Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 16
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Arkoni.., Tr.uf.doy, May 15, 19S2 Talk On lax Rates Given At Law Meeting Leon Cotlerr Is Speaker At State Bar Session an- niiil meeting procedure in income tax ra.'fs v.-lieie the taxpayer in ai-rused o( fraud. lawyers . Oitlett told his Arl:.-i/I'.-Ark':in- | 'flr,r,drd liie market. Ill-advued ! Present v were tolfl tnday that . schemes to lessen Ihe tax load nftrn .· old ' Catc Mot SpriiiKt. sa« lawy federal Income t;ix rule-. 1 : have hr-- enme sn excef'.Mve Ih^f ".i fhrnurl tf plac«l upon inill;!ivc iinrl ;i PRICES ARE BORN HERE AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Open Each Evening 'Til 9 Oeme mil ind brew** ·rountf. ·iiy terms. «aiy parkin*. S * H Crr*n (tarnpi. HILTON BROS. DRIVE-IN FURNITURE Hlwujr 71 North pall upon enterprise." . | Kathryn of Walkerton. Ind. and Ihe rpeaker was Leon B. C a t - . her parent- Mr. and Mrs B W lelt. Little Dork attorney, who! Longanecker. nullified fur the opening of the: The Northwest Arkansas Clean- Arkansas Bar Association's an- i fr ' Assoriation mci ;,l the llitchin' 'Pn«! Monday niuht. nhni'Sinn ·· I were held on the po.vibility of forming a slate association and a representative of a rleaninj! that aproxnnately ^" m ^n^ | n'm.mher^pre^m T'ltV we,,, payers annually pay at rates rune- also made for a picnic in AIIC'IM me (mm 2:1 per cent to 112 per rent j Thermond Mullen of (talk w.v. a of their income. .Sunday rjuest in the home of tii. ··Th.«,. high i; lx ri i|e..," lip de- j nephew and wife, Mr. and Mr« flared, "are an invitation in «eck I Nobcrt Crudlip and children of ways' of irualj.v avoiding them. ln £. 7h w .S f | p . ri ' 1 '' lSl "V; ·Kxperis 1 at mincing, minimizing. s , f '? ml[y Mi alleviating or avoldinc taxes hnvt' . Mr"' IL li' (·-,'',, onTM!- " d" Mrs. H.-ir- i.-sillied disastrously, leading lo : Farmington'-"iWr. and Mrs'.' Charl'-'-: hi- imposition of sanctions upon i ('ate of. Maple Avenue; Mi. anrl · he taxpayer,;." .Mrs. Everetle Cate of Orconland: f"l this re.-ison, f a t l e t t m'u\ aml Mr - and Mrs. Gordon f a t e lawyers should lie acquainted with ' °' K P ritl Cd,ile. Mr. and Mr.-, i t h e ways in which they may I,,. ,' £): a r! l ' F C;itf ' nr ' 1 ITM vim: foon for ! lielpful to a client who' faces the , . u' ' ' whm " 10 - v P bn I And, he - c| aled "such n t a x p a y - . Slreel accompanied hr-r hrotlicr to |er mo: I assuredly should employ Wichita, Kan.. Mond.v- to vifit IKT I an attorney as soon as he learns daughter and sister. She plans to i he is being investigated for fraud." '· return tho last of the week. I Civil procedure in Income tax i Pupils from tho firrt Ihrnugh the I cases from the viewpoint of the s l x| h Rradcs appeared In an all- city elementary school music pro- Cram Tuesday nishl at Ihe hiqh Team Which Will Judge Meats French Plan Sixth Attempt To Raise Phantom Treasure '"·'- tj\ the ik i By HARVEY HUDSON , 1939 attempt are .leading this Pans-1/Pi-A phantom treasure year's try. Work is scheduled to that rumor says has been lying at start in .June. A huge diving bell the bottom of the Seine River will be used. The chief engineer since the days of the French Rev- says that at least SO million Francs olution will he the object of a. ($140,000) have gone into the sixth recovery attempt this sum: preparations. L ': m ° r ' I The findings will have to he ; How the treasure got there--if, split with the