Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

NO «THWtST *«KAN$Ai TIMH, Fnytttevllte, ArfcaniM. Thurtdoy, May 15, l»$2 yj.-"("v/.-AT [·iiiCA'.-.L'i 'B'; -, ' -'·( OF H-k'..' ·-: W-: Rogers The Holers .seniors w i l l complete ' their 12 of public school ed- ' ucalion Frirlay niRhl when ear:h | w i l l be awarded a diploma of j K i a d U H t i o n by the president of the ! I'.occrs School Hoard. The stu- , clcnls w i l l be introduced by Joe i Kayc. Moore. biRh school princi- ' pal. The class of 115 senior- is the larcevt in the history of the i j:choo!. Commencement week he- ' Kan w i t h the: baccaluureaie ser- ! mon by the Itev. Rel Gray, pastor [ of tiu: First Baptist Church. On ! Monday t u i / b t , class night was ob- i served. Thursday, the .seniors and t h e i r sponsor, MIT. W. F. Worth- incton, were to hold the a n n u a l picnic ,il Lake Lucerne near Eu- . rr'ka Springs. Friday ni^ht the | Rev. S t u a i t Schimpf, director o f , i H i K i o u s e d u c a t i o n of John Brown i U n i v e r s i t y nt Siloam Springs, w i l l ! be the speaker. Glen Lanjjslon is i cl,i:-s presidenl. Jan Moore Parks and Jo Ann Fort are the valedictorian and srdutatorian respectively. held a joint picnic Monday night ! ment of Mrs. G u n d l a c h and Mrs at Lake Atalonla. Included among · Buddy Clark to the M- n b ' i i r those from Bentonville was the ] Committee was nradc by Mrs club's candidate for governor. J. J. j Lauren Godley, cnamnan' of inV Buell. He was introduced by J. B. I chapter. Craig. Jr., member of the fingers I ' · Club. About 211 families from Ben- ' tonville joined a similar number Z i ~ . ". ' ~ from the local club. l O d a y S Morket NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS LEGAL NOTICES I hy the Rev. Vermin C h a l f a n t . pas- Following a t r i p to Panama and other .South American countries, Bridie Hrowpr, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Brower of Rogers, now serving aboard t h e U.S.S. Bushnell, w i i : r e t u r n to Key West, Fla., \vbere he w i l l be stationed. to complete the program. A f a m i l y gathering took place . , , , - , ,,, ,,, Sunday at Lake A t a l a n t a when 10 j n'--- ·' --' nf t U,, 1 1 «l.:i.l _ r « - - ... ' ' J · · 1 WH- Mrs. Hardy Croxlon. who recently moved to Rogers, was speaker at the Beta C h a p t e r of Hcta hisma Phi al a meeting held Monday evening at the home of introduced by Mrs. Charles G u n d - lach, program chairman. She tolrl of her experiences w h i l e livinc in LE/SVE THIS REAR VIEW THE WOUNDro OFFICER STRUGGLES OM-- MIRROR AT THE LAB TOR S AMD GET MER SOME HOT COFFEE AND DRV CLOTME5. chapter II of I'.E.O. held , . May meeting Tuesday at t h e ! home of Mrs. Lawrence Harris, i The chapter met in observance of N a t i o n a l Music Week, and spent ' the afternoon in t h e study of the '· l i f e and composition of Stephen ' Foster. Mrs. Oscar J u h r e was in · charpe of the program, assisted bv ' Mrs. Hoy V a i i R h a n , Mrs. Harris ' and Mrs. Harold Applcgate. The Lions Clubs of BcntonviJlc · and Holers and members' f a m i l i e s ' European countries. The ap OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* '·'"THEM ROCKS? WHY, THF'M'S AMMUMITIOM PER THKT OLP TOBY DOC, IF HE SIT!:, OUT ^^E(^E HOWLIN AT COYOTES. ER TH'MOONJ AC-.IW TOK1IH THERE'S WO GOLD IM HILLS. WHAT' /THIS, A" JOKE? NO. ITSCUELYS WAY OP HANP ' HE- LOVES OLD TOBY AN' DOM'T LKE HIM ABUSED-SOPA WON'T "THROW 'EM AWAY S'OV, ooo HEAVENS! [ ' "y'rvE*'oTTo"! PLEASE, MRS. SAWYER; * UST W E : ^TOYOUR'r'J FERSONALiy. IT'S 0= THE utmost HAVE SWEAT GLAW5 ONLYONTJtESOlES OF THEIR FEET Cflr* BIBLE IN iRt WORLD IT MEASURES . BY CONTAINS 8.043 PAGES MO WEIGHS C2 A TON/ TKf lOPSY-IliRW TREE Of TOGfitMUfc r«E TCUNK IS HORIZONTAL AHO THE BRANCHES HKCI/eKr/ai ·^^'^^^^^T i r^Sl HIII.W: Hiswjift f Ti l oT^ D 'S r -ig- 9 * IG.BtlT... L SNAKE IF EVER I SAW ONE I MYSO6H,l-'OOZy WHATCHA WAVINy^ PM TIFFIN' ·rOUR NO5E / FOR TKOUBLf; AROUND LIKE / r CAN TFLL IF THAT FOR? j IT'S NEAR AT ^rr-1 r-^~ t \ HAND, BY TM' J j . - f,1'MNUi Mt.M WHO If, SO INI1 R I.MID IN Ml.R CAUCrR lur^V f.lVTC, MLR UAMBLIRC.PR', AM r i .owf ns -1 o ! Rt r.'