Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 5
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Column, By HAL BOYLE Abilene, Kan.-f/I'j-This relebrat- fcd old row town is looking forward with somewhat worried pride to thn return next mnnlh nf whn M»rvcrl as nn AP war correspondent v.nh Eisenhower's forces in Europe, "it'll stay up now even if tho bank w;ills fall down." after th? Sunday School hour. Mrs. Gertie Harp received a bouquet as the oldest mother present. Mrs. · Don Firkens wa? youngest mother ' and Mrs. Ross Starnes had the largest number of children. They also received flowers grown by Mrs. D. W. Shipley. Mrs. Will Holland is Mayinc with Hollywood Expects More Musicals From | Mineral Springs ! ZOfh-Fox Studio After Reorganization one of the local boys who marie I Despite the sign. Jameson, one | nor si^f- Mrs. Si? Knoics, who go.rl. He iiFcrl to work at Ihe of the committee members in * s a Patient in a Prairie Grove cioamery here, where other em- chaise nf thp Eisenhower cele- · hospital. p'oyes taught him how to shoot brntion. said that ".his welcome' Sunday evening guests of Mr. crr 'ps. j home is nnt set up on a political and Mrs. Loy Lewis \vere Mr. and There wasn't much of a crowd' basis. We have Democrats on the : Mrs. Phillip Tgnley and son, and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Johnson and children of .Mountain Springs. , planners are expecting at state governors for the at the railroad station IT see him : rnr TM eH when he '.vent pa Ft, years ago. But Abilene. ;i town of about' Th 7.000 population, is expecting 51),-' least in 000 to 100.000 visitors to help we]- ; festivities. Among the come bark its favorite son--Gen. 'special trains will he Bwight D. Eisenhower. Residents here aren't By BOB THOMAS Hnllvwd-id ·'/!')-Notes ani 'menl on t h e HnllywemM FCPlin: One nf the mam tnpi.s of rrm- jVersation around t"w;i i the ru- . mored Miakcup at 20ti--Knx. Advance reports indicate it \viP IIP ; unique in studio rcnraniratirm; ; top p::ecu:ives will be dropj- , not merely press agents anil s ! retaries. Ariciinc fuel to the rep-t U ' t h e fart thfit studio boss Dai' · Texas--one containing sure · " lc °'hcr containing the other containing the whether the event \vill tear the l hcy '·'·"'" ri ^ e in tno Parade. Some town apart. But is no secret most-'' 0 0 pence officers from all parts it will springboard Mrs. Gladys Koss of St. Louis is visiting her mother and sister, Mrs. scores of ; John A. Phillips and Mrs. Mable ^^ ^ o f f fnr ^ ^ t_..o from ; Bcvcrs. ;mUe n()lk . c rrpsumah , y thp a x c .n icxnns, | Mrs. p a yc M. Smith was return- w \\\ f.,]| horses p -j }o a Fayettcvillo hospital Sun- ' day afternoon. 1 rom- 'and-dan MfiM the ierl, '· ::li;dioi;sly Iniiit .oc- 's'.nr:-, direrinrs. : musicirm- !.: !-lp;idy M "Ike" presidential nope ii:to a Rejiublican nomination. During the two-clay homecnm- in# celebration starting June 4, Genera! Eisenhower will lay thc cornerstone for a museum to hnuse his war trophies, speak at Eisen- OM ns inn S hnwcr Park, have a press con- r ^ irient . and ft'ircnre and review a parade contain inj; 36 floa's symbolizing his career. of Kansas will be brought here tn handle traffic. One ot the most delicate issues involved is how long General Eisenhower plans lo remain in this first vis-it home. "Naturally. \ve want him to stay he can,' 1 said ono added dubiously: . don't see how the town can : handle the crowds for more than i two days." i . pany will hold The nit:cca nf most visitors here i school tomorrow. nunnc his ahsenr\ ; There are many thm;-ies ;i- tn j why the fihnkeup is due. Most i critics acrrt? ihM 20lh-Ki\ put.