Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 11
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. RAINBOW TRuUT tola "dally Phon «ucd for oppr, 1st rla' on !hf MrDans l J u -ig on ihp and to expire ; J 4 ' h c!ay nf Mav. 1351 E t h r i M Smith N o t a r y Public before mv ' My Commijiilon cxpirn: Marrh 2n . ------- ______ WAHNINO 0*DE« », "\.7 h * '"»»ctr» Court Of W.ihmglon C«lint», Arkinm liub.v Johnson Flatt p l a i n t i f f W i l h u r n Dean Flat'' Defendant . The D e f e n d a n t Wilburn Dean if w a r n e d to apprar in t h i Court «-"h.n t h i r t y days and an«wer th 0 , | hc p|a m |,f/ in l h nve '"·' L land d " 5 "" nf A p r i l ' 1 Richard B Greer Chancery C l f r k Home Owners In Rogers Win .$657 Judgment Bentonvillc - (Special) - Circuit Judge M a u p i n Cmnmings found a verdict for the three owners o[ l dwelling at 222 West Poplar Street in Rogers in a c i v i l suit j n · Circuit Court here yesterday. He ordered a $657.90 J u d g m e n t · g a i n s t George Thurman of Rogers. · The home owners had f i l e d s u i t against T h u r m a n and W. S M a t - ney following an accident last f a l l In which an automobile driven by M - t n e y struck the home a f t e r · c o l l i d i n g with Thurman's. car Jury t r i a l was waived. Tn a n o t h e r c i v i l suit h e a r d yesterday the j u r y awarded SB75 lo ·George W. Koff from the K u l a n p Propane Corporation for damacrv; sllegedly sustained in an a i i t o - mihle accident s o u t h of Rogers Monday six Risers y o r t h s en .tered pleas of g i i i l i y to a c h a r g e nf r o n t r i b i i t i n g to t h e d e l i n q u e n c y nf a minor and were f i n e r l $.?s esch plus costs. Glenn A u s t i n 14 t n! Rogers entered a plea o f ' not guilty to a charge of assadt ,,-ith ' [ Intent to kill. Wayne Davis. 22 Oi Siloam Springs waived formal ,«rraignment and entered a ,,lea of not guilty to a charge of grand larceny. 'Announcements · Bales School P.T.A. ~ Bates School P.T.A. will have the las, meeting of the year tomorrow at 2:45 p. ,,,.. w . i t n an txecutivs C o m m i t t e e m e e t i n p at ii hHSH^1^^^^^ ^Cxr b : SET and "| M?il5H?f ,3 ^hnson SrhooHiTnMre, ! 5TM"TM LO*N ^ A minstrel will he given al the ! , " A H O M E LOANS Johnson School F r i d a y at 7'4i i I-TT rfv" Tif,? 5 '', " S '""" P : m. There will be a s m a l l ndmW- L T '' L Y A *P CO ^ ANY . INC - sion fee. which w i l l go i n t o t h e 1 Phone 3203 Jibrary f u n d . Sub Deh Rummaiie Sale Sub Debs w i l l h a v e a r u m m a g e _ s a l e S a t u r d a y m o r n i n c , beginning 'it 7 o'clock in the Legion Hut. Levered School I'. T. A. The Levered School T'. T. A. meet Thursday a f t e r n o o n at MOtTHWBT A«KANSA1 T1MB. H iyill«b!«, limited .uppl q u a l i t y -..iinchillai. nej'ntpred N. c B A yiiilon welcome Tree literature Set at Clyde Tlmbrook. MS Gumer l .pfhTnih, u"'i; .inn t h a t the undcr.iined" hii ' TM5. SALB--LIVESTOCK U r »'rof"Vi, n convlcl " ) "I vlolatln, th. I ALMOSfTHS'oSin'bFe, rp"ati?p . S te- or any ° lh " "«". i " el " "'"" 1272W liquor, '° "" «"'· " 'Icobollc j SADDLE hone. excHlrnt' lor child or Application Is for pcrmi, · · , ~ """'" '' h0n ' *' 33 ' u-ilh red nianr. whiVimrk'm, of style and ipppd. 