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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 29, 1936
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rflSTORICAL DEPT, I .1 efts jam OOUNTT &lgona Upper Be* LARGEST CIRCULATION' INKOSStntt Established 1865" ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 29,1936 —Twelve Pnerea Section One VOL. 34.—NO. 39 FALL FESTIVAL SPEAKERS, HERE 2 DAYS ALL HOME MOVIE WILL SHOW HERE OCFOBER2&3 24 In Cast of "Runnin' Wild"; Filming Under Way TO AU30 PRESENT INDUSTRIAL REEL ' With a cast of characters selected from the dramatic talent of the AlfOna high school and Si Cecelia's .the first all home-talent picture will be presented, nekt Friday and Saturday ev- and Saturday afternoon, at the Stato theatre, • The film, "Runnin' Wild 1 ', was being filmed this week. Eugene Deager and Virginia Morck, student* from the local schools, are playing the leading roles. Others In Cast Ted Vera and Jack Hemphlll take the part* of crook* in the flhn and other members of the cast an: Adra Yeoman, John Daughan, Calvin . Kollasch, Vincent Esser, George Manua, Elmer Ewoldt, Henry Ewoldt, Alyn Dearchs, Everett Bowman, Hertlel Ellsworth, Bob Dewel, Helen Chubb and Ted ChrU- chllles, the latter two Of Whom play comedy roles, Marie Pommerening,, Kvelyn Capeslus,' Thelma Aman, Anita Kohlhaas, MaXIne Larson, Karjorie Phillips and Richard Keen. The film itself fa In a very light vein, combining humorous situations which, are certain to keep the aadlences in fits of laughter. , Individual New* Reel At .the same time, a separate now* reel, sponsored by The Ahjo- ,»»; .Upper DIM Molnes, vrtll be « -^*.£*L : —M A V_ i --'-- — - ••>-- • -* ' • * ', ' i Demos Day Wednesday; Republicans Thursday Free Hot Dog Sandwiches At Noon Both Days- Band Concerts—Hundreds of Bargains—Nationally Known Speakers . With 4,000 hot dogs ordered for each day of the 2-day Fall Festival to be held Wednesday and Thursday of this week In Algona, everything Is In readiness for an anticipated turnout of large throngs for both days. Wiener sandwiches will be distributed from 12:30 to 1:30 p. m. each day, Sept 30, and Oct 1, at stands located in front of the Iowa State Bank and Foster's Furniture. The affair is being sponsored by The Algona Chamber of Commerce. Wednesday Democrat Day Wednesday, first day of the festival, Will be Democrat Day. Following the free hot dog sandwich serving, a band concert program will be offered for a half hour from 1:30 until 2 p. m. At 2 p. m., United States Senator George McQlll of Kansas, junior. senator from Alf Landon's home state, will speak. Mr. McGlll Is a democrat, and his subject vrtH be "An Answer to London.* • • . Because Alf himself, GOP presidential candidate, has been stumping through JowaT discussing the agricultural policy he would adopt if president, and sitting forth his views oh the present administration, It Is expected that Mr. McGlll's speech will be of nation-wide significance, -and in the form of ah official' reply of the democratic administration to Lanodn's assertions. There will be'no concessions operated either day, and no carnival angle to the program. Free hot dogs, music a good talk each day. and folks will have the rest of the time to themselves, to dd as they please. • Thursday Republican Day Thursday, October 1, will be Republican Day, with Barry Halden, Chariton, Iowa, newspaper publisher as the speaker, also at 2 p. m., and after hot dog sandwiches have been served,'and after a half hour's band concert. Mr. Halden Is Republican candidate for the U. S. Senate seat held by the lato Louis Murphy. Halden will be making his first appearance of his present campaign In Kossuth county, and his talk should also be a slzzler. He is. a whirlwind campaigner, and added Interest Is given to the affair because he is speaking In the home town of L. J. Dickinson, senior senator from Iowa, also a candidate _^__ for reelection. The subject of Mr. Halden's speech has not been announced, but will undoubtedly be of great Interest to one and all, Irrespective of par- Geo. Moulton, Kossuth County Leader, Is Dead FUNERAL RUES ON WEDNESDAY P M.. LEDYARD H.R.SORENSEN FUNERAL HELD HERESUNDAY Kansas Senator Will Speak Here Wednesday Aft. , 15 and 20 local firms Wnte *I*o cooperated in the project, tM