Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 14, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1974
Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sof., Sept. 14. 1974 FAYETTtVILLt, ARKANSAS County Fair Announces Poultry Show Winners Winners are announced today In the Poultry Show at the Washington County Fair, BANTAMS Cockerels: John Tunslill, Fayetteville, two firsts and two seconds; Stanley Tunslill, Fayetteville, three firsts and two stconds; Stanley Ttmstill, Fayetteville, Scott Smith, Teddy Carter, Fayetteville, Alan Car,ter, Teddy and Alan Carter, Fayelteville, first; Ronnie Graham, Prairie Grove, first and third; Mike Bryant, Fayclto ville, first and second; Wayland and Paul Mathias, Route 7, Fayetteville, first and second. Cocks: Roy Hummel, Fayetteville, six firsts, two seconds and a third; Doyle Brooks, Fayelteville, second; John Tun" still, three firsts, three seconds ' a n d a third; Wayland and Paul 'Mathias, first; Dwight Lane, ·Route 7, Fayetleville. second; Stanley Tunstill, three firsts, a second and third; Glenda Tunstill, lour firsts and a second; Phil Davis, third; Samantha Smith, Elkins, second; Ho\yard Ferguson, Springdale, first; Richard Bond, first and second; Ronnie Graham, Prairie Grove, first and second; Wayland Mathias, four seconds. ( Pullets: Roy Hummel, two firsts; Glenda Tunslill, five firsts and four seconds; Scott Smith, Nelson Adams, Winslow, Dwight and Ellcii Lane, seconds. BROILERS Pen of broilers, 3-4 Ibs.: Canties Walker Wilson, Fayetteville, first; Sherroll Walker second; Rhonda Stewart, third. Pen of broilers, 2te-3 Ibs.: Betty Walker, Farmington, first; Russell Walker, Farmington, second; Lonnia Pinkley Route 2, Prairie Grove, third. Cocks: Mike Bryant, Route 2 four first; John Tunslill, Donnie Landon, Winslow, and Mike Bryant, second; Roy Hummel and Mark Brewer, West Fork, third. Cockerels: Candes Walker John Hart, Route 2, Prairie Grove, Samanllia Baird, Route 7, Fayetteville, first; Steven Wholford, Johnson, Jark Arney Jr., Don Walker, Teddy Carter David Bairs, Craig Pierce Route 5, Fayetteville, second Teddy Carter and Craig Pierce third. First, second and third place winners in the cocks, pullets and hens sections included Betty and Roy Hummel, Doyle Brooks, John TunstiH, Steven Dennis, and James Wohlford Betty Walker, Candes Wilson Alan and Teddy Carter, John Hart, Richard, Roy and P a t Bond, Byron Suggs, .Mark Brewer, Linda Christian, Sarah Bunch, Greg Gabbard and Craig Pierce. Young pen: Betty Walker Alan Carter, Leonard and Greg Gabbard, Don Walker, Phylli Parham,' first; Betty Walker Candes Wilson, Dennis Kelley Farmington, second} D o n Walker, Linda Landon, Phylli Parham, third. Old pen: Justin Davenport Route 2, Prairie Grove, first. TURKEYS Young torn: Jack Arney Jr. Route 2, Fayetteville, first; Jef Oxford, Route 2, Fayetteville second; Betty Walker, third. Young hen: Roy Hummel Jeff Oxford, first; Jack Arney Jr., second and third. Young pen: Jeff Oxford, first Jack Arney Jr., second. Champion Hen: Jeff Oxford Grand champion hen: Jef Oxford Reserve Grand champior hen: Charles Moore WILD LIFE Pheasants: Roy Hummel, first and two seconds; Jame Duell, first; Nelson Adams Winslow, second ; Peacock: Pat Pierce, Rout 5, Fayetteville first. Ducks: Donald and Lis Pinkley, Diana Kelley, Ala Carter, John Hart, Linda an Donnie Landon, Nelson Adams Karen Gabbard, John George Summers, Amber Patch, Dar lene Gooding, John Tunstil Susie and Pattie Ball, first, se cond and third place winners. Pigeons: Charles Bell, Rout I. FayettevUle. David Walker Doyle Brooks, James Wphlfor first and second place winners. Geese: Shelley Landon, Win slow, first. Guinea hens: John Georgi first. JUNIOR DIVISION BROILERS Pen of broilers, 3-4 Ibs.: Ken neth Stewart, Elkins, first; Cli Moore, Farmington, second. Pen of broilers, 2K-3 Ibs Kenneth Stewart, first; Debhi Moore, second; Charles Moore third. Founded 1860 212 N. Tfcrt AT*. Fayefie-rtlle. Art'. 