Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 10, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1952
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W PARES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily IOCAI FORECAST-. r»yett«viii« inj) vtclnltr mottw 1 f H u d y »nd cool tonight with tern" p f r n t u r r i from 4S to M Tomorrow p t r i l y cloudy and wirmer Tr»ce of r a i n Hljrh ti»mper»tur« yest#rdsy g/V In*- SO 11 i m. today 54. Sunrise L 19. iuni-l 7 II- The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper VOLUME 90, NUMBER 247 Associated Press Leased Wire FAVETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 10, 1952 AP, King and NEA Features PRICE FIVE CENTS Cut In Production Of Broilers Proposed 'One Chicken Per Heavy Hail Storm Hits Mineral Springs Area Damage Caused To Homes And Chicken Houses Stones The Size Of Golf Balls Fc For 15 Minutes Hearing On New Telephone Rate Schedule Recesses For Study By Largest Cities L i t t l e Rock-(/P)-The Arkansas Public Service Commission hearing on a ne'.v rate schedule for Southwestern B e l l Telephone Company recessed for one week Friday. The recess was requested by City Attys. O. D. Longstrcth, Jr., of Little Rock nnri Harrell Harper ] of fort Smith in order to inspect riail caused considerable dam- ; Bell records. Both cities will pre- _«ge last night in the M i n e r a l : scn t testimony next week to sup- Springs community. port their contention that-rates are E. C. Ruckncr reported toriay discriminatory. that hailstones the sm of iolf M1 ' s testimony F r i d a y ' Was in _balls or hen eggs Ml. damaging , support n( ., proposed new schcd- many homr- and chicken houses, u i e ' i n line with an Arkansas Su- and reported t h a t at the 1{. Rog- preme Court decision that granted ers place, 5.000 baby chicks wsre | a $3,177,000 a n n u a l boost to the killed by The high court said Little Rock and Fort Smith were to be allowed to ·attempt to show that their rates are discriminatory as compared to lower rates charged in smaller communities. Rates vary according to the number of subscribers served by each exchange. Little Rock pays the highest rates; Fort Smith the second highest. The commission also must approve a plan for refunds to Bell subcribers. Bell has been charging rates based on its original proposed $4.6 million increase. It Opportunities Great, Senior Students Told Dove Grundfest Of Little Rock Speaks At AIA Dinner Group To Show Hospital To Visitors Square Foot Of Space Urged Poultry And Feed Firms Take Notice Of Low Market the hail which went ; through the roof. Buckner said that at his house, the stones went ' ^through the roof into the living room, and he reported many homes had the same situation. The. hail storm started at 10:25, ' arid continued for 15 minutes, ; "Buckner said, with a fall esti- ; mated at four inches. He said the ! Community Building "probably" j v/as damaged BF it apparently was i Jn the path of the storm. Other : residents whose homes he said ; were damaged included C. E. Un- , derhill and Ray Ragsdale. j Buckner reported the wind blew hard before the hail started fall- i ing but that during the fall of hail j the wind quieted. After the fall, '· · the wind rame up again, he said. Winds Strike Sections Of El Dorado L i t t l e Rock-fVPJ-Outlying sections of El Dorado were hit by a small tornado early today. One ..person was injured and a number of homes destroyed when the twister hit north of El Dorado. Mrs. A. M. Coke, who lives on the Morning- Star road, suffered head injuries. The Johnson