Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
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PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily jSorrjhtotSt LOCAL FORECAST-- Fay»:i*viiie »nl vicimtr p · r t ] y - ' - VOIUME 90, NUMBER 251 Associated Press Leased Wire The Pufa/ic Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper FArETTEVlUE. ARKANSAS. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 15, 1952 AP, King and NEA Features '-rr.p»T^!ijrp y-i»fr(.iy .14. |ft-* irn today 71 5un/v S J.I; (un- PRICE FIVE CENTS Present At Sonify Hearing Speck Delivers Campaign Talk For Eisenhower Soys Nomination Of General Will Bring Two-Parry System Ridgways In United States Bert Lewis Dies; Service To Be Held Saturday Member Of Baptist Church; In Business Here Many Years Hert Lewis, 73. a w e l l k n o w n business l e a d r r nivi c r ' i " '· o r k e r hero, where ! - e hss resided j-mrr M r t r r h 2. 1907, di*'d ' h i ; m n r n i n s Ho was horn Mv.- i n . 137-}. in S p r i n g f i e l d . Mo., thn snn of Mr. and Mrs. ·). W. l.e-.M.-:. Mr i n a n i e - 1 M i ss N a o m i S a n d e r ; J u n e '1 n. I R ' I B . Ho u-n ;i mr-mhor nf thn First R f i p l i s t r h u i v h . and h:n By TED R. VTYLIE Jeff Speck of Frenchman? Bayou, Republican nominee for governor of Arkansas, delivered an Eisenhower - for - President campaign speech al the University SturJ-ent Union last night before a sprinkling of students, f a c u l t y member* ;\n\ inwnspeople. If Gen- ^L^rr^p^r:^! mm\^ wjstKi' £"^* : --°" " lp Brard '"'"" he snid, a strong two-party svs- ^^^^Kj^^B '^--^B^^i^^^n^t^^Si^^m- -fr ^^^ L 4 ^'- '' ow ' r wa? n member nf ;he tern win be developed in A r k a n - : ifm IfSK TL^ ^ . ?TM^*^ ^^^. fas. If Sen. Robert A. Taft is n o m - ! H^KlVV MVlMK w^ Xj^fc, · ' ; * i liml from n r t i v p r l i i t v in irun. HP mated, "you v.-ill never see a j BMKSHL....:.'-.:7lMMMB£ /SftdBBt*. ..* !*·**· was n director of the Fhst r a t i o n a l t h r i v i n g two-party system in this ,,, ,,. . . . ! H.-ink of F ' a v e l t p v i l l p nnd al.-n of M a t t h e w RidKw.iy. I\,rs. Rld-.vny and t h e i r son "Maine" smile as lhf First N a i i n n n l Bank of Sprinq. they arrive in the United States from .lap.-iil. He is on his way to Eur- -(ale. . . - -Jd General Eisenhower. \Vhilc in t h i s countr.v he will visit He .served as a member of the his mother. Mrs. R u t h Hidsway, for yevcral days at her home in Han Fayettevllle School Board for 17 will Truman "Sure" Democrat Can Win Election 'Says He Will Make Tour To Back Candidate Defends "Trumanism" And Asserts Farm Program Beneficial Body Is Found stale." Chairman of the Kisenhower- for-rrosldcnt movement in Arkan- | £? |B JTM"TM ririve in (he South Sppc'k struck' l ' ieen Thcy h a v c ""' hmi l o " r t n n r or thl '«' J'TM rs - Th c general is years. bard at t h e present R c l ) u h l i ,, i n : clue m Washin E lon Monday. I ^funeral^n-i.-e at Ihc- present Republican leadership in Puiaski County. which he indicated is solidly behind the Ohio Fcnalnr. "There's something \vrons in Arkansas," he Mrs. Mar Jean Parsons, 21, (second- from l e f t ) leaves :i4th District Court in El Paso, Texas, during a recess in the hearing lo determine · -her sanity. Khe is charged w i t h murder in the f a l a l shooting of her s a i d - " Tne Republican party can't husband, Lt. Richard O. Pnrsons, in their Kl Paso apartment February cxpnnd w i t h (he present leader-. If}. With her are her father, Burtner Fleeter, Tulsa, Ok!a., oj; f i e l d sn 'P m the slate. The leaders are ' equipment manufacturer, and her mother ( r i ^ h t ) . Behind Mrs. Fleeg- bok'-ing down the two-party sys- minsr, ycsterdn; er is the Rev. Clyde Hoggard nf St. John's Epi?f.n:,al Church, Tulsa, lcm - ^ lfl Pulaski County crmvd is \VashincJnn County v.