ^ PRACTICALLY new Leonard "rpfne"- ' PAPFRHAXCINC orator. 7 foot Good wool rujt with '"""" --' pad. Phone I'jj7 or see at 103 South ROOMS "for _^honr 29S.T NFWLY ilcrofntprl unfTirn^h'i-crSToom _jnpartinPtit. J'hone 27in-L-1. KIJRNrSHKb" d u p l e x " npafiment- _ Phone- 218 KUllNISHElJ~and"unJurniBhed apa~rT- mentB. One half block of ('nlvereily. Phone 248 V«^V^wSf^^*N^, , _ , , -,, »____^ SERVICES OFFERED _ PAINTJNG " AND~ DECORATING' Kuan JOHN L ROBERTS id males Satisfaction' BATES REALTY ·"MUf ·'··ll.r-T.k.jK.r.. 1M WILSON-ADAMS 4 bedrooms, rtouhlr rlosm in e t r h and brtaktatl room: lot's of builMnl "pncc In hllchrn for w.sher ind ";"· nil msulnlfd: rcnlnl htit fltlftrhtd Raraje. concrete rfrlvfway and patio Large level lot 72'xiso 1 '"KINCAID COMPANY ' 5WI IMj JMWI G.I.-F.H.A. EQUITY ~ MUST he seen lo appreciate This lovely two bedroom bimialnw has so many raptlvatmj features Poi:"h- ert hardwood floors, buillms. floor furnace. Automatic laundry faclh- f onr"" ! nrloll!d kl'fhen porch. Weal noor plan and imart decorations. HOME AND INCOME 8 BEDROOM home, hardwood flnori attached farage. m S(K) B ACPES. fair * room nomp on high way near town, ss 2sn INSURANCE .loom rire~-Aiito~CnruaIty See Us And flftve- - · NEWLIN.PdWEfrREALtY^ South 71 Sprlnndalt. Ark 200 Yeorj of Service 20,000,000 Pollcyholden 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for preferred rlilu" Get Ihe Fact. The Ritter Agency 16 Eo»l Center l E, tat , Phonp 913 SPRING SPECIALS --. painting. ... Will be Kind \ ELECTRIC "sewing marhine' exVellpnt i ALTERAT lONSr " s e w i n g ' condition, knechole denk model Lin- ' _ wonien's clothinc. Phon ,-nln T.i.:irfi.r «Tin., n i n A.,. oVjCRSTUrKKD furnlttiff Leader. ^Lincoln. Ark I 1 S R.Sftn in the year 1!).'..1- Sll.f.Ofl In thr year 10:,4 tJl.Sno in the year in:.V $!.·».son in the year 19.1R: yH.nno in the yenr 19S7; Jis.flrto in ihe year 19.iR: Slfi.non in the year IS.'iP; CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phoni Celled 2313 rf.Ttli.TiHt, Arkiniii Joplin Rendering Co. CHICK SPECIAL 8c each HEAVY MIXED 'ARKANSAS IroiUr Hatchery 1 J_ndiana_ . W O M A N to live on piaee."lorVk~afTer two small children and do light housrkeeplnf work Plensant llvmc rAnrtltlona. State age and reference!. [ ^T^JGu^L^iosJJili^ ! SALESMEN WANTED "PART TIME MEN" STUDENTS or presently employe-, mm Work V*l evemngii. SO 00 week earnings. Must have cnr See Mr Clark. Mountain I n n Moid, 7 p m Friday. SALESMAN--LncaF tprriFnry."""rnuit have ear. Drawing arrount for right mnn Sell (tiding, insulation, home unprovrment equipment. Morgan Kniplo.vir.em Agency. 402 Firit Na_ tJonnl_n(.nk._Fort_j:mith W A N T aiil^iinrin nnd Kalci. radiei~wMh rnr for rural talea work $.l.'o prr * ,.* y r * r ·""want-.* and commiiiton. Third 6 i Kp.infis'oi . I clrix G R A V K L . 4 : Wright I'OWKK and overdrive. Black finish. ' hSrr^p Extra clear $1 445 F0ri 9: '- T ,'49 Ford Tudor Cuslom. Radio-""(ive^'S i and heater and new seat | SAWMILL"." I covers $11 95 i U np ._. I M'' in : '48 Chevrolet 4-door Fteetmos- ter. Radio and heater. Vary clenn $995 1952 Chevrolet Pickup. Brand new. Under list price. Many other cars and pickups to choose from. - .. WE B U Y - S E L L - TRADE MAKE AUTO LOANS UNDERWOOD : 1 . Rood condition, $00.00. Paul Mc- Whnrter. room llfi-D, Businosp A d building. University of inart." Y, i;id. S A He"' 1 qu/ipt ~ n r i h j ri p.rk them " west of Grcathnurr Clear Creek. G A. Hen. 2I.HR "and and hath. Al»o, »«vi*n room hnn*.