nlm« taken* in thair place* of '»OUM0 will be shown. A page ad •)M«&«r« In this paper, contain! a of tto*e firms cooperating, and Vrerater Friday Night A premier showing of the film wiO take place Friday evening at which time actor* and actresses win arrtre at the theatre In special CATS, and view for the first time their own efforts. The R. J. Murtagh home has been ttMd as a background for shooting •MOM of the picture "Runnla* Wild", and during the course of the film, action take* pUce up and down State street and various oth- «r locations known to everybody. Ifi all In fun,* said D. W. Balrd, «th» it producing the local picture. •OJr fcoys and girl* are not Holly- Wf**rs, hut they are really tag, and enjoying the entire ju much as we know the aud- ty affiliations. Merchants Cooperating Cooperating to make th« Fall Festival Days of greater interest, Algona business firms have each listed one or more .special Items for the two days thto week, many of them below the actual cost .to the merchant!. We Invite yoa tp look ,them'-over eteewhere in this/issue^ Every ' is aguanw teed. special, at a substantial reduction from -the reg- Algona Grocer, 28, Died By Own Hand Last Thursday ILL HEALTH, WORRY CAUSE OF ACTION Funeral services for Harold Robert Sorensen, 28-year old Algona grocer, were held Sunday afternoon at the local Methodist church, with the Rev. Edge preaching the funeral sermon. Interment was In Riverside cemetery. The young man was found dead last Thursday morning at his home here, victim of a self-inflicted wound. Ill health and worry over financial matters were thought to have been behind the unhappy Incident. Born In Algona Harold was born In Algona, June 21, 1908, He grew to young manhood here, attended the Algona schools, and graduated from the high school In the class of 1926. He married Mabel Kennedy-' at Wichita. Kansas, and brought his bride home to his native city, where he eventually took charge of the grocery store here, founded by his father, Lars Sorensen. One child, a daughter, Jeanette, Is 11 months old. Mrs. Sorensen was visiting relatives In Kansas at the time of th< tragedy. Father In Denmark . Lars Sorensen, ; Harold's .father, and one of the most beloved of old- time merchants, had gone to Norway; Sweden and Denmark on « BAPTIZES FIRST TRIPLETS IN 18 MINISTRY YEARS Leander Seefeld Trio Behaves Well During Ceremonies P-^Hff n m*9^VI|Q|IW r l^r T '-' T ~^ cn ''-'' : '/ • » ' "V" ,•*-.. j -' ; ' '""fs.''' 1 '^<w'- J ! s ^i*V?^i?;'J--> "•'•-'''' "' L '"^ No expense or effort Is being spared by the Chamber of Commerce to put on •, find program. O. a Relley, secretary, states, and to miss either of these days is to miss a real treat MO-160 ..|«.75-7,00 7.76-&00 8.60-9.00 uo-iao B«* Htftt hutch.; MO-MO BMt light butch., 300-250 9.00-9.26 Mot heavy, MO-MO B.OO-e.lO Med, heavy, 280-315 8.80-8.90 Med. heavy, 32S-S50 Ibs 8.70 Botchers, 880-400 Ibs 8.00-8.20 Peeking sows, 300-380 «40 Packing sows, 360-400 7.78 Packing sows, 400-600 7.60 CATTLE Canners and cutters $2.60-3.25 FW «tter* 7.00-»\00 F»t yearling* 7.00-7.50 ft^n- 3.50-4.60 Veftl cajve* 6.00-7.00 fa* COW* 3.50-4.25 fltOCk *t*4W* 5.00-fl.50 GRAIN No. 4 y*U*w, new com I &1 No. S white com 1M No. 2 yellow corn M No. 2 mixed corn WW No. S Whit* com 1.06 No, 8 yellow corn 96 No, S white oat*, 30 Ib* 39% Barky, No. 3 1-00 KOQS Hannerys 3*c Mo. I S»c No. 2 l«c Ca*h crtam— No. 1 3*« No, 2 3?c ROTARY GROUP HOST TO MEN OF WHTTTEMORE Delegation Has Supper And Progjram Aa OlubOiie«*8 Member* of the Algona Rotary club entertained a group of Whittemore business m*n at an even- Ing meeting held Monday night In the Hotel Algona. Roy Cavanaugh, popular Del* Molnea business man, was the speaker of the evening. The meeting wa* arranged by K. D. James, president of the local club. Quest* of the local club from Whittemore were the following: Dr. H. E. Woodward, mayor; Prank Bestenlehner, Ray Burdlne, John Waldron, Wm. Rusch, C. L. Cavanaugh, Martin Elscheld, Ray Oliver, Alfred Semon, Leo Swanton, Connie Alig, Marion Hylnk, John Uhlenhake, Paul Urlch, Russell Brady, Tony Schmitt, and Frank Schattschneider. Jame* Oe*lan, Herman Zumach, Herbert Zumach, Gene Martini, Peter Schumacher, J. M. Fleming, Chas. Niemann, Oscar Poirot, Rev. Father Vett, Clarence WUgen and Con Higgips. If there were any changes in this list, it was made after the receipt of same by Mr. James. Special guests at the meeting were Majpr John L. Griffith, com- roUsloner of Big Ten athletic*, and Harold Quarton, »on of Judge and Mr*. Quarton of Algona, U. 8. consul at Newfoundland. , POULTRY Sj*in#*, Leghorn* He iliHa. 