Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 9, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1952
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Bj IIA1 N*w Ynrk-.,1VNn history nf the ,,, thp nriVHC.v nf thf Indiw' room rnnviPrp nf in;, !I,JKC ,q cnrnplrtr ^ ' t c i l K n!f: without a rrwplci nn t h a t Fimnen " W( ' ; l. Mahrl, w h a t did i.lri f.J the w a t c i cooler-thr rifnrr W """' «"l|i'r '.n yn,, this me:! 11- v.-nlf. Hr is tho IVrk's Iwd hny ( ,f '"-'·' '··"'' h " s prrfrr. ;;cr,-;:rr.: the hiismos world, hut nn oifiro " r ' ! '"" """ death of me yn _ is tho SHme w t t h n t j t nnr i.r t\vi.. ^ rnm '"'^hmi;. 11 The cu Is i;rt a Ijia kick nut of CRY' AND "'COME ONA MY HOUSE' NOtTHWKT ARKANSAS T1MEI. F«.Y*t*TiH., Arkomn, Friday, Mry t, 195» J Inve . \ V b a t i an nfficp w o l f ? in puip '.'innpj.nti- thp IwhnjfjiiP'; the : he if luridly pu-ltirffl ;, r - ,, · . · - - s prowling strv.mrlrrl rviliv plot- ,"'''. '""' l r i r s '" hls ' l;illy '""''·'· tma to lead a-lra.v a poor 'i,ut in- 1 "'"" i c a l i ? o r i l h l s - h(- «-""l'» ncrcmt wnrbin 5 c'irl. du-innlr quickly into an nffiiT . . . ' mnuyr. \i.-nuld h e tmi h a d h e In f a c t . h,s T c t h H,, r . a ,,^ ,, , mi , a h(1 ,,,,, h r j OfTpn | P h" nrV J"'° '" '"'"'· a ir:i -' r nf mikl ""^"""·f »nd fun ° hK rir" '" ar ° '" '" '"'" 1h(1 ^"^aday routine. ' '^ r - ! ^ n t - I ni.n't pretend tn he an aiithnr- Thp averace nftii-c u-oif , s as i' "n o f f i c e wolves. Rut cu-l? | harmle" as a t a m e skunk. He in't h;i--e connillrd nn the suhiert s a v really a v.-olf at all--he is ju-| a they cenrrnlly fall into three mouse w i t h crest yearnings. r - u . , ;.-..-.':e?-.-hnnkkeepcrs. r:nior r x e a l ' v he is a married man w U h ,-i f.i'ives and vice pre.~.deir«. 'I'here w i f e at home who undrn.'aiv:.; u aisn the puppy inve I,,, the him only trc, ihoiniiKhlv. That :s hoss'.« serretarv. ' why he pavs his v.-ay around the "Bookkeepers M a n ; In l a k e vou o f f i c e in the mmanlie hope n[ to ,, horse race n n :heir d a v o f f finding some giil wh'i w i l l iv ···aid one cir |. -.lunini c.vecini-'cs kind enough to m i - u n d e r s t a n d hi,,, are c a r e f u l wolves-- !hev w a r t tn « little. If t h e r e is anylhuit a meet ymi for a cocMaii a f t e r work man can't s t a n d , t; is to he under- at some o u t - o f - t h e - w a y sidestreet stood ;11 t h e time. iiar. "And · :ce presidents'.' \Veli. One of t h e delusions 01 t h e nf- ! ' H V ''le the pinchers. You ha\'e to tier wolf is t h a t hi«. o v e r t u r e ^ to ci't nut nf their way. Rut I really the hired ^rirls a r ^ a z u i i t y secic'.. ^ (r ' sorr.