Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 16, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 3
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West German Peace Contract 1 Almost Ready Teachers College To Go Along With Ford Plan Com* Springdale gelcs, Calif., is spending her six-] Mrs. Thormn Rothrork, 've^t o / l week vacation with her mother- Han* w,--r made to-; iri-law, Mrs. E. C. Conley. nnd j a writers .-\-he.ol to l.e l.ilcl in Ouest in the home of Mr. and w i l n Mr - anri Mrs - Kermit Conleyi Sprmgdale and tallith' hv l.n.urii Today's Market Mrs. S. E. McClure is their son. ; and Mr. and Mrs. Courtie Conley of Springriale. Bonn, Germany - (/Pi-Ignoring Communist threats, Allied and German officials said today the West German peace contract w i l l ; be as ready as they c»n Monday and the Big Three foreign ministers will come here late next week to settle final points and lign the document. The Communists have charged (he western treaty is planned tn touch off a liloody civil war and have called for East German counter-measures, including a national armv in the Soviet zone. Today's announcement came at the end of an 18-hour meeting of the three weslern high commissioners studying four years at college, and German leaders. Snyder, on-' of t i i bers at Un:ver*i'y Charles Br.yer, son of Mr. and! a' Norman, oklii. Guy Beiggs,' Mrs. Mark Boyer of SpringdaleJ president nf t!'e cli'b, ; has arrived home from t h e N'avvi over the mcetiiK'. Mrs. Caroline . Ark. - (7P! - Arkansas, Tommy llc-Clure of Mobile, Ala. State Teachers College says i t ! They visited in Ihe home of Mrs. will go along with the program to McClurr's niece, Mrs alter teacher education in Arkan- of near Springriale, Sunda.v. - - sas, hut it attached the string of. The afternoon circle of the! Basic Training Center at San; dark read nn o r m i n a ] and riurinr, . m a j o r i t y participation to its ap-1 Presbyterian Church met Tuesday' Diego, Calif., and will spend h i s ' ' h e program manuscript-, of . j t n n ; p r n v ; i '- nr Nolcn M. Irby, presi- i afternoon at the home of Mrs. two-week leave in Springdale. He' B.vars and i,ei on ( . { , n , of A frTc, said yesterday t h a l i B y r t e Smyer on West Emma A v p - i w i l l be assignert to the naval air 'he school would take part in I nue. At the close of ihe meeting] station at .Vorman, Okla., after family mem- Sl - l-»»l» UvMlork nf O!;b.h'iina.' N' Stockyards, .lack Carlisle. 1 ( U S I ) A ) - Hoi's S.nnii; ar tn'C'-icIed ' ' Forri Foundation plan provided all other state colleges accept it. ASTC hecamc the first state school to approve the program. H e n d r i x and Ouachita both pri- refreshmcnts were served by the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Vaughn of W i c h i t a , Kan., are visiting Mr. Vaughn's brother and sister-in- approved it ear- law, Mr and Mrs. Bruce Vaughn, finishing his leave. Mrs. Hattie Rowe of Lebanon, John Xa'.is were read for c l u b c r i t i c i s m hv Mr:. I.ynn Riekforrt. Miss Mable Harrison reported the sale of n play tc Training Union Ml.-f/P- ,'''; hnr" rows and B i l l s I nn lo 1.2.1 h i s h - rr ih;ui T h u n ; d a y \ ii\ernge; snws 50 to V.T h i g h e r ; h u l k choice No-;. I. L 1 and 3 1Rll-23n Ihs 22.2S-7B; 34 head .trruind 200 Ihs largely choice No. I 2?.i'H: highest since las; A u c u s t : parkerc paid to 22.SO; choice 2t'l-:7n Ihs f u l l w i d t h of grade 21.50-2225; 230-323 lbi;?3.00; good and cholc* IB.75-2n.75; 1M-170 UK 21.00-22.25. '3! 