Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 13, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1952
Page 5
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Colu TIMH. royttt«vin«, mti By HAL BOVI.E That is the situation in our fam- j ,. w . n l h ,,,, . , . ily. Wel1 , that'll be real nice." says i- . mama. And then she begins to r o r vpars u'r ha.,o **'- nr i .,, i--1-_ ~. . . WLS'"J .u x^n« -i mpermg her five chil- I crowded on Mother's Day anyway aren and two grandchildren that i ..i.,, , ,1 , it is hard for her to relax and le I..,, ' te " you W 1 at ' shf sa vs them pamper her I ' fry up a eou P Ie of chickens, So h ' ! a n t i lets see--I guess we'll have her it is a kind of test of her mettle as a parent. Year after year the kids try to figure out a way to do something special to please her. But it si- ways end i'? with mama doing something for us. Dear Miss D i x : I was married 'j GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Holland Bros, locker Plant Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH For hranbutn. taj. ,dd 'naicestion. Still only lOc And she always has her way. . 3me Mother's Day and she slaves 1 harder than ever over that old hot i stove. The kids sit in the dining . room and stuff themselves likr : harvest hands while Mom bring j in platter after platter of friec | chicken. The only help she gets-! or would accent-- is a little assist| ance later in drying the dishes. Everybody then sits around gab- bine and criticizing the government. In the evening the whole familv raids the icebox together and Mom savs: "Now. isn't this better than going out?" it away in an old sock or something to leave to her grandchildren. Mom has spent her life doing I things for her children, and she i has never got around to the; - -- thought that maybe the children '"' 10, had my first child at 17 fol ought to start mothering her. j lowed by one almost every 've-,r This year she will be 84 years u n t i l I was expecting my s i x t h '-,t old, and time and trouble have : 25. Tncn my husband ' said he . m a d e her serene. She has no b i t ; couldn't stand the rc-ponsib'litv I terness toward life. She feels sor-! any more and left u- He' went j ry for young wives today. ; back to live with his' mother in "They have a lot more gadgets , a "pther state. 1 am now 29. the tn help them do their housework," children are from 4 to 12. About she said. "But somehow I don't | a ' oar a so I met a man two years believe they have the feeling nf. i 3' ou "ser than I. He scorned very security I had when I married." I understanding and mature. We As Mom and Dad started house- ! got alons vor y well, and soon were keeping on $15 a week, this theory j socin S each other four (if five is hard for me to accept. But she llmcs a wcck - freshmen for an it niii ti'in. Hut Parrel hr*.k at I.;ik rl.iv h i * neck knowledge of w h a t his have done may he the things that She is all worn out from overworking on Mother's Bay. But she has celebrated it in the way she likes best. She has had the family together in the home, and done something for them. Most mothers are hapny to receive gifts of candy and flowers from their children. Not our Mom. She gets angry. She thinks that is wasteful. The only thing we can give her is some money, and all she docs with the money is to stow says everybody worked harder and felt more secure a generation ago than they do today. And probably she is right. Mom is the philosopher in the He said ho loved me, and I know