Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 12, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1952
Page 8
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NiiKiHWtil «RKA,iiAi iliViij, faythivult, ArkanuiL Monday, l.'ta/ 12, . LEvMfc Mbt^lOUCAHRVTHATTO THE CfUCOtAjf 00) PAltTY.'VWO'd 1 4*MPIM THIS Of/you? /MONCV TO TH6SWW fVW.LOVW'C«*P? Hf'4 eoNe N660 A HANP coatrw rr. R.F.D. Seven By JACK CARLISLE "RF.O. SEVEN" is two year, old today. If a l l the columns were put in a book they would m a k e a pretty good sized v o l u m e - - - n l i o ' i t 75.000 words. It h a s n ' t been ve.rv hard, dragging it nut over a t v o year period, but I would hate to sit flown and start out '.o w r i t e 75,000 words unless I had two years to f i n i r h . We had a Ir,t of h a i l damage on e route last Friday n i g r t . The hardest h i t s spot was S u l p h u r City, a l t h o u g h some h a i l f e l l all lh* way from Elkins to a short wav leynnrl Hicks. A r o u n d S u l p h u r U M y the gardens were ruined or : everely damaged, many windows were broken and several roofs were damaged. The wind was very strong, there was a heavy rain- f a l l , and the h a i l fell for about | :en nr fiftr-en minutes. ! S.-ilIy I m n t o had pretty good luck with the 12 duck eggs'she set. ; Ten hatched and nine of the little j ducklings are T t i l ] alive. It is always pretty f u n n y to watch the old hen tile f i r s t time the l i t t l e rlucks get near the water. She j u s t can't believe t h a t her children ! would he so s t u p i d . i I t h o u g h t t h a t the Mack Hinkles : were moving one d a v last week. All of t h e i r f u r n i t u r e had been . moved out of the house and was scattered around t h e van! and on the porch. However. I found out the n e x t day t h a t they were just sanding the floors. i I keep wondering when the i graders are going to do some work ' on t h a t stretch of road between 1 S u l p h u r City and the Strain schoolhoii-c road. Last week the i graders were w o r k i n g at both ends I of the r n n d . but n,?ry an i n c h did they touch on the road that needs it so badly. I The Hoyt C'hildress f a m i l y have . rold t h e i r place and h a v e moved : !o near M i a m i . Fla. Hovt told me t i n t he has a two-sere'plot down ! l u c r e w i t h a c a n a l bordering it and t h a t he could go by water from his place right to the G u l f or Mexico . . . The John Shells- WKVS have nlready n'nved i n t o Ihe C'liWrrss property. Mr. Shclls- I Marriages 7^' HR P i'~. '.'JIT* f WORK WITH A SMILE does It happy j; tt | c Ijt - t Helps you en the job. Work goes faster, easier OUT OUR WAY ,, , ,, ..,.,,. By J. R. Wlllioms IV / VOU DON'T WASJT -^, I CAT TRACK'S V ' LIFE , DO VJU ? 1 DOM'T CAKE IF YOU'RE MOT ~IO r=ET f I -- /M^J 1 /VU.-K!= l_T- . f*~ THIS HOUSE.' /jp-^ i WAG LOOKINQ 7 . , FOP POUR MEN ·'.'?--X TO CLEAM UP -IDM Mt I ' I Ml- TO) M TMc Pt\lV3 )I-IUH? 'J-- 3CO.*' WiiVA / s--' . 1 RAii.r.v.- WJ FLY OUT, CHRISTY f . , DIDN'T YUWA--I MEAN A\R«. 1 ' 8ALLANTINE--TBLLYOU VE5, OP COUBE. {SPECIALLY SINCE MRS. BAUANTINS WAS SO ATTENTIVE LOOK, Y AMD lU ALWAYS BE CHUM, WRS.\ SRWEFUL TO H«, 9ARISS, BECAUSE I TKNK YJU'SE SAVED A W / T H E DEAREST OL5 POPE LIFE. /V KM EARTH. "*'t' ONLY l O O t i T B A B E R S T U S HOME. UWEKE'Ll I GO? VWATll 1 BO' JUST CALLED TO TELLO 'i'' L'.'-E TO HV\E CJ TONIGHT -. . ,-, Y'KNOW.fOOlIY.t'My WELL. I'M r,l Al SOU ..'.'. ." I SO^t* 1 U:fl /VOMIN' TYOUH SENS!;' iikfcA "*' " I -' VD AN ' ( AT LAST W" BE MGlLt .^jf v./Ss KNOCKt.n nu \ MMJION IF i HADN'T '*---* MAKION ,-V ACTED FAST KICK1N', MAW. I WV .HIM 1H1NK1M APOUT U'MM A \VTIALR Ol A \\OMAN THAT MAKIOM 15! DOYOBOY.'WHM ..