Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 15
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LEGAL NOTICIS PERSONAL NOTICE TO CONFIRM TITLI In Th« WafhiHfUn Chinttry Court Lizzie Biggs, Ex-Parle. Notice i* hereby given !h;it there has - - - "inuwny Itftn NlM in my o f f i c e as clerk ol NEED n .. « , . , . " · the Waihmeton Chanrcry Couri, a. ynut · ·,'. "i.v. \, "' ' petition for 1hn confir.-nalinn of thr : -u!!!.. ',:...!.''"· -""l" -tnle to the following lands in Washington County, Arkansas, ;o-wit: Th* Northrast quertrr ( N E ' i J of the SoutheaBt quarter iSEUi and part of the ^.'·»rih\\esi quartnr tNWUi of ihe Southeast qunrtcr iSE'i' o5 Section ?:. Township li North, Range .'12 WMI. described at follows: Beginning at the SE corner of said N W ' i SE'., nnd * running thence WCM lou chains to A stone: thence Norlh R i j dcurf-e-i West lO'i chaini: thence Ntir-lv 25!* degree* East ,v, chains; thence North 31'r degrees Kasi 7 3 4 cha-r.s . to the North line ol said 4fi thence with the line to the Northeast Corner thereof, thenco.South to the place of beginning, containing in all 5n arrei. more or less, and the quieting n f. l n e title lo the same ' NO»THW«T *»UNIM TRA.VSt'ORTATION WANTED KNOW iiti.'.nne' cr.miiiK f r o m nr n~ "· ''r .-UM^'Triu'' H r " C ' k ' V'jV*'^' «OM:Y r o T o ^ f TM " ~ F l i A H O M E T.OANS Low imprest, Ions i»rms L f l . K Y A.\D CO.M-.'AN'Y, IN'C '' hon " K "uppiics: DarhshundTcKTh^iRira: IeT- t-r. fox terrier*- Hijhw t \ ;· milr SM,,ih writ Fork rn'a-t. Dra ton s Kennel. f5??_f AI ' l :rJ' IVE _ ST ocR EMBDEN~~GEESE WEEK OLD"GOSUNGS Phfiiie Mrs Foilrr. HI d « \ s ALMOST thntf.iiKhhrcd RnrinKinis H|- ( '"-in heifer. I27JW. SAUnU-: nurse, excellent fcr i ' Phnnr ,17:;J. , HOI.SEIN heifer/ fresh""in "ft | Frank fintlle. phone Ifi.'tf. VniING ri. K i'olaml Ctr.n ington Chancery Court within MX u-eekt and show cause why sairi t i t l e to said landi should not he confirmed in said Lizzie BijJKS. Witneis my hand as clerk nf ih Washington Chancery Court ami (he seal thereof on this 10th day of April (SEAL) Richard B. Greer Clerk 1Q-17 '24 May ]-s-is. c NOTICE nf real proprr' All ownrr.i m n- rtl j,i the following described ierri'lnrv MI uated in the Cily of Favi-iivvi'iic ·"Washington County. Arkansas, hound rd as follows, to-wit: Beginning at H point 45! .".fi (opt West of Ihe Northwest corner uf the Northeast Quarter nf the Srnith- j. rant Quarter nf Sr-ctim n Town ship 16 North. K.inRe .in us' which point is the centerlinc of Shady Avenue: thence Nonh ' o fpet; thence Last ;n a point "i,n the East line M ihe Suulh\vr--t · Quarter of the NnrituvrM QIMI-IET of Section 10. Township Ifi North Range 30 West, which is 27(1 irrt North of the Southeast corner of said Southwest Quarter of ihe Northwest Quarter of said Pi-c- tion 10: thence South 473 frc-r thence West to the Southwest corner of Lot S. Biork .?. David-ion's Second Addition: thenrp Norlli- tvust across College Avcnur- 1o ihe Southeast corner of Lot it Ijlock . 