Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 7
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ManylnW.U. To Their Jobs Move Is "Iliegol," Vice President Of Union Contends I'irn was at New Orleans | Ellis M jd. . I Partial returns of itrikins em- _,- .^mmzsen, WU Kencral I ploycs over the nation, added to nanaser m Dallas, said the return | 'hose who returned in full lorn? sin i J", lhe four dtirs w " s i has result «* i" restoration of tele-' ,,'," . ;" wrt ''' lhe '""I union Itrraph. cable and money order ser- pre..K.cms. hut not by .the union's ! vice at more than 1.900 dties and i«n and national leaders. i towns, the \vu reported today, c Dallas union official, on the !''"'l"? 0 '· fl " n stations ordinarily "'her hand, contended ihat workers -. n:eri over the heads" nf their l presidents in Xew Orleans ·f-.epr.rt and Oklaiioma City I he local CTU president in kl rnnitulated with !he workers . , originate B.=, per rent nf all tele'- B ' JAMES .MARUW sra " 1s ' tn5 company said. Washir. 5 ton-i,T'i-The sterl All negotiations on the ,-iv-wcek . Diite has become a kind of national strike sre bcins con- i t»«llr flypaper S lin K Supreme Court's Ruling On Steel Con Affect History; May Avoid Momentous Issue NO»THW«ST ARKANSAS TIMIS. fay.n.vill.. Ark.n.m. W.dn«day, May 14, 195} Prices For Poultry Rise, Bui Pollard Cautions Demand May Not Be The Cause Th» »rM do«» to th» rall»d the doldrums, fa m raln!-it in Ih- wor. aucteri on a national level In Oklahoma City. Karl Kills nrevrirnt of the CTU Western Union local, denied his members had -one over his head. "I took them back to work on my own volition," he raid. "\Ve didn't vote on anything. I just Dallas-OT - The Southwestern vice president of the striking Commercial Telegraphers Union yc~ terday described as "ille»nl"' th- return to their jobs nf V.'rs'ern Union employes at Xew Orle-in- Shreveport, El Faso and Oklahoma took them" back" As to it '·"I'll, Hint's Richards' 'Only the national HarRainin-' Committee in WashiiiEton has authority to rail off a strike aiiy- where in the countrv " said c M Richards. Workers in the four citit- j n - rluding presidents of the loral' unions, have returned to work ion ^^^^W'XWM opinion ap.amst mine. This is still a free country and a man has a risht to So to work or riuit when he likes." Ellis agreed with Bichards that New Orleans workers went over their president's head. j Oklahoma City workers left their jobs April 2 and returned; Rogers Dairy Show Set For Friday And Saturday Rogers - (Special) - plans shaping up for the are annual dis- fim- , - .. f \ c r v in one anl everything that tnuchr; lit. Now even the Supreme Court's | finders are stuck in it. The irlue Marled !o .spread when bargaining broke down between the mill owners and the Cm steelworkers. At once the government's mediators moved in to get both sides together. They sot stuck. Then came President Truman, who's really landed in it. and nf- ter him the Ware Stahili/.iiion .Board, Congress, the U. S District ! Court and the Court of Appeals. Act Could Fnrrr Delay I'M! if lhe owners c et their mill; ; back and th« v.-crUers strike, it's h;nd tn .-ei: ho-. Tvum;ni ciin Ihfll ; a n y Innser nv.,i,t iisn; y ||,e T a f t ; li.uMey ;:· I which he .viys he despises That would .mly 'delay an- nthrr S'nke |nr Wl day.-. Further, if the rrant files against presidential sci/urc in this rasp, it v il! h a \ c to take responsibility f"r the unforeseeable future when some other nreMrlr.nt n -,n lhe Supreme Court per dairy cattle show which will be ' This mav lurn out to be one , , f ' I .eld Friday and Saturday in the . the most vilal .k-cMons Rive, ,, ,r» ." he business district. A I the Supreme Court's hislorv-i/ it a n r t W , ? V « , , ereCtnd0nfir!:t ! rull ' s dirct '"- v TM * president's -met Walnut Streets to house t h e , power to seize private property t l lL P t r ";:'M na i!, ,, ?°u-! 