Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 10, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1952
Page 3
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NOKTHW*S T ARKANSAS 1UWS, foy«W»vlllt, Arkomot. Saturday, May 10, 1*52 tiimiiiimiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiii iimiiumiiiimi iiiiuiitiiiiiiiiiiiniliiMi Society MRS. KATHLEEN DOZIER flllllllllllllllll!lilllllllllMIII!lM!imilMlllll!li;IMll!IIMllllllllllllllltllllllllllllll I · Daily Calendar of Events Approaching Marriages Announced . Tonight . . . Family Night. Country Club. 7 Order of Rainbow for Girls Installation, Masonic Hall, 8 Sunday . . . Pi Beta Phi A u m n a e Picnie, Ewinjt Jackson's, 4:30 Monday . . . Washington County Crippled Children's Society, Women's Civic Clhb- rooms, 4 B. P. W. C., Ferguson's 6:30 Hi Si Club, Clubroom, 7 Washington LoclRe One. Masonic Hal!. 7:30 Osborne-King Recital, Art Cenier Concert Hall. 8 THIS 'N' THAT ABOUT TOWN KATHLEEN DOZIER , In the homes and churches tomorrow, tribute will be paid to "Mother" in observance of her day, the! second Sunday of May. Some of the Tuck family w i l l ; spend part of the day in the home of- Mrs H. L. Tuck, · Sr. With her will be Jo and Herman, Irene and Her-1 man, Jr., and daughter, "Cyndy." The four genera- · - · · . - ·. · . · i f . . · u.. M The encasement of Miss Lnuanne Hurley, left photo, to Eujrcne Was-| Mrs. D. Hucy announced the encasement of iheir ilaucl ltc !\ Mlss '- ul " 1 hl ' r I tions Ore shown in the photo, f r o m lett to r i g h t , Mrs. on , a m b e r t i j,. son Ol Ur . ant | Mrs. Eugene W. I.ambcrtof Memphis, j Fay Hanshrw, center pluilii. tu Bob Garner, son of Mr. ;"" M l - W. 11. j Kngo Tenn is announced by her mother, Mrs. H u t h H u r l e y Buzza of "Rex j ciin-ner of Fayelteville.-Grcen's Photn.--Tho cimacoii 10 '" »»« "!-; even! of May 'H. In l.e performed by Father Kdward Mnlloy at St. Jo: students at the University.--Mr. and ! p r n n e h i n g m a r r i a g e of Miss Doris M. Simon, top rich!, i? announeedjjy I seph's Catholic C'hurrh. Tuck, her grandson, Herman, Jr., her son, Herman, Sr., and standing is her great granddaughter, Cynthia Irene . . . . arent::. Mr. :::'.A Mrs. .John G. Simon. , son of Mr. and Mr.-. Frank KliKet Her mairl.'.Kc to John W. of Fayetlcville, will tic an , El Dorado. Both are Miss Hurley foWed Lambert Of Mf-c T ^1 1VIF!*. J. East Maple. Those who will partake of the feast will I A f f« r nnnn Tfd Piivpn be the Roy Woods, Norman McCartneys, the Harry AlltrilUUll 1 LH VjlVClI. Shultzs', Arthur Browns, Pat Humphreys, Fenner Stices, Ruby Thomas, Edna Harding, and Jim Bell. | Jefferson Has Closing University Women's Club Elects Officers For Year A tpa, pjvrn v r s t r r d n y n f l o r n n n n \ led v.-ith t u l i p . Pi, stt1 P"* a l l f i frojn U:M In ix.'itl d'clnck. cnmpli- ' SIT-OM ^tiTninrr:; lc' ( ' l n iin:-i'^;ivs nicntcd Miss C;n-niyn Stir l i a t h - uf f:\vroihcin't mrf 1 " About Ihc ilf ind Eugene P.T.A. Meet .s G i i r n i y n Stir 1 i a t h - uf j:\vroihcin't mre" | fork, bride clod of lr.