Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 13, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1952
Page 12
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MOtTMVmt Tuwdoy, M«y IJ, 1952 Sentiment For Easing Controls Said Increasing Homes May Be The Next Thing Out From Under Curbs B.v SAM DAWSON New York-l.l'J-Tho chances nf business R e t t i n g out from under Kovcrnmcnl controls locA m u c h b r i g h t e r today. Homes niiiv be t h e loans. Builder* Vrgt Relaxation Chief credit control still on the books is that over home inurl- fiHfce-t. Huildei.s ;irc urging relaxation, sayi"K that the high do'.vn payment requirements on houses in the medium and upper price '·· brackets is holding down sales. | The Federal Reserve Hoard now ! rcfjuire.s a one-half rash p i i y n i e n t ; nn homes costing more Hum $2-1,- I OUfi. j Some builder. 1 ; s«y t h a t price IT- ! sislam-e is lij^cly In hold ;;*t!c.; *f ' new hnmc.i below the m i l l i o n u n i t · mark this year. Lower do'-virpfiy- ment requirements in n i l price brackets would h e l p builders f i n d buyers. The finvenime:it f i r s t wanted hnu.sing starts held to UOO.ODD this ye;»r, to S H \ O AT WASP-HOBSON CRASH INQUIRY! I '-J*^ *!?,¥'" -*-TMTM"""-^~ I b r i g h t e r today. Homes mav be t h e J0 "TM" 'his year, to S H \ C : ··;-n; 1 next thins to be freed of the pre=- ' l ) u i i t i iiig niatcrinls and to curb the . cut strict credit curbs j t h TM«l " r i n f l a t i o n . , Most h u i l d i n n m a (n,im, ,,,,, ,,,.. ! B u l huilrlcrs have I h o u i j h r t h c y , Most building materials also may )C set free before long. Steel and i l i n n i i i u m decontrol plans are bend sludicd in Washington. 1'iicc decontrol of lead, lead irodiiclK and lead scrap k being could find materials f _... . : ocv. 1 homes, and they expect m a - j Serial controls to he eased. Nnv their greatest fear is that' wojld-hc home owners can't raise the cash minis out t h a t lead is now selling below the ceiling. A u l o makers hope to be free of p.-oduc.lion curbs before the year is much older. S e n t i m e n t for dismantling wage and price controls is growing fast, the tiusincHi Advisory Council of t h e Commerce D e p a r t m e n t t e l l s Secretary Sawyer. And former Defense Mohilixor Wilson says most look upon the controls la\v as a dead duck. Already a n u m b e r of commodities and businesses have been freed «f controls. And last week t h e Fed-1 c i a l Reserve Hoard took t h e c u r b s 1 off i n s l a l i m c n l buying and b a n k ' The speedy casing in I he need j for controls--set i p a f t e r the Ko- : roan War fired i n f l a t i o n and in- j spired a major defense program-is due to a number ot things: . I. I n d u s t r i a l capacity has e x - , pandcd much faster t h a n a n t i c i - ; j paled. Haw m a t e r i a l s and finished ! j goods arc now pouring forth i n : ! most instances in greater q u a n t i - i i ties t h a n consumers cither c i v i l i a n or m i l i t a r y require. 