Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 13, 1974 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1974
Page 5
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D.C/s New Mormon Temple Not For Regular Worship By GEOHGE COIINELL WASHINQTON (A) 3 ) - Unlike ordinary churches, the n e w | y pqmplplci) IVjprnipp temple here is not a place Tor regular Snbbnlh worship. ]n fact, it and the 15 ollipr Mormon temples around Ihc world arc k.ept c|pscd pp Sundays. The rites held within them )irp special, sjngii|ar eypnls fpr ith,e participanls, c|is.tinicKyply pbseryed by Ihc Churcj] qf tlesus Christ pf Laller-day Sajpts (Jyipvrpqns). "Tepiple's are pqt public ftpusps; of \yors|(ij), !1 points out tf|p Church's president, Spencer ^f. Kimball, in connection with cqrnp)e(,ipn ceremonies at the majestic, white-marb|e edifice fnjs'\ycck. "Temples are for sa- cfec ordinances." 'I'nese prdin'ancps gre considered so sacred lhal once a'Mor- nipp ,ternp|e is formally dedicated, for use, as the i\pw $15 niillion' structure will be in No yembcr, only faithful Mormons -- those approved by'their bish ftp -- play enter. "It's not 'a matter of secre cy," say's'Cordon'B. Hinckley, a' member of tl^p Chip-pit's nil Council of 12. "It's a matter of sanctity." Like other Christians, Mqr- iripns !)3Y° their ppcp wcckjy ivorship services in ncighbor- iOH,d rfipcling houses -- called wards -- but the temple is rp- scrved for exceptional rituals. It |s cpn.sjd.ergd. Ihp "Hqgse qf .he Lord,' 1 a sanclurary for the loly. Eyep prior to dedication, .|ie current seven W C N 9 f ,ours by visitors are conduWd as "silent tours," i n p a mood of reverenpe. " " ' ' Once regular functioning of the temple beings, all Ihqse ad- miUpd ip take part must first change to whjte clothing, thp sybsljtulp gf)r'rr)epts' being' provided in an elaborate area for c|pl|img issue, dressing 'room's a n d lockers. . . . . . . The wl)jte garb,, regarded a .._'mbp| pf purity, matches' Iht whiteness nf'tb'e 'walls, tlip crystaline sparkle of the chandeliers qnd the luminescepce ol indirect lighting tngt p'reyails through the interiors. The Washington temple, tin first in the eastern Unitec Slates, is the scene for tlirei special ccrempnies intended "t! fit participanls'for heaven.' Among (hem are' marriages Tor "time arid all eternity 1 ,' whic]} differs, frpm ordinar; marriages |ri wluch couple" pledge th.emse|ves.' . u n t i l ' de'aih do us part." "There's a huiU in decree p divorcement' jn "ordinary mar rjages." pbserypd Jerry "p Cahill, a Chqich comm'u nicatioin officer, in leading tbf reporter through the seven slo appointef h PRESIDENT .. . Spencer W. Kimbell of Church qj Jesus Christ of Latr fer Day Saints rles of handsomely rpprns. Biit temple marriages, added "|ast beyond death." Anplber exclusive service in yolyes prp.xy baptism 1 in wine: members' are bapljzed |n behal of departed ancestors, which i regarded as making it.possibl f o r . t h e m to choose eternity i heaven. The immersions are i a large metal pool on the firs floor. Another temple rite, calle the "endowment," is a sesslo of special instruction in whic members make special corn m i t m e n t s to uphold th Church's teachings. Reports froiii Ethiopia re^ch : ing Nairobi say Emperor Hallie Selassie, the world's oldest anil longest-reigning monarch, has been deposed by iniHUry reformers fi\l\ in recent 'moniHs have made the 82-year-old emperor a'ligurc- head. (AP Wirephoto) Tucker To Support McLarfy LITTLE ROCK. (AB) -- Atty. eh. Jim CJuy Tucker threw his support Thursday behind Mack WcLarty's bid for th'e' cliair- rnapship of Ihe st^te pempcrat- ic party. McLarty, 28, of Little Rock is David Pryor's choice for trie post. Pryor is the Dprnpcratic npminee fpr go'yernor, ani McLarty is liis campaign treasurer. Of McLarty, Tucker said, "I t h i n k ' h e 'would 'make an ' excellent party chairman, an?