Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 9, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1952
Page 9
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NO9THWBT AKAMAI TIMB. Foy»n»vll!t, Artcomol Mday, Mo-f », W» . Births I LEGAL NOTICES the flouthweit Qmrter iSWM of SiTTInn El5ht,rn (18i. Township tifiprn US. V.rlh. Rangf Thirly- Iwn O2' \\M nf thft Sib P. M. · i frtniaininj: 4n ncrrs Mr. and Mr?. A. C. Bnalwricht ! Thai, mi ivrpmhcr sn 19.19 * I *-*--~ ,),,.,, Cnl Mr. and Mm. A. C. BoitwrUht | of Huntsville annnunrp ihr birth of a daughter, Mav 8, nt the City Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lawsnn Mr. and Mr?:. Charirs Law'trm nf PogerF. announce thp hirth nf a daughter, May 9, at ihp City Hospital. ! Mon. , mcton Advfrtisf in the TIMES--it pivs. ---·--- - - - :---=-.:·__=--i- -- ----^ Confirm Title filed herein NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES |^?'^ n L - Clerk of Wash- rotinl.\ ArkinsH*. hy Irene I.rMarr. Deputy Clerk, f o r f e i t e d ann 1 renidrd ihr- .Thrive real e* latp in the Mnte of Arkansas fnr non- pa ym?m of tnxes for the vear 1936- that, on September 7. ]!H2. the Chan- to *Hil real exists in ihe S:«'.e nf Arkirt«ns: and Ihni. thrnuch mesne convey a nre^ from the .Slate nf Arkansas, lonnir R Snow ami Mnrv Gladys Snow, hinhanri and wife. ac - | quired mie lo said real entate a« cnt i firth in their Petition to Qu All "p'r BUSINESS OfPORTUNITf I FOR SAI.B--AUTOMOTIVE MURDER! ARE you killing your fimirp hy wmtm« nur jpnrp 'imp- tt have. loral oppnings for rrllnblr ji.'irty lo ; sr:nooi. h',, Gl nppi of hi' on ivill I: opprnlr our | i PERSONALLY ENDORSED Rate: 3 eentr. per wor? Binff'e in- lertion. Three cnmecutive insertions 7 cents per word. Minimum order 42c \ l '." r " :r , CUfiSilied adi cash in advance-not , ? V I \ taken over the telephone. , ' Deadline for elassiliccl adi. M):3o p £u n: "' 5 , · m daily; 9:30 a. n Saturday !« Defend, Correction* and rerun cheerlully I Manna , n Trav made after first insertion. No correr. I f "! ri . '! leir "nkno own own If the first in your an. , , . -- _.._. _ n e w CH1.0RO-M1NT rtmpenunK ! I CCh T A ftf unit!! Chlorophyll prnducls nre v e r y , i f if IJ I 11 K l much in demand and nnw we h a v e ! WJUi/ ^fllW made it available m t-hicln form 1h rough our machine* To qua illy you mint have a r«r. .1 or 6 hour* per week .'pare time Sfi.'iS on c- rurert hy inventory. and A - l references. For local Interview with factory representative, mrlude phone n u m b e r in npp!ifa!ion Wire or write Nu-Way DlMribuiinK Co., 30(13 Olive St _R' Louis R. Mo ami ' CONGRATULATIONS 1952"SENIORS! j Wnnt a food job 1 Enroll for our is who ran set up any I cnrnhinPd. *ecmarial. or Mi'nosrQ. above desrrihefl real r*- j pbie coursr Uoncl j;o*!:;:;n« are con... ,-hased in eansequcnre of stnnllj nprninc for our students. nformfclilv or any irregularity ! Write toriay! FAYF.TTEVII.I.r: FU'SI- inprtrd with such xale to the State i NESS COLLEGE. Arkansas, nr eonffrmation in the ' NOTICE nf Arknnsa*. ·r-ifd to show cause -u rrn of ihe Chancery