government, which u I here is treasure--is part of the! still claims ownership. At the · legend of the Telemaque. a little start, the government will get on- 'sallinj! ship that lifted anchor a t | l y lo per cent, while the prospec- jRouen on New Year's Day, 1700, tors get 80 per cent. As the value on a voyage to England. j of any trove rises, the gnvcrn- The ship's manifest said it had rnent's share will climb to 80 per , a cargo of timber, nails and tar.: cent. The rumors insist that it was car-: The head of the proicct-who Ting 2\i, million British pounds i refuses to be identified by name . . . . , ~ ! l n Ifolrt. plus jewelry and otheri-- estimate 1 ; thev mieht recover as meats judging team, members of the Huntsvillc Future Farmers ! valuables being spirited out of the'much as K b'i'llion francs (S70 America Chapter, of the Vocational Agriculture department is i country by King Louis XVI al-'000 0001 '" vyn above. Team members will represent the Arkansas Association I ready uneasy on his throne I ' I'-"., 1 :'-"-," 11 "-' '" '.he national meats contest in Kansas City next; Dclails of lhp fina , voyage J ,, , akr , ahout ,.,,,,,, , u| ,. sized A rail link was opened last year connecting Lake Titicaca in Peru with the Pacific Ocean port of Matarani. Used By thousands in reducln* Jifts--Junge'j Roman Meal bread. 11-19-tf October. Mombr-rs are from left to right, front row: Carl Mitcheil, Van i (h Prnn'n'r-" '"i'i" i ^ collector w a s r e v i e w e d h v Lawrence B. Sullivan. Little Rock. WHITE SIDEWALL TIRES! Just Received Some NEW AIR RIDE WHITE WALL TIRES BOB STOUT'S SERVICE STORE 1J3 NO. COLLEGE PHONE 256 hieUIi.. t,, k preceded t h a t of C a t : T h r . students presenter! Ihe thing; 1-It. Committee reports were to be learned in ;he classroom during heard this afternoon. i lhc p . 1sl y( ,. 1r in ,.|,j. th ,,, h , ul ,|, The Association's .Junior Bar i singing games. pr"-h.-in'l and Section was schodulerl to elect offi- ; choral groups. The outstanding a t - cers and to hold a torum on the i 'faction was the appearance of t;-... approaching presidential race w i t h ! sm '' 1 " rlass '" hp " 1 - vra an ' 1 ""'· with) renro!,ont:itivoc nr c «,.,....,i · rimba. Walt Italy Tries To Increase Citrus Exports Coach Arthur Johnson and i u me . Some say the Telemaque: _("".''s Studio Phnlol _ | w a s Eunk when u slruck a 5an ' d _i bnnk while trying to avoid a check of the cargo. Another version holds that the ship was tiec up at the fishing village of Quil- lebuif and that she was set adrift at night. One story is that gov ic Telemaque are clouded by :c ? conuts to Produce 25 gallons of representatives of several canthdales for.the Republican and Democratic nominations taking part. Vftrmgdale The Tidells Sunday School Class Caldwoll of Enid, Dkla., and Lynn Smith anrl Mace llowoll of Springdah- were guests at the Rotary Club Monday when a sound picture on "Credit Confidence" was shown. The program had been arranged by Fred Wat- linnie-i/iyilal.v is studying to: left the sunny shores of the Mcdl- incrcase its r,Q hillihn dollars year- terrancan to be sold us far a w a v ; - -- ~~* "M^s of citrus product.,- | - ^"dinavia, Germany ^^^l^ t TM^ Better ariverlising and packing; Fnr ' thp ,,,,, (|mc sjnce ^ I'-hem. It is agreed, however, that the Telemaque did'run aground and porters and producer's of '','" ln . ok scco " ri P la " among 7-nun- lhat ' hp cm " barel . v had time to . **. ' ' fries buying Italian lemons. West- m.,nees. and