Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 12, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1952
Page 7
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II is estimated that cirs of coal moving on U. S. railroads in any one winter day would form a train long enough tn stretch irom '.he Great Lakes tn the Gulf of Mexico. How to Beat Bad Luck Indians Nip Browns Twice lo Lengthen Lead Over Nats (By Thf Associatrd Prrss) [Boston's Red Sox in the stand-: singlH in the fir.t inmnc mid Baj Lemon, of r I e \ · 1 a n d, mgs by defeating thf Philad*!- thst via. thai for the Hnsnx M»l . piti'hcd 3 brilliant two-hit, 1-0. phia Athletics, 5-2, in 11 innings Parnpil hurled * fine same hut uclory over the St. Louis Brown? of the first game of a scheduled 'surrendered one run in the 'fifsi: yesterday to help put his teem. twin-bill. Rain w.tplier] out the The V.'hi!r Sox tor.k il le Uvo lengths ahead of the sttrpris- second game after t\vo scoreless The R-.A Sox ran into trouble in the form of » Iwn-hit. 1-fl. jntchine job by the .\' n \v Yoik Yanks' AIHe Renr!ris. Do'n T)i- M;.Rgm and \'ern Stephens ea-h IIMti. lux«iMv,,i«, Arkantcu. i.ionaa/, i,,af Ontitk B/ A1XAN A. OUAMf. S*. Snead Romps Home With Top Money At Greenbrier A w.s'i*. tMin '."i!h enough can 'n hand'» n". th" r»i»] produced]: in .'A-» Vir«in.a in mi would-be ; -r-x "nn-ish in girdle the car tit at ( V . ' s F h i i i g t n n Senators. Mike ; (jiiv:n fnllnwrd LPITI in tn the 1 mmmd in the second game of a · dnublp-hearier and stopped the Brmvnies hy a 3-1 cnunt. Mfanvhile the Nats swept past from Detroit's h^nles-; Titjpr*. fi-^, hut found the pitching nf Tp-1 Gray tno ni'irh in ihe i-iciiti-ap. · liov/inn, L'-] The np:m:t vir'nry in the secr.-id g:ii'ip 5'nrpPif a ;srven-game losing j-ireak for ihe Bad lurk can strike you from n hundred directions, and no one can prevent it all. But an insurance program, professionally prepared by a specialist who knows your situalion. can r re . Dodgers Whittle Giants' Lead To One Game (By The Afsociated Pi,.,.,, The Brooklyn Uocigers u'iiitlled way at New York's National your bank account. Doinp tliis job acouralely, completely and economically takes analysis of your exposures lo bad - luck. We list them all in the. order of Iheir importance. We tecled by inatirance. \\'e lell you which "exposures to bad Itirk" 'Phillip. 1 :. The Bump IM\V trail Iw e «ame. Misplays hnr\ a lot to v.-ith fie Piiils losing lo the ers in the ]fl-in:ii:iK strugslp. .l.)e Adcork v.-allnppd tv.-o hom- 'ers and a smKle to lead thp Cin- f ,,.,,,. ,, 0 cinnati Rerls to an 8-S victory tell you which ones ran be pro- . nver !he Sl Lm ' is -" arrt ''"^ · · · · ' Southpaw Harry Berkowski v.