7Z70I Pnb!ishad daily and Sunday cw January 1, July 4, Thanksgiving ; Christmas, Second Class Postage Paid el Vbyettevjtle, Ark, ASSOCIATED fit ESS The Associated Tress Is entitled exclusively to tha use for rcpubllca- tlon or all local new* printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. SUBSCHITT10X K.1TE3 Effective October 1. 1OT3 Home Delivery Per month by carrier ,- J3.2! rantfte copy dally 10c, Sunday 25c U.S. Mall In Washington, Benlon, Madlsoa Cora- lies. Ark., Adalr Co., Oth.: 9 monUll 6 raontlil Cily Box ffectlon _-_,,_ Oulslde above counl'es: 8 months , fl monthf ___-J ; 1 TEAK »8.50 16,00 SO.OO 49.00 19.55 18.00 34.00 PAYABLE IN ADVANCE Cock: Cliff Moore, first; Tim owning, Route 7, Fayetteville, econd; Greg Oxford, third. Cockerel; males under one car: Barbara Walker, first; inda Trecce, Route 5. Fayette- lle, Shannon Burasco, second; ebbie Moore, Tim Downing, ird. Cockerel, s i n g l e s : Sondra unslill, Route 7, Fayetleville, .ird. Hen: Cliff Moore. Tim Down- ng, first; Cliff Moore, Robin ond, second; Cindy Downing ondra Tunslill, third. Leghorn type pullets: Debbie Ipore, second; Bobby H e n r y hird. Leghorn pullets: Becky Bacus,, Winslow, first. Other pullets: Barbara Walkr, Sondra TunstiH, first; Barara Walker, Darrell Tunstill, econd; Gail Broyles, Farming- on, Darrell Tunstill, third. Young pen: Danny Dutton, :oute 1 Fayeileville, second. Young trio: Patricia Pierce, rst; Becky Baccus, third. Young pen: Barbara Walker, rst and second; Greg Oxford, hird. TURKEYS Young Tom: Greg Oxford rst; Debbie Moore, second; larbara Walker, third. Young hen: Charles Moore rsl; Greg Oxford, second; lebbie Moore, third. Best pen: Greg Oxford, first; Jebbie Moore, second; Charles loore third. Best Display: Greg Oxford C h a m p i o n hen: Charles loore. Charoiais Show Cattle Winners Are Named The grand champion female n the Cliarolais section of the Beef Cattle Show at the Wash ngton County Fair was exhi Ited by Sundowner Ranch a Prairie Grove. OPEN SHOW A g e d bulls: Sundowne: lanch, first; Hocking C h a i r Ranch, Route 4, Springdale econd. Summer yearling bull: Sun downer Ranch, first. Winter bull calf: Rocking hair Ranch, first. Champion bull: Sundowne: Ranch R e s e r v e champion bull Rocking chair ranch. Two bulls: Rocking Chaii Ranch, first; A g e d cows: Sundowne lanch, first and second. S e n i o r yearling heifer Rocking Chair Ranch, first. Junior heifer calf: Rockini ·hair Ranch, first. Champion female: Sundowne Ranch. Reserve champion female iundowner Ranch. Pair of calves: Rocking Chai Ranch, first. Grand champion female Sundowner Ranch. Reserve grand champio 'emale: Sundowner Ranch. JUNIOR Winter bull calf: Sharee Tho mas. Prairie Grove, first. Aged cows: Sharee Thomas irst. Champion female: Share Thomas. Reserve champion female iheree Thomas. Stale Colleges Blame For Opposition LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Tw state representatives said Fr day that they think the state colleges and universities ar behind the current criticism c a $75 million state office cor struction program. The legislators were Joe Ledbetter of Little Rock a n William Foster Sr. of Englain Both were co-sponsors of th 1973 legislation that created th state Public Building Authori which made plans for the offic construction. The other two co-sponsor Reps. Thomas Sparks of For yce and B. D. "Doug" Brando of Little Rock, couldn't b reached for comment. Ho\ ever, Sparks has announce that he will file a taxpayer suit in an attempt to stop th building project. Sparks sa the bilj he co-sponsored