-ho accompanied the f a m i l y from Tulsa for the hearing. i a f r a i d if new members j the party they \\-\]\ in: Grand Jyry To Meet a Circuit Judpe University Party Mops Up In U. A. Election; Sutton President Judge C'unirninfis rlid not set specific sitiiic"*.! for ' ::o ju: v i n \ e s t i m a t e , l i e i n v i t e d i . n y n n c nesirinp. to apprar b e f o r e Cum- William "Buddy" Sutton, Razor- | back football player from Jlope, was elected president of Associ-! eted Students at the University, yesterday for the 1952-33 year.', Sutton, candidate of the incum-; bent University party, received 1,426 votes, smothering the Incle-pendent party nominee, Larry Hogue. Fort Smith, who received 493 votes. i Three of. the top four student office? went to University party candidates, and the Independents gained- one. Jim McGliee of Pbfiolt, Univcr- ! sily party, cu feiili-d Dean Pry or of Fredonia. Kan., Independent,: for vice president by 1.011 to S113. Miss Sybil Ro?o of Fnyctlevillc, Independent, defeated Miss Ursula. Stephens of Gurdon. Univer- fity, for secretary, D7f) lo P ^ l ; and Jim H. Johnston of Xewporl. University, ck-fe'i'erl Herman Shirley · of North T..iitk' Kovk. Inrlependent, for treasurer, 1,095 to 7H4. University candidates won both . senior class offices. Oenrpc Bran-; i,«an, Fayette\ i ille, was elected ; presioVnt-.t'efenting \Valter Kenrns \ 258-249; and Nonna Jean Stubble-' field, Fayetteville, defeated Cath-l erine McCartney, Fort S m i t h , 2!ifi- 219 for secretary-treasurer. ; Thirteen members of the Stu- anci e v a m i p u b l i c of ; a f r a i d if new members" rome i n t o . t o ' a ? ? c m h j f ? h p r p M n n d a v . The I the party they will lose control . | More younff people shnuld he wcl- J !ir - v w n l mrcr iionnay r.ioir.;:;;: coined i n t o the party, but instead, ' n I the. present leaders won't recog- i ni?,e this." j He charged t h a t allhoufih he is ! the Republican nominee for gover- I nor, he is nnt invited to party n n nnlcH rnrinH meetings in Puiaski County. o u i i e d !n insnr Wliile he paid tribute to Sena- a n r | n^hon^ ior Taft himself. Speck said "I j r m m t s of c n u r don t like the people behind Taft. H n r j lo h c:ir O ..j His Southern backers are m a c h i n e , r nn ^ r u^pected politicians." j f c n s e . ' l t r:in. He claimed the National Com- mitte.e representatives in A r k a n - ; sas are perpetuating themselves in office in order to control I h p p a r 1 ty in Arkansas through pa Iron- ajze--"but even at that, the R e - ' publican party in Arkansas is n o t ' a.s bad as it is in other Southern j slates," he said. ; | The GOP gubernatorial nominee! ; charged that $1,000 houpjit the of- I fice of delegate to the R e p u b l i c a n 1 N a t i o n a l Convention for one Ar' resident. If elected, Eisenhower will have ' no political debts to pay off for he v.-ill have been "drafted" for the L. M of Ki r.fmk en! i , T. C I n f f \ V i l ut. Ifi i n r o r s . selrrted bv P. f ' ; i r i r . i c h n c l . 11. \V. i'- c n n n d H n p l i W i l l i . - i i r . j u r y rnmrni55!'inr.[-.n nrv: d J o h n s r u i , \Vnilcp V ; \' 1r . an ;md Oscnr \Vrsi, both ^: Tom Sim?; n n d F'nlk P p r i i i E r k i l e : 1,. S Oiil- . \Vt-ir. P;.; I.. Cl-'irl: .