Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 12, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 12, 1952
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IOCAI FOMCAST ID TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily vil!» trM vlcml'y urn^Mllr rnn'ioufJ cool 'onlfht Tr*- H.fh i^mp'jr^iurf r'l'prd.iy . lovr 26. noon today M JMnm« MS; lun- Ml 7 13 Astociated Pr«» Uawd Wir« The Pub/ic Interest 1$ The First Concern Of This Newspaper , ARKANSAS. MONDAY EVENING, MAY 12, 1952 AP, King and NEA Featuru PRICE FIVE CENTS Oral Arguments Open In Steel Case Before U. S. Supreme Judgment May Not Decide The Eisenhower And 'Small A-Bombs 1 Increase Danger . TO us cities Tan Expected Seizure Issue Several Courses Open To Justices In Making Ruling Tightening Of Strike In Oil Industry Ordered By Union Leaders; West Is Alarmed New York-M'i-The development , of small atomic bombs makes it * possible for a single enemy air at! tack to destroy almost all of the city of New York, accorriins to : Civil Defense Director A r t h u r W. \Vallander. I Wallanrier said in a report to ; Mayor Vincent R. Impellitteri t h a t ! this danger stem? from the capability of a single plane to t a r r y a I dozen of the new bombs. He said new bombs are as powerful as the To Gain Votes Republicans Meet In Rhode Island And Wyoming (By The A»oci»ted Pr«s) Both Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio and Gen. DwiRht 1). Eiscn- new bombs are as powertul as me , -- · , n W J R - nfw n n l , o n a i old ones, which were so larce that ^n^,,^;, v n t r s today as Wy- a bomber could only carry one. | nm j n!! ,-, nr j nhodc Island ncpubli- I One plane, Vallanrler said, could | ,, ans 'meet in state conventions to scatter a string of the small bombs , sv inct 20 delegates. · in a sinKle run over the Bronx ·" - ' - - " and M a n h a t t a n . Fiery Object Seen In West Called Meteor Washington -UP}- Attorneys for thc administration and the vast 6 ,eel industry opened oral argu- ^ SMlUe . m . Air Force investi . eients betor , settle! gators and astronomers, a f t e r SeUier Present Truman's seiz- ' checking hundreds of eyewitness ure of the steel mills v.-as legal, reports, said today a fiery object Rut the bf« quKtion-whether w hieh exploded v.-ith violent force the president" has inherent powers over Seattle and the surrounding under the Constitution to seize I pugct Sound country early Sunday rVivate industries in national probably was a meteor. They con-. C rn . . , ,, , , ,, ,, eme?gencieTmav go unarswered · f i n u e d questioning witnesses from ; yesterday and agreed o tighten hTeause of the various a l t e r n a t i v e . ohrr.pia, 50 miles south of here, u p picketing at all points where it courses open to the court. . t o ' Belliugham. M miles n o r t h , m a y be legal to do so. Tn fact Ihe Justice D e p a r t m e n t , however, and started a search for officials of western states which argued tharthe issue before the |..strange" materials they said rely heavily upon motons.s for ·» Denver-i/TVUnion leaders call- I ed today for a tightening of a na! lion wide strike of about 90,1)0;) oil workers as u n i o n and industry officials headed for a Washington conference tomorrow. Thc conference was called by the Wage Stabilization Board to talk over ways and means of ending the w a l k o u t , now in its 13th day. The coalition of striking unions turned down a request by the board to send its men back to work, pending the conference. CIO Oil Workers International Union, officials of eight Midwest- states met at "--'J - Ohi " Toledo. Ohio. court was whether, "in dealing ' m i g ht have^ come from a meteor, with an immediate crisis gravely; - - -threatening the continuance of the. production of perhaps the most essential Commodity of our present civilization, the president could take temporary action, of a ; type not prohibited by either t h e , Ellender Hopes To End : Department Probe Soon ,o' Washington-l/Pl-Senator Ellcn- i c - ' d e r (D-La) said today he hopes Wyoming Democrats also are meeting to elect i n delegates. Sen. Estes Kefauvcr of Tennessee at' tended a prc convention caucus list | night before leaving for Denver todav and later Oregon. Ta'ft counted on p i c k i n g up a m a j o r t i y of Wyoming's 12 GOP Votes, hut Eisenhower hackers in Casper said "there'll be a fight" if GOP state leaders don't agree to a split giving at least five to the general. Eisenhower forces in Rhode Island were confident they would get most, if not all. of Rhode Island's eight delegates. Both Add Supporleri As the busy political week grit under way--13 conventions w i t h 1GO delegate votes at s t a k e -- T a f t had 343 votes and Eiscnhower_2!)0. according to an Associated tally based on delegates pi .. conceded, instructed, favorable, or willing to s t a t e a first-ballot . ready to plead at the opening ot pno j ( , p ^ B o t n QQP contenders her murder t r i a l today t h a t she n j c k e d un new votes Saturday : was insane when she shot her -r a n added 11 and Eisenhower soldier husband to death. She is f o u r as 36 delegates were selected accused of slaying Lt. Ricahrrl O. in p a r t y meetings in Nevada. U t a h . Mrs. Parsons. 21. has been so- I l 2 ;.. n !,' w .'.." r ,1 V ;'1"?1,," "^ " nr " m " ·luded in a hotol since a r r i v i n g Oil Heiress To Plead Insanity In Murder Case ; Is Charged With 1 Slav'ng Husband In El Paso, Texas General Dodd Reports Threats To Kill Him If Force Used In Rescue Concessions Are Granted To Win His Freedom ri r, T,,,.,, /PI in nil tioir ' t a l l v based on delegates pledged, Kl Paso. Texas-f/M-An on neir- r._.i_j ;,,.., ,,,* *.,,.n,.,,hin ess. Mrs. Man- Jean Parson Freed By The Communists . - · - . . . ... . T h e Wyoming a n d Rhode Island 1 from a Dallas m e n t a l institution . ,. onvrnl j nns irmch off a p o l i t i r a l l ; fieve 1 't 1 nlt'"t'he'"soT,,tion does n o t . "some people who are too doggone ·reouire the pressing of j u r i s t i c ! suspicious" won't try to prevent a require, me v » _ _ _ _ = = ' " | schetiulc d windup of his mvesti- rn-?ncinies to 'abstract extremes'. . Dv . ilc ,, u ,^ , P Th "industry ,s asking the Suga ,ion of the Apiculture Depar - - preme court to uphold the April j mcn t. Ellender heads, the Senate . * ^ ^ _ 29 decision of Federal J u d g e : A g r i c u l t u r e Committee now in t h e , ^ ^^ .,. threatcnf , d w i t h David A. Pine. Pine ruled t h a t ! mth month ot an innuiry into a - j f t ^^ jus , b c f t i n n i n g . Truman's steel seizure order of:]pg r r i wrongdoings in the d e p a r t - . n ,_ _ April 8, issued to hesd off » j mont's f a r m aid program of price strike was unconstitutional. He { supports and crop storage. their tourist t r a d e expressed fears the oil strike, if prolonged, would cut sharply into summer business. Joseph B. Brand, president of the Motor Hotel Association of ,N'ew Mexico, said he was writing Saturday w i t h the state's congressional delegation n i u i J T I I O u u ^ _. ,,,.,,,.,,,,,,-,, ,,, ,, m . . . ,, . . . . . _ urging them to aid in settling the ,.., Her attorney. W. II. Frver. ] Dakota, Vermont, Oregon