gave th authority too much power an was not carefully enough co sidered before passage. Break-In Reported Washington County sherifl office received a complaint Fr day of a hreak-in and theft a Marlin 30-30 rifle and a Sin er sewing machine at the ' Longwith home in Morrow. I.ongwith told deputies th someone had entered his horn at about 8 p.m. through a bai patio door which was not loc ed. He said that the lever-actio rifle bore the serial number 7 135532 and that it had Ihe in lials L.L, stamped on the bo torn of the receiver. MISSED YOUR PAPER WE'RE SORRY! H you cannot reach yonr TIMES carrier. PHONE 442-6242 Dally S to 8:30 p.m. Saturuay 3 to 6 p.m. Suoday a to 8:30 a.m. Killed !n Everest Avalanche This is a file picture of Mt. Everest where Monday of this week the leader of a Freuch expedition, Gerard Devous- soux, 33, and five guides were hurled alive by an avalanche. The Nepal Foreign Ministry announced that two camps were swept away, aim the climhers were forced to abandon their attempts to climb the world's highest peak. (AP Wirephofo) Holstein-Friesian Dairy Cattle Award Winners Named Cliff Crest Farms, Prairie Grove, exhibited t h e grand bampion bull and Maury Hill Route 4, Fayetteville the grand hampion female in the Hc-1- tein-Friesian dairy cattle show t the Washington County Fair. "Other winners were: OPEN DIVISION Bull calf: Cliff Crest Farms, loute 2, Prairie Grove, first; 3ob Spears, Route 1, Farming- on second. Senior yearling bull: Cliff Crest Farms, first Junior champion bull and re- erve champion bull; Cliff Crest '^arrns. Junior heifer calf: Bob pears, first and third; Maury fill, second. Intermediate heifer: Maury Jill, first; Bob Spears, second. Senior heifer: Maury Hill, irst Junior yearling heifer: Bob Ipears, first; Maury Hill second ind third. Senior yearling heifer: Bob Ipears, first; Cliff Crest Farms, second; Maury Hill, third. Junior champion heifer: Bob ·pears. Two-year-old cow: ' Maury Till, first and third: Bob pears, second. Three-year-old cow: Maury iill, first; Bob Spears, second; Cliff Crest Farms, third. four-year-old cow: Cliff Crest 'arms, first; Bob Spears, second and third. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE! 'ails. He said the 93rd Congress was perhaps the most impor taut in history. He said it re stored the principles of law anc order and refused to allow an overzealous man to rule by die tate. The convention honored Sen J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., for 3 years in the Senate. Rep. Ray H. Thornton Jr., D-Ark., pre sented the convention gavel t Jim McDougal, a Fujbrigh aide. Fulbright, who will b leaving the Senate because he lost the. party nomination t Gov. Dale Bumpers, is on a goodwill trip to China. McDougal said he brought t the convention Fulbright's for mal endorsement of Bumpers. Rapid Transit Opens OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- A 10-car train will speed 80 miles per hour through a 3.6 mile un derwater tube today, in augurating the final link In th country's most advanced rapii transit system. The Bay Area Rapid Transi system is expected to have no trouble making the inaugura run in under five minutes with a load of 1,000 dignitaries, noi in providing limited service this weekend on the final link be twcen Oakland and San Fran Cisco. Completion of the tunne? un der San Francisco Bay, the las link in the 71-mile transit sys tern, may in fact further multi ply Iransit problems for some commuters. Greyhound bus lines has an nounced a 10 per cent cutback in Contra Costa County service because of the tube opening. Bike Stolen The theft of a 20 inch bike with a black banana seat was reported to Fayetteville police Friday by Crocket McLehaney of 2100 N. Levcrelt. McLehaney told police