} I could work well" "with " him. "And, as, mattprs stand now. I don't know of any other candidate for the job." The new state chairman is to be chosen Salurd'ay by the new Democratic State Committee at Hot Springs. Mayor Dean Boswell Jr. of Bryant had said t|p would be a candidate for the'chairmanship but withdrew from the race Conviction W Y N N E , Ark. (AP) -- Sam uel Rd'efl Davis of Pon Analysts Argue Economics Of 30s Can't Be By JOHff CUNrflFF was allowed to gel out of hand. NEW YOHK CAP) - The ad- ''WhenVgust of panic touch- isorics that banks: investment ' "' "' ' advisers and economic consultants circulate to custoniers and others are acquiring a tone that can be interpreted in at "least .wo ways. More and more of tpern, that s, arp talking ab.put the ijlities of a ijepp, recession. But nany of thern (lien proceed to debunk thp nol|ph an(l scoff at yhat · t|ie'y term superficial with the 1930s. The consensus, shared by leqding economists at a \V|'ite ppp'se meeting Sept. 5, 'is for a gradual recovery. a return to stability beginning in 19V5. 'But yny, some wil|"a'sjti'i? Ihe subject even be|pg discussed? A'rgus Resparph, whose slud- ies are wholesaled to many brp: kers" and ip'siitijtions who tfren pjiss thpp) pn'"tp their retai! ciistprpers, has just released a report' eniilled, ''The 70s Are Not The 30s."' "It is our opinion," Ajgus, "that the likely course of events in th'e wppl4 economy in tpp s'ec'ppd'ha|f of th'e 197(!s will 'no way resemble what be L'.:-.-JJ' ,L ' L V - ,1J^ · , - . . ,, - . tne victed Thurs,day of first-degree nurder in "the Dec. iT'dpath of Boyd Angus, 60', of McCrory. Davis was sentenced in Grpss County Ciricuit'Court Iq life im- irisonment without pa'rple. ' Angus, a nigh't' walcjirrian, at Halslead Industnes" here, disappeared while he was vyqrkiiig tl)e 3 to H p.m.'shift. Hjs body was found in a drainage" ditch by some children on their way lo school the next morning. ' 'Angus liad been shot and his skull was;'fractured. earlier this week. He called on McLarty to do the same. McLarty declined. Boswell has been critical of McLarty's association with proposed Amendment 57, which would remove 'th'e 10 per cent constitutional limit on interest rates. McLarty is a partner in the Little Rock advertising firm that is handling the 'campaign for the proposed amendment. 'T|ie purrent prnblem, it statps. is ' o n e ' o f inflation prp ducefj by ejpessjveiv 'es ]aps|bnary gqyernnipnt ppl pips! "The nFPWprp?" ftat Se ;an in J929. b'y' c'onlrasl. were )r'6blems pf deflation brpuglv' pp by' extrerne|y restrictivi ·pppetary and.fisca) pql|cips'." BEBLY SAID IMPOSSIBLE In its monthly economic let :cr, thp First National Cits Bank states confidently tha history neyer really repeats il self. It argues: "Ecppprpic conditions in th 1930s differed 5'ignificant|y"'frb'r those of the ISJOs, a fact over looked in curr'ent"predictions c another "Qfeat ; D.epressipn. The f a c t is lhat"a replay of tha tragedy is 'virtually impos sible.' 