Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 13, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1974
Page 13
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~Believe It or Not! OF WSF S/lMOYEDS OrSIBERIA, WWRWS MODE FROM THE SCW-P Of A BEAR AND ORHA- A* r AlLOWHP ONE PHONE CALL? Office! I ALUMS HAVE THE FEBJN6 THAT III NEVER COME OK THAT NO ONE WU. SEE ME A6AIN,.. ^CARRIER SHELL ACHIEVES A CAWXJFLflGE BY CEMENTIU6 ITS£Lf KEEP YOUE WALLET/THAT'5 NOT WHAT I WANT; THIS 16 A STICK- HAND IT OVER.' r 15 [T OKAY IF I REACH INMV COAT FOR MY WALLET ? TH f MAUSOLEUM Of EMPEROR HUMAYAN.OF INDIA, CONSTRUCTED IN 1566, W£ MODEL FOR Tfte TAJ MAHAL, HHICH HAS BUILT 7SY£/IK$W(R Your Daily Horoscope THC'.OMW ftCCESS · is BV FRM4K1MV MR. SAWYER, X DOU'T THINK MV FATHER SIVES A HOOT ABOUT FOO*Y OR Northwest Arkantei FIMES, Friday, Sept, 13, 1974 · FAYlTTIVILLf, ARKAHtAt · 13 · ···^ LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. New Operation Helps Relieve Bile Backup SEE HOW ftV FATWER CXP6CTS \ NOtt TO SET FOOFY OUT OF PKrSOU, 'MR. W SAWVER. THERE- fT 15 ACROSS THAT GORGE... A RAGING TORRENT BELOW. GIVES A HOOT ABOUT YOU, KElLV...ArtPfWf THING SOI) LOVE. GETS otrr OF JAIL ' ...HEAVILY GWRDEP.J GUAKPS I .EVERY4 WMEREf HE CAN T EVEW STAY INSIDE TH DADBURN BOOK HCXW 60OD DO HE STAY INSIDE TH 1 LINES, MflW? I BOUGHT TATER fl COLORIN' BOOK fW SOME CRfiVOWS TODAY, PAW I THtWK 1 SONG LIVE W5 SN? BORPfNS BODES AWC TAKE OVSR THEfWHCt-S HEW HBSS -- I u AW rr x" /STUPIRED BV SHLBMEBUUM I THeyUL BE BURPWS FOR YEARS'/ AS A MAtf£R OF FACT SA(P IT WAS A VERY 30P tD£A .' C-AM 5BT OV6R FATHSR LE-TTINS Y0U COM6 OUT TO WATCH 1W6 SUr4SE,T WITHMSf IS THIS SEAT TAKEN f IN THIS 5M£ ... At-UMlCUM/1 M6fAI- IN THAT EDIBLE I'M Trfe NEW EGOUXSY TWeGHf JOB5Z I TWHK FM SUPFERHvkS FROM BRAIN "· BOSS, MAV I t-EAVe EAf*LY --rTOOAV? -OUR BRAIN GETS Children borri with a defect oT the tiny tubes thai carry bile iom the liver to the gall ladder and from the gall iladder to the small intestine have been destined for death within a few months. The backup of bile into the liver is a rare disorder and one that has heretofore responded poorly to existing methods of treatment. A brilliant new operation developed by Dr. Morio Kasai is now being performed . in J a p a n . The results indicate that there is more than an 80 per cent survival rale among children horn with this erect. The operation. performed before the 10th week of life highly technical one whict eopetis the pathway for flow unimpaired from the iver, A m e r i c a n surgeons art valunting Dr. Kasai's claim: nd are trying to duplicate hi, uccesses. The pulsating jet spray use to clean the teeth has bee modified and is being used treating some forms o! lun disease. Dr. David R. Sanderson, of .. he Mayo C l i n i c , uses the pulse- ow 'technique to wash oul lh« titire bronchial tree in order : obtain cells thai can b« tiidicd under the microscope. ' The technique, originally * evised for such study, has ." alue, in addition to its diagnos- '- 'c importance, in loosening up ', ecretions thai may accumulate · n the lungs. Tt is interesting, too, that a ' imilar method of pulsating · rrigation has been adapted to '. lean out cellular debris from he upper and lower gastroin- estinal system. , Ideas that are al f i r s t highly .pceul.itive very often become : an important contribution to the practice of medicine. Dr. 0. Richard Depp III, working at the University of Pittsburgh with a group of engi- · neers. can now do heart :racings of the unborn fetus. In high-risk pregnancies. fetal monitoring with this new sonio device can indicate how well tha Lin'born child is progressing. Actual electrocardiogram-like tracings can be made and studied and followed throughout the pregnancy. FOR SATURDAY, SEPT. H, . 1974 Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr, 20) A shifting of certain situations indicated; perhaps conditions altering. You should be in on the movements and plans. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) It will take patience, soft words and a great deal of humor to keep some things--and persons -- in line now. But well worth it -- and for a long time to come. GEMINI (May 22 to June 20 Don't flounder about without a set and clear target. Know where you stand and what you intend to accomplish. Then t.he doing will he t r u l y effective, sti- mulaling. CANCER ( June 22 to July 23) This day asks patience on everyone's part a n d , if others disrupt h a r m o n y , that is all the more reason to hold your ground. Care! LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) You may consider m a k i n g some changes, but be careful not to make too m a n y , or go too far in one direction. A good adjustment should work oul well, however. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sepl. 23) Neilher expecl nor demand too much and you will be surprised al your allover returns. Romance and travel highly favored. LIBRA (September 24 to Ocl 23) Influences stimulate your in .ellectual and artistic leanings Take hints from those doing well, add your own smart ideas and comprehensive follow-up for a successful program. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) "Penny wise and pound fqo ish" should have plenty o meaning to you now. Curb dow present tendency toward ex ravagance and temper a desir or luxuries. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 1) Some extraordinary offerings or the taking, but avoid u n r u l y emotions or notions. This day calls for your innate good judgment and foresight. CAPRICORN (Dec. 11 to Jan. How you present yourself will either attract cooperation or rte- racl from your standing, so put ,'our best foot forward. Re icrupulous ahout ethics, procedure. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Start day with enthusiasm and keep it going -- evenjn try- ng moments. Getting coopcra- ion from f a m i l y and associates may be your biggest.problem, but il CAN he achieved. '1SCES (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Do not start anything without B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) snowing if hrough. All ions must you can follow efforts and ambi- be thoughtfully You have the following hand: *A9 VK983 » K 7 0 +A972 1. Partner bids One Spade- and you respond Two N o t r u m p . j Partner bids Three Spades. What would you bid now? 2. Partner b i d s : One Spade and you respond Two Notrump. Partner bids Three . Hearts. W h a t would you bid now? 3. Partner bids One Diamond and you respond One Heart. Partner bids Three Notrump. What would you bid now? directed now. Don't follow new .rends blindly. Y O U B O R N TODAY a r c roundly talented, especially lean ,oward things artistic, scientific arid intellectual. You have fine business acumen, however, and should you choose commerce as a career, would be highly successful at it. In this case, however, you will be almost certain L- Four spades. Partner seems unhappy with notrump and t h e r e is no good reason to override him by insisting on notrump. He almost surely has six- spades, which makes, the A-9 adequate support, and he probably has a singleton (or void) in one of the side suits, which strongly militates against notrump play. It is true that your 4-4-3-2 dis tribution strongly suggests to cboose one of the arts or sciences as a "second career"-and make it pay. You have an engaging personality and make friends easily, hut must be careful not to antagonize them by being overexacting and in- loleranl when they do not live up to y o u r lofty standards. Natives of this Virgoan sector are noted for their meticulousness. purposefulness, love of order and willingness to work harrf to achieve thier objectives. notrump. but you shouldn't turr a deaf ear to partner's market preference for spades. Wit] satisfactory support for sui play also, you s h o u l d , willing!)! yield to that preference. 2. Four clubs. The possibilil. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Vehicle 4 Request 7 Bribes 11 Again 13 Constellation 14 Russian mountain -range 15 South American monkey IS Auditory organ 17 Numerous 18 Incline 20 Thin layer of ore 22 Summit 24 Mountain crests 28 Provided food 52 SeU or exchange 33 Winglike 34 Pinch 36 Search 37 Excite 39 Indians 41 Absolute ruler 43 Pronoun 44 Ridges of sand 46 Cinders 50 Bradley 53 Set of. tools 55 Emerald Isle 56 Following 57 Greek letter 58 Mix 59 Female sheep 60 Recent 61 Perceive DOWN 1 Tigers 2 West Indian . shrub 3 Greek letter 4 Pub specialty 5 Oceans 6 Also called Chosen 7 Garden structures S Money of account 9 Cooking . utensil 10 Cunning Answer to yesterday's puzzle. .12 Skiing and skating 19 High hill 21 Skill ' 23 Female swan 25 Tight ' 26 Novelist Ferber 27 Hardens 28 Program of events 29 Medicinal plant 30 Greek letters · 31 Performed 35 Remunerate 38 Goddess of dawn 40 Hawaiian acacia tree 42 Seized 45 Ceremony 47 SHO shows 48 -- Canal 49 Withered' 50 Single unit 51 European gull 52 Sharp tool 54 Marble - f a slam looms on the horizon^ nd the best way of announcing lis lo partner is by bidding our clubs. This doesn'l mean ' ou've suddenly found a long ; lub suil previously overlooked; · n the contrary, il announces . heart fil and a possible slam partner has more than a '; inimum opening bid. Thus partner might have any '; ne of the following hands and o on to a slam over the en- '·' ouraging bid of four clubs: ; 1.4KJ872 V AQ764 » AJ + 10 ' 2. * KQ743 V QJ754 » -- + KQ8 3.*QJ854¥ AQJ2 » A S + K 5 ' 3. Six notrump. In theory, 'our partner must have 2(1 oinls to bid three notrump,- lince your heart response might have been based on a bare S points. Partner cannot count on more than that except at his own peril. As you have 14 points, rathe*, than 5. you are entitled to lift him In six trump on th« assumption that the combined holding will come to al least 34 points one more than the a slam. If he comes home lame, you might give serious thought lo looking for a new partner. PONYTAIL 45 58 "It's a study on (he effects of inflation on the essen-, tials...such as banana splits, lipstick and bubble! gum!" HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD BE CLEAR, Readers respond mort quickiy »nd favorably given complete, or definite information. MAKE IT EASY [or the reader-prospect to r«ach you. Alwiyf insert your telephone number or your name and address. If you do not have regular hours, give a preferred time to have prospect* . catl you. PLACE YOURSELF in the reader's position and ask yourself wha* you would like lo know (ahout your offer). Th» answer you give wiU make a good Classified ad. WANT ADS THAT FAIL to bring satisfaction .do so. not through any lack of readership, hut because they do not contain enougtt information to get prompt action. THE GREATEST HEADER ATTENTION can be K-eured for your advertisement hy ordering consecutive insertions. You can stop your ad in the event a! results and then pay only for the days it was published: There ar« also very special ratet for thos« who «r«

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