--nn, nicn G o f n r l h :md be . m . . . · C h u r c h Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock by the Rev. O. L. Gibbon nf Yukon. Okla., f o r m e r pastor hn - e. He is survived hy his wife; one ·laughter. Mn=. Helen Rocciuin of St. LOUJJ-. Mo.; two «ons. Heibert A. Lewis of K a y r t t c v i l l e and Dr. James F. Lewi" of C'olumhu 1 :. Miss.: six Grandson? and two y i r ; i t crnnrlchilrireu; three hcothrr.s, Willi;im J.. Ralph and P a u l I.rwi-.. n i l of FavcttevilU', and ono Fi'-'.ei. Mr«. John H. M v r r s of Fa.velte- ville. Monn-'s Funeral Chapel is in ;-h;u'2e of arrangements. . , I h c Fred G u l l e y , nil of F n v e l l e v i l l p ; i.:i- C:u-l I l e t i M m . IVairin (ir'nve: John ro- \V. n.-,y. I.inroin; D . Lon M«n r r. ·- IJcn Pntl«r. Inth of F:ivettcvi]!e. ·;, · .Six a l t e r n a t o jurors alro sum- · - ; mnr.ed ars Tom Kasnn. Pnrker '- V o l n r y ;::i:l H. E. \V;icanncr, all - - - - of F a y e t t e v i l l e ; Bt:n Clark of members, bring i n d i c t m e n t s Gorirn; Charles R. f l h o n d l p a n d inst nccure'l person-. Shelby Fnrd, Buddy Sution To Close- Look At Healing Revival London-f/T"i-The liisropr of the Church of Encbnrl lai-t n i a h t agreed '.ft investignte Ihe r i n i v ; d ·if spi'-itunl hen!in: ihey s'jy ilrit- lin is underiioiiis. The' Birhfr]) of Roehesler, Dr. C. M. Clwv.-isFe, told upper hour? of t h e Convorn- 'le c h u r r h ' s iily.-tl-.:it ;i :lortor had told him of 'Jim- i-ises ·)f cures \vhicii looked li!;e inir- icles. Truman May Go To Convention i As A Delegate New York-f/IVThe Now York both of Spnnrlalc. Times siirl today t h a t President Truman plans to attend the Dom, ncratic N a t i o n a l Convention as a | delegate from Missouri. ' ; The chief exerulive also intcndn', 1 in address the reinvention prior "tft j : I tho nclectidn of the Domoera'Jc i , piesidenlial candicUitc, the news-; ' paper sild. The Times a l t h h u t e r j its information to nn i n t i m - i t e ;tcqitaint- anre of the president. Tho i n f o i i n ant was not i d e n t i f i e d further. Thr bnrly nf R c r n n r r l E. Hichcr, 2:1, of Plnliu, K;m . son of Mr*. Mawicr Hlr'mrrls nf HogorJ, wns finiiid \Vrilnrtiay In l.nne S'ar I.fiko, 17 milp.-, snt!!h^-ost nf L.TU'- rrnrr. Kan. The horty nf .lames ' Dolphin, nlsn 20, nf N n r l n n , Kan . : V.MS fciuntl nlonj! v/nh lhal of nii-korp in a r;n- which went i n l o : Ihe lik? from a nearby road. The . Iwn failed In r e t u r n from a fr.ilec- n i l y pienie nl (he Like May 7, Bnd a se.lreh v as plnrted. In Charge Tanker Explodes Druggists May Be "Selected" Little Hock-i/Pi-"Obscene and dent Senate also were elected i n ' i n d e c e n t books"--especially comic the day-ion;:; balloting conducted books--may [ jSpringdale Police Radio To Go On The Air Soon Sprinsrials - (Sprri.-il) - Sprii on from . banned in the Student Union. Arknnsas dniK : tnrrs. 1 Sutton is the U n i v e r s i t y ]i;irty'.s sas J 1 harrnnccutii i a] Association : Fettnid presidential winner. The yesterday adopter! .1 resolution party wnn orjrnni?.ed last sprint; condemning sale, of "salncious, ob- arifl elected Leon Brunk, Siloair. scene and indecent !ooks. ir.aca- Springs, as president, ousting t h e xines and periodicals with j^artic- · Independonts from an extended "tor referoneo tn comic books ; monopo ' y tenure in office. Jim Wallace, which feature nnd extol crime and Searcy, elected vice president on'M'.\." the University ticket, became Fifteen other rcsnlmi president this spring when Brunk adopted at the organization's 70th was graduated at mid-term. Increase In Broiler Chick Platings Noted _ (/Pl-The Crop Re- r*orting Service ?nid tod.iy h;itrh- hnd a \\Tddini: -Iv'li never forcet »ries and dealers plnceri 1.085,000 for m.