and ' said her defense would be insani- : Hawaii. tv , Tomorrow's West Virginia pri- ' Hist A t t v . W i l l i a m E. Clayton maiies will elect 20 Democratic said he would o u a l i f y the jury for , -TMM« OOP delegates and North [ l i n n o j^nun.T ,,n..,. | conventions 'oucn on H p n i n i r H i i y B . Saturday w i t h her parents. Mr. ' p ar ^ Pr ] W eek with a c t i v i t y also " and Mrs. B u r t n e r Fl"eger of Tul- scheduled in West Virginia, N o r t h Above l e f t Gen. Francis Dodd, Allied commander of the Koje Island of war camp, was held by p r i t o n r r s a f t e r his c a p t u r e and t h e n ireed. R i g h t , C'ol. W i l b u r R a v e n , escaped at the t i m e Dodd v as seized. :His Question I Not Answered strike. "We have already felt the pinch of the strike and numerous tour- | ists are already complaining t h a t they are unable to get gasoline' ite," Brand said. He of 25 million to 50 ] Colorado officials expressed similar fears. Last year tourist and convention visitors poured 231 million Hollars into the state. The Justice Department, sup: R0 i ng to try to drag this thing out ported by the CIO United Steel- j beyond the point where it serves .workers, is asking that .lunge I a llspful purpos e. and we have Pine's injunction against seizing. ar m u t reacted that point now, the mills be reversed. The depart- i Hinder said, rr.rnt contends that although t h e . He ,, aW he hopes to end nubhc law does not spe',1 out emergency: h o a r jngs Thursday with testimony ' .eizurc authority such as the b Swrdory ,,f Agriculture Bran-. _ - . - . . . . - , . . - nre«ldent exercised, his action is nan . who hns asked for a chance ! of Wyoming coed supported adequately by the Conto sn swcr charges of a ·--.··-- '"- -"=" l»- * brut Wyoming Coed Is Found Badly Hurt On Prairie j Laramie. Wo.-(/P)-A University ; as witnesses. Three of thfrn are former Gov. Harold K. Stassen of : from Timherlawn S n n i t - r r i u m at Minnesota in the popularity con- Dallas, the i n s t i t u t i o n where she ; test in West Virginia and counts 1 has been confined since being i on getting most of the state's riele- 1 freed on $50,000 bond shortly af- i gates. But Eisenhower backers :' ,, -,..,:'., have urged voters to write "Ike ter the riamg. th Ta , t . stai . slm names al . Mrs. Parsons fold nolle? she |h h write . lns an not perrn | t , ecl shot her husband a f t e r they q u a r - ; a n ( j 5Uch votcs c a n n o l hc counted reled over financial help from her parents. , ;, f stittltion. Nn Date For Rullnt The --nurt may rule only on the iob" voiced by Senator Aiken (RV t ) ' _ Arrests Of Zealanders Made By Nippon Police Tokyo-l/Pi-Japanese police last night made the first arrest on thei "eoverup for dead by a brutal assailant, was problem of just hov: mueh Jn- v-ritten power a president has to meet a national emergency. Or, the whole case could be sent back to the lower court for further arguments and findings. own responsibility of There was no indication when | }A , erf pinc( , thc end of t h p S? SiofT^^bf vS ; =1 TM Apr^. o the news- | "The 0 TM"" s°et £w« sii hours for I The newspaper said 30 Hiro- thJI t w o sides to present their shima police arrested three New viewpoints starting this a f t e r - : Zealand soldiers as house burglary noonf Attorneys representing the suspects and handed them over to : found unconscious yesterday or. lonely prairie north of here. The ; girl, Virginia Anderson, 24, Maus. ton, Wis., is in critical condition ', from a head injury shock and ex- I posure. She was still