Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 10, 1952 ツキ Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 10, 1952
Page 10
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jjji NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMIS. FayテつォHテつォvllk Arfcoim*. Saturday, May 10, 1952 FARM AND HOME NEWS Gjreen Pasture Tour To Visit County May 15 'Program Planned For H. R. "Bob" Sharp i Farm Near Lowell alfalfa-orchard Brass mixture. Dr. P. (.'. Sandal, professor of agronomy if the University, will e x h i b i t different grasses and If- Bumes that are adapted lo this area and will discuss the use of each. Dr. R. L. Beacher will be in charge of one slop where he will discuss t h e soil testing laboratory nf the- University and how it r,-in help huilrl greener pastures. I.unrh will be provided for the croup at noon at a nominal cost a f t e r which a program has been arranged. At this t i m e Mayor Sharp will disruss his greener pastures and tell how other farmers in the county can hju'e^ pastures just as Or. R. D. Stalon. KVOO C .1 v a 1 r a (1 e M ' v, will n . n v e n e n t professor of ngronomy at t h e Uni- A-ill discuss good manage- Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith In listening tn Wednesday's poultry market report this report w a s ' heard, "Broilers I S to 20-mnstly j ;) IB." This type of report has been ' coming .over the radio now f o r ' three or four weeks j According to one of the larg- feed dealers and GREETINGS FOR ''PAPA" STALIN--Premier Josef Stalin receives a vArm greeting from Vera Kondakova, pupil at Moscow School 612, during May Day celebrations in Moscow, according to Moscow's newspaper, "Pravda." At right is Gcorgi M. Malcnkov, often mcntinned as a favorite to succeed Stulin, and at luft is Marshal Nikolai Bulanin. Photo is said to have been taken at Lenin's Mausoleum. ut u-ui-; . e m n Service of \V,,sh- men inilon and Benton Coiintleテつォ and m|1|U w " r K - trfl vocational agriculture ins'.ruc-1 tis of Springtlnle anrl lingers ; High Schools In cooperation w i t h ; KVOO. The program will be held at: the H. n. 'Bob" Sharp f a r m seven miles N n r l h w e r t nf Kprlng- dテつォ!e. The f a r m is h r t t e r known,: テつキi the Sharp Wyandotte R a n r h ] tn'd is two miles west of Lowell i on. Cave Springs h i g h w a y . : テつキA program has been arranged ( tar the day giving farmers an op- , pOrtunity to see w h a t can be clone With orchard Brass in Norlhwcr-t AVkansas. The visitors will see orchard grass ranging i" ace from two to 10 years w i t h an excellent 8tテつサnd still on the ground, in adnl District Winners In Essay Contest Are Announced Results of the recent soil conser- the month. months. W i t h (hi* cost, a sale at Ifl cents means a loss of around U to 2.1 per cent to Ihc producers | and some loss to those, v.'hu extend ; credit w i t h no a d d i t i o n a l security, j N a t u r a l l y farmers can not and j will not stand for such losses for ; any length of lime, and the prnb- I Icm will relieve itself through supply and demand. Doan's Agriculture Service has fell t h a t some i relief might come by the end of ! tien to the orchard テつォtflテつォ tradings, we will tee blue grass and an RADIO TV SERVICE loletl TV Ttil ; Equipment 24-Hour Service TRI-STATE SALES CO- 110 W. Dlckion Phont 513 vation essay contest, sponsored jointly by the .National Grange ar.d the American Plant Food Counci* bavc been announced in ..the,, vnr- Jbuテつサ Pomona Crarjge diテつォtrlテつォ cf Arkansas. The rnntctf closed March 31, a n J judging of all essays submlHed was completed last week, witn names of first and second ptice The. poultry business in general is a likable one-the hens-thc cggs- the broilers and all. It constitutes a farm,endeavor which has made some good money in Northwest Arkansas' and will make good money a g a i n . A loss of in cents per chicken over an eight week period hurt! badly but such loss can not wipe away the gains t h a t have winners being sen! from