/ . 5 n, n '· GUI tHO»r ISGOIN'uh IM . . . You looked no impressive, stindlng: there In ynur ·mart uniform, th»t I completely disregarded the" red light." Eighty-five members of sixth : st. i.ouit Livestock grade classes will be g r a d u a t e d ' ,, from Central School Friday a f t e r - ,,,,,, hlock.\ards. I I I . - I/I') noon. The Rev. W i l l i a m M a l o t t c ; ( U S V A - "°E S OMXi; u n e v e n ; minister of the First Christian ! w o l s h l s u n d c r 2!n lbs p r a c t i c a l l y Church w i l l deliver the main ad- i clc '"' ctl '" -"nippers »nl butchers dress. The invocation w i l l be given : T 3 .'' J IM high " l h a " u ' cd - ·· - nesdav s average: heavier weights . . - m - ,. , tor of Central Methodist Clmrch I if "' ,''' } t -, h " : V;C W* over 270 Mrs. Ruby Padcn, p r i n c i n a l of .""' ·"stiiblir.hcd; sows 25 to SO higher; b u l k choice Kos. 1 2 and " "' Ibs 21.25-65; s c v e r a l j Central, will present the diplomas j !,' and perfect a t t e n d a n c e awards. ' Two class songs will be ; reeled by Mrs. A. A. ]*...,,.,,.,.,_ music instructor, and pianis' Bet- , -- ~ " " L " I.V Bronson will play a p i a n o solo I"' C '"" c! ' R1VKk ' 2 "-"°-21-l'l): l"ck- crs buyiliK few at 20.7S d o w n - lr,0- 170 Ihs 19.75-21.23; 120-140 Ibs 17.5(1-19.7.'!; sows -100 Ihs down 17.75-18.30; heavier .sou's 16.50- NOTICt~~~ -- NOIIM l« hereby JCIVITI that the un" dement,! hn, filrd Iht ntpart. mm! nf Alcoholic BPveraKC Cniitrni !" ""I, 8 "":; °' Arl ""'»"f"r » perm? lei »(·!! .-mil dispense bear at r e t a i ' on Ihr iircmues clrscriheii a* 119 w "n"S"t.v St ' ^""""l"- W«.hing. 'ihr iinticrsiKneil K l a f c t that he if n cilran of Arkansa". of Rood moral charm-tor, thai he hat never h-cn amvicied of a felon.v t,r i.iher crime involving moral turuitudp- ihnt- nn licence to sell beer by Ihe underi.gnM been revoked within five liquors. Appli pa«l: and that the _.._ , never her-n convicted of vjolatinc laws of thii sta-e. or anv ollwr · iclative to the s»!e o[ alcoholic for permit to be 1s- th« a w a r d , ! ; - - - . : severa , , , . r M ' , " sung.' rji- ["^.^ ^' ?"' 2 *''"""* I !,,' %'" Jul " '»" 2 ' "" "» «P ?. on* Dnuela^ ' 2 n °- 2 l n lb s 2'-' r ': Inchest sinrc "" ·'"'' '·:, "' June. 1053. niTM Be,-' I O , ( ''- 8 ' 1951: 21 °- 270 lbs f u l 1 wiri "' "·." '" " "' - " ' ' ' boa , ' boais ,0-14 50 r-,ni,,' i i,on i -,,« , "f the 1! children of Mrs. M a t t i e Keck held a reunion, the first in - , , , i i,on i -,,« , Navy for more t h a n 20 vears Mi on on nm ,'~ *" *""* Monday for .lan.n whnr. v,"' ,. in ! 2n on -'' 1 ( . | n:. Balers unchanged; be static Etliol M Snnlh N'otary Public I SEAL) M ' Commission expires: Marrh ^0 "51 ___ _ _ 15-1 t'-c Motic. Of Filinf Of Application For Liouor Permit notice is hciuby given lhat tlte undersienect ha% filed u-lth the Ue- parlment of Alcoholic Beverage Con'"' "' * S'ale of Arkansas for a irrmtl to sell and dispense vinous r " u °H 5 liiuors fo ' W. on Ihe premises drscr hy Applicant ilcd: 119 r. Ark. ' fnr ! = ,,.,,, ,,.h- i. . ' ' " - " " - - · - 1 ' « ; vcaiers unchangcrt; ___j^«ne;i i )y Applicant or Japan where he wtll ; Rooc| aml dlni( , c . 