unconscious I Sheriff Ted Burnstad theorized i she was the victim of an attempted rape but said'his office "is with- Communist Guerrillas Attack In South Korea Torcjen ! out a clue orlead." She had been ' A l l i e d ! missin S since late Friday. Four Hurt, Not Badly, In Auto Accident administration 'and the steel J n - ; Bri , ish Military Police in Kure. Four pf!rsons escape d with minor took A°S soWierTinJo 1 -juries" shortly after midnight cus,od- O o°n.y dn^orde's Si Al^JS' Sunday ^vhe^their car turned over administration cum ."·- - - - - - . m m.-v dustrv are basing their oral argu- r) Ur jng ments on briefs filed with t h e : ,,,,,,,,.' court Saturday. Acting Atty. Gen. P h i l i p B. Perlman. who as solicitor general argues federal cases before the high court, -is presenting the Justice Department's stand. Now 62. Perlman in the past five years has argued 55 eases before the court --more than any solicitor general In history--and won 45, witn a few still undecided. military police. Three Aboard Destroyer Killed By Shore Guns Washmplon-i.Ti-The on Devil's Den Road three miles south of West Fork. Sheriff Bruce Crider said the driver, Bryan Cosand, 20, of Johnson, told him hc reached down to free a stuck accelerator, and lost control of the car. Injured were Louise Wina, 1 '. i W y n o n a W i n n . 1"; and Olanri exploded by a di- 1924 " ..Ihore h ne,-Irs^n".iiTTh B eT.ght n |ast- oncd the business district of DCS The steel companies' brief con: crt u minutes the Xavy reported. Arc Sunday but firemen from ( ar- tends the government was a t - ; , ' lisle, Hazen and Brinkley joined AH the candidates in the Democratic race have refused to state a preference except one man who says he is for Sen. Estes Kefsuver of Tennessee. fitassen predicts Gov. Earl Warren of California would be the : R e p u b l i c a n compromise c a n d i d a t e Pusan, Korea -(/Pi- Police t o d a y if a convention deadlock develops ;said two South Korean pnlice- · between Eisenhower and Taft. men and one Communist guerrilla Stassen has said in recent months were killed Friday night when ho considered .himself the most e Reds attacked the town o f . llkel ' ''"'"promise GOP candidate. · Hamyang 45 miles west of Pusan J i n deep South Korea. Police said Tlirlr RltllAn TO Tflfl! the Reds, about 50 in number, at- i ·"«·» wuiivp IV l l i u i i tacked - the town with m o r t a r s , ' .. . -^ ' rockets and machine guns. Police ||] y|j||| Qfl Jl|fl6 7 i drove the attackers off and t o d a y ' ; were reported hot a f t e r t h e m i n , Toole. Utah-l/P)-Arkansas fugi- . the hills. The guerrillas joined . t j v p T U I" K Bishop was arraigned · a n o t h e r group of 50 Reds. i j n Third District Court here today- Three c i v i l i a n s were k i d n a p e d on a charge of k i l l i n g two men ' · d u r i n g a mine bunkhouse argu- i merit. j Bishop, hV. charged under t h e I n a m e of C a r l B. Anderson, was ordered to f a v e t r i a l b e g i n n i n g . J u n e 9 Hc is accused of k i l l i n g [ James Dougherty. 