-i P;irsnn:'. · h.vo of tho- M n y - j Given at the PemHelon hornr- on ! n m y r m e n t of Jrrji Sky I m p Drive, hnslrssrs wore M i s . JOP PnMcilelun find Mrs. James T. P h i l l i p s . In the rr-ceivinK l i n e \vere the!-, ]\li.sp H a t h m v K , ;md hrr mother, Mrs. l/ivcu Ihdlirock. Those who received ;-t the door Mrs. Ruih Hurlcv Bozza of "Rex ! . The Jcffoiron School P.T.A. held i Highland.- Kl Dorado, announces l*TM*«TM ^ch^'^dU^t^ . t h e encasement of her daughter. Tnc mcclin( , wils c ,.,n ed , 0 oniei ; were Mrs .lack H y l a n d , M i s .Miss Louanne Hurley, to fcugcnc by the president, Mrs. W. U. Wyhe.: W al!er C'ole and Mr:;. .Joe Flemins. Wasdon Lambert, Jr., ton of D r . ; M| . s R a v D . |vis rc|)ortoc | on ( h c ; · a n d Mrs. Eugene W. Lambert o. . founty Council meeting. John M r - : : Memphis, Tehn. I Whortcr, field Scout executive,: i Miss Hurley is the daushter o f ' stressed the importance of Scout i l h c late Joseph Boyri Hur'.cv. She', ing to boys from eight to 10 y e a r s , landed BnV 'university at ^ "^ I^.'W ^ : ! Waco, Texas, for tv.-o years, where I ^ ch ' jldl . ei , ,,,, Pncmlr; ; Bl , ( , ,,, i s h c was a member of Delln A l p h a l reart mo| . L . ,i l l r i n K n lc summer i I'i Club. The past year she has · months and stated '.hat m a n y new been a student at the University.! books have arrived at Ihe library. I where she is a member of Chi i Virgil Blossom told of the nee or- The tea lable, c a r r y i n g out t h e , chosen colors of the honorce. was centered w i l h a May-pole, e n l w i n - . cd \ v i l b pink nnd crecn ribbon, i topped by love birds, l i l i e s - n f - t i l e i valley and sweetheart roses, ininc,- ! Hubert Mitchell. I j The next meeting of Ihe c l u b . ! w i l l he held J u n e 12. at "30 p.m., in thu VA Nurses Home. The U n i v e r s i t y Women's Club blue. The Maylimc theme was ear- met Friday afternoon in the F a c u l - i , led nut with a pink, blue and silly Chibnioms, w i t h ihc wives o f : ver May-pole, with ribbon stream- .vas an ar- the College of K d u c a l l t m ami the : ers l e a d i n g lo story-booK dolls. In- rnses w i t h . d e p a r t m e n t of athletics as hns- terspersed among the dolls were i n i n i i i i i i r e doves, i-iirhlcd tapers;'.esses. i May baskets filled with pastel Hanked the cenleri'' 01 ' 0 - ' Officer:; elefied lo serve fnr the spring flowers. Bouquets of mix- I'residinij at Ihe I:' 1 ' 1 '' 'li'!:«i.' I lie cominij year arc: Mrs. J. C. Hor-: ed flowers were used about the f u s t hour v.-as Mrs. ·'"'' "ales, a n d ; den, president; Mrs. I.ouis Tracer.! room. Mrs. Covinglon, president, Mrs. Fred Ste\ :i ci!R ' ^ r j i - .M-: \ ice-|iresidcnt; Mr.;. Hussell We:;t-; served. f l e e t Hathcock presi 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' I"'''»K the! meyer, second viee-prf.,ident; , I The commillee In charge of ar- secniul and t h i r d h'"' r!! - j Mrs. Joe Covineton, I h l r d vice- niiigcmenli was composed of Mrs. Others who assis' (1( ' were Mrs i president; Mrs. (;eon;c Steinbrli-! Henry Kronenberg and-Mrs. John Hale K e n t . Mrr. '"''" Y n m i k i n , jefjjfe. -secretary; Mrs. E. T. H e n ! Ilarnbill, co-chairmen, Mrs. Otis Mrs. Gladys Hi'i!K ms ' M i s s 1;i ' | l l r 'cks, treasurer. | UoiiRla.