1 It agrees in general wit Argijs' thesis. "The'cHjef poin tp 'grasp," it says," "is"that i the 1930s a U.S. recession", in duced by monetary" ret'raint ·d off V stampede of" withdraws from U.S. banks, the Fpder- ' Reserve clung to its tight nioriey policy, jetting hundreds f banks go to'the wall.' 1 While making no ponimcnt on what many people fee| is a de tfuctiyejy" tight monetary pol cy now being'pursued by the deral Heseryp, th'e' First City omrhentary adds: "No central bank today ! ould -- or politically could -- epcat the Fed's dismal'1928 932 performance. With this rucial element missing, a c' astrpphe of the' 1930s type ot Hkely to recur." The Boston Consulting Group s more pessimistic. "I am con iriced that we are heading int . l o n g period of stagnation a lest; a real depression is pos jble." writes Bryce Henderson ts president. In a commentary calle 'Common Sense," Hendersp states "we invested vas amounts pf .capital into environ mental investments which pro duce nothing we P an u s e - ^ore over, "for a generalipn an more wp haye suppressed th efficienl and protected the in efficient in the: name of ant trust." Prospects for the rest of th depade aren't attractive. Hen derson .be)ieyes, because "w have eaten our seed corn." Th nation must sharply reduc consumption of goods and ser 1 ices and increase the -produ Ijpn pf the same. 51/4% 5% 96 We have a savings program ind biferest rate to meet yo)ir rieedj. Fflyefteyille Sayings Loan Asspcigfipn Ml N'. East~Ay«bn« ArVanwn TfMK, Friday, fepf, 13. 1974 AVETTKVILLC, A R K A N S A S " ' ' " " ' · ' ' ' ' Committee Studies Paper Purchases Ll'n'LE ROCK (AP) -- A udy to determine whether the gislature should standarize e paper supplies bought by ie stale and create a central ate paper warehouse has been ndcrtaken by the stalp legisla ye Joint Auditing Comrn'}ttee.' Legislators' sajd Thursday iat both steps should save con': derable money for slate gencies. At the siiggesliqn of state :ep. Lloyd George of Danville, ie committee voted to create a pecial committee to Inest|gale the matter and to rec- mm'e'nd leglslatjan for the 19 egislatiye session. The Joint Auditing Com- ·nittee held a hearing on slate riht|ng and particularly pn a ontract for envelope and jel erhead supplies to 'stale gepcies last year. Atty. Cjen i m ' G u y Tucker had asked'the qmmittce to give him som uidarice on whether he shouk .tart anti-lrust proceedings as Bupipcrs Support* LITTLE ROGK. (AP) -)ale Bumpers repeated hi upport Thursday for 'th» Pu ic Building Authority's 'proposed $75 million CapiUol bajUJ- ng project arid said it could vithstand a legal test. B.ijrripers. made the r*|j}»tln after stale Rep. Tf}prpj§ E. Sparks, of Fprdyce' announced ie would' file suit" to' stop 'Oi« irpject,' which he calleir open ended with regard to cost. *"*' ''I don'l'lhlnk'it 'js open «ld- ed,'' Bumpers said. '^I 'don't " . l|iin|t the PBA would. s ^ i . authority and the "cpniffijtment made to me and the Legislative Council." " " result of pri.cing practice; und e r that contract. " N · j j ' ' _ * ' ' / H /±g_.g^!g-iV-\ ^ SWIf'T Sip it slow... Kentucky Beau V/e'vebpen making gentterrien's whiskey jn KentucKy s|nce 1800. And everylliifjcj we know has gone intp'Kenlucky Beau. vVe fppK pur tirpe making it Take your tirnedripHjng it. ....... ' 86 Proof, 6 Years Beau Straight Bourbon WpTskey Easy Care Three Piece Pantsuits Great football weather pantsuits in your choice of several : styles with shirt jackets or vest jackets. Fashion pplprs in all-over p|ajds, solid 'jackets"with' plaid slacks, or all-over solids. In easy eare'10fl5i) polyester in sizes'8 tp'18. 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