-on . own cnn-e fT the Reds, v'ho ! moved into a third-place tie \vHh nan rest you a prent ripnl and i the Chicago Cur.F. which ones can't. We lell YOU ' how much earh type of protection costs. Then von decide which chances you can afford to take with had luck, or whether you want full proleclion against all of them. We'll make this study of your own "had luck" possibilities, and of the insurance you now have, without any charge or obligation on your part. Atlanta Takes Twin-Bill From Little Reck Nashvill- Waiiops Mobife As Lookouts Take Over Second By Thf As9fflat"1 Prps* From Ihr- f a n * ' etai.ilpoinl t'-n -ui-.'t anri h«?s-f in baseball Hprklrrl ? Nashville-Mobile Carrie y o r t e r - RENNER COMPANY, Inc. "Insurance of All Kinds" Phone ?1'6 Come In and S^e Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garaqe, Chicken House or Milk Barns, etc. Clifton Lumber Co. Phon* 27. Weil Fork, Ark. - ., twin hill with Pittsburgh. The Pin;t?p. whn had : Io5t 20 nf 24 starts, ralliH to v.'hip, I the Bruins. 11-2, after losing the · opener, 8-2. : | The scheduled rloublehoader he 1 - ' , , , ilwecn the Girmt? and Brave? In ' rlay. j Boston was postponed bccausp o f , y, )phv i|]p r | P f P3tP ^ ,« 1P | c . iei ,n rain ' Ir.-idinc Beavs 12-7 by hitting r-rnp homrrp. ilie most ponulp'r ad MI barXnall. and a'-T ?lihi(p rri' : " , fiv? error?, thp drcarir?t thitif; n I plnycr can do. Mnhilr*? fi'.'p errors aiV'i'-fd =rv- pn unpnrncri rune for N^'ivjtlp Two of Ihr? Vo!s homers \vrr^ hit hy Jim Rhodes and John Lip'.ak hit thp ihird. Banre Plr-; hi) afe1y in !u? 27t'i straight wme and nf Na«h- villp's 13 hits, fight v.-prp suppljpd by 7.isKy J«?inski aivl Hbo'lf*. Njishville and Mobile play a riouble-hpsder tonight. Birmingham won two from MmiphiF. fi-.'l and 4-3. GuM? of wind up to 30 ni i I PR pp r hour j 10 hp lurnrtl i,n to fini^'i !he ?.(.,·. ! nnd "'imp. Pi:rmin^h;"ii iradp fnui ' double p%iv; in t 1 "" 1 f i-'-' £(in,r tn | ?r-( .Inhri M.v'd-i-nn out of trouhlp, ( Ppd ?I--ilhi«-. r.rirnn rnt-'-r-'. suffi-r- I pd a di.-tlur.'i^d finp^r in thp npcri- rr. ; Ivj···;';.· nnr of (ho j.iy, pi^rhii::; ' "ill. 1 ! "f t ' - . P Pr;:nn i TM" f ' ' : , | A ' I !:ml;i .!"" Payr.p f - v p r I,:t:'c Knrk . in I'-P «»ci»::'| paim? r»r ^ dmiMt:. ' hr^rirr ]':iyne ytnppnrl thn I»pbs \viib O:IP hil--ji hn:,irr bv I hi Sinnnr--tn vin hi* KJUIIP .1-1. ; A r t F o w l f r pi;',.!i"f! A'u.nila's oprn- j inc 2 - 1 .-iclory. Little* Rnck'^ only ! S:--:T !-i Iho (MM-ncr v.-as on Jim C'ronin'.- horn^r. Atlnnt;i'i ,f;ick 1 j Park* dmihlpd. tripled nnd homrr- I C'l in ti'r fir. c ; j^nrpp. IP^'IP out of spi-nnd plarp w i t h ' . tv.-in v i r t i . r j p y . 2 - 1 ;uid 5-.1. AI Sims won his ?pvrn!h gamp i for C'i';itt;in^')q;i in the f i r - - ' IMHIC 1 ·':·! Hunky StPwart won the 10-in- ; nf N'ew Orlpan^ injure;! hir- Ivirk Hurl broke s pmall hnpp in hi? i i c f ' t hand slidi;ig in the second game. Thp npws t h a t !hc Southwest i nnfrrpnci? had lurnfd down rf\.ii. Tech's bi'i f(r nunibersiup m the Soutti-vpst f'nn.'erenre came .i' a s : j i r ; - : ; p ft soine fc! if. Not .TI t» s i : . \\ predicted, ind with ·":v. rt n u ' h n r . t y . ,1 hoist nine ninths . ;i{;i tliat no rhan,r;r tn thr rnn- 'rcrn'-n's mp-nhp--h:p -.'-n-ild he ir.'itic- i hi*- yrir nr m Ihf forpsef- 1 Jililp (i:!urp. \\ h,» -H sf.i'pinrnt upon 'hp iMlnriMiii.nn \ ^ ( · |:»ti nhtiiuiPti »n ,* !r;p tn PHI'!I of ihe c"iifprei^p .-i ho'i]-., ;ii-d upon opni;nMS of the Inji spot';*, writprF in Texas. ThtM-p j? ;i tnnoii'iuus ninount nf '·anr-as 1 position in ihp ccnfprrnrp ,1? (;!(· as A r k n n ^ a s people arp con- .