43, and nr-n Douglas, 34, at Ophir, Utah, · Newport. R. I.,-l/Pi-A Crossett. April 5. [ A r k . , Navy man was seriously B ( * j burned when he and so-en other BritlSn '· sailors were trapped inside a c e - I ' ment b u i l d i n g w h i l e a t t e m p t i n g to -- * 1 e x t i n g u i s h smudge pots. : I/OWH Utt Chief Water Tender V. C. Dc- ·, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kred S Lonrfon-'/Pi - f ! r i t i « h European DeLonj; of CrorseH. is dnst nbcd A i r w a y s *larhed its passenger as in serious c o n d i t i o n from b u r n c rrvice to the continent today and suffered Friday when caught in warned of f u r t h e r cuts to come if a "backfire." the American oil s t r i k e continues. DeLon.c, veteran of 1.1 years in D w i n d l i n g (rasohry* supplies forced the N a v y , had just completed a the n n t i o n n l i / e d air l i n e t n siis- dnll in the Navy's f i r e f i s h t i n j r P end seven outgoing and five in- school at the N a v a l O p e r a t i n g coming F.uinpcan f l i g h t s . Six Base here w i t h seven other sailors, domestic f l i g h t s n l o were sus- They had re-entered t h e por.rled. to e x t i n g u i s h the smudge pots and were trapped bv a b i l l o w i n g blaze. Employes Reject Union Proposal ! Affiliation Move Is Turned Down Employes of the Houston-Taylor Motor Cnmnanv h a v e voted.J-3. against s f f ' l i n t l n n with a n a t i o n a l union for the sKvind time in two months. In a N a t i o n a l Labor Pelations i Board election last Thursday, me| chanics, bodymen. painters and o t h e r skilled workmen voted against representation by the Int e r n a t i o n a l Association of Ma! chinists, AFL, it was revealed today. i Last March S employes n the same f i r m reiecteri a union bid by i a 5-.1 vote. Under NLRB regulations, the union had to wait SD days before petitioning for a src- gnd election. In the March S N L R B election, employes of three Faytteville motor companies voted in favor of a f . ' i l i a l i n e with the 1AM. Workmen at two other firms, i n c l u d i n g Houston - Taylor, rejected t h e union proposal. The union w i t h drew its p e t i t i o n s for elections at three other companies in .1 last- minute move. , at Hamyang hy the raiders. Arkansan Badly Burned D» DV ' Hundreds Attend Open , House Al VA Hospital | | More t h a n .1(1(1 visited thc Veterans H o s p i t a l for open house vest o r d n v in nhsTvance of N a t i o n a l Hospil;.! Day. The tirsl t o u r y ' a r t - , ed at 2 p. m., and thc program ox- 1 I tended u n t i l almost r. Guostc f r n m I m a n y cities i n c l u d i n g R o l l i n s . ! Wyo.. W i c h i t a . Kan . Muncir.. I n d . . and Bossier C i t v . La., wen present. Interest was shown in the Urge k i t c h e n , in thc mcriicnl and u i g i cal display, the iron l u n g , t h e rocking bM. and t h e Flinulatr-d hlnod t r a n s f u s i o n , among other t h i n g s Thr. VFW A n x i l n r y held open house in t h e Recreation R m l r l i n g . and fln-j.-er': '.verr- provided hy the VA Dirt.'iffT-. O r ^ a r i i / a t K i n s ass i s t i n g in'-luderj the Y F W . the AMVETS. A m e r i c a n I.ejion Aux:!i a r v . and the W.-i-;hiri;:'nn County j Home D e m n n ^ t r a ' i n n flubs. San Franrisco-iypt - Policeman Tom McDonald rang t h e doorbell All he wanted was to a.«k if the people knew a n y t h i n g nhout a drunk reported lying in the street. He never did get an answer, e v e n ! w i t h the help of f o u r patrol cars. · two motorcycles and a paddy wagon. Mr-Donald said F.'inene Leahy, a longshoreman, answered Ihe door Inn night and i n v i t e d the o f f i c e r to come in and f i g h t . McDonald said hc did st"p inside, then : Leahy, his wife and 28-year-old i daughter "pushed me around and i tossed me out." j McDonald came back w i t h re- i inforcem?nts and put the Leahy i f a m i l y in i a i l on charges of resisting an officer. Jefferson Speck To Speak At University ! Jefferson Speck, the Henublican nominee for governor of A r k a n s a s , will speak in Fsvi-Ueville Wednes- i dav n i g h t . He w i l l make a p u b l i c ' aridrer? at r-.e U n i y r s i t v Student Union s t n r n n g al R o'clock. The appeai-anc" is u n d e r the ausnices of the Korensir-r, Society and the Political l.cagiie al the University. The t a l k hy the Republican candidate, who is an avowed Fisen- ; hower m n u . is one in a serie^ being spomoicd at the school hy the two srnun--. Mr. r ;"pr-''k w i l l .