Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 12, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1974
Page 12
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Arkanwu TIMES, Thurs., Sept. 12, 1974 ARKANSAS r-««BiwwiMittTMramiiii UBIUIIIUII in 11111111 in nnnnuimi in unuii ininii nn Aubrey Shepherd Lewis Wives' Fishout TIMES Outdoor Writer , ' . N ' o r f r h . w e s t Arkansas/ B««ma*t*ri' annual fives' fishingHounwy last -Sunday :. was'« success. .Linda. .Lewis won i first place with^-more than tix pounds of :Black baii and fish of over two pounds. -^ Second place went to Rita Carries, ; whp took eight.bass Irony surfacing schools. In this ..tourney, -wives were guided by their, husbands,, who were forbidden to-fish. Rita, reportedly complained of husband Bob's fast driving (Bob's bass boat travels at nearly 60 m.p.h.) in the early ^morning fog. ' Nicknamed Pee Wee, Rita reportedly. was a bit over- ·'· burdened 'trying to f i s h ' a large,Hop water lurgt,with a : slx-fo6t. rod. ShefWearly fell in, if' Bpbls description can'be believed. . '"'' -.Third'pi ace went'to Sherry Clayton who used- an Arkie spinner to take a really nice bass from a brushy bank. Sherry, .who spends most of herdays, caring for her and Terry's two daughters (Lori and Alisa). won third place in. last year's wives tournament, also. Tournament winner Linda Lewis spends her days working and caring for her children, but she had a slight:advantage over many of'the wives. Murray Lewis until a .couple of years ago worked occasionally as a guide on Beaver Lake. He stillspends much of his free time fishing Beaver and oc- ctksionally Bull Shoals, Th« guiding business was never quits good enough on Beaver for Murray: to leave his regular job and devote full?time to-guiding. Consequently, Murray stopped buying a guide's license a- bout'three years ago and now:has become eligible to\ fish .tournaments on Beaver 1 ;' Lake. His first-place finish \ in'the Farmirrgton Jaycees tournament is . good evidence that Murray can be successful' in tournament fishing, possibly even making more money in a year's' time than he made guiding, . - .' ·During the early years. of :Beaver Lake's existence Murray found guiding profitable, after being encouraged '. to enter the profession by G.O. Kelly soon after the lake =began. to fill.'/; ;. .^/ One .of Murray's 1 favorite sports ia'fishing Bull Shoals Lake tor; smallrnouth bas'Sfc -Like a".'-lot-, of fishermenTM; these days,-Murray likes to use vultra-lrght tackle and Vi-6iihce Arkie' l jigs to catch Brownies^ at night. Before ' '·Beaver-l^ake was. construct 1 ,^, River ^'rirr'War' Eagle for '" '^he small· mouth and Kentucky, which, then .were, plentiful. "Although"' fie'' Has" never caught a smallmputB: . --over four pounds, he cob si--· ·-AifefS - catching- (5;;big l.small-_ mouth ..._an important goal £S: dov?® yes-Murray an al , ; ';:tiaittve'tb fishing during the --'.'fall and winter. Bowhuntirrg '-'' is one of his favorite sports, but like maybe the majority of bowhunters, Murray has never killed a deer with a bow. Most mornings these days Murray baby sits for his wife, staying home with his three-year old son Bill. The older Lewis Children -Sandra 13 and Mark 8 -are of course in school. Mark Lewis is the upcoming fishermen in the family. He caught a 5W pound lar- gemoulh bass when he was only six-years old. But Linda Is still the real heroine in this column and deserves mention again for catching some three and four pound bass while nightfishing during recent summers. TEAL AND SQUIRREL With two hunting seasons opening this weekend -- teal on Saturday and squirrel on Sunday -- safety should be a major thought