Court n ,, ( -, I pnbhra'imi nf this notice why scribed real estalr shr quieted and confirmed 'chy di- j he fir-,! WANTED lo cnsh. DnM phnnp 212C. L. Trav rerun cheerlully f "^ na , n . i ' rav , 1 *. husband and nserlion. No L · . eir llllk tlons or rerun mode alter ad has e x - ""'"'"'stmrnrf. Pired. uarnrci tu appear in said Conn mih NOTE: Advcriising ropy for other I '"i"i.v CM. days and nrnwer th pages is due at 12 noon the dav o r s - I c °, m p la!rl " f thf; Plaintiffs, ceeding publication: 12 noon Sai'urdaj .,., ,, ITNESS TM hand nnd seal on thi 1 " '..dn day nf April. 135;. 'SEA LI nichnrd H Greer Clerk of.'prv Court B;.- David -I n-irleion D C 2.S May 2-!MB-?.1-:in. ! NOTICE i,.^!j l l c _ '* hereby given ihat G A .BEST rns made applies t Ion ii buy- Clean ca Motor Co . Sp NOTICE "~ SpM Monday . LEGAL NOTICES No'.ice Of Sai«~6f School Bonm By I FayetlevtUe School Oiilrict No 1 f Of Washington County, Arkansas Not cc is ncn-bj- E ivcii thai Fav- . «:tevi]]" School Di.lrlrl \n 1 of Washington County. A r k a n s a s u'ill tell for nth at puiihc auriion u ,hc highest liitMcr .11 a miTting nf it, EJrmi-d fn" D.ifrlors [n he hcin «t 9 m oclork. A M.. ,,,, ;h.i :;i st rt av ol 1 Mai-. luriL'. ar the 1 t..f!ic-r of Ihr huorr- inlendcnl of Schools, m Fa.vfirvme Arkansas, t!*; S2fin nun () f nc8niial)]r coupon ron-tritrhnn honHs dntcd M-iv IS. 1052. hpanng i n t r r r s t ' a t tho rate · rtnianniiall.t on lh ( . tlflrrmh "rti" iif January and .Iol in each yrar. and 1951 Chevrolet 2-door. Radio and heater. Nice. 195} Plymouth 2-door Cranbrook. A reol buy. 1948 Hudson 2-door. Healer. Very good condition. 1948 Civilian Jeep. A real buy. L ^I!"', ,, FISHING CARS j ' "i','" """ 1949 Buick convertible. Radio j T l m r f ; o no neo'er. 1940 Hudson 4-door. Radio and heater. Twn-1939 Plymouth 2-door*. OZARK MOTOR CO.' Springdale, Ark. Board of Adju if hearinK will he hrlrl . n | icatinn at ^ no p M . M, IV i '.. in Ihe Cmmril Room o f f Hall. City ,,f Faxetioville. I (lie Ap- pnv- p i" proprriy lo- corner of York __ ity of Fnyrtie- BILLING HELP WANTED That The bonds will he ^rented in- ,1 . r-PflRe of n buikJm; luntl In hf nx-a!- *d hy resolution 01 the Bn.irrl nf Di- rrctors nf tho Pittric!. which will direct that Ihe amounts required tn piy the prinripal of and intcrc-M n n Ihe hnnds earh year be paid into the . building fund t h a t .i.- ;ir out of thr surplus nf ih» proreeds ..f n hinWinc fund t a x nf hKf-pn it.M .ii.lls con- tuiuinR annual irvy duly votrd ». the · nnual school elrrtion 'of Scntemhnr 27. 1949. rrmaininc m f,-,rh year ifu-r there has hern rot n.-iflc a'n ^mnutit F'lfTirieni tn provide fnr thp pr*ni'ipa| tf and iniere^t nn ihe nut^tandm-' Fayctteville Srhnnl Di = inr! No. 1 nf 1 ^V.ishington C o u n t y . Arkansas, l ^ ,",, if 2":- Construrtio-i Bonrj^. dalert January Ifi. ]9:,n. nialunnc t h a t vear .imi Ihe next Fix rmnthV interr^t nut nf the Mirphic of the proceeds of a huilrl- inr funii tux of two (2r nulU continuing annual levy duly vo'rrt at tho ftnnuil srhonl election of Seplrmbcr 25 19S1. rrmainin? in each year a f t e r There has heen set nMrie nn amnun 1 cuffir-ient tn provide for the prm ; cipal of and interest on the nuisinnd- ' ing Fsyettpville Prhnnl n.