15 HanrM 950. You w i l l d r i y p a Ions way I,,- A N N O U N f - E M F N T D-alrr. !i:,,d Phone ::.Jfi ·r lr;:sh I.indr-1! , AIM.. A%netns Sirimi Home repairs Phone 101JJ ' lor n t r h hi pr or NEIL SAWREY, BROKER STANDARD REALTY CO. orfeV S P E C I A L l.nts , Al.l. r n r l a l r h i . r - . | ] - , ,,],.,, - 71,: | h« I.1M Open .-.,-:,:,,,.., ,,·,,,! ., ,,', ".,,""." ' 1Jnv -"I" r u r n i t u r i ·ecd I n " " bulk [.* -,.... q u a l i t , *'* BIOS Co. Inc- Mou _ P h o n e ' _ . _ _ HOLSEIN'lTeifer. Trc.h ih ' few __Frank Sullle. phnnr IBS VOUNG rei-lsterp'd' Poland r h i n ,l s j?. n _ Lew ! K - phnne 14%W. CHOJCT' pu'rcbrFd " H.impimr'r (tome lo farrow soon. Also r i al . NEW Zealand white rat Cour "" "«"· Call J950W 30 May 7-14-21-c FRATERNAL NOTICE Baldwin Commandery No. 4 K.T. Meets Thurs., May 15, 7:30 p.m. Red Cross and Malta Degree IDEA! MATTRES co, Quality new matiress and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 ^_DICKSGN WANTED TO Crov.. Vl'd.1 fc"«V.' r rr _sn«. Romp 1. WANT',.. i,u.v ci,-,Trr IJljh, Motor O,. Hpr,,,,;.,..,:p. "WANTED" P J N K ROOT SI J5 pr-r LI .: cash ONF good .Terscv'Vovy "4 gallons "Grn"- HP Flliou Warrpn. c mile. Norh. east. FIVE puri-hrod'sVam^n Hiiik Knats'oTT- _Alpini'. W 1' nnBar.l._Wiosln\v. A r k . rA old" eos'lincs." IVfcin "rlm-kiincs b«by guineas. Weekly hatrhr-i Cm- torn hatching. Anccll Lawsnn Cr.nte Hatchery. ,1600 Gateway JJnyr J i m - ' ir« *TI- -- *·- ·- t"' 1-11 lin. Mo _ ' ' KANSAS BLACK SXAKK ROOT S.V REGlSTEREn~A~n"s7i; "hulls ready f,,f i Urhvprrri St , n,,,. n IS3H;Zi!Er! C 'SH§IS! t F FOK_SALE.-AI]TOMOT1VF. MOTORCYCLE. HD~ TT^Ti" nesF 'nf _ruririmg_ordcr. Phone .17HJ. - I9V FORD 2 ioofT'h7" owner" "S,'c ! (;OOD Raymond DayU ni Wrslprn A I I I O in f-riyptteville hrlwrn, K a ,,,. arM | :· .in p. m. or phone fiO^ bctwee houri. f j l f c i l "oi'tiGING . KriOTINliS .,,..,,,, t!l .\ M ,,,.,, I J l l r h M ...ptir i,,,,k I,,,;, a, si ,,, s IJa'vu 'ill" 1 ! -"all ?t!t Bryce 24^'HOUR SERVICE ON"" Covered Buttons, Button Holes, Tailored Bells and Bjckles. ; Special A'lenlion {,; v eo Mai Orders. S a t i s f a c t i o n or Money Back. SINGER SfiWING MACHINE CO 1* S-E K:. K.ii'ettevllie E X C A V A T I N G " " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel. F i l l Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phomi 249 ELECTRIC CO. Quality Installtri · PUMPS .POWER Phon* 24. Weit Forlc Jimwcr.^ IJIioiit/j)u,|! I'OK SALE OR RENT S V!J mr ' L ' 1 V" c;:a " ""»""''«! HUM- iiiim w i n d o w scrmn. anc" n w n i n s i i"'* "l'- m °! Mph Cnt«.. Co per Hi PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Norlh on a 2.45 o'clock. Mrs. Carl H o f f m a n will report on the convention in little Rork and officers for the ·coming year will be installed by Mrs. A. W. BlaVe, president of the City Council. A social hour will follow with refreshments served. 