Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 9, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1952
Page 6
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AtKANSAS TIMIS, foy«tt«vlllt, Art.ntm, Friday, May 9, 1952 omen Taking More Interest Politics; Will Be Power cracy, Richmond, Va. Official ceremonies will he held on the federal Memorial Day when ;t UDC dclcnntion headed by. Mrs. [J. W. Phillips of Richmond will - '-, · ·*,, twtBsivifv anmr i , , · ' '-'V a wreath on the gravft and of- .mVt* By DOROTIIV ROE jbrrs me j i k i n o n more active nan . t· · . , \ /. - · ""·^MuS? wamen ' g '" a ",r r rr, m '^ ic ' w " rk - ! ^^^. n«, f ?L r z n ?,.7',j -··w ^nSf'^v. , ; e, rn«,\^ 1 r i r«« c ; i r^ ate n/s;jir'r-sr;TM -""*- tyi, ,100k n u t . A n y t h i n g c;m hap- .is, of rour*c, non-p;nlis f -in, we ur«o » I . S . H I . . I H K - i i n u i j . ^c?3j memlirrs lo work through Ihc par- ;,_j.f might be » n ; i t i i n n l women'.-: ties nf their choice." !jj3liticnl parly. It iniirht evr-n b r : Membership in the League of {^ u'pman candidate for president. | Wnmen Voter:, is Kiowjnj* bv leaps Awtrerncndous f e m i n i n e impart i n ' a n d bound:-, nays Margnt (Jnylc. fji*,fomin# preridenti;i| cnnipiiiRn;;! t h e or;:;ini/.,iiioirs New York ij Tnaicntctf. Ispokcsnuin, who points out: ""Cfov.'irif: a c t i v i t y of women in "Look ;it lho committee w o i k - « era Is ^evcriil times, hut cricapcd, f Ujcs is evidence by the f a r t t h a t . in« for each of the nuijor presiden- ' ;|M( ' *nded ( up in Kn^Jand w h c i e '·fcfiany pet-lions, Mich a:; N e w ' i i n l candidates r l t f h t now, a n r i j ^ h e fled to wed a Union naval of- VofU Oily, there are fur the f i r s t ' y o u ' l l see » tfreal m a n y women; f"-cr. Later she r e t u i n c d and l i a v - f^fie'more women i r i K i s t r i e t i \ o i - nf re;il .stature in social and ccutt: clff a b n u t the c o u n t i y i?i v inf{ ertf lha.n men. ' omic circles t h r o w i n g a l l t h e i r en-; patriotic In-ti-res R i j h t now HIP (rii'le are nled. er^jcs i n t o t l i c i'ampai^ns.! "" TTt?\' i'0 poitu: i n t o action wi a l l ( are Mophistiealed and experienced; fWft^, stumping for t h e i r f a v o r i t e ; women leaders who:;e efforts are rtfatHdate?. o f t e n ifinormc ptirly | not only enthusiastic, but also cf- Tl/lc^ to support men who hold ou| fective." tfie prnmif:e nf telnmi and i n t e g - ! As to the riucMinn of ;i wnman rttj"m Rovernment ; ['andidate for pre.Kidi.-m, Mrs. ' \ V o m e n cnuld h n l d the balmier ' Ciayle says: flf'liowcr in the coining elections,' "When we've had cn».inh q u a l - | ·i^Vft Mr. r . Joseph \V. M a n n of De-. ified women make a cucccw o f ] iHsit,'past n a t i t n t a l president of t h e ; public .service and political leacl-i Hrdttps' n u x i l i a r y to the Veterans o f j crship, I imagine Ihc country w i l l i F6"rciRii War;;. She atkls: take the idea of a woman pre-si* **!rhis year VFW a u \ i l i i i j - y mem-! dent in stride." ! Dresses Relle died in 1II01 while on a lecture appearance here, where! three regiments of the famed I r o n : firi^adc were raised. She wax K i v - i rn a m i l i t a r y f u n e r a l by the local j GAR Belle was captured by the Fcd- Reds Speed Up German Army Veterans Called Back To Service Stars And Bars Raised Above Grave 0f Confederate Spy In Wisconsin ··- rt RorlirH/IVKasI f l e r m a n government circles reported today t h e i r Communist rcfiime is speeding plans to ralso an a r m y of more YORK--'(NEA)--This year, the girl graduate can decide in advance just what kind of picture t h a n 3. r 0,000 men. Already, in- ! she'll make when she mounts the f o n n a n t p said, it is culliiiK h;ick : platform for her diploma, f u l l y trained velenmr. of 1'ie p c o - i shel11 flnd t h a t while fashions H.M'iyconstn Dolts, Wis.