sawmill at Calion, Ark., 10 miles north " of El Dorado was repor'ed tn have been blown away anc a smoke stack on the Southern Wood troat- ers plant near El Dorado was ries- 1 troyod. Electric power in the El two-day conference, and followed a banquet session last n i a h t at the must refund the difference be- : Student Union at which Dave tween the charges and the approv- Grundfest of Little Rock, president ed increase--about $18 on a one- ! °/ t h c Sterling Stores, Inc., was Arkansas business executives here for the a n n u a l session of the Arkansas I n d u s t r i a l Association on the campus of t h f U n i v e r s i t y , were guests this mornine of the Fayetteviile Chamber of Commerce at a breakfast at the Washington Hotel. They heard about the advantages of Northwest Arkansas. : Following I h e b r e a k f a s t , they j returned to tho campus where in- · , , , , , , , . . r . , , . terviews between the executives ' M e m b e r s nf t h e W a s h i n g t o n C o u n t y Medical Society A u x i l i a r y w i l l conduct v i s i t o r s t h r o u g h thr Wash- and senior s t u d e n t s at t h e Uni- · infiton Hospital on Hospital Day n e x t Monday. Some of those who w i l l t a k r part as guides arr vcrsity were fchcdulod. i shown above. Left to right. Mrs. Fred Ogden, Mrs. R i c h a r d Miller. Mrs .lames Storkcr. Mrs. Max M c A l l i F Today's program wound up t h e ' tcr, Mrs. Alfred Hathcock and Mrs. Spencer Brown. Mrs. Glenn M a d d n x , director of n u r s i n g service at the hospital, is explainin R the use nf an oxygen tenl. ( T I M E S F O T O ) telephone company- I party telephone. U.N. Patrol Fights All-Day Battle With Chinese Reds DPA Head Dorado area was disrupted one hour and J5 minutes. for A house on the Ml. Hoii.v-Du- mas City road was destroyed and one house was damaged in El Dor- Truman, 'klanley ado by a fallen tree. Severe hail storms hit Little Rock and- DeQueen. The U. S. .Weather Bureau at Little Rock said winds up to 40 miles an hour accompanied the hail and thunderstorm in the capital city. The Weather Bureau reported rainfall of 1.9f) inches at DOS Arc; Dardanelle. I.flfl; Little Rock, l.Sfij Arkadelphia, 1.55; and Boughton, 1.50. Virtually every section of the state got some rain, the bureau added. Judge Says Officials Often Seek More Power Seoul, Korea-UP)-An artillery- supported Allied tank-infantry patrol smashed into Communist lines and fought an all-day battle lines anu I U U K U L an au-ucij u a i u v ; .· y Friday with 1.000 Chinese on the, Arkansa Korean western front. j minc i edn An Eighth Army spokesman said ! the patrol pulled back at night af- ! ter the heavy engagement northeast of the Panmunjon truce site. The Allied force struck at 9 a.! can VaTan'omployV m"ake'to"t'h"e m. it was met by Red artillery and business which hires me." automatic fire as the Chinese rushed up reinforcement? to build the the principal speaker. Seniors in the College of Business A d m i n i s - tration and the College nf Engineering were guests, and C. Hamilton Moses, president of Ihe Arkansas Power and Light Company, was master of ceremonies. Dean Paul Milam introduced student leaders in the Business school and Dean George R r a n i g f i n introduced leaders in the Engineering college. Obligation Cited i Grundfest told the seniors that i opportunities in America and in · are greater now t h a n . his estimation, and r e - ; them t h a t as f u t u r e ern- ' ploy PS they must realize they have ' an obligation to tho business in which they engage. Too m u c h : thought today is on