Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 2
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2 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TtMK, feytttovilto, Arkamm, Thursday, May 15, 1952 Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . CM Oini',-8 IVinr, I'lu . . . , ·Bol'hnu Cf.: i '.!i:r,n'ler.v Four, M . ' r i . n n M a l l . 7 . 3 d Amenc.m I. - r ;ion A u x i l i a r y , I . P K U I H l l u ! 7:.'Hi Friday ..C'll!':»-t I ' l l l l . . W . i : l : i i i L ' t i i n H I . I I - ! . 7 :)'! a in. l-'avrMr 1 . ilii- I'.'j.'ij'i Hc^mr-. f'i r m i i ' i i ' r , 12 ·U's?, uii'ti.n l.'.d.'.i- (in-. 11.1,1. l St'idi'nl.i C ' l u h Hi-nfdt l l a l K f . Knidi-nt U n i o n , 8 Iss Brockway iptertains For feba McNeal M.irth.i'.vsy '"is ty a p a r t y tomplimcntinc pa McNeal, bride elect of Rob- Amold, Monday evening at ler home. ' Thoie .Mlrnrtini. other t h a n Mi'-- lUfN'fal. W^K- pin 1 ; who w i l l t.-ike fort in the we.odiil£ Norma K o n - £an, Ror.abo Hen'. Honna Grccr tnti Ann V.'hitficld. "-A holffst p i f t aiifl haiidl;errhii'f 5howor v.'as received hy the hon- o.'fe, a f t e r \vhirh games were played, Refreshments were served by the ho. p ,;e?-.i from the dining table, centered vlth an arram;r- mf-nt of w h i t e pennies, flanked hy candles. Two To Be Presented In Recital At U.A. The Univer?i!y d p p a r l m e n t n' mn.'.ic will present M a r l r t l n hani, pianist, and F.loi · or Stnhhle- field. me?.7.o f i p r a n o , in a r?rita! .Sunday May 18 at 4 p. ni. in Ihe Artf Center C'onr-crt H a l l Miss Stuhhlcffeld w i l l he n r f n m p n n i e d by Cherry GlnclM. The recital is in p a r t i a l f u l f i l l m e n t for the de- frres of Barhelor of Muslr and Barhrlor of S.-leiT-e in Music Kilii- cltion. The puhllc it Invited. i Parent-Teachers Club i Has Picnic At Peabody Tl'.t- IV.ilii.dy PHUT,'. Trv I r r - r . . r ' l u l ) lip]r| its .-mnij;)l f a m i l y p i ' i i i c Monday a f t r r n r . n n on Ih* 1 c.iiitpi^. Hist of IVahnrfy II*!]. A J I J - P . M - matcly ,100 pr-n.nns ;ittm.-;od. V;m- niis game* nnrl soft h a l l worn pl;i.v- ;rd. , FnH'iWiilK HIP Ml].|Ki'. Ml-,. , C'.'ilhrnr.p M r l l u a i i ]n| t'^ 1 ^ v n i j i i j in nnfiini; f n l k r-nii£:. Mrr-. H u ! i r r i Phillip.': i i - j j s jn chnrno of t h e [·!'·- , n f r supper and Mr. P h i l l i p s '.:·*. HI : charge- of arrangement? nnd cn- l e r t a i n m e n l . jWesleyan Service Guild Plans Pledge Service Mrs. Boston Entertains Goklcnrod Club 'I'll" !'.Hi.|,rnl C i u l i in-! vi'Mn- llav Io, ;, 1 ,,',.|,,,.|, hmHlCO'l ,,t . ! · ' '' !'.'IW Of M ". .1 1(. Mr,-:'.!,,,. ! I ' n . ' ' . f l u . M i I ! ( ' . 1 : . . . . . . . i i i i ' l V.ik. H. W. Jiiihtun of '.Yimii't- |l..'i. 111. Mr K I.. |!,,IM:.M': i:,Ar- II,,. · "i" I'.'i-,:; i f ,J-,f.| ;,nd M r s . 11,-ifiy. · I .' '.'!·: ivad IN- iinrin of Ihr ii'."!iili. -f.':,nf!.,i " A d-:-,.oi,.-ira- ' i " ' ',:, l . ' . v t i l i ' |i:iihl.ins wns i'lvC'l ·o; 1 . V i Cl-iretien Veal:. The tov.-el .' ·' ' .'. h i r - l i r-he p a i n t e d was .-nic-: I t . ' :···· '. nit'HI Mrs. Charle.- S:I!VI.T: . ' ' j airi I h f - piori--c-d.s were t i n n e d · n: t i I l i e H u l l . : Mr.-- Ve:,k, v ho " - i l l Ic.uc r.n',n to 'n.