each j been made over a 15 year period of Pomona District to the office of profits of in to 25 cents per chick- PRICES ARE BORN HERE AND RAISED ELSEWHERE Open Each Evening 'Til 9 テつォ*mt wit テつキny ttrmi. vtn OPHH * テつキrテつォutiil. g. * * H HILTON BROS. DOTE-IN FURNITURE Hlwiy 71 the state grunge lecturer, Mrs. i en. The higher p r o f i t s came when C'hloa Summer, Gentry. Wlnnmtf | the shortage of broiler b u i l d i n g s essays arc now in tile hands of prevented the industry from meet- the state judges, and state winners will be chosen from the group be- By MILTON MARMOR For HAL BOYLE Dublin, Ireland-lff 1 ) - An Irish ; cop on his Dublin beat wears his I night stick as some other gentle; man would a cane. Not only is it ornamental but he'd also feel undressed without one. In front of the Gresham Hotel I on busy O'Connell Street on a j Saturday night a policeman stood. He looked all of his six feet, 175 pounds as he watched many of | his countrymen who had come to [ windowshop on Dublin's main street, or to chat with the gentlefolk who sometime pass the time! in the one or more public taverns.. He appeared tn have a moment to himself and so it came to pass ! that the patrolman on his beat] heard himself asked the following' question: j "flow often, Mr. Officer, do you | find it necessary to use t h a t night- i stick? On unruly ones, I mean." ; Mr. Officer thought and t h o u g h t ! again and then ventured the re- \ ply: "Very seldom.'' j ed in some skirmish hi New York." They rarely have "skirmishes" in Dublin. Last December three men stuck up the Provincial Bank on Thomas Street and shot a cashier. They were captured quickly and got 14, 10 and eight years. They still talk about that shooting affray--it was the first criminal gunplay in Dublin in H years. Dublin cops don't carry guns. Most of their work centers about traffic problems and on Saturday nights helping those who have celebrated too much get back on their feet and home to bed. Only disorderly ones find themselves taken to prison and they usually get let off when they sleep it off. Four drunks a night per cop is the average. BOWL FOR PLEASURE Jim Renton Bowling Lanes--Adv. fore .June Awards art being made in the Pomona Grange districts, and stale awards will be: First place $HIO; second $50.00; and third, $25. N a t i o n a l awards are n he given to the f i n a l i s t s in the j slate winners, and announcements nf n a t i o n a l winners will be made during the National Grange convention in November. Winners by districts: Harrison District P o m o n a ing the excess post war demands. | is hard to agree w i t h an out of | NIAGARA FALLS, WESTERN STYLE--Flood -swollen Weber Rivrr forms itselt into a miniature Niagara Falls as it pours over U. S. Highway 89. near Ogden, Utah. .テつキVtrbtnu. Pelunlai, Scarltt . Big* and Mテつォny Other Flow" erlns Plinli テつキ Tomato, Pepper and Egg Plants テつキ Summer Blooming Bulbt and Flower Sndi A D A M S FLOWER SHOP Pbdni 320 33 N. Block First place--Bobbl Lewis Clark. I Second place--G. W. McKay. I Perry County: First place--Gail Holbrook; Second place--Thurman Alexander. Madison County Pomona: First place-Dan Tackett, Second place Barbara Ann Llchti. Bonton County Pomona: First place--R. C. Hunter, Second place --W. T. Waters. Essays submitted through various soil conservation districts and , vocational agriculture teachers ! where no Crania, were lテつォa テつォd were judged separately with the state broadcaster who on Thursday i of this week .voiced the opinion j that unless relief Crime immediately the broiler industry would be '.wiped out. The good profits may be f n w e r in the future, bul surely some moofty will be made. The present overproduction is due possible to the constant, doubling of capacity to meet the gradual decrease in the -broiler profits. It has never Tomatoes Said Missing Found Cases Turn Up In Various Cities L i t t l e Hnck-WPl-Slatc food and i JUST BEFORE SHE LEAPED TO DEATH Pursued as to