-iiTn-nnan-- her husband to F a v M - u l l f The* are expected to arrive Wednesday | afernoon. i Speck was the Pepublii-an nominee opposing Gov. Sid McM.-i'h in the genei,- ( ] r l e c t i n n two years ago. ' He polled SO.00(1 votes in the race. · Oil-Fed Fires In Texas Cause Heavy Damage l l n u s t ' i n .'/I'i-Tvn spec- t a c u l a r , o i l - f e d f : r c were burning t h e n i s e ! . r-' out jn Tex.T: One of th" bin/"? amoiif; 3.'i de- r,-iile*frei-ht r-ars of the Fort Worth and C i t y R a i l r o a d cnur.ed damages tet at *3,0on.nno. It O ' c u r r c d Sunday near Corsicana Thc other, on the Houston ship destroyed eight t a n k s last n i c h t .T K a i t e r n State Pet- 1 rrileum f n i n j i i i n v r e f i n e r y . e n s e v.TM.- » . - . » tempting to impose compulsory' sentence Commuted arbitration, was trying o sett o : ,,.,,,,,,. .... _ l/r . _ Th local volunteers to confine thc a labor dispute by "executive fiat" !. and was bypassing the T a f t - H a r t - ' ley act, which the brief said Congress intended for deadlocked labor disputes. The Justice Department argued the president In seizing the mills acted to meet an emergency through powers set f o r t h in the Constitution. The department's brief called this "a grant of all the executive powers of which the government is capable " The steel union, as an interested party in the dispute, filed a brief calling its wage t a l k s with the Industry a sham. It "id the real fight is over how much of a price Increase the government would grant the i n d u s l r v to o f f - Ida ^eninirr v. m u i * « -Phoenix. Ariz - LTl - The death flames to a single building. 'sentence under which t r u n k mur- doress'Winnie R u t h .ludd lived for 20 years in the Arizona State Hos- The M. A. Johnson General Merchandise store was destroyed. r 1 c f c c t i \ - e w i r i n g was blamed f n r 1,186,000 High School Students To Graduate in, Hail And Wind i pital for the Insane has been com- the fire. There was no estimate muted to life imprisonment. ' o f the damage. ^ Violent Death Toll In Stale Reaches 17 In Week; Truck Wrecks Are Fatal To Two Little Rock-WHiKhway a c c i - 1 pick-up truck he was d r i v i n g over- dents near Yellville and I'nca- t u r n e d on H i g h w a y 67, three miles hontas killed two A r k a n s a n s Sun- south of Pocahontas S t a t e P o l i - e day, bringing the violent death man Bill M i l l e r said K i r b y was L i t t l e Pork-'rlVWind, r a i n , hail \ V a s h i n g l n n - I / I ' ' - T h e O f f i c e of a"' 1 , « / m a l l tornado over thr. sszxx-xzxi SSSFJsHHE fifty w i t h H hich nf 71 at Fnrt S m i t h ;uiH T V x a r ' K f i n a . Thr- LittiV Rni-k Wither Buif.'i Rep. Franklin Roosevelt, Jr., May Attend Bar Association Meetings In Hot Springs irhnols m thc? Unitorl f r n m hig)i ! Stales t h i s s c h o l a s t i c year j The t o t a l includes g r a r l u i i t r s at I anrl at the end "f t h e scholastic year f r « m both p u b l i c and p r i v a t e school?. forecast f a i r and w a r m e r w e a t h e r , for Menday w i t h no r a i n in sight. tfi higher pay for ntwlwnrkrrs. The Wtothcr Arkansas--Fair nnrl I IHUe the fiSO.nOu, 1 " 11 tn "' (or