-; out the best pk'turp;: of jiru- studio ir to'vn. ih:t apparently bnx office rercipls have not nialciio.l the critical acclaim. One reason nny be that Ihe piuures cost tno murii; 201 h-Fox lias never Kone over- hoard en thr ecfinrimy slashes that have hecM evident at most othc: studios in recent years. _, Hero's mv niie-s as to v.'h.'il The Cy Carney Apph.-mro Con,- ,, hc ,, ul(:mm , , vi| , fec , , hink |hp| . o ; Free Cooking School Slated At Legion Hut "Jkc" definitely has replaced Wild Bill Hi?kok as the No. 1 hero of Abilene. Tlicknk was the l_ioacp officer who brought Jaw is Ike's old family hnmn. The Eis- fnhnu'cr hnys turned it over to the , frrp cookms starting at 2 p IT., in the Legion Hut. Mrs. Ann Peterson, home economist of thc . n|"_TM;J 1 ^ 1 !. "l 1 "".TM_^ tivily at the lot. The ^nth-Fox nut- : ins "»" pet- put has not bcpu too strong in thr j l h r ,isrnhov.-er KounriRtion after the MaytaR Company, "ill conduct ·Ir.ith of Ihcir mother in i94li It I the. school. Mr.sler.of cere'nonies I orrier 'to the tov/n in the -.viid I llas h TM" fe P l J»- cl - »» she left j will be Frod Rigdon of Oic M»y- ds.-s -.vhcn it was America's Km , «· "^ «"*· "P still hnncs from [ taB Company. i ntl jt's J i:'ckit^ chnir in tile room in j Mrs. Peleison will p r t; p a i e ' lv '«fh shp died. On the v.-all of the , three meals on a Ras range and , seeond floor bedroom where Eis-i »'i" present new recipes. Thnse Surnmariziii!! home town senti- ' onhowrr slept as a boy is hung thc : attending v.-ill receive a 1 "Thy will be done." SATURDAY ONLY Th ·)! fi: c i-.'itine!'- ,t :ie (;ir;it C'.u-u- : in the Hain." .Knil Of An Eia It's the ei: thini:. I ih POUTI ro.'ilra heen ' than other s:ai !ias rei The ne'.v »ifal ca more j-iiclure:; in year.' MIRACLE CROSS! rom Fnnce SWEEPING THE NATION! mf. Of All Faith*! Not $3.90, Hi- nationjlly a d v e r t i s e d price, bur Friday only . . . Avi'l.b!. i .kIWt.B. . . _ ._ . _ _. !.«· ..ih. « t.ur. ... I.. ,1,1, ,?, ,. m It YOU CANNOT ATTIND SAL!. F A Y m AOVANCf TOU« CROSS WlLL ·I RESlAVfD Fayetteville Drug ^Saturday Only Listen to Ihe NEWS, each weekday, at 7:30 AM, over station KGRH cattle shipping rciiicr saloons outnumbered its OKLAHOMA TiRE SUPPLY CO. Thursday, thru' Monday! rnpnt for Eisenhower, Charles M. TIarser. SH, putabshpr of Abilene Poiioctor-Chroniclo. said: ' · j f you want to k:;ov. p hov: (he people here feel abou'. Ike, go nut on the sircct and call him a b.vl DOROTHY DIX -- c'nsTlNtfKI) FROM PAGE FOUR old widow, wc-H off financially riori't f;u nr secnnrl maiTiaees fn ;inip--and s?e ho\v quick some-! p-np!o past 50. but I do have hins happens to you." Ain\o tho main sircef float? a t:-,,.. pj-pj-irient." It h;;p fallen down, i;r been blown Hnv:n, four i!rrl tn spent B. J'oun.i nev.-spajicr rxccuti\c hero Moi-e Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH IOOSP plate diEfonilort. I-'ASTSKTH an irnpruved powder, sprinkled on upprt ·n;i lower plates holds Ihrm firmer so i hey leel iticrp comfortabie .\'o jEiitnmj-. gnocy. pnsly lasfo r.r fueling. It's alkaline tnon-jici;!;. Dues r.oi sour. Checks "plntf: odnr 1 i demur* brea t h} Got FASTEET11 l.iriay at any di ug j j menu. Free prizes u-jll be given la*. Ihe school, inrluding A Maylap ranee, tho grand prize. Special av,arris will be Riven to the eldest .vnrnan and ntopt recent hride 1. present. - ; The public i? invited -to attend. ! Doors \vill open at 12:31) noon. friend v.!'n did a lot f o r ' " -- - · ; a recent iilnes? and' Soldiers Dip In Accident perr-nnal troubles. He woulrl like! Barcelona. Spain-l/T'i-A f i r e to marry mc\ and while I think p - e n c i n e coming