'Mrs. W. C. Cross, c h a i r m a n of the home room mothers, will meet with the home room mothers at 2:15 p. m.. in the teachers' room. An Executive meeting w i l l also be held at 2:15 snd the nursery will be 6p«n.' ' ·Todqy's Morkef- \ SA_L£--M1.SCELI.AN-FOI1H WOOD""or roal rook "jtovc. "51:1:. , \yalnlit d i n e t t e scl. Slfir.ll inapk. ; w or !7llh plaT-sS whHo'kHch'^^ahin;;! 1 -',^' F'^y nardv!'o,7 r 'w^,S;. 'IS, '?..f?,;: i " - A H K V n N v Apar newly u p h n l s t r r r , ,1 ,l,va,i. HI":,II; | ·?. l .', :r .'"".7;. K -. lien ;hrr.;. JlLl.-.n: \ v l i i r c kiu-hi'n ing - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roaris - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor "" E. L a f a y e t t e , H-,x i M V St.i PhoncJ 436. J ayetteville TKACTOH (ardrn plou-iii'g. l'hon«"2263 information. vi-r-ily. ^hone I.",4IW. ROOM " u n f u r n i s h e d VipVr~m"lll ', [ _p:ml Pil:!";. !7r',TM r 'r- V -,S M ' '"" S| TM ? THOUSAND DOLLARS j-"«!;«",v S iT^-?! "SFL'^f A^ S; . - ! uv " l 'nn prnper:,! 1'roprrly is in nit-fly f u i n i B h r . d rol- ' K(l1 ' 1 I'^l'-nr a n r l i , \vf|! I n r a - c r t m v»lkini! i l i n i i i n i - r "I n i l «,.| m ol. t l i i n c l H . ' . . iMKinns. . .ind C l i - O w n r r j rim, l m.p,l ihr. i n o n c - v nnrl ...ill run I h r l i i i l a n r - r a l n \ II-T r r n t inter,.,. Mr Ihr rislil person THREF. BEDROOM BUNGALOW IT'S new. nn ,..i. a n i l In. Irirtr. FOR K A L R -- R K A I . ITSTATF ·ntr-rj fr.r 15', fl ONE hrrlrrinni hnm BuH- thrr- i-,n. fl?0 Hnlh 1MW 3 nninnoM h fnnt Karrt-n i«npr Jt-oo i'nbflM'nn.i..' j Will .rll tl«r,. TWO lirtli, W j E X T R A | ro* SAI.B--BKAt ECTAT1 |N|W l rwrtroom hom« by bulldtr. i "'" h ,ri r ,-V£. B R,',""; 1 ,.^'"^ . .;;,",,^i',n.;j_ h ^ _" d '" ri "« Ronch Sly's. Choics Irxation n:rl h u f f hri^n. i bedroumi MIA In m - - r ' h FAYETTEVILLE PLUMBING HEATING CO. -- fl .. f i_5"" n ° n * "o ·.- »_ SALE-- REAL ESTATE KAH.M H A R G A 1 N S ~ icres si; MI prr arr, r" 1r ."t m , .,,, *" 1 ?' 1 f" s " r ' KINCAID COMPANY If''! .'.'," A U T O M A T I C A P P L I A N C E CO A Better Plac* lu Buy Itotpoint II N. Block DEALER Ph. 133 Special! Special!! Special!! 1950 Rambler Convertible, low mileage New Top New Scat Covers, overdrive, Radio, Heater Foam Cushions, direction signals. Finish just like new triced way undsr ceiling. Also 19-19 Nosh Ambasador 4 door fully equipoe-' -,=:--_ ! , ° ve s e v e r a l lowor pnced c a r s m the 1942 1941 : ATE " n9 ^riI h « ecarsQrereal| yP^«J right and are , m good shape. MODERN MOTORS ' ! 125 W. MOUNTAIN S M A L L i l.-icc On. rn . rcq ncn!5 niBhr-rl rot- ' r n r v k i t c h - ' nr-.Tr rflri:n . red Phoiiu n.' nr\l trl ' set \ v i t h I.lojd'l Tr.i Soulh R U M M A U K sale .. drop liii P Ic.ll ln!,:r. . ^ f'o.-l. Hif;lHV;i i r d y s :;,,,rr 7 n. m. S.-ilurdn al mT- ... ..^ , . , n v , l l . . , , t l ..^^ rhmcs. peanuts, r-and.v. S265 00 Larce _£rnjory included. Box K-8S. ·,Times. SINCLAIR service jTtn"lion. Good «om« hu«ine«i. Phone 1316, HELP WANTED . Phone *N or f a m i l y i o build le'ne MUSIC ~Teache7"for~gTa^"and h".|h «chool. Degree and experience nol nfcessary. Salary 52.31x100 w i t h o u t degree and experience S10000 increase per year for experience up to 'w'T h"'r£'! n ,l Bct Un "° J " h n'lon at Welch. Oklahoma. __I.CRion Hut COMPLETE v.'nlrr ' s.vstrni ^ l i ^ h l l ? used. Goulds .lr!