00-3B.OO; sorted prime lo 38Co" 12(1-1-10 Ib.s ir..7.i-2f)75; sows 4nn u t i l i t y and commercial vnieri Ihs down IK.25-11) 00; heavier »nw» .2390-3000. ' 1700-18.2.1; hoars 13.00-1500. | she , p ,,,,,. f( . w ,,,((,,,,, Ws C a t t l e 300, r-al- e -inri; ;renT,iilv ' Kho^p and lambs steidy with strnd.v in active drami]) t r a d i n g . Thursday: one lot of 28 hejd irood fp'v s m a l l Inls n n ,i iiul:\ H U H | gn/H - a n d choice wooled lambs 28.00; .ind ihoice s'.rvr an'1 (infer year- y e a r l i n g ve"ier« off at 25.M; lings 30.00-3^.50:'inl and otherwise no individual sales I""- goorl 2fl.oO-:inon; u i i h i y » n d . worthv of mention; scattered small commercial cow- Mnn-2(i50; few | lots and individual head cull to In 27.nO: ranners and r u t f r s 17.50- good shorn slaughter ewes 7.00- X.M, u t i l i t y and rommerci.-l bulls 74 nn-2f SO; r n l t i r hul!; ?n 0,'i- 12.CO; odd head wooled ewet up to H.(!0. Mo., has come to Springdnle t(.; visit her sister, Mrs. J. E. V*TM?.:(~f)]'tfpfiin who has been ill for some time ^'"' lc '"" with a heart ailment. Californian Trapped In Flood Saved By 'Copier vately l i c r ' ! Sr T hnn T,l a f"' S n re L t ' n- ! Mrs. Bell Lowe was returned Briefly, the plan would require: ln! Thelma Dauby Circle of t h c j Wednesday to the home of her a prospective teacher to serve a : " om T s Missionary Society of the daughter, Miss .lean Lowe, on Kan ·ear's internship in addition to First Bap^st_Church met Tuesday! Emma Avcnu( , frnrn , ho county Claude Members studied a book, with Cr r uX D "nd J Mr';!!' Ernest WaWcni r . The T^TM , S " nd , a .- vl r ^"«'.: annual each teaching a chapter. At t h e l C l a s s of tnc Flrsl B a p t l s l ' h " rcn Attract Olympic Track The Courts · · " " " · ' · · " " " " · · ' E m m a Avenue from the County . m. at the home nf Mrs.j Hospital, where she had been for Rust on Backus Avenue.; medical treatment. She made the I trip in a Cnllison-Sisco ambulance. charg of d r u n k e n sher- Merced, Calif.-(/P)-A helicopter today snatched to safety a man who had perched in a tree all night in the center of a flood. The S53.50, on rescued man \vas Curtis O'Hagan, driving. He wns arrested b; 29, Merced rah driver. He was. i'f's deputies, weak from cold and sleeplessness. I O'Hagan, with two other men, I Two men, arrested bv city po- went late yesterday to the flood- " -. . swollen Merced River to retrieve * boat which had capsized. The cab driver was swept into the tor- M u n i c i p a l Court Robert Harms. Mrs. Hiram Test. Ray Hunhes of Johnson was ; Mrs. Lymon Houston, Mrs. Ear! fined $25 and costs, a total o f ' M a F o n . Mr. John Moreland, and r. e , ciose of the meeting refreshments! !""' J hursd f '«"'"? at ' :3 " a t | were served. Guests included Mrs. ^"T "' "".'. "'!l c ..^r..TM Los Angeles-l.Ti-World famed athletes, all candidates for the Olympic Game:; this summer, b"- gin assembling here today for Ihe Coliseum Relays Friday E Mc- It had to be good to get where it is! Have vou IB tried it? Holcomb Street. Mrs. Ross Young and Mrs. Wallace Normnn were co-hostesses. Mrs. Steve Lawrence is the teacher. rent, but managed to grab the trunk of a tree. The other men got to shore safely. Foods I Liked Best UPsef Me Most! But Now I Eat What I Likejhanks to Turns I t ' s h a r d to pass u p f a v o r i t e f o o d s , e v e n though you know acid in- digestion.gasanrl hrari- huro may rcsulf Hut you can dn as m i l l i o n s Ho. They jusi carry a roll of Turns in pocket or purse. Eat 1 or 2 l i k e candy, a n d p r e s t o , t h e r e ' * ^uicli, soothinp relief. Turns arc different. Contain no soda to cause acid rebound. N o m i x i n c . n o s t i r r i n c -- n n w a i t i n Take anywncrc. Gf*: a roll of 1 urns tnH --always fast relief for acid i Mrs. Enpen Walters. Mr?. Ward H. Jones nf McAIlis-' M r and Mrs Elrr "° S;imucl of tcr, Okla.. is spending some time in Springdale visiting in the hnme nf her sisfer, Mrs. O. W. wore fined for speeding. Both | l^'dy. Mrs. Hayes Rischardson and rl.aus:hter, Judith, of Tulsa, Okla.. are also visiting at the Live-: of Wayland Avenue. ]y hnme. | from their three-week Special Fer\'ic'cs were hekl over Monday niijhl marking the first thrir ; 1'c ; Howard Slraughan and ' Comstock were assessed K e n n - y Newest nrrivals were Donald H a i l r y frnm England, rn- holder of I h