13. of A L. Trenls Reviser] Plat City Park Aclfliticin; thence \VCF! to the Southwest corner of en id lot; thenrc Southwest across Pollard Avenue 1o the Southeast corner of Lot S. Block 8 of said A L . Trents Revised Plat City Park Addition: thence West to the Southwest corner of Lot 1 Block 7. of said A. L. TrcnlK Revised Plat City Park Addition: thence Southwest arroiis Park Avenue to the Southeast cornc; of I/u 14 Block I. of said A. I, Trcnu s«- vised Pint City Park Addition: thence West to t)i? Soulhwrsl cor- ' ner of Lot 3. Block 1. of bald A. I, Trents Revised Plat Ciiv Park Addition; thence Somhwes; across \Vool«ey Avenue to a point ''34 leet Soulh of thf N'orth line of the Southeast Qunrirr of Section : 0. Township 16 North. Hnngr :»i ! Wesl. thence West to a point due South of the csnterime o! bhnrty ! Avenue; which point is 4.Vi.;iii mt-t ' Wesl of thu West line of the Northeast Quarter of th? Snuihcast | Quarter of Section 9. Township | IB Norlh. Ran?e .30 Wrsl: thence North to the place of hrgmnint;. ·re hereby notified that ;i pennon · has been filed with the City Clerk ' of the said City of Fayottevihc. pur- j Wi-jcii." Ohlnhonia . DHOKMAN and ,tm O/nrtt Thr a _H ? ANTED--MALE "YOUNG MEN'VS-Td"~ NOT .sul.jrct to d r a f t . «.ne or f tn travel rtiiiiL- United Slates w ennpcrnnod nroup Travcllne · pense 1 ; p-ud Av.TiiKf rarninns S7,' per week. For mtormalion write ^·i.ivs B. B. Ihunprrys. Box H ' Indian,-! _ CIIOICK"'purehri-il' «onn- to f a r r o w , . younK ho;tr 2S77R - i FIVE purrhreri Suanrn mi']k' K _ A _ll"".' 1 ._W I" Bognrd._W nisl ld BMblini!.' Ppkm FOK SALE--AUTOMOTIVE TflSO CHEVROLET ', ton pickup miles. Hnrri-;on h c a f r r ^ Irwj;, Dnvidson. 740 Woo'sr-y i34i "CHEVROLET seiian. good Call .inni-I,-.l A5 LONG A5 24 MONTHS TO PAY YOUNG LADIES" 13.^ FRF.K to - , a v p | Csilifornin Fl ^ r si a ??: hl S5!n n ' c"hn1 " enii;;: icronnll Indi.-infi ^ LADY to ric f.-ivoriihi vvnl . llux JOSH. Ti- Haute.' vork. Grod~p";^. .ivmjj qunriers. SAI.E--MJKCEl.I.ANFOI'K C:in he Warchou WOOD r f i n . TiO posts, si-.-on r; s:»i« I'honc lir.fll. j HIRNlfliRK. .inorl,.r X r h.m- ,. ri(i;iM' MIT r.-ni l,iit III Inv jr,,,r ,-.i |),,|,i Mnlnr V ' 1m^|^r.^. e t c j - ] ( Dfifnn \Vf.t.i j.-, COMfLF-TrJ v . n t r r fy ii ·l-O-M:r t.-iin ail cnnncfion^ F.v- J«:tch I..I-: Cir.cnl M W. I. l.aM-T" ·· · Inr W..II. Snrih 71 PAINTING AND DECORATING JOHN L. ROBERTS PAPKHHAN'tiW; ;,, ,[ (in'nilus ir irnor nn-l c \ U T j r v.'ilJ l-i- n!;i'l I fi VP Ircc i-xtirv. i'i..- S;i!i-,fwi-:m . h'i.l,. , i r s k n'.i . coin I.c.,der. Lincoln. Ark l.'.MJFHW(W)i) 11"" Flue t v Rood COIHIM,TM, ;,·,,,., p Wl,,.r:,. r . room nii-D nil', ' ii-i CAHi-K.-s-rrR A,, '""'" ' " " '' ' M r ' : FOK SALK--HEAL ESTATF, Thursday, Mo T )3, IMJ -15 MAKE UP TO $2,000 A YEAR IN SPARE TIME OWN A NUT ROUTE RvHte already set up Requires 3 hours a week Must have cor. Investment of Only $750 Present owner graduating. Machines relatively new. L i s t references. Give phone No. Write Box K-89, care of Times o n e , oluldrrn L ; I'imnc v :e;1 i TWO "i'iperlenc"efi~ wnitrcwci ; _ kilrhiri hc;lpor._Cas:lc Cafe | WAITRESS Phnne 4.