-ikr- h ' r home in Texas, re. IT. "·! an A r k i . n r a s p l a t e a: a i:ift !n.-:r. the d u l l . T h e i n m t i n i ; . | o - r d w i t h plain to meet at the home of Mrs. H i l l '. l"'.vin in ,/llnr. Mrs. Brown Reporls : On D.A.C. Blue Ribbon Winner A sperial pledpe s e r v i f e v/ill lu- rondlK-ted tit 7..'ill p.m. M o n d u v . at a joint rneHmn ,,f tlu- P r a i u . McCain and N'HIir- Dvrr n n i t i i.f I Ihe Wesleyan Hm-ji-o G u i l d of )!»· i Methodist Churi-h. Th« n i i v - ' i n i ; i w i l l hp hehl at the ladies p a r l n r j o f the clum-h. I The procrnni w i l l hp u n d e r Ihf ' d i r e c t i o n of Mi., G|:i,|y : . I!,,,.;,, t i i l a n d Mrs. U n t i l Cou-an, and -.vill ! r e n t e r around t h i - theme, " W h a t Is in Thine" Hostesii':; will he Miss I . n u e l l a f u r r y and Or. Vcra M i - N a i r . M r : . A i u l r y Adams will preside at tin business session. The Major Brian IVnrlleton Ch.iptei of D.A.C. niel Tuesday v.v; Mrs. R. r. l l a r d i n c . GiH'. r .t'. of th»- c h a p t e r "-ere Mrs. Hanl-.s Nev.-hern and Mrs .Jes'-'c R e n t o n . The pro.;:,-no for the a l l c r n o o n - f o a l i i f c d a t f i ' i i i t on t h o N a l i u n - i l l A F S P i n l ' l y in W a x l i i i i K t i i n , 1). C i ; Riven liy Mrs. A r t h u r Brown, I i Party Compliments j Mrs.'w. T. Goshen Club Meets With Mrs. Freeman The GoKhen Home Demonstration C l u h mpt with Mrs. Mary f'rrcnian yeMerday. Mrs. l.ela Tis|dale openid the roee'.ms with a i prayer, v. hich was followed hy ! t h e sonfi "My C'ountrv Tis Of fThpp." Iprl l, y Mrs. freeman. The (le\'otion a t h u m b n a i l sketch ni' the Rook of Joel, which was also K i v r n liy Mrs. F r e e r . a n . The poe'n of t h e month, "A Good Housekeeper Speaks," was rend by Mrs. N'ell Johnson, and the picture of the m o n t h , "The Blue Vase," \v;:s discussed hy Mrs. Kslher Burl. Tlis club voted to send S i n to the County Council for bedding in the tornario area. There were IS members present ar.d three visitors, Mrs. Bill Weston, Mrs. E. J. Hurt and Mrs. Delia Peacock. The program was ziven hy Mrs. Esther Haughey on "L'scs of dry m i l k and hov; it. is made." The resignation of the secretary, Mrs. V;'rla Johnson, was accepted and she, in t u r n , accepted the office of reporter. Mrs. Xeil .lohnsnn was elected tn the office of secretary. The mystery package was won by Mrs. Peacock and came prizes were recoiled hy Mrs. Nell Johnson anil Mrs. E. J. Burl. The next m e e t i n g will he in the home of Mrs. Irene Langham. B l u e ribbon w i n n e r for line a r r a n c e m c n t s was Mrs. L. H. Burton, De- An outstanding flavor-^Jungs't i n e t p i - Garden Club, in the flower show held yesterday at Wesley Hal! Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tl sponsored by Ihe F a y c t t e v i l l p Garden C l u b ' C o u n c i l . W i n n e r s ' o f rpci " and w h i t e rihlmnr. in l i n e arransrements were Mrs. Kmil Knackstedt ..f Ihr. Petunia Garden Club ad Mrs. Vcra Chandlt-r fif the Year 'Hound n " h - (Puska TIMF^SFOTO) 41 E. CENTER ST. PHONE 21 Sulphur Springs Host to W.1C.5. Area Meet Walnut Grove 4-H Club Plans Talent Program A n a f l c r n o o n | i a i t \ . conipli- m c n t i m : Mrs vv.ilt.'r T. l i u r d i n e , . "in: K i v c n ycslcrday hy Mr;:. ,|. 