Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 12, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1952
Page 5
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mother, broth* of ballots at 33.HS1. w i t h the kept separate. Of the 1,315 votes riox . ( p u b l u - a n candidates leading the cast by those below the legal v n t - , s hi-- b r o t h e r Democrots by almost two to one i ing age, Eis"nhower led w i t h 48n , ' h ' ' ~,V C V,'" ] ~' F ' S ~- '" 2 " fl f o r Kcf.iuver. M a e A i l h u r ,. Mr - ·"""' M r ' - " "MI : u; Il.v 'on,sidt-red ar. the ranked third in this poll u i t h 194. Fulbrisht was f o u r t h w i t h 102 and T a f t received 101, to 8fi for Russell. L. Uailey. Jr.. secretary-- l.v r'lii.sirlvi ed ;IH the ·iirtatfv foi th" job un thu tallut. Tilt' re- j Eisenhower Is Leader In Slate ·^ ·'· %· T» B \f C V t ntit fi ' n " ' " ' " ' ' v « ! . - · i i"« n n in in u*, I.02H; b! .Sfcn 477; DnuKlns 111; stores. The ballotins: created f o T\ r, f : Jtlil " !ul Km- 33i; Fled Vinson ·nil.-n interest in some l o e a l i ' i r s Drug Store Count Shows Republicans i·-··,,· '" '··"·····"······· »""i Outstrip Democrats j ^/.ti^."'^^.^!! 1 -iv-maii'"^- C./,,..;, _ . , l:-"ive:l :m hy the v.-rite-m route.: J ///*·, *on. Dwijjht D. Eisenhower is : other w i i t e - i n remits: G n v c r n n r j and Elmo Maddox I c - I l . m ! were lr f u l l s : EiiM-'nho'.u'i l,T'l-:4: H r f a u v o r _ i;.'!"!); Tiift S.34;!; M a c A n h u r \'Wi; manager nf th, .v-na,o;- nu-.':rll :i.:'2S; Governor Assoeiatinn. ssiii 1011.1:0!) r · ' ···:: l.lliii. G n v r r i H n Steven:..n lot; were d i s t r i b u t e d tn C' A r t h u r s u h n . liable, hrr.e had their ;:nn and Mr. and Mrs. nd ehildren. Bob- · t h a t a d d i t i o n a l ballots \vere re- Senator full,right tif Ai-lmnsa? quested, ll-ci !hc- svriu-in i-anrli'j,i:cs w i t h l two-to-nne choice of Ar!:a(v:n:n for president, a poll (nnrhlf'.eti hv 140 drug siorrs in ((i r r a n l i i - " ir. ·the state Ins: week, r t r a w vote \vas cn Arkansas P h a r m a e tion. President Glei 24. A v o r i i l H a m m a n I S . ] M r . a n ,l _M r S i A r t h u r M e l f o n of A r k a d e l p h i a , spent the pa.-t wock mlicatos. Tiv u t t c d by t h i ieal Aswi.-i. C. or Ito-^ovel! siv, F.x-Pre?i- l l ' i o v o r tr.roe. Vice President ' y 'brre, f f i r m c r G n v e m n r I' nf i n r i i a n a tbi'ee, Sena'.or 1 three, nnd Korrnan Thomas - - - _ . . . . . .01 Fnyctlovillo listrd t n t ; i l numbcj 1 QT. MAKES UP TO 24 GALLONS OF SPRAY OR DIP BRINGS COSTS DOWN TO AS imLE AS 8c A GALLON EQUALLY EFFECTIVE ON POULTRY. LIVESTOCK, DOGS, TREES, SHRUBS AMD FARM BUILDINGS When Used According to Directions t h e chnrcli Sunday- The t i t l e vas, "Thp Sii- nf the C h r i s t i a n Home." " I c K i m y.ini: a Kpei-ial f e e d i n g n n r j s a n i t a t i o n pracliees in n u m i T r and a t n r s a t r e \\-as pre- .Sjiringfield, Mo. i -ented tr i h e vuuniipsi i n n l h e r and The Winsome Sunday Srhrmi t h e oldest nnllicr p r e s e n t , antl also Class nf t i - e First Baptist Clnm-h In the ynmiccst haby belonsiriK to postjinned its regular m o n t h l y sn- the church. rial because nf school a c t i v i t i e s . B a c c a l a i i r e n l e was held for the The meeting will no held Tue.-.d;iy! l!l!i2 Snrined.-.le H i eh Srhonl n i q h t , May 20. Tmie and place' ^ r a d u a t l n n i'!:i:'-s S u n d a y ni;'ht at w i l l he announced l a t e r . ·' p, o'clock J M 1he new f i e l d house. The Pen Point Hub w i l l 'iieet The lev. II. M. Lewis, paslor of Tuesday nicht at 7:30 at the home Ihe First Methodist Church in of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas riolhrnck Sprlnjrrialr. was the speaker, near .lohn.'on. Jack Carlisle, j i r e r i - The T'entaenslal Church nf Odd dent of the club, will h a v e charfic I'll? South Thomnson S;ree!. held of the business meeting. ; special .Mother's H;iv :-er\'ice? .!. H. Nprtnan of the N n n n a n : Sunday m o r n i n c . The Rev. Mrs. F u r n i t u r e rompany spent the H u l l , ra.