Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 10, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1952
Page 5
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NORTHWEST AtKANSAS TIMES. Favttttvin*, Arlqiwot. Saturday, May 10, 1952 NBC-6:3fl Menial Health Week Program; 7 Jane Are; 7:30 R a l p h Edwards Stunts: 8 Judy Canova. CBS-6:30 Gun Smoke; 7 Ge-ne Autry, 7:30 Tar/an 8 Gancbus- ters. ABC-fkrin Dinner Music; 7 Dancing Party. MBS-7 T w e n t y Questions; 7:30 Theater of Air; 8:3(1 Guy l.ombar- do. Miss Alice McClendon Winds Up 37fh Year As Teacher, Window Students Pay Special Respects "Acres Of Sky" Opens in New Jwo Sentenced ! Wlnslow 5ludenlj York And Times' Critic Says Offering Is "Brave Effort t h a t BV DORA PACE Win.-W-ISpraaM-Miss AIL-? Sundav · Mr-C'leminn nf the \Vinbln\v schools NBC'S The Fall-on. . . CBS 12 is v.-inriinc "P her 37lh year as nonn String Serenade. . . . ABC teacher. In this section of B-.30 a. m. NcRro College Choir. . . kansas. her n a m e is associated with MBS 2 Bandstand USA. . . . MBS e d i i r a l i o n and teaehins. Game of Day network 1 p. m. S t a r t i n g out in Ifl05 w i t h a a skilled, p r i n c i p 1 i n r l l - , The f o l l o w i n g review of "Acrrs onci there w e r e of Sky," first presented on the downrisht emba University campus and t h i s week j !r- K,.,, UI/ is _ opened in the Brander M a t t h e w s oimposcr. One's · Thtater in New York, was puh- ,,| aln , i F th;i , ne d,d no , r ,, mp ,,«o jra'ielins limb have adjusted to lished Thursrtay in the New York ,. nnus h. He W ns content to In lone normal, we again have the n i c e . Times. A note from the author, scenes t; ,j,, p | a r p w l l n ln( , ar |,, r youne person who Is »nxiou» to Charles Morrow Wilson of Fay- . ^ w a k i n g t h e i r lines anrl w i t h the Ar- I please. etteville, says Mr. Taubman is "on nrrhe^tra in.iectins a t h i n , reti On Charges Of Cattle Theft Defendants Plead Guilty; Prison Terms Decreed Participate In Honors Program 1 U'e.-t K' holie V'llh ,! R rk - i S p e c i . i l l - The ,' (!;,v fn: h d j u n i o r h i g h ···'·h 'ii.'i he!-! Thurs : r- .,!·: Ihe :,rhrioi £vn:r,a:-:i n:.n'l /t ff ·· ^s '"rnn. ;inri hr» ri';jA r .?hip ·l"v K n ^ l u h Fine, v hlftes w»nt to Doyft hJ!«»I r-jr'i!. u-hile th» av/Mfi - v r n t to B«*fy Hazrl f'urti.1 r#cer cl -^r'i Tre journalism pre."*nted to J a n i r * A n i i q Hayn received -.varr|. s a h i ^ t o r w n , and- SiU ^ n u t z s.r. a , I Ih" n a t u r a l ·· s', form("i hy many inse lc t y p of moth produrej ···immerrially produce^ Philadelphia at Brooklyn. · former associate, Mrs. Margaret H v r d . her career began in Ihe first old frame school b u i l d i n g at Winslow, where she had charge of the I ! Parents, too. should be forgiven the heam." if a sprouting sibling belies his ! careful upbringing. Life with a ' By HOWARD TAt'BMAN ! teen-ager is a constant struggle ".. . . c; ;j . , ' i.r.-ci..iecl as a to correct and guide his behavior ballad opera, had its f i r s t New in one way or another. Youngsters York performance hi Columbia's at this age seejn constitutionally Brander Matthews Theatre last p r i m a r y grades. "Miss Alice." as home she h»s always been called h a d . ) h a n ,,, her inspiration to (each early in l i f e ihrnu.nh her admiration of Mrs. 1-50 OK / \ IOW I / ~'\ EVKM.NQ 4:00 Lombards on the Air 6:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 20 Questions 7:30 BASEBALL St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Cincinnati Reds 10:00 News 10:15 Danrr Orch. 10:30 Danee Orch. 10:55 Nrws 11:00 Dance Orch. 11:30 Sign Off SUNDAY MORNING 7:00 Freedom Story 7,. 