-o-jlalir 'nu,,,,, ' 4 . · Kallon t a n k .::, f o n t doutVt; ·,,·),." all conner:inns. K l c r l r i r \virr- u ' l l i swilrh h n j Good s m a ' l well house H. L LaMsrr. i, mile East W i - h _ in^^Well. _Nnrth 71. PRACTICALLY "nr'w Leonard ri-lric". a(or. 7 fool Good wool ruo w i i n id. Phone I9d; or «ee at J09 Soulh St. Lotii Livetiock National Stockyard.*, Ill.-f/P)- ·USDA-Hngs 8,000; flcUve; 180 Ibs t _....,,,,,. Up and SOWS 15 to mostly 25 h i g h - j BOY~for "waxing "floors. AppTvTn~peT er than Tiic-sday's average; 170 Ibs! J on - ' 3an l'« Coffee shop] corn- down steady to 25 hiehor: bulk -TM^"'A""nd School mostly chsice Nos. 1 and 2 180220 Ibs 20.50-65; several loads tn .shippers 20.75; highest since last October 19; choice Nos. 1. 2 and 3 230-250 Ibs 20.00-50: 250-270 Ibs 19.50-20.10: 280-325 Ibs 13.50-19.- ELECTRIC "fwinR inachfnrr rxreiient condition, knr-uholp desk model. I m- coln Leader. Lim-oln. Ark UNDERWOOD ~n'- " Ffl"il~'iynnwrl r eV good condition, sno on Paul Me Whorler room m-u. Dusmcss Ad_ m t n u l r a t i o n h u i l d i n g , U n i v e r s i l y of DOORMAN nnd concession Jirls. Ap^ I _ Arka "' !ls _ply_at_qzark Thenter ' D I I D I i r C i i r MMEDlATK placemenrin «eophysi: P U D L I L iALE cal work, both research nnrt lield . crmanent poBitioim open for Grad- u a t e Electrical En s ineers. lieolOB,,!, and Petroleum Kngineern. Also po n i t i o n s open lo men who had «pf ciahxcd radio or electronic* tram- I n j while in Service. Salary petitive. Health and l i f e Iniu earned FurnWh college t r a n i c r i n ' w i t h fir.t l e t t e r to Seismograph - ' Okta . . . ,25; 150-170 Ibs 19.00-2025: 12(1140 Ibs !S.7. r i-;R.75; sows 400 Ibs _ ^*^TED--MALE or man for bell IVoy siiTftT" HELP WANTED--FEMALE LADY to do honie work Good pay tavorable workinc rondilions. N'O small children. Living quarters Phone 2323. _k|tct«n_helper Castle Cafe WAITRESS: phone "430" or «p"pTT in -- rson. _Majcstie Cafe, imediate] OPENING 'rl woman to he t r a i n e d at our expense in th. art of corsetry. She will receive a diploma. For pe'rsonai interview call M o u n t a i n Inn, 1040. ask for Mrs. Carle. NEED 2 waiirrsses. A^pFy _Majesjic Restaura',1 WOMAN to li've iv, plaTc. IrJok^TlFer two small children and do light housekeeping. A-ork Pleasant living conditions. S'»tc age ami references " " "-" «01. Tulsa. Oklahoma "PART TIME MEN employed STI'OENTS .,.«...,, men. Work 5-9 evenings. .,,,..,, ,,,,-» earnings. Musi have car See Mr. Clark. M o u n t a i n Inn Hotel. 7 p m Friday. down 17.50-1ft.00: few 18.25; heavier sows 16.25-17.25; boars 12.00-14.00. Cattle 1.200. calves 600; moderately active demand early and prices strone on few goorl and choice steers and mixed butcher * yearlings at 31.00-34.25; commor- eial and low R 00 d 27.50-29.50: cows active and strong, utility anrt',~--~ ~~ , commercial cows 23.00-26.50; can- I SALESMEN WANTED tiers and c u t t e r s 17.00 22.00: bulls ' and vealers steady: u t i l i t y and commercial bulls 23.00-26.00: cui- · ter bulls 20.00-22.00: sortrri prime vealers 38.00 to all interests; good and choire vealrrs mostly 31.0036.00; u t i l i t v nnd commercial veal- · ers 23.00-30.00. Sheep 800; run vrry largclv shorn old crop lamhs: trade active; fully 50 higher t h a n Tuesday; spring lamhs and aged sheep steady; several lots poor] to mostly choice N'os. 2 and 3 skins carrv- Ing some prime Rrade 27.."0-28.00; part deck practically fresh shorn i7.50; load u t i l i t y and Rood No. 2 . skins 67 lb? 24.50 w i t h y e a r l i n g end 22.50 and two years old 20.50; one lot merely good strpHr wonled tamhe 20.00; 'rw Kor-.d to choice . spring lamhs 27.00-29.50; shorn alauj-hter ewes 7.00-12.00; cull to person. : la . ill. 2 p a r t l y iurni::nc([ a p a r ! m " n ' t npr-n lor summer s l u r i r i K s . I'hnn,. A",*,iK ^ p'lmP'' - h "" SC '' "·' · S "" !h "'Illow. .NKW 2 h e d r r m m d u p l e x , j n s t l i m s h r r l C o r m - r ll,.is,,,,, ,.,,,, «,.,,,..,,.... .,.-' ileh . a c h t d . A l l .d llM oB. . , - , . r l l i n j , , Ir ail r i l W a l t . SUBURBAN TWO ACRES i i l f l l l T on 71 h . K l i w , , - |.-, a p. m · e t t . '"I 2 BKDROO.M a p a r i m r rcnl I ' l i l i n o s paid 1830.1 KMAI.L'lmus,.. modern. 712 inulli foi- _ K'Ce rhonc SG'J. - ; 'I100M unfurnlsherT^aTTnicni. farge _ i i " u n s . j n r d anil shade Phone ''IV 2 HKDROOM n'ndcrn lower level un fnrnnhed duplex Nrv.iy dr-rornlr.,1 siviu-er. Washmglon School d i s t r i c t ' Slove a n t ] r c f r l g r r n i n r f u r n i M i e i l Pho " ' ' J ' ''"'' sm -°°- Water raid f HliEK.rn'r.m furnYihcd a'nnr'iiirnt i ju-i! o f f 1,'mversily campus f;i ; ,-. .,.-1. i in porch, large k i t c h e n . Nicely dec- erior · i t v Hammond Really Co. Kve. riiniii.. H I) H a m m o n d 1372 .1 A .larvis i:,ri:r,v 1 5 5 - A C R E STOCK FARM Ic W h i l e R i v e Thursday, May 22, at 1:30 P.M. Household Goods ALL GOOD FURNITURE 2 miles east of Fayetieville on Highway 16 at Happy Hollow Road. Crafon Gardner OWNER ._ HOUSE. 1 roi Phone 1(133. itjdcrn, $10.00 nioiith J n tiprtr! , im-re l,rdm,,, n m o d e r n ' n ,. v .- l,:,rn. houses for I ?r,,i , hens A coon H H V A M ) 1 TKHMS CAN HE OZARK FARM AGENCY Nroiho, MjsdoiiPi ^f 1 ""* 2P7 POR M!V. F u r n f s h r r f «lx rooms and h f l t h NV»r J c f f f r n o n Srhnnt R i f t Sdirh f n l l i - j e . Only $1,220 down and 5*0 prr month. McConnell Company Srrnml Flnor Fn5on B u i l r l i n f IN B l f v i N G A " F A R f c | - y o u " « r * " r i o i only h t i y t n t n linni* h u l * hiiiinpfl* Soli ( n u n u h i r h m i mint d f r . v c n l i v i ' h u n d d!i;:» m io nchnctl anrt rhurch br n ronsidcranon K V K H V n N E hait t h e i r h m i t n l i o n * AI f nr n* fm-inccs nrf cnnrt rnt rt K V K H V n N E w n n t i in tti ihr h r » t l)lo^ r A n [ O r th- | c am i n v r i l m r n . » f l u n l l y l l ' K d ' l f J r n l t t n f i n d f l Inrin w l l h f f V f r v t h i n e i h n l *uH« you h u l "'f t h i n k you ihouM try ami wo vrni your iricnl F f n r i n g . witter, nnrt Mow n l i n u l the 1111^. R e m r m h e r ynu ran have a pnor a h s l r n r l nntl i (food l M i r n: n foorl a h s l r n c t u n d K poor n i l c NO DoliBT. the f j r m h u y p r ha* \\H p n i i v r m i We ivr,) K rmr i h r n c pmhlorm and t h r r r l n r f nrr In x positint, in h r t p nr.