occupying the minds of outdoorsmen. Teal hunting is replete with dangers to snake bite, poi- eon ivy, firearms and climbing falls to' be con- sidere^Itjjs' too late to start/a^{injor conditioning prc;gra^n for this auturtlnjs 1 ^ squirrel season. But -hunting at a leisurely pace ie a good conditioning activity for deer season. . (ary Hannah, 34, an assista at Colorado State for the la three years, was named assis ant athletic director Wednesda at Long Beach State. HeXrejoins Perry Mqore. w! left v^prado State'- la'st. rrrtm to ' become athletic direct here.V. \ Haden Quick Like Hiccup, Says fyoyles to may At Home While Woodland To Rogers -- Ar- Broylcs ars Southcni"'Cajitnrnia quar- »baclc-Pa£"Haderi ''won't stick the script. Bfoy\es fears Haden's ad- is--Scrambles in football par- See. '?i PaOTaden is a great passer . bw more .than this he is an sceptional scrambler," Broyles id. "His passing is louglr ipugh. But the thing that can e'ally tears your defense apart "··".and -we've worked hard on ying'to keep him in the pock- is Haden's scrambling. "He's -quick' 'lite "a hiccup, e's - liKC'a' jitterbug' jumping rough those gaping holes that cfensive linemen might lea- e:in.trying to.rush and then he (her ruits^or^aj first down or ilmwood -.big pass -20 yards the thing ~ with it. The Indian . . l iat cBufd"-break-:1Sfti' defense's ack .. . the demoralizing ef- ect of a scramble for a com- leled pass or a run for a first own." Broyles' Razorbacks will take i Haden and his wrecking rew Saturday night at Little lock. Coach John McKay's ifth-ranked Trojans are a two ouchdown favorite over the Otb ranked Razorbacks. D e s p i t e Haden's ability 3royles said Arkansas woul egin by ' trying to slow dowi ie Trojan's running game lee y Anthony Davis. Davis gained 1,191 yards and cored 17 touchdovvns as ; opnomore and gained 1,11 -ards and scored 14 touch iovvns as a junior. McKay sail Davis should be more effectiv as a senior than he was as f unior because he has los ibout 10 pounds. get 0 - ff a "You'd better slow down|him run." .he running first. I don't be- ,ieve anybody is going to stop Southern Cal's running attack Pokes, Tribe Start Campaigns Both of Jftyetleville's' igh football teams -- ·'· : :inlo' balanced\,allac.k xv'lh. Greg Mbhtez probably^, featured-as icir schedule' off libfhe ground ith Hunlsville in a 7:30 contest ·hile Woodland hits the, road or Rogers. The Cowboys begin leir battle with ast season and is expected to perform well Thursday, dcspjle '· -1 'Indian's The Ramay'-^Indian's 'hae' (teen practictng for five 'weeks nd- are ready to play. .'-'Our ilayers are ready and really vaut to play," reported head lorich' Gerald Daily. "If we an't get. ready: .in- tha.t -much ime then 'we just .won'.t ever ,et the job done. I'm glad it's inally here." ' : . The Tribe tries .Huntsville, You wouldn't think a defensive back could be confident going into a_ game, against, one oFjhe Ration's lea'ding passecs, but Arkansas'-te.e safety .-Floyd Hogan is. "Everyone in our . secondary played together last described by,iDaily jis generally ye a'f,\and I think lriig,gives us mall but with good .size at cen : · ^.~^ *.-'\,., n ±.,«~ n ~» «,,,,.,,, . . mall but with good ^siiie at cerij er and .