I loved him. However he wanted me to marry him and leave the children. He felt he couldn't (accept their care. N a t u r a l l y 1 ·vouldn't t h i n k of desertini" my family. She thinks people m u s t ' f lead their own lives, and that it I lam "- v ; for one t h i n s . ' - '"" me to care for I'm a f r a i d your prospects for sec: find m a r r i a g e are not too good, a n y w a y . Few men aic w i l l i n g to lake the responsibility of so large f a m i l y W i t h t h e t w o u n f o r t u n a t e e x - periences you've had. your f u t u r e ' . c a r e f u l l y handled. You arc, u p - j ' carefully handled. Vo uarc, a p - j parently, an overtrustin« you!, and to avoid another wound, y o u ' l l have to toughen up a bit. Y o n r i i m m e d i a t e happiness lies w i t h ) . y o u r children. Bringing t h e m u p j right is a f u l l - t i m e job, and leaves · l i t t l e toom for romance. Of course, . they'll be grown w h i l e you are s t i l l a c o m p a r a t i v e l y young woman; then, and then only, w i l l ho the time for you to look around for another husband. The experience of m a t u r i t y will. 1 hope, lend · y o u to a better choice t h a n you c a t i o n . Hut Hirrcl broke h,, neck have done may he the things t h a t I Mill HHVKB at Lake A l t u s last Mnmby w h i l e w i l l p u l l yorng Parrel t h r o u g h . J.HII HUHI on a class outing. School a u t h o r i t i e s assured his ' ·*· HHIIUlll The other seniors immediately ! parents he would graduate ii.tod to forget the vacation and schedule if he recovers contributed the money for extra nurses. The h o s p i t a l ' a t t e n d a n t s .'·ay the 1 extra nurses and the on Fur. orsnfa fu« voi jn*k*« this «p«*ni*d upt- ... ancient Home, .,1k was said uk..".bto5·£ he worth its weight m gold. !'· adult doM. Mo Among the 23 standard class cars entered in 1952 Mobilgas Economy Run ... doesn't do any good to try to lead their lives for them. She gives her advice in an oblique way. I still carry in my wallet a faded newspaper clipping that Mom once mailed to me. She had underlined in ink this sentence: '·Child, child, don't you kpow there'll be another day?" Crown Jewelers Going Ouf Of Business London-M)-The House of Gar rard--crown jewelers to Britain's royal family for two centuries-s going out of business. The London firm announced today it will be taken over by the ncient Goldsmiths and Silver- miths Company as soon as company shareholders formally assent friend says he still would like' to rome to see me once or twice a week, but I feel if i continue seeing him I'll learn to care more. Smoke for Pleasure No Cigarette Hangover PHILIP MORRIS i, made differently from any other leading brand. And (hat difference is your guarantee of everything you've ever wanted in a cigarette... tasty mildness, rich flavor, pleasant aroma...a dean, refreshing smoke that leaves NO CIGARETTE HANGOVER! No wonder PHILIP MORRIS has gained more than two million new smokers in the past 5 years! Try PHILIP MORRIS yourself. Your throat will note the difference. And that difference is delightful! You'll be glad tomorrow... you imohed Philip Morrit today! PHILIP MORRIS Answer: You have certainly had a hard Hfc, Tina, ;ind it is grp.idy to your credit t h a t you have done such a splendid job of raring for your large family. Added to your material worries you haven't been; very fortunate in meeting decent' men. Your husband proved to b e ' nothing but a contemptible cow-! ard, and his mother must be near- · ly