-mv IVIM-- nroilcr chicks w i t h Northwest Ar- Huljliv f h r i ; knnsap producers in the week her ;i S.^iin r,TM* ended Miy in. This was nn increase of four per cent over Ihe previous week. job. according to the speaker. Al- t so, if the jrcneral is the nominee lion of c.-in'.crljin .- nf t h e Republican p a r t y , Spec!; -linnm Eovernina said, "and the Democrats n o m i n ate Sid IVTc.Mnth for another term, , there is a pood chance Arkansas I will vote Republican for pover- nor." j He said he will campaign for the I Republican nominee who ever he is, but, "I expect Eisenhower. ! be the nominee." j Sa.vs Socialism Gaining ! The main portion of his address dale's police radio s t a t i o n w i l l ,,.. , was on the subject of the en- on the air soon--probably w i t h i n . eroachment of socialism, and he , Ihe next week. When pbced in op- I told the audience t h a t there is n o ' oration, the station \ v i l l hnk freedom in "economic and poliii- Sprinsdale w i t h Fayr.'.'rvi]]-. cal security" He said "this is the n e n t o n v i l l e . Miami, Okia., and i way we're going down the road other cities in the area, to socialism." Police Chief Wayne H.vrion snit! He stated t h a t Ihc federal KOV- t h i s afternoon equipment for t h e ernment now holds a complete! master station h;,:; been icccived . . the field of atomic and a d d i t i o n a l niobilo a p p a r a t u s energy, and said t h a t if "the same' has been shipped. The fifi-wat; group" remains in control jn masler station w i l l be located in Washington, the government w i n ' t h e police station in the ha-.ement run the power plants, steamships, of City Hall. The a n t e n n a lo-.ver Gl Benefits Measure ' Wins Committee Okay Washine.tnn-1/l'i-A new f J I "F of B i R h t r . " . - - B i v i n e benefits ,,. ,,,,,,.,, ,,, l!lr . r| , a b o u t one b i l l i o n dollars a y e a r , \jverbr.ard and s w a m to Four Crewmen Are Believed Dead Wilminglnn, Del -i/Ti-An nil tanker loaded with 700,000 callons "f hiijh octane gasoline exploded in flames early today after colliding u'ith a freighter in the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Four men are believed to have been killed. Th" U. S. Vi;.| Guard said four crewmen of t r r - t-inker. F. L. Hayes, were "missing and pre- sumH fioa-l," The tanker's c a p t a i n and five others of the new jumped Vclerans C.'-immiltec late yestcr- beached position fin the c.i day. Chilimian R f i n k i n Hi-Miss) north shoie. about 20 miles s said he v.-n'ild seek a HIIUEC vote · nf W i l m i n g t o n . The stern of a.s .soon as possible. ; l!40-fojt Hayes settled in The measure would provide w;1 ^ cr - lenefits to all personnel who en- " * lered Ihe armed forces a f t e r .lune 2'/, inso, and rerej 1 -erl other t h a n d i s h o n o i a i i l e discharges. It c a i r i e no e x p n a l i o n d a t e . L. Boatner named com- a n n u a l convention here. Memory Lingers After Wedding Ndelands Oil Bill is Passed By House day passed and sen: tn ;hc Senjiie · bill tn fiive the st.iirs clear t i t l e to the oil-rich submerged coa Innris. ie nn Criilo cave ·inc. f u r n i t u r e ' for t h e i r . a n elaborate wedding and a reception !or 400 cuests. . De Carlo pairl S2fi3 for liquor. $f)2 for a wrrkii!^ r.-k^. .^.Tft ff;r a | enlorer and ?(" fn- ;i bar.fl. ] Rut Dr Carln'y I'iiri-ks briunced, , even t h e nne for 512.r0 for his | rented tuxedo, pri'icc 5nid. ! He C.'iilo UMS 'invuiini'd yester- 1 d;iy nn r h n r c r s of i.