1( !? r l "' stH ' k I wlun ne sa - vs 'here's an emer- exnioitocl by JJenton trency. ! of lhe dn ti.'ll t \ l ; ules The The: nine future le lhe £ M - e m - · Ihat lhe chief But HERE THEY ARE! New, Wonderfully Comfortable LoFur-Ettes We Sold Out Red Tog Days And So Many Asked For Them, We Re-Ordered -- Just Arrived In Time For Star Value Day. See foe Slars. Then Buy Your loFur-Elfes kind is less t., a rulir.i;. That's side is j may npei president crty and i men! if it i t executive has special, oven ihou^l, i umvnncn. cniiMitutjonnl aulhnnl\- the court has alternatives. : ln l^ke pnvaie properfv. Jt can act in a number of w a y s ' If tbe cmut let? lhe prcsirlei:! which fall short of the momentous "old the mills and raise wanes, opinion on presidential power, lhe mill owners, once they Ret Still, th:' nine justices know what- . their property hack, never avaiii in each class wi'il be awarde'd'Vs ""'' they do wi " affecl th(1 rnlin - I v v '" '"·' Mc '" P''«»nle the wcirk- lr - v - | era to accept less pay than the If they decide the Constitution ·' K° v ernment sUEqests i won't permit a president to take private property. e\ _ juency. President Trum ,,,,,,... to turn the mills back to the own- ' "'"''"" sil'iation: will the steel- ers. | workers then continue v.nrkinc. ' e v e n ilinueh the Kovenmient is their emn I.i'tle U.,ck - ,,Ti - Prices broilers on Ibe p.mllr\ market ... Aikan-.i:, have incre.ised. bin a. ! .-(' toflay caulinned aj;ams: optimism thai last week's plunjj- ms prices are a thing of lhe past. \V. S Pollard of lhe Aarirul-; lural FAlensinn Service said ' price rue of five to MIX rents this week niKv be » result of produr- c i s ,. ithhnlding i-ir,|, f rnr n the '".·nkei rather than from increased flemarid. For the second .·onseculivr day, broilers-- which dropped a , \ n ^. ,,' 111 cenls a pound last week-- sold yesterday for ·;·- and 2K rents m .N'orlhwesl A r k a n s a s and Ralej- for erfouRh maikct fa The beef pririlirM b-. Hie min ox n said to tie indistinBiii'hHhl from beef produced b\ orrlmar 1 RADIO TV SERVICI ta)..t TV T«f fqu'pmgnt 24-Hour S«rvie« TRI-STATE SALES CO. Ph6m I I I 320 vt. Dickien hll! ferlr; hf!p- · cf !hjs emu;:* \'llle. ! In St. l.ouis, Joseph Waddirk .Iher l-iiblishcr of lhe I),-,,lv Market Bt- 'oui-t foiter. said producers are just fdl-Mime future .''bout lireakuli; even at these pri- Relmlers are paymj about pound for broilers, j There will be three breeds Jersey, Holstein a n d Guernsey. Each breed exhibited will be shown in three classes, calf, heifer and cow R i b i i n n s for first, second and third well as cash awards of S10 for i first place, $7.50 for second place and $5 for third, An 13-inch gold loving cup awaits the winner of the grand championship, and three trophies are to be awarded the winners in earn of the three breeds to be judged. The show will officially -'II';. cents he said. Arkansas price _rirnp imn. too little growers blamed the to much produc-- not )!ut if the court lets lhe presi: j ^ i n f i l l ill l a K C 1 . . . n , . n , . - m i - inr. 1 -: 'vcn in emer- clp " 1 kcc ' 1 lllp mills '"" f.iys hi iman will ha\-e i I; ' ln ' ! rntff , tnlv . P a . v - '' has ereaiec That will almosl certainly n\e:in an immediate slrike hy the work-! open at 11 a. m. Friday. At S p. m. : or*. They're wr.rking now because" Artificial will hold Li .kit ·rag 6 t a - _ «H), NEW! STYLISH! 6AY! ht «s 3 bubHe LoFur-Ettee. CushionBd Aa Itten fl TMW vsfrh A.11 s/ : u c.__ ^^^T "** New' Stylish! Gay! _ PRESCRIPTfON EAST SIDE SQUARE DRUGGISTS the Benton County Uroeiicrs Association its annual meeting to elect two new board members, and lo hear i reports of last year's activities. i A clipping demonstration will ! be held Saturday morning at 1 1 IS i following a talk on "How to Raise i a Dairy Calf," by Paul Harbour of i Jenks, Okla., George F. White, na- ! lional secretary of lhe American ' Dairy Association, will address : thi! breeders and the public on i Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock, and · again at the evening meeting. j Saturday afternoon the program ' will include an address by Andy Anderson, 1'risco