Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

ft- , JO- NOHTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMK. Faycfftvilk, ArkaitMt Thurtdoy, May IS, 1952 ' ·| I : ti ·+; SHOP H E R E and SAVE! Choice Recipes fly CECILY RROWNSTONK CRISCO 77* 3 Lbs. FOLGER'S COFFEE Lb. 79c CAIN COFFEE Lb. 77c Lemon-Tarragon Mayonnaise IilKredlonis; 1 OKI: yolk. ", teaspoon salt, 'i teaspoon dry mustard, 'i toiiKpnnn pepper, 1 table- sponii tarragon vincsar. 1 cup Mind oil. 1 tablespoon strained Jrm- Oij juice. dry musinrd, 1 nip well-seasoned rrange on salad, croons and serve ' Accatc Htnh Af chicken broth, ',i cup croam, one I w t t h Frcnch drcss i n g. Makes 2 9 ' ' scr'/inK^. 3-ounee can sliced broiled nmsh- rooms, IK cup (2 ounces) finely j diced American i hoese, ] /4 c u ' ) s l \A/nf f IPQ Lipt 1/4 on Tea Lb. 29c n PEACHES Hunt's or Noturet B«st 25c chopped conked broccoli, 1'^ cups sliced cooked chicken. MflhacI; I3re;ik Kp.iKhclU In fihorl lengths ami took in boiling water mill! barely tender; drain j well. Meanwhile melt butler over! ini'dorate heat; ;uki onion aiUl cor-k three minutes. .Stir in flour, .sail, pepper .'ind mustard. Add [chicken broth, cream, and liquid M'-lhod: Put egg yolk. Mill, mus- | rimmed from mushrooms. Stirring lard, pepper, u n d tarragon vinegar I c r m s t H n t l y , bring to boil. Add i in deep narrow m i x i n g ImwI. With ( -heo;;e and stir over low heat un- !rol;ny benter, well for about m molted; remove from hcfit. i n minute. Beating t h r , r o u g h l v to j p our h a l f nf wiucc over drained incorporate n f t o r each m l d i t i o n , ' spaghetti: mix well ;.nd place io Add ] tpjispoon r;f oil ;,l a time. Af- j bottoms nt four greased individu- ler nhout ',3 cup nf oil has I.ocn: ; ,i casseroles. Top v/ith Broccoli, artrtrd nnrl im m i x t u r e hiis t h i c k - [Sprinkle litfhliy w i t h bultered em-d. if desired heat in r e m a i n i n g crumbs or paprika if desired. Hake '.j nip of ml in fmo .slow r o n h n u - | i n rnodonite (37?) I'M ovi-n about r,us stream If electric mixer i s ; ^ m i n u t e s or u n t i l Ihurough.v : used pour ml. rach im.e, HO..C t O ; h ( ) t tbroimh. Serve at oner-. Makes Little Rock~(/P;-Arkansas' institution of higher learning for NeIniiredients: 1 3-4 cups sifted I groes ended last fiscal year w i t h , flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder,; assets totaling $3,014,454. State! '/i teaspoon salt. 2 epgs fscpara- Comptroller Lee Roy Hcaslev said j ^ / t J b u l £ S m i l h i 6 l a b I M P O O n i yCSlCrda V t h a t an a u d i t -hoxvcd' ifleUtd butler. Arkansas A. M. N. College at Method-: Sift together flour,! pine Bluff had $ 2 5 0 4 4 4 7 in its bakinir powder, and salt. Beat egg I plant and $1,425,008 available for yolks well; beat in milk and h u t - j new construction at the end of the tor. Add dry ingredients and beat!year, only until .smooth. With clean] beater beat ep£ whites until stiff and fold in. Bake on hot waffle iron. Makes 6 waffles. Serve with srjuare.q of butter and maple syrup. licatc-r. When all oil li i-n heat in h'rnon juice. Makes ahout 1 U cups, time, clo.,e t i i j h , l t ihroimh. Serve a ias been a t l i l - ' , , Ke ,, C rous scrvincs. Chicken Casserole Supreme No. 2Vi.eon * SUNSWEET Prune Juice Qt . . . 