-=tri-t \*n i of Washington County. Ark.nn-.a,.' 2", : ·nd 2'4~ f Construction bonds .ia:,--.l . November 15. mnturing that vear I · nd the next six month?' inte'rrtt I ] r ' rrt end from any other Irsnlly pledsrahlr lm " n * e ° Income, nnrl will be further s by a mortage nn its real fixtures, 'and cqnipmenl ; C Residf-nlia! A r t said Appvllant dcsir nmldjnK three fret Strret ihnn h:« Inn Ml miicd Apnl Jl. 'J'ho atmve-rnenlinn Board of A'tjustinei public nnd nil inter requeued to be prn nii'h Anne C;r lerk. PI rlilions. Hnnkkpc nenlial Marhine enc-e desirable. L d hearing ly the is opr-n to thr i "·ilrrl nm Mrt .nro einr PROPOSED C O N S T I T U T I O N A L AMENDMENT NO 42 RE 11 HKSHI VKI) ov Ihr Senate the SI alp ot frkan^a* snrl nv the *h»- Memhpr Arreemp Di hf fnllnwihc IP nereb an amendment to th nl Ihr stair o ( Arknn!ti R'pctert lt Earh pro- Con- T i l l f voti the nnrnvsi nr re1er-tir l "ler-ttnn (nr Merr ifl'orj;. if n mninrl hi»r?nn FOR RENT--MISrRI.I.AS'KOI'S FOR .1AI.P--REAL ESTATE STOC-K fixturM tor fmil) rrn- Tlinr.F. F . X l f l A 5 i P r f . * i ! . l ' l S t "IT T f . r - - u r - ' n'ji ne«r Trilver Ivedroonn Phoni RANCH TYPE A 0' n HM A d d!' i o n . Tr ep SU.Ill, tinrly t l - v - r r t - :, , -I .-»-: i r . , - . ' · , . "r.-tn-. iJr^.s · -i Only Sf,f)l). Ncnr Cnrrrp,n ^·UI^NI.slf^ : ;^ 'mri u nifnis On*- half hl Phono 241 Pr/HNISHKO" d rfpl Phi.tif LMS SALE-- MISCFM.ANFn rnutr. w i t h ri _ FARMS ANCHES an-hft n rid»« If you if (·Illnf con FOR S A I . R -- R F . A L ESTATE S R I I V I C R S OFFFRRD Wfi.f. tnkr i flu." ,.f c},iM -rd in ' RUSSELL REALTY CO. N* n i ^ r *r S* __ Phon* I ASSUME G.'TTOAN FIMCO SlTI'i.V CO NEAT AND RUSTIC ^nrr-ir-l hmnc w l ' h t lt nhnricri nnri i c t r n r f d S. nl pnrrh nnd von sr n .*,'. acrp fipirl MiiMt rhlrkcn Ruck fruit hniUf. *nink- hmu InraiM f.p rrr« en mai' mi iirhi»i| hut rcnlr TflcpJinnr unit- Spr:nf nnd "prfnc If) p-nu! Thirc are n mimhir ^irshlf f r n t u r c R almiit thin plnrp. Thr- m-:n* \ ou tor yon will lilt- it I , \Vrit is right at Sfi.Win. Som» Irrrm WE STILL HAVE thr M Jtrrp^ ar{joining Fayettcvill** with thr (, J innn nf \fi ~fi-'r Bf'irr ftp* H pa- ^ on $4-1 ppi ninnih ' LET in ini.w \ nirr C o n t r n c : - , C U A H A N T K K I ) V «rHOOL DISTRICT oirn fr»m«. mr^ kl'fb- f I'liil'-ln* rirnhini'lon 6 Room B r i c k $10 'i')0 ^nm. S lurf* por*. ny'omitlr h-sit ·- trinlporiJlilDn NIC*. , iao tn hsndlt price - PUnLIC arid Hef- _1"Vl'!!! lI V r z rrintaiin'r Huva wr^i ,T riiilr". ; ]'i niilo n"rlh linrn"' Slnrr Pbnne 912-J-2. STRAWHKHniKS nl palrh You them, l.'.c a quart ^ m .! r * n cnut on \Vrrc Ro.'id Slnrlinc M H'KST mnK ARK. Phnnc IfiFIl PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO 208 North Block Phone 666. l.KT us nell your furnlturp for oil where you are ansured lop'prices for quality mprr-hnndise Bt nil limes. Lots of free storage for ytnir mcr- Hll.TON BROS A U C T I O N H O U S E H i w f t y 71. N o r t h Phone 1770 "SPRINGTIME IN " THE R O C K I K R C A N T TOP S P R I N G T I M E IN OUR OWN BOSTON M O U N T A I N S I T S BEAUTIFUL! B R I N G MOM UP ON "HER DAY" FOR A H O M E COOKED DINNER AT DOGWOOD D I N I N G np_pM.