-.. Mrs. Paul Petty, Mrs S m i t h , Mrs. J e f f I), 11 ^- Miss (.'arn-: The prouram eonsisted of t w o | ("Jeorjic Cole, Mrs. Kichard Hum- I v n Duty Mrs. j l u b e r t Cowan,: f i l m s , the first beini; "Scenery a n d ; berl; Mrs. R i l l A d a i r , Mr s - K""cll How-i I n d u s t r i a l nevelopnient of (be. Mrs. M. K, Maddox. Mrs. Lloyd ard, Mrs. .lack Kc^r "'"' Mrs. i Southwest" and a Cancer F.duca-1 McCann, Mrs. T. F,. Hondricks, i;eir(ic M c K i n n c y . i""" f 'l'"- ! Mrs. Hoy Allen, Mrs. R. K. Bent, -.-..--.T..r..:.·.-.---·-. . -' ' - j Kefreshmenls were served frnnv Mrs. 11. G. Hotz, and Mrs. Franit i i table, covered in lace over light · Myers. Personals ! Omega. I Lambert Is a senior in the Col- 'lege of Business Administration at the University. He is a member o; Sigma Chi, Varsity Basketball, · Blue Key, Betn Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Slg TM a " d A ' P " a will be n n cvent j of July f · a ^ h 4f irsi Bap " st Lhu "" ° ' You men who not only putter in the garden but; take pride in arranging the harvest of flowers oH The wending vegetables, which ever it might be, are being asked for the first time to exhibit your prize arrangements ot the flower show, Nature Symphonies, being held Tuesday afternoon at Wesley Hall, sponsored by the: J^fCilKrilSt Fayetteville Garden Council. Yes, you too will be eligible in Classes of Arrangements, which includes "man's choice," and vegetables or fruit, or both.. Vera Hall is president of the City Federation and lr e n ej]y[is$ ]VlCJNC3.1 Stearns is general chairman of the flower show. Serving with Irene is Nina Nonnemaker and staging Mrs. Charles Dodd an ^ Mrast chairman is Gladys Bragg. Others on the committees | Cny^c^yior ^[^i" 5 '^",^,^ are Annabel Bates, Ruth Knackstedt, Elizabeth Kirk-j s i v o l l at t ;-:e bodd home compii- patrick, Xana Lansford, Mary Morgoret Grumpier,! meriting Miss R c b a McNeai, Helen Brown; properties committee, Vera Chandler, ^ tu ^%f hn ^\veridir!"^will be Grace Johnson; Entry Committee, Vina Atkinson, : Ji,j s mo ,',th at the Central Method- Chris Wardlaw, and Helen Mulkey; Publicity, Jean: 1st church, nette Price. Posters seen about town in the store win-: Ki ^ sU M t( f N "ai l "n the Sren" de- dows were made by members of the Demeter Garden. p al -tment of the church. : C l u b youngest c l u b of the g r o u p . C l e r k s are M a r y . ' P l a c e cards were attached to;,,, f f m Club at the VA Nurses k.A r r l J k* U II r, A tU^co ; ,, ' m i n i a t u r e bridal noseRays, w i t h Home, 'I hursdav cvenmR. Margaret Crurnpler and Mary Howell, and those in arl idrntica i bridal bouquet center- charge of the schedule are Mrs. I. L. Jones, Nina Non- i n g the individual tables. nemaker, Alma Meade and Mary Margaret . . . . j sjty for purchasing of more books by the I'.T.A., to be used in the school library. Miss Hall installed Ihe following officers: Mrs. \V. H. Morris. president; Mrs. Bert Flowers, first vice president Mrs. Judson Smith, second vice president; Mrs. Ralph Simms, secretary; Mrs. Grover Couch, treasurer. A f t e r the installation, Mrs. Morris made a report on the state ; M i Rnxie p nl . tpr of Thornton. convention, which she attended m : C ; i | i f w:is rnt[ , r t,.,j m ,d r i i n i n c the I Little liock. On behalf of the d ; l v T i, ul . sd . 