Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 13, 1974 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, September 13, 1974
Page 7
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Jack Elam Heads Clan 'Texas Wheelers' Said Fumy .Well-Written By JAY SHAnRUTT NEW YORK (Al 1 ) -- Slop whatever you're doing at 9:30 .p.m., an hour earlier in central time areas, and watch ABC's "The Texas Wheelers" tonight. It's one of the funniest, best- written shows I've ever seen. It concerns a motherless, dirt-poor, fundamentally decent rural family of three lads -age 24, 17 and 10 -- and a 12- Arabs May Cut Production Rather Than Raise Prices VIENNA, Austria (AP) --' The oil ministers from the petroleum exporting countries are coming around to the idea that the way to maintain or increase their huge revenues is by cutting production rather than by their usual tactic of raising the posted price. Members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) began meeting here Thursday to consider a recommendation from the OPEC Economic Commission that they increase the posted or tax--reference price of crude oil 14 per cent. But Interior Minister Jamshid Amouzegar of Iran and others indicated that the push for higher posted prices Is weakening, apparently because less and less oil is subject to the posted price due to increased nationalization of foreign oil holdings. The posted price is an artificial figure on which the producing countries calculate whal the oil companies pay for the companies' share of the oil they produce. It has been $11.65 a barrel since Jan. 1, meaninj that the oil countries collecte about $6.40 a barrel. Meanwhile, the oil sell their share of the produc tion by jointly owned com , panics--often 60 per cent -- t' their Western partners wb have the marketing facilities The price for this oil is deter mined by auction or negotia lions. The current market price about $9.60 a barrel of oil; dur ing the squeeze last winter re suiting from the Arab oil em bargo it rose in some cases t nore than $20 a barrel. The OPEC nations account or about 56 per cent of the vorld's dally production of bout 56 per cent of the world's ally production of about 50 nillion barrels. Some of the ministers say this should be re- uced by 2 million barrels, but wo previous attempts to work ut an agreement limiting production failed. Representatives of the Arab ill nations are to meet sepa- ·ately in Vienna this weekend. One Arab minister said they vould discuss establishment of a development corporation to ise their oil revenues in underdeveloped Arab countries. Chicken House Fire Damages Equipmenf SPRINGDALE--A fire in a chicken house used for stor.age destroyed three farm tractors, welding equipment and an automobile Thursday in the May- iield Community, east of Springdale. The alram was answered by tour area fire departments-Huntsville, Hindsville, Springdale and Fayetteville. Cause of the fire is undetermined. Firemen were able to save about one third the chicken house, but not the section with the vehicles and equipment. Several tires and acetylene exploded but no one was injured. Dan Bostick of the Mayfield Community owned the coop. year-old girl and their old man, a bewhiskercd, wild-eyed, no- account, shiftless rascal. Needless to say, this 30-mln- ute caper, starring veteran character actor Jack Elam as the reluctant head of the clan, is in no way a Texas version of "Apple's Way." Virtue isn't on constant display. What Is on display is an excellent sense of the off-hand, deadpan humor of the Lone Star state, brilliantly captured by scriptwriter Dale McRaven. He created the series and is its executive producer. The opening show deals with the family's reaction to the return of Pa Wheeler, who it seems has disappeared some eight months earlier in search of gold and left his brood in the lurch. His cheery arrival, hailed with a lunge for his throat by one son, is preceded by some wonderful commentary on manhood, drinking, and a girlfriend of the 17-year-old who flounces off the Wheeler premises .when the oldest boy takes away his brother's six-pack of beer. "Can't trust a woman who only wants your beer," drawls the oldest boy. ' "I don't want, to trust her, the kid groans. "I only wanted to get her drunk." Dropping out of school also is discussed by the kid, who complains of nightmares about Northwest Arkansas T1MIS, Friday, S»pf. 13, 1974 * ! FAYtTTEVILLE. «HKAMt»« Board Advises Higher Rates For Gas Producing Stales WASHINGTON (API - Naut- ral gas prices would likely be forced upward if the Federal Power Commission adopts a staff recommendation to estab- a single nationwide price ceiling for "old" gas sold by producers to interstate pipelines. Rates for old natural gas currently vary from region to re- (AP Wlrepholo) BLACKBIRD SPY PLANE IS READIED FOR RETURN TRIP . in attempt to break air speed record between London and Los Angeles today blackboards "man, lung." The ..'m and dying chalk -of white show also contains a wild, classic segment involving both a fistfight between father and oldest son and the burial of a duck. It's hard to explain, the two in one paragraph, but the scene made me laugh until my sides hurt. The direction is great, ditto the entire cast. And the show manages the difficult feat of being