__WINSLOW. MOVED l o ' n e w iorfltfon on"7i hiKh~- \vfly. ;; mile Snuf nf West Fork road. Deaton's Kennela ; WANTED n til-man" wmilr!" lik" tn m;ik.- inrnc inchirlmi; hoard wiiii l a m i l x Pi-L-frr l-cdrm - huh on FriMinri il-.-r \Vii| ' STKKL rlo inc hundred per month (nr ( nnd pu-n" urh arcotnnuHlaiion. AdrtrrPi Box : Phnnc 1C, i j USI.'D lawnni'Hv.T',."\V ~\v j smith Ridiutr Pl-.on" li!.'.").! ·nther seji than ; ron- i " "i « ' \ .vriur rnr f)u!)^ MI R3 'VTten" I ^?Ir n ,h7i r nrd-'ood y (' nH pl """' SWKKT jiotntn plant." ['hour eric. 1.1 R t;rraK ; -- · · SET I LED unencumbered housekeeper' cnpnhle inking cnrc independnhlv of ! at _T_or intp (";OOD fan hnu^p furnished Re (err: _cd._Phone 1974. DISHWASHER. Apply "iff pen HELP WANTED--MALE DELIVERY hny wanted. A"ppTy~m~i' son fjimkrr Dnig .Store HOY for wnxlng floors. Apply in pf-r- pon. Bank's C o f f e e Shop. Corner Mountain nnd School HELP WANTED--FEMA LF. "]ook~alu~r Ex«r nlc* . lirj* clos#'», ^ Ovner traniferred "* 1IJ.7SOOO THOUSAND iodrrn «T|I nRAlow SIli; 'ecureri | -s. hut callable the terms S a.-'nn'in the ·.,,,- m;^: $^1.Sf»0 in tho ypar 1P.M; fH.'ifM) in Ihe yepr l!i:,7 : S1S.OOO in ihe year 13.1S- JlR.ntltl in the yrar in.irt' SlT.orm in the year iflfifi. Jlfi.OOo in the year IBfi];. iHS.Sdf) in the year iHfi?- SlO.non in the year |%:i; Sln.r.nn i,i the year I9fii; c a r iflfifi! prtt. ihp tame -Khali r?rnm" a nart f ihp Cfinitifntinn of the State ot rlf:tn«as. to-wit : ^FCnON 1 CommlBS-on Created-embers-- Poweri. ITierff Is hereby reated n Stute Hifhwsv C'nmmn;inn hich shnll ne vpated with nil th» and dtitle? now or nereartft .jw lor the admin iMr.i- f the Slat* Hlchwav Department, " «' ffh «» Dnwers neee^arv ihp WOMAN to live on pl mall children niisekoeping work. onditions State nm1 rtn liphl . ing te age nnd references - HOUSEWIVES -Earn in time. AVON needs I tlvea in raycttevillc. __ your f pare o rrpreirnia- W r i t e tnrf a j Sll.."iOn in the Fir.onn in the S12.r-.nn in the year tffiS SM.fton in the Vear 1!fil SIB.'-'m in the year I'.irn ThR bonrls will he callable at the Jtpfmn nf (he District on notice p:ih- ' li'hed for one insertion in a nr\v!«- i paper of penfrsl circulation in *h'e ' S'atc of Ark^n«3« nf least t h i r t v irni) flavc before thf date nf rnll in in verpo numerirnl order, nt par nr-» «."cruerf interrit. on anv interest p^y- JnB date. UD to and mcludnie .l;iii- ·tary 15. in.17. only from any surplus r^IIectjnns of thf fif'ern MM m i l l ! pu-lrimc fund t a x rein-lining in any | \ear after Ihrre has been pet ,i?ide a : rum MiffiHpnf )o 'ervicr the sniri out- j landing Fayettev,lle School Dutrirt · Mem f,. Ko 1 of Washington Tnunty. Arkan- j f ^ " tap. I 1 -''- and 2'' CnnMrurtinn Tlond^. 