1). K;i"!c at lu-r homo on South Oun. i ,in A v e n u e . Mrs. l i u r d i n e . who ! w i l l leave in tlu 1 near f u t u r e to ui.'iki' her H o r n " i,, I j t l l c Hock, rp- i ci-ived a n i f l f i o m tlie hnslcss'and i ; i l ' - ' t : . i i U r - r i p s l u n c n t s were served and I i i l r r i i i . i l u m s t h n i i i i t h o i i i t h e h , n n ( : A home t a l e n t program of music, songs, plavjets. and stunt" Thn nr., in , .Ho, of area '' K^^M^ti ir,,:, 1 "^.;,'; 1 ^n^rsi^." 1 .;, ^^\^ 4 H ciub C h r i s t i a n Service. TM, hH-l Tu c; , T1 , 0 ~ nvr «£ J^ n rl.... at t h e Mo,ho-list ( . h u n - h at n ,, na | t | Tenmleton. vice pr~.idpnt .Sulphur SonoKs v.'h Dccatjir K «rn,au Shiplcv. a r i u l ' I c ' d c won and Cravc'.tc- Sociel:,- jouimg Ihe :h o p,-,--e ,n a Vontcsl to H-e who '-"'"I''. could w r i t e the most sbng words n u n n e t h e nioniiii;: four l i ? - ' j:1 f i v o m i n u t e s . The prize went h let officers, w . t l , M,-« J.-ss,e ,,, lilr ,,. lr | Klvi ., a t h c ,^,, t w ,,,. ri , ,.lstr,',p prcMdi-nl, and Mrs. ;, lf ( m ^ o f i h ( , n n c h ; l v i n R the mo=l Messic A n d r o u - , s c r r r l - n v ( ,f pi"-: W O rtis motion. Mrs W.-d'cr Fiebach. vice ,,osis a n d hostesses for t h e J u n e ' flU' p i P s K l c n t , i\li:,. li. K I'ciit. sccrc ; mcelini; will be Miss Marih'n Jane Bui Ihli ·cl.ntlfle woy »~. ary o s p i r i t u a l l i f e , and M i s s . .Shipley, P h i l i p ClemeiH.' James moy q.old ihtwlnt monthly "n.rv.t" I i . i l l ',,''"', ' |o! "' onl ''' i ' i '' Newell n n r l Donald Tcmplptou. | Aiiihrm.««ipiniii r wiirw- -·· · i i i n f . i n ri' ,(1,1 gn ( uj; | f i i l . i c U C x i Tim mil r f l l l JS to hf flllS 11 ' "*" WAY TO GIVE ASPIMN TO TOUR CHI10 .assr- - m Inik out if yo . moci h But hpre't ! Qu.-irircnnium. In t h e a f l r , _ n » o n : ,,.,,,, .. A n^er'l irke'tJiaTblooms ! rtffi^XTM^TM?^^^ hey were in charge of n f f i c m , in t n o m n n t h nf M n y ., , 5iyUKrli;tt?M'fA;S;5SS'mTM;«- DENNIS THE MENACE By K.tcham 's_so fUNNy? DIDN'T THE WHEP.J D^UGHIE/? n^NT/* Wm BRUSH?' Saturday "Buddie Poppy" Day K,-i c h i.-ar i n F a y e l l e v i l l r . "Rliddli- poppies" me sold, in meniorv of t h e men and women who j',ave i i i i - i r lives in France in \VorliMVar I. The p r o f i t s derived C i i ' i n t i n - sale of poppies arc lli-cd for \yidnws and orphans of i!r- ciMliicd yelciaiv; at the Vctorans of I'Viicicii Wars N a t i o n a l llo:nc, and dirahlcd v e t e r a n s in veteran's h o v p i l a l s t h r r a i K h o i i t t h e United .Slates. Wehh W i l l i a m s , m a v n r ],ro lein. has d c t l a r c r l Satur.idy av - R u d d i c 1'iippy" day for Fa.vetli'ville. at v.-hich l i m e |ioppics will be sold on Hie .Kllivts. |Miss Baker, Gue;t Of Mt. Zion H.D. Club Tiir Ml X i i - n M m i i r I ) r n H » M s f i n - ' l i n n C l u l i mri \\-ii!i Mi-.*;. Il;i,-rl I , i i : ; i t c l 'rii"Ml;.y nt i! p. m., w i t h ; :-i\ i-icnihi'i-.s ;uul nnn \ i M l o r . Miss 1 M.'ii.v .I.