--n or apply ' m ; _Pcrpon. Majr.'.iic Cafe. ! WOMAN "to "live 11:1 n'acp" look qfTrr ; two sm.iu ehililrcn »mi do 'lisht cnnditnuiB. Slnlc aRf and rclorences ^^S^^J^^O^Tulsa. Oklahoma. SALESMEN \VA\TEiT~~ PART "TIME MEN S T I T I K X T S c.r nre.irntlv ..nmlrvnH Chevrolet Tudor Fleet line Powerglide, radio, heater, white wall tires, new s e a t i ^ ' w u K F L trniii covers and other extras. | . M " tlMI;iin ._' Beautiful black finish $1695 '$££" o'-1 ""-' ."50 Chevrolel 4-ctoor FIcetline; Deluxe. Radio, heater a n d ! n e a r l y n e w fires. T a n ' ^iAs' V( B. K;'50 Ford Club Coupe Custom.l Radio, heater and over-1 STRMViiEriniKs'/'in drive. Tu-tone green a n d ' -^ I1 '^ j l '" n: : 1i " 1 ' T ' ! ; . b 'ack $ 1 5 4 5 Spnnjtii'lm CIf"r*'croeh. (J^T'l'lon' '50 Ford 4-door Custom. Heater; GHAVFL and overdrive. Black finish.! I'lmiip'isiVj"' 1 Extra clear ; $ 1 4 4 5 : STnAwnrnniKS." '49 Ford Tudor Custom. Rad ; o vered. SO 110 MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G _ _ I'.rk' th- and heater and new / s o o t : sr,',,',!!' 1 covers SI 195 * Vri *'" '48 Chevrolet 4-door Fleetmas-1 ter. Radio and heater. V e r y ! 1952 _ Chevrolet Pickup. Brand I Holl O.\K IJ * , r j p ' n t ml Hr.'- Mntli- To Orrirr -PHONE 271i HOUSE BARGAINS FOR QUICK SALE 200 Year* of Servicn 20,000,000 Policyholderi 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for preferred riski" G«l the Factt The Rjtler Agency . MOfHUFI We/A/ /0fl/j.y/// fibril i ii. tt f 'u-j i^nOffiu^n apiil'tti/ior TENOU IDTtt wv »M M MOIH ·EfTMYCM IM CLOIETf,ROOMS iTC FABMICf «Mt*r«M i Loans 16 East Confer Krirla; Inn Hotel. 7 p. hnvo i'nr. Drawing ntcnum'lor rr"'-| Sell mdnn. inMilalion. horn.. Miiprovrmcnt cciuipn^nt. Margin Kii]|!ny[iiont Acrnry. ·In 1 ' First Na-· l:nnal_ IJ;ii;k. Knr[_Sniilh WANT Mlrsinnn (.ntl pairs ladirs with ' ear for rural sales work si 5(1 pnr day ear allowance and eommission W r i t e Omar Thnmpion. Box is; "iilSmlth. Ark. ^ w * 1 ^ 11 ^^^ rtrt ^^^^^^wv-wvv^lfv-^x^w^^^A« FOR SAI.K--HOME NEEDS «rlj- ivithin territnry. pV. , , :5crt KrrBvcl any other cars and pickups lo choose from. -- WE -.-B U Y - S E L L - T R A D E MAKE AUTO LOANS S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot 'Corner Center and Church Sts. j FayettevNIe sin . i3,Vi I ' K J H SAWMILL. - IMII-I. Illrn^'^ 1 " 1 ^'" lNKK:-I r ",f,7- ; ';""n i n titnry for the purpose ol grading. : crator draining, pnymg. curbing and cutter- ij SO( j Bcntliv ing Norlh Street Irom the Center line · Used Monlco oi Shady Avenue (exlendedj lo the ' Used GK w;v East line of North Walnut Avenue, : Used frt-int-r' and thst the t-oM'thercoI he ashcs?cd U 3P d bicycle «nd charged upon Ihe re-tl propt-riy - - --J above desrribrrt. All ownrrs of real : property with:n said territory are ati- . vised that said petition will be h ,-asher s 79.On · la-'her S I? HO j S 59 (t:i $ 15 00 S 20.0!) _!l!i n . n .. infi ^I rf ?L r ,_L n £ nc ? 