1 , rf^ted Janunry ir,. and from anv j r 0 vernnr t,, , n ~ m surplus collections of the two i2) mill In sVcnon 2 or B building fund f a x ^ remnininp in any j vhich term of ten regulation* and Imvf relatinc to the Staf" Hffihtvsv Deonrtment SElTinN 2 Otiflliflcationi and Ap. pomtmenf of Hemhen--Term* nf Offlr* of Pint Commnnort. Within ten day* ( »fter the convenma of the General A««:emhlv nf the Stale ot Ir^aisa 1 : m the vear 19S3 (he Governor, ov snrt p'i'h the nriv'ce and consent of thr Senate, phall jnootnt five oer^ons who PTP nnallfiPr? elei'tnrp ot the State to cnnMitutp ihp State Hisriwav Cnmmis- sion (OT terms of two, four «ix e.eht and fen ve«rs resnei-tivrlv The rermR · of trie oerson? so apnomten hali he i Hfterminrri nv lot The Connnireinn- I rr; to h* Hpnnirtco from the Fta!» j nt Inrre: provided, however, thai no hvo Commix^'onerj shall he annointerl ' from any slncle Conerej^tnnal Dis- i tret. : In tde event of re]ei't)on hv the j Senate of a oersnn whose name tin;; hcen 10 submitted the Governor ^hnll within five rtavs after rereipt of writ- l^n nnrice from thf- Serretarv ot the Sroate of such rettclton Biihmlt the · name of another anpomtee 'o fill «uch vacancy In the event th* Over nnr : phnuld within five davs thereaffer fall ; lo anootnt or fail TO suhmlt to the I Spnnt* fr,r con firm a Mon the name of \ anv nerson to he aonomled the Senate j shall nrnreert to mak* the appointment I of Ms own choice I ?K(TTON .1 Term;, of Office of j We Deliver r*. Upon the expiration of the 'EOinK tprm« of s.nd CnmmiPFtoners. ' LEV/IS BROS ·iiirre^Kor shall tip appointed bv the ; Used Prigidaire refR MALE or female, to represent phyfu- clan^ Imrpltali/.ntinn plan. Room rate up to $1.200 for any onr time. Onptor · hills up to SJ.OOfl paid in nr on: ;be ! hospital, at horn? or at the doctor P i AI.I, office. Up In S200 pr-r munth Inr ln-js j the Of lime from sickn.-M nr HccuU-n! Hi! Wr trnin you Car rssential for full | Sin details f-r Mr Hnr!«f v Halhcm k i (jf, r , plriK. Hoom ,112 or phone ^4S| nr i sir 2J1i)-M. Knyettcvillp. Ark. Family ips or individual pniit-ic: plants'eie-h s'^NRhv''^^^^^ 1 ^^!"' 1 _N^»r_ rnnnrr's Market Fnv'trvill" HO I IS K trailer. Colnmbifl 1!1» {?·"·· of Torn Harp. Rt ;i. Fnvetievillr _Acrn.« ti-ark from venrrrme plant A N N O U N C E M E N T ! ! : "" i DAGGETT A- Rnmtdcl! rnsme'in nou-'· -«olrl excliiMvely hy Fullrr Brush Company, under hrv.- trade nanm n; De«lrr. Bnyrt Mini. .^n^Lindell' ] Phono l,*i«i j S T H I f ' T l . Y . . , ____^ __ i h^dronm | KXCAVATIN(i -· BtJI.I.Dnjil'Nn -- | ol cnmp ; ' ONDS .- KOADS n.EARIXO -I hor« Oxvner* nre ] 01.IN' KARN'FS AND EI.I.IS W l t . P O N ! Uv end hnve r, ·1I"ZW 2B1IJ 1 Mnvmii for a real .v.'l KAST MAIM.K M- KINCAID COMPANY ·: IMI :MD-R BATES REALTY AUTOMATtc^AWUAKC? ± COr A Better Place tu Buy »«nimti nmi«r.-Tt!«piion. 