\- for vice presidents. They knnwn only t o him. '! he tnnh is. Hrr suf 'h f r u s t r a t e d men. | puess OF ronr-e. t h a t e - e i y coir, c, sat ion th^ /eaily lead lonely lives." THIS COZY 5CSNE In New y or k', Copa,-al,a,i, ,,,,.,.,,,, ,,.,,,, ... . V ; This young lady said the two way.te, Kay m ay be « new romnnee-.lohnnv Hay the '--r ,"·' r "', .s.annard entirune formulas fo, and Rosemary Cloowy, who g»l J, muu » iuvit, ,g peon "'u, ..',' ^ , I dealing w i t h o f f t e c wolves are the Ona My House." r m pK ^ ,,,,,, j classic enld shoulder t r e a t m e n t or (In.crnn'.it.imlj · the play-dumb answer; ''Gee. Mr.. ' '" ' -- - - . _ ! .Innes. I don't eel what ynu mean." ler Cooking Gave Him Heartburn! Eisenhower Wants No Cut In Aid Ro9efs Biding Club D-ll T ;*c n LI AI .Mate Part In Rodeo Bill, Taff Says Slash Is Okay Knr p Shn-x- nt Bcntonviilt. iiict If;»rnkl Krrmnn. vicf president 'fit !h» R-n'"tifiU» Kj'vanlj Club. m« ·· nh tho riijh to 'Infi-j fins! plain ^ i f-':i"' i " 1 r "f t ^ n 'ii;ihi«»« that will " r · ' · ' -"!"-l in thr ridinu rinlei! · ' · " " '·' i' M .·. .in -,,,,( m. I'.- S-iV'in n' nnfffs. arH Mr. "·! Mr .!.(·· '.V Pi.rr. nf Ben- " ' · · nf th, P i,j n . "··-li-is Flid:n» riuh will i.- in thf nW !im» Frontier ·:'·!!»',nn and jil'-tr Jubilee 1 -:n s-'nii.". .fun* 2.1 and 24. ·jh ·'·:!! |ih,n ndmj dubs M -villf Hunt".-,!!*, Sprlng- rn'.,i: :'!n. Elm Spring!. J r i r . p c ; a,rl ridp in i rnup r " : '""' "' Nut ···hit", not whtjt. nnt ryj, · " ! ! · . · - : .,; ;.,,, , fi,-.. or nlenri nf til ihr«»-- ·'" I 1 '' 1 "' ' JUIIBI-'J Roman Mm Rrnd Tint t h o r f ip a MmpikT nnd o\Tn more c f f p r t ! \ p way of handlinr !hr mnrp [lersi^tcnt typr. ·'.It. ! 5t kcpp htm nt Ihf nff conJcr sotnp mnrilinc and tn him thai ynu Invp him dcppcr- .itch and ran't l i v p withnin him. Wool Growers Association Points To Need le For More Sheep, Cites Animals' Value shrnp * .'ateh and can't l i v e without him." one of n.i'urr':- pio." ver'a'ile ,ini- ,-, I she said. "That will frighten any mal^-hut j ou -.louliin't kn'nw it. Spicer Buys B a r b P f t- : nff,ce wnlf out nf his skin." say sheep men. (mm Ihe w a y it 11 ri f\ ._ . j That is the true measure nf the treated hv Pncle Sam JnOp Ufl !·» T1JH8 l»tti Nil Cm-Sow Stomacfc ' hrctltl - Tnr " f f ' r r wnlr visualise-: It pm,de= | am h fnr food |, T o s Shr wu ihe ht.t cook m in.-n 'I hit ! nirnfclf a ? a c;1 . v Casann\'a coins provides ' «·« thf trouble-- he »· itmpirrt , n llhrnueh life hein: endlessly f a s c i - for doth fiver-eit. And cndfd up viih a hurnine ' n a t i l l " He mav think he is ^-eai-ch v i l a l K ii ffat^V (tnffljtrh n . T I J i ^' M U M r\ IIL Is ^ ^ dl I II- I I H [I \ 111 .,,.,, i ,, i 11 H * IM I 1^ a ll'l ^ V [MM '"bltS ?o, Turn, ntiSl/^.,?;: i in F fnr '-""""re. But ihere is one hides. I t s carcass waste.' are , ; eces- ,,,,"" "MJJ »cid-»lmo« hcfnr'r u M . r ,i. ' h '" K hc- '' S '" T hr l s n 't Inokinc .