-tacldeJi"They have . taQk%: good sized 'players in the center; of their lirie~plus-a-fine'.runner" n Stud Emor-y,"\laid Daily. "I hink they'll be a good team." The Huntsvile team, who bested Berryville 2C-0 last week, runs the wishbone and Rainay seems ready to meet it. The Tribe saw plenty of that set last year and Daily finds his charges in good shape to deal great says with offense is' ready to score points with an to score points with an perienced Todd Darter quarterback t ,"I'm really ' ' ' " at ;'ac}yantage," authority;-''" . Hogan ,V\Ve'-ye ..practiced 11 "' a ..lot against 'their..offense,' ,-pricl;-:'! Lhink we're'ready'''· them". Pat Haden is a good passer." tie adds. "The USC passing attack will be the biggest test of the year. If we can them, we shouldn't have ; /ahy problem the rest of the gfea£on.t.' Last year Southern 'Cal's quarterback, the ball in against the nagging ankle ~ injury. "I enllj? think 'we can move the more t , . cited about' 'our' defense," said Daily. "It's real quick stuff that our kids can handle real well." With Darter running things the passing game is not out of the question, in fact Daily plans on turning Darter loose. ".Todd can throw the.i'.hall Sell. We'll the sprint? 'out and if i'he can't " pass we'll " just let Aside from the starting bunch he - .Indians will alternate or passing attack. The last two 'ears they just moved the ball up and down the field on everybody they've played. It's just a matter of containing it to the jest that you can so that they get- the'tewest number of points in "the. Scoreboard," Broyles Haden cStnpnSed 137 of 247 or 1,832 yarasVnd 13 touchdowns last year.'v^lcKay said ie should have .thrown more and will this year. "He can pass Avell, he can in well, he's · a highy-in- illigenK. youngster," McKay is theiibest passer · ve'ever 'been, and I've seen quite a few passers. I've never seen a youngster as accurate as he is. "Some of the pro people are talking that he might be a little short,at 5-foot-Ill Then the only filing ¥ tell thtrni^they ought to give up fSitb^l'and go into tiddlywinkjy- //# several players. Robert Rush vill sec plenty of action afc.tafc kle while George TedfjS'fd iir sure to see plenty o f game time at defensive half back. In adoH- ion Gary Bowen, - Nathan McKinney, Bob Shofner. Mike Dillard and Skeeter Thomas vill see action. SECOND GAME; The "Woodland Cowboys have leathered a'.'first weftk dpen late and are'how ready to'get nto action. They'll do just that Thursday evening against Rogers Elrnwood. "We really .need to play," retried WobdlaridX; head coach Dickie HatriS; ""' 5 1 "J '*date the..?f,irst else got belt but lired of practicing and ready to play. We really need to play a game." -Elmwood opened their season last week and bowed to cross town rival Oakdale 8-B. The Cowboys are planning a Pat Haden, pui the air 20 times Razorbacks, - bul Hogan looks for a change this year's game. "I'm sure the Trpjans will be passings,mpre this "year. I tptnk.ahey'lU have to; against us, v with»our ·qefei.i- sive line as strong · as itr is," Hogan states^ : The best secondary at Arkansas in years features an enviable combination of outstanding starting talent* and quality depth. Alpng wilh Hogan in the secondary- are cornerback.S : Ko\1 en Smith, and Brad Thomas, as well as strong safety Tommy Harris. The back up group; Muskie Harris, Bruce Mitchell, Bo Busby, and Howard Samp-- - ' - - " - - '-- --insidcrod b. their jail, ,-pl'bdicled Harris, irall'y ,--···-though," I'm vorried about our defense.' 'Woodland lias planned a two- iliitoqn syslqrii all during fall irills but-four players are still isted as 'definjires'- to 'play -both · u vs, y-Iarrjsli concern is over ilour eighth gruders that re ^oriHhe, first, .defensive unit 'We're close to having a strict wo-platoon system," - noted Harris. "We still have four.,boys ;oing both -waySi .but we' v hope hat; t \ye can work, some otheis n soon." " : ····----· IJefcpsc *-"E -- Bobby Wallis T -- Doug Baird WOODLAND STARTING L1NEUP .. · Ofierise ,SE -- Jim Herrington RT.-- Rice Bcwer .