t n p wf ' k p n r t N ' Sun " ' day m i d n i g h t . C.arvin Ply, about 30, of Pya a t t e m p t i n g to pass a n o t h e r ve- h i c l e when t h e m i s h a p occurred. Isaiah Carroll, "«. F a u l k n e r , . . Ark , was killed when the truck m County f a r m e r , died S a t u r d a y which he was riding l e f t Highway n i g h t in a Conway h o s p i t a l of in 14 near Yellville. and struck a tree juries suffered in an accident ear- r ; rm,r,hi,.nernoon,,on,gh,,nd tomorrow. occupants, was Injured seriously, . rell was dragged a , said C ; r considerable , Hunt's ha, the right R i f t for y o u r , nr-Uhy ,Ioe Kirby, Id, of Lake d i M a n c e when a mule, hitched to Kradu.te. (Adv.) I City, Ark, wa, klllM whes U x i plow, bolted. , Child Hurt In Fill 1 PniiltrV Market I n "!'' r ' - ( S p e c i a l ) - .ludy Ann , rouirry warner i daughter of Mr. and Thc p n u l t r j market today «i reported hy Ihe UPivor.-ily of Ark n n s n « I n s t i t u t e of Science «nd Technolouy and the D a i r y and Poultry M a r k e t Newi Service of the U. S. Department of Agncul- , lure. Northwest Arkan'.,is m a r k e t vorv ' f i r m , d e m a n d good, t r a d i n g more 1 active t o d a y ; supplies short fit i some points, oth^r points reoorterl h o l d i n g Prices p a i d f o b f a r m up j to 2 p . m . 2-1-21 conu ( m o s t l y 2Y / Mrs. .Ics^e Boolh r ( f r i a r e m o r r . Okl.-i . s u f f e r e d a broken h e h l w n ^ t v e O e r d a v a f t r - r n r i n n w h i l e p l a y i n g at the hurnr- r.f her u n r l c . Earl Month of Kr.ccrs. She f e l l w h l k p l a v i n g rn a l a d d e r anrl was t a k e n !n the Rogri Memorial Hosp i t a l f o r t r e a t m e n t . ,., set for n i r p l n n r ^ w h i c h w a r n s p n u n r l . ' pilots of o t h e r n i r ' - r . l f t , nviunt.iinr: I snd even storms. nans v.'trp shtinf^fl in'n ih^ h f k " Rrnund 'I'.'T thr "Tr^rnfl hy n.v imna] pnlitiful Hop. Kr.inklm I). Hfi-.^-.clv J r . ID-NY I said hf will try tr, ailrnrt the ArkHns.iJ. B.'ir A * o i ; At ion mrrlmfi nt Hot,Spr:nK«i thi.s urrk. f'rr.'Klrn'iftl ar^i- Hint .John H. Slrrtm.»n. inrnnonf") a^ a \ irr prr-f-.flfntif'il r;mrlifl(ilo. p: - ;u:.Pd t w o pff.vrr prnjrt-ts ;d .1 small rMv p-iMmnstrrs 1 convrnticin in I.ittlr Rn:k. nnnsrvr-lt h^-- hnon flskfd hy : Drmnrratir Prcf-id^n'inl Candi- I date W Avrnll to i*n- irsrnt him at ihV fiar As^onation'i rnm'rntmn An as^nriatlon rom- mittpf \*- attrmptmR to arranarr fnr aopp.Trrtnrr nf pr^«idrntial . rnnrlirl.ilr* or Ihrtr rrprr;rntAtivr5 |rl Srn. J"hn C 1 . .-.d S.itin f i ' i y lr tn ,-)t!ond ,is t ' i ' i v f -! of D e n r ^ n IVi!h ( l e n e r a l Ki:-enho-A cr .infi Scrn1rr T a f t are expected t" he represented at the meeting, v . h i r - h r^ten: F r i d a y . A c t i n g Defense Mobibzer Steel- m a n , a n . i t n e A i k a n s ; m , triUI the postmaster', c o n v e n t i o n a t I . i t l l e Hock t h a t Ihe n a t m n . t l d e f e n s e pirigr.-im w a n p i t the [irime f ' t r t o r behind t h e Smith's new prosperity. ' · W i t h o u t Ihe Tennessee V,ille\ A u t h o r i t y a n d t h e Southwestern Power A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , the spectn- ' development of the South has experienced could not have been possible." snld Steelman. He called critics of TVA "shortsiRhted cynics.