as bad to let him stay away: from the family he deserted. ! Your present young man is no belter. Knowing t h a t he would never accept the obligations of n ready-made f a m i l y , he won your trust and love onlv '. as shabbily as your ,o (rent you liuEbnnd did. By n i l moans slop sreiup your , young man. Ho n;is no serious in- j tentiuns toward you, and f u r t h e r j d a t i n g w i l l n n l y end in more dis- ' aster for you. Try In get .in objcr- I tivr view of your life. Profit by I the mistakes you have maito a n d , , work toward n happier, more I j whnlcsomc future. You could use some f i r s t - h a n d ! advice and I sugccst you see y n u r | clergyman, or someone at the ' F a m i l y Service Association, who.^e address you w i l l find in t h n telephone book of your nejiiesi hircc city. A p p a r e n t l y you have no f a m - ily, aside from the children, and to f a t e the world and your many ; responsibilities w i t h nn ono t o ' j help is n sorry state, There are. however, many counseling agen- i C i c s who can lend a hcliiing h a n d . and I urge you to make use of them. in actual miles per gallon IN mi y«,', 1415-mll. M.bll,o, i Run, Stud.boktr uc»iif u || x dW*fxl«4 Hi raputatlon for itand-ovf gaiolin* mll»«i«. Try out o thrifty 1952 Sludtbok*r #oun«lf. Stop in at Iht niartst Stud.bok.r d*«l«r'i ihowroom. G»t a Sludtbohir ond got top pu r Soyre, Okla., Class Lends Aid To Schoolmate Injured Seriously Oklahoma City-iVP-A 17-year | Dean Parrel's parents [or f u r t h e r ' ! old youth ciunc desperately tn l i f e ; developments. He is in critical | at an Oklahoma City hospital .'condition. early today. Downstairs in the Inb- j Tha 51)' g r a d u a t i n g seniors con- by some ot his classmates, part ot j l i i b n t e d $400 tn help pay the hostile spring K r a d u a t i n g class at | pital expenses. The money had _-IL_ B _ "honl. waited w i t h j been accumulated since they were Sluddiakcr Commander V-8 heal all oilier eight* in Ihi* contest arfna/nii/a 25.59 AT I M D I A N A P O U S , MAY JOIM A kl-,.,,. mfd Sl,Kl»h. lf , Con,m.^ CT V-« ccmv ' '·" th " y TM r - " w " ItUWIACEl OVEIDUm, OPTION*! AT EXTKA COST. WAS USfO h.kcr'1 oulili WESTER MOTOR CO. 441 W. OICKSON ITHin. FAYITTIVIUI, ARKANSAS contribute, u, nxjtorta, profra*. INSPIRED BOBBIE SMITH WINS LION OIL $1,000 SCHOLARSHIP High School Sophomore From Senotobia, Miss. Awarded Full Year's College Fund-Becomes Eligible for Lion Oil Grand Prize Award of Additional $3,000 Scholarship. . Irincipnl Oth« Monroe nnd Mr,. Wlnntr Bobbl* (l.fl) wlrh «ehoo|.fri,nd M«f|« Mabioni, Latvian rcfugt* whoie lif«- t »ory inspired BobbU'j .ttay on "Whai Fn«dom M*ani To M».- Idciilistic Bobbio Louinc Smith, sophomore at Senatobia (Mian.) High School, was deeply impressed by schoolmate M a i j a Jckabsons' experiences under European oppression. Inspired by tha contrast with American liberty, Bhc wrote so feelingly about "What Krccdom Means To Me" that judges awarded her first prize in the final Lion Oil Student Essay Contest of this school year. Serious-minded Bobbie intends to major in social welfare at nearby Millsaps College, Jackson, Tenn. fehe plays clarinet in the high school band, sings with the glee club, and is class secretary. Principal Monroe oills Mrs. Mary Bobo Quinn, Bobbie's Uwicher-Hponsor, "the finest mathematics teacher he has ever neon." And Mrs. Quinn's warm personal teaching helped he;- win $200 cash u sponsor of the winning essay. . ·· ol tti* w.r.: Dr. R. ./. Ftrtchtr. Chair- mvnnf