Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 9, 1952 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1952
Page 4
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4 NORTHWEST AftKANUS FIMIi, FaycltoviU*. Arkonwt, Friday, May 9, 1952 (Ximra T«I!«»IH« Dtny Dtmixritl Puhlilhtd d»il]r »«c«pl Sunday by FAYETTEV1LLE DEMOCRAT PUBLISHING C O M P A N Y Hobtrtl Fulbnght, Prviidvnl T~ound«d J u n » 14. 1110 F.Mtri-1-rt »! '.hi- |.n: I . i f f , . - - ;,. K , . , , - ! l , . , l : r . A r k . nh Ri' -ci.i · Mai! MiidiM I«m E. Gtirharl. Viet Pr«i.-G«ntr»l Minigrt T»d R. Wylit. Editor "MEMBER or THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Thf AW'''l I'll-'.- if i-xc i'l.-r ' !··· i-n!illi"i :i. Ihe use Inr n-j'iihhr.ilHm i.f ,t]] IK"'.- ill -I'.i'i M ·· rrfrillrrl l-i il nr mil i.'lliM -.T' nfli'r-i in this paper ani\ a I.", llif Im-ai MIM j.'il.linirri hcn-in. All rinhl- nf ir|iuhllrrili"n of ['i*i M! ins- patrhM hiTPin ;tri' alM MM-ivM. THE WASHINGTON M erry-Go-Roimd By DHEW PEARSON W.-'-hinKlnli- Cmeial El. cnlifiwr-r I:;-- drrid- cd MM to fr.llriH- Ihr prrerdrni nf Wendf 1 ]! Willkir In-vaid thp fill hamm of T r x a V iivl'idinE fabu- j In.i- \\ -vr.-.i'ln- ]·:·. r,il.r n 1 Wh. n W i l l k i i iniiii-ii Trx.v ilui-'i.i. In I'MIP i |,n- i.'i-i,l,;il · ;.n.|,:i ;'n In- -.'.·;,·· ··.·;,riK-rl in a- '-..--,-,. I In hi- i - n n i a l l v ni.-i- In I'lillcn. Thf nil ..:im:in. I W i l l k i - v;.« ,i'lYi .·!. w:i' r..,nii f'.r hi ;.·.-·. ram- III. · I-M-I. WillliM-. "Ihr., li,ia..|ii rii! ..r ianiii- | IN,' Ir,. .,.|, I.T. hn.,k h.illil- "-lUl f-llln, r . ' h r r . , n.,;'v · · t I'M I i- anl tn Dallas fi.ii I:NI Hllclr "Ho-Hurn -Whose Move Is It Now?" I'.' Kl I . Ml Jf, U'l I ' in 5 -in M*mb*r Audi! B u f * n u of Circulation Anil Ii" -·«»! nnlii Ihi'in. Tin' s;ilil;ith tva? ;n;ulr fnr IIKM). :inrl nut m;in for the (tahl)Hth.--St M.irk li:27 Welcome Visitors Thi* weekend Kaydfevillo is hn.-t t o .the stall 1 I 'nilyd (''in i mi-rein 1 Traveler cnti- venlion and I" ;ni ;iniiii;il 'Kiw.inn nf the Ar- ls,m.";i. B Industrial Association. The annual stockholders inert ing of the Arkansas Western (Jas Cnmany was hold here yes- ("rdriy. The mci'lings have brought a number of very uclcnme visitor!: ti! the cily, nnd we e x t e n d to them « rordinl welcnmrr and an invidilinn to return when Ihey ran. Fayeftevillo is a jt""l convention c i t y . \\ have scenery, climate, nnd a friendly J t i j t i l d c . among (he thinjfs which will make welcome a mini or woman from out nf tnwn. We are always triad lo know visitors are i.'cltinir a look al the advantages we ]iave In offer, (luce they see what is here, (hey will want to return. iieil 'In- luc iiilrnan. Wi!i!(if nh 'i'i k;.n". 'l.i- t'"i'l liuil i.ul ail 'hi: mi i .iji,'!. il,i n ^niii'i.^r i-nij.f". aiiuif '.''h'^ !'