Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 14, 1952
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19 PAGES \L TODAY RMd by over 25,000 Doily J^ortfjtoesft 10CAI KMKCAST-- cinttf mini, VOLUME 90, NUMBER 250 Tfce Public Intent* Is Tfce First Concern Of This Newspaper Auociated Prtu lta»d Wir* . ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING. MAY 14, 19S2 Ap, King and NIA f.ntur.. , floudy ,,!·(, ic.l;«r«d thundvihovr-tri · nrl wm.1v tonljht Tomorrow partlj rloijdv «-,ih K,H,,,a ih:*cr ,"' confinucd miM Tr,r. of run Hcjh p r ' " ' PRICE fIVI CENTS w Senate Committee Voles Jo Reorganize WSB 1 II l\ I I- 1% I · All-Public Body One Dead, Seven Missing, Six Safe After Is Recommended B-29 And Marine Fighter Plane Collide Continuance Of Wage And Price Controls Until March Okayed Los Angeles-(/P)-Five surviving · ward section exploding. B-29 crewmen reported today a Navy and Coast Guard vessels terrific impact knocked four o f : c ? n ' inuttl searching through the Drinking Alone Not Good Even For Youngsters Vancouver, C.-i/l'i-Solitary Need For Living ' Membe « w TWO Unions stay on Jobs Faith Theme Of Al Mililary Pro|ecl When They Can ' f A 9 rec j _ P i n e Bluff. A|-k.-l/ i-Mcmbci-s'Mund.-iv in ,, r, .,!,..,,,,,,, .... them unconscious when their big collided yestwdav nearly three j Seven miles above the Pacific' ~ n r o u g e , . . - " R ' thw ° St of "^ Catalina i dr ' nk "e -'-hould he frowned on at Six members of the crew parachuted to safety and seven are ,,. L . missing. One Marine, presumably Washington - I/PL- The Senate | the pilot of the Marine Corsair Banking Committee has voted to fighter plane, w strip the Wage Stabilization Board · rc ^TM ori suffered of its controversial powers in la Ocean. ! after the crash. They were worn were sighted ; is a toddler and the liquid' killed. Those - m i n o r injuries, said the big bomber by the six surviving R-29 crewmen and the dead Marine airman, whose body was recovered. Wieck- age of the planes sank immediately. -as an all-public body. As now set up, the boar?! con, gists ot six members each representing organized labor, industry j ind the public. " | The committee voted also late , 3'C. l ;tprriay to continue wage and price controls until next March l.| Today, two Democratic senators ; said the controls-extender is so | watered down it would weaken the dikes acainst inflation. Senator Douglas of Illinois and Sena-, tor Moody of Michigan said t h e 1 freshmen! i? m i l k Mr?. Helm Kxner of the University nf British Columbia School ,,-- --^--^., .,,,,,,, !,,..,, U10H.-1.V °^ Social Work said H mofhcr can The bpmber was from March A i r ! war P n " child's personality by Force Base, Calif., and the fighter propping the baby bottle and 'leav'- from El Toro, Calif., Marine Air, ing the infai.t to gurzlp bv hinv Pine Bluff. Ark.-l/ i-MpmbPi-s'Mundi of two AFf, unions st ypd away . p,,|,. with the pi from their jobs at the secret mill-! Ol. Hans W lary conytriict'on 'oject near hire today. ;md members of onr- pickcted the job. AFI. ironworker? quit work yesterday in junsdictinnal lis- ..,.,,..., ,,,..,.,,,, , putc with the AFL pippfitlers, and in opposition to Ihr con-tr threw a picket 'ine around the of some P ,OP ii,.p"'rl bv the site adjoining the Pme R'uff A r - , union. Holme, ti ,irl ' ' Sergeant Will Receive Honors Award To Be Made Here Tomorrow _· I self. She told a parent-youth con- i nf history is Ihe theme of thr Baptist Convention Under Way; Yearn' For Grace Stressed j " · · · · * "" »· LIU f\i - . iin-on. tloimc Miami, Fla.-Wl-The need for a sons ' lalr m 'he afternoon. AFI. I About 4511 living faith in this critical period . s '' c ' 1 metal workrrs left their mbs ' by the di.cnuli . . r. [.,,,| r R"tk dislricl B,.,,,) , wo ii"nv nrkers walked nut tn pin- Inn thp int.ill.