langennes, at a na-. p r n Germany was first with 58,- ui:i ivi m; i IT is i g n u n P a C K i n E [ r~ ti. r- i f · ' ISSS^:::5:sH;»l : S; ; son. T h e Nominaliim Mrs. .1. C of the First Baptist Church'"met I "imposed om Mrs. ,1. C McK ' ' h e home of Mrs. Mr5 ' w - "· Needham. Mrs. tinnal conference. , ,,,,,, , ons Out of a total 928 billion lire! Other new outlets for the Ital(one and one-fourth billion dol-iian citrus industry were the pro. --, 1951, lla 1 - - - · ' · - · Conunittre McKinncy, ake Up iTo More Comfort Wlthoul N.rjsln,; lars) exports in 1951, lialy sent abroad almost 3(1 billion lire (fifty Mondav^;i 5 ht' a rillo home of M Ts MM "' u ' 1 '--"""'''-'" ii;r r" V i mill . inn do »" s l worth of citrus Dale Reed of Sprlngdale, with Mrs. i. L. Gosnell as teacher Mrs. Delorls Allen brought t h e , , devotional. At Ihe close of t h o ! " ' lh " Women s Auxluiry .. - _..,, ,. ,,,,., ,.,,.,,. 1|s ,,,,,,,,,,,, UA ., - · · · Memorial Hospital ; La.M year Sfin.nmi tons of Italian ports tend to lower the percent-' 1 " 1 8 1 S - In I8:i7 . . . . . i n , fj y Mai-shall, Mrs. Sam Mortem. Mrs. Louie Pierce and Mrs. C l a u d e , , . --. -... ,, , Jones made a report ,it meollnq , " nlc . '"-'ars. Italy succeeded last of the total world exports of le- - · · · --· » · - · ..,.,,,,.,,.,,. nl in,, r i nso ,,, || |p |0f Ihe Women's Auxluiry of the vc ''r in lopping )!i;i8 citrus exports. : mons Increasing- American cx-i f o r l lo rccov er the cargo was made. owning i-ofreshmonts were served Springdalc ""- : --' " "-·' ' "" """ -· - ' ' " ""° ' the destruclion of war- Italy succeeded ian citrus industry duction of essence of lemon, and lemon and orange juice. Italy still holds first place among countries exporting lemons. In IRaO. Italy exported 81.3 per cent! swim for shore before the brig sank to the bottom of the Seine. The government, taking cng-ni- j zanoe of the rumors current about i the treasure aboard, immediately sent 300 soldiers to the scene. Thev tried for three months to salvage the vessel without success. Rumors Persisted Rumors of the treasure kept bobbing up. Another fruitless ef- to the following: Mrs. Allen Mrs ! Monday afl Virgil pee .lours, Mrs. Carl' Faii-1 c '" h rooms, inc. and Mr.-;. Sam Aired I were: The Spi ingdale I'ire Department ''''" was called lo extinguish a burning i car Tucfday morning at 3:415 nn I f'.a.-it Fmniii Avenue. The car ·wned by GU-n Wlnn, was a total'. ·moon in the Civic The officers elected Mrs. Eva Atwoorl. prcsi- , Mrs. Jeff Brown, first vice- president; Mrs. Luther .lohnsoti, second vice president: Mr. Tom j Ellis, third vice president; Mis. Frnest Ilolcomb, secretary. Mrs. j Doyle need, treasurer, anrl Mrs. ,,f E. R. Stafford, corresponding secretary. The group voted to meet at 2 o'clock the second Tuesday of , lemons, oranges and tangerines' - - ' age ' eer spent hi Guests Sunday in the horn,, m Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey Trewilt east 'f Springdale wore Mr. and Mrs |l. W. Matleson and race, Albert and Betty. | /i * ,m, h , ,., . n . ., .,,,., Mr. and Mrs. Claude Must and ' f n r membership. The on, Michael, of Backus Avenue, ~' ' ; " u ~ H-ero Sunday guests in the home ·f Mr. and Mrs. Bill Polling and children, fiock.v and Cindy, who Mothers Day services c t the af Comps Chapel; and Mr Drakes C r e e k Baplisl Church. Mrs. O. E. Lawson and Mr and Mr. and Mrs. Willis Drake and I Mrs. Bent Lawson and children children were guests Sunday of i )f Richland. Mr. and