16 Music for Sundaj 7:30 Music for Sunday 8:00 Church it Christ 8:30 Fayetteville Bantist Assn. 8:45 Sunday Se;enaJe · unable to retain instruction, es- night, and even if it was a h a l t i n g , instruction, for flawed product, it was a brave ef- minutes. Conse-! fort at the creation of something quenily they must be continually; distinctive in the way of Amer- reminded. Hence, if these perpetu- ican lyric Ih.v.tre. al admonitions don't cover every subject every d a y , allowances must be made. A child who has careful train- connectin? tissue. M u c h of it meant lo suggest the scraping of the strings of ill* 1 coulllry f i r k i l e i . no rioubl. hut t h a t became tiresom" a f t e r a while. , Airrceahlc Tunrx tn Sinn | Mr. K r e u l / Idd'K over in c r u c i a l momenls. and here his music hvi | some q u a l i t y . l i e can w r i t e a I v r i cal l i n e , and he Rives his s i n n e r s ; rl r,\ HTTP spmrnced .p.i\r in 13 yr«rs in p n s n n - ~ y p s t r - r d a y in t h e t h e f i c a ' i l e The sentences inging provide'] of in heart were delivered hy C i r c u i t J u d g e ("lee'l." in M n u n i n C t i m i r u ' c - a f t e r holh de- class. Bit! f c n d a n t s plrarien' g u i l t y , hook, "I R i c h a r d Ray l l c n r n . :|. nf CMes and S p r i n g d a l e . w a s scnlrlin-rl t n f u e seniors, years m prison mi each of t h r e e ii'.'l le-i g i " : i p Viri^rd Suni'.ion "'!' id the "Am-ric-Ml · i e i ? nf t ho senior V o - i , " to D - i i n . i r la \V'.iters'in. Uith The r.'harlc', agreeable t u n e s to SHIR lie m a k e s : Brand l a r c n y charces-a tr.t-1 nf s \ a i d wem |i occasional r o m t v e n t in I h o o r c h c ' - ' IS years. Ira O r m a n . L'l of \ V m - e i g h t h g r a d e s »'" ThaTha,°e comr'to E nef '- Hut o n e ' h a d the fee.m, th.l-lo-v receive,, a ,.n..-yr.,r senlence e n n u i n n ,,.,,, ,,, he approached thr lar-k nf \ v r i t i n t i i n a folk \ c i n sp!f-rnnsrinu: ; !y. I t ' would hiivc done tv.i h.irni lo h;tvr heisdf music more 1 s u b t l p ;mrt d i s i n y r T i - . UOUP. Th;it n n c h t h a v e adricrt t! 900 Nazarene Churc 1 9:15 Central C h r i s t i a n Church 9:30 Voice of Prophecy 10;«0 Sacred Heart Prof ram 10:15 TIMES Morning News Kdition 10:30 Tabernacle Choir 10:45 Harding Hymns 11:00 First Baptist Church SUNDAT AFTERNOON 12:00 News with Vandeventcr 12:15 Piano Portraits 12:30 Show Tips and Show Tuner 1:00 BASEBALL Game of the Day 2:311 Air Force Hour Miss McClendon Hi ox per ion ce has buen \ r ariori. She spent two yenrs taching all Annies al "White" schon], and also nl?n h a d (crmn at Vallry Grove, Roper?. Chapr! and Signal, fining !n Cra'.vfnrl C o u n t y , she was prim a r y loarhcr at IJyre for a year, !hrn bark tn Winslow a g a i n fnr Ihror school icnn 1 :. This v.-as followed by a yar at the M o u n t a i n " i i u r x Fclmol. Miss MeClcnrinn did nn! Ini/./. n f f tn the?p remote Fchool h n u f o * in f i n e rars. U s u a l l y she rode hnrse'n.v'k nt Ey. She got over the centuries, this one had _ l i b r e t t n trouble. Zoe Li:nrt Schiller, ing, in a happy home environment, ! who adaptfri a novel by Charles is not going to forget his back- Morrow Wilson, permitted herself "·-ound He mav lapse--but never the indul'ncnrp of loo m a n y scenes. . 7oiVl'*HR needs patience m o r n , too many word, and too much of exlra d i m p n s m n tlio p»u-fi needed than constant correction. Bystand: the same mood--H slow, heavy The production, which w i l l run crs who hastily condemn all t e e n - ' p a c e . Possibly people In A r U n n s a s ihroufih S a t u r d a y , is t a s t e f u l l y ; seers for not remembering to a d ; t a l k t h a t - a - w a y and move ns rie- ,-Jnnc. Kdv ard Re 1 , onus's .