--.iry tn modern medicine. i.,in,,|;n n -imeo l.ontim no hakina 5nd» or nihcr «'a,er . for and t h a t is more respon- a d o r i v a t i ' e of u-nnl ' v a ha^ic in cv. S^O^'^T^'^T^ ·*"'»!··,, , ,, , =·· -, mWrU,;,,",!;,;;:: ^,r m ,.l, nr .h, nt v fr Hi, lrrf ,, .. D '" thr " l s r how v ' i!! ·"'«·".· " ' : " " ' - ' -,nd ha occurs. Kpep Tum.« h a n d y -- c a t like ' he ?urr tn ' 1;rp al least one office And s ; i \ t h e \-itimn! \\',n! r in ondv. G« ,TMll,ndav: wolf, purely a« a mm ale factor. He Growers Asrn,-, a ti,,n. Hie s h e e p |j',is|" i C»na,).»o»f,rt 0 ,.j5,^ i . i . rs ~ . k e e p s Riris amused. Women are pro-, idr* t h e most e x p e r t irelhod ^" X * 1X ^«»^' « | a h \ a s happier if there is a fnnl- nf eniverlinz cr-'i^slaiifls anrl ish man around for them In lauch ot|ier',' ii.-ele-s foraee into pr'"- -d he at. Kr*. op with thn Mmef -- read the TIMFS (iillr We Wish to Express Our APPRECIATION TO THE Pasteurized Milk Co, FOR SUPPLYING FREE MILK TO THE CHILDREN ATTENDING THE NURSERY SCHOOL DURING THE PAST YEAR Terry Village Nursery . f i t - m;iki:K' prmHj Thr a.-r-nrJHlinn ;F r;uiip;urnin^ fnr morn f--nornh!r tm.-ifp-rnt fnr he Anirr;c.-;n .^lirr.i jndn-:!ry. l \ ' ~ nut in incrr.'l.'-r' . inrk -sheep f r n : n UK' prf«:pni 1^.. p] nf on n i l l ]in n henri tn ^n million by ITiD It rontniiHc 1h;it surh ?n n'n-Msr. j« opFpnnai in prnVct th" n^hnn -icnir.^ n shortns" in cvp;^ hnv onn for the 1^ FIRST LADY of YOUR HEART WASHINGTON COUNTY YOUTH FOR CHRIST Saturday, May 10 8:00 P.M. HAROLD SMITH S P E A K E R J. HAROLD SMITH ,- ;i Of ?ort Smith, Arkonwi ··1-1* ; .,.i. »·». iimm u p«i«r ·*·«·( ' ih. inntit churcHH in *rkn. ;*ay " ·"« t..B|.nit. H. ku n . Tv'i J« "itlly nturntt tr«d i | Nr «« ·'-J-V3! "" H..y L.M .M ,«.,rt»,r rt, 'tli eounlrl.i, tiH.ktr M 1H1 ··· ., ii(i»u (mfknii wtfk M um. ·i v«rllly .t Arktnin. -- A I S O -DR. TOM GRAHAM ' ChrltlUn feuiln»n mtm Vv4 cauiln *f tvinitfUt Blllr tr*- 1 h»m will Rlvt hli Mrttnil Mitt' many. EVERYONE WfeLCOME MEETING AT THE CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH On North School, jun oil Dleklon FoyettcYillc, Arkansas mm i." rncnu:-;it:inq :-i;rh n:i r- i pension, rut th,-,1 nihrr r,cT.fir.- nf thr pivrrtn'i r 'Mt :i |-n fn'in-vn:: pnhfiec w hirh di.-rours^r ftn increase. I* n t r n j ( T cnnlrol5 nn !ami\ t a r i f f pn;.(v\v of tiir S'.Vr nrp»rt- mrnt nn'l inmipi-fitinn rr-'r r:n:M5 H'hifli (lisrnurnc^ impfii-t;;;jnn nf irsinpfl .