agriculture and livestock specialist. His subject will be "The Feeding Program " A highlight of the two day's show will he a chicken barbecue Saturday evening beginning a: «:30 Rogers merchants are distributine 1.500 tickets for the barbecue tb farmers in lhe community. Craig Jackson, Kogers business man who is widely known as an expert in the art of barbecuing meats, will head a group of 50 local men in preparing and serving the barbecue in Frisco Park near the big tent. * The -Rogers High School band of 62 pieces directed by Miss Gay Gilliam, will play during the progress of the barbecue. The show will remain open until e p. m. · Students Of Miss King Will Present Program University students of move, menl, pantomime and composition for theater, directed by Miss Eleanor King, will present a combined demonstration and concert program in the Arts Center Theater Friday a! fi p. m . since the trnvprnment has mills, they are in effect : lhe hinhcsl mean annual lem- lni? peraluies in lhe world are found v c r n - , j n Ontral Africa anrl in India Ltss Than lhe Cost of Gos for Driving! K A N S A S C I T Y . S H R E V E P O R T N E W O R L E A N S 'Then I got Conoco's NEW l-250,000 Miles No Wear Service! J.\ow I,.iw\rr f'.-n-p wins pvcry raw thank? to tmn n( HIP pnvilcst pir\'iffs rvcr offprod (ho nmlnrine pnhlir --n srrv ii-r thnt helps pnpinrs last IOMET, perform UPC less gasnlinf nntl H-'F pxartly llip .wn:r sprvirc thnt tn«f cnrn in ('onoro'.q sprrtnculnr "60,000 Milrs--No \Vonr" rond IPS)! In Ihat. fnmnnn fiO.nnO-milp lost, wifh 1,000-milp drains nnH prnprr filter pprviro, t^sl, rnr rnrrjnrs Fhnwcri nn tirnr of any Ctinsrqtirnrr; in fjici. ;in nvrnippof Icsji lli/m onr "n'-thou»nndlh inch nn ryliminrs and rrnnkuliaflH. (Jnsolinr imlcjiRp for the last 5,000 milpfl won nrlually D9.77'f na Rood «»f«rlho/ir»/fi,000. NOW you onn^pt thi.nsntnp 1-2-3 ", r 0,000 Milp«---No Wp(»r" Sorvjrr. nt your Conoco MjlmRO Merchant's today! ELPS YOUR INGINE LAST LONGfl, PIRPORM ICTIR, USE LISS GASOLINI AND OIL! Oi«3-CONTIN§NTAl Oil COMPAQ. HERE'S CONOCO "50,000 MIUS-NO WEAR" SEKVICl Al proptr inltrvali, Your Conoco Mitagt Mtrchail will: Q Drain out grit and iludg«, prtfwably whllt Ih. ·ngln* ii hot! Q R«co'ndilion all air and oii nlltril © Fill tht cranbcalt with gr*al Conoco Motor Oil. CHICK SPECIAL 8c HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery Call I. 0. Sugg, Ag«it, Sllaain Spring! Plwni Here's GMC's great new engine for 27,-ton trucks -delivers man than anything on lhe nod today! MM "302" HIGH-COMPKKSIOM US H.P. VHVt.IH.HtAD M-CH/WDM GASOLIHC TRUCK tHGIHl Compr«nion Ratio M«x. f mint 11.1' Nel Brnke 11.1' Knjinc Wcighl (dry) llore Stroke . . . . . . . 7.2lo I 1 (S 1 Ma ,r, m I.W If .1211(1 rpm . . . . MS Ih,. · . . . 4 inrhf* . . . . 4 inches in all HMC l\,.3i n trufkt nittf Irarlor*. Alls armlitkli in ia. w ht,lt r model*. Thi* new CMC "302" valve-in-hetd engine excels any other gasoline truck u n i t of e q u a l power in high-mileage, low-cost performance--for these basic reasons: H/gfitif Companion Rcrfio of any standard gasoline t r u c k e n g i n e ever built--accelerates faster, delivers higher sustained power output. D«ve»ppi 23% More H a r j e p o w « r - f r o m regular fuel -- than its famous "work horse" predecessor. Maximum /»ow*r-/o-Wiighf Rofio-weighg only 3% p o u n d s per h o r s e p o w e r -- a s much as 500 pounds less than other engines of equal p o w e r -- d u e to new high-efficiency design. Mor« Ton-Milts Per Gallon-- less dead w e i g h t w i t h h i g h e r e f f i c i e n c y means more pay load, more profit in every mile with new "302"- powered GMC 2/i and 3 ton models. JO 500 WWW UP 70 500 POUNDS mans m ion mil i i GASOLINE I DIESEL TRUCKS )*«r kt) /* rtttit kamlint firtfili 5ff ?»f roy G/MC «m*.nmn n AHD 3 TON MODUS -AI you/? max KMVS ivbiv WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. IS NORTH EAST ST. FAYITTEVILLE, ARK. You'll do better on o used froek with your CMC c/ooUr

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