^tuRin-.: dress people politely, or for dash- lihcralcly, but on Ihe stage there! is f l hit fnysy. but it holds t h r ing'in front of their ciders to g r a b 1 must be contrast. j work together. I . e i i h a E v n n - ' j a seat on a bus, should remember. A r t h u r Kreul?.. t h e (ompnsrr,: choreography hits mine rharu-^r.! Ih'eir own youths. Surely all such was e q u a l l y c u l p a b l e for t h e ; Otto Uieninp, the musk-ill ritrcr- 1 critics were not L i t t l e Lord Faunt-' monotony of mnnri and pace. While tor, deserves a major share of t h o ·leroys through their teens. He- his score has some pood things-- credit for the sensitive m u s i m l . 'member, too, that these r o u g h ; both his use of folk m a t e r i a l j conception. : young people who irk you by their and his creation of m a t e r i a l h a d ' There are capable people in t h e f a i l u r e to say "please." will, in a , the folk feeling--it cried out f n r ] CHKI. M i l t o n Carney as t h e T r a v e l - , few short years--or 'months-- he variety. Even in a scene which C r handle.* H d i f f i c u l t .-.peaking role employs ja7.7. the music is in tho w i t h a cre-'it deal of pnise a n d ; nines vein, s k i l l f u l l y done, by the savor. S t e p h a n i e Turash, Frances| way, but so f u l l of woe. Lehnerts and Lnren/.n K. H e r r r r n ' CommlfiBinned In 1950 in the p r i n c i p a l s i n w i n y roles h n ' r ^ ThP onpra was rnmmissimied by \-nices and sound musical tiamin;: j the U n i v p r s i t v of Arkan?H!=. which H elrn Anderson. Palrii-ia \Vacnc-r ' f -' n} * and copper aro b r t i e v r d to is in itself n n index of the a r t i s t i c A l f r e d K u t u a n d N o . b r r t W i n k e r ^ w;n Hie first m r t a l s k n o w n stirrings in t h i s country, for the m akr a d e l i g h t f u l l y frt'j-h-voiiTfl .f its new Fine A r t s Cen-- q u a r t e t . fighting their country's battles. Don't besrudge them the few carefree days they have. nn a siiiRlo rhargp n[ jjrnnci lar- rony. Unn'cn \VHS rbiu'^rrl in V.'ii 1 -!!i n ^ t o n , Rcnton. a n d M.uii.Hni C'oun- ti°s. Yesterdav aft'Tnoon he told ·ludire C u m m i n us he look nuir cal\e,^ from f a r m s in HIP v a i i o u s counties over a period of m o n t h s Kive were stolen in TVashinijion C o u n t y , and two onch in the other counties Thr S p n n p d M r man w;t; sentenced a f t e r t p i l i n g the court he hart a previous pnlicr nnd court record. None of Ihe 15-year sentence was suspended. Opium, charged w i t h ti.f t h e f t nf ;i sins'e I-M'.''. reren'cd * l i g h t e r s c n t r n c e a f t n r s h o w i n g t h a t h e had no previous c r i m i n a l record. P H l l l l ' T I") rt V 1 * Dirk M'i«»rp, an d e n t Thr pr«- f !f hy Mr Herd. R i l l y Ma.^ke'l r r f p i v r d ' h r l i n r a r y awiM'd. Tlir iwards for f i i i l - . U i i i H i r . K boy Come In and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Goroge, Chicken House or Milk Barns, etc. Clifion Lumber Co. Phon« 77. W«t fork, Art Students Turn Check Over To Disaster Fund Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of v i t a m i n C f n the diet. md used hy man. no U n i v e r s i t y students contributed Jl.SSfl.M to the Red Cross t o r n a d o r e l i e f f u n d , i t w a s announced today. Buddy Suttori, member of the Campus Chest Committef and en-chairman with Dean John used the family buc- j Shoemaker of the disaster relief home for occasional I f u r ,d. t u r n e d over the check I r ; openmi? oi ; tcr in 1950. The Alicr M. Ditson -- · Fund provided a grant t h a t mndc Opm House . possible this production by the' Columbia Department of M u r i c . which was presented by t h e Columbia Theatre Associates. Miss Schiller's libretto uses iomethins of the ideas in Wilder's "Our Town," w i t h thr "Arkansas . Traveler" serving as Greek chorus and a figure in the action, and it uses t h e technique of the psychological dance sequence that "Oklahoma!" propelled i