Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 13, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

, NOKTHWBT ARKANSAS TIMIl, tovtrtavHto, ArUitMt, Tuwdoy, May 13, 1951 HE GOT OUT JUST BEFORE IT HAPPENED Student Exchange Foundation Holds Officer Election c'TK nf I h n tJnivfr«iiy f i n f i for [iitcrmitinnal Ex- ' rh;inRp of R f u r l e n l s worn reelertpri for t h e corning yenr Jit the a n n u a l i n o p t i n c of Ihr Rnmv| of Directors S f i l i i r r l a y . Hepresrntativoj; of Ar- U;inn,'is civic, prnfessinnal. f r a - t r r n ; i ! find church organizations nnnt! fnreifin s t u d e n t ? gh ihf F o n n d a t j n n attended | .T H f . s l H t e r was re- n;iinrl p r c s i d n n t . Of hor nff jeers lire: Mr 1 ;. K d w i n O'K^lIy, vice prositlcnt ; J ' l h n K. r»hoen inker. i'v; Piiiiin Boll treasurer; C. H;mih»rt, legal advisor. ;ui't !!·'·! en Y v n n n n Huyhes, pub- lirit Tbi 1 : yc;ir';: nchol.'irship prnpnim w;i.': rfvicwo'l, 'ind pi fins worn the n e x t acndomic yrnr. nti the Bo=irI meeting, t\ wfii; given for the Board i n d i v i d u a l members of ber;, PAUl A. fllf *i'cmB a bit bewildered, but ninylw he'« thanking hln luclty mars, for not a m i n u t e a f t e r he had «tcppcd out of that auto to run nn errund. the Dig trailer t r u c k londcd with 10 tons of paper wheeled tround the corner and toppled over, piuicnking Eble's car. A broken tractor spring was blnmed for s h i f t i n g the truck 1 * load and upsetting Dm traitor. (International fioMwrfii/m/,..* the cast price of Jeed and chick ens run operate un a much small* t h a t .should be investigated, and as ! pro/jrnm. er m n r / f i n t h a n an ordinary pro- lm ' s is electiun year, I would l i k e ; · linwr. ' l ( i M '° " no of t h n ^'"''t^'t^s '»·· r.rasbears nnd children r e t u r n r n . lt , , govi-i'imr of this s l a t e m a k e t h i s . i irimr , \.-ith him In the .secun | l m e , why shf'iri · . - nnme \ \ i i n mm. liscr, who has Is. be. the one From the People · To the. F.dilor: I have just finished reading the a r t i c l e refjarHinfr the broilr; iii- riuntry in t h i s areii, and sine* yon ' have printed the feed nnd b a i r n - ! fry side of the story, J am \vondcr- i n me- M-mn |.,me, wny snoum ; o n p of , n p j n t s j n h j l , t . n m n ; i i c n . IHR If you are public M ,iritod the chicken raiser, who has l u s t . j , u l ] v b o ] i p v p l n a t , ., m r : ; r ) , O K ; i _ enough In print a story from t h e ' ennii;;h ;is it Is, be the one lo j n( , t | lfl V j,, w ,. n f t j ! 0 ) i r ) ; n r j j , . f ) f grower's sirlr? i make Ihr Kncrifiu'? Tho iced i n : m ; p l ( l H i : i . ( . l s in t h r s i ^ o m c n i s I In the first place, t h e mi in and the h;itchMy niiin are. sun- t o ' m , |( [ (l ' net their money, as it is very j.seldom thai a flock nf broilers do j n o t at least pay l h a t . I say t h a t ! are the ones to m a k e the f i r s t move. Let Ihe fowl corn- n; t h e i r p n x l u c t dov/n ] P* *ji^BK9m 'kg? in :i |vnrnn;)hic i"' i( - ' m| |(t n "'i 1 BHJ^y^BrJ *Jkfm ] hatcheries cut I h e i r own produc-! Representatives of the M u t u a l (ion MI t h a t only a e c i i n i n n n t n - Tornndo nnd Fire I n s u r a r u her of chicks \ v i l l be available. In the t h i r d place, the mei the Fnunrhtinn, nnd student*:. Members of the F n u n d a - i *l£j£^l '' on ' m; ' U( ' p ni'Sani/ations and in*" W^ffWn d i v i d u a l ^ who make contributions ...... *i~u , t n 1h)1 scholarship f u n d . Those ' m a k i n g a conli i b u t i n n a m o u n t i n g to at least a t u i t i o n scholarship of j SI 12 a year have mm '.Dentation on · the Board of Directors, Mi;-. Jay F u l h r i g h t . mother of J Ren. .T. W. Fulbricht. ppoke briefly i« ! at the luncheon on the history of i- , the Kulbright act. The foreign the m a r k e t reachu; i scholarship s t u d e n t s cave a prn- produeer oul of luriii.esy e n t i r e l y , ! ',K e n t i t r o l l e d by the proccs, loavinit only the bi/; who! l ) ! a M t s and the lnr«i- p a c k i n g c' nre mostly leed men or hatchery · l' anios - ^ , , , . . . . ' ' Hit 1 f i g u r e tln.'