that he could not exactly estimate the value of the bike. Aged cows: Maury Hill, first .nd third; Cliff Crest Farms, econd. Dry Cow Class: Maury Hill, irst; Cliff Crest Farms, second. Senior champion female, champion female and reserve champion female, Maury Hill. Grand champion bull: Cliff Crest Farms Reserve grand champion mil: Bob Spears. Grand Charnipion female: Waury Hill Reserve grand champion female: Cliff Crest Farms. Best three females: Maury Till, first; Cliff Crest Farms, second; Bob Spears, third. Best uddered cow: Maury Hill, first; Bob Spears, second; lift Crest Farms, third. Produce of dam: Cliff Crest Farms, first; Maury Hill, second. Dairy h e r d : Maury Hill, 'irst; Cliff Crest Farms, second; Bob Spears, third. JUNIOR DIVISION .Bull calf: Jeanine Beaty, Sumemrs, first; Lynn B e a t y , Summers, second. Junior yearling bull: Jeffrey Montgoery, Route 4, Fayetteville, first. Senior yearling bull: Jcannie Beaty, first Junior champion bull: Jeffrey Montgomery Reserve junior champion bull: Jeanine Beaty Junior, heifer calf: Keith Spinks, Lincoln, Greg Oxford, Fayetteville, Danny J p e a r s Farmington, first; Donald Hatield, Prairie Grove, Karen Batfield. Coy Fitch, Prairie Grove, second; Jeffrey Monl'go mery, Vince' Hawley, Prairie Grove, Nancy Bayley, Elkins Ihird. Intermediate heifer calf: Greg Oxford, first; Nancy Bay ley, second; Randy Spears third. Senior heifer calf: Randy Spears, first; Lyn Bealy, se cond; Keith Spinks, third. Junior yearling heifer: Greg Oxford, Jeanine Beaty, Donn; Spears, Nancy Bayley, first Donald and Karen Hatfield Buddy Beaty, Randy Spears second; Jeffrey Montgomery Linda Christian, third. Senior yearling heifer: Randy S p e a r s , Farmington, first Keith Spinks, second; Linda Christian, third. J u n i o r champion heifer Randy Spears Unfreshened two-year-old Jeffrey Montogomery, first Patricia Pierce, Route 5, Fay cttevllle, second Two-year-old cow: Randy Spears, first and second; Budd Beaty, third. Three year old cow: Dann., Spears, Farmington, first; Bud dy Beaty, second; Jeamn Beaty, third. Four year old cow: Jeffrey Montgomery, first Aged Cow: Randy Spears first; Lyn Beatty, second, Jef Montgomery, f i r s t ; Rand. Dry Cow class: Randy Spears, first; Jeffrey Montgomery, second. Senior champion female Randy Spears Champion female; Randj Spears, first; Danny Sperars second; Jeanine Beaty, third. Best uddered cow: Jeffrey Montgomery, f i r s t ; Randj Spears, second and third. Produce of dam: Randy Spears, first; Nancy Bayley, se cond; Jeffrey Montgomery third. Junior get of sire: JeaninL Beaty, first; Jeffrey Montogo mery, second Senior get of sire: Rand, Spears, first; Jeffrey Monlgo mery, second Dairy herd: Randy Scpars first; Buddy Beaty, second Jeffrey Montgomery, third. Aberdeen Angus Cattle Division Prizes Awarded The grand cvhampion bull in he Aberdeen Angus division o lie Beef Cattle Show at thi Vashington County Fair \va: hown by Hugh Otwell and the ~rand champion female b; Young's Angus Farms. Other winning entries were: OPEN DIVISION Senior yearling bull: Sta 'alley Angus Farm, Route 2 'ayetteville, first; Young's An ;us Farm, Summers, second. Junior yearling bull: Harrj Vey .Route 1, Fayetteville irst, Hugh Otwell, Flying 0 Ranch, Route 6, Fayetteville lecond. . Spring yearling bull: Hug] Otwell, first; B.J. and Betty Mills, Mills Angus Ranch Route 3, Springdale, second am hird. Summer yearling bull: Hug )twell, first and second Young's Angus Farms, third. Junior bull calf: Young's An ;us Farms; first; Robert Tun: ill, Route 7, Fayetteville, se cond. Champion bull: Hugh Otwe' Reserve champion bull: Sta Valley Angus Farm. Three bulls: Hugh Otwel first; Young's Angus Farms, se cond. Two bulls: Hugh Otwell, first Mills Angus Farm, second. Aged cows: Star Valley An us Farms, first and seconc Robert Tunstill, third. Two-year-old cow: Hugh O well, first. Senior yearling heifer: Rober Tunstill, first; Star Valley An gus Farm, second. Junior yearling heifer: Sta Valley Angus Farm, first Spring yearling h e i f e r Young's Angus Farm, first. Summer yearling heifer Hugh Otwell, first Senior heifer calf: Star Valle Angus Farms, first and seconc Junior heifer calf: Robe TunstiH, first; Young's Angu Farm, second and third. Champion female: Young Angus Farm. Reserve champion female Hugh Otwell. Get of sire: Hugh Otwell, fir Pair of calves: Young's Angu Farm, first; Robert Tunsti" second Grand champion bull: Hug Otwel] . Reserve grand champio bull: Star Valley Angus Farm. Grand champion femali Young's Angus Farms Reserve grand champio female: Hugh Otwell. ESTHER E. KUM'ON Rogers--Esther E. Fulton, 72, ogcrs. died Friday in a Ro- crs hospital. Born Aug. 9, 1902, at St. Anst- cr. Iowa, she WHS n Baptist. She is survived by the hus- iitid, William B. Fulton of the ome; a son, Robert W., of Dals, Tex.; n daughter, Mrs. Lola indscy, Greenville, Tex.; and vo grandchildren. Funeral service will be at K m. Monday at the Callison hnpel at Rogers with burial i the Rogers Cemetery. TED QUADTREE Van Buren -- Ted Crabtree, 3, of Prairie Grove, dice Thursday at his home. He was retired canning factory em- loye. Survivors are the widow, Mrs Imeline Crablree of the home; our daughters Mrs. Ivalenc iarnes, Mrs. Velma Whited and Irs. Margaret Ramey of Prni- e Grove and Mrs. Pearl John .on of Fort Smith; two bro icrs, Ernest of Farmingtor nd Bob of Tulsa; three isters, Mrs. Maggie Easter anc drs. Marie Bryant of Chester nd Mrs. Fanny Abbott of Bur ett, Tx.; one half-sister, Mrs ..race Strickland of Prairl 3rove and 10 grandchildren. Funeral service was at 1: .m. today at Hall Cemetar,. ear Natural Dam under dircc on of Ocker Funeral Home. HARVEY C. NEWPORT Harvey C. Newport, 71, o 'rairie Grove died Friday a . Fayetteville Hospital. B o r n larch 18, 1903, in Benton nd Nina Palmer Newport, h 'as a retired farmer. Survivors include the widow Irs. Lula Porter Newport o lie home; two sons, Jim, o "'ayetteville, and Max, of Jack onville. Fla.; two daughters Irs Bernice Hehert and Mrs ,ula Mae Thompson, of Prairi Jrove; a brother, Sig Newport f Clarkston, Wash.; two sis ers. Mrs. Ruby Hall, of Spring ield, Mo., and Mrs. Ma [night, of Wheeler, and 1 irandchildren. Service will be at 2 p.m. Mon ay at Mount Comfort Church iurial will be in Mount Comfor Cemetery under direction o Moore's Chapel. Summer yearling: Mike C well. Route 6, Fayettevil first; Jean Carter, Elkins, s cond. Junior bull calf: Micha Meredith, Fayetteville, first. Champion bull: Mike Otwell Reserve champion bull: Mik Olwell Aged c o w s : Micha Mercdilh, first; Jean Carter s cond; Belinda Boyce, Fayett ville, third. Two-year-old-cow: Mike 0 well, Fayetleville, first; K an K Angus Farm, second an third. Senior yearling heifer: K an K Angus Farms, first Spring yearling heifer: Lim Christian, Route 1, Fayetlevill first and second Summer yearling heifei Linda Christian, second Junii heifer calf: Jean Carter, Elkin first. Champion female: Mike 0 well. Reserve champion femali Michael Meredith ·' Get of sire: Michael Mer dith, first Pair of Calves: Micha Meredith, first. iiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiniiD Obituary Gathers 515 Pints In Area A total of 515 pints of bloo vere collected in Washinglo' bounty during the visit thi veek of the Red Cross Blooc mobile. Of this 380 pints were draw n Fayetteville, -- 210 on th 'irst day and 170 on the 1 secon -- and 135 pints in Springdale The goal for the county is 47 pints. 