1v w i l h ; , hmchcon, |P.r.A.. Miss M a n e Ptak expressed rf ,j u , l v a ; lrl (ilm)c ,. ,, l v l n h y ; appreciation for the services of M i s , E!hr] S m j t h , lt ,,,.,. h o m p ,,;, : outgomr; president. Mrs. Wybe. C( ,, imM . street, assisted by her Corsages were received by mem- m()lh( , r . M ,, s . w . T. Smith. hers o f the faculty a n d ofticl-rs . , . . , , , ,, . . Luncheon nue:-t-.; included Miss j berl H. Phillips, telephone 1766-J. ! R r a n d p a r e n t s, Mr. and Mrs. " I great grandmother, Mrs. Laura Mr. and Mrs. M- Parties Honor Victor From ; California | Tort Smith ar ,,f t h e i r . ;?"i · Mr. and Mrs. Major Brian I'endlcton . ..... ^ ...... _,, t h e "'cckcml R"«l« ! ci«pl B r. I). A. C. Thl ' lirian Dr. and Mrs. CV' t h i s m o r n i n g fo,' Tenn., who," the Kaylor lelt j ' ' Winchester,!'^ i:ol i i . T i l l., v. in;! u l nt · ; «. ., Ihroufih S u n d a y wil' 1 Hr - Kaylor's j j)-' 5 - '· .sister, Mr;;, (jeorge V/arrcn. J - ' C h a p l r r of I). A. C. wil! meet for 1 o'clock luncheon Tuesday ·moon, at the hqme of Mr:;, il Rhodes, H07 Park Avenue. H. C. H a r d i n g v/lll be cu- appreciation of their efforts during the past year. The meeting adjourned and refreshments were served. The t a b l e was covered with n lace cloth, centered with a May-pole, surrounded hy flowers nnd randies. Mrs. Bill Shaffer presided ai the punch bowl. VA Distaff ers Plan For Year . James Bums, Mi's. Chester I nnd Mis. O. L. Wih.nn vn-hnstesses t n thn VA Dis- Thursday evening Town Clubbers gathered a t ' the Dark Bowl for a formal dinner-dance, theme for G i f t s of crystal, in the chosen ! pattern of Ihc bride to be, ^crc ; brought by each of the guests. AT..C * which was spring. This was expertly done with colored lanterns; Q white ferris wheel, with seats filled with;LeavCS For Mrs. Leslie Wright prosified nt i t h e business met. 1 !inc. "t which time plans fnr the ensuing year · \vrrr rlisrusserl. I Kollo-.viim the ru:;im\':'i nirotinp. j bridge nnd r,iii;i:.t;i \vn c pl.iyc'i i by the ijroup. Hi£;h bi jfi^e wfis 1 won by Mrs. M;irvin Wf.ilfall nnd Inch can.'ista w;i.s won by Mrs. T.Ir. nnrl Mrs. i.liil Ari^r-lc.-;, C a l i f . , ;.iv pnrenis. Ur. and Mr IT a n r j Mi-, and Mrs. Thry p|;jn to i c t u i n Thursday. Puiti-r, Ethel Bnse.v, K j v p t t c - , · villc, wnd Mr. and Mrs. Carl Carte, j Mrs. Clydt? .Jnne;; Cnnn H i l l . ! Donna Lou, hove I The aftcrnonn roko p a r t y vas Attended by Mrs. W.-dtor B. Colo, : Mrs. Mus C.ites. Mr;-;. Pricf D\cV.- ', son, Mrs. P'loyd U,ickstrr:n, and Miss Porter. I A yp;it;helU d i n n e r was served I t h a t evening to thf 1 honmeo. Miss t Kieanor Q u i n i i . Miss Hazel John- J H U I . Mrs. MiM-K.