2. The stretch-out in the defense i program is freeing many scarce i materials, l i k e steel, a l u m i n u m ' and copper, for c i v i l i a n uses. j 3. Consumer sales resistance and ' saving h a b i t s have cut do-vn on the consumption of goods-and hence By J. R. Williams VEH, BUT WHUT BRIMOi OM SOUR- SELF IF SHg STRIKES YOU OUT.' ./ J SIX STRIKES I n AMP OLJT-- WHUT A FAILURE/ in many cases prices have lallen j well below ceilings. I 4. The psycholoRical effect o( I the first three a b o v e has been to raise a fear among businessmen that a recession is under u ay. They want to be free of all controls, therefore, in order to fight it off. Buckuer Mr. and Mrs. K e n n e t h Caudle ' entertained at d i n n n r Thursday · i "iRht lor Mrs. R a y m o n d Drake anil ' I d a u E h t e r , R a j c a n , and C i u v Zim- ' j merman, all nf Ontario, Caiif., and M"-. and Mrs. Dillard Drake. Mrs. Xrll HuRlies e n t e r t a i n e d ! members of t h e Friendship Club Friday alternoon. Each ffiirst to!d 1 stories of famous molhors. Guests w i n n i n g prizes were Mrs. Viola ; Berry, Mrs. Slaty Phelan. .Mrs. i lidith Von Krrimann-.doreii, M \ s. Elizabeth Wilson. Mrs. .Doris Drake a n d .Mrs. M a m i e Alkisson. , t Elizabeth Wilson read a l u t t o i from i .Mrs. Otha C a l l w c l l . a f o r m e r ! member. Mrs. Louise Sell and Mrs. Von E i d n i K n n s d o r f f were r n m n h - ' menled w i t h b i r t h d a y gill show- . crs. Mrs. Staccy Phelan assisted in serving. W i l l H i n k l c , who has been ill,.' is reported improving. : Mr. and Mrs. Paul S p i l l a r s and ' daufjhter. N'orma J e a n , were \ i s i ~ lors in Rogers Friday. The date of the Rockner Home : Demonslration C'lub' 1 ; meeting has I been changed to Thursday a f t e r noon. The g r o u p meets at 1:30 p. m. at the C o m m u n i t y House. The Rev. E. J. Counts spent t h e .weekend at Bixby, Okla., where CAB-WITW THE MOTOR RUNNING-DOOR OPEN-PIKE OF CLOTH HANGING ONE SIDE. vf THERE. WE MAVEhfT LETT A THING. NOW. TO BRUSH OUT THE FOOTPRINTS. OUT OUR WAY '·S NO \VILP SWWG--GIRL6, PITCH SO SLOW I GIT TWO STRIKES AT TH' BALI WITH ONE SWING.'" ONE WITH TH' LNP OF TH' BAT AN' OWE / . WHEW THE HANPLE ',./-( COMES AROUNP. BIS BAO- OF ASSORTED LOLU BMLUY VCUET \ SUPFOSCD TO fit ] WOOING A - ·"SL-if" £**"*'*«««!» OH, DREADFUL.' BRIMS) TOO WIDE/ r ' EMPRESS ANNA IVANOWW OFBU5SIA FROM BLOCKS OF ICE.' IHI740 UITH RtU BOTH AGED 91 ARE MARRIED 72 YEARS TODAY/ 5 NOT A V OH.VE8 l ^ .,,,. T*D fSVJ99 ZY - "UOBAND-BOUNP, / Aw, FEP- \BUTIMW1LLIN Tb JUST THAT \ AN' VOU'Rt TH' MSf/GFT ir. WILL \TO BET THOT ^S I VOU...1 AWE IGHT, BOYS, THIS 15 AN r-MLCcifiMCY/THArWi MCETIN(-,...1)'Y11H /DO, MARIO* KNOW WHY IT'O BtEN C/M-I.Uly ^.^.TJJNOCR-I VICTIM SHE. HA, IIAT'O / r!AMt H^5 NOT BACK IN POTSHOT GULCH. A MINIMS COMMUNITY DOMINATED BV MARRVIN' MARION, A BURIY AMAZON 11AKKEEP WHO BOA9TSSHE WILL MARRY ANY M/W 6HE CANT LICK.' ANCIENT / dlVF. VOu'ui' TOEV.'/^- V I I TH' LAW'S Br.CN BROKE. 1 tiy Sue Burnett I PROMISED MY WUDMR I'D K.O»T I-OR nrrt - AKJ i BRI AKr. M O _ A HOOD nrrv. AM'LL GIT Fl.OwfiRS.7 AH'I.I. DO ANVTHIN*, T' HPLr RAISV , CARtkR.r foi t a b l e - l o - w r a r sundrc.