29c FROZEN Orange Juice 2 for 25c Rice And Eggplant Dish Ingredients: 1 Rir.till f 1 '.i pounds) e^^plnnl, fi r;',r!j'j-s bucnn, 1 rlnve j^nrlir i pcrlcd- f i n d minced), Ingredients: \ nuncos K p i i g h H l i , .' 1 cup finely diced diiinn, one 8.1 table.ipouns butler or ;ii;trK:irinc. I ounce can ( I c u p ) tnmMo ftiurc. 2 lal.ilnspnnns mincc'd nnion, "3 { 3-4 c-uu lint wntcr, I'.i- teaspoons tablespoon;; f l o u r . U teaspoon sail, ! sail, 1-8 teaspoon pcppor, 1-8 , ! ,4 trasponii ' teaspoon dnnamon, \' z cup f»ranu- 1-fi jjepper, Richest of SUNSHINE CRISPY CRACKERS Lb 25c PARTY CAKE MIX 32 WRIGLEY GUM 3 for ... lOc all coffees gives you 10-15 more cups per pound ..yet costs only 2 I ·r-. (J! ··t: ( H :| LETTUCE Lb. . . . 17c CELLO CARROTS 2 Bunches . . . 27c BANANAS Lb. . . . 15c ALASKA SALMON Lb. . . . 39c GROUND Method: Peel and i-ul CKK\ into '/i'-inrh cube'. 1 -; Ihr-rc hhi \ be nbout 7 cups. Cook bacon u n t i l ! crisp; drain well and rc.serve. Add garlic and onion to hue/on fat and cook 5 minutes, slirrins often. Arkl tomato sauce and ',j cup of water. Sprinkle in salt, pepper, and cinnnmon. Rrinj; to b o i 1. Sprinkle in rire cprenl. C.'ook and stir constantly u n t i l cereal thickens .slightly. Add eggplant. Mix well with rice. Mix remaining '/i cup water in lightly. Cover tightly and 'cook over low heat u n t i l eggplant is tender, about 25 minutes. Crumble bacon nncl sprinkle i over top. Makes 4 RCiierous servings. Asparagus Vinaigrette Ingredients: 2 pounds fresh asparagus, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon winp vinegar, '/4 tea- j spoon s a l t , 1-8 teaspoon f r e s h l y - 1 ground pepper, 2 tablespoons finely chopped dill pickle. 1 tablespoon f i n e l y chopped- parsley. Method: Cut w h i t e ends from sparagus so stalks are even length. Wash well in cold wa Li-land pare off outer covering, just up to tips. Cook in small amount of l i g h t l y salted water just u n t i l tender; drain off any vrmnimni; water well, l-'lacc aspar: · ; 1 ·. on clean Ich towl Id ;. excess moisture. Arr n serving platter, pui- jn lop of others if necc:.?;.y. In ;i small howUput oil, vinegar, suit, leppcr, pickle, and ))arsley; boat well with fork. Cover asparagus i with dressing. Chill and serve. Makes 4 to (i servings. Note: If desired, aspanifius may be served- on romainc or lettuce with marinade spooned over. Stuffed Ham And Egg Salad Ingredients: 4 hard-cooked cgcs. j u cup finely diced ham ( l i g h t l y packed^ 4 tablespoons well-seasoned mayonnaise, salt ami freshly- j ground pepper (lo taste), salad i greens, French dressing. Method: Shell eggs and cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out yolks and mash well; mix. in ham, mayonnaise, salt and pepper; pile back i y h t l