-uot L"". M i . * j I-Jhzaboth J a n r s . Miss Pearl Portf-i, i Miss Mina M a r s h a l l and Miss Mullic Vaui-hii. Following the d i n - ner, Mi?s Karn Jordan and Mi^s ' Porter heforo leaving F a y e t t e v i l l f , oicht ycai:; ngo. A f r i c a n vi'ild.s and a v a r i r - t v of spring flnvers wrro u--pd t h r o u ^ h , out the home for decoration. grcalg ryndmothcr, Mrs. Laura Forbes of Fayetteville. Oravcsldo services were held yesterday evening at th* 1 Mountain View cemetery near Lincoln, w i t h arrangement}! in charge of Moore's Funeral ChapeL * their lionip I'i Beta Phi Alumnar Picnic I'i Phi A l u m n a e - and t h e i r husbands ",'i!l be (iuests of the K w i n f * Jacksoir. at t h r i r home. Rivet Hidi;e, loni(.i-row aftenmon .it 4:^0 ' ville o'clock, fen- th'-ir a n n u a l picnic. In | M O| = cam of r a i n Ihe picnic \vilt be held at the c h a p t e r house. 1 I, and the Brown in I wont to Y( Crater I.ak · I.I. Park M, havo j-vturnori homf. ' CM Omera Picnic v i s i t ' n t ; w i t h M|1;: - K p l ] c - ·- c:ni Ornery A l u m n a e l a n d Ore. They also ' Chi Omega Mother's Club will and e n t e r t a i n the a ( live chapter ot . C h i OmPRH. v.-ith a picnic supper at Hii; chapter house Thursday at 5:30 p. in., honoring Chi Omcjja seniors. Lawrence Gi l i r : n v i - i l i n - : v.-ith bis p,V' r ' n!l Mrs. \V. A. f M j i r . n . '^ I n i inp J u n e !r», at F n ] t Sc.-.tlliv. Wash , for Fiir ] mand d u t v . lie h;i s 1)rP » at Fort HcnniiiK. O, ;| - is here Mr. and ' «· i rpn it- Arthur B. Stondley A r t h u r B. Stamlley. 72, retired lumberman, died at the City Hospital this morning at 4 o'clock. Mr. Stnndley is survived by two ffmx, Ernest Stnndlcy of Fayette- and Earl Standlcy of Joplin. one daughter, Mrs. Lurlie Fiydcr. Pcoria, 111.; one brother, Melvin Standley. Fayetteville; one sister. Mrs. M a b c 1 Vickcrs, Beatrice, Kch.; five firandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m , Monday at the Brentwood Church. Burial will be in Ihc Hrent'.vood cemetery under the direction of Moore's Funeral Obituary ' The hrxcr shrimp-likf animal! often are as prawns. | An outstanding flavor--Junjrt Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf Difihy Rcll, i n « t n i c t n r r,f (,'i;,r.i, al tho l!nivTMl\ 1 . \ v l l l ho «ta--t soloii! v:ilh Ihc: .Joplin .Jiinini (.'ul- h'flf-C'ivic S v i n p h n n v . Suiuiiiv. Ho will pla.v ih» Thirc! Bcoll'.r.vcn ri.nui Cf.nt-oi li, in C M i n o i . SKI. Charles Mooi' lv - "·" " f M r and Mrs. T. W Mm" 1 ?- A "- Sciu11 ' · H i l l Avenue, ban a n i w d home ;.ft.-r ...ervinj; w i t h t 1 "' M2r "' Fi '' lrt ' A r t i l l e r y nr.iup s t a t i o n e r l at , H a n m h o l d - r . Cern;:' peel:: to receive his ( May flowers; a picket fence strung with a rose vine; and beside the entrance, a wheel barrow containing all Sorts of A f r i c a n violets. The men Selected their dancing partners by choosing a blossom from the rose vine, containing a name. Approximately 65 were present, including a number of guests. Preceding the Mj nn , dance Elizabeth and Al Divers entertained with a drop-in at their home. Credited with the success of the party arc Adah and Rex Allen Smith, Marjoline and J. W. Gabel, and Al and Marilyn Eason. Music was furnished by Bob Jorgenson and his combo . . . . ; DENNIS THE MENACE Convention By Ketcham I.t. R i l l n dent f p f Ihe U n i v e r s i t v here v :.'