-f/lVHellel of the Wnr Hetwcen the States pie's police-- the army n u c l e u s -- t o : opened for this occasion are -Bi»yd, glamorous Confederate spy whose grave for moie t h a n . r OJ swell present fid,(ton-man r a n k s lo i rnea "t to make her look sweet, ~ - years has received- tender care i n ! 1MIODU ' l ^ ey a ^ so ma ^ c ^ possible for her the heartland of her one-time cne- ' T 'hc tcinno of Soviet /one arm- . to ^« u ' u « lo her1ty P*- I1 . Thus, she can look like a Gibson Girl, or be youthfully innocent in a white "baby dress," or be crisp and tailored. Or she may float about in a floor-length dress with misty skirt. Both long and short Money Could Be Put To Better Use At Home Than Abroad, Says Senator Tall ! Hartford, Conn.-ffl'f-Scn. Robert! ; A. Taft of Ohio, critical of Die.' ·nation's foreign policy, says some' of the money the United States i s ' | spending abroad could be put to Letter use at home. "Gracious, when I t h i n k what I ; c o u l d he done for education if we ' I had only one billion dollars more;" ! I exclaimed the candidate for the I Republican presidential n n m i n a I lion in a speech last nitjhi. "1 wonder if we have a n y - j u d g m e n t left.' 1 Taft made what he said would I j he a non-political speech to some : 1,600 persons at a meeting of Ihe Connecticut Association of Boards of Education. His c r i t i c i s m of Amoric..'s foreign policy, \vhich he said shoul:! ;i'it IKIVC the purpose of raising "the standards of all the rest of the world," was not included in his prepared text. He said he had been asked to t a l k about foreign policy because of its effect on education. M a n y poisonous snakes do not id/ eggs hut produce living young. mies, rests a p a i n today beneath the Stars and Bars. The tempo of Soviet /one arm: ament quickened at omc a f t e r ; j h i f j h Kiisl German o f f i c i a l s dc- ' On this 107th anniversary of h e r ' d a r e d t h e y would need lo defend j birth, the banner of the South WHS j East Germany from a threat o f . placed on her uravc by Edward : " " - ' : - "·- "'-- ' c i v i l war they saw in Ihe V/estern j to arm West German forces ; Slluka, Milwaukee, at the behest nf Elliott Gray Chapter 177 of the | for the proposed European Army. United Daughters nf t h c ' C n n f e d - i * mrthswi h e e n * ' * " BT GAILE DUGAS NEA Wom«Ti Editor at schools and colleges this year. But whichever l e n g t h she chooses, chances are very good that shoulders and arms will have more cover-up than they did for this occasion last year. This cover-up will be expressed in a shirtwaist top. in short-puffed sleeves, in a draped fichu, or in a capelet. The lingerie look is developed for graduation wear this year in little white organdies worn over pastel slips. Girl graduate (left), primping for her moment in the spotlight, wears a white dress with a future Heavy white cotton lace is backed with taffeta, given a V-neckline and short, puffed sleeves. The look of the lace makes it stand out; so does the utter absence of any treatment that might detract from the line. Strict silhouette emphasizes a molded bodice and a very full skirt. · Baby dress (rirhl) is trimmed in fine val lace. It's used to outline the bib effect and to trim the collar and lamp shade sleeves. Full skirt is belled out over a crinoline. T0 Fayetleville - B I G - F R E E ·{Television To Have More [College Football In Fall C O O K I N G S C H O O L THAT AUIfMKANSAS IS TALKING ABOUT! THOUSANDS HAVE SEEN IT! FRIDAY, MAY 16 f 2 P.M. AMERICAN LEGION HUT FREE GIFTS GALORE Now York-(/IVControI1ed trie- vision of college football will again lie possible this f a l l under the National Collegiatc Athletic Association program now being d r a f t e d . It probably will be on a broader basis than I Q f i l even though the survey made by the NCAA Television Committee through the National Opinion Research Center showed that television does