Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 16, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 5
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Frocks Spins 1-0 No-Hitter Against Nats Detrait-OPi-Virgil Trucks of the* Detroit Tigers hurled thr season's first no-hii. no-run came * p?ter- d»y as he h a n d c u f f e d t'ne V/a?h- ington Senators, 1-0. | If Manager Rtd Rolfe had writ- ton the script, the Tigers couldn't have arranged for a more dramatic finish for Trucks' no-'-Mtter. Tangled with Bob Porterfield in a yorelKS struggle Detroit went down to t*-e last out before winning the game, 1-0. With two gone in the last of the n i n t h , newly wed Vir V/ertz bla?t- Roberts Right As Phils Beat 15-1 Scarborough Hurls Bosox To Victory Over Chisox, 1-0 Chicago - /!'' - Ray S ' a r- bn-nr:*. i, vill-'.r,ivplrrl vrlprsn of t b r ma/or l n acue?. t ' i r n p d in 9 Phila'lplphia-l/Pl-Robln Roberts, . c uperkti"c mour-l nrr"«rmnn'-e tn get Ms Breton Red c ,nx matr;: t'ic u - ' D n i n " v^rl. P-ar- to f\ a home run into the uoper right co-ace of t h e Philade'ohia rhillie." field stands. Right ticldet .Jackie ·· .'raced f i v e C-ncii.rmti hits in reg- Jcnsen didn't even bother to run istering his s i x t h straig'.-t win o f : horoi'qh l'mi!"d t h e v."-ii» ?i back. He just trotted off tht f i e l d . ! the frsiori. 5-1. The big mound . ' o u r hits i-nrf 'arned n l-n Porterfield matched Trucks in star lost his firrt gam" of Ihe year thf «arly gDin?. pitching n u - h i t ! and has been unbeatable since. bs'I for S 2-3 innines. Ke gave up ' Koberls' only serious mblake in m'v four hits in all. the nine inning gam* WBF a home The no-hitter, second e v e r : run bail he served to Joe Adcock lory in a n-tc'- i Holcnmbc. Th» . Holcomhe. h a r the W h i t r So::. r" cue! · v i ' 1 ' ''--i w i n ?nan^"d a Bo- .-ir« p t r c n k . 2joni|nfBi zviin*'"--" --[SPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Fayttltviil*, Arkantn,-- Friday, May 16, 19S2 Outfield Problems Confront Southern Association Teams Loos Pitches lAflllelicsTr!) |IM lo $mpe«d Dodger, Post ; ^ ,, ,.,, w Suit Is Settled Pirates, 2-0 Brooklyn-i/TV-Bllly l,oe». a 122.000 bonus baliy. capnf through rni the Brooklyn Dodjtrj pilchlni t h e Bum} to a t i x - h l t , 1-0 win ovrr th« P l i t s h u r n h Pirates. The Dodj!*rx got lo th« Bur nee, M u r r a y Dlckson, a !l)-nrn« w i n pier Uil year. In th» f l r j t I n n i n g on singles hy Pee Wee R««t«, Jar-It IP Ilobinson and Roy Cipnpinrlla. a I walk and a f l y . Dickson wa.: In j e o n t r o l thf last e-lrjht innint:*. but j the d a m a g e was a l r e a d y donr i I.oes hart registered t h r e e win.*; :hi.'. .;C,UM, »ll In relief. The win R.-.V« him a 4-0 m u r k , the best on t h e Dodder j , t a f f . SI. I,n-. 1 ! - i.v. . A'--: '.: n l ' r V d a f . i ' ; i - h . U r r . ' - i ' , " r - ' the St Loui« R r o v n r . f r i f f '-nri t i m e In eiiiht fl:-."/, ,·!··· i fl-(l v i c t o r v K - I I r r : - h:t · I t h r e e tinvs. di 'ivc in t w n r u n i scored t'.\ it'e in m : i k : n s i : a p ; personal t r i u m p h , h i * I ' n i ' i · i I, S!. L o u i - 9 -hef." Tlie · '/!