«l nrr w i l l t n f 'o do K, Your n j j f n t mini have p i t i r n f f ntxl t n a k f i n n hnnrf f i f o r i in h!»l nt m i r k r t v a l u p jtnrt n Kond "IIJ1PI.V nf Ihfir t t m i n K K fitop in u n y n t n * nnrt vi*n w i l h u* NEWLIN REALTY WF.ST R j n K . A R K PHONE 252,_ STUMP FURNITURE CO. MAY SPECIALS I Made 9x12 Summer Rugs 9 x 1 2 nt \\-m-rn (ihr- or wrv.l n i i r o In 0 x 1 2 ?i*» Su|t»h rnnm. hHrn'im. sun or den r-m, p.orrrh or open b; Fibre 9x12 Wool fibre . . . . O t h f r jljps n v . - i i l a l . l o $ ) 8 9 5 $ 3550 MOVE OUT OF DOORS ADJUSTABLE SUN CHAISE ini'ntt. Ench w i t h p r i v a t e k.H-licii 1,11111,1,5. l',.,,rtix r»c-i hlKhl.v Di.liBhcd flnors Anrt r'r i . A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR ROOMS "lor rcn _ I'h L_L MJ _ ONE, l\vo. I h r o r ^ r" i^riJir^ 1 tce K^pitl^' fiqunri- HII JIM HOLDER TPlPphririr- ^4] .1,:..', in.10 j 1C. X^Collrjo i EXTRA SPECIAL ' C A M P U S Thrr. ,,mt ,p,r.- | Mini,'. hniKr: Onr i room uni! unrl I hntlK J-wri^ihrr.,. rr,r, m ,. .hnnnc hnth. .!« sn t.v :im rnrti: psvomn'nl an,i Jcv..,'k SPECIALLY PRICED. J. D. fagle. Realtor, lD5f WESTIMf T Hhll :F c i 11' "iK. 565. J.' R. Mi-flu' r l iniej. ' r r t N f S H E U .ipartmrnts nr.-.r Tnivcr- STRAWBF.RRIES, loc quart You i,H I and f u r n n h coolamer .1 ,,,-les _Nnrlhc»st oo wij;,. road F. A. ReeH STRAWBERRIES; nirTWri. B r , n i your containers aod pi.-h i h e m . Tnirrl place west of Grcathoute Spring! on Clear Creek r. A H NKV.'LY (ii-mrslcd imfiirnlshr-d 3" roor _:,|i.irtmrnl Phnnf *710-I -I F 'irhm!;t"5»' " " " P ' 1 " * ' »P»ffmcnt' APA"RTMENf'S"7or "rcnl"ji," hlo-k, | Univi-rsit). uf A r k a i i M i s 4 r.L-,,! ,'," f i i r n u h r r l R»rl Bin Ap.irtmcnti -. ..-.. -.TM ^ l c TM ,, ,, ,,,.,,., -. Ph '.!?'l.r''"-- w " r «···! I _rlrix. _ . | KtlRNl.SHKI) nnd "iin'.JVnishod n p n n ' 2 WHEEL iralto. cxccllfnl condition I p'h"' S £5" hil " bl " rk "' ''n'vcriilly. Scr- a^ fed n.ll .Tranilcr.. | J^^iTMTM_ · :meJL d I0 * d ' d c l l v c r c d ' f ' X " · j O V K H S i i l l ' r T . D l i n n i f i i r o niul ,-arpr'- TnA\i'nVwnirc ~~ic -- · '"*· t ' l f a n r d .it \our homr- 1'nnno 1 H A W nERRIES. I5r q u a r t . n n n R ruin 5!i:i ' c n n t n i n r r s l n r l i n R Tnrsdny. nih ' I'H-k the k i n d j n u Mkf Cnme ,r the end South College, l u r n w f s | Seeond rock house on l e f t . L o r , , - ,-. ,- _»j;|8ht . morlr-linc B".\l r r f ,, 1'HON'E 211 .'I iVKliRo'OM n i m i r r n rumi'rTlrvel in! . I f f f e r ^ ' i n Rrlmol o i K l r i r t . m o r l r r n k i l r h e i i n n d h n t h . hnrdv.'fiod f l n m * door f i u n n c e . n r w I y deror.Tlp.J t h r o u g h o u t , s.'i.r.nti Smnll do nir-^nt. po5nrs!on at once i NEW" "3-BEDR60M"' f SAME ; I.AROE. r,,.,my six ro'.n, h u m p o k n n l t y nllir- pniu-lins I.,, wn p a y Phone 200 Years of Service 20,000,000 Policyho|deri 20% Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savingi for p r e f