-tni ef the church, chose week in Kansas City on a business ·. as her subject "Bible Mothers." Irip. He returned home over the. G i f t s were Riven to the oldest weekend. j 9 n ( | youngest mothers present, and The Rooklovers Club met F r i - l a l s o In the mother w i l h the lars- d.'iy afternoon at 2:30 at thi= home; es( f a m i l y . Special musie pre- of Mrs. J. Frank Deaver on M i l l rented. [Street. Mrs. D. E. Eicher, pie;.;r!enl T | lc Fir1 p^p,]^ church pre- of the club, was in charce n( t h e ' s e n t e d Mrs. Gene Hacpcr, the business mccetinj. The t i t l e nf Ihe ynunecst mother, and Mrs. Ella discussion was "Islands of the Ati Fletcher, the oldest m o t h e r prespnl lantic". At the elope of Ihe m e e t - ! w i t h ror.-aces K u n t l a v morninK ing refre.-hments were served to ; " F a i t h of our Mother--" Ihe ihe members present. Mr. and Mrs. B i l l R o l l i n s and dauchler of Crutehcr Street speni Mother's Day w i t h Mrs. R o l l i n s ' subject nf the llev. Stanley Jordan's sermon. molhcr. Mrs. Grace Walker of Keoshn. Mo. I Mr. and Mrs. Klmn Marldux of Cleveland. Dhio. and Mr.-. Mdna Maridex of DcWitt, were guesls in the home of Mr. and Mrs. "Doe" Maddox and son, M i k e , last week. Mrs. Maddox is Mr. Mad Rolarians Mppi Hot .Sprincs, A r k . - i / i v n n t a r i - ans from .Ti clubs in Western am! Southern Arkansas were expected here M i u i d a v f o r I h e a n n u a l merl- ins of District 201. R j i j i r y I n t e r national. Kff.p up with the limes--r«d the Tintrs rtiilT Electric Water System Adds to Rural Comfort Mn. Glyn Whillen, Route 3, Shreveporf, Louiiiana, finds an electric waler lyilem about Ihe greatest convenience around Ihe form home. Mr. and Mu. Whillen enjoy Ihe conveo.ence . of raining, waler in the home . .. wol.r for Ihe chirlen broiler hou.e (in,et abovel home loundry and many other use,. Mrs. Whillen eslimalel thai Ih. woler system saves her three or four hours and hundreds of slepi each day. iLlectric water systems arc adding much to the e n m f o r t and convenience nf l i f t ; nn (lie farm. Those systems are also popular in homes t h a t tlo not have ihe advantages ol connection to a city water system. n n n n i i i ! ; \ v a t r r fur the home ... for poultry, livestock and n i n n y o t h e r needs such as sanitary tdvan1;i;,'S is p r o v i n g not only convenient but profitable. Electric w.ilcr systems are not difficult to install. Efficient and !u\v cost electric service is ready to do the work, once the svstem k in. One kilnwalt- honr of electricity will pump about 1,000 gallons of water from a shallow well. Many steps and h o u r s of work can he saved with an electric wntc'r system. Visit your f a v o r i t e hardware, department or appliance dealer's store and have a look at t h e water systems t h a t w i l l best fit your need. Call on yunr nearest .Southwestern Cas and K l e c t r i c C o m p a n y nlliee and ask for valuable helps in gettfne, t h e Dealest benefits from an electric water system at your home or farm. E. J. DYE88, D1VI8IOM MANAOM DOROTHY DIX IXJXIINITU FRI1M CAGE ve we.-'t of Sp: HS t h e i r gue.s's datiBht"!, Oliver A r t h u r s Iiy anil G a i l , of Cliiea- The /.inn-Oak G r a n g e e e l e b i a t - . ed itk f i r s t a n n i v e i ^ a r y T h u r - d a y n i K h t w n h a ccopc-r.-Hn-e lnnchci.:i al ihe 7,v.m si-hool. The stale v.