-, - Cordon McL«nd h.'"l T?.. in who built r.'dn empire by buck nf !j.-,;*bal] to faring n PC brim-Knits to the h S.T.'» It Up today -.1 "h» rourts irrant pitched by a Tiger hurlcr. w a s ! in the sixth. This blow, however, i hcanto '''n sli-.T;«rs only three hit.-. especially welcome to Trucks a s . was eountered by Jackie Mayo.' . w '*"" : ! ' 0 ' h l m i:lt:i '''""'"'e i'- 1 r ; ; first win of the s?5snr : . The ; who clouted a founrl-iripper for i * a "'' nf ric ° f i r s t '"'"' 'nninss. Jn 33-yepr-oM righthander hsci a 0-2 i the Phils in the second. ' ' p ( o u r t h h * «rvc a ba-e on ball? j (By Tl'e Assnelated l're.« A rrjple (i; South'-!--! /V:.i t ' o n'jip^is trir'.ay wei't- g i v i n g Mi N r i i H i i c e handed Chattanooga I t s f l i r t s h u t o u t nf t n e season. The ! c igl.onr .lh Pep m o i i n d i m a n was p u l l e d in the H ' u r o m e . t h M ' k n v l r h . r p I I record snrl had b--n rourr-ied f o r . The victol . y w a s spcdal! ., , r a t i _ 13 hits in 8 1-3 innings in h's last ' f v i n R for Koberls becauJD i, wa , previous st-.rt against Chicago, j K a i n e ,, at t h e expense of the Reds- After a fins comeback lart year . acl , E W ( J ; when he won his last si"* ^ame?. | ^ n --t t n Trucks s^ov.-ed good form Lt training camo. He flonoed badly v!:an Ihe reason s t a r t e d . Yester- dav the r.usky f Jlov: v.ho was un- ·b!e to pitch in 19C-0 due to nrni trouble depended on hi? control with an o?cas : onal fireball a? an ace in thf ho!e. B .' r .:. 1. v / -- v n N'p::t to Roberts the Philhe star woj: Hic'iie Ashburn, who got three 'or four st the plale, rnorcd (-n^e. drove in two runs, and made five t-xcellent r u n n i n g catches in cen- I f r .'ifld. . C I K C I N N A T ! Yd!!. 3b Bu*y. M Vc'rnon. ih Kynn^ls, ss O-n. If W-Dh. 2h K u'tr. ab r h 3 n n 3 0 0 . . . ._ ^ o o'Muitin. if fl n n Werlz. rf OSTROIT ab r h n. si 4 0 u 3b 4 n 0 3 1 2 H a t t o n . "i-i Arlam-. Sb Wyrostck. ' ah PHIL»!)llLf»-"l :, r h 4 1 n n 0 '1 cf 4 n 1 ' s h l m m 4 PI 2 - H s n m e : . 4 n Mu--"- c --. -- 4 0 0 n n i-. r' 1 ^(Jcock. If 4 1 I fonet Pb We;tiake. cf 4 0 r. ',. ap "h H'Jfs : . c 1 0 0 M(»y,-. if McMillan. FS ! O 0 -"r. : "Vi- Ib lo Grye Tnorneberiy. who stnl. iecond ?nrj went to third on n wild throw hy t l ~o catcher in "-n n t tempt to nick t'-e r u n n e r o f f . T'-r-n Ted Lcpcio lashed a single tn \'t field for t h e samr-'n only run A) Z s r i l l i «-,i', |hp o n l v roem- lier o! t'-e P?'e l;-::c t l f : a m a s e the dr ! i--e!-y of Fci-'"vn"ii'i. He doubled Iv/ice, once rc-lcli'i-^ t : 7ird bape. Ij'.'l t'^e vt'iTSll pitcher was BOET3H C H I C A G O a* r h a i, r |, "!3-=a!!. E* 3 0 n CX. "h " 0 (J Posky. 3b .1 p 1 "Sinilr. rf 4 n ? Hatfie':'. Cb 0 fl 0 t""i^o. r.'. 4 0 fl '"binjon. Ib 3 n i p ,. ntl , ct( , d by Ernit some .·.-.