e world record of i n 2 for 100 motor?; Gcorcf 1 Hlinrirn of Morgan State- College, 400-tnrter record holder nt -!,T.R, nnd Charlrs Moore of the New York A t h l e t i c Meadow Street returned t h e first | Club, America's bo;;! bef in ihe of the week from a vacation spent I 400-meter hurdle;: nf Helsinki. j at Lake Nnrfnrk. · | A' -t RrapR of Morgan St*te, nnd ' Dr. and Mrs. George H a r n e r , A n f i y Stanfiold. formerly nf s.tnn : and children, J i m m i e and JaneJ returned ^·acation ATOMIC MOSQUITO ] C O N T I N U E D f-ROM PACH ONE i r. u , ,, ' , aclivp and Ihcn free as many mo.--! Robcrt E ' Lcc elementary school, quitoc-s as nns'iblc ill a iwo-monlli' he " cv - -' lm Workman, pastor of the Wesley Methodist Church, de- s i x t h grade garduation from the TUMS FOR THf TUMMY ! pcriod. He wilt not breed any additional mosquitoes, but will ob-j t a i n the larvae from their n a t u r - ' al breeding places. He t h i n k s h e ) might turn loose as many a? 5,-! 000.000 n;osquiloes. He will thcn| set numerous light traps tit vary-| mg distances from the s t a t i o n -- u p i to a 10-mih r a d i u s -- a n d v.-ill a t - ' tempt to recapture as m a n y of the atomic mosquit'tcs a=: possible. He, thinks he v.-ill he extremely l u c k y ^ if ho sets oh? out of a thousand. | He may not recapture more t h a n I one out of every ]0!'.000. But e a c h ' one t h a t ho traps will tell a story I --just how far it traveled in flight, i Dr. \Vhitehcad hopes that mosquitoes in large numbers don't travel f a r t h e r t h a n three or four miles. In this case, he figures t h a t his lar^e scale control pbn w i l l work effectively--and economically. If he finds t h a t a mosquito c n n , travel up to 10 miles--well, that's! another story. At least, he's going | lo find out t h i s summer, if t h e ; mosquitoes will just cooperate. : the weekend. They visited parenls in Mississippi and also went to Florida. Dr. Harner'si H a l l , who u-ill race airainst IV) i ley ! in t h e i n n . arc- a l r e a d y here, a.= is ' Herb McKinley of 446-yard f * m r . ! The roster of athletes billnd to : compete roads likr the U.S. Olympic Trials, w i t h a dash of inter: sister accompanied them home. national competition. _. . . i Relay teams for the various dis- i n p masonic linage neicl its|t a n c e s j nc i uc ] n 'fcxas A. and M ' ' regular monthly meeting Thurs- M a n h a t t a n Oklahoma A and M ' " ' d a y night at 7:30 at the Masonic.'c; ,,., ( u ,, ' r=n»nrnii,' the 50 pupils who were gradual- Hall. ' C a l t f o i n i a , livered Ihe principal address ing. Mrs. Shuford Conley n( Los An- So Colorful In Stripes CLIP THIS COUPON SCOOP CIGAKETTt UGHTIK CLMI OUT1 SATURDAY ONLY! 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. I Georgetown, Occidental and oth- i Mr and Mrs. Elmer Deaver l e f l ; ers. Tuesday for their home in Tatum, | Outstanding pole vaulters in- ! N. M., after spending some t i m e ' e l u d e Bob Richards. Don Laz. Don visiting Mr. Deaver':. fi.-tcr. Mrs. Cooper and Bobby Smith. : S. H. Barrack and Mr. Barrack OH ] One of the m a n v f e a t u r e s proin- Holcomb Street. i ises lo be the 1500-meter run. Don The Wednesday B: dge Club Ochrmann. ex-Wisconsin; Leonard met Wednesday at 2:^0 p. m. at p Eyre of K n R l a n d : Warren Druet;- ;hc home of Mrs. Fivd MacChrs- ler. II. S. Army; Denis .lohannjon. ney on Ncr'h Mill S-ree'. A oj-| Purdue; Dowry .lohnson, Drake-: .sort course v.-as serve * 'Fred E c k h o f f , ' O k l a h o m a A. an'.' Mrs. .Josephine BVHii.i ;irc..i.'nled: M.; Bob Me M i l i e u , O c c i d e n t a l , 1 her jiiarn ;ni\;ils :n ,. rer 'nl W c f ' - ' a n r l Art Garcia, USC, are slated r.csday mphf at Ihe J u n i o r Hit^.r to compete. Kclnol :iUdi!ov:um. Th?i' rpcei^'f. 1 , -- -* certificates of award as member; Thf New York State Thrtivay cf Ihe Kationnl FratOinily of Stu- . from ,Vr\v York lo Buffalo is dent. Musicians. jM:hrdlilcri lo he completed in 1954 The Pen Point Club mot Tues- · ^··rr.