-ilir,,i of air rum- prprsnr units by HIP pip-ruler: Shp-t m-i-iis wr,ikT« ,,,,;, u . ork . the enginee jRussia Informed Of Program By Western Powers European Defense Community Setup i Also Scheduled H'ashinston -(/Pi- Sectary of State Achcson plans to leave for Kur-r-= in Hhout in days to com- "Iclp basic arranjpments fc-r bringing Germany into the Eurorein dpfens? sptup by the cntl of the month. Achp.inn ii to sign on behalf wrrr ir||,.,i "' ""· United stairs a pace con- R/-\\, DOy f -- J._ PQ« D^ I Mobile Ala.-WPi-A gas inflated loy balloon released by a fi\'e- year-old North Little Rock Ark., youngster, drifted to earth today I at nearby Casque, Ala., after a j trip of 450 airline miles. ,, ! ^ r f' 1' Wl Sn . ydcr - ow ncr of a Mobile Bay resort establishment, MMI. ane 1010 a parent-youth con- i u 'HM'M \ is ine ineme 01 ine !/,iin · - fercnce mothers should'co-opcraln : morlin K n f ' h e Southern Baptist \ A / _ _ . _ _ T \ f m · in feeding because "this is t h - f i r s t c -' nnvn ' 1 ti"n which fnrmnllv begins V Y 10(10 I OWn, Till A CliijJjial A l experience the child has in doing f " riiiv - Wnal "'" ''hurchcs are do-| ; I WQ jIljnPnK fl? something with someone else." | jTM '"/"'[ill .'hat need and what I Rinht \Aon : ·'I^MVIIIJ Hi KU Found Dead ~ - An Infantry sergeant who is a n - . , . , ,, - · committee "did not adopt a sinsle. instructor in the Univemtv Armv ,, blle Bay r " sort Cf strengthening amendment favor-1ROTC department will 'receive, nd the balloon - » '"as about in? the consuming public." j H, e Bronze Star Kodal with first ! a " rieflal «. Attached to the bal- In acting on President Truman's · Oak Leaf cluster for his service w a s a nntc which Mid: Four Prisoners Loose In Texas Kidnap Two On Angleton Street i " K they should do will he discussed ! in a series of talks and renorts. . Dr. .1. D. Grey of New Orleans, : : president of the convention, was lo make the keynote address and : Dr. Ramsey Pollard of Knoxville, i Tonn.. thp convention sermon. Indication of the concern of the Southern Baptist churches over world conditions was apparonl laM night during the closing session of the preliminary pastor's conference. Dr. n. Paul Caudill, pastor Right Idea Natchez, Miss.-I.l'i-Heher Lad- ncr, Mississippi's secretary of state, was asked lo speak at the League of Women Voters meeting which ende/i in Natchez yesterday. He arose and began: "It thrills my soul whenever 1 come tn the historic city of Vicksburg One Was Son Of Rogers Resident Hogers, A r k . - (Special) - Mrs. Maurice Richards of Rogers was request that Congress extend all j in Korea. The award will'be made ! ""?"»' fin d 'his balloon please 1 Houston - Iff] - Four prisoners' Memphis. Tenn., stabilization controls through June! at the Armed Forces Day parade ! w n t p tn me - Edd "e Ticker, Ml 3. broke out of Ramsey Stale'Farm TM'PPning revival of the First Baptist Church at Vicksbnrc next week and had lak' There he slopped short. Then he I '"formed yesterday that the body explained hp planned to speak in ] °' ''"r son, Bernard E. Dickers, 30, 1953, the committee voted 8-4 ! tomorrow *": I ville. called for if New Testa- afternoon in Fayette-, M;iln s lreet, North Little Rock, ! near Angleton last night, released . mrnl religion" to save the naiinn en out the wrong speech. He produced ihe Natchez address and continued. I. Continue wage and price con- He is M.'Sgt. James ,T. Lydon, trols until next March 1. . . , . , of Dorchester, Mass. Sergeant L y - J 5 e l f a " ew Pen pal. " 2. Extend rent control and an: don will receive the medal from I Ihority to allocate scarce civilian j Col. Henry Neilson, professor of materials through June 30, 1953. ' military science and tactics at the The current controls law ex- University, at the parade review- pires June 30. ing stand on the west side of the Board Criticized j Square. The 7-3 vote to reorganize the: Sergeant Lydon was cited for Waie Board was an outgrowth of I his service as a first sergeant in bitter criticism of the board's, the Third Division in Korea from handling of the steel dispute. Protests have been voiced in Congress over the amount of pay raises the November 17, 1950. to October 22. 