Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 12, 1974 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1974
Page 7
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Junior Division Creative Arts And Canned Goods Winners Set Argument Continues Over Prize winners in Hie juniorIcoln, second; of Creative Arls and Greens: M divisions Canned Goods were announced today at the Washington County Fair. Creative Arts eluded: Stuffed winners in- Toys, D'Aim Purycar of Springdale. first; Bobbie Keenc, Fayetteville, second; J e n n i f e r Jordan, Fay- ellcville, third; Lealherwork, Tom Christian of Fayetlcville, first; Small Pace of Knieger of Fayctlcville, secoixl. and Janhiii Alsafar of Fayetle- v i 11 e , third; F.mbroidery. Cherry Combs of Elkins, f i r s t ; Melodic Tliurman of .iiicoln, second. Miscellaneous ( p r e s s u r e cooker method): Denise Crawford of Lincoln, first; ' Cathy Thompson of Prairie Grove, second. PICKLES In lhe Pickles Category .winners are: Sweet, Sondra Tunslill of Fayellcvillc Debbie Moore of Farm- Siimmie second;. Biiird, Fayetteville, Wooden Hems; Boblinjjton, second; and Jeanie Car Springdale, firsl; Firlh er of Elkins, liiirci, Sour and Dill: Sandy Lewis of Fayetteville. first; Samanlhi Smith of Elkins, second; Mar cia oCntey of Springdale, Ihird Mixed: Sabrina I . a h i r i of Fayctleville, first; Sondra Tuii- slill.of Faycltcville, second; Heel Pickles: Sandy Lewis of Fayelteville, first; Sabrina Lahiri of Fayelteville, second; and Sondra Tunstill of Fayclte- ville, Bargello, Needlepoinl: Susan Bailey of Fayellcville, first; Elsa Bcncke of Winslow, second and Bobbie Keene of Fayctle- ville, third. Macrame: Leak Krueger of Fayelleville, first. Knitting: Debbie Deloyier of Springdale, firsl. Olher Ceramics: Mary Jean Simmons of Fayelleville. first, and Lisa Neil of Springdale, second. Plaques and Pictures: Karla Minler of Fayctleville, first; Kimbcrly Veneina. Fayctleville, second; Belinda Boyce, Springdale, Ihird. Jewelry: Ann Slraniger of Springdale. first. Textile P a i n t i n g : - P a t Thompson of Prairie Grove, first and Tammy Gibbons of Springdale, second. Miscellaneous Creative Arts: Jennifer Schraer of Fayelle- ville, first; Jan Kilpatrick of Minter of Fayetleville Ihird. Decoupage: Ann Slaniger of S p r i n g d a l e , first; Robert Squires of Fayetteville, second and Lenya Foster of Springdale,, third. Painting: Gary Apon of Springdale, first; Sherry Eads of Farmington, second; and Tammy Harris of Springdale, third. CANNED GOODS In the Canned Fruits and Acid Vegetables Junior Exhibits, the following divisions named winners: Applesauce: Sabrina Lahiri of Fayellelville. first; Vicki Blevins of Elkins, third. Peaches: Sabrina Lahiri of Fayelleville, first; Marilyn Gage of Elkins, second; and Siegle Bell of Lincoln, Ihird. Berries, Sabina Lahiri of Fayetteville, first. Tomatoes: Shelly Tandon of Winslow, first; Kristie Jones of Lincoln, second; Gina Williams Gina Williams of Farmington, third; Miscellaneous (hot water bath), Melodie Tliurman of Lincoln, firsl; Kristie Jones of Lincoln, second and Sabrina Lahiri of Farmtnglon, Ihird. In the Canned Vegetables (Pressure Cooker Method) Category, these winners were named: Green Snap Beans: Denise Crawford of Lincoln, first; Cindy Downing of Fayetteville, second; and Brenda Fills of Farminglon, third. Carrots: Sabrina Lahiri of Fayetteville, first place and Kerr Glass Company award; John Bradley of , Winslow, second, and Sondra Tunstill of