·:·;». r. f-.ouvt Ii one" of j last ',""'"" i l f t " «'»lkln« two b.t- . .,. , . ' , , . . . , _ '"·'· »'·'' '"· iic-.vlv-acquirfri flve- iias!R3!l r «t'lrl-im p u h h c i y t r i phases ; r u n ] raf | --outi;-:-! rie'erse. j Funk. C'^"rnon-.r. ., C 1 ' 1 E r m r r w ( i r - ' A! Sima. seeking his eighth vic- n-l ;-v.o"i iv:; l - . ; v r i - ' i i t t l n g o u l - | t " r y , matched McN'eilance until f i e l ' ^ r . .l-:'f .'ones. Jones' riiffi- | Jones' hsttlf w i t h the L i t t l e Rock r.ii'y n io::o'vinj! the f l ' t f h t o,' fly ! pitcher's pop fly launched his b n i ' r i :\\ cd t h e v cy ;nv w i n n i n g · d o w n f a l l . L i l l l p I'or-:; m r - - : ·.···o u.'s-ts in a n i l ' U , |-s h.:! a ball in v.:iich went for a dou- ;:il-d thf 1 Prhs' f i v e - r u n !'" 1 H'I i n n i n g . The run ·.f t ' - p Hocks n 5-fl vlc- rlftkivn :. Piittburth I PITTKUItCH IROOKLVH ! """ U r h «'. r h . ' h i l l 4 0 3 Rfrelr 11 . 1 1 1 st I " n L'IIX .111 I (I 1 I" M ' k n v k h . rP 4 (I 1 R n b l n s n n :h 4 I I J - !r . I f l f l C.Vp-*iiHln r 4 0 1 SH .1 0 I P a f k r If 1 n 0 M a r : . f 3 fl I - ' ·J^OJt. 11 V'»!o. r p f h l l l . v . r P Z»rnlj|. If Miijcik . i|, H i u l u - k . n, Km :b *«.rn-li. r Kc-lln-r. i, S I r h m -.s · 4 0 I M n r -I · 1 I I I n - " ,-t 1 0 0 .i-m-.n r i 0 ^ [ ) v r h IP h . 1 0 1 Murtl-"; - I 'i '\ryho-k I I I 0 Mn'«r. r 4 1 3 M i r n i - n ~* fl 10 r n : n t « . rf 1 - North And South Open Will Be Discontinued ;ory 3 2 2 2 I) (1 S 0 0"-.ucho-k Ib i o n ' H ' a c K w e l l . P 2 0 0 lohertF. 3 n n linshffrg c 3 n 0 : "iyicowiJu 1 f 'i n o n "-rf ( h rf . i n n . D i » k r '' p o n o . 2 0 0 Tidriv. 2h .T n 0 ! Tolsln .12 1 3 TotaU 31 A 9 Port'fleld. p a n rr-r n t?k*. p .1 n 1 u - - o u 1 e r i out ior niartrM-ftll In '. n Totals 2B o O'Totals 2B i 4 Cincinnati . nnn oni nna_- -,, : Philadelphia r-n o?n oix--s 1 K -- H a . t n n . R y a n . Hamn-r. RBI -- .·*rhhum ".. Enni*. Mavo. .^obfrts. A d - i-ock. ^B--Ennif. Ash b u r n . W a i ' k u f . HR--Mayo. Adrok. SB--Alburn. Enni' F -- H r m n e r , Rov)2rl3 -. DP--TJoi)- rrlr. i i s m n r r an'l \V3''t':n-: H a t n n r r . Ryan ?nd Wait kin. L e f t -- C i n r - i n n ^ t i 7. Philadelphia fi. B13--"lobcrta ? ' BlnckwpM 2. SO--Rifc?rt? 7, Bla^kwell .!. HO--Rcber's 5 in fl tn«:na*: B'lck- Wcahtnglon . 001 OM OOJ--n D- Toi- 000 001 001--1 ---TTiddy 3. RBI--Wcrlz. SB--'.Vcriz. K?-- VVr'r. I f't--V.Vninfrpi 4. D"- tr-'i 4 BB--"or^r'i-M ;. "i-i-k- 1. P"--?rr'5rf:elrl 5. T-nck- 7. T! Er -- P-r'-rfie'r] I-'. HEP--Tricks i T o i l l . (E-j-byi V'lnner Tricks · ! - ' ' . Lo'cr-- Pcrtrrfield '3-4'. II--Honochlck. Du'fy. -Sunmers and HcKin!cy. T--1:32. A -- irnp-'. )h I f i n Br- '7oodmnn. if 4 0 1 liewart If Th'bcrry. r f 2 1 0 las:, c "or" 1 , r: I 0 i C' rt :nnn Ippcin. ?h ' 0 1 :pr'sr;ii^ - . F iorho*. r 1 n o )en:e. Cb 3'bnroiigfi. p .i 0 0 "- o Mirantl-j. ,U P 0 n o 4 n i . i o n 1 n n n " i) 2 n n end t h " i r s?rnnd straight ·ivrr 1 'p T,f'fi'tnut?. AnotVrr '!;* m'sjurigprl hy Jonrs '.Tjnc^rrl I, i it!'? Rnek's thrpp run v/'pn'p.", h!a;:t V/cclnesdoy night. P i n o h u r M . N. C.'.-(/pi-Th(» North ;,nrt South open golf t o u r n a m e n t , ·A* Men was to have marked it? 50th anniversary next October, ha? been discontinued in favor of T\vn roRtiy errors in t'lc n i n t h | n s P t ,inr match play tournament 'lining hy Nashville center/ieldor ' fnr amateurs the week of October -;nrn L i p t o k hclprri Memphis I n ; 27. How They Stond in fi: B'akc ? in 2. P 1 Pob-r:s 1-1. Blr-kwll .W ER (By The Associated Prpss) AMERICAN I . F A G f t e V/ L Cleveland ____ , ..... 