1951. He returned to the United States and was assigned to the Returns Home WSB recommended for the CIO i U.A. as .an R.O.T.C. instructor steejworkers and for its endorse-' February 1. ment-of a union shop in ihe i n - j More than 1.100 cadets in the dustry. ·' Army and Air Force R.O.T.C., in- Picked Berries At Springdale munism. Sated with plenty, and with a feeling of security in our own salvation, we have gone about our ways of a 'business as i usual' basis whilp the hungry, dis- ! Agri Department Not To Decide On Prosecutions Washington-(/P)-Thp Agriculture 5Vi years." .four hostages thev h a d ' t a k e n a t ! nf 'he world "from the foarfcil on- Mrs. Snyder said Eddie had him- ' the farm, then kidnaped two oth- TM' sh nf tn Juggernaut of Com" ""'" ' crs on the streets in Angleton. Those kidnaped were Mrs. Lydia Sproles. about 32, a widow who is a technician in a medical clinic, and her daughter Clara Jo, six. ThPvfugitives stole a pickup truck at the prison farm, abandonee 1 it and stole a passenger car in Angle- Ion, then a few minutes licforc midnight abandoned that car in Velasco and stole another. A t a x i *.,,...:,-. ^. rt u- · *· driver saw the convicts force Mrs. rt .'" -""ided. "We havp built our j , TM ]aw * havc 1 "' n violated. The Sproles and her child into the car. "Get in and you won't be hurl," one of the men said lo Mrs. about 21, was recovered from 12 feet of water in Lone .Star I.akp near Lawrence, Kan., where hr- was a student at the University of Kansas. Thp body of his r' om . panion, James Delnhia, of Norton, Kan., also was found In an overturned car in Ihe lake, according to information herp. Mr iract with the Western German Rovernment. Other signers will be i Ihp forpign ministers of Batain, ' France and West Germany. Ache- i-'-'n also plans to be present at the j signing of a treaty setting up a | European defense community in- cluriini! West Germany. I Thp latest cpression nf the firm : resolve; of Ihp wpstprn nations to j g o through with these plani is nearly on s-hedlilp as possible was J-cl forth Usl night In a note to . Russia The American note, identi- ' c a l with notes scut by Britain and France, declared that '.his government will "not be deflected" from the policy of creating true unity among Ihp European nations be- tressed throngs have yearned f o r 1 " a *hington-(/P)-Thp Agriculture sympathv and for understanding : "^'^"icnt. undpr fire on charges | n| and moft nf all. for the crace ,,f!°' If1x enforcement of laws was ; tv cause 'this "represents ths true path of ppacp." The UnitPd Stales and the other wpstprn po-'-crs expressed readi* ^ness to open negotiations with the | .Sovipt Union on the uni;ication of | F.asicrn and Western Germany _ . ! P' ov 'dcii there is first a clear un- and Mrs. Richards left last nighl''· ^standing upon the for I^awrcnce. · problems to be examined. the Got! which alone can fulfil deepest needs of man." Here in the United States. Can- stripped today of its authority to decide whether criminal prosecution is warranted in cases where -- --... ...r; *.... churches and engaged in worship, ·'"slice Department, which had ' careful often, that the members nf i dcl csatcd the authority in the Ji c m lour own family, and our friends, [ P )a c c . (Withdrew it. Hereafter, de- ls is to prosecutions will he m the Justice Department, 'osure of the move \./as The reorganization proposal.! presented by Senator Dirkscn ( R - ; Pay Hike, He Assures Steelworkers nc to know Christ as ' Lord and Master, but we have ; oftpn seen little beyond those of I An 11-year-old boy, missing ' Sproles. She was "screaming "for· should come to know Christ as ! cisions as lo prosecutions will he ,, - , - - ^., ,,,- ' r " m hls home here since last i help, the driver reported ' ""' "~ J " ' ' ' '" " - - · · · - Unrter a union shop agreement, i eluding the R.O.T.C. band, will · Saturday, returned home last night ' ·-- a non-union worker may be hired, ·' march in the parade, which will , shortly after Sheriff Bruce Crid'er i but he must join a union within! pass the reviewing stand at 4 : tri "'«l him to a home near Spring- ! a specified time, p. m. : dale. The youth had spent three Saturday is Armed Forces Day. ! rta '* there while picking straw- « . berries. I Cririer said Jackie Lee Cook, 11. j was sent home from'Springdale bv Phlladolphia - f/P. - Se retary nf In Georgia Primary · .-...ii jiuiiii: jujin opringoale Dv · inKmi/iijiiifi - \H i -.^rcrciar I bus late yesterday afternoon fol- i Labor Maurice Tohin told en bers the board should have. Thei. appointment would be subject to Senate confirmation. Present hoard appointments arc not. The new board would report di- rectiv to the director of economic stabilization. Charles E. Wilson. w h o resigned a s defense stabi- . , r s . e s e r f ' s c s u o n a conven- lizer in a row over administration TM' se " '" tnp F i f t n congressional i office was notified yesterday af- ! tinn of tn e United Steeiworkers h lowing newspaper and radio reports of his disapperance. .,, ,,, i c 'harles Cook of Fay,-,,,-.,,,,. Atlanta-f/Pi-Gporgians vote t o - j father of the boy, reported him .day in the statewide Democratic; missing Tuesday night at city primary--with a hot racial issue .police headquarters. The sheriffs ing CIO stcclworkers tnrlay lhat he stands "heart and sou] and · Fayettevillp. ' s Pirit" behind them in their fight ' for a wage increase. Tobin, in nn . address to the 2.SOO delegates ai the sixth constitutional conven- nur own circle of concern. i made by W. Carroll Hunter, Ag "We have failed miserably t o . "culture Department solicitor, al see people for people's sake. Thp'-a Senate inquiry into irregularities sharecropper, thp itinerant work- ! and losses in connection with gov- man. the sorry dweller of the rp- . ornmcnt farm programs The Sen- pulsivo slum sections of our cilies alp Agriculture Committee is mak- --these we have often passed by ing Ihe inquiry 'on the olhnr ; ide 1 as if we feared thai we might become contaminated by their miserable plight." The convention c o n t i n u p s through Sunday. It represent'; m - ?m churches and 7,373,408 members. The two boys havp bepn miss ! Th * " rst P rohlcm lo be tackled, mg since they'attended a fratprn'l- ilh u '" tcrn I"»'er» said, is that t.v picnic ai (he lake May 7 it was · Invo3ti iw t 'n8 political conditions reported herp. The car npp'arentlv . ncc(lssar 5' (nr holding free elec- misscd a bridge on a downgrade : " or "' ThlR woulfl Dc lhl? ' irtt step at a curve and plunged into the i '""'"d establishing an all-German water. : Kovprnmpnt vhlch could then ne- t moved »-ars ago,; young Rickern has vinitpd in ! expected to ...... .»UU K jtiinrift nils V ullpri I n ' i L « .' this vicinity frequently. A daush- ' aslt ! hc UnUed Slst " for " lMIt tpr of Mrs. Richards was killed in 11 b ' 1 " on . Collars aid to start arm- an accident two and a half years i ing Gfrmsn izer in a row over administration ' . " · ! ' '" lnp ''" ln congressional' office was notified yesterday a f : tlnn of the United Steelworker handling of the steel dispute, had I dlstrlct . which includes Atlanta, ternoon. and the