the l a s t - t i m e he j used- the truncheon, the* policeman '. searched his memory and f i n a l l y ; recalled: "Six, or it may have been eight ' years ago." The occasion was some sort of j political demonstration. The peo-' pie themselves rarely get out o f ; hand, it appears, because the Irish'_ a p p a r e n t l y are quiet, law-abiding j citizens who don't go in for rowdy activities, even on Saturday nights. The younp patrolman--he said he could not give his name--bad- been on the force 10 years. He had two uncles who had been on a police force in America--New York, of all places. One of them, Mike, came here during the war. "I think he's retired now; ] lost track j of him, hut I heard he was wound- MAE MARSHALL'S PRIVATE HOME FOR UNFORTUNATE GIRLS Seclusion And Expenses Paid Tel. 934' Edmond Box IK Oklahoma GRADE A DAIRY BARNS NO MONEY DOWN 36 Months to Rtpoy Loon DYKE LUMBER CO. 101 Si. ChirlM ment of policy (especially with a following retulU: First plsce--Harold Rlmson, second テつキAmanda Harbert. O C L U I I W ( ' m i テつサテつキ . i l テつォ U t Stale Master Moore reported lgm essays were submitted. i AdvertlM In lilt TUBES--II Charges three executives of the canneries were filed Wednesday by Ted P. Coxey, prose- cl'ling attorney. Austin said 117 cases were f n u n d at the Safeway Stores. Inc., warehouse in Little Rock: 122 cases at the rhork Wholesale Grocery in A t k i n s ; 85 cases flt the The Whole Family Will Enjoy A -Drive-In Movie This Week-End TONITE 7:45 - 9:55 Saddle Your Horset, Boys, There's Hell to Pay in Them Thar Hills A SWEIMNO SAGA Of SAVAOtRT.^.WHIN MIN MH4TIO Wi WKT WITH HOOD AND OiORYl ADDED -^Desperadoes of tha Weil Ko.' '2 FUN *LHllo LeagueTM -- Poptyi Cirioon Corns At Leto AE 10:40 -- Sw thn Hegulsr Show -Remain for Midnite Show Al Our Gueit Midnite Show 12:15 Hcrp'i onテつォ thnt will ratftf hair en a bald head! "Doomed to Die" Starring Boris Kai'loff Starts Sunday 3 Days of Loffs CO mp,ete-Br/ng her to the Drive-In Theatre * * * * テつキ * + * * テつキ For tome lucky Molher-a beautiful Giftl テつキ Mother* over (5 Free 0 Prize for the olden Mother テつキ Prize far the youngeil Mother Make thd Her Day Donald Duck Cartoon Rrinklcy :md 75 cases at Wish Brothers in Clarltfville. Charfics ha\-e boon filed against .Tnhn M. Hilton ami Noah Webb and f l i n t Davis in Washington Circuit Court. Piano Concert Planned For May 14 Ar Rogers College, both at Wheeling, sas and Oklahoma. A West V'r- ' W .Vn. ginian, he is a graduate of Brig-! Selections v.nll include selec- ham University, and received his ] lions hy Beethoven. Gcibluvki, I'liccion charge will begin at 8 musical t r a i n i n g at Oherlin Con- テつキ Lost?., Debussy and Chopin. operations. I f ^ p o u l t r y f a r m - . ^^ collcct ' ion w i ] l ,, p l ; , k e n .! servatnrv, Ohio, and Ml. Dr テつキ テつキconcert'. Chantel Academy and "West Lib-,- Advertise In the TIMES--It pa?s. Latter Day ! which will he open tn the public without ad- p.m. No collection Elder Dubols Is ,, program mutton, wool or truck production, instead of doubling his poultry capacity, Jliures representing the labor efficiency of the large units have been the.most common reply. The next most common reply was that these other sources of income represented "chicken feed. | ^ That "chicken feed" kind of money , Hudrtlcston Grocerv Company, in is very precious money when the i chips are down. The labor dficicncy rf the big u n i t s are li.vl.' ..'U "テつキ テつキ they become largo n lelation to the other farm i.-'.vHies ttr y cc.ise to have proper : i :.c balanc-. Diversity of income is essential in テつキfarm pperations. .)ne should never forget how the world'.? largest peach "orchard (25.000 acres) in South Arkansas oecdi'ie b.