18 9 \VashinRton _________ 14 in Boston _. ________ . T o 11 New York _________ ,12 12 St. Louis ___________ i n 14 Chicago ____________ 13 14 Philadelphia ________ i n 14 Detroit . .. 7 18 Ymterday'R Results Detroit 1, Washington 0 Boston 1. Chicago n Philadslpliia fl, St. Louis 0 New York at Cleveland, postponed cold. Pel. .fifi7 .500 .481 .431 .417 .230 Two Rookie Texans Signed By Dallas Pro Football Team hLollar Kennedy, p n n n TO'JJIS :s 1 3 -j--- r-1 n 4 a--Filed ou' f u r Dan'c in R l h . h--Flietl ou! for HnlcTnh-' i i fi:li. r--Flan fnr Ilohinsnn in 3ih · ' - - " · "td c-ul fnr Mn-i - n ? ; i - - - -··) n;n nn o p :'l 1 Chicago -. 030 nOi) OOO-'i corr.bc. M""i. RBT--T-CD-io ."B --7.^r:il3 ?. Voilnicr. S3--ThroneDerry. S ru-arf. D?--Den!c. Fo.\ rrH Hn',) ;i- .·on 2: Carraiqn»l. Fox ,ind R o l v n - n n Lcf!--Hns'nn . r i. Chlr?gn (i ITR-- Uo'- · r-Ptrht TV S c ~ r h r r o u g h 1 SO--MoVnmb- ; ". ScTrbTrou^h 1. HO--Ho'cimb- .1 in I S i n n ' n c i ; Knnnsdy 0 in 1. R ER ; H;i!ccm'.-»? 1-0. H B P--ScarhrrouB 1 ! . i Fox i WP--Tloiromhe, Sc-irj-inimh j W i n n e r -- S r a r h n r o u g h i l - l ) T orer- . Ho'comhp (0-1). IJ--Hur'fv. Rnlilj. PP«,- ; ?arrlJa and Papnrella. T--"-IO. A~3.4*-i Siloam Springs Opens Ozark Play With Win Over Tonlifown, 16-12 n n n ; r of scores as thp Chicks bro'-c a 2-2 rlcarllnck to w i n . 4-2, rr t h e i r f i r s t success in a week. . Birminp.l-am's .Inhr.ny M a c k i n ; ron r?n his scorplpss .skein to 19 v.-iinRs in s t i l l i n g o u t Mobi'p. 4 - j (i. and NVv; Orlrans scorc-ri its j src-jiifl s t i a i K h t e x t r a - i n n i n g 4-3, victory n v r r A t l a n t a . A b n l l ' ^ n t , f o u r - h i t p i t c h i n g in 1 ) by I . H I I p Rock rookie Alex Decision to drop the ancient f i x - · · · · - · , . Mtrion. ?h 3 n 0 H"fU*». Ih ? n « «" I. R r v n e S Sl'lund ll S O n Fur, tin. rf .1 0 n ' R *- FR - !ir Dicksnn. p 3 0 0 L,oei. p * « 1 HBP-- Hyrnr- i K r 'IE!?.'* .11 0 B Tftlnls 29 : d . P B -- M o m W i n n e . '800 000 OHti-- fl | ~ B - vrn * !^- :f " SIM Onfl ftOx-- 5 i 5 t R V r n * "-J-03 HBI -- CampiineMii.| DP - S ^ r l r k - I ' '.?. 1 " 1 ^ ,',,,,' ^ 'J h n m n * R M t . P h U l r y " K r U n r r ^ t . M T f - k i ^B - O y r k K « U r - r h M 1 r j S-Hilrhf-r-.o- np. n. ( M i r h a r l i nnri KryhoM'' ( f-; ( ' - ' ' 1 HT1 . Pltttlnirijh Brooklyn K _ n-jblnion Sniflfr 2B-- Csitlfllont nd. Msrion end Baniremc; , O - K r l l n c r Z Br p». ft-s K r H i i r - ' l l n T i WP -*Jvrn - Kp!In*-r 3Oi L - c "rr, Mommr! A t p n M ) vric ' v,ho first had to i p|.i\ -hv-p|flv r^porls of ma. u- 3,-ip-".t hy h»t»ninr to Y'.rk r-i'llo ttatinn then M 'f halla*; --I-T teletype, a IT--I MSA* hU Liberty Bro» ntr S % ' i r m . v.'hirh grew to * '.:!-. ·.-.,-»-, f t i q p ^ n d i n f op«r r h a r i f M t h a t the major a. 'i i":.iytirt oni?r«d n corup: ·M fJrnrr-i'- h'm nf hii rights '.'f.'n* ,.fUi .'aid the Justice D ·!"