1Ln(1 _ Mn|1 . sBorl i V-AMTN C -ORDI «' " r "TM. 7"'=''-' 3B.Ofi: u t i l i t y and wi;J nh .r t o""c n o Cucn ry, C ° commercial vcalcr? 23.00-30.0(1. J sek Arncy. riaiinitr ardy Croxlon. who re- Sheep BOO; trade o p e n i n g si ow Tal ,, ,,, v! wn-nH t n n« rt ^..^ _ .. : i..., _ ' _ _ , , ' . , '. . * . - t a i n c s M. Slaui-'iitcr p n H V-'ARMINC ORDER Jurt Of ArkantM Sheep BOO; trade openi but generally steady w i t h \Vcdne- day; few sales mostly c h o i c e and ood sprinq lambs .10 00- ill- culls down to 2.1(10- ioad u t i l i t y ' and . an Croxton was .' Rood old crop No. 2 s k i n s 2130 same as price for males vcsler- day; scattered sales cull to soocl shorn slaughter cv.cs steady nt 7.- p o i n t - I 00-12.00. I "E" is by far the most-used Kn£lish IcUtT. one count ;:ho-.\-mp, the proportion of 126 "K?" to 90 "TE," the neirt most-used letter. On The Radio New Yorl;-I.1'l-Tonishl: ! NBC---7. Father Knows Best; .7:30. i\"ic!u Beat; R, Dragnel. ! CBS--7, FBI in Peace and War; Playhouse; K, IIr. Chameleon 1 7:30. Playhouse; a. Mr. Chameleon. 1 ABC- - 7, Mnrlcnc Dietrich; 7:30, Defense Attorney; a, Ted Mack MBS--7, M o d e r n Casanova; 7:30, Hardy Familv; 8:05 Rod md Gun Club. ^ ^ t De're'ndanu = " d Katllcr ' ni! The Dofcndann Jamp^ M. Slauuhtrr nild K a l h c r i n c Sla'JShlcr ar. VarnM In appear i,, ,hi Court w i t h i n thirl.v ii ^ answer tile complaint e'f Ino P l a i n t i f f in the above ci.otirrt ronJ'i n T 'V;'^ 11 "" 1 and " eal "' l h « IS"M i y "' M a ) l IK2 ' ' I iiichard B. Grrer Chancery Clerk 15-22-2S .lunr 5-r KORH THUltSDAT EVtXIKQ i (i.OO Music 6:!.i StarliBht Ti.7l» 6-30 News 6:15 Charts Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Healter-- M I 7:30 Rhythmic Rendezvous I 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8.00 BASEBALL St. Louis Caulinal Vs. Boston Braves I 10:30 rialtcr Party 11 :M Sign Off FRIDAY MORMMi S:SO IJise 'n Shine 5:SO RFD 1450 6:00 Rise N 1 Shine «:30 Markets and weather 6:35 Rise N 1 Shine fi:-15 Stock Talk Time Mo other drink 7:0(1 Koffce Kup Kapers 7:30 Otarco News 7:.15 Koffec Ku|) Kapers 8:0.1 Robcr; llurlcigh News- 8:15 Morning Devotions 8:.'IO Times Morning r'.ditnn 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns !):lll) Mi.rning Melodies !:M Nc«'s 9.30 Take a Number 10:0(1 Fui'd for ThouRht 111:1.') Linda's First Love 10.30 Queen fur a Day 11:00 Khylhm Ranch Hands ! i : I " H a u c k a g e Commentary l l : 2 f l Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ ll:-!5 Musical n o u n r l i i p I 11:55 Market Report FRIDAY AFTERNOON j 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 NCWK -^t Noon Chuck Wagon Jamboree. 12:45 Riders of Purple Sage 1:00 BASEBALL ' P i t t s b u r g h Pirates Vs. Brooklyn Dodgers 2:00 Something Old 2:15 Something New 2:30 Something Borrower! 2.45 Soniethinf! Blue .1:11(1 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Pick'n Time Tune Pick'n Time ^:30 TUIM P i i k ' n Time 5:00 The Green Hornet 5:30 Wild Bill HickoK 5:55 Cecil Brown DrPepper INIWSTAKJAT 10, 2 AND t O'CWCKl H e r e ' s a d e l i - cious s p a r k l i n g l n n k , different from any you've t a s t e d , t h a t LIFTS your e n e r g y w i t h i n 2 to fi minutes .. . gives you new I.IKK fast. I'icks you up when you're low. Nothing like it--everyone loves it. Keep a carton or a j case at hand, for a real "lift (or 1 life." At soda fountains, too! | Look for handy gretn and whits carry-home carton '/* GALLON Vanilla Ice (ream 63c Hell.nd

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