e r r e d riski" Get the Facts The Rilfer Agency Mwe to y n u r f a v o r i t e .,pnt for »un OT shade ind s i n - t f h o u t - .fun l e n g t h , if you wlsb! M«»l frtm« with OIIB piece tufted mncrsprini m«ttien. COMPLETE $32.50 CANVAS ROCKING CHAIRS Porch ind y a r d . h a i r s rnverM In stripe canvas. High b«ck t h a t rork and fold up completely. $2.95^ Loans 16 East Canter USED BASEMENT BARGAINS 2 pc. Blue velour living room suite $59.50 3 piece maghogany bedroom suite $44.50 Sofa--ross floral slip cover, good condition $12.50 8 piece walnut dining room suite, 2 leaves $89.50 Set of 6 mahogany dining room chairs . . . $59.50rt Stump Furniture Co. t\ir*ifrr it.r r n t i - jirnvulr, lor \,'r-'il "lirimVrl nnrl", litit/'v "£'·' A " : "' hl ' rl 80"" 1 " nr-ri-s nf rirh. Ir'vr! l:inrl r, n pavement' CRAVENS CO. ; A - l C A R P E N T E R . Art (in J'huno __ - _ STRAWBERRIES. __ pirk RAT.ESMAN-- Local ~ tcjTitor~~ h.ivp car. D t a w i n g account tor ri man. Sell siding, i n s u l a t i o n , h improvement equipment. Morgan h r l n f t conlalnr/s. 11".r prr q m n S250 crute. ihort crop. Snm nn H i K h w a y ^ 4 r East by Son's Chapel TOMATO planiT "c.-rtified "RulBc-- Trrai-'d wed. j(rown nn IH-W smiinrt Can f i l l large orders, e; M per th il. Sam On. Highway ·*."· East ~~-- 2 I 3 U II.T, do bnhy a f t e r 6 p m ,- JiK m r.iy"~h .,.,,.. i,, t i in-111. i-iju; jmipni. iworgnn ; ^ n - j d Krsisi 1 . ^r^,r Flr « Na -i ^i^r'-j^'"^".. 'AWT = n rn,TMV« ;'_j ,~--~TT-,-, rr,- . ' O\\ KH rwnrh KBU 1 , i, horscpo-A-' i- ! with WANT salesman and smcs jnnies rar fnr rural sales work. S.1.50 ^jcr day cur allowance anrt comnvr.sirm Write Omar Thompson. Pux 157. FOR SALE--HOMg NEEDS , NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS _*.?'" i Mntr f»"""' ''"«'· i" , Jertlon Thri-e ennierutlvp lnr. r t|oni T cent* ppr word M i n i m u m orrltr 2c the New Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. ,'We^ Deliver. Phone 246 ~ ' " "" N O T I C E (5FT lop nricf.1 [or y o u r f u r n i t u r e J.onsiRn it lo our s.ilr Phonf 177n. H i l t o n Erin A u r l i n n llmup. 1 .9. v " "« tclcphonr for clnsiifirrt ,, , ,, snln mi: K):M LtOAL NOTICKS NOTICC Notlcp 11 htrph.v (ivrn :h»i 'hp i:r.. ntnl^npd his fllprl x v lth top D r p n r t - m«n( of Alcohollr nevrnip r o n t r o l of Ihp SHIP of Ark,n,», for a P rr- rnll to «pll »nd rllippn^p hprr M rp- , RIovp. good condition. Bnk w h i t e cnnnif-l k i t r h p n tahlp Ifd. 1007 Million S t r r f l LEWIS F1R08 FIASEMF .I«pd Frigirtnlrp r f f f r l H r - m l o i !f-d Sr-rvcl g ff r p f r i u r - r B l n r U«fd (*E plcrlrlr rpfriKrr.-itr.r nspd l«rne Sprvol Km r r f n i i r r n l r i r Ikf.,1 I^nd.x A i i t n m M l i f » n « h r 1'M-H M n i K R o m r r y \Vnrii « n » h « I 'fd (;K washer * Koorl chronic s 4il nn s fi9 rni S mm motor, pood condition Wood hi'irnit ranse cook sinvp u i t h water rf-rr- voir. 60 gallon f l c r t r i c hot x v a ' r r nc.itcr. pr.ictirfllly nrw. Phone Hen son. 293J. PUBLIC SALE I.OCATKD 2 mi|p« M| nl r n r m i n - r m 3 n n l p j «MI of F a v r t i P v i l l o . on H u h . w a y B.. nn « n n l h B|,IP nf l n c h u n \ off Ihc road about Wi v,ird T h u r i day. May l.'ilh 1^".? h r c i n n i n ^ M I0..10 a m. Trrm. ,-.