n t o n a t i o n a l lan»e'l lyri's-lSpc-Hnl )-To or;itp N ' a t i f n a l l l n y n i l n l *;i:;tn« "T S a i n t D o m i n i c MniniH'irt! H o s i u t a l hn ' friends In a t t r n r i open Ihe h"*piUl tnir.nrrow from 2 u n l i l 4 o'clock. Ivi flernon EVERYTHING m nUMBINO and SUPPUH FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. U9K Clean-up* Paint-up* Remodel* or Redecorate* OUR TERMS ARE: NO DOWN PAYMENT -- NO MORTGAGI NO INSPECTIONS -- LIBERAL TERMS City Lbr. Co., or Kelley Bros, Lbr. Co, 103N. EaitSf. Phone 293B 324 W. Dickion Phont 9 u-eck«»ds--she recalls t h a t the | nichr.rri Waldcn. city f u n d drive repute. These lechniques are over- 3:00 Under Arrcpt 3:30 Private Files of Matthew Krll 3:55 Bobby Benson 4:00 The Shadow 4:30 True Detective Myrtcries 5:00 Sunday Down South 5:30 Nick Carter 5:55 Cecil Brown country roads were not too R o o d , ' r h a i r m a n . The Red Cross said the and d r i v i n g the buggy over them V/HS d i f f i c u l t . A new hrick b u i l d i n K was r-on- strnctcd on another M t e in Winslov: In 1H18, and Miss Alice t a u z h : two cor-secutive terms. Then she went tn Prairie lirove v.'here she remained for five years, doing prim a r y v.ork. She remembers This stay as a happy occasion. Miss Mi'Clenrton went lo Monnt a i n b u r g a ? a i n , where she t - j t i ^ h t from 1929-19.17, and for an i n t e r v a l four years she took a rest period Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS donf. hut occasionally they come tornado relief drive on t h e cam- o f f . In the first act there were pus was suggested by James R. some moving moments: in theser- McGhee, and t h a t Red Cross ~^ = ^ r ~-- workers are still engaged in f a m - SUNDAY NIGHT 6:00 Meet Your Congress 6:30 News 6:45 Christian Science ProRram 7:0(1 Gabby Hayes 7:30 Methodist Church 8:30 Favorite Stories D:00 Top Ten 9:15 Top Ten 9:30 Top Ten 9:45 University Hour to regHin her health. She to t e a c h i n g again, however, at Winslow and for the past 10 years has been enijssed as 3 priirn .(.arl'Cr. At one time or she ais.0 has taught p r i v a t e pl';:'.is and has taken turn 1 : in summer school. Miss Alice lias had nine nioi-i.- ar.d nephews, and 'wo gw.t ily p l a n n i n g and rehabilitation assistance in White County, where the storms v i r t u a l l y wiped out · the town nf .Judsonia and caused other extensive damage. ; The following contributions were '· announced: ; Chi Onega . Delta Delta Delta Delta ... - Kr.ppa Kapoa Gamma Zeta Tau Alpha Acacia _ . . -, ... Alpha Tau Omega .. noth'V ! Pi Kappa Alpha ni"::is Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi ._ Sigma Nu _ - _ _ Sew-Easy For Beginners CITY HOSPITAL Phont 1200 GAS. Phont 2160 » C C O U N T I N O - M O n t » N I U t l N I 5 t COURHf TRAIN FOR CITY WATER PLANT. Phone 721 LIGHT AND POWER. Phoni 2200. MUTUAL INSUDANCI· FIRE. Phoni 75 .POLICE. Phont 31 10:00 News 10:15 Political Picture 10:30 Sign Off MONDAY MORNING 5:30 Rise K' Shine 5.50 RED 1450 6:00 Rise N" Shine «:30 Market Report and Weather 6:35 Rise i-" Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Kon'ee Kup Kapers 7:30 Otasco Newt 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers 8:00 Robert Hurleigh--M 8:15 .Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES MnrmnR Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns fi:nn Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 8:30 T.ike a Number 10:0.0 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Bauckagc Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical R o u n d u p 11:55 Market Report j i n e n t places in the wo.Id; she has I seen others turn out no; too w i l l . 'She lias made an e f f o r t to t e a r h ' n o t only the "Three R's" b'lt jo leach aids to better \\vi-.t as v-.