.ation A t t e n d i n g the General 0 ' 1 (lf women's ciiibsiiei state Mrs. \V. K. N. P h i l l i p s . | p r f s i d r n l of the A r ! - . i n i s | ;ricr;itinn nf Wnmcr.'r) Chi 1 )?. i T h o ( n n v o n t i n i i tht; 1 ^' 1 i . , V.mlcpnFtK I" Kroo'lnm." S c v r i . i l ' ·). Mrs. W. E. N. Phillips, president of the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, left last night for Minneapolis, Minn., where she will attend the 61st Annual Convention of Ihc General Federation. In St. Louis she will join Mrs. T. T. Mardis, outgoing president of the Arkansas Federation. Mrs. Phillips has only recently relumed from a trip to Hardy, where she spoke for members of the Timely Club, and to Imbodon, where she made the presentation of an award to Bloine Anderson, first place -.-/inner in the Penny Art Fund Contest. Awards of o painting and summer scholarship to the Egyptian School of Art were made. Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Mardis expect to return from Minneapolis soon after May 17th , . . . Hazel and Eula Hight are planning a dinner Dirty for Tuosdcy evening to b; at Eula s home on man of Al llui.c.hlon. ;',,',: i a l l n f f i i - c i : ; a m i Tin;: t h o UMI y r . i l : , .·idmiiii.strali'iri w i l l 'd ar- ·.veil :.'· rc".n!nliin:'. the c;KWC lloarrt. ...jr., , /. KBIO 10 larry D .. · D' U.A. School Thf , s ,, clv Education pinnr.-im Riven in Apni by students of the K H R K . SpnnK'l.ile, f r o m 4 M to .V3() n m . All rhllrlren nf Ihe Tralninc Srh^il parliripfitori in the pmcnm .ind finest u.l;. Dean (lenipo j Infant Melons I n f a n t Mel.rino. son nf Cpi. and Mrs. nichard M i L a n e . died nt h i i l h in tin- ! Mnspital ul Iliirksrlale Kicld. Shrevuport, La.. May 7. S u i v i v o r s ini'liuli- Ilk parent:.; line M s t o i . I.inrl.l Susan, malerna! j ' . r a n d p . n e n t ' - . Mi aiul Mi:;. Otto Outer of K a i i n i n g t n n : paternal SPECIALS You'r* Twice As Lortly In A Permanent From NORMA'S SHOPPE All Permanent* li Price rhon. SH Ul W. Mounta THE BLAIRS, STATIONERS Th« Oldot Offic« Suppy HOUM «nd Gift Shop in NorthwMt Arkiniif MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS Pro try -- Permanent -- Practical Mother's Day Cardi-5c to $1.00~Styled by Gibson HOW LONG HAVE DU BEEN WITH "S 1 ? 1'jrrnt Trjehrrn I ' I . A n n u n l Family Pln llr T! · l · r r "'( i li'' 1 '^ ( " l l ) h I ' v 'p.Kv'e v . , i l he ''.-''I M""-t»y .,;.r,,. , .,1 :, P m- "» '"' I '" 1 M - r , l v ...inp.:.-. e.,,' "' l '"» M " "-"·'· i ·· av ';,Mr S ';r 'e W(H ,,,. I Am Happy to Announce rhc addition to my staff of Rada Baker, formerly of Tulsa'i Brown-Duncan Styling Room. Mrs. Baker will be associated with . . . Rita's Beauty Salon PHONE 3134 My Staff Includes AT RITA'S BEAUTY SALON ll.-iv .!,.·,,·, C l a r a Mitehell l i c i t . Y i H i n e * Muriel Slai)(j AT LA ROSE HOUSE OF BEAUTY Nun Kindt Ol.nty« Allen Cathy AT THE ROYAL BEAUTY SHOP Sinn t,nnl«p JnnM "If ^·n^^r hair Hn't becnminfl tr you, you nhnulrf be coming t* it*." *

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