·:!» · did?.'i have the guti" ii;!.^.'-h;i |]v, violation of t BOW1. TOM HEALTH Km Rrntnn Howling lnm. Ac Robinon and Hodfci: ftttit, Reblnaon HortesB L e f t -- F l t t f h u r j h I. Broelctyn i. BB--Dlrkion 3. Luti 2. SO-- to«i 7. Plclnon » * * r.H-Dlckton ?-!. U'inn"!r--Loe M-i Lo»»r--Dlckjon i|-lt. U--0ll?n'on1. B*rl ( ck. Gormfln. D»n»'ll T- " Cl. 1 A-1I.4V ture which had been held u n i n - terruptedly *inrf 1003 i.i this sand- hills winter resort villei^f w§g announced yesterday by Richard S. Tuftf, president of Pinehurst, Inc., ?pon*or of the tournament. wi ·* Tlmn Good for aH cars, but... NATIONAL LEAGUE : llaltas-f/Ti-Jim Lanfonl, Uni. versify nf Texas tackle, and Bl'rt ; Clark. University oT Oklahoma Imohackev, signed contrscts t o d a y one last night, d » f e a t i n e Tnnt ; with the T.Tllas Tc:;ans o,' the Na- tn\.-n in a wild same at do Silocm tional Football Leatur. W Siloam SnrinRs made it? .---Ip-rl in ! (ho Ozark Baseball Loa^ue a Rood .179. Mew York 17 Brooklyn IS frhlcago 14 f'ncinnati . .. 14 St. Louir, 12 Philadelphia 11 Boston in Pittsburgh . .. 5 l"ei!«rday's Results Brooklyn 2 Pittsburgh 0 Philadelphia 5 C i n c i n n a t i 1 Chicago st New York, postponed, rain. St. Louis at Boston, postponed, cold. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. Mobile 21 12 .6Sfi NewOrleans 22 15 .593 Chattanooga IS 15 .553 Atlanta 18 16 .520 73 : rmir~'iam 18 17 .511 Nsfhvllle IS 17 .4f3 L'-ttie Rock .. 13 17 .433 Memphis . . B 25 .242 Yesterday's Results New Orleans 4 A t l a n t a .1 Little Rock 5 Chattanooga 0 MemDhis 4 Nashville 2 Birmingham 4 Mobile 0 Water pressure increases at the rate of 15 pounds per square inch , for every 33^i feet of depth. ; Heavy water is about 10 per cent heavier than ordinary \vater. Not white, not wheat, not rye. but a flavor blend of ill three-- JmiKf's Roman Meal Bread. Jl-19-tt : . . rmRs d i a m o n d , I G - 1 2 . Erratic These rookies brought to 12 the pitchine. f i e l d i n g and baltinj; . Pet. nupnber of players now under con- marked the play throughout the .773 iracl. .^ame. . .0% ' Lam-ford and Clark were col- The Siloam Springs team earned ; .5611 | lc.v; 0 rival;. Texas and Oklahoma its margin of victory in a hip ··'3B '· a n n u a l l y meet in the Dallas Cot- eight-run outburst in the f i f t h in- ·4R2 : i,,,, 3 OW i. . n i n ^ ·TM Both are Texans, I.ansforr] from For Tontitown il marked t'le ' · * ' ' Carrizo Springs and Clark ,'rom t h i r d loss oT the ,-ea: an. The Grap- W i c h i t a Falls. Clark originally crs h a v e played five per-rcason went lo the University of Texas Ramcs, w i n n i n g IVee.. TI-p tvo · but was there only a spring semes- prc-season losses were by one run ier. each. Makes Shaving So Much Easier! Try It Today! Childi' 8b**iD7 Creim conttini Lkthvt- i^:,* an Amazing n*w ingrsdinnt Ual nciuilly prorenu ctotm drying on your lie* */hii» you hiv«l Say ooodbr* lo T*ko y o u r tbtvcB Ihe nay woy--lh« Cbfld*' Lather»ol way. D-J7 A tub* lodayl UTHER OR BftUSHLESS *Chll(Js' trade mirk lor LtcUhto. QUtlKNTIEl Full lltltlMtltll GET READY FOR THE OPENING! 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