·criKd. As an P.Xampin a l,itt!i lioi'k sports writer, mmnirnttnjj nn the action, exprpsseri tlie opininn t h a t HIP Southwest Coni fi-rpnr' 1 v.'nuld find Tcxris Torh nrirc of an n:-.Tt" (lian Arkfin truth nK the Hta that all six * the Texas schnnls are trvins t pu.«h the Pnrkerj out of the con ference From th« standpoint of and expenp?s the Texnns hav dtslrs in pley Ark»ii5«R m minor spnrtr. They vnuid lif to if Arkjtnt*' entered rnm MOM (V.'lJneSf R r t l f l hill a f p nd nn puv* htr- K=im pro- prl ·i w i t h a -i-nndoi thp ins i-ftjn in v ·iHfl pn/f in the CM- cl;,\ or| 1 1 1 ) ! J i l S ' i I - H EVERYTHING : IN : flUMEING and SUPfllK; FAYETTEVILLE : IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVJ. ;: ih« ! i l as happy not in mak^ t)n» tup to p r o f p « - u,.",,' "HyrMpvillp f \ p r n'iin \ r a r . I' \ \ - i " '':·· {···: And t n k e a look u; S. M I'., pur niui.ri . . · · · ! t --, w h i c h rraliy crnpnaFirer. only fun*- loinl nf vr,; j [ r hall. A i kansui- jjopt In for f o o * ! par -A t*;v ·; \ m i , r , , , , - . , hull mid hark*!ball in * hid '.vny. ond pU?-r r i ' n r 1 !:;rr,«.,i nd has shown n mnr* j - t i v r in- ; "F';rk\" ' " " . terpst in trark lhan frmr 'conferenre nrhonls during tii five years. listen" to the NEWS, tach weekday, at 7:30 AM, over station KGRH May Sports Card Mar 1.1--Arhinsas Track (cam vs. Ohlnhnm;i A. and M., hcrr. Thfit i- thp Miirrov.-pst hind o[ Ihink.'jp ;i!in is lusrd on none of the rxi: : '.ing fH'M.'.. The ronfrrcniT . ::i-i:no'.^ ;r.'\ ihp TCXHS PITFS .ire .··m;irt prviirnh to fcn 1 '": t h a t an : ill) - T c \ ; i s i on former 1 would not h;ivf thf srctional appeal it nnu- . h;i:; (all ii^rec thnt a IIP-A- member from Louisiana or Oklahoma [would he t;u murp de:-irable than : another TCX.TS .school.) · The T e x a s pphnols Imk )o A r - k.'insas on many i^r-uos for an un- hiii.-rd opinion. The Tpxanr rfnli/e ' t h a t hpinj; so rinse tofifMher they s f l r o t;ri nfien givrn to prejudires - -and all admit they appreciate the . f , n t th.-il ArkfHisap ^nn ]nnk at the "r|iu^tiitn fiinr up v / i t h a h e t - j And I ho '!'p\;ins ifjspnct A r k a n ' y^ on thn fifld »f :-pnr1r j \\VVP hrn-d t h a t A r k a n s a s ' fail- urr tn piirticifiaic in thr m i n o r j f p n r t s var ni-.I iikpri hy thP T c \ f t 5 ! : . That is as f a r frnm the The victory hy Roy U'nnd, nf F.iyetteville. and Steve ("irrkmnre. of Fort Smith, in t h e senior division nf the Uttlf Rork Countr\ ·Club 4-Rall Gnlf Tournamfnt v.-hx .not R hollo"/ one. ():IP nf ihf rnon thftt furnished the opposition was | Frank F.nftlM). nf St. ],nui«;. vhn is one of thf* niticn's tn|i uMiini- i nmatoiirs and w a y a winner in his 'arjp d j v i ^ j D n in the \\:lern Senior l;ist yrar. · ·r I.- t whn [ifirkpiri 1 ! -i !.)i'!il. 1 Davo riona'-.s of ;,V.u TV;. Iu'l..' ropprd third u -:tr-, a Jll ,-n.| 17011 · in nrixe rnont-'-, Tu'o (.'ntlfdriu.'if!.-. J nn Krrr.rr hind wi'h Better VBtfr WISELY-! Wfttn bvying o Hiring Aid : /ook for MIII Acceplont, S«j( £ of lft» Antri'on Mtdical AniKialloii Counr.l on P; r ,,cal MfdiciM ·_ and /?" . t h -i r!'.