Mrs David Clark of ' nt « , T^ , . ...,v.,.nui nun 101 airnosi a eel U' | i|,i^ IveekT"/^"? a,-'---"""'' '' Thr "- a Paris ^n' 1 'TM^ Tied' Mr. and Mrs. Kcilh Bobbins and ! Ella Burnett of Drake 1 children attended a family re-1 Mr. and Mrs Lovd Vierce and umon dinner Sunday at the home : daughter were Rues'.? of Mr and rhildrcn I the month in the Civic Club rooms. · . ··"- · U.IU^HILT wrrr nunsir or Mr and 1 ' A rharfip nf $ l _ n yonr will ho mr.nV ' " M"'. .and Mrs. Kermis Hobbins , Mrs. Haskoll Stout of 31kir. S Sun""' -barter list; n ' r.lKins. ' d a y . of members will be open until r Mj- anrl M- I icU- f'oiich M-OTM ' ^ j » T ~ Julv · l c . i i , « i n M i , i ! ·'''' and Mrs. Owen Johnson The Mary Mar!!TM Sunday R ' , H 0 " f ,."' e . '""V. ^ rS ' Blrrt | vvorc "other's Day guests of Mr. School Class of the First HapiiMI s $ "' ','"f: ' f ^ 1 ," drl ' v -. ,, ? llrt Mrs - Jim Johnson of Round - -- . . . . ' . Mindav guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mountain. »**ir----IP ihe i r,miiM,,r 1,1,1 'SSP" " U|1 "« ""it. K»i i *-Sj --_- ._. .. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving YOH 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP Iho riinncr. Mrs Lalo wns rlrctrrl . Counl tho new Pi?cTPl;irv f thp class, Mrs.! U'ppkpnri ir-mcic «r M^ , t n* I Calvin Little, brought the devo- T Il^! S ' u'eTe'Mrfjoseprn^ * - linnal. Others prrsrnt wrro. Mrs. Robert Crudup, Mrs. Carl L..U- , mack, Mrs. Elmo Samuel. Mrs.' Dean Dunselman, Mrs. Iliriiim] Uc ;.'- v Test. Mrs. Edward Brrncr. Mrs. !(. .1. Boyd, Mrs. Paul Broplon, the teacher nf the class, M'-s. Billy . Thomas anrl children of George- Mrs. Nellie Rrooks, Mrs. nils and Bill Paris. fJuesIs nf Mr. and Mrs. Olto Drake Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Louche of Tulsa. Okla., Mr; Foreign Students 3rd International Day DANCE Benefit Foreign Students Fund Student Union Ballroom Friday, May 16, 8 P.M. $1.00 Per Couple If Purchased in Advance $1.25 at the Door Semi-Formal G il Stacey Orchestra 'Buckner I Graham and a guest, Mrs. Norman ' Raymond Drake and daughter. I Crowder. Rajean, of Ontario. Calif., and Mr. and Mrs Dillard Drake. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. n A. l,awson were Mr. and Mrs. Pan! Monre and children of Bald: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith and.' ^iiK_ Mr. and Mrs Mack Hinltlc 'children of Fort Smith were j : " .----·- =.| guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles I · Lniriamore Sunday. ! i Mrs. Kmnia Sharrock ;md Mr. ! . anci Mrs. Claud Atkisson wore ' guests of Lesler Atkisson of Rogers Sunday. Mrs. Elizabeth Tra'.imel nnri Mrs. Edith Couch were guests of. Mrs. Missie Perry and Mr. and' Mrs. Joe Oliver of Klkins Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Drake' spent Sunday with their granddaughter, Beverly Drake, of OK- · mulgee, Okla. i Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs.: Ernsl Von F.rdmannsdorff a n d : Mr. and Mrs. Frank I.onglsreet were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Longstreet and children. Mr. and Mrs Bassett Longstreet anrl son. and Mr. and Mrs. .lack Oagcr, all of ,'oplin, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Waller I.ongslreet and Boh Rupard of Pawhuska. Okla.. and Sgt. ,-ind Mrs. ,1. King of Camp Crowder, j Mo. ! Mr. and Mrs. Verlin Napier and daughters, and Olen Hull attended - Thc south temperate zone has a more uniform climate than the north temperate zone because of the broader ocean areas in the south zone. French cngi- own fortune vainly . *K to pro\-e the existence of | he king's fortune. In 1842 an Eng- and Hshman named Taylor made another effort wilhout success. After that, the Telemaque lay undisturbed for almost a century.; 'again i Creek. (searching had located the vessel. ! divers started prowling throueh the rolling debris. One diver reached into a barrel and brought out seven well-worn pieces of gold and some gold trinkets. This find, on September 3. 