110 Urbtn Holland T*l»phnf 3J« MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G tiutpoint WE WII.I, I nn Ihi home Prop«-r; m mortem re*f- · DEALER Ph. Hnllj ONE D A Y Bods Made To Ort SERVICE -PHONE and snrnge Alf card en und pp«chfii plum* hrrnen and r«^pberrle Thp "·'· f'-et hv 157 fret nnd ill P'en'v healthy jiharlp. ithnirihr V-'ill t n k e in f a r f *4 "(I'-O'' H A V E v p ^ r r s l ! K n f l ( ! |,liHr,1nj! UKR Add ing t on Real Estate y and ·Isl l n ^ T Op Brov SPECIAL h n i r v ! hn,""TM" "TM-' "8. Fi W. s. \vhili* II S-m riinurr Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. K) Piuth Knit St. DITCH D I G G I N G FOOTI.NOS-v.' a t o r. ens ,n1 icwrr dllrhpn. sepllc tnnk holes Dlca^i.: und hack fimn« C»ll 2!2« Bryct HOME AND INCOMT ! onnn bimculou- rir.^i«Hn« n' 4 rntn j umi hq Hi--A ho Keven room houfcp mon'h Ruth houxee nn \nrtt" l«( I «!*l|lnj: at nnly S7..".0fl fin JTvc-Ucnt I prnpo?il:nn nnd exrrllr-nt lernn I."t un Show you Phone VEHPWESTINGKOUSE 11SV. 1725 RPM POWtR-IOOl MOTOR _R_S^LK--HOME NHKOS R~EFRlGERA~tOR~S~!~rin i "and wa ni^rliine S. r )0. Almost new. 1 · 4n. .\ir,-it com pan men i larpe fnnnlv. liu^ine.";* e _24:in-M ^311 S. _Sehnn|_St ELECTRIC" fnns~hl.irlp: " nnri pu'a'rfje motor*, all M/.-t FIMCO SL'l'PLV (:p._(;nvrrnmr;iit_A\e. 12'i CU ft deep~frfe7.r" 'OooH" hu\ _as_u-e arc moving. Phnne f.TlM^ 'WE HAVE i GLAMORENE Ihe New Rug Clenner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. Phone 246 BASEMLXT Hammond Realty Co. ma AC ir.irior. T«-H pf-'niowj ,i n .i' 24-HOUR SERVICE ON ] Kvtl P | 1 " n A ", A ' r \ ""y;;, 1 ,""" '· 173 i ['9^'^K=' 1 '4S nl r!lI 1 '""tr". i Tailored BU "° n5 ' BU " 0rl HOlC5 ' K^AC^ 0 ' 1 ^^"TM""'^^ ' ^^..··nfl Bnpnst thiirch. Rolhn B n i - j Speda | A | t B n ) i o n g ; vcn Ma|| i ^'"'"^"^"'"fn"^"^^. '· 200 Years of Service 20,000,000 Poll?yhold9fs 20% NEW LOW PKICi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Saving* for preferred riiks" G»l Ihe Facli IDEAL MATTRESS CO.; Quolily new m a t t r e s s ond m a t t r e s s renovating. Phone 3036 ·40) WEST DICKSON " E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 npr Icrrr I'trterl fnr ars. ear after there has heon pel nside sum -sufficient to service Ihe unid aftri be for witjitandlnff Fayettpvillc School nV«" 1?ECTr?ON' 4 Rfmowal of Member, Trie' ^o. 1 of ttashmeton County. A r r --Hearing-Review ind Anneal. A Com. R^npas. 2 - and _ 4 - Construction' mtMmn«r may he rrmoveri bv the ·Bind?:, nated November 15. Iflrij. anrl i Goveinnr onlv for the same causes rn anv interest pnying dite thrre- I a* anplv to other constitutions! nffn-ers *»ft*T. the hono of ihis isiu" m^v hr ! nffcr a henrme uhtch mav or re- rolled at the nptjon of the District :n ' I'lewrd hv the Chancf-v Court fnr the Inverse numerical order, at par and First P'Mnct with richt of Jionrai Used Frigidaire rpf'c. Used Serve! gas rcfc. Used Serve! pa^ rr-f*. ponrl Used Bendtx \vajher Used diaper wnsher " " A ' N i5"fsF.~ anrt Ci - · hnxrs fn nm interest fmm any aval la hie fund"; Th" Rnarr! nf Dirrrtors will provide rv re«n!utinn (hal the nislrirl will rsll for prinr payment the nu'Mann 1 - Inp Favrttevillr Schnol nistrirt No 1 if Washington County. Arknnsa^. I 1 :"and 2", Canstructlnn Bonrin. dnted .TanuBry Ifi. ifljn nnd the oTitstanding TnveticviH* Srhnnl Diitrict Xo 1 o( Vashintrtrn Cniinty. Arkansa?:. 2'V ann 1 vemher IS. nn!