..i n' nlr-i li' - . f * * * i i | , - , : i . , ; , , . o n I k i - t* (iood Neighbors Another (Jooil Neighbor dinner was held last nich! at Prairie (Jrove.. one of a peries of such pniKriimn sponsnrpd hy the Faycttevilln ("hamher nf Commerce in Ihe various rnmmtinlties in the nearby area. One rnnre rs scheduled this month. These occasions have prnviii",'! an op- I'frtunily fnr the residents nf Kayctleville nnd those living in oilier towns to |ic|- ter acr|iiaint.od. Hy Hettinjr to know eai-h nth^r hpttrr they can do mure In lioosl the entire section. Northwest Arkansas, pullinj; together, can lip a powerful force in the affair." of Arkansas. There are several larger communities, such as Rentomille, Siloam PprinjrF. Ropers. Sprinjidalp.'and I'ayelte- ville. and H niimher of ·-smaller centers which are made up of nien and women who have Ihe interest of the are,-) nt heart and arc willing and ready to push il forward. These limes of K Pttin K together help to provide the leadership needed !· head up prnirraniM of muliial hettermenl. Next year will call for mure of the same, slid we feel sure those who have a t - !-nded the cvppi.i, i|,|. ; ^,. My , M , , v j|] i,,,,^ (-,,,.. ward to resumption of the m-casions. . ___..^ Opportunilk's In Arkansas The liiisint'ss exenitives of A r k a n s a s today and tomorrow are meetini.' with the men and women who nil] craduale from the rniversity next month. Inlet-views he- tween the e x e c u t i v e s and the students h n \ e neen arranged, and a serins of programs will he held It i? inipnrlanl for A r k a n ^ a * to keep t t ^ yfitinir penplf. The senior- win. are f.'1-adna'rnp can mean a I'nvt deal In t h e s t a t e in future v.'ai--, if tl,ev remain within Ihe s t a t e . When they leave, t h e stale is the loser. Oppnritinil'i's exi.-t 111 A r k a n s a s , and this is the time for the husines-; people to let Ihe yoiimrer folks know what the.-e opportunities are. Heading thai the nation's Incksmith-- wrre i-nini'iiini.' in New York. Crai .tenkin- w a n t e d In kmm who was t h e key speaker. '« '.Vhv tin- haunt nf T,·»·;-·. f lilnn-'l il Sl'l illchaldMill nil' .LI..I |,| '»r i.-nttrn In .lark Pn,l.-i i.f Hn-r-tN,, mi-ll in li' In l|.ii.|;iii'|. ml Tin- lai-l ll-.iil Ki I'lilinu'i'i. ;,IN.|' tn an,] ;,(!,.i |i.inti K it In- kiinwn hi- would n-.,l;,. alinnu! nn speechl": ln-lnie !):,· CI.I,;,L;N .·nn-.-.N- tinn in .IllU, l i n a H v l..kl» a |I',.;|;N|! nn t . n r - l . i r i f K nil. i-. MN a.-ridi-n! II was Iin;,n|;i'.! f , | - ' l,v S,,i R ,, I,:, i ,|. ,.,,. ,. !,,, tnnk a special t r i p In I'aii-. f r . r Ihi' pninn . S, . - "nd. it w a s 1-nlriilaii-ii |.. M M I ih, - t i p p , , ! ' ,, I:..,,- !'lllll-ll. Fill .l.|ck I'llllri. In ..vl-,,11, II;,. ,....,,,.,. ;!,.. Irltcr, Inns lllTM f'lllleiA hi 11, '·,,, ,11 .,,.'1 UN. litlcfll mef.seriEer. ('IIlien has -i",I I'NI :r-i I,, \'.';,- h- iriKtnn frnin time tn liinr tn keep ;u ,,,, || ( . 