* with two kitchen* and two hathi L»r K « hou»* r f n t m j at SKS W per month Both houiei on largt lot iin. !"« at «nly 17.500 WJ Excellent prop- nution and excellent terms .U H .. n " u exceuen carprr . FOUR FINE ACRES 50 Chevrolet Tudor Fleetline -..'..n.i. Powerglide, rc,dio,' s^^,R If i s ,,,. while wall lires, new seal · nr " t '"rnish mn; : ravers and other extras. | -fnfAwnEFfWfe'l^' Beautiful black finish $1695 v" llr "m» '50 Chevrolet 4-door Flee Deluxe. Radio, healer and n e a r l y n e w tires. T a n _ . FXPnilFS.CED-i,iiSS. T m ly RM ,,, ^ . . , , · . . '" 95 ' ^XX^^'Z^Rl"'?, _Blrd Cafe _ 50 Ford Club Coupe Custom/ 1',,-k U,r^ kir/l 'o,. hkp o-me" KXPEiiiENr^n waitro»%"""Appi?""ih. Radio, heater and o v e r - ' Ihp r n f t ^ f "" h r " ! " ir "- " · " ··'· person. Wnshmfiton Hotel ; , . , MiDbTETgVd ladytoVare fo77Id7rTy I anve. Tu-tone green nnd lady and^Khare home. Gond talary ' black $ 1 5 4 5 ~YbT-N°G LADIES "Ts -~30~~ j /5 ° Ford 4 ~ door Cusl °^- Heate FREE to lr.-,vel California. Florida.' New ^ n r k . Washington, and enUre croup. TravelinR pxpen-ies paid, phis ' STS 00 per week drawing arrount f Must he neat and afrfrmsive Fnr I information write to Mis* B Humphreys, Box IftfiO. Terra Hi ing cleaned al your home Phone i AND a fine home ronmting of five rnrerfui j-oorni. hardwoori floorinr $$S°Xt C !°T" " nd hiill ""« ""*' other nice featurci. including . ma r, A - l CARPKNTER Aiiditfnn.' repair, fe- morichnjr Rout references C L. Mr_____ Panic). 21H1J. _ pick : wrLlTvjo' 'tiaby " s i t t i n g in niy hnnTfi fi p m. r-vrrv d'iy cxri'pt Run- nc ?5S1 I, -2 nfirr 5 HO p m afir ads delivered". ?6 00 i s;iw. ' horscpriw ·ondiimn VV.Kid h'irr.ti !on elepinr hoi u.nt Ic-ally new. Ph»ni; lie . . .\ Slreft. ! ' MATIRE5S R E N O V A T I N G Cnllnn Mallrriics Built Inlo fiiinr.inlrfd Innrr-iprlnRS Hnllj-wrmn llrrt. Matlr To Orrttr ONE DAY SERVIfF--l'HOXE J77i Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. u-n Sr 62 HIGHWAY^tOCAToN 11 INSErt'.lii.i RMt'il V.,inrol" H.'.ni'r- aml slnrk ^pr.T- fhll wnir n.rj-!i.;*h (ll-alrr K 7. C.l)". 'IIS-W-I. R'uill: TROl";'r~iolrt "'lirny~J'hnnr .1201 O7.ark 'J rniu Farm Call H I. Kl'rw.... Rooflnf Cnntrador ' "f'rfClT"D"KiGlNG" " ~ HKITIN(iS--w n 11! r. ««« and stw«r irs. scptlr tank liOi'cs DiKKinit back Illllnc Call 2»28 live* nr\ri a vln 24-HOUR SERVICE ON | »rhml, Thn attrarllvr 4 rw.m hum alow i, ,t r ! P ,| y mod , rll s ,,| lnj , ,.1,1 ! '-' M ? n Complftrly furnlshr' «i'l n ,' u " m ''' rn ' tu " "' """" "'" Hammond Realty Co. J^'^.^sj-- 1 »» Wh^rWhT For Service Consult You- Classified ^S£rvi£e^Directory I--ULTRA modern Thff latfst In dr.- Blcnln* and ·ronveniffnc'! I.arfir liv- 1ns room with Iircplarc. kltchfn and dlnr'tr ; ample 51;rrt IM- rooms. t)ulll-lns jalorc nice lnmhpfi bMirnipnl Juit like ni-tv. lornti-.l near University Pricr tM.7(M. 2-COMPACT :-brdroom m'ar _ F, n J.S. l ; r i l ' y ^J lr "'" l: « ll » ntw A REAL '· 310 N, LITTLE HOME lor the mnazinoly low pnrf of 55 MB 3-.VROOM Irrlck loralfil on l"vol lol In thi- hr.iulilul north»ai ^-ciion Full finished hnspnifnt. ri-iur;il fur. · nacr. hnusr Is miulatrit and in rx-': cellrnt repair Only .1 blork« from i woshlnstnn Srliool Pr.rt.- 511.:,(l'l --RRAN1) n?w 2 hrdronrn innn- lo- ralril on InrKr \fVKl lot on pavo.l llrret nuar n«w hl.