-riin.- lo the State Thruway day night at the home of Mr. arri A u l h o r i t v . BRAND T H E O L D S U N N ' B K O O K C O M P A N Y . L O U I S V I L L E . K E N T U C K Y You're money ahead when you buy on these PJJUH HARD FACTS THE IDEAL GIFT Pre»*nt ihii coupon and only Me ind receive one beautiful cigarttt* lighter picked In individual box. Buy now for gtfti This tensalionat offer is only m»d* at the dittribuUr is overloaded. Remember you pay only We--not JS.OO. Positively nent sold at this price after sale. FAYETTEYIUE DRUG LOOT THKEE LIGHTERS PER AD ATURDAY--10 A.M. to 6 P.M.I 8388 14.44 By Sue Burnett Here is a beautifully styled day- , ' lime dress that is designed f o r 1 comfort in temperature - soaring weather. And it's so pretty in a i jrightly colored candy striped i fabric! j Pattern No. 8388 Is a sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes H, 16 j 18, 20; 40. 42, 44, 46. Size 16, 4 yards of 39-inch. ' For this pattern, send 30c for EACH, in COINS, your name, address, sizes desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas Times, I ISO Ave. Americas. New York 36 N Y Basic FASHION for 'S2 is filled I with ideas to make your clothes ' budget go further -- time-saving and economical designs that are easy to sew. Gift pattern printed inside. 25 cents. ' HAVE YOU ATTENDED? Revival Services CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH 419 WEST ROCK ST. Plan to Attend Tonight and Every Night Through May 18 Souh Are Beinp W- j.'X * P".-.,;.?-'^ Saved vfc Church Members Are Being Revived EVANGELIST FRED D. HUCKELBURY , Gospel Messages Preached Every Night by Evangelist Fred D Huckelburv Song Service Begins at 7:45 O'Clock Nightly. Everyone h Welcome oifabiMr of r.ottrial.l !" «TMi MO " E CH "«OLET TRUCKS IN UK n »l« / THAN ANT OTHER MAKE! Stack up what you get for what you pay... and join the nation's largest group of truck users by choosing Chevrolet By fnr the bipgcst number of tu'.ck users inclay are Chevrolet owners . . , and for good hardheaded reasons. Because what they're after in a truck can be set down about like lliis: 1) /Vv gfil tn he imv in co;t. Chevrolet trucks Imvi: the limcM list prices. 2) Upkeep and nperalina costs mml he Inw. Chevrolet trucks work /nr rnck-bollum "wanes" on fuel and maintenance. 3) How well the truck tines the job is all-impnrtnnt. Chevrolet trucks are factory- mu/rlmt to the job. 4 ) The truck must he nita;eri, lent; lasting: Che\rikt trucks tiailitinnally hrint; more at trndc-in, jor what they cost, than any other truck. Come in and lei's see how a Chevrolet Imck can save money in our business. S«M m*My M pvrctaif prltet Stack up n Chevrolet truck against any nilifr truck with comparable specifications, capable nf handling the same pay- loani. You'll find the Chevrolet truck liM for Ics . . . nnd hrinfts ou preat truck feature* you won't find in many trucks costing much more. Itv« moiy H rritl«| titt: Truck u^rr^ everywhere have proved tn them- «elve! t h a t Chevrolet rosn le« in o'vn and ni;nnl,iin. ctonorny, in the l.oail- inaMfi or ' M n i f l m a t t c r encinrs. \: t \c, on Ran. SptM.i! 'l-w.iv citRinc lu- hik-iitiini i n l m n \\cnr. keeps oil cost 1 , low. l««i mwt» n |tb tlfklniy: You don't w.nle money by buying "too much iruck" - you don't riik w n r l t i n t e r r u p t i o n or s l o w - d o w n i by b u y i n g "too little truck." Frame, n x l e v u p r i n g ^ , b o d y , hi.ikrs. niul po\u-r ;ife p;nt of n well bnl.inceil tcnm thnl dw« the job at lowest cost. Green Chevrolet Col J«w inwty M Uw ^fmMtMi Rtcords show thit Chevrolet trucks trtditionillr bring more money t re- sjle or trade-in tin« thu any other nuke whick com about the s«me new. Here is further evidenct that Chevrolet is the b«t I ruck buy-«nd that's why more truck UMH M* thebl 17 E. Meadow Phon* 251

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