salaries, vaca- ; lions and pensions, he said, and i not enough on "what contribution '· General Dodd Released By Communist Koje Prisoners Former Chief Of U.S. Camps In Good Health UCT Closes Convention; Banquet Held He cited instances of several outstanding Arkansas men who defenders' strength to a battalion.! have made successes of their busi- The U. N. troops fell back slight- nesses through hard work, and said "There is no substitute for hard work." Grundfest said the present generation and the one that went before have "made a rness" of things. He declared that "we lost the ly to permit Allied artillery to shell the Chinese. Results of the flight were not announced. The Fifth Air Force in a weekly summary said Allied planes shot down 13 Communist aircraft, probably destroyed one and damaged: five. The Air Force said it lost 10; ,?,,,",? ,,,' Die-Hard Leaders Confer, Agree To To Let Officer Free Seoul. Korea - f/P) - The U. S. Eighth Army announced tonight j that Brig. Gen. Francis T. Dodd j has been released--in good health : and good spirits--by Communist } prisoners of war on Koje Island. ' Dodd. then commander of peace a f t e r World War J through prison camps on the island, was and Ihe peace ;jfter seized by Red prisoner? Wodnes- j signed effective May 31. Russian Guards Halt Patrols Private Traffic Allowed To Move Berlin-(/Pi-Rupsian guards bar- planes in combat, one in an aerial fight and- nine to Red ground fire. Steel Dispute Briefs Filed Oral Arguments Slated Monday | World War II through stupidity, and arc at war agaic--not a police · action, but war. And the tragedy | of it is t h a t the war is po fnr r.wny that the majority of American? just aren't interested. Only those who have boys over there really are t a k i n g it seriously." Cites Profit Motivr He said the most important function of a business is to make a profit. "This has b u i l t big bi:si-;usp force if the genera ness and sustained s m a l l business,' rolensod u n h a r m e d and hig business has b u i l t A m e r i ca." lie declared t h a t l i t t l e busi- conference of Hods ness can compete w i t h big busi- rneduitelv tHf-Hoscd. Washington-(/pi - The steel in- ness, and cited the case of his Shrevpport, La.-i/P)-The ft] reaction of public officials to dustry lold the Supreme Court to- Sterling Stores, w h i c h opeijitcs in day t h a t government seizure of the four states. He said he was in d i mills was "for the purpose of set-' rect competition w i t h some of the f l i n g a labor dispute hy executive; biggest stores in the n a t i o n -- f i a t , inconsistent with and con-; Wool worth. Kress. N'ev/berry--and tr.iry to the remedy expressly was proving l i t t l e business ran provided by Congress to meet such . compete. a situation." j He tnid the g r a d u a t i n g seniors At the tame time the CIO U n i t - j t h a t ihey face problems w h i c h ed Steelworkers told the high court j they miirt solve if they expert to their pay t a l k s with tho c o m p a n i e s ' h a v e "any America" to h a n d dov.-n were only a sham. Thr union said! to their c h i l d r e n . ' it was repeatedly tolci the outcome The banrjtiet followed a p r o g r a m epended on the results of price yesterday a f t p r r m n n a i v j .