7:1J 1941 FORD ?. "rtoor7 by ~ owner Kre nayninn-t Duvis at Western A u t o in Duggar-Brown '*, MATTRESS CO. " 1.0 Smith Fast S! i- | '· ONUS -' ilDAnS ' ci.KAHiNO - OI.IN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSO: i ~VdT("viTti"ii""noor:Nci~NEiDS .: (-'.ill 11 I. svwnn r' HoofinK Contrnrtor : Al-;o. A',h«.'Rloi Sulmg. ; Hnnip_trpairK. 1'hone MI1IJ ,', ; KOOTINUS-w a I e r" in. '»ntl ,tw« e . illteh^s. ncp'ir Innk hiii'ei DlKiiml! 7 - I ntnl Ijfick fillinn Coll 2S28 Dryct WoVn7n"Tfni"'rn'htT~'--''Y ttini]' '}r~~-~ _J£avlE HAiNJiiTw TROUT lo:',i'd n ~ii ~ph'on". Covered Bullons, Bullon Holes, S,)n_ntdajr .1201. Ozark Trout l-o.-m : Tailored Bells and Buckles. - I Special A'lenlion given Mail «v ' Orders. Satisfaction or Money '.'I . Back. * $ ' SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. | 18 SE. St.. Kavcltpvlilf SPECIAL I Seven-room house. 1 Tive-room HOUSR . . 1 Two-room hou-,e . . 1 Garage bidg., 4 1 2 $ 5 0 0 ' FAYETTEVILLE AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Brtler Pile* to Bur Buildings oil located Wesl and now Highway 71 Phone 2813-J-2 77i ! PLUMBING HEATING : CO. i ?12. N Wwt Phnnc 7?1 11 N. Block DEALER Ph. 131 .\ourKrlf UunHry only Making Rood innnfy other Inlcrrs! Lnri« USED CAR CLEARANCE SALE I WAS NOW BO A C H E S . « " "' ' r f ond hjirrt, 'rnrtirnlly . " 11949 Buick Sedanefte, Super A N N O U K C K M K N T !' IAC;GETT «.· iinnnririi ,··»·, ("on, c -\'.' l " tlv ' ?| . v ''V ''"'I Drhtitnn'li' Co:;m- n( . r K',,'|': Dralcr. n.-,y,l .".1,11s. ;,-;, Phone 154H. Radio and heater Chevrolet Fleetline tudor V " M l " r " rr « ' FOLKS! i mi , r r" 5 I^Tpr""/ visea mat saia petition win DC ncarn at the meeting of the City Council I to he held al me hour of rt:0l o'clock I P. M.. on the 2nd day June. llf.SJ. [ ind th?t a! said int-ctiiiK saiil Council ' will determine whether thnse s:j:nin£ . the same rnnstiltite two-thirds in ' value of surii owners nf real prop- j trty: and nt said nieeimg all owners ' f f real property within paid territory ' who desire will he heard upon the question WITNESS my hand anri the st-al ni the City of Faveileviilr. Arkansas this 1.1ih day of May. 1052. I (SEAL) i J W. McUchce I Cily Clerk j t City of Faycttevillc. Arkansas I NOTICE WANTED to buy-Clean cars. Spot , cash. Dubs Motor Co., Spnngdale. phone 21Z6.__ '_ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY · Ni^OPPORTUNitYF TO start your nxvii liltlo pmfiuble husines^. No e\-ppricnr» is necessary You can start with nr full time to first feel your way nnd rx- - pand as farnms" Justify. A reliable .Dim and Braristrect rated firm will select a responsible individual (mm thi« area to represent mir prnriur - = distribu'cd through new ,-iumnnur nerchar.disinR machines. An investment 'of only SOOfi.OO in 20 initial machines p.nd mi?rch;tjidisc is rt-- quirert to st^rt you.. When ynu C.ITI tee (trowing profifs you ran then *dd additional equipment and inventory for expanding One of our items is a now chlorophyll Gum type product, which is recetvint; so much i national publicity. This is nn opportunity well worth ynur fullfst invest! pat ion. For personal inicr- Tiew, write, pivinj; xnnr q u a l i f i c a - . tions. name, nddress find phdne number to