funny and real simultaneously. So catch it tonight. It's one series I hope will be with us a long time. WOW! LOOK AT ABC NOW! Tonight on KODE-TV Channel 12 6*.3O Enrollment Declines PINE BLUGG, Ark. (AP)" Enrollment at the University o! Arkansas-Pine Bluff has declined for the sixth straight year, but the number of white students at the former predominantly black institution continues to grow. Figures released by the UAPB registra's office show that 1,984 students are enrolled at UAPB this semester. L,ast fall, enrollment was 2.083. Enrollment has declined steadily since 1%8 when it peaked at 3,445 students. The number of white students increased to 206 this year. That is an inicrease of 123 over last year and represents 10.4 per cent of the total enrollment. Dr. Herman Smith Jr., UAPB chancellor, said some students who had preregistered but had not yet paid registration fees were not included in the enroll Spy Plane Attempts New Record LONDON (AP) -- A record- breaking American spy plane, the SR71 Blackbird, left Britain today on another attempt to fly the 5,645 miles from London to Los Angeles in under 4 ! A hours. "It looks so far that she's making' very good time," a U.S. Air Force spokesman said shortly after the black needle- nosed jet took off from Mildenhall Air Base in Suffolk, 50 miles northeast of London. The spokesman said the plane took off at exactly noon -- 8 a.m. EOT and passed through the so-called London Gate 11 minutes later. The Gate is a point over London from which the plane's time to Los Angeles will be measured. The jet tried to make the flight Thursday but turned back because of engine trouble. Blackbird flew from New York to London on Sept. 1 in a record time of one hour and 55 minutes. It averaged . 1,817 miles an hour.- · Psychologists Claim Attractive Wife Enhances Mate's Status PITTSBURGH, Pa. (AP) -A man with a good looking wife rates higher in other people's eyes than a man married to a homely woman, two University of Pittsburgh psychologists say. Leonard Saxe and Daniel BarTal report, however, that he reverse isn't true -- a handsome husband apparently won't enhance the status of his wife. Saxe and BarTal said in a report released on Thursday they showed portraits of various couples to a total of 128 viewers and asked them to try to rate each man and woman according to personality, success and social and economic background. The portrails were paired differently lor different observers, with homely men paired with attractive women in some cases and the combination switched around in others. In every case, the observers were told that they were looking at a man .and wife. Walker Family Dominates County Sheep Show The open division of the sheep show at the Washington County Fair was dominated by the Walker family of Route 1, Farmington, Awards included the grand champion Hampshire sheep exhibited by Barbara Walker. glon, ranging from 13.5 cents per thousand vubic feet to 25 cents. The FPC slaft recommended on Thursday that a single uniform ceiling of 24.5 cents and a minimum of 15 cents be set for old gas, which is natural gas brought into production before Jan. 1, 1973. The staff report did not estimate the impact of its proposal on natural gas prices to ultimate consumers, but it clearly would increase the average cost of natural gas to interstate pipelines which probably would try to recover the added costs from their customers. The proposed ceiling of 24.5 cents would not require the reduction of higher rates previously approved by the FPC, a commission spokesmari said. Thus, while the proposal would raise the lowest gas rates immediately, it would not require any price reductions. Tht satff proposal is the lat- worthiness and brains. Saxe credited this to "an egghead stereotype," meaning people may think smart men are ugly. He added: "What keeps surprising us, is that people keep insisting their judgments aren't influenced by physical attract- The findings: --Homely men with good ment figures; 'igures could this semester. so, this year's increase some To Prevent Riots LISBON, Portugal (AP) -Black guerrillas who have been ighting the Portuguese army or 10 years in Mozambique are jeing brought into Lourenco Marques to help their, former enemies prevent a renewal of rioting and racial violence in the capital of the African territory, the Portuguese government announced today.. "The situation in Lourenco Marques continues to normalize, although there remains a risk of sporadic incidents,"- a communique said. HOLLYWOOD Host Peter Marshall with Nine Celebrity Guests Including Regular -/ ·, Paul Lynde ·' 7tOO The exciting game where a contestant can win $25,000 in one minute. 