-. l u n u h red r c c u l a r Allied m i l i t a r y patrols negotiations with the government, eon at the Student C n m n yi-sicr- today from tlie 110-mile a u t o b a h n - u said t h a t s i t u a t i o n marie the day noon. HI which D i . P,i anip:i:i steel crisis a price dispute instead preskl-ed. Heads of dep;u i n d e n t s in of a labor dispute. the College of Bunness A ' i m i n i ! The opposing contentions were tration and the College of K n z i - The a n n u a l state convention of the United Commercial Travelers closed herp at noon today f o l l o w - ing a f i n a l business session at t h e ; Legion Hut and n tour of t h P city I by members of the auxiliary. The high point of ihe three-day convention came last night with a banquet and dance, at the U n r k Bowl. The keynote .cppaker at the 7 p. m. banquet was E. Klein G r a f f of Sioux Falls, S. D.. supreme counselor of UCT. In a t a l k on t h e fraternal spirit of the UCT, G r a f f pointed out t h a t the o r g a n i z a t i o n is more t h a n a social group, and said its effect is felt t h r o u g h o u t the nation. Yesterday afternoon's a c t i v i t i e s included presentation of t h e a u x i l i a r y charter a n d i n s t a l l a t i o n of p t n t e a u x i l i a r y officers by Mrs. Gladys Fooney. supreme counselor of the UCT A u x i l i a r y . Preceding t h e b a n q u e t a n r ! dance, a memorial service was held at t h e First Presbyterian Church w i t h J. K J o r d a n , past grand counselor, in charge, Tho torrns worked out at the ' "~ * .·ore not im- N UrSeS An A r m y spokesman said Dodd '. would be f l n \ v n to S^oul tnmor- ' row nnd would hold a news conference. The spokesman said correspondents would be allowed to i visit K o j c tomorrow. The island i^ j 30 milrs o!f the southeastern tip j of Korea. Do'ld wil spend t h o n i g h t w i t h Brie. Gen Charles Colpnn, who W.TP a p p o i n t e d r n m m a n d o r of t h o K'lie r a m p s t h e nay a f t e r Dorid was sei/nd I Sn.itchrd At fiat*- I day as he conferred w i t h them at the p n t o of compound 76. j A n K i c h t h Armv F l n t e m e n t i aid the "moral's relrnre came a f t r r a mooting of Communist ringleaders of the compound. It was attended hy pn r jnor leader? from other compounds on the island. i Gen .Tames A. Van Fleet. U.S I E i g h t h A r m y commander had · marie it clear he was p r e p a r i n g to wore not , 1 C u r t a i l e d broiler prodtjoiin- In '. N n r t h w ^ t A r k a n s a s ha:- hoo n pro- · pr.srd bv a group of 2fj poultry and feed firms in t h i s area G. R. "Ta.-k" H a l ) , manager nf ?h? 4X Foorl store in F.iypttpvillr 1 . fiid ; t i j p feed dealers and hatchrrryrnor. ' h a v e t=iken o f f i c i a l n n t i r e nf the low hroitor pricpp in recent 'v?p'r3, .snd "derided to do something ! Thr- h a t r h e r i p * whirh supply thp bah,- chirks and the 'Jealors · who supply fpM to producer- will ask t h p producers to housn not morp t h a n ont- bird per square foot of floor spar* 1 . Hale said Since t h r prest-ni p r a c t i c e ranges all t h e w a v from one-half to three-fourths square foot per bird, t h i s would result in decreasing total piodurtion in thp area by 25 to 31 ppr cent. In addition, p o u l t r y experts recommend thp one-foot- per-hird housing as a means ot increasing feed efficiency and prod u c i n g better q u a l i t y chickens. Hair said, a d d i n g that, more space t h e D e l m a r v a producing area some At a meeting held here. Halt read from ,a paper published In j aldo helns control diseases. : facts which he said "prevail here. · The article pointed out t h a t "be, causp of thp,Increase in feed costs, · our costs nf production have risen so t h a t whilr we used to be able ; to produce for around 18 cents a ' pound and spil for 28 to 30 cents, | today it cost* 26 cents a pound 1 and we sell from 28 to 30 cent?. , . . Ten years ago