y luth was traced sai(i: :omp!ained he was bypassed by i Supporters of Fifth district Rep. State Trooper Carl White of Fay-'j "The only way to settle the stec he WSB. which soMetimes went : Jam P s C - Davls inserted paid ad-| ettcville identified his description ; dis P ull? is through the acceptanc iirectly to the president. , vortisemcnts in Atlanlu news-! as that of a bo.v who hitch-hiked : nf 'he recommendations of thi ""- ' ' " ' -nulate pap( ' rs sa ' ln S his opponent, Bax- | a ride from Fayetteville tn Spring- I Wa ? Stabilization Board." momic, lcr Jones Jr " is a Professor on the dale with him Saturday. The Th c WSB had recommended : and. " Ity nf Atla »la University, a trooper said the lad told'him he' "'2 rcnt an hou wage incrcas th directly to the president. The new board could form and recommend to the eco stabilizer general policies rules on wages. Two Are Critical --· ^ In criticizing- the stabilization:N a t l o n a l Association for the Adlaw extension as approved by the var cTMcnt of Colored People, committee. Douplas and Moody; f ' ones ' an Atlanta lawyer, said declared in a joint statement: ' hc r -' si R n «l a year ago from the "As it stands, the measur« is of Atlanls University faculty, where i he had taught business law for Federal Funds Received For U.A. Hospital Bey Of Tunis Under Close French Watch I Tunis. Tunisia-f/Pi-Francp pi ;thp 70-year-old Bey of Tunis nn der ' ' _ for western defense after the Alliod-Germaa "peace contract" and the European army treaty arc finally approved. Authoritative sources said today thp Germans probably will need this amount of foreign aid during Ihp first year of their rearma- NPW Ynrk-l/I'l-Joseph Holland. mc "'' nf Great Neck, drove to the c European army treaty en- Army Induction center for h j F j visions Ihe raisinK oMOO.OOO Ger- final physical examination prior 1 " an tr "°l 5 or the six-nation (o induction next month. There I ^ rtrcc - Britain may contribute some were no public parking spaces | n ! f iuipment to the German units, sight. But. being on government' Du ^ * n e main burden will fall on He The Business i lnc German taxpayer and United n d |iaculty of Atlanta University, a trooper said the lad told him he' "'2 TM l *" hou wage increase l- "" e ""''K-'/IVThp first grant sole Negro college. The advertisements lived at .Springdale. and was un- '" go into effect over an 13-rnonth : , $2 ' 1 mlll " m in 'rderal fumls Aniin's own honor cua'r'd 'at 'hi- statcd Jones has the backing of the able to find a ride home. : period, plus fringe benefit j n - hn " h( ' rrl 'i-ceived for construction summer palace about f°uryears. course better than nothing. Even though the dikes against inflation j are being weakened, the time has : * not come when the American gj(jf fftr Ranlnn people dare remove them entirely.. ' "' uc ""' 11 "The consumers as such have m . no lobbyists in their behalf. The j(0(lu committee Action shows the consumer's voice is woefully weak and that all too liltle attention is paid to his interests." ! kansas Highway "commission! The The National Association of jobs would cost 2.R million riol- jManufacfurers and the tl. Solars Chamber of Commerce continued Rids will bp received until May their fight for an end to w a g e - j 2a, when the Commission wiil price controls and for a curb on meet to a w a r d contracts the W.SB's ..lisputP-scltling pow- The projects include two in ers. Spokesmen for the two organ-j Renton County: 1 0 7 4 1 m i l e s bations appeared before the Sen- crushed stone base c o u r s e Price Of Crude Rubber Cut By Government : period, plus fringe benefits, ,,,_ I eluding the union shop, estimated ?. ' RP l!ni ' to cost an additional 8.9 cents an ' , ' orllra ' Schi hour i here. Moodv use arrest today for! . ' ,"""""» = French m , r ii,i ,,,... lln « TM d 1 parking sp.'icf Washington - IIP). The govern-' ment today cut the price it charges for crude natural rubber Pleasure Yacht Reports m : lf Is In Distress San Francisco-I/Pi - The Arkansas . Thc Bey. nominal ruler of the ol Teaching Hospital country since May 194.1 refused i , il 0 "" 1 ' dirl ' r " 1 '- "' a French demand'he roi'miprsi-n : i .he I ospila! Division of the slate a decree declaring martial law In ! Health Department, said $51,000 ;he rnunlrv was received yesterday. - . Wickedness Takes The Most Sleep, She Says Kokorno, I general services administrator. I the cut of 10.5 cents a : ! 10th Anniversary Is ( ' Celebrated By WAC Washinetnn-'.-Vi-The V.'AC. c c ] - ' , . K-,r,nan, lf,i , r ,d,,y. Little Rock-;/T)-Bids on IS proi- : "",' ""· lul ol "'^ ·'mts a : in no i mm . rih ,., rf . n .- r ,,, ccts have been asked bv thp A - pn ,". n ? frrim th(1 TM* «"t price g Thpl? was no relr. . _ · U'hinh cTrM-nvunri r.^i__ j : . .. . ' " - · iiiiit 1 w i*s nn rpnorl f) which governed sale d, ring April ' Tl "^ "'»? nn -" orl "'· ""· and May. He said the new price '^ "' l ^, nin - gor 10 a ' ; » lt -" TM would be in effect until June 3 ' pp " fl = crs h : '"^ '-"""rd. An K- --·-- ·· '""I Coast Guard patrol boat was when the government gives un jlc . · ..-,,,,.-. ... ! . · ,, ) immc ar exclusive import authority over prop;innT *, tn rcmnvc lh TM' lf ""··- in the Far Fn:-t. Kurone, Austr essary. Planes spotted the F.lmse and the Caribbean area T j from overhead. _ ... ,,s ,n,h anniversary t o - . Thon'^^ n ,'^,",,« n · a . Col. Mary A. Hallaren. WAC hours' S]PP P is plenty " offiXT' ^rTn-nn"" 1 ,^ '''""i Sh " " ll " hirlhl1ilv '"»""·· "*»- offipprs and in.nOn enllMert w o - | lure takes five hours, hahi, .even men of the w ; ,,n,cn s Army Corps i |,,,n« s mne anri wickedness li hours' =U.Tp." InfrMr:r/-| hy S.nO'i smrr Knrf/.^its rnomh^rs nov: .-.-rr-.T at hn Russell Victory Said "Sweeping Triumph" Washington-i/l'i-Senstor George (D-Ga) had "dispelled the Ke- fauvpr myth" in the Democratic presidential nomination r a c e Qcorge said th" «2.fi22 votes by which Rii-.-t^]l heat Sen. Estes KP- f.iuvcr of Tnnnp^.pp in Florida's Mav 6 picsidcnti;,! ponularity pri- . mary w;is ·« "weeping triumph. I Thp final nffirial count cave nii.--.ipll 367,!)r:i and Kefauvrr 2BS,35fl. rubber. ,,, S ( Five Students Under r preparc a testunonv for the, way , 2 , and 6,0 S m i,es crSd i ^P 11 "'^ Probation ^^J^^^-\^^^^ s-zr. iraStp r;r--is,' I today to five Western Michigan I College students. A student under | disciplinary probation is subject to (expulsion if he commits another i infraction of regulations during i Ihe school year, President Paul V. 'Sangrcn said. Wholesale Food Prices Higher For Third Week Colleen Miller, Rod Cameron, Director And Producer George Waggner To Visit Here Tomorrow is the day three'Waggncr, ·,, director, writer and movie personalities are scheduled producer, and Rod Cameron, who to ylMt Fayettevillp. They are to p l a y e d in "Brimstone" "The arrive at noon and will be nn Ihe Plunderers," "Oh Susann-," and Square at 1 p.m., coming herp - olher film plays, and "Minnesota" from Mena and going to lingers, is now in production. Wnggner is Fiircka Springs and llnrri^n. i a veteran in the business hl.ving The three v-hn will pay a mil received his first screen (-.edit in ' th c U. ... --,,,, ,,,, ,,, in ims spcuon of Ihp country i n - 1 "The Shieli." HP wrot Ihe s,-iipl , ture. SS"5^?{^ : -' : "-~l -' l "SS.^S.^5?^ ««^ »ss .r-JX^-w. m^.- -' ·"-- I No fharsr Knr Rides I .Muncie, Ind.-i/Ti-Xeijhborhood youngsters wcrp having a gnv time when a showman rrlurne-i to remove his roller coa-lc a f t e r the rest of a carnival had for the "ihi'rd" wppiTin ' a row. and "';" ()0 rt""h^,k " left town. The youngsters had now arc highest f ,nce the i,p s ,n- _ started it and wprpn't charging ning of April, accordini- to '" r ""^ nun and Ffra'dstreel food iiv H r , l « 7 Y«,.OM can f,r n onfnnt Lancaster p,i.