30-Day Outlook This is the 30-day weather outlook for precipitation a n d temperature, according to the National Weather Service. (AP WJrciihofo Map) Tractor Stolen ' A 1965 Ford tractor valued at $3,500 was reported stolen to' Fayetteville police Friday by the Williams Ford Tractor business on the 71 by pass. Manager, Jake Davis told police that the lock had been cut on a rear gale Thursday night when the theft occured. HE lieved that the thieves had loaded the tractor on a flat-bed trailer for removal from the rear lot. Davis described the tractor as an English style Model 4000 with headlights on the grill instead of the sides. He said that the tractor is easily distinguishable because of the 36 inch rear wheels and fenders which extend to the running boards. Drug Recalled WASHINGTON (AP) - T h e Food and Drug Administration lias announced the recall of Prcfrin-Z, an eyedrop, because some cartons were filled incorrectly with Opthetic, an eye anesthetic. The FDA said the bottles of Ophthetic were correctly labeled as such, but the recall was initiated by Allergan of Irvine, Calif., the manufacturer, to avoid someone using the product without reading the la- hel. Russian Sentenced MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian Several donors received gal- vr i'er Mikhail Heifitz has been on stalus at the final day of jenlenced to four years in a la- he Fayetteville visit. They are 2ol. Jack F. Diggs, three gallon; George W. Candell, two gallon; Hichard Platt, Jerrell Lee Walalcc, William L. Lewis, Sarah M. Drain, Norman De- Briyn, Carl A. Center, and Mel- when the theft occurred. He be- va Gabbard. or camp and two years of ex- le for violating laws against anti-Soviet agitation and propa- fanda, dissident sources said today. The 38-year-old writer a n d listory teacher was arrested in April 'ound Leaders Gloomy WASHINGTON (AP) -- Con tinued high initiation and food prices are predicted by Cabinet members, while a decline in industrial output has signaled further stagnation in the nation's economy. Treasury Secretary William E. Simion joined other top administration economic experts in predicting that inflation will continue at high rates for the rest of the year. Agriciulture Secretary Earl L. Butz told a news conference in Chicago that "the picture's not rosy on food prices." And the Federal Reserve Board released figures showing a decline in its industrial pro duction index of one-half of one per cent for July and August meaning there are fewer jobs available in the face of growing unemployment. when security police a draft of an article on exiled poet Josef Brodsky in his apartment, the sources said. A Role For Julie NEW YORK (AP) -- Julie Slixon Eisenhower will fill in for one week as a moderator of Ihe syndicated television series "Not For Women Only" while lost Barbara Walters lakes a three-week vacation. The topic for the one week of programs Mrs. Eisenhower will moderate is "Public People, Private Lives." The programs will be shown late next month on the early morning program. Agnew On Tour LONDON (AP) -- Former Vice President Spiro T. Agnew is in London for a three-day visit. Agnew recently arranged for the publication of a novel in the United States and some officials speculated that he may be in England in connection with Ihe book. British and U.S. Embassy officials said they, did not know of Agnew's visit. DO IT THE EASY WAY.. SELL IT WITH A WANT AD The world is filled with all sorts of people . . . even our corner of the world right here. And they have a multitude of needs. Fulfilling those needs, in many cases, lies with the Want Ads. When they are looking for something to buy, they turn to the Wants to find a good variety offered at reasonable prices. It's a ready market for those of you who have something to sell! So, when you arc looking for a buyer, do it the easy way . . . se!' it with a Want Ad! 1074 JKWTE cnrlo. navy with a » Landau ioj, white interior. Low mlleajre, new lires, assume payments, xxv-xxxx. Call 442-6242 today and one of our friendly Ad-Visors will help you word your ad. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Wallet Stolen Robert Ward, 1007 S. Custer Lane, told Fayetleville police Friday evening lhat his wallet was stolen from his left rear pocket while he was walking on the Washington County Fair Midway. Ward said that the wallet contained about $25 in cash and assorted credit cards. WORSHIP KNOWS NO CALENDAR Some lelact Sunday as a day of worship. Othen prefer Frl- dayorSaturdny. Butthejolace of worship knows no bound* arles--temporal or spatial. Somaflnd their God In church. Others see him in a spring 'sunrise, or In'a fresh-mown "meadow at dusk. Children oft find peace In an evening prayar. Each soaks peace In hFs own v/ay. All place their trust In · Supreme Being and worship as conscience dictates. Why not join them? You, too, can find soiace and guidance in prayer. Phone 443-5438 or 442-Btll i n *^*******rv*sv*Sv*^s*rv*Sv**^^f^*^i*, WELCOME NEWCOMERS! 'se this coupon to let u» ....ow you're here. Name Address , C1*y » Please nave the W«'com* Wagon Hostess call on ma. ( J I would like to subscribe, to the N.W, Ark. TIMES ( ) I already subscribe to the TIMES. Fill out the coupon and mall to Tl M ES. Box D. Fayettevl ll«. Ark, WHATS TO EAT AT SCHOOL NEXT WEEK? Menus Furnished By Area Schools GREENLAND MONDAY: Corn dogs, brown beans, spinach, chocolate cake. TUESDAY: Breaded steaks, green beans, creamed potatoes, hot rolls, apple sauce w i t h cookies WEDNESDAY: Tacos w i t h cheese, corn, comb, salad, shoe strings, apricot pie THURSDAY: Chicken with noodles, g r e e n peas, carrot sticks, hot rolls, ice cream. F R I D A Y : Sloppy joes, pickles, trench fries, catsup, jello. All lunches are served with milk and butter. PRAIRIE GROVE MONDAY: Hot beef sandwich, whippd potatoes, green beans, chocolate cake with icing, milk" TUESDAY: Macaroni with cheese ham, blackcycd peas, sliced tomatoes, corn bread peanut, butter cookie, milk. WF.DNESDAY: Hamburger- grated cheese, pinto beans, lettuce and tomatoes, chocolate cake. THURSDAY: Hamburger, french fries, pickles, onions and ketchup, watermelon. FRIDAY: Fish patties, corn, slaw with green pepper, strawberry shortcake. Bread, butter and 'A i n t milk arc served ith all lunches. WEST FORK M O N D A Y : Pizza, green beans, vegetable salad, peanut butter cookies TUESDAY: Fish sticks with tarter sauce, whole kernel corn, cole slaw, grapes, hot rolls and milk WEDNESDAY: Chicken french salad, relish, tossed milk THURSDAY: English peas. fries, catsup, peach cobbler, Tuna salad, , celery sticks, bread, strawberry short cake, m i l k . FRIDAY: Chili con carne with beans, cabbage, pineapple slaw, corn bread, butter, fruited jello. milk. SPRINGDALK MONDAY: Meatballs and lo- matoc sauco, whipped potatoes, carrot stick, appesnuce TUESDAY: Beef and noodles, green beans, pickled beats, orange jello. WEDNESDAY: Taco with noodles, peas carrots, sauce, ice cream, hot mik. THURSDAY: apple rolls, Pinto beans Ham, potato salad, cole slaw, cinnamon rolls, corn bread milk. F R I D A Y : french fries salad, fruit jello. Hamburgers, catsup, lettuce FAYETTEVILLE MONDAY: Sloppy joe on bun, buttered corn, fruit cup, sugar cookie, milk. TUESDAY: chili, buttered Burritos with g r e e n peas, green salad, roll, butter, Jclio, milk. WEDNESDAY: Pizza, buttered green beans, tossed green salad, cinnamon krispie milk. THURSDAY: Taco salad, buttered broccoli, roll, butler, white grapes, mik. FRIDAY: Tuna salad sandwich, french fried potatoes, orange juice, brownie, milk.

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