If wo crowded iho chickens ro much that it took ! one-half pound more feed to grow one pound of chicken, our costu went up one and one-half cent*, but WP were making eiflht to 10 cents a pound profit, 50 th« small Oslo. Norway - (/Pi - G e n e r a l ' additional cost nf crowding was Eisenhower raid last night t h a t if · easily offset by the extra volume, the people l i k - him for president! But tod *' th * margin is only from "they will know where to find me" i lwo , tfj , '9 UP c , ents a P°_ un ? P r f ' f i t r Republican nomination. W h a t was t r u c a fe ^ ycars ago is Oslo was Eisenhowers last stop' no t true today on thr Scandinavian le« o? his | .. The nfiwcr hro n cr arcag have farewell tour as supreme Allied , nover had the experiences we have commander. His assicnment TMds ' had, and they never got the idea June 1 nnd he plans to return to | that the more chickens you raise the United States then to b" a v a i l - ; thr more money you make. They able if he is nominated by the Re- nr( * n °t crowding their Chickens. Republican convention in J u l y . j "Several large feed companies Not To Campaign, Says Eisenhower Will Return To U. S. In June From S i d e Of Niagara Gorge N i a g a r a , F a i l s N. Y,.-'/!VTwn s t u d e n t nurses were rescued from the side nf the N i a g a r a gortre early today, ahout fr. e hours a f t e r they berime MID ruled- on ;i led^c w h i l e I r v i n g t o sralfi a c j j f f . Rnsemane Buike, 1R. of B u f f a l o and Rns WP rarryinjr Allied l r ; i f f i c throujrh the Soviet zone of Germany between n a t u r - l Berlin nnd the Allied zoneF. i n M ' i f X o i f h R e g u l a r t r u c k and private v e h i - ' s e t out in briefs f i l e d w i t h the neeriny each explained w h a t h i overcome criticism is by power, c i e traffic continued to roll ahead : Supreme Court preparatory to or- department leaches snrl told w h a t .Tudpre J . ^ B e r n a r d Cocke of N e w j as usual, w i t h only the normal's! arguments Monday on a govern-, the seniors expect t n do a f t e r t h e i r rt ' speech on! s t a ck-up of truckers at each e n - ' m e n t appeal from a decision by graduation, [t developer] Orleans declared freedom of the press. "If their efforts are successful, they acquire great power, and resentment and resistance are correspondingly Increased," he said yesterday. Judge Cocke, who recently acquitted five Lake Charles newsmen p ?cuppd of defaming 16 public officials and three pamblfrs, addressed the annual Louisiana Bar Association meeting here. try where fussy Soviet guards U. S. District Judge David A. Pine check their papers and cargoes. that the seizure of the p l a n t s w a s ; Border guards at Ilelmsiedt, a t , l l l c K a l - | Ihe British zone end nf the super- | " | highway, and at Rabelsherg, on "he Berlin end, a b r u p t l y turned back the patrols a f t e r checking their paper?. Meet In Moscow Moscow-(/F'j-Georgc F. K c n n u n , the new U. S. ambassador to Moscow, had his first meeting today The stiff-faced guards gave n o ! w i t h Sovipt ForciRn Minister Andrei Y. Vishmsky. An Embassy great m a j o r i t y nf t h e m p l a n work outside A r k a n s a s . Yesterday a f t e r n o o n a |,,-ine| ·· cussinn \ \ a s held brl'.'