2V; per rent nil-rlpplrlinn tax .,l|.,w:ii'.i ,· - A - h i - h .sets nilmi 1 !! apart frnm itthers M, f a v n i ahlv when il cnmc.i tn fl^iirinj; nut fhrir Incup.' !,,\,. : . Pnrlrr Hlsn dumped Sfi.flOfl hit,, :hr .1,,,, MI-C a l t h v campaign In drfeat Si-pa'ni Twluu.'-- in Maryland. whn wai a slrntm suppnrier f r,u-' pniirk-r. while Mrt'fiithy hap been a h : ' t r ..p- pnucn! nl Ike's. Five tlmusand rlnllai- N- a nf mnney fnr a T r x a f i tn send all thr w,-,v ',, M a i v - whrthrr snmi. nf it iniehl hnvr rnme (nun ( " n | Irn. PnrlKi-alsn i« i-liifc In ex-S|ienl:i- r .!,»· M.,,!,,,. n pnlnit harkrr of Cr-m-cal M a i - A t h i n . ^n.l n n fr!i?nrl nf Ki.^enhnwiM-'f;. I'mlrr r\-cp !, M. f , i,·;..!.· lhat hr hart SSn.dllll nvnllnhlp finm c.ii|,. M IN h, !p Mnilln ilnriiiK thr III4H r,invi'i,:i,,ii in ,·.,..,, ,,f ; , ilradlnck anil a rhanrr tn nnniiiiai-' .Inr Thosr am snmr nf (hi- t h i n g s t l - a ' KI.IP|IN'\ , , iiliilnnlilrillv ihrin't knim- \vh.T, h.. v . , , n . tin- tklrlmirls "Drnr ,lni-k" lr-l','i tn .Jack Pnrtf * * * Kijirnhnvvrr Hiil lumw, hnvi'\-i'r vmnril'!,-^ nhnul thr hatllr hl'lurrp t\vn 'l'i'xa; pnliliciaii; Pnrler nnil Henry X.wrifi'l- -hi hpi-mtie nrpuh!i- ran nalinnal iiMllniltleenieii. Fnr. in the f a l l nf 11)50. hr reniiirkeil In r.OI' frientls t h a t if Pmi,. r won' mnrir GOP nalmnal I'nminilli'i' fi TPXIK. hr, ll(i, w.ii.W C i't Ihr ·[·,. X :i« Hi-lrua!i,, n , M IDS2. Ikr rvi'ii vaiil lhat he wa-' tninc t,, l.,)k in Helen li.'irl. publisher nf Ihr NY\v Yi.rli Ili-ialil 'I'rihi.iii. anr| ;, |,,,i,.|it fnn-i' in f 7 ( i p pnlitu- .ihniit !,peiikiii|; tn II,iv fjalil'irl.min In nnlr, tn |, n |p ,,,,) Pnrli-r (hi- jnli. In Ihr ,.,,,!. p,,rt,.| w.-,,i il,'f.-at|.,l. S,v,,|',.| u ,,t thr i-,iiii,iiiltri' I.N..I ""' l " « l l v ,1 vas I,, .,.,,,, i ; -|,,. l l ,,,,,.,,,,,., hanil III I r x a s lhal the 'ilrar .lark" lillrr. i;,|;_ ine n pnsitinil nn lirlrlaprls nil. »;n M , nl ' ),,,,, However, Ihal letter i« heinc M-riiiiin/erl hy pn||- llrlsns from rnasl tn rna.l. av a,, inHinitinn nf nmv thr reneral will handle le.mers if ailfl U'hrn he f i n a l l v lakr 1 .- n(f Ihr mnf'Mtn C [nun the -De.'ii .1.11 k" letlrr. their i 'hill a lifie pnhli.-al linnwlivlee is + * * '"' ..... '"·'·'"" ' "' Ni.-:ir.,«.,.i. Ana. l:,.i,, s,, m ,,, a . ui'nt IhiMit);!! mine vti'anjje ^ rnii;i-.|ir-- \\-hil,- m W.ishillttiill nn hi* mum-lied · .iffii-i.-d- v i v i t Pi.-.idi-nl Sninii.-a wa i-n m: : i,, frnni .\,,-;,i ,,.,.-,' In Ihe l.eahv .-linii- in H,v.n,,, and hi-d M-nt v,',,,: In Ihe W h i l e llonse lhat h,, ,,.,,,,; |. r , ,, M , lk M j passim IhlniiKl, ,|,|- I'.SA wilhniil p,r. -n'-'hii lespeelt In Ihr ni.m « hn. as seini.,, :,,,. I ."'M I V vliri. nnee violed him win 1 !' riv,-' ii-.r inc 'lie Pun Amenf.-in hu;ln\-a\ dnrnii' tl'i- M n Si. t),e While H.IIIM-. Ih.illL'h InaM. ·,', ,,,·..,,-·. a dietalnr. ,,,-vei 'heless c a v e !he \,,-,, ·,,,,,..., piesideel a liini-henn. Dunne the n-t nf hi- vi-.i!. n,-n,.