4tt Ib*. and up Me Bee*, under 4U Ib*. He Leghorn hen* Me Spring*, 5 1' a and over 16c Springs, 4 I 18 Ibs 14c Springs, mi | 4 Ibs Geo. Bormann'* Shoulder Broken St. Joe: George Bormann had the misfortune last Wednesday afternoon to break his shoulder and receive scratches on hi* face as well a* other bruioe* when a board in a hay rack gave way and he fell to the ground. He was helping hi* brother, John Bormann, put up hay at the time He received medical aid and will be laid up for some time. Law Offices Moved Hutchison & Hutchison, attorneys, moved their offices over the week end to their new location just above toe Security State Bank building. They were formerly in the Quinby building. Grand Jury Report Due This Morning The September court term grand Wry convened this morning (Tuesday) and was in session, preparing jo return its findings some time today. Three cases were still to be wound up so far a* the grand jury Is concerned. Several Indictments were to be returned, it was understood. The petit Jury also reported this morning, and trial of cases was expected to begin this week. Nearly Crushed In LuVerne Yard LuVerne: Wm. Ramua, Jr, narrowly escaped serious Injury last week Monday afternoon when he wa* unloading coal from a car to a truck near the Sanford & Llnde- bak elevator. He was on the coal car trying to push some of it down when the car was moved by other cars being put on the switch by a freight train. Wm. wa* thrown from the car between it and the freight car, but In some way rolled out from between before he was run over. His left arm was injured quite badly and he was bruised in many places but he Is fortunate not to have been hurt worse. Des Molnea, Sept. 29—U. S. Senator George McGlll, junior Democratic senator from Kansas will speak at Algona, Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 8 p. m., at the Kossuth county fall festival. McGlll is swinging through Iowa and Michigan on a speaking tour arranged by the speakers' bureau of the Democratic National Committee. . A- hatlve of Iowa, McGill was born In Lucas county, Iowa, in 1879. In the fall of 1930, McGlll unaeat- the, .veteran Republican senator, Henry J. Allen who had been appointed to fill out the unexplred term of Charles Curtis by 12,000 votes. In 1932, McGill won over former governor Paulen, a republican by the surprising majority of 26,000 votes. 300 TEACHERS TO MEET HERE Last Sunday afternoon the triplets of Mr. and Mrs. Leander See- fold were baptized in the dining loom of their parental home about 10 miles northeast of Algona. The boy, Dennis Leander, was the first that received baptism, then followed the girl, Donna Jean, after her, the other girl, the smallest of the three, Dixie Lee. The triplet's sister, Shirley Louise, who was born January 4, 1935, was also baptized. The Hev. P. J. Braner, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran church, Al- yonn. performed the bnpllam, Ilov. Uraner stated that this was the first time in his 18 years of ministry that he was privileged to baptize triplets. The four children behaved very well during baptism, no cry was heard. But when their feeding time had come all three Informed Fiery Iowa Scribe Speaker Here Next Thursday at 2 p. m. their nurse, Mrs. they were hungry. Zlttrltsch, that MRS. OSTERBAUER FUNERAL SERVICE HERE ON SUNDAY Barry Hnlden of Chnrlton, republican candidate for the U. S. Senate short term, will speak in Algona next Thursday afternoon at 2 p. m. In connection with Fall Festival Days. Mr. Halden, 42 years of ngc, IH waging his first political campaign. His speech will concentrate on the grlculturnl aspects of the forth- lnB election.' As a permanent arm proRrnm, he believes the one utllned In the republican natlonnl ilatform is the guarantee for the nost permanent happiness In thp uture,. Hflldcn has taken a leave of ab- encc from his newspaper work to seek the scat In the U. S. Senate. paper, a few- week* ago, carried a letter received from Lars In which he 1 told of some of the