-..., like f l \ T rral *;un!cr- n-ar tli where hf tnnk thn-n | Snriid tr.i-ir-d ( ) | , - , ' Iwo dH\. hu! put ! .Speaking of Rolf, -r met R u r l ' l w n dli - XJ1 hul ' lllt " n ihp I " ' - ' M . .Mundy. the pro M the Sprinkle i in ^turdi.y'..; third ir.ui.'i IM !.,:··, JTmintry Ch:h the other day. Biirl '· " thrr ' f '--' ll ' n h'' I'-a'J. !is arlive in the aume i s ' f a r RS ' .'' wnsl thr s "'"" ld t'""r;,n,.ni Iwnrk i. concerned. g ivln R a flnck I vir! °7 ,! hl51 ' rnr fn ; SM "" (I . W|! 'I of le^nns and keeping the SprinK- | " C ..°L ( _' m ' rlr ' 1 · 1;slft " c^ale cnnrs* in lop rhnpe.. In addl-I lion he ts nnrninjt P driving ran^e, I 'vhere he \\-as w i t h H.irdM-KtMiIf too, nr;tr Sprincdrde [Country Club for a lonjj timr ;\Ho came hrrr from For) Smith-assistant pro. Ask your Physician f Thin ndrn-liii-mrm |. loiinf run tr · nrrvice lo tho hard^f-httrini by" U maUri of hilh-qu^lity, low^o.1. 1 HEARING AIDS = % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Holland Brm. Locker Plnnl * Conduction D«rr'cti ^ of Mo/,rol* (tlra Corf * DIXIE RADIO 42fl niCKSON PHONE 114) I A T T I D I E S tOt A l t AIDI · OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO An emir?ly NFW kind of dcfro^iinq «item thai is fully AUTOMATIC Dots NOT ii5f any kind of flccirif hrating tlement.l. Dcfrosis faster and is absolutely foolproof. Kcipi your food safer through the dcfroit- ing period. LEONARDS Cooking School FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2 P.MJ AMERICAN LEGION HUT ONE SESSION qNLY-DOORS OPEN AT 12:30 P.M. FREE GIFTS FIRST P R I Z E ! THIS BEAUTIFUL $269.9S DUTCH OVEN GAS RANGE OTHER FREE GIFTS" $10 PAIR LADIES' VELVET STEP SHOES S18.50 RCA VICTOH RECORD ATTACHMENT SMS MARTHA M A N N I N G DHESS $8.iO CHENYU MANICURE SET J1S C A M B R I D G E TEA SET J7.99 D A R L I N G DRESS S6.QO DECORATED PARTY CAKE S10 BUTTER CUP BREAKFAST SET ONE ROOM WALLPAPER IS SILVER DOLLARS $20 C A N N O N TOWEL SET J16.SO SET BUICK FOG LIGHTS Mode! LEA -(is illustrated) WITH MAGIC-f.YCIF. AUTO. MATICSEI.P DEFROSTING: A Dcluvt fi cuhc ftx-i model w,,h icross-tlie-top Irtvni food chrsi. ,\« Leonard-Gold, mrmsinn-iesistanKlieim. Plenr) of M|| hotile stor' $0 C/l QO or. J J O SAVE WORK, TIME, MONEY With a LEONARD FREEZER . or c. T«obigmin iliding crispers. Shelves in door. LOW Oklahoma 2SL4SIIPPLYB QUALITY PRICE West Side Square Phon* 161 Morfcfi at tow ot ! 269'- 5 money hy q-nv.ry h-. 1 , injr.f rn'iit »H --ti- VXllI forvjt S j v p tunrk in .1 Hoien n-her *IM .rr,-y of frw-H nn hin pi. o'.t i(Tlf*ifi»nf rf ill . fc.-H J IF.ON'ARD lor j-frjr Icojfn lm\\ Modtl LFR 93 « illuiiinrcl } 1090? NOTHING TO BUY!' EVERYTHING ABSOLUTELY FREE! LOOK WHAT'S IN STORE FOR YOU! FUN - EDUCATIONAL - ENTERTAINING! See ond Hear Maytag's Noted Home Economist--Ann Peterson Maytag's Master at Ceremonies -- FRED RIGDON OF BETTER VALUES' All Foods for School Furnished by Consumer's I.G.A. Super Markets CO-SPONSORS · Cook Point Co. ·Hunt'. ·Waggoner'i · Darling Shop ·Coleman Shoe Store · Guitinger Music Home ·Quaker Drug *Ark. Western Gas Co. »Bccbo Jewelry · Mcllroy Bank ·Hatlty Buick Co. ·Tuck's Service Co. Cy Carney Appliance Co. "Depend on Us for Service" South Side Square Phone 1728

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