-Mii'iK l. p » hncns t hocks tr.t;i!inc ?l.flnn. His perplexed hvide wep: :uid sai'l l h a t , reRarfllc.;s. :-he : t i ! l love;; Chri"tie. Michigan Visited By MacArlhur And Party Speed Record Sought .By New U. S. Liner anrt control mrdieine and f a r m - ' w i l l be m m i n t p d on UK- roof. Al in« or whatever ficlri atomic encr- I h c present t i m e only nrir- i,.-i!rn] ey w i l l play a part in. " W h e n , far w i l l lie equipped v.-nh V.-.'iin. atomic enercy comes in. the pro:-- However, the c;ir w i l l ;,\-~» ii--«- n ent sorialistir regime will t a k e us fiO-w;iM Iransmittr.* which v.-iil a l over," he predicted in calling f o r ' l o w direct contac! w i t h ho'n t h o a rhanp? in \Va?hin«ton. . Washincion and Bi»n:«!i Cmuity Speck took pa i t in a qtippiion sheriffs' office?;. and answer pniori followinq his t a l k , sparrint* with several whn asked quest inns i n d i c a t i n g t h e i r s e n t i i n e n l s favor racialism anH t h a t they question the value of the free enterprise system. Al leas nne questioner e^uic In Ihe meet- ins w i t h his list of queries - v r i t t r n out in advance. REA \vas "defended" hy one member nf t h e auo^i- f-nce, a l t h o u g h Speck sain lie believed in t h f acrncy during the course nf his remarks. Ii" Oneral Kiscnhnwer runs, nominee predicted, "he more d i s g r u n t l e d Democratir vote.- 1 . in A r k a n s a s t h a n he w i l l Republican votes." He denied any p n l i i i r - a l .inini- t i t m s prvFftn.'tlly, p a y i n g in reply ; ,l!v to one quesiinner t h a t 1m rr-.-illv d-idn't knoxv whal he would dn w i l h Ihe office if he i-houM elected governor. He ;;nd he a Democrat MX years a^o. Speck was introduced bv Holt. ;. Gen. H a v d n r labo-.-p) hrjs been m.-mdf r nf the Kojo I s l a n d Prisoner of War Camp in KOITH. He re- plaros Uric. Gr-n, C'hnrles F. Colson, rrhevpd of n,o j, n ?t he held for four d.v's, Koje Island Changes Near Union Walkout All Bui Halts Hospital Work Cloud-Seeding Called Success I r v m s j Tucson, An/ -i/Ti-nr. , I . a n g m u n , Nobel pnre j scientist, said h" had cheated a j n a t i o n wide pattern of --i-okly r a i n f a l l by xeedmg clouds v.-itli Foil Smilh. A r k - l / l ' i - A wallioiit silver iodid'-. of A f l . plumbers al l-vo h o s p i t a l | By creatinj; n n n f . i i l in [he South ci-. here all hill job-, today. c o n s t r u c t i o n j h..'lcd work on Members r,f I P l u m h c r - a n d S t c a r n f i H c r s l l m n o l e f t work al Ihe Sparks MenvM,ai H o s p i t a l M o n d a y and SI K r l v - a r d s H o s p i t a l y e n e r f l a y . 'I'he union de- c l i n e d to comment on the w a l k - ouls. Van west, Dr. L n n ^ m u i r r:aid in a copy- richled story published in Ihe K'nc Island, Korea-l,Pi-The o u t . p o k e a new c o m m a n d a n t of Koje b l a n d ;-;iid today "you're rittht" Iherc v.-ill be ch.-iilqcs in r l i n n i n c c h ".i'' , c t:: "" i:ir - 1 ··-' L i :.':T. ; :» m .!': ^- ""n *T* .... w a l k o u t s app;iieni!y ---ore the IP- ho "'ill of ;i p l u m b e r hemtf 1,-jjri o f f ' ··it the Sparks jnh. ("i! ff.fn ye.-terd;iy, r'l t h e rnir.f;ill 'p,(t- enh:'.~ r n u n t r y . The .!· a f = : ^ i t f f i . j ; u t j h e r juri-:eedinR 'ncyonrt 'ifkien r r -- n h j i j o n a r y .ftr-r 'J} hfiii-f, on the On. If;iyrk-, n Bn;itnrr f ' o m m u n i r t p r i F - p Poultry Market -- | A h o . n d I h e S S i T i i i t c r l S!a!e: .