Kngluh and l.itiraturr Dimtian · Mr. Grnr A ndrrwt; anil Mm. Kathryn Moon-- -all of Arkansas Agriculture an4 Mechanical Collr*; College HrtghU. OTHER WINNERS 22 HONORABLE MENTION AWARDS-$25 EACH City IL State Aniioth, 'i'dnnensee . . . Boldwyn, Mi.ssissippi Hrinkley, Arkanpj*s . . Cullendale, Arkansan . . Danville, Arkansas . . El Dorado, Arknn«n« Ciwnville. Misussiprii . (iulfpiirt, MimsMippi . . Hnrri«n, Arknnmis. . . Hooks, Trxn* Hope, Arkansas Hot Spring, Arknniini '. Humholdt, Tcnm-Hsc*. HunihoUh, Tcntif.vuf ! I/.nn Hcnch, Mk«isKip,,i Madisonvillf, Kcnlnckv New Albany, Mi^JKHippi North I.iltlc Hock, Ark. nknlnnn, ,\1i»siMippi Pnris, Tenni-fuw Searcy, Arkannnfl . . . Hyfh Schonl . Antioch Hiuh School . . . . llaldwyn Ui R h School . . . . Hnnkloy High School . . . . P'nirviow Hi B h School . Oanvillc High School . El Dorado High School . K. E. llassSr. High School . (mlfnorl Mish Si hnnl . Harrison Hiuh School . . . Hooks Ilich School . Hope Higli Si-hnnl . . . . . ll"l HpnuKsSr. Iliph School · Huinholdl lli^h School . llurnboldt l(j|h Sd m ,,l . .lackHlin III,;!, School . . . . l.oni; H,-,:ch IlinhSchonl . MlllllKOIIVllll. High Schoi.1 . New Albfinv IliRh School No. I.iltlc ftm-k Senior llii.j, Okiilnmi Iliuh School drove Ilinh .School . . .' Scurry High School Sludent Tsnchrr-Hponnor . Milton i'nul . Ktmcy McKlroy . ' . Kurliarn Ann I'.-irchman . Shirley McMantiH . -Imi 'IV.rn I'nrkn . Emmaly Sue Couch f'.irolyn Hone . Michael KciMy . . Anne Fowler Itvron I.indtc'y Beth Hriilurrii .' \ Miw Kay (joodwin Mrs. Sain Marlin Mrs. II. V. Sorrels Mins Affnefj Moslcy Mis» K.itherlnp. Ki-athlev Miw Elhel H. 1V » H,,y,. n MIRK Kathcrine lieiliy MTH. MarKarcL Evana Mr. Hrynn T. drav Mrs. .lack Hill MTU. tfop An:our .limn (inn. . . . . Mm. lina McCrnry Mary .1,,,,,. m,,| win . Mr , ,, ., |( · ViT/i K. Hamilton Mj* ( I ,,,.i||,. it M l;.,n»ll,,||a W ay . '.1, S « K,,v E,!,,;!,!".TM Nancy Ann l',,p,, . . . Mr:.. C.p. .«..,,,,],,; ri'inlnnl Nell IVytun . ,\|, M |.; ut ,i,,. n,, m . 1 norna:; 1 rinc. 1 Muj Itnlli !·' V1,,l,i. Wnllncc H,, r Kerr ! Mr.* i'v, ,"|.,,r±l, M'ir.v Ann Murpliw . Mk. Xnmn Clnw ·.li/noelhS,vi,,ncy . . MIH.. M,, rv llelh Mnrru I'nul Slllnmitl MJM Thnrnlnr, prirc money for nu mmer _ . :rhool work iwnrd her Moatcr's decree. rdPHi.WIn(.w S p * n i » r - S 3 0 Miiw Muhcl P i* r, H if t - ty«''* Knfilwh t p f t c h r r , hn.n twn previous I.ion n w a r d , . ----mmmmmm winners tn her BM ,Lion rnntrat try. Bottyo IB credit now. In 1951 ah^ orRiinwt for her church, find npnn.tnrnl tin- wwiv of 1st vu-p-prwiHrnt of U i - Y . pna.winnrr .loyce Cnimp, W o n h y H c t t y e Fnye M o l h r o o k i , · t m i g h t - A Bludent from IVrntnr AI« I Mieh School Watch for Grand Prize Announcement Soon! "''" »·'·" "·· wm»*r of fh. lion worrt $3,000 . . . wo,./, for Why Lion Oil Scholarship Fund Was E s t a b l i s h e d . . . Th. lion Oil W,«lo,rf,lp F VB .J wo , o.igi,^,,, by Uon Oi( cwlpo , T » l?30 ID brood.n A. .ducolionol opporluniH., ol SovH»nt Yovlh ...«,, fM,,, Uad.,, Ik. ptojrom .01 ..poni.d nh ,, o , 10 proved, uhola.lhip, no, ,,,!,, | or ,, ud , n |, (,,,, ,,,,, (o , fc . ^ · thool l.oth,,, ,0 thai lh.y moy rt Or. ft. brntltl ol Od.o^.\ · duutkm .1* Soutfc.rn boy, ond g*,...^, ord 4«fM.n .f ovr Good N«lghbon. f« Uen OH ri pon-ond-porc.1 o* Hn Sow*. »IH men HMO 2,400, n»n and won«n on 11, lll.OOO.OOO omwol payroll. Ite. Ul. ,,4 Lbrkonl, lo. h,mkol ».,«!,. W.,. "Ho-, l^tt," LION OIL COMPANY

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