8:3O looking wives got the top ratings for income, job success and professional status. --When these same men are paired with homely women, their standing in the eyes of the observers dropped. --The lowest ratings went to landsome men paired with at- ractive women. --Good looking women fared better than handsome men. "Among females, and attractive women married to an attractive man is evaluated owest on these scales, whereas an attractive female married tc an attractive male is evaluated highest," Saxe said. He speculated that this may be "because people figure if an unattractive man can get a good looking wife, he mus have something else going fo him." Handsome men, meanwhile were rated low on both trus 1 UA To Offer Computer Seminar The University of Arkansas Industrial Research and Extension Center will present a two- day seminar on "Introduction to Computers and Typical Business Applications," October 3 and 4 at the Ramada Inn. Dr. Barton A. Westerlund, Industrial Research and Exten sion Center Director, said the seminar is designed for presidents, vice presidents, division heads, general managers, plant and managers of nonprofit organizations. The three primary objectives f the seminar are: to develop n understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the ligital computer in business applications; to acquaint busi- Exhibiting in addition to Barbara were Russell, Betty, Candes Walker Wilson, Brian, Doug and Don Walker. The Walkers also took the majority of the premiums in the junior division with the ex ception of a third place for a yearling ewe exhibited by Shan non Bursco, also of Farming ·ton. There were many exhibitors in the fat lamb division: Firs place ribbons went to Georget Thomas. Debbie Moore. Shirlej Risley, Karen and Keith Case, man. Wayne Carter, Robi Bond, Charles Yates, and Con nie Fitzgerald. Red ribbons were awarded Keith Caselman, Brenda Tho mas, Charles and Cliffor Moore, Randal Risley, Kalh and Karen Caselman, Larr st in a series of price recommendations being studied by he FPC. Another proposal would es- ablish a nationwide rate of 42 cents per thousand cubic feet or new gas, that is, gas placed n production after Jan. 1, 1073. The new gas price currently averages around 23 cents. Earlier this week, the commission proposed to allow an even higher rate, perhaps 63 cents, for new gas sold by small producers to Interstate pipelines. This would apply to about 15 per cent of all inler- state gas. and Wayne Carter and Carol King. White ribbons were awarded Doug and Brian Walker, Kalhy Caselman, Carol King and Claudia Zollinger. Champion, fat lambs were exhibited by Shannon Bursco, first; Larry Carter, second and Money Bag Stolen SPRINGDALE--A money tag containing $1,300 was stolen from Joe Layne's car sometime last week. Layne, 901 Kansas St., did not notice the money gone until Wednesday when he went to deposit it. Layne said the money could have been taken while.his car was parked at , his residence, at the Tri-City Drive-in Theater, or in Joplin, Mo. with the" systems, anguage and techniques ol computer programming and analysis; and to review . cations of computer systems in small- and mediuim-sized busi nesses. Dr. A. Gale Sullenberger, UA Associate Professor of Data Processing and Quantitative Analysis, will conduct the two- day meeting. Sneaker Named M r s . Kathreen Thomas, director of the food processing department at Ozark Valley Vocational Technical School at Ozark will be guest speaker at a meeting Monday of the American Society for Quality Control. The meeting will open at 6:30 p.m. at the Springdale Holiday Inn. Pleads Not Guilty Ricky Helvey of Springdale pleaded not guilty to a charge of burglary in Washington Circuit Court Thursday. The charge stems from an Aug. 18, 1974, incident In which Helvey and Bennie Watkins of Springdale allegedy broke into the home of Mrs. Billie Head, 202 W. Meadow, Srpingdale. Mrs. Head told Washington Sheriff's deputies that nothing was stolen in the breaktin. Entertains President NEW SEASONS® The phenomenal Steve Austin is back and rising to the challenge of spectacular new adventures. Lee Majors stars. 73O NIGHT STALKER -. ^, «H?-* l tiibL.»' ,t .' NEW TONIGHT! Kolchak investigates a series of gangland killings masterminded by . an avenging zombie crime boss. Darren McGavin stars. Announcing the alternative to the noodle casserole; Steak. President Ford shakes hands with Eugene Fodor after he played at the White House Thursday night. The violinist entertained at the Executive Mansion following a State Dinner for Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. (AP Wire- photo) . e^sihb TONIGHT Close your eyes and Imagine a nice thick steak, a baked potato, i salad and Texas Toast. Your mouth is watering, right? Now keep your eyes closed and imagine that you're looking it the check, If you're a little nervous, obviously you've never eaten in Bonanza. At Bonanza, a family of four can eat beautifully-- steak dinners for Mom and Dad, hamburgers and Coke'for the kids, and in these most difficult economic times, the cost is delightfully low. Low enough to make an evening out at Bonanza a reasonable alternative to a noodle casserole at home. Chew on thatj Dad. Stalk the good life. Cutyourincornetaxand prepare for comfortable retirement at the sametime.That's what a pension plan is all about. I f y o u a r e s e l f employed, the head of a small corporation or If you work for a non-profit organization you can reduce your income tax d u r i n g peak earning years through a carefully planned retirement program. Advantages now. Advantages later. That's the goodlife. Call your Kansas City Life Agent for retirement protection. ary Jack Roland Chancy Sharp Julian KANSAS CHYIIEE INSURANCE COMPANY Since 1SO5 (be foully rwUnrvatcMiiafit tor could Uv*. 2356 North College Phone 521-3565

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