.ern buMii represenlatn es ;u)d rcason for their action. spokesman said they met at the storms Hunt's has the right g i f t for your 1 Foreign M i n i s t r y and chatted for graduate. ( A d v . ) ' a b o u t IS minutes. The Weather A r k a n s a s - C l o u d y and \-\ today a n d t n n i c h t . Loral t h u n r l r i i i t h pot t i o n Vi'ia Sunday p a r t l v cloudy, w a r m e r the a f t e r n o o n . Wholesale Price Index Up During The Week | industrialists Reported To See No Business Bust Ahead Washinglon-f/P) - The govern-! ment'K wholesale price ir.rirx rose' ··oir.p'iund 7fi. w h n i p fi.n Kor^.'in r]ie-h:ir f l ^nmm.inisl.c arc held. He --nrl a n o t h e r officer, Lt. ; Co! H o h r r t R a v e n , X e w t o n . Tex:^. were t ';i!irlir.c bv the m a i n c ^ t o of t h o (·ornpoiinfi. D i k i n g w i t h leader e ' of t h e prronrrs. ' Thp p n i r evicl'-r.tly had bron l u r p d ihprp l « v C o m m u n i s t loador? for a c o n f r r e n r p SnHrionly t h e H"d POWt crahhpd Pond and hti. i !!pfl h i m i r u i d p t h p compound. n;i-ni f o u c h t a w a y f r o m tho I?pds · and PM-:i[iPfl ' For t h r e e dav- t h r T7nls h^ld HoM'l p r i r o n r r . nr . - t n w h i j p neg,-,- t i a t i n c v i t h him for s e l t l p m e n t of t h o p r i r o n r r r * c r i o v a n c p s . A m o i i c a n meal:: woro passed in to t h o 52-y\ir-ri]d coneral aiul he W H I a l l o w r d free IJ«=P of tho tolo- n h o n p ni.'-irfp 'ho compound Over t h i s trie-phone lie a c k o H camp ;iii- I h f i n t i r * ; t o r e f r a i n f r o m d ' - i r i c f d i r - e \n c*'t him out t i n l i ! ' h o IIM I p ^ r i i - r e h-iM '-rimplotrd a list of Bowe. If), ( r e n t e d f n r M.'inlvn Fi'ills, also of N i a g a r a F a l l s were r u i s n n d hrLrc-;. R I a k e , ]J). nf N'lnfr.'u-a a s t u ' i . - n t p.tji-^f. s l i p p e d He n-eried t h n t "I have said before ;tm! I say now t h a t I do not p l a n to nvikr- any campaign." The general w i l l retire to '-iv i l i a n l i f e when he return?:, but w i l l rrm.-iin a f i v r - s i a r Renera! under a rule which givrs a l i f e career to Rcnonlr. of the Army. Drouth Threat To Crops Eased By Rainfall L i t t l e Rork-'/Pi-The t h r e a t t o A r k - n n r n s n-nps hv n three-v/r-nk d r o u t h and. h^a'. w,iv w;i= r.-^ed F" r i d a y by t h n n d e r r h o w o r ^ t h r n u g h o i j t t h f plate. The c u l t u r a l Ex tension Servic Fridav th.-it the Ftatr'-; veq stniwbprry, cotton and rico wore ' h r e n t e n e d by the ho xventher. However, C. A. Vinn.s, AKS .s- sociaie director. :;atd t h f nor? It- west section of thp s^ntr* received enough r a i n f'nd.'iy m o r n i r i c In re- lie\-e ferr.por*irjlv the to t h e A g r i - r a i d rrop* . dry a n d rolled dnvn a I.Tu-foM e b a n k m e n t A l t h o u g h h f IMS! i h r f r o n t t e e t h a n d Mjffc.-r-rl c u i s n hrui-.e?, she m;i r k? hrr w a y safety and phoned police. Americans Saving More Money As Individuals Russia Should Free War Prisoners, Says McCloy R " r n k n M e l Ocrm;my-i,V,-i;. S Hich C'oir.rm^-inner .Inhri .1. M c - Clnv declared Sovic* Hot Springs, Va.-MVl.eading in- i n d i v i d u a l s a r e : ; i v m c more moi-p money d e r p i t p m t b i t i o i hr;,vy c o n s u m e r b u y i n g , t h i t i o n a i S a v i n g s and I .nan Lp.-igtir. r o p o r t f - n t o d a y . It said rri'iripy i m p ^ t o d In t h p iruTo;i5Pd 24 pet r e n t fmm l!)4fi t the f-nrl r,f mr,]. A t t h e s t a r t " f i h i - v c a i . th invested This ;«- » p n r t f n - n , corn rnprnal i n v e n t men' *. i . n i o n s J i n u l d i i f p i m n i r - d i a t n l v .ill C o r m ; i n w n r p r ^ o n p r ^ in RNP.MI and thoii^aii'-K nf p o l i t n - ^ 1 pn.'on- ft- rr« in K;ist Gr-rm..nv to pm « Us a n d desire t o r e u n i f v t h i s r o u n i r y . and | C o m m ' - n t n i g on t h ° e x c h a n g e of N'a- ' note.s brlween -he Western pov;pr