Mr Wiirniiiv P I P S . INTERSTATE VENDING COnPOR-\TION DEM ING WATER $r$rf/vs SAVE MONEY TIME and LABOR ?twcen sam TuVn~n"r: ALL ! thry'"!ns't (ipl-n -! s-or';" nr "- ] uhllo '.i no LOOK!! BARGAINS TODAY Fig. 2090 Marvel WANT lo bin 'cii' Biih, Motor Co. V.'ANTKli PI.NK HOOT -I ·_.;, nrr r ., K V A K B ROCJT S"iri nrr 1 li v^s BLACK K:\-AKE no'oT n n d $136.00 F A Y E T T E V I L L E j Plumbing Heating Co. 310 NORTH WEST PHONE 730 N O Y f C E " ~il'.T Inp pr:cc-- for your fur Ponvun u lo our sail- phon _HiHon_nrr« Aurijnn HOUSED PHILCO" REFRIGERATORS Quality new mallress and matlress renovating. Phono 3036 01 WEST DICKSON ( WANTED TO BUV ' 1950 Buick Super 4-door. Radio I W A\-rao"iVv,- sn'nkr-."Jin:'inir(-S?' I and heater. Nice one. ^r"-«"1"",»h. a, Fav , ,. ; 1949 Ford Club Coupe. Radio nnd heater. Very clean. . 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline. All the I extras. 11946 B u i c k Sedonette. Radio ' it! and heater. Ford Club Coupe. Radio; and heater. Very nice. j 1946 Chevrolet 2-door. Radio and heater. 1940 Chevrolei Club C o u p e. ' Nice one. i 1950 GMC H-ton. 1947 Chevrolet ij.fon. I'll buy your cor : or sell you mine. CARL'S MOTOR SALES PHONE 3 2 1 1 Three miles south Sprlngdale Highway 71 ' EXTA'VATfNlT B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt. Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 In «Pi|. For any *!/.f farm. C C Hmlry. OZARK FARM AGENCY I ONK hp.ironin home. att;irhrd Rnraer nuilt thrr.- c,irs. Rcniffi lor sss.oo | ptlO MnlJy 1T.4W · HY o w n e r . j s ' n r r c V Club coupe 1 ' 946 Mercury Club coupe Chevrolet tudor J. W.HUI " ELECTRIC CO. Qualify InitalUr! · POWER Phont 2X. West Fork c:T^Vr lihii! |;npn j LOT" J7.750 IKI t 707 So,,,!, W..hln,l,m 1941 Chevrolet 6 , ' f o r d o r ' 1941 Chevrolet tudor 1939 Chevrolet tudor 1938 Chevrolet coups. 1937 Chevrolet tudor $1695 . 1-186 . 1195 . 895 . 895 . 807 . 395 . 395 . 395 . 350 , 195 . 195 $1495 995 995 695 695 695 295 295 250 100 10Q I CL'ARANTKEIJ until inucr. Wr.ic fur F].-,. Vr Ihrr n-mis. IK-rlii. l)-rt i nh:m: vnmR.« -SUN tlf.f Fr." r" K m n h !.._ Excavating"-"Bulldozing" I ~~ Disking - Brush Rake | i Ponds - Roads - Clearing T «",i U l L j i/"\Kirr /-- g n. n. JUNbb. Cc^ntractor :M7 K., IV-.s ,13 IT. Sta Phono H«fi, FayeUevillc Ranch Stylo, Choice Location ONK u-.-ir nlr| hull hrirk. 1 bprfinnui!! " I'.iiht. ifir/;o kitrlirn w ' t n hrc;ik- Inst inoiii. l;irfie livlnit room w i t h drrpl;u-f null heatni.itnr. ( f i n i n g rnnni. panclrrl f ]f;r,_ 2 car nt'ached ("trprnng Ihrf.uchnui, liq^rlioarri hoi w.Trr rfl'linnt heating avsk-m. fully in«i]latcd nl N'nrthfllM rnrnnr Wash- inwin;, n nd nphhrcn. Owner Jmving . j HATFIELD PONTIAC CO - · | | CO| J f I i -~ . . . . * Special! Car Lot, Corner of A/.eodow and East Streets Phonj 303 Special Special!! E X T R A " . illume OSO.T TWO hfdninin h'ou. :n 410 Kn» .M,,,,! uith B.irdrn r.p.i I-'OR SAI.K--RI-AI. ESTATF r, ROOM fmm.'.'lmuV,.. hnlli. har,h. " " l.ol GOxKm ,;, 11, FOR SALE OR HENT~ -s ~" .'t M- I X H V K H .Sf.TIinn Ciirnrr \V Strt * els ON HIGHWAY ! COOl) .i' r , - v : tj'tl (. ll'iw nf. ',- j...