-cil. Receives Honors Last week at g -ulintim e x u - ; cise in Winsiov.'. Miss McClendon ; was the recipient of a corsage from : the graduate's, and a pen and pen' c i l sot f r o m Ihe s t a f f of the y e n r - Iwnk, which was dedicated to her. The seniors this year all had t h e i r ; fir?; year school work with "Miss ·· Ali'-c!" i She recalls m a n y interesting inirl ; humorous anecdotes connected i w i t h her teaching experience. Re- I r e i i t l v a pupil asked her hnv.- lonK ' s h e had been leaching and she re' n i i r r i "Why, I t a u g h t your broth- i e r ' w i i o is now in the 10th graric. : A n o t h e r s t u d e n t spoke up and said. ,-'-Whv. she taught my g r a n d f a t h - Sigma Pi ._ .... Zeta Beta Tau .Student Union Coffee Sales Student Union Collection Booth C a r n a l l Hall Davis Hall Holcnmbe Hall _. Girls 4-H House ... Gregson and Ra?.nrback Halls Campus Chest Emergency Fund ... . Total VFW Post Approves Higher Service Pay The .lack Tirthall post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars has gone on record a favoring increased pay fnr members of the armed sen ices w i t h extra pay for rom- bat service, and has adopter! a resolution asking Congress not tn cut VA f u n d s so t h a t hospital fa- CIVIL SERVICt JOBS SECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE. A R K A N S A S PHONE 13 H. O. DAVIS. PHES. \ AUTO OUAJJ AUTO GLASS t MIRROR SHOP Automobile Glass Instailtd Gla;s T«bl«! -- Platl Glass -- Mirrors Mirror Htsilvering, Glass Furniture Tops ALL WORK GUARANTF.rD 119 West Meadow. Phoni J.710 Washington County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Organized 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance Phone 180 209 North Block Street NIWS tTAND' AUTO surruirc- FAYETIEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY II EAST MOUNTAIN FAVE'fTEVILLE. ARK FHOHE 774 Crankthaft Grinding Mitor Rebuilding Port* For All Can and Tmcki CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Formtrlr Fowler's Frull and Ntwi Btlnd) "THE BIG LITTLE STORE" In FAYETTEVILLE it 412 WEST DICKSON PHONE 114 FLUMVINO" BODY JHOf _.$l,359.-:fi SINES BODY SHOP Specializing in Body nnd Fonder Work. Painting. ' Safely Glass. Upholtttring. S»nt CoT«r». 227 W. Dicluon Phone 176 JOHNSON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACT OR REPAIR Corntr Spring and School. Mian* 1060 ftADIATOR SHOP · CLEANERS » UAUNDI By Sue Burnett MON'PAV AFTKBNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 Chuckwaeon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage : S t7,mllrv. Mrs. Guy Rogers. Mrs. : W a v n c ' Heniiest and James Se' l o u r " nni K e n n e t h McCornnck ;«! Prairie Grove a l = o went to ! school to her. ! M ' - - McGinn'"" was hnnorcn « : f e w vears p.go o v - r a radio pro' gram in which a former pupil who held her m high c ; teem was s.icart. She received an orchid ijSSSIJ?^ of change for younr'eis that .lust about the coolest ·nimmer dress you'll f i n d anri d e l i g h t f u l l y easy to «ew. even for the bc»"in- n^r. Yoke and brief sleeves are all in "ne, a narrow belt ties gayly in front. Pattern No. RSfifi is a s c w - r i l r eilities and doctor's care will have p e r f o i a ' r . l p a t t e r n in M/e= 12. 14. tn be diminished. 1(1, 18. 