(.1'. The pnultr market t o - i a y a« re-: -The SS U n i t e d s t a t e ? . Air.frica't ported by Ihe Q n i v e r M t y or A r - | l n , | for Hipromacv in Ihe l u x u r y kansas Insliune of Science nad l i n e r cla^. f.u,-(-,\ t h r o u c h Ihe At- TerhnoloRy and t h e Dairy nnd l.mtic t o d a y in f p i c v t "f a · peed Poultry Market News Service o! record. B r i t a i n ' : . Quern M a r y , lh« U. S. Department t A c r l c u l - \vi-.icli avera^i-d 31 k m i t s - p l n s on '' jr% - | a 1D.1R I r a n s a t l a n l i c r u n . !iold', the Norlhwest A r k a n s a s a r e a : M a r - ; h l : i e r i W i o n e m h l e m a l i c of i-peed ket steady to f i r m ; I r a d i n i ' a c t i v e ; y u p r e m a c y al sea. reported i n - . p r m i d al all The U n i l c d Stales I m i l ! up to 30 points lodi-.y, f.nrt en-,,-, n l l v ade-. k n o t s w i l h d u t e f f o i i v e s t e i d a y on i j u a l e for Ihe f a i r to Rood de:ii m d ; the f i i s t day of }.r. r h i n l d c i s ' r u n . prices paid f. o. h. f a r m lo ;: p m. anrl Vice A d m . F,. I, C o c h r a n e - a i d ,,,,.«,,., , -hroilrrs nnri fryers nil we.i;hls, Ihe Queen Mary's speed w i l l be plan, io meet Miss Morrison in and W e s t e r n 2(1-!,. mostly 2B. , heltcre.l today. I New York M o n d a y M ,n R ,. ' .lohnny Ray To MarrT fhicaRn-'^'i-Johnny H,-r . In fame and l u n e ions w i l h emolional j e n d i l Iv.v. sonR.s says he w i l l m a i r y Miss M a r i l y n Morrison In New Y o r k on May 23. Hay ends n Loop t h e a t e r ennacement I o d n y and Fort Smith Group To Make Tour Stop Here Servicemen Pay Raise Bill Passed By House U o , , , e Tinvon H a i l he had ch.-ini: lern o-.-er the experiment 1 ., I SII1TP!!-. Of t\' " v a l i d d o u h t . " | D r . l . a n c m l i r . a'^odalc d u e - l o r if f;. \V. of Ihc G e n e r a l K l e c l r i c R e - e a r r h m^' con- l.ahora'ory. is e - . - a l u a ' m ^ Ih" le- id the s u i t s of a ' J t - m o n U i proiecl -.vluch '.'.-as spon.-ored hy the '.·y and A i r Force. H/. ! f u l l repor' i:; lo he completed ne\' Seplemher : Pleasant \ \ p a l h r r In South j Chic. ,1;:,-'/!'. - R a i n y and r a l h c r W.ishirt^ton-/yp)-rrMld* l nt TrU- m;m today accused opponents of his f a r m -ind other programs of sprcndinc "bunk and hokum" in -in effort to discredit Roosevelt and Truman administration measure.': nt sorlaljsrn. Me predicted the Democrats will win the forthcoming prt'xidrntiftt election nn a platform nf what he described as "Trum.'intsm." And hn promiEPrl trt make a '"histleslop lour .ilong the lines of his 31.700-miIf 1038 campaign to help the Democratic presidential candidate. Departing from ' * prepared speech at a Department of Agriculture ceremony on the Washington Msnument grounds, Truman i walled the 356 speeches he delivered from coist-to-coast four years ago and derlared: ''I'll get out and do the zatne thing for the candidate on this pro- finim I've been talking about." Favor* Planned Eronomy The president said the Roosevelt arid Truman administrations have proven that a planned economy \vorks ''in ngrJrulture ?nd in every other aspect of our national life." He declared the objective of 87 per rent of the nation's press is to discredit the. administration and said the "moKshflcks"--whom he 'offered to name !f anybody asked him tn--insist on calling hit program "socialism." He said he had recently read an editorial which called his farm program re.Rimentation and Tru- manirm. And he was glad, he said, tn accept the name "Trumanism," for the agricultural and other programs which have been car* ried out under his administration and t h a t of F r a n k l i n D. 