Fayetteville, third. Corn: Georgett Thomas of Farmington, first; Sandy Lewis of Fayetlcville, second and Sabrina Laiiri of Fayelteville, Ihird. English Peas, Sondra Tunslill of Fayelleville, · firsl; Sabrina Lahiri of Fayetteville, second; and Vickie Blevins of Elkins, third. Soup Mixture: Brenda K. Thomas of Farminglon, first; Sabrina Lahiri of Fayetteville, second. Beels (not pickled): Sarah Fcnno of Summers, f i r s t ; Sondra Tunslill of Fayelteville, second; and Jeanie Carter of Elkins, third. Field Peas: Kristie Jones of Lincoln, first; Susie Bell of Lin- FAJWtYWHKlY-Sept.15 third. Relish, Melodic ThuVrha'iVof Lincoln, first; Wayne Carter of Farminglon, second; Siegle Bell of Lincoln, third. In the Jams Category winners ire: Sondra Tunstill of Fuyctle- vilc, first and first place award , y Kerr Glass Company; Vickie Slevihs of Elkins, second and Krislie Jones of Lincoln, third. In the Jelly Category went to: Sabrina Lahiri, Fayetteville, first prize and sccunc place in the Kerr Glass Company contest; Jeanie Cater oi Elkins, second; Marilyn Gage of ' lilkins, third. Preserves winners arc: Cindy Downing of Fayetleville, first Jeanie Carter Denise of Elkins Crawford ol Four-Jar Vegetables Category vinners include: Jennie Carter of Elkins,. first and Sabrina La liri of 1 Fayetteville. second. Four-Jar Preserves Display winner is Jeanie Carter o s, first. The Six-Jar Fruit and Vege By JOHN CUNrWF t r a t h e r NEW YORK (AP) . -- ;Tlie "· .nalfimclioning economy may in theory be lhe nation s No. 1, problem, as President Ford has indicated, but once again Wa- lergale 'has pre-empted the position. For one month il seemed that inflation, recession and Ihe^plh- cr related specters thai have haunlcd every household would be exposed by enlightened discussion, and eventually routed by decisive aclion. Those who held that view now aren't so certain. Whereas the pardon of President Nixon as decisive and absolute'and cquired no conference, the imbcr one problem, lhe econ- m'y, remains in the discussion age. In fact, the nature of lhe east has not yet been, ascer- ajned, and nobody. seems^to now whether to plunge the pear into lite hide or the heart. The President already has in icatcd Ihat it, is now too late in congressional session foi naction of anti-inflationary egislalion, whatever form, i f l i g h t lake. · ' ; , Meanwhile, lhe balt!e of ttie conomy is being fought will ·nuch' (he same attitudes of Hit ormer administration, led hy a :hairman of the Council of Eco lomic Advisers who was ac ually chosen by Nixon Alan Greenspan, the chair nan, has reiterated his belie hat lhe money supply must re nain tight, despite the con sensus of economists at a Whil louse meeting Sept. 5 lhal Ih money supply should be eased. The Federal Reserve Boar table Exhibit first place wen lo lhe Sasnakra Cane nm 4-H Club o Gisbert Advances CEDAR GROVE, N.J. -Fifth-seeded Juan Gisberl o Spain defeated Rav Moor of South Africa 6-1, 6-1 in a sec oncl-rriund match of the S50.00 Perspcctus Tennis Classic. las the responsibility for con .rolling the amount of., mOne ied into the economy. It catj cu the supply if it feels too man dollars are . chasing too fe- "oods. Or, if the supply seem insufficient, it can release mor funds. The big controversy about tight money policy at this stag of lhe economy is thai it migl be strangling domestic ii dustry, including essential" pu lie utilities, instead of restoring economic health. Those who oppose light money argue that the