-ort h y master was the f;uo'-.t sneaker. · The Oak Grove Home D e m o n - ' slration C l u b sponsored the en-' t e r l a i n m e n t ni-. e n a l t h e O a k ' Grove Sehool Friday n:;ht at ft o'clock. The Melody Hoys from L i t t l e Hock r,.v, e a concert. Tlv Rev. I. .1 Kemck. pa.;ior v.-ilh their d a u c h t e r and son-ill- of the First C ' h r i j t i a n C hllrch. de- i.iw. Mr. and Mr;. Guy W s n n nnd livered B special Mother's Hay son of Backus Avenue. sermon Glen Parsons, local feed sales- m o r n i n g man, is l a k i n E a specialr'.rri i.iiir.-r premary in scientific farm m a n a g e m e n t MO»THWE5T ARKANSAS TIMES. Foyetteville Arkomoi. Mon^, Moy IJ, 19$J , 5 ;;;;"':.Ir;.,!^**TMi'.;,*,,·.?"\* Reports Armed Robber |In".'.'...!^^, s ;": r ^'^^ Her For A Ride "' ' I . i l - t l y at ! . ' i l l ; lie J !!d ! av«' Such (n-c.n r.-noii-,;h u l i t i n ! i \ e t o isnore i h i ' i r '', r 1 - 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 ' Vou. piul.l.'in' i,(.',-,N a direr! "" rl v '" h 1!:f ' '' rc| "' "'-^'i ·"· tackle mil ,··;).'·-.·.·! . . ··. ,,,,. '«'^nv|v,, h.r.-e f .,n in-rlnia c f f M t - t - o? v,,., r ;,iendr ^":^''. ''''"'" l l v ""'" '" '·' How aboiil findiiiK an oc(.i-. ; on for a social Kalhonili: fit vonr house inviting !h,. w'-.-.i.. l.-. '- · '· hr " lor '''"'' !l '° '·*"''' l1 '"' "' ! "''" th,- ] QBaB Uf What · · £· i Like WithoHt Si-wrst' il r - n l l v ·· r V 'r V A n r l ''··'"'·»·''"· V",ne :,,,· :,,|. ;1 ! i l . ' , 'h- 1 "'',,-,ndi'"s",,, i ..,! 37 j, ,,,, ^Cld IfldigBStlOn TM*' ! mg !!·.·,',·''·!".". s ,'.'k'." I, ; T"'M' .';;;', ^^M^J;;;",',',:,:.'"" M0 "^ C', 1 ,";,',.' /V';'!;,',-',-,' i-'{?""''" ^ ® a * Let our Clients tell you what George S.May Service has done for them Writt , . . GlOKCE S.AVwCoMP.V.I ·P . C D \tfrVIU4-4. L-'- C . n l r a l D i v l . l o n EgliutiiiiB (Idg. Cliiiug. 6, III. t - . l o l . l i . k . d 1 1 2 S 41 E. CENTER won't you n c .. r of h^anhurn. »nur tiomfcrh dorjn't inful mv e u j n v m - n t nf foodi. Lite; m i l l i n n i nf Americat», I cirry Turn* «!*.ayi. P l f s i a n f - n i f m n Tumi n«utraltr« f t f r ^ i itomach acid--»oothe rtic bornia* »-r.i»:.nn of tour trnraich, he*nbufo t Ci* a'.jnnir i n t u n t t f . Cont*in no iod« i- fiin- ncirl r^hounrl. follow rh« roit /fir happy c a u n g -- Ktep Tumi H«odf -- TJ; Iil.f Candy." of PHONE 21 OPEN SATURDAY EVENIMC-S UMTI 1 . 8 P.M. May Sale of M-W Appliances 204.95 REFRIGERATOR vo ° Dow ° 8.04 Mo. Here's th« large, 9.3 cu. ft. family. siz- Rofrigrrolor at saving!, ftffft hold) 28 Ibs. of food, ic*. Twin Food Fresheners hold 19 qts. fruil, ven-io- bks. Roomy interior flivn you 1 6 2 sq. II. of shelving. 1 i% down on Terms. 36' RANGE--SAVE S30-J30 99.88 5.00 Dovr» :.00 Mo. S'jrv-y provei thii new gas range hai all f»oturfli of mmt nafionalty-known modeli uiuall/ idling for $30-$50 more. Has divided cooktop with light, even window and iiqht, pull out broiler, big slorage drawer. Uio Ternui TANK VACUUM CLEANER REG. 357.93 HOME FREEZER REO. 84.95 M-W WASHER 49.88 ",·," 329.88 10.00 Down 19.17 Mo. Full-',i?n Tnnk Ckonrr spi-cinlly pur. chm-d for th,s soln. S^pplic, pOwrr . W suclion for quiet, thorough cli-on- inq. Six handy atkKhmonts perform mony IdiVi lo simplify y. our t^,,.,, douning. I 5% down on Termj. 73. Holds 535 lot. of food. Sov» by qyon- lily buyina--tut down food won,.. Hat count«r-bolonc«d lid, chromed hondl* wilh lumbltr lock, r?coii*d lo« pon»l, I wim boskets ond dlvidri, Frt«i«r walli can't »w«al. Ui* Terms. 5,00 Down_ S.4S Mo. Oulck, taty washing ot big savlngv 3 -vnne Swirlotor woshu 8 Ibi, cloth«« thoroughly without tnnglkig. 2' balloon-roll wrmgir adjusli lo right pr«i» «uf« for .v.ry fabric. Us. Tarrm.

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