-inkruyit in the mid thirtii'. Big mil e l f i - ciency did 'not save it. A large , bank in a very small town adjcvn- j ing this orchard prospered in the | same years by helping orchardists who were also balanced in their livestock, cotton, and truck f a r m ions. If a poult] not to be balanced in pr )- diiction he must have a cash -e- ' serve balance tn c a r r y him n : c r , a series of losses. Success will : come neither to the small nor to the large bul to the balanced. : The poultry i n d u s i i y w:!l cnn- j tiaue. to be profitable -.0 a g r e a t ; number of peテつーP 1( - Thp tarmcr wh テつ」 ' is producing 5.000 broilers on 40 | or BO acres along w i t h a , nf beef dairy, m u t t o n , pork "r truck crops or any r e a s n n a b v combination of the above is f..l- ; i lowing a sensible, balanced p i - ! j g r a m . This is no time tn run f."i:n ; j , lou itry production unless one turns , '. that he is unbalanced In his wn".c program. __ It's Time To -- Keep lonse salt in covered ; 'テつキ troughs for c a t t l e in pasture. ' Vaccinate replacement pullets as thev are moved tn range. F i x ' a milk cooler for coming hot weather Spray regularly f"r control ot bacterial spot on peaches. 'Spray cattle for t i c k s and horn- flies. ' . Prevent moth damage to wool Unrments by p u t t i n g them away in * safe place; clean or wash each garment, since soiled garments may be attacked by moths or may mildew. Plan a special way lo say "thank you" t o m o t h e r o n Mother's Day: nn offer to cook the f a m i l y breakfast might bo a wel- I come gift. | These suggestions come from I the county and borne demonstration agents. More i n f o r m a t i o n is ! available at t h e i r offices where j University College of A g r i c u l t u r e I publications may also tie obtained. Some nf the earlier pictures of (airly large ships in F.gypl dale back to S.non B. C. CHICK SPECIAL 8c each HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery r. e. テつキテつォ in テつォテつキ Ttltptam 3129 DANCE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Blakeler Head's Trio with Stere Starwyek HIGHWAY BUBBLE CLUB " BRAKES - LIGHTS - STEERING THE BIG THREE OF SAFE DRIVING $テつキテつサ KOHLER and HALL for a FREE checkup on these important tofoty factors at Whiteley'f Garage CORKER MOUNTAIN k SCHOOL WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP MRS E NOEl DURANT of San Francisco Is shown on outer edge of Uit Golden Gate drldge Just seconds before she plunged to her death. A paaaing motorist, Cyras A.. Samuel of San Anselmo, Cal., pleads with her "not to Jump," but to no avail. They are only テつサ few feet from north tower scene of more than 130 suicides. (International Sounrfp/iolo; Koners -(Special)- Elder James Dubois will present a piar.o concert Wednesday evening. May 3 4 , : i under sponsorship of the Church ! lour of Arkansas, Missouri. Kan- frty of .Tesus C'hrist of Saints. The concer S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-VANTRESS CROSS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS Established Over 25 Years Truck Delireries to Many Localities SCHLKHTMAN HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PUUORUM CLEAN I Phon* 347-: I For Prices I | Oelirery Dl 2R And DatM BOX B. APPLETON CITY. MO. Uted hT thousands in renuclni Jleta--Junit's Roman Meal bread. Keep C-O-O-L --and have loads of FUN, too! Attend a Malco Theatre! It's Here! . . . Yes, the Picture You've Been Waiting to See Starts Sunday! Give Mother A SPECIAL TREAT--take her to see this! Of Course, It's at the FEATURES AT -1:20-3:20-5:25-7:25-9:30 From the first kiss he stole to the last dish of stew . . . from "I do" to "Drop dead!" and back again . .. it's the whole story of,a marriage. JUDYHOLLIDAY テつサ % Marrying Kind lllilillテつォ| t~-J ^\ U m giy テつキテつサ MMK MNKDV / \ , { rMUU Wl UK*. テつサ,iimテつォwテつォiテつォ テつォ*テつサテつサテつキ ui* ^ LAST Jem RuiMll テつキ Vlcloi Mature SATURDAY "The Lテつォi Vegas Story" -- AIRCONDITIONED -- U A K K SHOWING テつキ IN COLOR テつキ ROYAL TODAY "ARMORED CAR" AND "KID FROM LAS VEGAS" テつキ CARTOON テつキ SERIAL DAI xrc ENDS テつキ MUMWE TONITE Tim Holt-"HOT LEAD" _SUNDAY * A LAUGH RIOTI BUD ABBOTT LOU COSTELLO "HIT THE ICE" AND テつキ CARTOON テつキ I

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