-'*· A LEFT.' WOW! rmao or/.' CAN'T WkJP / AHXL M l.ivF.R rooD UP \ TH rooD.'. TDKiOTHOID FLOOR.'. MOTII..U- I APT T T A I N I -- f r F T . m r \\ M / M M I V p,rcuz ) r - f r Mr I 7 / AH IIAIM'T F V ^ Is she pretty?" ; wick is a retired government em- ploye, moving here from Denver, I Colo. He worked for tile post of! fice for many years, but spent the j last few years with the Veteran's I A d m i n i s t r a t i o n . I The R. O. Kidds have also sold i their property. They are s t i l l liv- i ing on the place and havcnt 1 told ; me their plans for the f u t u r e . I Folks tell me t h a t the weather we have been h^vin-; for the pa:;t two or three days i- "blackberry winter." I t h i n k it is supposed to · cnme along about the time black- I berries are in f u l l bloom. Well. I . guess it p. for they ar- certainly ' blooming alonq RFD Seven. O. I,. Dailey. our new superintendent of mails, went around the route w i t h me last Wednesday. During the May count, the SOM spends one day with each of the rural carriers. We were in pretty much of .T h u r r y , as we got out a little late, and I didn't get to point out. as many of the interesting sights as I would have liked to. However. Mr. Dailey did find time to trade for a couple of crates of strawberries as we came by the Hoskins patch on the Ed Ecf- warri's road. He aim started a deal wtih Mrs. Belle Shacklefnrd ' for an old cedar churn. Mrs'. ! ; Shackleford isn't sure where t h e ; ' dasher is but she is q u i t e sure t h a t the churn will b? ok if i! is soaked I in water for a few riays. Mr. I Dailey gave me the honor of hav: ing the roughest stretch of raid , he found on any of the rout?.--- ' that road north of Sulphur City that I mentioned earlier in the column. Coy Fraley had to leave in such . a hi:; hurry l h a t he d i d n ' t have j lime for the dentist to f i n i s h his I teeth, hut he left his address with '·· me and I sent them on the next | day. And a couple of days later Christine Hamm, both of Tulsa Okla., were married May 3 by Judge Thomas F. Butt. Joseph D. Barbieux and .Miss Carole Clements, both of Tulsa, I Okla., were m a i i i e d May 3 by j Judge Thomas F. Butt. O. C. Glass, Owasso. Okla., and Miss Phyllis Ann Hogard, Tulsa ' Okla., were married May 3 by Floyd Carl, Jr., justice of the peace. John Wesley Thomas, Fort Worth. Texas, and Miss Doris Mae McChristian. Fayetteville, were married May 5 by the Rev Freri W. McClung. Alva O. Hite, Jr., Union Town, Kan., and Miss Joyce Larcon, Fort Scott, Kan., were married Mav 3 by the Rev. Walter L. Johnson Joe .Veil Druce and Miss Barhara Rave Saunders. both of Fav- c t t e v i l l e , were married May 3 by Ihe Rev. Jack Winegeart. Edward Nelson Catron, Fort Defiance. Ariz., and Mrs. Robbie Nell Ramsev, Springdale were married May 2 by R. F. Jackson, justice of the peace. William Erwin Sartin, Fayetteville, and Miss Lucille Cotton, Se- ligmau. Mo., were married May 3 by the Rev. Ray Garrison. Charles Fugene Reed, Winslow and Miss Lucy Christian Canfield Brentwnr-l, were married May i . by Ihe Rev. James C. Ramey. Louis David Ford and Mrs. Betty I MI Lovd, both of Fort Gibson, Okla., were married Mav 1 by John Kirsch, justice of the peace Michael Thomas Banks and Mrs. Leatrice Modene Lowry. both of Lawlon. Okla., were married · April 2!) by Judge Thomas F. Butt Jack Center and Mrs. Barbara Campbell, both of Winslow, were here to get rid of all of his live- . stork and other belongings. I hope t h a t his teeth catch up with him . betore he starts bark. Before my route was extended ! to I r e Will Hinkl" place, I uscH , to go up in t h a t drivewav south ' of Homer MrRroom's house to t u r n around. Homer had his mail- : box there--severs! fert off the road: but when I stopper! goin" up in there. I asked the McCrooms if they would please move their box down on the road. Thev not only moved the mailbox b u t ' e v e n : moveri the hou.