^ mi! 01 16 WEST -loctilion WANT TO RENT .1 IIKfHOO.M mortem Mihiirl.nn , »"x K-:ICI. PACKARD-WILLYS i Sales -- Service ilYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO J Phone 6c;6. 208 North Block /·AcConnell Company Hi-.! Eslalc SrraM'l t- .: ( , t ]-,r:,'in B l u l i l l i l R ATtRAr-n"vT.""5"'lprrtn»»m"hnm.-m 'tm (mini' in North «cc*inn tn Srhrml. Wonlfrfiil v.lur H hnnir Anrncllvc llvinn -M-arr.ingod kilrhfn ivuh ·n. ollliiy room, inner . nuinimlir hrnl Mir- In^n nnrj | ihruljhrry FUA loan w:ih ps.vnir-nu ' KJKCAID COMPANY ! I ri0ri __ i n n rsfo-R ; ! TWO THOUSAND DOLIARS ~ ' I Wll.l. ,,,,t vnii nn ro»d t- !,, ia nn«| r,r.-o,jKf. rhnl s fl|] thn! . rr- purrhagf rock vrnt-prfd ! prnpcr'y proprr!-- n m , ir nnd IK w r ! l lorn'cd in J ·lulnm-r nf *]1 nrhool*. j j rt'in't neffl thr money nr.rt wil'l rj»rr.v j thr hfll,inr* nt MX prr rrnt intfrrst : f'ir Ihr fifth! pcr-.nn I THREE BEDROOAA BUNGALOW n .i^Sd" na r",T "" " nd ll " iirKr rlmrlt kilrhrn Inultin-. n«n1i\ (-ii| in ri-!ir.ns and r'r .ScllmH ai nn'-. 1950 Ramhler Convertible,, low mileage, New Top' New Scat Covers, overdrive, Radio, Heater, Foam' Cushions, direction signals. Finish just like new; Priced way under ceiling. Also 1949 Nash Ambasador 4 door fully equipped Have several lower priced cars in the 1942 1941 7 1940, etc. These cars are really priced right and ore in good shape. MODERN MOTORS 125 W. MOUNTAIN PHONE 252 jud rep ;ilkin« STUMP FURNITURE CO. MAY SPECIALS . tr i n- SUBURBAN TWO A C R E S HK;MT on TI h,«h«:,v n. » f , nr NEWLIN;REALTY 'Sd1witf Co. Who's Who For Service Consult You- Clossified Service Directo K K A I T I SHOPS DEAD ANIMALS . DEBUTANTE COSMETICS," FULLER RPII^HFS PHONE 1548 Joplin Rendering Co ^ ^ IS CAR CLEAN-UP TIME, T O O ! WHEELER REALIY CO. · dm nrf Nil) Tim. T«ch-«|i "Wd" ipoh with i«lwt nwlrli yM fhiith We use Genuine Ford Paints and Polishes to keep your FORD looking rightl ABSHIER-BRYAN "Your friendly l-ord IIAt I.INfi ' ' M A T Ji:, I«| ,";:;;:, i '"""""·· "·- ; IIOMK I . A I ' M l H V 9 x 1 2 Summer Rugs 9 x 1 2 r ' v " vfr - ! ' br " '" »···'·'· »·"· i-i ' v l 2 ·-···· Su,thl« for children 1 * om. pi:rrh nr open brMjrvay. $18 95 ...... 535^50 r rn,.m. hi Fibre 9x1 2 w °ol fibre MOVE OUT OF DOORS ADJUSTABLE SUN CHAISE ' C O I . V A R D S '-'M W Mtidnw - Phono 3l»J .icli I.150.up_c.ilrt mvp_ts up »rAi'"r» Bi ~ rlorenc* C O M P L E T E $32.50 .._. ___ HiUKK'IT'S BKAUTY SHUP RH.IABLI WORK ' lh:it rni-k 'r, . , ! "need CANVAS ROCKING CHAIRS - i M r o - : K: (:,.:·(. i-jr.vas. High back chain $2.95 Sl'-KNCrR loimnntinn P"rli. Vunn f; r pp n I'l . 7M .1 !l« N r,n» w r,^;:,','p' " ""'"' ''"'"" ' ' ,Vr'f:j USED BASEMENT BARGAINS " j 2 pc. Blue vclour hvmg room suite ' 3 piece moghoqony bedroom suite 'Sofa---rose f l o r a l slip cover, good condition .8 piece walnut dining room suite, 2 leaves t of 6 mahogany dining room c h a i r s . . . . $59.50 $44.90 $12.50 $89.50 .$59.50 Stump Furniture Co. rt i~ir · nM W DICKKNI PHONE 311J

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