thing* he, had seen on his trip to hi* native land. ' In addition to his father, wife and small daughter, Harold Is-survived by his brothers, Richard at home, Russell of Armstrong and Arthur of Bode, and three sisters, Francis of Algona, Mrs. Evelyn Reese of New Providence, Iowa, and Mrs. H. E. Molloy of State Center, Iowa. OaVof-town Relatives from out-of-town here for the services Included the NeU Olson family of Spirit Lake, Iowa, the Chris Madison family of Lone Rock, the Hans Madison family of Rlngsted, and Tony and Jens Sorensen from near Algona. An -unusually large number of friends attended the funeral services, Sunday afternoon, and Join with the family In their deep sorrow at the departure of one so young from the community. West Bend Youth Accused of Theft Harold Albright, 21, West Bend farm youth, was In jail at EmmeU- burg last Tuesday charged with stealing two loads of oat* and ten chickens from the farm of Norman Meyers near Curlew^ Albright sold the oats for $28 a load to the elevator* at Mallard and Crippen, officer* said. Elevator employees identified the youth who bad admitted hi* guilt, according to Sheriff Bert Montgomery of Palo Alto county. Albright used a trailer in the thefts which were committed at night, the sheriff said. They Gained 6 Lbs. While Fishing Mart Weaver, R. O. Bjiutrom, Cha*. LaBarre and Ed Rist came back from a ashing trip hut week, and reported that they had gained uix pounds on Mart Weaver'* cooking Mr. Weaver, in turn, awarded the heaviest eater honors to BJuatrom, whom it seems eat* three or four eggs, a quarter of a pound of bacon, and eight pancakes or more for breakfast. Co-Op. Elevator Men of 8 Towns Convene Cooperative elevator men from Lone Rock, Ringated, Fenton, Superior, Crystal Lake, Garner, Brltl, and Armstrong met at the Algona Hotel Thursday evening for dinner and a district meeting called by the Iowa Farmers Grain Dealers Association of Fort Dodge. D. K. Edison, secretary of the organization was In charge of the gathering which met for the purpose of discussing with the elevator director' and managers the problems of greatest interest to them. The group was addressed by W. T. Maakestad, former Kossuth Farm Bureau agent. Frank Robotka, and R. C. Bentley, all of whom represent the marketing division of the Extension Service of Iowa State College. The speakers outlined the problems confronting elevator men relative to merchandising and grading grain to deficit area*, cooperative purchasing, the effect of trucking, railroad transportation, and reorganization under the new cooperative law. About thirty were present at the meeting which is the first of a series of eight which will be held over the state and conducted by the Iowa State College men. A great deal of interest wo* shown, and the group named P. A. Underwood of Ringsted to act as permanent chairman of the district and call another meeting in the near future. Arrangements for the high school demonstrations, to be held at the Aigona high school on Monday, October B, have been completed. Over three hundred high school teacher* are expected at this meet- Ing, as practically all high schools In Emmet, Wlnnebago, Koasuth Palo Alto and Hancock counties are planning on attending. The conference xvlll open with n general session of all high school teachers at 9:30 a. m. In the high school auditorium. At 10:00 o'clock the teachers will break up into groups, each ttacher going to that group where a specific subject he or she Is Interested In Is being demonstrated. Following la the program as arranged for Algona on October 5: 9:30 a. m.—General assembly in high school auditorium. 10:00 a. m,—Demonstration In: English Composition, Miss Josephine 'Goldsmith, Clarion high school. American Literature, Miss Mary Crulkshank, Fort Dodge high school. Plane Geometry, Miss Lena Roach, Rock Rapids high school. General Science, J. W. Knudson, Spencer high school. Economics, N. E. Demoney, Estherville high school. 