-c. Now t h a t is what 1 call cooperation. ftirs. Vinis E. Edwards. Prairie Grove, were married May 2 by E. King, justice of the peace. On The Radio New York-l/Pl-Tonight: NBC-7 M a c R a e Show; 8 Lily Pons: 8:30 Band of America. CBS-7 Susnense; 8 Radio Theater: 9 Bob Hawk. ABC -7 Henry Taylor: 7:30 Big Hand Drama; 8 Whiteman Teenage Club. MBS - 7 Woman of Year; 7:30 Crime Docs Not ray;; 8:30 Crime Fighter.-. Montie May Brooks. Clark. Mo., and Mrs. Naomi Marguerite Riley. Renick, Mo., were married May io by Ihe Kcv. D. L. Dyker. Jr. ; Marvin Lee B u r l , ' T u l s a . Okla.,' ·and Mrs. .Maesie McCaslin, Kort : Smith, were married May 10 by j the Rev. D. L. Dykes, Jr.' Ervin A. Clift and Mrs. Lerese M. Sacked, both of G u t h r i e . Ok!a.,i were married May R by James H . ' Kays, juslic" of the peace. j Keith n. Terrell and Miss Pat, ricia Ann Klein, both of Vallev I Falls. Kan., were married May 6 by the Rev. Joseph N. Doyle. " . T.oyd I.eroy Carter. Claremore.' Okla., and Miss Rita Louise \ V i l - l son, Vmita. Okia.. were m a r r i e d , ·^Xiay 5 by James H. Kays, j u s t i c e ' of the peace. | Elmer I.eroy Becktold, I.ubbock. Texas, and Mrs. Geneva M i l d r e d ' i l u h c y . Jopli::, Mo., were m a r r i e d , Mav ,5 by the Rev. J. Robert Moffett. : Harry c. Johnson and Mrs. Res- ' e Marie Park, both of Tulsa, Okla., v.-ere married May 3 by Jur'-ne Thomas F. Butt. ^Victory Hamm and Mrs. Opal MOVDAt NIGHT 6:00 Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review Always A Style Leader 7:00 VV'ayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter--M 7:30 Rhythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 Bill Henry 8:05 Crime Fighters 8:30 War Front--Home Front !):00 News 9:05 Betty Davis--Women of the Year * 9:30 Just Music i 10.00 News--M 10:15 Platter Party I 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sijn Off TUESDAY MORNING 5:30 Rise N' Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 fi:00 Rise 'N-' Shine 6:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 Rise N 1 Shine 7:00 Koffee Kup Kapers 7:30 Otasco Ne-.vs 7:45 Koffee Kuy Kapers 8:00 Rob Hurleigh 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 9:30 Take a Number 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 R h y t h m Ranch Hands 11:15 Rauckage Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report TUESDAV AFTERNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 Chuckwagon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:00 BASEBALL St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Brooklyn Dodgers N'o other frock is so universally popular as the charming classic ' A l w a y s in style and so k i n d t o : every f i q i n e , t h i s one has a new i look in the shaped collar, the rows ' of lace for trim. Pattern No. (1828 is a sew-rite ! perforated pattern in sizes 14 i n IB, 20; 40. 42. 44, 4fi. Size Ifi 4 yards of 38-inrh; 2 yards trimming. For this pattern, send 30e for EACH, in COINS, your n, 1mo . nd . dress, sizes desired, and the PAT TRRN NUMBER .0 Sue RurneU Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 Ave. Anierlcnj, New York 3fi N V n.isic FASHION for 'M i"'f|li«i w l l h Ideas te mak/ynur doth« budget KO f u r t h e r - ||mf-,,vlng ·nd economlcnl riwignj that »rf 2:00 Something Old 2:15 Something New 2:30 Something Borrowed 2:45 Something Blue 3:00 Swine Session 3:30 Tune Pirk'n Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pick'n Tims S:00 Sgt. Preston 5:30 Sky King !W55 Cecil Drown

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