nation is on the verge of a deep recession and t h a t the economy needs 'an than a-, f u r t h e r rcslric- n addition, 'some business en and cconnmisls and labor adcrs arguo lhal a light· tnon- ' policy tills domestic cconom ;activity hard but is far less frctivc in holding down the. .'ice .of, oil or. cocoa or other At lhe While House confer ice 1 ii week-ago,'economists of arious leanings acknowledged 1C need for monetary rcsti ml lit 'surprisingly agreed lhal .1 "ighlty easier money pohv light now be in 'order. But icy may not have been con incing.- - ·, · . - · - 5IEVEN.FORD AT RRANCH . Northwest. Arkansas .TIMES, Thurs., Sept. 12, 1974 FAYETTEVILLC, AI1KANSAS 'fUliMONTON, ;Utah CAP) -- jeycn J'oi'd, 18. .son of Presi- cril Gerald Ford, has been earning ' U t a h hislory from .orscback . in a Iwo-wcek visit it llie ranch of Mr. and Mrs 'amcs Brown, long-time friends if. the .Ford family. ' SldVcn went on a horseback 'idc in western Box Elder bounty with Sheriff Warren iyde, who told of the area'.s lislory, as he did.during a sirn- la'r ride wjlh. tlien-Vicc_Presi- lenl .and Mrs,.'-Foisl and.'-the- BrowYiK in June, '.''·' .'. . ' 1 Sloven' pliuis ,lo. .Work. .o"n, a ·anch for a year before enrolling, probably at Utah Slate University in Logan, where his brother, Jack, is a senior this year. Youngsters Create Own Fair T'lie "firsl griulers nt Uiillcr- field Trail Stlmol have ereiil- eil their IHVII cuiinty fair and (lie Iradiliiinal fxliiliils of horticulture [irodnce, c n n n i n g , hand wnvk, some of il dune hy the sluclents themselves is on display. A (loiniiar csliihil is the "CnmiiiuiiHy Barnyni'il' which holds all kinds of stuffed animals. Ted Culwell, (lefl) son of Mr. and Jilrs. Phil Colwell. displays a pri/.e wtnnine vcgelahlc; Joe Tal- innii (viglit) son of Mr. iiiiil Mrs. Fred Tatinan, a shifted lamb and Ann Marie Pavlin, iliiughter iif 'Mr. and Mrs. L. Wayne Parlin a liiiiidmuile shawl. Fiiyeltevilli! . schoiils M i l l he di^rjnissed at I ii.m Friday ill order lo attend the U'HshhiKdiii Cininly Fair. (TliMKSiiliiilo hy Chuck Cmi- Thompson To Speak Ai GOP Convention Krcd D. Thompson, minority ounscl for the' Watergate Commute, will he giicsl speaker it a Saturday luncheon at the ,tate GOP Convention. The convention will be held it the Camelot Inn in Little (ock. I i idav at 'I o'cloclr'-. a ictption will be held a t ' t h e inn w i t h registration "g?t- lins 'underway at 8 a.m. Satiir- :lay. The convention will begin at 9 a.m. "' ; Speakers will be six major candidates for congressional i f f ct^ nit! stale GOP chairhfiin Jim Caltlwell of Roge'rs ; Will speak. EXPERT WATCH REPAIR I . V i I i 1 . / _ 1 5 : JV/~ FT S North nnl, Ct injection financial energy: Tanaka Visits U.S. TOKYO (API -- Prime Minister kakuei Tanaka left today for a two-week swing through the United States and three other countries in the \Yeslern Hemisphere IcKiprpmole ^closer ecoriomjc..'and. cultf]ral ^ties.., ,: · ' 'HcP.'wjH' visit Mexico today through Sunday. Brazil Sept. 16-20, the United States Sept. 21 and Canada Sept. 23-2G. In Washington, Tanaka wil have a surnmit meeting with President Ford,.lhen Can ada for talks wiftrPnme Minis ler. Pierre.Elliott .Trudeau. kciden! injures Springdale Woman SPRINGDALE old Springdale -- A 46-year- woman was njurcd Wednesday in a one ca accident on Hwy. 68 the Tri-City east in Drive-In front of Theater. Orbie Kettner of Route 2 was ' treate'd' 'and released at Washington Regional Medial Center for