-.; en's sizc.^ \ v i l h h i i c h ! n.lm f n i ronlrasti:iK hand ami l a c k e t t r i m ion II w e a r i; ov^r. u h-rr I ' a t t n n No. 8 . 1 - 1 ' ' p r r f o r a t r d pattern in 40, 42, 4-1, 4fi. 48. 511, dress 3'-j yards n - aouit CHIN ViATtR ..... J»f V STOP TICKING "Y«ah, my wife's mouth In like « ro««bud-«nd like"! I ro»«bud. If. bound to open." he preached at the Baptist Church. Mid-week prayer services w i l l be conducted at 7:30 p. m. V.'ednes- ilay at the home of Mr. and Mrs I B a l l a r d Drake. | Mrs. Dorothy Johnson is reported i m p r o v i n g a f t e r an illness. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Berry entertained Saturday night w i t h a birthday party honoring the 15th birthday of their daughter, Elaine. F r a n k Longstreet was honored on his 83rd birthday Saturday w i t h a dinner Eiven by Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Von Erdmannsdorff. He is Ihc f a t h e r of Mrs. Von Erd- mannsdor'f. Programs on Air · New Ynrk-i.Ti-Tonight: NBC-7 Robert Taylor in Cavalcade D r a m a ; 7:30 Barrie Craig; 8 Bob Hope. CBS-7 People are F u n n y ; 7:3D Mr. and Mrs. North; 8 Life With Luip. ABC-7 Newsstand Theater; 7:30 Dr. Kiljradc; 8:05 Detective Drama. Accent With Gay Color 8441 TUESDAY P. M. 6:00 Dinner Music 6:l.i Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozarks Sports Review 7:UO Wayne King Show 7:l.i Gabriel Hcattcr--M 7:30 Hthymic Rendc/.vous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 36-52 8:01) R i l l I l r n r v 8:05 O f f i c i a l Detective 8:30 Mysterious Traveler fl:0fl Nrws 0:05 Tllack Museum 9-35 Just Music 10:00 News 10:15 P l a t t e r Party 10:45 P l a t t e r Party 11:00 Platter Party 11 :SO Sign Off WEDNESDAY A. M. 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 Rise N" Shine ; 7:00 Kuffee Kup Kapers I '':30 Olasco News 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers B:(IO Robert Hurleifih--M ! 8:15 Morning Devotions , 8:30 Times Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morninc; Melodies 3:25 News--M i !l:30 Take A N u m b e r 10:00 Food for Thought : in:!.'] Linda's First Love i ID.'.'iO Queen for a Day 11:25 11:311 ' 11:4!i 11 ft j R h y t h m Ranch Hands P.auckafiO Commentary Carl Smith Cliurch of Christ M u s i c a l H o u n d u p Market Reports 12:0(1 12:1S 12:30 · r 2. Si7c 3D. .Ill-inch; ···» . yard c o n t r a s t ; bolero, Hi v a r t h · ' n l yard t r i m . ' ' ' j For this p a t t e r n , send 30r f o r KACII. in COINS, you, ,,:uve Id ! dross, sixes rin-irnl. and the rvr. TKRN NUMBER to Sun n u r n e t l Northwest A r k a n s a s Time; nsfi A jf4"¥affiiM"a^ n ^- hift 1 ^,;,,^!.^-,,^ and rcnnnmlcal rteslcns thit i"? 3:00 3:30 WEDNESDAY P. M. Hymns ' A l l Churches Ncu s at Noon C h u c k w a n n ' ' ,'amboree Riders of the Purple Sage I1ASBIU1.1. Clnme of the Day Hoston Rod Sox Vs. ChicaRo White Sox Swine Session Tnno Pick'n Tims _4.0fl Tune Pick'n Time ·1:30 Tune Plrk'n Tlm« i Green Hornrt i Wild nil] Hlrkftk Cecil Brow»

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