·KiCf)^ Jay Miller *JC '-C. ilike Jones LG -- Brad Cole LT -- Malcom McPhearson TE -- Rick Tyhurst QB -- Bret Parker . FB -- Mike Hudspeth 't : B -- Greg Montcz \VB -- Jay Trumbo Defense DE -- Rick Tyhurst DT -- Mike Hudspelh NM -- .Joe West DT -- Malcom McPhearson . DE'.-- Rice Brewer \ LB -- Billy Murray / ' LB 4- Bill'Sweetzer ; MM V- John Phillips S S -- Jay Trumbo HB -- Mas Thomas HB -- Jim Herrington HAMAY STARTING LINEUP Offerise SE.;-- Ty Hoskihs . - -·· ','i T ^ Wendell Harris * '. v sons can ;hardly.,-be ofld secofld talent. .-. "Do the Razorbacks have any surprises in store for the Trojans next week. For free safety Floyd Hogan the answer is very simple. "We're going to-do one thing different against Southern Cal this'»ye"ar, and that's play ; tough|r.^ "I '.-. : p V-* if-'their players are Giusti Rejoins Team PITTSBURGH '(AP) -- Pittsburgh Pirates! orthopedic surgeon^Dr. Albert-Ferguson .says reliaf pitcher-.Dave C : "-' : l!11 rejoin the teafai .todajj defphia i apd^may ·* w.i in Phila- ablej'ti pitch in thfs weekend' s"ser-ies in Montreal. COMPLETE L.1NE Of BUILDING MATERIALS QUALITY MATE RIALS DISCOUNT PRICE? BANKAMERICARD -MASTER CHARGE WELCOME · ' '·' DELIVERY SERVIpE ALSO MEW HOMES '; AVAILABLE \N SEVERAL LOCATIONS KELLEV BROTHERS LUMBER .cp. -2401 NORTH GREGG "; ON West Towiuhip No/lh Gregg Phone 442-2351 ·: 'G -- Milton-Ndwmah C -- Gregg Hall ' r G -- Bobby' Martin . i T-- Jeff Wilson v TE -- Eddie Nichbls 1 QB --Tcdd Darter FB --, Bobby, Fitfs TB --, Giiriis JMahohe'; WB --; DariniJohhsori NM -- Billy Smith T -- David Elan E -- Jackie Eiland LB -- Bobby Martin LB ^._Brett Carton MM -- Gregg Hall LHB -- .Eddie Sygg g _ Tod Dai'ler RHB -- Curtis Mahone IF IT'S SPORTS You Can Hear It On KNWA Your Sports Station For All of Northwest Arkansas HERE'S THE LINEUP: , MONDAYS Through SATURDAYS "Stereo Alarm Clock Sports"--6:35 "Jerry Barnett Sports"--10:40 a.m. : "Arkansas Raiio Network Sports"--1 55 t.m. "Night Beat'Sppi-ts"--10:40 p.m. i ' i J SUNDAYS "Sunday Morning Sports Sho'w"--9:40 a.m. PLUS "Bulldog Tales'^-witri Doyne Davis and Wally Ingalls each Thursday, at 7 p.m. u ', ) "Fayetteyille High-School 'Foothall"--each Friday night. [ "Kizorbijck Roundup"--with Frank Broyles and Bill Curl i' each Friday at 7 p. m, · ' . · · , Pigskin- Roundup and Bave Campbell's Southwest Conference Predictions--each' Saturday'at 10 ii.m. "Coaches Corner"--with Dave W.oodman each Saturday 30 minutes before- the Razorhack game. "Frank- Broylcs-Orville Henry'; Shon "--every Saturday 15 J: ·minutes before,: the Razorback game. '"Razoiriifijk, F6(m«lt"--with Bud Campbell. We broadcast . ; v thc ss cpmplcle schcdnle'each Saturday. "Razorhack Scorerinard"--with Bud Campbell immediately after each Itazorback game. "IJigh School Football Scoreboard Show"--each Friday at II p.m. "College and University Football Scoreboard Shows"--each V \Saturday at 6 p.m. and ll' and each Sunday V \morning at 8:30 a.m. "Professional Football Scoreboard Show"--every Sunday · night at 9 p.m. HEAR THEM ALL ON KNWA "Your Complete Sports Station" FM STEREO -- 103.9 mg -- Channel 13 on CATV --r (Clip and Save for Future Reference) '', ncient INTRODUCES A NEW DRINK SENSATION . Orange Age Is agfeat new drink that's delteld'tis.. ?o taste and easy to make. Just one part of smooth Ancient Age Kentucky 'Bourbon and orange juice to taste over ice and 'pre$to...anewdrin)sensation... Ojange Age. ACTIVI from the countrys largest maker of radial tires for cars and trucks "CUSTOM STEElGARFi" KWI waeracw BWJ«*WI Whitewal! sizeAR78-13 plus $2.16 F.E.T. and tire off your car. *Eoodyear short distance, ccntialled condition gas mileage tests show radial tires can add ' to your gas mileage. 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