130 p. m—Round table discussions and conferences on each of the above subjects and also for special teachers of music, physical education, home economics, manual training and commercial aubjecU. A special round table conference will be held also on guidance programs. Suoerintendent Alex C. Evans of LuVerne will act as chairman of this group. St. Joe Woman Back from Penn. St. Joe: Mrs. John Erpelding returned home Thursday from a two weeks' trip to Pennsylvania, for a visit with relatives. Her brother, Father Carl Ernst from Denver, Colorado, accompanied her. Rosalia Fridera attended to the household duties during Mrs. Erpelding's absence. Bad Check Case E. F. Jones, Algona, charged with uttering a bad check, was up before Justice H. B. White, Monday morning. The case resulted from a check Issued to the Council Oak store in 1934. The matter was disposed of to the satisfaction of all. Lacking but four days of bchiR 80 years old, Mrs. Mary Eva Engel Osterbauor of Algona, succumbed to, an Illness of three weeks at her home here, laat Friday. Funeral services were held Sun- dajr taornlng jit 8:30 tfcloclt attb» :cS^»^u¥5»fW-*W^J. 0*5- era officiating and Interment was In the Catholic cemetery here. Surviving ore her husband and five children, Edward J. of Rockford, III.; Leonard M. of Ottawa, 111.; Elizabeth Boyer of Omaha Nob.; Ann Fcchncr of Algona, and Mrs. Martha Falk of Titonka. One sinter also ourvlves at Spokane Washington, whom Mrs. Osterbauer had not seen for 40 years, and brother in Germany. Mrs. Osterbauer came to this country from Germany, where she was born Sept 29, 1856. Her fath cr was the mayor of Plrmasenn When 20 yean of age sh« came to the United States and directly to Iowa, and In 1881 married Mat Osterbauer at Algona. The family lived In Union ant Irvlngton township* until the Oster bauers retired from farm life, 27 years ago, moving to Algona. Thej still otvn their farm, four and one half miles east of Algona. Mr Osterbauer wax a dear, kind olt lady, whOHe pausing will be great ly mourned by the many who Itnew her ax well as her immediate fain lly. She was a perfect example o the early-day, industrious type o mart and woman who built up thi vcftion of the nation. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Harig o Chiciigo, and Mr. and Mm. Georg ReRner. Bwea City, were out-of town relatives at the services here PaulWilleAt Call Park Again Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wille moved their household goods tn Algona last Friday and are now at home again in the Ambrose A. Call State Park where Mr. Wille is custodian. The Willea were at the park several years, but during the past year have been at Gull Point State Park at Spirit Lake. The many friends of the Willes will welcome them back to Algona. Dr. Humphrey, who came to Algona to succeed the Willea. has been transferred to Waubonsie State Park near Hamburg and moved last week. New Beatty Cafe Will Open Wednes Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Beatty huv opened a cafe in the new C. S Johnson building east of the John son store. Wednesday will be thei official opening day. The Beattys have lived the pas eight years at Dows, Iowa, an were in the cafe business there They have two daughters, Beverly Kae, six, and Marilyn Kay, two They have rented the house on Kennedy street which is being va rated by the Glen Shores. Thelma Ross of Dows accompanied them and will be employed by them. Taken 111 Sunday, Death Came at 3 A. M., Monday WAS CANDIDATE FOR LEGISLATURE George Moulton, 62 years old, beloved Kossuth county leader for many years, passed away Monday morning about 3 a. m. at his home Just south of Ledyard, after an aggravation of a heart ailment which has kept him far from the best of health for the past few cars. Funeral services had been set for Wednesday afternoon at Ledyard, Ithough the exact place had not cen decided upon at the time of olng to press. It was understood nan an effort-was being made to btain the school for the service, M no other Ledyard building was >elleved large enough to accommodate the many friends of Mr. Moulton from his section of the tate. In Political Race Mr. Moulton had won the democratic nomination last spring for the state legislature, and had Just begun to swing Into his fall campaign when death overtook him. Chase Auto Thief Into Corn Field; ' " Vehicle Recovered An aWmoblle stolen earfy las Thursday evening from a locatio near the Masonic Templ»,~where ( Deputy Sheriff Cullen, about 9:3 p. m. The car, listed as belonging I the Costlgnn Motor Co., of But falo Cantor, was reported stolen ti officers, and license number given A few