-h srhool In- I aulated ·v.slhprstrlppi.d. rtlsapprar. i Inf alalrway for attlr sloranc. ve- nctlan shartci Prire s».Jio. J7.000' F MA man approved UTLEY COMPANY, INC. FAYETTEVILLE PLUMBING HEATING CO. Wert Phone 7»0 nt«ROYi All MOTMUFI H._L_lIllfy ZZOr" Rc« 1607 C ° B NER lot. Ifniiu-.'uoocl" location br,ut,f,,| vlevi .. Washmglon Scho" dulnct Phonc^Hfin '. bonics tiy builder ion Ontral hr.itmE hmlti NEW .1~b7dn Best ronstr attached gj..,, lion. Plrnty _spari-_ 3HB-R HELP""yotirieif 'TaiimTr i Making ttood ·:her jnterea- , .fl V) W) ATRF.S It room h;: "thrr niithniHiii and livin« , onlj "j"o'ng (CINOLIN I HM At kMTH ·IfTMYCM IN CLOIfTS.IM«M EK. MOTNMMMf Ml. FABMKf ANirWK Bra^ Jit I'l hf) mi, r ·tit! lease him t i ' - ill; t e r n S.inn .ltmg.l.ile 32 ear Johnson Write Omar Thnmnnoi Fort Smith. Ark. l.%7. MTUATION WANTED WA'NTib farm 'nVriVch Jiih with h'v- ln| quarlcn A«f .11. married, no children floher Maii'dln. Ojark Courts, FayelltvllK fhnne 17IH S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corntr Cenl«r ond Church Sli. ~HD" - 1 1 - 7 4 ne«t~ 01 . - . . ?5*TMt .ITTfJ Vr'BY mee 'iirrdoor pfvrnoutn""l)frven only .l.non mileit $*SM cn»h An? Went Center Street '·f I'd* b«l rrnulii ro»'v« Kvfr - N.m, Ihit RMANDS »hen ». r |,, yow ldfc AXNOCNrEMENT DACCl.IT A, llnmidrll rn Coin par. Dr-tMilan Dralrr. Plidne 1 Bnyd Mills. smenc* now ill'-r Itrin^ uller Hnnh i^O I.indell 'SPECIAL AM, mrtnl la Ihey Inflt Open evr HUton nroi. Drlv $4 1.1. while iniit u n i i l 0 M -ln K u r n i i u r c MATfRESTCO. Quolily new mallreit ond matlreit renovaling. Phon* 3034 401 WEST OICKSON FOR SALK OR REN! P"()WER"Tain"mw..r« Suiiir K.«O Station Coroer West Mountain and !chnol Streets Phone 12. * ^ - I I V V U I \ O r - r t Y l C r . IJ1N | ·**-*******. Covered Bultons, Bullon Hoioi, i B E jl!iI. Y .. s . l _ l 9. p _ S Tailored Belts and Buckles. Special Attention given Mail Orders. Satisfaction or Money Bock. ' SINGER SEWING MACHINE co. 18 S.E. St.. Faietttvlll* feXCAVAflNG~~ B U L L D O Z I N G Grcivtl, Fill Din, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phon* J49 J . W . H I U . ElEQRIC CO. Quality Initallirt ·PUMPS · POWER 74. Fork . _ PRJCKE-IT'S BtAtm SHOP RtLIAILI WORK porn. Jce, -- foundations, stiriical -. Vivian Green. 2! ytar« Jlhone_71«-J. !^J N . s;,,, Speneer Corsttl«r» CMAT JlSffl--o'ad, o, ,nv V| nd J""'!"' '""« " !«··!. Phona 7 *·!(«· F **^W«i.«V*« _ _ ,--_^^. HOME I.AIWDHT r AUTOMATIC and wnnur marhlnM Wet with and rtrylni 71 North. n»ar rrilfhtnni prlve-In C«f» I · m lo 7 p m Saturday, I i. m FARM BARGAINS " " " 1.500 S( rf.s 117^0 n». ii-r,. 01X1 ···" $4JIK| ,'- ,-',, LISTEN roi.KS' IVI nrrj, hits .'pr'!,/, moflern home in ti^aiiiifui . [ · - .... v a l l r Your "njuk Drra.-n rn.-c-d 10 sell. For any sue. farm. C C H l 8 l i * V . OZARK FARM AGENCY I»foaho._MiMoiirl I'h'.n^ BY o.An-r. I', nrre modern 4 y ImpnvemeoM Close in $7 7- P.'ion? 1ISH4 1WX8NF Eait Sid* of Squart AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Boiler PUct la Buy ~ USED CAR CLEARANCE SALE WAS 1949 Buick Sedonette, Supe' Radio and heater . . $1695 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline t u d o r . . . . 1186 1947 Pontiac 8 Fordor ] ) 9 5 1946 Mercury Club coupe 895 1946 Mercury Club coupe 895 1946 Chevrolet tudor .' 807 1941 Chevrolet 6, Fordor 395 1941 Chevrolet 6, fordor 395 1941 Chevrolet tudor 395 1939 Chevrolet turjor . ; ,. 35Q 1933 Chevrolet coupe . ' 195 10-3T /-!-_ . _ i . . . , P "'·' - -- NOW $1495 995 995 695 695 695 295 295 295 250 100 100 1937 Chevrolet tudor 195 HATFIELD PONTIAC C0. ; Used Car Lot, Corner of Meadow ond East SffftH Phor*303

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