|.,' S.iiii"--i was meeiinal In ...,v H,,. ],,.,,, K|llt ,,,, ,'.,, ]r , i '. | pies« c-nlifeieni-e. lint. lv |,,.,, 11,,. .,,,,, . inivp ,j j.' n refused In ,·,.,,,,. di.wilMain The n,es|,ie n | ,, ;,.. K evpl.iine,,. «-as ,11. \,x , , 1;lv ,,,, ,,,,,.,.,. ,,. f . ' ·lent nf N,,. a ,a C ,,., ,,,,, ,,.,. ,,,,, ,,, ,,, ' n ,.., n \ ;| nf t Him h.-iil lieen "n'll nf 'N-.-i'." NI ' ill" invMi'iimi^lv i canoes in the A r t n r e t T ""'Th.'^:!:;:.;::";!; I ; i1 :;. 1 ;,;;-.. , , , ! «-^ -- -- "·" ··""- n^.: K . I - - I . M ' n! 1 . , - A ' . - ..I Ii ., ,,. . ,,.,, ,,..., ..een ni A "'" w l n ' r r '- lhn s;inri r "" ls ·"' 'luiekly lhat ti.wn :ii 1 1 :in. ins! :in i . - ; 1 : ..,.. .·,",., hr h.-.-.^l 11,.-.! 1'n-i-e nvi.v h" frnm fluniiE the aichl. Bnl ii er-l- !f. I flnei «nii«.-« in thr Inwrr ;,,pav nf thr desert, al- iiinnah :i»' higher nmuniains arc fnmrtimrs j I Q-- llnvv dn a Imrse's lees ninvr in paring? A - P.nlli h-rs nn nnr ;;j(ie nf rhr hnr^r mnvr Hiuv v.-rre iinilirelliis fl.M rci-civcrl in | ln,,.-ar.|. w h i l e thnse nn thr nlhrr sidr mnvr ; i'.ii-kwanl. The hnrly nf ihc horse mnvos up and r\ Questions And Answers wii! nf find Wh" made Ihe !..,.,. Q- Whn :n:,de tin- ijann- nl C P I - - V nnpi,;.ir m Ihe l.lmlcil Sl.i:es? A - Brnj.nnm l-'i ai-.lihn lln v,,l,.iu Q - W h e r e is Ulr world's drrprst nil well? A - A l l.ivi Hills, near Rakrrsfirld, Calif. It .as -iink tn a rleplh nf IB.niia fert in 1^46. Q What are Ihe sta-ldarri leii(!hs and widths f hnrseshnrs used in hnt-cr s |-,oe pitching'. 1 Q Dn,.-in.i,.. I-MM j,, t i e A r . - l n - r,-y ? I A -Seven and a hall inches inns, and seven __il_i: : -'h^lcj^'i it"- .vnnni; acir.e v-i|- inches wide. ! U'.l t / Helm McClor Dmiir. ftiati tbrM|h, Inc. Duftitvltil k» NtA StTrke, Inc. ·' Ktmiswu (I HN I i IT wasn't a routine rnse Ilia ·*- c.-iine to Hasil XVilliny'i |ilesl; in the Dislrirl Allorncy'h .nMice lhroin;li diannels. " l ,'wns n persunal advenliirc Ihal lie walked inlo hlindly one cold, wcl CMjMiiiK i n ' c a r l s April. A lamp rlnuivl mfilv (h-, Ihr fni; nn I'l i,| A i l - n i.pui: nhlini; n tm.-ill si-np u rulinv. I K... Ml npi-rir.l Iho rii-n, ;,,,.\ tour ! Swi'S cowbells tinklnil :n ,1 trpin- »l'»n ihonl. Hi'Ml iirkod lor twn pnrks nf his f.'ivnnd' rii;nri't-;. Ai;.iin Din lmll: iir.kii.,1 ns ||,o llnnr npnnr.l. Till- tll'Wf-wniT did not InnU likp ,T fiiibhonny trdi- viiiitallst nniiitfur of tohnoi-o 1 ; l ] c lookrrl just the iippi.Filc-Ihr Ktor- nnl Sncknr win, will Imv .Miylhmc nr vntr (,,r .inyli.,,|y w::h tr:mre- liki- nherlinnrn tn thi nvpnolir, P'n'-'iiirp r,f .1 stiidi'Til - M | V , r;i.Mnr The lililp man jlirn:ilfd a private car that Imikfrl tlkf i ( t ii. ... Hr lias net merely tu.slrred, bt wu panirkj. i-.-ini|iai;n. . .1 1 1 nnti lainnii-iit was a s|e,-,,, Him nf the A m e i i i ..n . full dress Inni-henn at ' h e - I'..,, ..