-:]ic H;ikrr, prc'-r'ril. Hoi! ' r ; i l l U : I H ;in-:\vrn-(l by rai-li w i i h :il" f mi 1 .] M u n i . " i "ijiT.'id uf r,|l"p," Ihc d o v n t i n i i . ; v.ns i r ; u l hy Mrs. Chunk' p.ilc; a 1 1;ilk ;i n u l l it inn \\;) .; mvrn hy ( i i i r d a t m n J i L ' c n t ; nnd ;i disciiFsmn nil "Kndt ;n.!:nents nnd care of t h e lert" wns nivcn hv Mrs. Nnrnia I r n i n i n p . l n ; 1 n l l ; i t i n t i of thf Sulphur Sprinpn o f f i c o r s wn:; f n d t i r t p d bv Mr-;, (lilstrap. The next ;irp;i i n p p l i n c will bo held Mond.'iy ,'it J'p;i Kidyp. I _ m ' Junior-Senior Rcc'lal Scheduled Ai U. A. Births Mr. and Mrs. Robert Combs Mr. a n d Mrs. Hobei t Combs of F a y e t t c v i l l e announce the birth of a d.-niKiUcr, May 10, at Hie City Hospital. *lwp iVtrw ixxik. teel ynur normal, happy «JL And your denJw for Uwclui. I8*y; ··ctTd-iou,tv"). MONTHLY num CNAN6I OF Lift Thp j u n i i i r - ; o n i ' r of J ^ M a r i r f f i IVuli.Tin, p i i i n h - t , I",U',.nitr t'licrry G i n y l r s , ;H-'-niiiiJiiiiit, w i l l : bo a prr.svnl.-ition of l!io music !· , p.'utiurnt of the University, S u n - ' Htiy i i f t c r n r M i n ;it -1 o'clnrl; in t h e ; ' Concert H u l l nf t h n Art Center. Mips Ilnrham \ v i l l piny n u m - bers by Sc.-M-lntti. ScliUbrrt. M i l l i n u d , Bnrhi'.m nnd Unvel. Miss Stuhhtrfirlfi';; projjr.'im itu-liiflrs sntiKs by C l u c k . S n i M n t t i . Unnriel. Srhithort. Ili'ahm?, C f i r p r n t c r , Aiki:n and an old K n q l i s h song. Goodbye Heartburn ' Hello WMS! · Viiben», Pclunlai. Scnrlet . 8»g« and Many Olher Flowering Plants · Tomato, Pepper «nd Egg Plinti · Summer Blooming Bulbs and Flower Seeds A D A M S FLOWER SHOP Phone 320 33 N. Block "Nile Mother" Subject Of Missionary Reading The West Fork Assembly of Goi Women's Mis.sjornry rnn.nci] rno in Ihe home of Mrs. N. W. Johnson Tnesdny evening, with 11 members nnd f i v e visitors present Mrs. Mary Hose gave the ciovo- tionnl rending, the 24Ui Psnlm This was followed by prayer. After Ihe business niei'tiiiR, the crovip c o n t i n u e d its reading from the book. "N'ile Mother." The next m e e l i n R will be Maj S71h. w i t h Mrs. Mary Rose. Just Arrived! 18 Only 100% Wool Tropical Worsted At the Amazing Low Price of Only You've never ieen such remarkable quality in a suil nl such a low price. Vfiy l.ghl in weight, but made to wear on nnd on. A palcli pocket Invonto m two-button, single-breasted "natural look" Mylc. Inpcls and front inter- (oced w,th 9 oat hair cnnvas for lotting shape .Mention cmd lon a ci wear. Jli»s 37-42, ihorti and regulars, in Ian, giey, light blue and navy bluo. Only Exclusive Men's Store on the Square fas tiion unlimited Life Stride's ZENITH In White Linen The low cut shell . . . the lapered heel . . . versatile and beautiful, and ready to liven your summer wardrobe. Crafled to make your foot look slimmer, more delicate than ever. WEEK - END SPECIALS OPEN SATURDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 O'CLOCK FIRST FLOOR SPECIALS 59c PLAIN A N D PRINTECTPLISSE 397 36" wirlp, vat rived, washable. Needs nrj ironing. 25c CANNON WASHCLOTHS 17 C Donwood Pattern, viz? i:x!2. $7.49 ORGANDY PRISCILLA CURTAINS $4.97 Permanent fini.-h, ?i?.e TSxflO. Colors Blue Rose Yellow 25e FLOUR SACK TOWELS 17c RIoarherl, unhcmtncd. Ideal for dusting or drving dishes Si/.c 18x34. 35e CANNON GLASS TOWEL 17e Colorful wash-fas! r-hrv-ks on white ground. 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