1939 --the day war was declared in Europe--was taken as proof the I treasure really was there. The forward quarter of the ship, de- j void of treasure, was brought up, hut the German Army was mov- ! ing into France and the work was ' abandoned in April, 1940. j USB Diving Bell | The same men who directed the Go To Seed AT * Brown Bros. Where You Can Get Fresh Quality Seed Alio Baby Chicks Hatched Every Futiday and Friday WEST CENTER ST. FAYETTEVILLE Fayettc- REMODEL -- REPAIR CLEAN UP -- PAWT UP NO MONEY DOWN Up !o 36 Monlhl io Repay DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 Si. Chuln INDIAN WARFARE IN THE BUCK HILLi OF DAKOTA! Pony Rides For the Kiddies! iff tee Miniature Golf Course! FAIR ASS'N. WASHINGTON COUNTY Official notice of meeting of membership Tuesday, May 27, 1952 7:30 P.M. Chamber of Commerce Room, Fayelfeville All members ore urged to attend. J. AUSTIN PARRISH, Pres. JOHN I. SMITH, Sec'y. Canada has increased its hydroelectric power output by sta'rting .loachims. Chenaux, and La Cave : developments in Ontario. Keep op with tt« time the Timr* daily. GREflT WESTER!) [ENJOY YOURSELF IN A C 0 0 L, COMFORTABLE MALCO THEATR E | UARK t23 - 3:25 . 5:2S - 7:30 - 9:30 "INVISIBLE RAY" "SHE-WOLF of LONDON" Call 69 -- For F««tur. TIma " PARfNTS. "MODERN" YOUTH fltt FRIDAY k SATURDAY SPACE ADVENTUREI LOST PLANET AIRMEN CARTOON · LATE NEW» »HOBT« "IfTE WITH FEATHEBS OPEN I:4S _ SATURDAYS Wt .,tc mjkini; Ihil convincing "get icquainttd" offrr for i limited lime only to prove lo new ihoiuanHj thai money can 1 ! buy i finer c.«mcl ,h,n BATAVIA " D ,,cn,» . . . . ihe new Ln" lowta/ wta .-nnmel ,. ,, K , rl - , rd ,,,, rldio ,,,, tc|cvi ,, on ^ ^ « ; "" on r ,,nl,,, B .,,,,, ....oolwerk. halhroom or kitchen. H,,y mt quart ,. -he re K ular price of only $2 .1 4 . . . ,« ,he .econd qua", for only lc! $AV£ H0W AT THESE SAtt WCfSf GOLDEN WEST HOUSE PAINT n IB Tho best you can buy al any price. $ C 03 Brighter colors. Self-cleonina,. M hi 5'«' SUL.TONE WAU FINISH ARMA-FIM FIOM ENAMH On* coal covtrt tolid plot!.,, wallpaper, wall hoard, ·«. S«l(.Staling. S*lf.Siiin|. $ *J 71 WitKifartdi abut* and HorH UM. For Hoon, poxhti, d*ki, batfmtnl floort. $135 Qt. FAIRWAY HARDWARE CO. 130 MILL STRHT. fH ONI 2630 NO CASH DOWN Your Old Refrigerator Will Make the Down Payment in Most Cases NEW FEATURES 7% Cu.Ft.Size BIG VALUE! FRIGIPflIRE FftlGIMIRE · All-Porcelain Hydrotor · Storage for 15 Ibs, frozen food · Oulckubo Ice Trays · Meier-Miser Mechanism with 5-Year Protection Plan · Over 11 sq. ft. shelf area · Many other feature* THE SIGN OF SERVICE · Roll-to-you Shclvat · Cold-Wall Coaling · Full-width Sup«r-Fr«»r Cheil · Twin, all-porctlain Hydratorl · Food-Safety Indicator · Sup*r-Pow*rtd M*tor-Mi»r FRIGIDAIRE Master Model, · Full-width Suptr-FrMxtr Chtst · Adjustable shttf · All-Porcelain Hydrate* · Exclutiv* Quickube Troyt · Sup*r-Power Mechanism ii^ wr JKi\TI\»C 19 NORTH BLOCK ST.

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