d t h e Orm \Vi» .'in ' i n : t y i l ! d i-vprv t h i n g pov.:h!». t-i German unry " m t h e direction of competition t a k i n g care of most ' ing w i l l r o n t m u p at h i g h !P' somewhere in t h e noighhorho'"' p x c e p t i o n . t h e corpora- 45 b i l l i o n d n l h i r s n year t h r ' ·1 of u g h for the first time in =iv wookr,· r i ««trialisis t m p P t i n g horo 1o ad- prices, during the week ended May fi. A n ' v i p c Secretary of Commorco Saw- W i t h o u t advance of one-tenth of one ppr y cr on economic policy, foresee no ; tion heads disagreed w i t h some Ifl.iS and for several year*, at pent was announced- by the Bureau business bust ahead as tho c o u n t r y recent p i e d i c t i o n s t h a t tho rconn- t h o t P a f t o r . T h i s i«. h i g h e r t h a n the of I,nhnr Statistics. This brought tapers off its m o b i l i z a t i o n . Most my w i l l RO i n t o n d p f l i n c w h e n present r a l p , a l M K . u « h i ^ p i i d i r . g thr index to 111.3 per cent of t h r . " ' Sawyer's Husinor.s Advisory d o f o n s o spending, exported In go w i l l pyrced t ) « a l f i c u r r * w h p n l l n - 1!)47-4H n\'crngp/--3.2 per rpnl be.- Council, mppting w i i h Ihe S P C - - as h i g h as 5ft h i l l j o n dollar*, an- tp;tnn,'mirnt h i t s f u i l s t u ' l o l a i n low the January avrrflgp and nir.p- rotary at the Homrstoad Hotel n u a l l y in the next two years, i* t h i s year. tenths of 1 ppr crnt hrlow March i.vcstorday, urged a h a n d o n m o n t of cut back. ' I h o h u s i n r v s m r n . S a w \ r r «.i:d. Prices for farm products wore nrice and WBRO controls on J u n o ; "None of thp council m r m h r r s .expressed t h r m n r l v r s " s t r o n g l y in shoved highrr by grain*, hr", -"0. |arr f r n r f u l for thr pconomy." i fa\-or of grratpr p f f o r t s ;it ecr.n- pRWi soybeans, oranjrps, pot a I r* Snwyrr said t h ^ businessmen Sawyer said. "All hPljpvr w p ' l l j o m y in the g n v r r n m e n : Thpy fc^i nnd cof/pp. Thpre were drollnpfi for found customers wary, p r o d u c t i o n ' w o r k out of our prrsrnt prnhlrmn." - it must hr n p p l i r d to a l l thn A r m v of t h e Arkansas Soldier Jumps From Frisco Ferry Boat poultry, cattle, raw cotton some f r p f h vpRPtablps. and capacity greatly pxpandpd, Iho Most mrmhrrr.. it Iparnod, | a r l i v i t i o s , mrludlnf m i l i t a r y A n d huyrrs' market reviving, and sales nrf ponvinced thai defpnse s p r n d - ' forpijm alrt." S.'iturfl.-iv m n r n i n c said tl'.fv had f;r;uitnd K'-d f k ' m a r i f l 1 - --"minor r'-qiipr.'. 1 ;" w l i i c h i n c l u d e - ) u 1 c of a t c l c p h o n r , w r i t i n g j i . i i M ' r ;UK! HIP ; i r l r n i t t ; i t i r f ' of j i n - n n I f a ' l r r ^ f r o m other r n r n P ' i i i t i ' 1 ; on Mil- l . - h n f l . A n p i o x i - ni.'i'f-lv Kd.iKio p p f ) a r e held on tho i*'Km(| rno* t of t h e m ;HP ;tmonfi t h e 70f)00 pri'-finPr.*. who r;»vp «id t h c \ ' w i l l r o l u r n t o Communism. | Koio v.-ai. tho rr-one of twft p.irln"-r prisoner riots Cr-immpd i hp*iinr| ih/ h n i h p r l WITP aro m a n y ! Red dio-h,in)^ who dPmnn*.trato, fihout and sing Comrnunift r.onc« Overemphasis On Crime Stories To Be Probed W a ^ h m R U m -'/TV ( nrurrn.xtinn.