-hcpp lirrdrr^ frr.m rn .Hid rliropr. Not iii,nn\- ran:; \v,ir' to ho hnv :rr f Hurir.;- thr l!X''.n\ ' h ( s i impnrind ;'s j-. rr r r r t nf i' require 1 mm:.···. Tnf|.T\ ~^ P i. c inipnru-d. It I? :n n j [-4 riancrrniip. grnu-rrs : i \ . :"fi lion In ripprnd n;i fdrn-'; , L ^·--·^=r .r fnr such a larap pnm'in nf \j i " It'sNever Too Late To Remember Don't just sit there nnd feel guilty 1 Lav the paper down quietly, get up, nnr| saunter out toward the kitchen door. Then hurry to RICKETTS D R U G STORE. Hove one of Ihe clerks f i x you up with o big box of chocolates, any kind, any price, some even wrapped in appropriate Mother's Day boxes. Sure the clerks arc good scouts they'll even give you a note .saying you bought it n week ago if you like. WE SPECIALIZE IN NORRIS AND KING'S FAMOUS CHOCOLATES Rickett's Drug Jop Cyclist Lassoed By American Soldier · Tok.v riding - ;?l-An A n i e r n a n ^r r; RM A r m y trii;-k U tnrls- a n d r 7.1 fe"t nioi ? :h..- t ced h;-" The rop .»"l'licr= ·· itii -,.iii M^re s:.TH Arm." O f f l r i a l ; ;,,,; : hr . ... rY | f | :r , jpvnre:\ pnn^hod fnr tin.- ··ir. rienlor^hV mri4er,:." The eyrlm v v s s not swiw hilrl He n-a? trealrai for brtii ;ilirl rnp.e nnri s t i - e e t hu:-r,s. Advertise In thf TIMFS--lt n» Lowest priced in ifs field! Oa/y Cfi r. . . 106 W. CENTER PHONE All these Bi^ Car Extras g| tf W i^^ %^ with the Lowest -Fficsd Line in its Field! -i* 8 - . jfc^i^jKM ;;. . ' . _ ; f^,~!s%£ EXTRA WIDE CHOICE EXTRA BIAU1Y AND OU/.LIlf E/fPA J.MOWH PCPFORMANCE of Stylmq nnd Colo:! o | p. or!) , b / | ,!. rr r . '-_'1 : M ^ ._jsste Pow. f J)c l.uxc tojor ni.tkJii.' · ;.1 J ., l .».. ..i'iFCU«i ·*£·:"·:··: T ---_ ' - - EXTRA STOrriNG POWER of Jumbo-Drum Ernltr'i f h e M i i V l I ,T,'.,, ||. h.i'.f l:.l! I! , ' · : : ,, - · ll:f Inn p,,. - l, r l I I- , !..·! -ip in !«-uc .!·. l,."r E X t P A STURIMC, EA'.,'. if CITI.:I Point I':-.-,,,,., I X T R A of A m , , t,, . Hoit Populoi Cnf MORE PtOPLE BUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTIUR CAR I EXTRA RIDING COMFORT EXTRA STRENGTH AND COMFOtT of Improved Knto-Attion of Fish.r Canitruclitn '··rnli-l\f.,niril ( C n r r - \ . - l i o n i i( |f Slrrl uciJcd In ilfel-ahoif JOU. "J"" i '·,'" rr: "" i '"·'" x "- v pfr..-iih inn. .uound vou- tn form ..,.,,'l. s m,,oun j ;hc'h;mn 1 "^ n,^''.pj,^"" " f '""""' Str " 1 "' EXTRA SMOOTHNESS Automatic Trartlmilllvn A ,"'ii,",v/ f - ^Mit^r //·oft, u-jth fxtr»- pnucifiil \.iK t-in-Head entire ind Auiom;it:i c hoU. Optionii nn De IJJAC ,iit\lrl at e.xtii LOKL 7fo $i$//t£ QiAS PRIC£D SO LOW I "~~£hif! I»l«"l Green CEvsvroJet Co. 17 E. Meadow Phono 25S

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