down a mountain iut of him a"d we are -very gnod south of hern broke tnn?e yestcr- fficndr.. I hesilatr- because he ha? 1 day anri plunged into a military s'l^ils nf pnmMinp. As a Christian ! column, killing five soldiers and wom-in I don't approve of it. injuring seven others. Sh'inM I Irll him why [ hesitate 1 ' '" "* ' "" ' t n m a r r v him. nnd settle thc wliolc" A pninsot'ia plant c;m be kept maltcr at once? : " nnl thc following season hy plao G jr j^t ' 'n c '* ' n ^ nn basement or some dry Answer: Cerfainly. if you're. \vnrned about a situation the best thing to tiu is present the problem and fL't a ftraicht settlement. Ifi the man care? for you. he'i! be willing lo give up gambling. Of cour.~e. there's no guarantee thai he won't occasionally slip back into thc old ways. That's a question you'll have to settle with him. ] 11 a te. \ R A G S D A L E CARPET CLEANING CO. 326 A. No. West Rugs Cleaned AND Repaired SPECIALIZING in ORIENTAL RUGS MOTH PROOFING R E M E M B E R CLEAN RUGS AND CARPETS NEVER WEAR OUT We Pick Up and Deliver Phone 2112 Don't ri-eprecate the question of ; marriatre after ."if). Many very hap! py v.-cdriinps take place after the half-century mark. Uindsville Don't G»mbU with Fiulty . Brakes. Light*, Windthi.ld Wip.rif P O W E R M O W E R Here's your dunce in get rid of that back-breaking hand- mowcr . . . and save! Do your mowing (he modern, pleasant w a y . w i t h a P O W E R MOWER from OTASCO. Your lurid mower ii worth iidc-in rcaardltis of make, age or condition! EVERYTHING m PLUMBING and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVE. »lrti your M nowtr Wk..l Cylinder l»k* R i i r Kit Mi.ttr Cylinrfti lrtk« Rtpilr Kit Likt tht Ntw Can! One Control , . . Gin it $«, ind off it go* This big. IR-inch rccl-iyrx mower it powered by i powctr'ui i i h.p. Brings and Strarron or Qinroo engine. Takes all the effort out of mowing the lawa Rubber nr«. ! Mr?. Kthel Slarne? is a patient . in thc City Hospital at Fayotte- ville following a heart attack at , her home in Hindsville early last · week. Jnhn OriRgs n f Greenfield, ·Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dunlap of Fort Sr^ith were guests ;of Mr. and Mrs. Nolen Chappell ' Sunday. · Mrs. Don Tickens and daughter, Deborah Lynn, of Youn.tslown,, I Ohio, are \-isiting Mi't. Picken'.s j i parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ship- ' \ Icy. Mother's Day cuests of Mr. and . Mrs. Dan Davis were three of ; thc sons-in-lav.' and daughters, Mr. Mrs. Gordon Evans of Chcro- j kee. Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. George ' Burson of Fayetfeville; nnd Mr. ; and Mrs. James Whiltimore of I Huntsville. Thc Children's department of the Baptist Sunday School pre- K' sented a Mother's Dav program EASY PAYMENTS! Garden HOE and RAKE with a Burgess POWER SPRAYER BOTH for $2.49 G R A S S SHEARS Sprayi cnjrnel, lacquer, UCt, fifinr p»J. f id«. etc E*jy has sharp, f V ^ inch blade, holds k«n edge. 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. G R A S S W H I P $159 May 17 One Day Only LIMIT 2 NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS HEDGE S H E A R S WE MEET ALL SPECIAL PRICES! If unablfi to nttfnd -money before salp and \vatrhrs will bp hfld for von. with Majestic, 100% Pure Steel blades, .,_ notched for 57-19 Outside HOUSE PAINT The One and Only Paint Containing i "FLOW ACCELERATOR" { inp-quahr/ h...:« pain- rh« J M 29 · Brand New · Precision Made Genuine Imported Swiss Stop-Chronograph I M P E R I A L H O U S E P A I N T A pamilor»ll(5fn«ilpi:nr. ing. SPECIAL ONLY j Gill«i m and pri)tecfn--n fur your home. 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