\- if .nt the sn'm" I Irne It rails fr,r prior payment in the ' tr.imr pronnrtinn the rnn^trurtmn ( bonds of this issue I The hinds will not he subject to j therefrom review to the Supreme Court, d anoeitl to ne if ar lien i motion tn Ihe Governor or the nrnviden further, in addition to ihe ritfht of confirmation neremahfive r^- ·rrved to the Senat*. the Senate mav iinon lh* written reauest ot at least Five CSl of its member* that a nnm- fier or mem her? of the rornmn«irn Rfinitld oc removed therefrom, nrnrrro. tc near *n\ Jnhn Rhodes Appliance C" HI North Block I SIMPLEX cabinet "model .vrflrv_nJ,l_ExcHlent cMidi' I'nAcTrcXi.i.v n Vw "Crl^Ta erntor. Onr cood used n "?' WA.'.TKn *?··! P I N K ROOT S l ^ per I h Sj..l S N A K E HOOT f-2 nn per I.b *-n K A N S A S BLACK SNAKK HOOT ·'* per Lh _SH : nahvrred Sf I.nuis Drv I GKARANTFEn un'il M.iy l.'.HO Innfier Write for Free 'Prire I i= r .Vi . nthcr Rnnn. H'-rb* Birk^ MIV ^-, nn : nnN'XHl.OT fO I-p: ·' i-.V s, ;;nni) Thnl_.v . Si j nui« M«i ' r ' ft ' 1 CI.KAN' COMMN" r,i Brmj! tn T1MF.S p,. r · removal nee perttnen The removal The District Ihp ii'iiance Ihp nprrovin ·pn^p. M*ek. the purr inp ill pay all nxpemes m ! the hond. mrlnrtme j rimion of the firm of ' use. Barmn A- Nash. , r mav narnc Hie pny- I the 'to ' i|h School __ PHILCO REFRIGERATORS AT BARGAIN PHICKS tn the reacnnt for ' t J n e !» ft Servol C;nc R e f r i c e r a t o r r£?3r, h ,r; i Sporrt q "^^ s ^ h CLIFTON LUMBER CO. T'lHiiip 27 WrM Fnrk. Ark DEBUTANTE COSMETICS, prfMirn FULLER BRUSHES. PHONE 1548 1 IlOfSS--CATS-- PETS .1 SMALL kittens nrrrl" ho. c- _Rcn-\v-i "' nArilSHI. : Nb.~t : hihiiati.n - , Lint l)i.;,;nn Kcnm-lF \ ! HUMES'for thrr.- r,,1c 'it n't r J. W. H I L L " ELECTRIC CO. Quality InUall.ri ie PUMPS .POWER £hon» 24. West Fork SI.'N-TII/I vcnoiii-n 'hiTnrt^'Wr' .lumi. . nnm u-mriow irrn^n. iinr 1 n-vninc. I hrcr coitmtp', Oshe cci per 441 . Excavating - Bulldozing | Disking - Brush Rake ! Ponds - Roads - Clearing ,,'H. H. JONES Contractor .. .'37 K. Lnfnvdip. B., X ,4.1 r. Sla " " r Phnnc HB6. Fayettpvillc HAMMOND RFAIIY CO.! Phone Tfil ·I F B.tcksirom . Kv* Phnn"_27.V'V-L-l h'in- H*i klfrhpn-fllnlnK room bMrnom wi'h walk-in nftin apd rt ( t»rb*rl ^tr»f?r vi'ith 'tr\ Fpoce fihnd.v lawp H-HH garden 920~ Hnllv llvirr lojct, l»un- 164W Advnrllw In inn TIMK8--It WT . ini Nlninn: fv. rj-flai E?rlli:!i'.!' ORDW Bf Al/Mt-5fr'0 O-'tOC PHONE US AT 461 flMCO SUPPLY CO. GOVERNMENT AVE., FAYETTrVILLE FAYETTEVILLE PLUMBING HEATING CO. 310 N Wwt Phone 730 liOR_SAI.E OR TRADE 42 . Ine Bifi certify th- bonds A rah!er oherk tn the sum of f^ TOO rnut acrornpnny the hid or h-* on deposi' wi'h the St.itp nrp^rt- irienl n{ FdurnMon to b* th^ !)n- h:dder fpil« to make sonrt m h'id. .Tnd to b* npplird |n the purchase prir-e If !t KCH the bnnd*. and rithrr\vi«e In he returnerl Fnr fiirth-r inform.iHnn i-nmTumi- fMe wi'h \'ircil T. Rlo'j'rim Superintendent of School*. Favettcvillr. Ar- knnxa^ Herbert A I . e w i « Secretary of Fayctiovil!" Scnno] Dlpitriet No 1 of WaOi melon ~NetIcT~6KIllng O* ' l»e!»i«n~To~ Qultt Titlr And Wurninjt Order In Thf Chitnc*ry Court Of Washington County, Arkfint»* t/nnnif