«h l.unrh ."rj. rd Man-in F t i r f f o u n r r f i l l i r t T.irk ffti and R r n r p Hnnrl r,u'ciinnfT.| ^ RFFRiGtriAfOR and ap.irlmr-nl .-r- stovp. lOSfl nlodpls 1C9R blue '"nil irn'r"m.",!| T ,in«'', r !.'.',',VV o r i g i n a l r;.s». f r o m f a n i n m r . . ! - r j tlon. S2. r . (in. Madnon F u r i i i t n r r ( ., H u n t R v i l l p . Arknnn.'iK ! OUl " English" «i| V pr. 21 p'lprr 1-1 kniyp,. 1! f , , , k . , v ,, r y hi ., nt]]r ,, r . C l . nal rnsr. \ r r y r a r p A Inrga - ' J i n n on M J r t : ,, m f -,, rn ,,,|,; .AWN niowpr ( g r i n n i n g i n d ' m . . . . l"-fh I *»···"«·. »outh SlJfJ ""'"MATTRESS""" R E N O V A T I N G Cotton MaCrpisp* Hinlt In'o G m r n n l f r r l I n n T s p r m n i H o l l j w u n r t B-ds M n d p Tn O:/IT ONE D A Y -SrRVirF -p]!OST 2^74 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. fins w. PICKSON PHONE 31U For Service Consult You- Clossificd Service Directory SIR;, no s ;^nn s irtim $ :,!mn I I'KAT .. ...^,,,-. w B i n p r s i.s nn In ·d Ijicyrlp VF. sr-nt\. two. ~(-h"fli u. m a ' r a {6000 ppr I.PI. M«dl»on F i i r n l t u r p Cn " '- A r k a n n n i l»ll nn thp prpmllPi denrnhnl m 2 ..Hiinlnvillp. A r k a n n n i W.Sl.«'" #' "'"'" «· Sprm«fl.lP. MAGIC l . n n t p r n . ypry old. r n m p l p t P ^asssy-,,,.,^,,; jKrArirr Kurn ' c -' * - -- - "' ' PHILCO CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phxm. CMtaet till f«TttttTlll«, ArkiniM Co. REFRIGERATORS A T R A R O A I N PRIrFS T' i A S ' rv " G " R«rl«»r«lnr Spml Q "rT S v W »s M " rh ' n " CLIFTON LUMBER CO p . l " "r- ! ' WMI Fork Ark DEBUTANTE COSMETICS, ' FUtlER BRUSHES. PHONE 1348 1KO 144 fwM: B K A I I T V SHOPS C01.VAR11 S BKA("!Ty""s||(')(f Jill W Mca.|i,.v. 1'lionr, ..!»? 5 up . O l ' riorcnci »l.rl«inr - -- - - - - . I'RiCKK'IT'S R K U A n i . l WORK " · o i i f i u n r r find pirk tin- INSKCT riuit H l l i t h l mi ml »»nrk Mr«y C a l l yi. f 7. r.i«,_ MH-VV-i W R I N O Tonr Hindi - RUNNING WATER AT LOW COST Y«ri of tnri wprire f f o m thii, drpcndihlf Dtmrng · " M A R V K L E T T E " Sh.llow Wtll W^icr System nuke run- wjicr coit « iitdt tx-r B«y nding Imcr. ""!'J " M A R V E L E T T E " I, ,o QV1E1 vou «,,·, hMr ,, ,,,,,, And it h« fmrurt. you nptn only on hi,hcr priced lyitemi · . . ) · « in rmt u low. Aik ui · bout H r m i n - j J h . l l o w I n d D«p VJI| w . t t r Sy.ieml. n,r,, a r , e l,, lilt a lhf - kl fu, lor YOUI A,k ,boul U. DEM ING 3 Day Star Special Thur., Fri., ond Sat Only All Seat Covers s £ k 25% on 25% on 3 Fishing Tackle All Appliances 25% o» We Have a Few Popular Sizes Goodyear Double Eagle and Fisk Safti-Flite TIRES 2 for the Price of 1 ,, ·-- nn-l \i ruiiii-r in... h;np« «'t »;ili ,n1 d r i i n , 7i N o n h n»r.r rrr.|.li-,,n. i r , V p In C , I P * » "' 'i 7 v m B i l u r d a y A n. m lo noon FAYETTEVILUE PLUMBING * HEATING CO. .11') V \Vr.t. I'hnnr 7.m Many Other Popular Ifems . . . Greatly Reduced EASY TERMS HALL TIRE CO. i39 EAST MOUNTAIN ST.

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