\i Ilinv e\ ei . sfmir I ..iti'i- Ana M: '. Thev u e i e;c,i!l\ · ,| ...... ,· eallv "ill " Pet l:.i|.s f ;,.,..,., .,; S,, ,.,,,, , ;., , A! am i.,'r-. .,! ; ; ,, ,,, ;1I s, ,,,.,,, 'if the AII.I-I n ·; iep;in!i, , s.,,, whnle il.mi; .,i| He n explain. .(i Win leupnn I'lurnp in n -;!.!, K-, m:i!l!e-a::rd w-'ii'. Hrnw an,I c'lin re. edeii Irnin The lips, licl.tlv i-lnvrd. pui:.-,! the .inoii!-! nut N.' r.h.ipe y, nnr hand nn [he flag rndy lo pull it dnwn. "YnuYe rnt In!" The hiph voire 'ia\Treil. "Thrre's twenty hurks :n it fnr ynu." He thrust a hill at ihe dii\-er. "And come hark for "Tunny Inu-ks is twenty burks \Vi!l ynu he ;.t the dnnr ? " "' 'h. no! Sorr.rnnr else will an- hy a triple tier of gallerin. But. at the rurb before one stood four rsrs, parked in a row, and it was Ihe only house where a slimmer of curtained light showed at the. windows on the first floor. A starrhpd, w h i t e tveninu shirt- must mean a party. Luckil? Hnil himself was dressed for the evening. He wouldn't be conspicuous. 'Let me out here, please," he s.lirl quietly. There was n Rale in the Harden lenre. He climbed steep iron step* ) Ihe gallery and rang Ihe bell. Thr rloor opened. Nothing hart prepared R.lsil Inr thr sudden clr.w nl warmth, hcht anil luxury within. It was al! on a small scale. r.nt perfectly pioportioned, and ·entrant 'made it more impressive irrc than it miqhl have bern elsewhere. A rhe??-hoard flooi of' vhitr and hlnrk marble. A nueni. u-hilr c i i i \ e of stair that spiraled , - '· up inln shadows. An old mirror in A- l!:ry r:,iK,'-| fr r a sl-.irp turn, a .rill frame hancinjj against a wall 1. "This Is a nf pale primrn-~r. Rranrhes of vrl- 'cl!n\\- h'lds arrnuul.\i for a wrr tho bclf. You'll have to "\Vhnt name The btt)i man was almost danr- A.-inlhci' cab pullril up to thf JS^^lL J ^ c I)ll!!]!L__ *--·· --- IJv jimmy j | ,,1,71 "--.:-::^r p : ~- -- ·-' " ^-j-W TH'S S ·WE R5W LOCK'S ;,SJj^f«^SE»^^i I - V "£^Z pi.'ir,p;or \voic qivins Inm a rur. .'j.W.'S,^-) ,_. ·^ - - . - c ' : - l ^ / t · , SSSMv:^ '. Illll he h . , , 1 III hail Ihiv «||. llttlr man spi :,:!;.-.; K I r v , - n 1 h si : , ,-·:" i| 't ui'.n.ere.l n number, h mil l-:r ,'h!,-- " joii it III Ii-n inltnil,-- ' " "Maylir." Thr iliivil lnnl,nl ,l tn A rojilinuoiij; fih- p.'ittern. I w e i r I u lv, all \ Ihe iUi«l, ill h,ul window), makkrd ll'ee pattern. lorn frit mvisihlr. Mf All w e i r tall. shaMiv anil mrl- n^ ' 1n t r.rr Ihe httlr man. Was am [inlv, all \\rrc «ithdr.i-Aii linin thl* Ihe wrong hoil«r allrr all? r jh:niu;h eui tains nil thr righl came a Inw npl'lr nf talk and laughter. A M A N Innk R-isil's hat and mat. He was sh^ht, wiry, aRlle. more hkr a jnckry than a butler. rnlnrlrss vnicr. '·P.'li't linlhrr In annmi. I In Mirpn-'r thrm." stepped I h r n u K h Ihr rnr- 1t \vas a Inni: rnnm w i t h win- Inv.t at either rnfl. 'lllosr in front it,lined. Tho'-r nt tfir bnck tn Ihr m^lil and an- n. Almvr it, thr rear iu-. nf hnuses f a r i n R the side nf th.f lilii.