'Roosevelt. He railed their efforts: "Com- monPcnEe management of our national a f f a i r s in the Interests of .ill th? people." No segment of the population, Trunwn said, is more opposed to being regimented t h a n the farmer. Grinning, he said he knows (his because he's a farmer himself. "As soon as I quit being president," he said, "I'm going back to the farni. That's the reason I can !;t!k this way." Hits At Headlfnts In one of the departures from his prepared speech, Truman said this country does nn» want its f a r m e r s In he peasant* hut wants them tn he propperous citizens who ran "hold up their heads and talk to the hankers and industrialists as equals.** "Any i j m r a government em- phn* Hoc-. ,-oniPthitig wrong," he s;.id at .-nifther point, "it makes t h e headline?, and that's because the objective rif R7 prr ccn* of the prnplr- rr.ikr the headlinss is in dircreriit t h e administration. Hut " h e n government employes fin j-impthini; go'-d--as they are doing .ili the time--it's such a comm(inp!-'icp t h i n g the people r.fver snout it." "In 1032.'' ihe president said, "Irs' lh;tn ;H per - ent of the nation'.^ !;irins wore o'vned by the prnp!«- who operated them. Today, a f t e r JO vr-ir. r of what the rr.oss- b.T'i s r,i!l 'soriahsm.' that figure h;i s K'"' 1 '!(' tn 75 per cent. That ioesn't ?mind like socialism to mr. M sounds like real free «n- Sen:, p a v A Sn-c: W e - ' e i n - i in'-n is sch v i l l e l a t e ti i i . R 1« K..S w e - 1 All;:: I h e a n n u ; lltnlrn. lo h M a v .11-Jiin Tl. I t l . i n e f l v i r . i ? i,' i.onne! f n m·; i W a s l i n i E l r . n - l / I ' i . T h p pas.'r-d and sent to Ihe lodav a h i l l l a i s m ^ the 5er\-uernen n e a r l y h a l f :, doll.ux a n n u a l l y . Tin- H i l l c o t n p t o n i i ' - e of d i f f e i e n t vei-ion-.;ed hy the Sen ( 'e a n d t h e Home. I t V i m ,,.q,,iivs Senate , i p p i u \ - a l hefoie coinc I" the p i P M i l c n l If n hccomc'. I.IH hy May 31. t h e laise.s f,, r 3;-.. m i l . lion service p e r v u m e l \ \ i | | l, r . .con.e e f f e c t i v e w i t h t h e M a v pay. rnll.r. Cnmrnunlly In Mnvrd A r k : i H p | | i h i ; i . A i k . - l/Ti - The C h u k ' Coi.nv c o m m i l i n l y of G u m Spnni;.. w a - moved l o d a v to m a k e foi n new a l u m i n u m p l a n t . *en home".. ,i c h i n c h , n ho'.I. .1 li.di;p h i l l .ind infi ran- f i ' » m a i r m d P r ^ 1 \vere moved To Cull 665 I,!''.!-" K'irk-i.-1'i-Six h "Vt Ai k.'in«;iii:i will he ^M'-mducti'in pliv; n';t 'inn into the .irme-l fm .iy-. M.-ij. C.-n! Wells Sri v;re jnr'rerl an'l c'llle'i fnr i-xamir.:i- ·e, in Juh . f Selective Heavy Firs Dnn.agt H'in« K o r n j - ' / T . - F i r e m e n f of lav \; mgui'-hed a \v.\i c l - n i i - . r fm* w h i c h (irr h t i R i i f l r n f f i i i:il-. iMi- II.'I'IM! rnuscd ^-'.fiOd.iKHl (l,iin.i£t\ Th, Weother A r k . ' t i s . i v . . . J V u t l v r l n i n l v » r u l r o n t i n u * N | w u r m t h i s -if t r r noon, I'ir'.ieM ntvl *'»nu'r nnv, w j f j r l v ; in the Capt. Floyd Gibson With Army R.O.T.C. f,tpt Fl'»vrl S. Gibson has hcci ;i^iiinrd tn th-' Army R.O.T.C. al Ihe t ' n i v f i s i t y .is instructor in in- f a n t r y , f'ftl Henry Neilson. pro- fp^.'nr nf m i l i t a r y prienrc and tac- tirs, nnnnunred today. C'.tpt.un Gibson returned to thf I ' n i t i - t l St.Ties in January. 1951. a f t e r six months' service in Korea Before rnniinR here he attended ;in iiflvnnred rmirse ftl Fort Ben- C'.ipt.iln nod Mr?. Olb?on And t h e i r twn ton* .irrivod Friday nnd ;ire rn-ikmc then- homo on Knsl SprmR Stiret Hi*, hom* wai orig* Inally in Stanford. Conn. Hunt's h«x th« rlfiht itft for youc I gradual*. (Adv.)

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