hours later, the officer upottcd the machine with one mai in It, niul gavo chase. The drive toolt flight, and the two cars spci cut onto highway 18, heading east A short diHtunce from Algona, th officers overhauled the stolen car but the culprit slammed on hi brakes suddenly, and the officer shot by, coming to a stop In the mlddln of the pavemen.1, further ahead. "The car thief leaped from the marhinn as It was HUH rolling, and the our coasted down the highway and Into the back end of the police en". Neither machine was damaged much, and the thief esouped Into u corn Held without being apprehended. City Council Met The oily council assembled lait week and held tin regular monthly meeting .with the chief busine.s.i of the .sRfuilon pertaining to the passage of city bills. As a news Item, the meeting was u blank, but perhaps that means things are rolling smoothly in dty government circles, which is us it should be. Finds Violets Glen Jenkinson reported something very unusual luat week, after he found a patch of violets blooming in spring-like fashion near his place, northwest of Algona. Glen says the violet patch blooms every May, but this is the first time he's known it to do likewise In September. Suffers Broken Arm St. Joe: Mrs. Fuhrmann, mothe if Sylvester Fuhrmann. had the nlsfortune to fall and break her 'lip recently. Genevieve Gisch ij assisting at the Sylvester Fuhrmann home. Ringsted Wins Seneca: The Seneca high school girls' kittenball team met the Ringsted girls at Seneca Wednesday afternoon. The Seneca girl* were defeated by a large score. Seneca Boys Lose Seneca: The Seneca boys' high school baseball team met the Lone Rock high school boys at Lone Rock Tuesday afternoon and were defeated by the score of 8 to 4. Week's Weather The week's weather: High Low Ruin Sept. 21 87 52 Sept. 22 83 66 Sept. 23 77 58 Sept. 24 65 44 Sept. 25 75 48 Sept. 2« 66 48 .27 Sept. 27 67 43 Two Hearings on Pheasants Heurtuitk ou the que«Uon of when and U to open the 1930 pheawuit ketwou have been announced for northern Iowa, E. V. Fierce, conservation officer, *»>'» the following date* for meeting* have been set. Wed., Sept SO, 8 p. iu., at the .People Go* & Electric auditorium, Maaoii City. Thura., Oct. 1, 8 p. in., at Cluy County National Bunk building, Spencer. George Moulton for three martthl this summer,'. George . had been at Little Boy, Minnesota, where he had enjoyed ' his favorite pastime of ashing and also been endeavoring to regain hi* • full health. He had been bothered •' by a heart ailment for some time . Doctors ascribed his death Monday to cardiactlc asthma, rMU^Ingr from the heart, In addition to hi* genuine Interest in alt community and county enterprises, Mr. Moulton has baen regarded as one of the best known men in the state on matters of conservation and outdoor life. School Board President As president of the Ledyard consolidated school board for many yearn, Mr. Moulton wa* Instrumental in helping that community to erect and maintain one of the fluent schools in this section. He hud also held the office of president for several years of the Kossuth Conservation League, and with thousands of others had enjoyed the league's annual field day a week ago Sunday. He had also held offices on the county fair association board of directors, and various other office* and honors were heaped upon him many times throughout his life. Felt 111 Sunday First symptoms of the fatal illness came late Sunday, when ha did not feel well. He grew worse throughout the night, and passed away in the early hours, Monday. Surviving are his wife, two ions, Frank of Blue Earth, and Jack, who is attending Morningside college, and a daughter, Alice, of Ledyard. It was understood here that burial would be in the Swea City cemetery. t Ol NTV DEMO COMMITTEE TO PICK HfCC'KSSOB According to the s.tatuU in the Iowa code governing such a cue as the death of a candidate after the regular party convention, the county committee is designated to select a successor. L. E. MIMI^M*. county democratic chairman, said a meeting would be called within a few days to take up the matter. Catfish In River About 600 catfish were turned into tin- Upper Des Moines river lust week, at poinu above the Burt ami Algona Uiua.s. DOGS••2 DAYS

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