.v w a n t as tojis they i irrnm of mu^ic from their n a t i v e · mm. whn. by l;,k,n, ; mlv,,u, ui . nf ,.,,,,, ,,,,,;,. ,,,',,,, ,,,. sll)| , l , ) ,, } . in ^ | ,,,,,,,, a n f l shnr( t a l l t s . m , n i n i n ( , poi/llry. 1 believe t h i s is a m u t t e r · b e n e f i t s f i f the exchange student Ihr arket H. i n v i l l e , Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Taul S m i t h and c h i l d r e n , and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Davis a n d chilrlren, all of Sapulpa. ' . O k l r i . ; Mrs. W. S. Kdwfirds of Illack Oak. and Mr. and Mrs. Ev| ereltc Osborn nf Kayetteville, a t - ] tended Mother'.* Day services at | the Baptist Church, j T!ie Hov. ami Mrs. C,. W. W i t t j nf Fannin^lnn \vere here Sunday ' when Mr. W i t t delivered t h e 1 Mother 1 ;; liny sermon. They visit- t ed the shut-in mothers. I Mr. nnd Mrs. K. W. Price. Jr., j | gave a Mother's Day dinner F r i - · ; d,ny evening in honor of their : ! moiher.i. Mrs K. W. Price. Sr , and ' , Mrs. Neil M r K i n n o n . Other uuests i | were Mr. nnd Mrs. Dean Harris | of Fayetteville. Mrs. Archie Bra- i shears and children of DeSoto, i Valson and ; Kan., Mrs. Gene Price and daufih: ·nln, Neb.. ' ter, Hmnda, of F a y e t t ^ v i i l e , and here, nre i E. w. Price, Sr., and Miss Anne ! nt the Ed ! Price. i Austin I^eed is taking .T truck ' Mrs. Andrew Smith spent the I load of berry pickers fmm this i week w i t h lier daimhters, Mrs.! m m i n u n i t y every day to help in Carl Mc'Daniel and Mrs. A r t h u r ) (be harvesting. ) I Oshorn and their f a m i l i e s in Fay-' ; 1 _ , , Ml . pany of F a y e l l e v i l l e were in t h i s c o m m u n i t y e s t i m a t i n g the cost of damages to bouses from the h a i l and \i-ind Friday n i g h t . Much age was done to roofs nnd windows, and gardens w e r e .'.·tripped. Mr, and Mrs. Rex son, Tummy, nf l.'n who formerly lived spending t h e summer Fallen re.'iidcnce. STRAIGHT IOUKION WHISKEY THf AMIKAN »rSTIUIN6 COMFANT, INC. · f l K I H , III. e t t e v i l l o . Archie Rrashears DeSntn, Not white, not wheat, not rye. but a flavor blend of all three- Kan., visited Mr. and Mrs. K. W. : Jungc's Roman Meal Hread. Price over t h e weekend. M r s . ' M-19-tf Price-Wise Buyers Are SwitchingTo PAC KARD 1952 PACKARD "200" 4-DOOR SEDAN delivered In Fayottevillt $ 2.656 tPlus Mate and local uxn. if am. Optional equipment ami *-hi(f n d c w u l l t i r c i c x i r a . Prices may v a r y s l i g h t l y i n n e a r b y c o m m u n i t i e s d u e t o shipping char^pj. ForBig-Car Value At Medium-Car Cost! i i K A I . E R S nre e n j o y i n g great *· business, fur price-wise buyers nrc discovering that the new '52 Packard ofl'ers true IIIG-cnr comfort, performance nnd safety at medium-tar cott and fconotny.' 