injuries sustained when the car she was driving east on Hwy. OB left the road and sheared a telephone pole. S t a t e Trooper Charles Miller said lhe driver missed cune in the load She vwtb charged \utli iccldcss dm ing »W5T» -V Early American Rocker-Recliner COOKBOOK: Dishes You Man Will Love (And Maybe Love To Fix) A tasty challenge far men who work. Is there a chef in your house? This week FAMILY WEEKLY Food Editor Marilyn Hansen has prepared another special Cookbook, this one designed especially for men. Marifyn notes that it doesn't mean thewoman of the house might not want to try some of these tempting dishes, too! In your.copy of the Arkansas ;'Oue of our most popular s t y l e s . . . Vhu\v~- very."j sjjfScialty ptiued! Rich maple trim'-'and arms. Long wearing, easv-carc Kcrculnn 1 !]) 1 olcfin tliat stays looking like new; Choice? of decorator colors. Terrific value in comfort and style. "SAVINGS SIGNAL Choice of 3 Recliner Styles With Continuous Clealn Oven With all these features: continuous cleaning oven, Observation® oven window, separate broiier section, lift-off oven door, lop-mounted controls out of small children's reach. Flych installations and^piore features. Model RM1333. ; -"Calcric Range Values RML 355 LO-Broil Range Continuous Cleaning Choice of Traditional, Spanish or · Early American styling. Some vcl- vels, some HercnlonB) olefin--or ciioose your favorite in leatherlike coverings. Our great buying power allows you lo buy ac SAVINGS! Second Floor Furniture--DILLARD'S-- 176.66 With continuous cleaning oven, separate broiler section, clock and timer, Observation ( R ) oven window, vertical utensil compartment top mounted controls, lift-oft oven t door, comfort level cooking surface/ and rhui - h' = inore. Model RML. Model. RFC 355. RJL 355 Gas Range Continuous Cleaning Now.. .Three-Convenient Ways To Charge These Iwb popular credit cards plus your Dillard's credit card |^P^6J · · At M DILLARD'S and DILLARD'S Pleifer-Blass Stores in Arkansas wntoMxt*****,^^ Open Monday Thru Saturday 10 A^M, Until I!Jt, 39f With UUra-Ray broiler that sears meat" rapidly lo sea! in juices, reduces shrinkage,', continuous cleaning oven, Observation (R) oven window vertical ulensil compartment. to) mounted controls, lift-off oven door, dock and timer. Tri-Sel (R) humors with three "click" positions, many other features. ModeLRJL 355. RJL 396 Double Oven Waist-Hi Broiler Wijh eye-level.oven that operates independently so you can bake in both ovens al once, j u f l r a - r a y broiler, lonlimious cleaning ovens, jTri-Set ( R l burners with 3 "click" positions, Observation (R) oven window, oven lights and flonresccnt furnace light, top mounted controls, eleclrical outlet, many more features. Model KJL 396. RSL 699 Double Oven Self Cleaning Broiler Wilh all these features: Ultra-Clean self-cleaning broiler oren oven, Ullra- Ray infra-red broiler, automatic meat prdbn, two oven capacity and'conven- ience .rolisscrie, Tri Set top burners, Thermo-Sct burner-with-a-brain, oven lisht and flourescent surface light, clock and interval timer and much much more. Model fiSL 699. '' " ~ " ' . - - r - Appliances--Dillard's--Second Floor Noiv.,.Thiee Convenient Ways To Charge These two popular credit cards plus your Dillard's credit card . .(UAH DILLARD'S and DILLARD'S Pleifer-Blass Stores In Arkansw _·»"!* Open Montioy Through Soiurday 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. J SI

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