R Snow and Mnry Gladys I Know, Huflhnnd and W;!e Plaintiffs A L Travis nnd Hnnmh Tr. rind anrt Wife, anrl Tin-:r Helrj. Eeeutnn*. Adniinistr.ii *irjnu. Drfendfinis Notice In heiTby Riven tt-.i hren filed In niv nffn-e Ihe Chnncery Court n( U Tiie R Pnnw nnd Mrir\ hushdno* «nd wife, for i find ronfirnmtlon of tiMe Ihe following detrnhed situnted In Wfishtngton ( Jcnnssi. to-wlt: Th^ Sonthensl Qunrtrr »r entitled ind lo ne reore'enteti nefore the ^en- ite hv «ecai Counsel T*hr?ie proceed- nc^ cnnriiirleri nv the ?enale *hail ie mihlsc «nd » transcript nl Ihe estlmonv «o neatd shall mfi presf rveo in the ion r rial of ; enatc The lakinc of evident 1 * c;tner irallv nr hv drnosition *h«ll not ne inund hv Ihe format rule* of evidcn*-. the cor Senate, s 'ttinr sion nv a m secret hailt.t SECl'IO.N S . » norlv in iin. mav remnve lairt iemhrrs of I tie Commis- jority vole condncled ov Vac^ it-Fil na. OP filled rrnor lor nnissmn riur removal or nnexpirrj miiiv o a v s rrom tht rtflle ot vn-n vacancy Unon la;lurp ol the Gnvernr r 10 fill ihe vacancv wilhin thirJv d»i!i. niaKe the fcr the ones- Pired Irrm SEl.TlctS 6 ll.e Commission mail (tlipoint a Dueciot of Hicnwavp A no SITl-ATIOV WANTED _ ·hcr~Pho~ n.r.AS NOW ;ivnit,ThiariTmitrd~-i7pp!" C In rich i II,is RfEixrrreri ,\ c \'i^,t'.rs welcome r're* l i See. at Cltle Timhrouk. .MS FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK PAY old go*lin(;v ~Pr(;i.| dii n.ihv cninen* \\rkl. h i - . i . f HID, hjttch.iic Ani-f-h I.^-A*..I- POWKH Schnn! WANT TO RENT . NEW ."! " b e r l r o n m hou ^iflr- to'.'-n nfflr S' nlie Sr»...| Jnmr-. , Phone 1 4 7 : M .1 HKHFUIOM hmur FOR Y f ) i : R ROOflNn'X-EIDS" Call M I. S t e w a r t HiTlinff Contrar-'or Ako. A-;hes'o^ Sullnf n'nn««_ repair*. Phone iOUJ V'L? T l£'i r .' l r_ n p'"w»-8- Phonrr; . FOR S A L K -- R E A L ESTATE J-'i Al'HI. F A R M XM-MILY n ^ ' v - IM-, h-'l-o^m i- DINETTE SUITES Purchased and Priced Especially For You Save £30.00 only $89.95 M.-II ].' I t l ' H T O I I. Rr.f. FOR REVT--MISCEI.I.A.NMH.'S :: K O f l M !nrri",.'H.!"«i.;.rlir,prii t · l"ir- I- .!'! J.'ii 1 ''· X'.-.nrtt M-n'r-r l ' l . - - n , WILKINS ( REALIYCO. "VVho'sWho^ For Service Consult You- Clo-^ified Service Dirorlory B K A C T V SHOPS CA«H PAID FOB DEAD ANIMALS Phon* CellKt rt5J rayclUTllIt, Arkintai Joplin R«nd«ring Co. ANNOIATKMFNTS A I, I.F.AKF wilt pirneh ; Rapini (.'hutch Favet'rvilli Sundftv evrnuiK 1 Ma\ 11 "COMMA'NCKE 'I KftRlTOMV i-nlon. Ratnrrlny WINSI.OW ATEB NKW SHORTHANI1 AND TVPIN( C1.ASSKR op,-n Mondn\. May I? Pre pare fnr a se'-retiirui position finnf * are eonvtnn'h np^ Service «nd rfinimeirini FAVF.TTF- VH.I.E nURlN'KftS C()I.I.F(;r. I'hniie i"S HKALTl'Y SHOI WORK FOR SArr--AHTOMOTIVR I»«l r'-HKVRor'.ET vrlnn rti-livi-i- like nrw Onlv fi finn n, -II-H 1,11 n-nl lnj\ .1! vir, s. .. n.,jnji IIOMK I.At'MIRV A Yellow Linen Green Grey Wood Grey LOANS I.ovv inlprr^t. IOMR fjrm« UTI.KY AND COMPANY, INC.] Phone XOJ II nirkion I'hnnc 1:1 Jnr . nn 4 room mpaninrnt ?l.1 N^r't. 19 NORTH BLOCKS!.

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