9 · Com* In--inspect tliesmartest-looking cars in Packard's 53-year history. Extra-wide doors make the roomy interiors easy to enter. .Vv//f art- at uiili- ,n lite car is high. The 3.0-16 square inches ol safety glass give you a clear view in .indirections. · · Packord'i Thunderbolt Inline is the iffirtii's bigbest-coHiprfSxion eight--teamed ^s·ith Ultramatic*, the automatic drive that excels all others in super-smooth performance. E a i a m a t i c Power Brakes* assure quicker slops u'ilb W% leu fool pressure! · · Before you buy ony cor costing S2500 or more, sec and drive Packard for '52. It costs less to buy t h a n you'd think, and the record proves it costs less to own. "Built like a Packard" means built to last! I N O I N f E R i D T O O U T P I R F O R M - B U I I T T O O U T L A S T T H I M A L L ! ONLY PACKARD BRINGS YOU NEW EASAMATIC POWER BRAKES* FOR QUICKER, EASIER STOPS! 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS UNTIL 8 P.M. Sale of Bedding and Rugs EQUALS OUR 79.90 MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING SET Full or twin «/z* Same features as our regular $79.90 sleep set--tako advantage of this special saving now. Buoyant 252- coil mattress podded with new white felted cotton, insulated with sisal. Heavily-stitched pre-built border. On T«rmi '' 5(l Down 5.00 Mo. Durable gray and red striped ticking. Eight air venfl. Matching box spring also has four plastic handles HOLLYWOOD OUTFIT, Sleep Set, Legs, Hdbd.. 73.81 FOAM LATEX PILLOW with zip cover . . . . «ach 4.99 6.38 BROCADE CARPET Rich carved-'·fttfct O.OO , 9.95 LUXURE BROADLOOM tquare yard Superior quality-- 8.88. rguare yard r t x i r l i l l l o i h r i t i n M i i i i d i h p c r - ' "K»ir. \ \ i i r l i l s |IIK|H-M.IOMI- h i n . i l i d r n ,,, , ( . nt I' fornmm-c nnil ilrprnilnhilit). prc«ii)n rifilu. up i,, ·, ·; ,,,,.,,,, | mv | jn( .^ Sf|1 ',, B ' r( . , , '"V'' r "'"'·"iR p . i r n ( u n l e Ji Ihe ,»r i\ hiish. I « i « m « l l c Pow.r riMjincMif p , , w r r ' 4 . . ,,,,« ,,, a ,p,,, ,;,^,;;:,;;: w ASK THK HI AN 117/0 OICA'.S' O.VA, 1 f LYLE BRYAN MOTOR CO. 2M North Block Slreel, Fiyctlevillc, Ark. Beautiful, top-fashion corved-effect--ideal choice where good taste and fashion ore appreciated even if the budget ii small. Rich bigh-and-low pile of wool, ttrong carpet rayon. Beige, gray, green. Save now. 9x12, reg. 76.55--67.88 9x15 reg. 95.70 84.90 12x15 reg. 127.60--113.20 66c Rug Cush. Sq. yd. 7fie REG. 10.95 LAMP TABLE 5.88 Mahogany veneer. Full sire shelf. REG. 16.95 COCKTAIL TABLE 9.88 Full ::JT:P shelf. Mahogany veneer. REG. 34.95 COCKTAIL TABLE 17.88 Mahopany veneer. Glass top. Just one. REG. 9.98 to 12.95 TABLE LAMPS 5.88 Only one or two of a kind. REG. 17.95 TABLE LAMPS 10.88 China haso. B e a u t i f u l shades. REG. 49.95 CEDAR CHEST 37.88 Removable si-lf-riMim t i n y . Only tine. WAS 21.95 JENNY LIND BED 10.88 39". Maple, f i n i s h . Only two. REG. 34.95 5-DRAWER CHEST 21.88 Colonial typo. W.ilnut. One l i i f t . REG. 65.00 VANITY WITH M I R R O R 32.88 l.lnwl o,lk. Brass drawer pulls. Save welcome dollars on this decorative and durable carpeting; 9, 12, 15' widths. Smart high-and-low pil, has the dramatic richness of carved carpeting. Heavier- than-usual wool and carpet-rayon. Beige, grey, green. 9x12, reg. 119.40--106.56 9x15 reg. 149.25--133.20 12x 15 reg. 199.00--177.60 1.95 Rug Cush. sq. yd 1.6* REG. 9.95 VANITY BENCH IS" hldh. Walnut veneer. Only on». 5.|| REG. 49.95 BOX SPRINGS \ 34" size. Slightly soiled. Only one. v * 29 88 REG. 52.95 SOLID OAK DINETTE 39.88 5-pisce. Padded .chairs. Only one. DINETTE 69.88 5.88 21.88 39.88 164.88 7.88 329.M Red. 50" lob, mcl. leaf. Ju s t one REG. 9.95 DESK CHAIR .Walnut finish, lluran covered seat. REG. 34.95 ARMLESS CHAIR B e a u t i f u l (jrcen tape.-try, trinw. REG. 56.95 PLATFORM ROCKER Floral Inpestry. Adjustable. Ottoman. REG. 199.95 SOFA BED SUITE Green frieze cover. Veery comfortable. REG. 1595 HIGH CHAIR Maple. Converts to play table. One. h , ! CU FT HOMI Ibs. 5-yr. guaranteed.

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