-,,1., - Lancaster, Washmglr,:, . ,/p, - The govern- o u n v s oldest re'idr-M. William mentmen. todav told 'a,is-,ge mik Now Y'irk-'Pi-Whc,le«ale f«.,d p';,.^ t ' n prices averagpd rusher ihis week his' usual fashion-reading the must r)MrK . l j k ' up. The Gprmans are expected to ', ask the United States to supply f r lost of the difference. i Completely demilitarized by the Allies after 1915, West Germans . need everything from bullets to : lanks and planes. Mrs. Ricketts Heads druggists' Auxiliary ! LittU* Rook-UVL J. Clark of M:irked Trrr i the ne-.v president nf Ihp Arkansas Pharmaceutical A^onMinn He was elected to surrrrcd vlicnn C. Ricketts of Fay- pMoviIlp at thr nrii.inization's 70th nnrnia! rornfntion here yesterday. Mr?. Rirkctts was elected presi- rtr-n! nf tV nuxiliary. Othrr assnciatmn officers are Roy Rhr;, nf L:*tle Rock, first ·-·ire prer.ident; James Harper of El Oorarin. =rr-nnd vice, president, and Frank .1. F.idfn of North Little Rnrk. treasurer. Poulfry Morket -- The poultrj market today a reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science *nd Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market Newi Service of Unanimous Participation In Education Plan Aided By Ford Foundation Doubtful Little Rnrk-f/Pi-Indic;,tinns t h a t there may not he unanimous participation in a Ford Foundation Ipachrr education plan by the i.', rolleRpc in Arkan as croppf-rl up , heie last iiiRhl. Thi 1 S'!-nici,.b,-r I stJite'.s pint in the rniitirivri t j a l market; new proBrum met anim in ren-pt Improv-: There was no official Kr;im would reriuirp prosppdiw their product as contaminR h o t - e - . meat. Menilfs Leaves Sydney .. .. , * ~ | --· · I S-.diip*., Austr.iMa-i/Pi - Prime .Nn Survivors In Cra.h | ! Mm ,.,tpr nohprt C,. Menz.ej left by "in DP Janeiro. Rra7il-',Ti- Hunt's has the rich! c i f t for your, air today for San Frannscn en- .SParchPis iPiichmK thr wreck of graduate. l A d v . i routp to '.Vnshinitton and London. ;| I an American plane rtnwn in Hi;)7il's tanRled northern ninclcs ^-·||f| t'iriay Ihpy found no xurvivnis .inionjj the so ppivr.ns aboard. Thp plane crashed IS days ago. Redrems Honor Mi)nlla-,/?,-Mo.,k Kim flasii-d Faff Wins 14 To 1 Delegate Contest In West Virginia Voting Over Eisenhower plan for in the pr .'ippldvcd Ilciulrix Ai kaii' t W i 1 p.'HtiripMion id it has been i institution- -- i nnd Ouachitn honor "" """'" m "'''" 1 hi ", f!OI '"'-'' s "''-"t"''n'TMinal,M )! rnn.| . - Hftlden, oriRinally scheduled to nppe»r here. Miss Hnldcn 1» 111 ond unahlp to niakp th« trip Thi olhPf twr will h« Wayne for Wnrnpr BrithPrj. The tour Ii purl of , nation- auwa-- =. ·mbpr raid t h c con ircd that parti innouncp- , M/iplist Col|r B i commll-; Opponents of thp program, |pr| niltpp had I bv Dr. D. n. McRrPin, pi-psi'dpr.t int he r p - ' IP;;P. b.n succeeded in ampndlne n. i Ihp orlcmal plan m · ,p r ,p R of ; Th. W.ofh.r ru,,rf u cloudy Taft cnnriidntpj were ahead Ir. """"· i a l l four r:ires for the deleg.ites- Taft had held a IS-to-l lead In at-larce seals and were leadinf In Ihp parly mornlnij count of Jf ,.i m of thp 12 district races, j l e r r t a j j hc.ixv primary votp Hut Pereentagewlse. Tatt was !e«rt- n d i i n mld-mormnK the tabulation ' Ing Sla.wen by 7R.2 (a 2I.K. 1,\ fu"Tj "" " n|lll ' rt « 1(1 f»"*date In I West Vlralnln law m«k« no , , I .. rnn «';«-'"TM»l rtutplei h.d provision for write-in votes, la l y , t»ken HIP Ipad from one Tufi man the Tafl-F.isenhower fight WM 1 In popularity vntel, Tuft wti I confln«d U lh« d«kftt« con let U.

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