-il i n v f i t i ( t a t i o n \ n f m d ; u n n d trlc- v i M o n prORranr. d u d hooks. ;n.i R h - ymes a n d comic books tiiav ho ordered n e x t -vprk tn cle^n up nvn - e m p h a s i s on vx and c r i m e w h r r r it exist', R r ^ i l u t i o n s r i l l m j r . for t h e p»-ohps h a \ e h*»nn approved bv 'h** Ifousc Rulrj. C ' o m m i t t r r * a nil tu\Pn thr ;y-ahr,iri hv ih» H m j u n lr.ider*hip for ft % itr n r x t week. Srsn f"ranc!»cn -« f 7''- A 2 4 - \ e ' i r ''ii'. s n l d i e i who j u n i j i f d from a f e r r y h.:il in S-.n B.iy yevtrid.,;,' W.K i d c n t l f l P i i .T^; P f r . H o v l e .!. v' of KOI i est C i t y , A r k ' Thr I' \v;is hi in a i n g h i in hnine a f t i r Hhnut T U M P month* 1 j j e r x u e in K m p « . H n lody h.ii not · in Gnorgia, Indiana. Pennsylvania nnd New England will not finance chirkpns If they do not have one 1 square foot floor space per chick| en. . . . It is quits apparent that ' birds t h a t are grown with plenty of room do not have near as much d i f f i c u l t y w i t h infection as crowded birds. . . . If the area would j put in only onp t.hicken per square j foot they" could build a reputa- ! lion for quality poultry and they i could produce them for three or four cents IPS? a pound. They ! could solve the problem of over: production and we could, have a 1 healthy business again." Probltm Recognized "Wp all r.Tognizp that the present crisis in the broiler industry is the result of over-production,'' Halp declared "Until such time as people begin to pat more chicken, it is foolish for us tn continue to produce, broilers at ? loss. "At present, 100 pounds of live , chickens hrins Ihe. producer only about S I B . If production were cut by o n e - f o u r t h across the boarJ. I believe h o 75 pounds retr.Dining would bring a greater rr'.urn at lo-.vrr cort. It's 'irt tho old story f Mjpoiy and d e m a n d . ' Hale served IP chairman, of the g i o u p which m r t here to discuss thr- problem of surplus prfduc- ijon and low y/ncp?. He said the fnilowir.y 'Jfi fnrr.s a«r«Ki to the rpyoluti'ir.. which was offered by K K Hale, manager o! Swanson's H ; » t c h c r y . Tavjr.r's F"pd ^nd Produce. Ber^ r w i i l o , FY.x Deluxe Foods. Bon- t"nvill", Rush Hatchery. Rogers; Dick Ancle, of Commander-L^rra- hec M i l l i n g C'o, Rogers; Jones and Koigwin. Rogers; 4-X Feed Store. Hogcr-; Quality Hatchery, Roger;; flropnp M i l l i n t ; Company. Siiivim Spungy. Kelley Feed Store. Si- Sprmss;" 4X Feed Store. C ; p m r y ; Peterson Produce, Doi - ' i t u r ; KP\ or and Shaw, Elm S p i i n g ! - . H r l l s t o r n Brothers, K'.m Sj-i i n g s ; Letter N CJlovfr Feed and Profiix-p. C-ivi- Springs; J e f f P. B r o ' A M . Spnnrialr: Ful-O-Pep PV(s-j Store. Spr ingil.ile; Qu.Tlitv U - i t c h P i v . Sprinkle; Made-Kile Kep'i Stiiii\ Spnnfid.ile. Sh.irp ;uid F^rson. 1 -, Springdale; Jack Hay5. N u t r o n a M i l l s . Springdale, Fox I V l u x p Food?. Spnnsdale; 4X Frp-t Store. Favritevillr: M.irtin- Fiitibtts Feed Store. Fayetteviile; Wilkinson M i l l i n g Company. Faye t t p v i l l p ; C. A Swanson and Sons H n t c h o i y . Faypttrvillr; njid Qual- i t y H a t c h r r y , M u n t f t v i l t r . The group ha callrd another nio-pling in R r n t n n v i l U j June 4. Producert Quoted An Assrtciatwl Press srtlctr out hron recn\orefl. The A r m y n o l i - 1 of I.lttlp Hock quoted Roy Hitter fled hix mother, Mr-;. Ella Foxhe' of Springdale as saying most pro- Onmps of j-'nrrrst C i t y I rtupfri nred an average of 24 tft i Thn A r m v s,.id Crim« Ignored! r r n t * n Pwmd to brwk even. a l i f e p r ^ r r v r r Jhat w« t h r o w n ! to him nnd w.u r a p i d l y cnrned · '·wii» hf the purrrnt. IIWHJT i "IT* easy to sec that th« most · fleirnt oprrators in Arkansas hu-e ' bern for several wretai nnd "nw 1 CONTlKUtD ON PAGE ^l.-'^.N T

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