y into cKg white cavitio?; r u f f l e lops w i t h fork tines. Ar- M. Report Shows Saturday, May 17-Oi^e Day Only Facsimile -- Mony Styles and Sizes DIAMOND RINGS 14kt. Gold Filled 12 Kt. R.S.P. Solid Gold With This Coupon Sterling Silver Also Ladies' «nd in DUplay of Fin. You'll Be A - Compa " Wilh Any NO MAIL ORDERS NONE SOLD TO DEALERS FAYETTEVILLE DRUG Beef, Lb. 59c it .ffl .H CORN KING BACON Lb 38c DIXIE BRAND Bacon Sq'res Lb 23c We Resrri'i' the Right to . Limit Quantities MISSION STREET GROCERY 525 MISSION PHONE 117 · ' · ' - ' · r - r T T - ^ -^- ^T^ T ~V -^WALLPAPER BARGAINS FOR THIS WEEK! Regular 21c P A T T E R N S THIS WfEK ONLY 13 ROIL ALL NON-FADING COLORS Regular 44c P A T T E R N S WfEK ONLY SUNFAST · WATERFAST Regular 26c P A T T E R N S THIS WEEK O N L Y 17 ROLL SUNFAST · SOME WATERFAST Regular 89c P A T T E R N S THIS WEEK O N L Y uu SUNFAST · WATERFAST New, Scrubbablc WALLPAPERS PLASTIC COATtn FOR DURABLE, EASY-TO-CLCAN BCAUIY Many Lovely Designs Ideal lor Kitchens and Baths REG. $1.25 /%/.. CQ^ ROLL VALUES UKMf J if ROIL COOK'S PAI Uir Vfur Credit of Cook't EAST SIDE SQUARE--PHONE 526 Large Mexican Sugar Loaf Pineapples 39c Now is the time to put 'em in your home freezer. Slice 'em, chill 'em, and enjoy a taste treat. California Sunkist LEMONS Doz. . . 39c AVOCADOS s , t ' : ' ' 2 for 25c \ ^ |Swift f s Ice Cream^.gal. 69r Serve em often -- they make a wonderful salad \S^ ' a \ CHEEst 2-lb. Loaf . 69c F ° LGER C ° FFEE ' Lb ' 75c MIRACLE ' Johnson Glo Coat WHIP . . . quart 45 C and Applicator Both $1.49 Gray Shopping Center «PE OF THE WEEK \ Fresh Potato Salad Ib. . . . . 49c Made fresh daily in our kitchen. · Old Fashioned Ring Bologna Lb. . . . 63c Swift's Premium Red Label Fully Cooked HAMS Lb. . . . 73c Small 8-10 Lb. Hams Ideal for cold suppers Bacon Ends Pieces 5-lb. Box 79c Chicken, Peas 'n Ric* Dinner Broadcaa: May 17, 19S2 2 '/j Ibi. mt-up chicken I c u p P e t M i l f c '/i cup flour I t i ' M i p o o n i M l t '/«i tMtpoon p. P ptr J i ·olcipooai flour i cup w«ier Yi tup i hot cook.d n» Men DMInctlv* CneM »·» Q»«H*i , hetlej tnd 4r*itu4 Mix chickfn and milt in bowl. Chill 2 nourj. Then drain and lave milt for gravy. Roll chicken in mixture of '/ 2 .cup flour, l'/j teaipooni talt and '/, teaspoon pfpper. Brown ilowly in l/ 4 inch hot fat in slillet 15 minute], or u n t i l drumstick is tender when pierced with fork. Remove chicken and keep hot. Drain off all fat from .killet but 2 tabwpoons. Mix 3 tablespooni Hour, \t teaspoon salt «nd fcv grains pepper into fnt in skillet. Stir in water · , Boil and stir 2 minutes. Stir in milk ' «nd heat until ste/iming hot. Vfhil. chicken cooks, mil rire and peas Pack into grea, f d howl holding 4 cups. Let stand in wnrm place, about '° m 7' l"" "« »n warm platar. With back of .poon pr,,, a hollow in center. Fill hollow with gravy. Put chicken around rice. Makes 4 Keying.. Cmirftiy «nd Volu* RAINBOW TROUT Each 49c Fresh Friday Morning From Ozark Trout Form

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