20; 40, 42 Size 14, 4 yards Quartermaster H u b e r t Hurch of 39 inch. sairt the post has adopted two res- Fnr this p a t t f r n . send 30c for o l u t i o n s which they are sending a l o n g lo Sen. John McClellan. Sen. .1. W. Fulbright and to Cnngress- CITIZENS LAUNDRY Qualify 326 N. West DRY CLEANERS - Service Phone 2146 HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP Ltt Hirry insptct your cooling trfttm and recondition feut radinlor (or wintar wtalhar. Ntw ;:or» installtd. EAST OF MONTGOMERY W A R D TIRE SHOP 12'4 E. Rock SI. Phont »I4 · MVICI »TATIOH» -- DRUG STOKE' EACH, in COINS, your n n m r . ;.';dress, si/.f: desired, and th" PAT- i Cornpleto Drug Store Service. Frt« Delivery from 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Wai green Agency 177 412' Dickion St. Fnyell.vill.. Ark. WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR ALL CARS "B«ir" Wheel Alignmnnt Whotl Balancing F R A M E A N D A X L E S T R A I G H T E N I N G 1 1 3 S. COHEGE, FAYHTEVHU. ARK. PHONE 77J IHOI ·TORI- en man .1. \V. Trimble. He 5aid House rr.«olution may he cnnsid ed a t h r e a t to keeping the present , . , T E R N N t J M B K K lo Sue Bnrneii. Northwest A r k a n s a s Times, 1 15 Ave. Americas, New York .^fi. N. 7 Basic FASHION for '52 is f i l l e r . with ideas tr- make your rlothe_« Veterans A d m i n i s t r a t i o n hospital budget gn f u r t h e r -- t i m e - s a v i n s are 1:00 Ladies F a i r 1:30 Afternoon Varieties he for'civen (or lapses of They h a \ e so much to much to experience. 1:00 Something O)d 1:15 Snmcthinj! N r \ v Z:SO Snmrthini: H O I I H W I 2:15 Somelhint Blue 8:00 Swine Session S:,'ln Tune Pick'n Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Time Pick'n Time 8:00 Hohby Benson 1:3(1 Wild Bill Hirkoek l-M Ceeil Brown % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Holland Irot. Lecher Plnnt shouii ' e t i q u e t t e . I learn, so manv a d j u s t m e n t s to t h e y ' f r e q u e n t l y do forget Ihe courtesies they have been t a u u h t . B y j 1« Ihcy lire iisii.illy hr.ek lo nor-, , n a l - - i i » (:ne gentlemen gen-' l i e ladies they w e r e brought up In he. PnriiiK Ihe e a r l y M'ars "' n chikr's l i f e it is \ c r y cnsy i n d e e d ^ lo teach him manners. Children j are born i m i t a t o r s , a n x i o u s In pica:* 1 , and t a k e r e a d i l y In s-ii'-h '.nstr'.iction. They behave b e a u l l - f u l l y u n t i l t h e y , r e a i h t h e tecnj. Then, no longer w i l l i n g to ape t h e i r elders, t h e y begin lo K" t h e i r r.u n va-. r e - ' r l m c in inde^end- ener. anrl m m p l f t d y f o r B e t t i n t c a t i v t r a i n i n g Boys tend to become boisterous l a n d so do m » n y ·.·ill", bi.l t h i s is t h e i r def»n«c f a c i l i t i e s operating for the care and economical designs t h a t anri t r e a t m e n t of veterans, and the ?esy to sew. G i f t pattern printed post hopes thf A r k a n s a s delcga- inside. 25 eenu. lion w i l l keep t h e m a t t f r . close watch on LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "Right on the Hiwoy--Right on the Price" 100 N. COLLEGE PHONE 1212 There ar» annul 4",000 d i f f e r e n t make, t h a t 1 k i n r t s n( (ish ' M now known. Not white, not w h f « t not rjt. ut i flavor blend nf »ll three-nude's Rnmin M«l Breiri. n-iB-tt Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNBROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIDE SQUARE f ICN» PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC SIGNS -- NEON ... ELECTRICAL WIRING I . D A Y SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS rnrE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WORK 132 SOUTH SCHOOL FHONI JtOl won't you SHAKE f SAM'S LIQUOR STORE Foyottevfflv's Mosf Up-To-Oof« 7 t. Mountain ttnnt 1*1* 400 W. DICKSON 0-K TAXI CO. Our Ccbl ir« now .qulppvd with l*w«T Hidlo lo gi«. r" nr»ie«. Foi Prompt Tixl Sirvlct »U % M A I I f K i - . r ] I ' . t i \vlien ttie Tastemark oire FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. PASTEURIZED - HOMOGENIZED 130 North WM( HMIM 3JO Th« New ROYAL Family can h«lp You it »li*ra is typing to do. Niw EUrtrit. Now Slandord. Now Portabl*. ALEXANDER TYPEWRITER CO. PHONE JIS

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