* But Clark Asserts Reply To Demands "Made Under Duress" Seoul, Korea-fVP) - Brig. Gen. Francis T. Dodd said tonight Communist prisoners of war who held him hostage on Koje Island four rfnys last week threatened to k i l l h i m if the IJ. S ' E i g h t h Army tried in rercue him hy force. Gen. M a r k W. Clark, new supreme U N f . commander, said in Tokyo the Red POWs were granted some minor concessions. He termed their original demands for Dodd's release "unadulterated blackmail." Me seemed to hint they would not be honored. Clark salt! the reply to the prisoners "was mftde under duress at a time when the l i f e of General Dod-d was nt stake. Any commitments made as a result of such demands should be interpreted accordingly." i Dodd read a itatcment to correspondents saying he was convinced the United Nations Command threats to use force ''had a decided effect" in obtaining his release Saturday night. i The correspondents were not · permitted 'o question the general. . It was the first time they had been · allov.-ed to see him, Dodd said he was well treated by the Reds while a captive. N'ewsmen were permitted to visit Kojr to-lay for the first time s i n c e the Wedneiday seizure of Dodd. then prison camp commander there Six thousand arc prisoners there. Well Planned Stockade officers said the prisoners apparently had planned the capture at least a week in advance. W i t h i n minutes after they seized uodd. the Reda broke out banners saying: "We captured Dodd. If our problems are resolved his security is guaranteed If there is any brutal act or shooting, his life is in dan- Ker." Clark said a f u l l investigation of "the violent and treacherous kid- n a p i n g of Dodd and the circum- i stances surrounding the negotiations and his ultimate release" is underway. · Brig. Gen. Charles CoUon. Charleston, S. C , was placed in · command of the Koje camp on Thursday, the day after Dodd was seized. Dmrrlhri Meetlnr The general described : pre- l i m i n a r y nie^tmtc at which the prisoners explained their gtiev- 1 anccs about "food, clothing, medical supplies" and several alleged "injuries to the prisoners" They · gave him a chance to reply, then voted on the answer. He caid the meeting was presided over by Co'. ' Lee l"ak Koc. "elected leader" of ! a prisoner association inside the compound. "It appeared that in all rase.- of dispute Colonel Lee ruled in my fa-or." said Dodd. Th» ccncn! smd he was housed in a blanket-covered room in a ··previouslv prepared tent." There vere "rice mats on the flocr. a built-in bunk, a tab'.e · A i t h flowers and a rack on \vhl?h to h a n g my clothes." said Dodd. He also Mi' 4 the Communists had planned to release him during a flo'rf r-decked ceremony on May II They planned t o garland t h e · cenei.ii w i t h wreaths and march him b-t ir-cn rows of FOWs when . thcv t u r n e d him over to General Colsnn ; llorM said h» told the Commu- nis* leader that since he had agreed to several of the Red de- 1 m.i.'ids h* expected them to live ' up '.o t h e i r b a r g a i n to release him as soon ,i he had accepted. The Reds f; agreed and escorted Dodd to the gate at 9:30 p. m. I.urH To The Gale · The general explained his cap- t u r e (Mine about shortly after ha was lined to the gate of Compound -f, at 2 p. m. Wednesday by a request for an interview from the "spokesman" of the compound He *aid the interview consisted ol '· the usual Communist complaint* Dndtl said he had decided to breall off tho inert ing when the Redl ' statement did not mention Lt. Col him inside the compound. Thl sutement did not mention Lt. Col Wilbur Rnven. who tscaptd whel the Reds tried to grob him iloni . w i t h Dodri. , ' The general t»'.S t mi«« a :d»ily meetings r' » Mr* with tr I COMTlNXHt) ON I'ACF NISI

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