d a m age college football attendance. "This year's television will be spread among more colleges," said Bob Hall, Yale athletic director and chairman of the TV Committee. "The colleges acted with the f u l l knowledge they are hurting themselves." Hall pointed to the elaborate TV survey based on last season which said: "Colleges competing with tele- vised football in 1951 reported a loss of one and a half million t i c k e t sales compared to their 'expected' attendance based on the pre-television levels of 1947-48. In contrast, colleges w i t h no TV competition boo.sled 1951 paid attendance by 318.000 over their 'expected 1 1947-48 average. "In relative terms (his moans a loss of over IS per cent for the colleges competing against TV, com- t r a i n were derailed. Wine in the cargo spilled from holes in cars that overturned. Men en route to work emptied ] their thermos bottle? anrl refilled them w i t h wino. Scores of other ! opportunists appeared w i t h cups and bottles. County 4-H To B such competition--» 'TV d i f f e r e n - tial' of 21 per cent". Wine In Wrecked Train Flows Like Water Dunkirk, N. Y.-(/P)-Wine flowed like water here today. Thirty cars of a New York Central freight Bentonvillo-iSpeciaP-The Renton County 4-H Club Executive Council will meet in the courthouse to- I morrow afternoon to plan the an' nual contest days next month. ( Demonstration teams from various ! the winners in each class are sent , to the state contest. Members of the Executive Council are: Richard Mile.s of Siloam Spring?, Thomas M u r p h y of Kvc- j ning Star, Virginia Tucker and ; Verlene Austin, both of Masville, and Freddy Burton of Applespur. Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of the volcano, Vesuvius in 79 A. D. GRAND PRIZE THIS BEAUTIFUL $269.95 DUTCH OVEN GAS RANGE MANY, MANY OTHER FREE PRIZES FREE MAYTAG MENUS TO EVERYONE NOTHING TO BUY-All FREE ONE SESSION ONLY - Doors Open at 12:30 P.M. HEAR! ANN PETERSON MAYTAG'S NOTED HOME ECONOMIST · Cook Paint Co. · Hunt's ·Waggoner's ·Darling Shop · Colcman Shoe Store ·Guitingor Music House · Quaker Drug · Ark. Western Gas Co. ·Becbe Jewelry · Mellroy Bank ·Motley Buick Co. »Tuck's Service Co. CY CARNEY APPLIANCE CO, "Depend on Us for Service" South Side Square Phone 1728 *WfilSSa^iffiH^^ .. -;- -,... ..:.,,. Who's getting your business? It ought to be YOU! This month, as in other months, some store's shore of the business that's gettable is gaining, another's share is dropping -somebody is always getting the business. Customers and their wants are always on the march, responding to new needs and new invitations to buy. Somebody's getting their business -- by asking for it! No more economical way to ask for business has ever been devised than through newspaper advertising. Use it consistently! · A telephone call will bring a representative to discuss with you the possibilities of Northwest Arkansas Times ad- vertising as applied to your business. No obligation what ·ver. Just call 244, ask for Display Advertising Deportment. ALMOST IVERYONE READS A NEWSPAPER EVERY DAY 41 E. CENTER ST. PHONE 21 OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL 8 P./ Genuine Whitewalls Riverside Deluxe Size 6.70-15 22.45 Plus Fed. tax and your old fire IN OUR STORE RIGHT NOW Just in--fresh from the factory and on sale today. The real thing--not a painted sidewall. And Wards give you money-saving sale prices. Buy Riverside Deluxe Atr Cushion with white sidewalls that stay white. First quality throughout. Long-wearing cold-rubber tread. Extra- strong rayon carcass. Limited quantities- come to Wards now. Only 4 to each customer. Size 6.70-1 j . 7.10-15 7.60-15 Deluxe Air Cmhion* 23.45 26.25 28.15 Deluxe Tubt" 3.00 3.10 3.35 'fiat F.rf. lax and oH liro. "Clul fed. la*. BUY ON TERMS-ONLY 10% DOWN TIRES MOUNTED WITHOUT CHARGE

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