-k liiolird like M]uans lilt nut of lil.ick aprr. Nn our Innkrii up Tile thick carpet silrnred H.isll's slep, and. or a moment, hr frit mvisihlr. Mf ; r.rr Ih · wrong T* n* 9t A Column of «T ROiBTTA FULMIOHT Onf Almost Korsrets | In the north have just endur- ' Well, I had just about for-' 0 ' 1 tllp advantages and disad- jrotten how absolutely pntic- 1 wlaKP* "f hein^ on level and injf it in t o have an escort to ' Imv J.' rr "»"l. and the flood eon- show you t h e country and all d'''"".* harassed, injured, and Ihe amenities decorated w i t h lon 'if' pf l them, so by anf | crimson clover fields, the , ' ;iri -' p ' " e I OV(1 °ur hitls. most deluxe lunch, and all ^" p ^ a v e J" flf 1)pp n down tn thin^f just too perfect. Well. ill *l' p( ' 1 )np new hypas- which ·lack Reed took .Veil rutmaii is ;ln ! l t f p mpt I" mitijratp the. and me north and south, to ''"'fi'' 1 nf n»r town and hflls. liecome introduced to crimson ^^^ f""r-lHne highway with :lover, hep hives, and the fllr '"'-'pi.'- vipw lo Ihe souf.h is ·ountry: fine c a t t l e and all rPa ll. v f l"it p a foal, and we feel . hinjrs a farmer believes hi. sllrp '*" W1 " pmvp n hlessinr. 't was wonderful! N'e have a hijrnwav mi he- I had forg-otten Ihe lown of ""'.'' nllr P lil( ' p °n Ml. Xorrl. Johnson to the north, and it w "i'h I never dreamed would surprised me by it? beauty j )p( ' n m p a traffic carrier, but it md snbstanlial setting. The ' K - " is n cutoff fo the north ·Johnson Mill, which ha? been | °^ l-»fayptte Avenue, hut doinpr the jrrind ?ince 1S701 K K^m we were a small to"-n without recess, was nf inter- am ' nnw "' p arp K hie city and est. | we have to make the arijust- ·lack Reed has pix acres n f''ni_ents necessary. The hy'i)ass ' sweet potatoes which are he-| w '" he a iiie outlet to relieve ing exposed to modern ayrr-i t l '" f | l c ' nn Hosnilal Hill, cultural methods which make 1 , W p -'hoiilH. it seem?, have real promise.s of prodijrious P' PII '. V °f * raff re sirjrial lichts yield--(pood for a [Kilitical in '' "" preraufions possible year). for the children whn will: On Ihe road south we saw a ' I ) I V P ' ''· ""' ' believe we [ six acre peony field ntid rrim- w '" 1|P k '' a(1 wp - have the hi^h-1 son clover ac.?in on further 1Vi ^' ''.VIIHSS. I alonjr. The houses in Ihe hills ' i ' 0 *hnse whose precincts it.i' and Ihe Rinff Sprinirs. Ihe naF reallv invaded, we are| I Hock liluffs make of tliir. sec- s l lrl "'- n!;t Predict you will fion a place to enchant you. finr i '" 'he lonjr run your little. There rs out. where we were a ' 1| ' t "^ i s °lati«n mo=t desirable, rock l)luff seven mile? around. ' ran ' t S;)V 'hat I am too in- with rocks as hip; as a house. lriln)prl "'flh the tboroiiirh- aud the rrvass as preen and farp " f M" n 1 p Street behind clover as crimson as an artist " s ' l " (l " p ' (rp P ( h p li?ht.5 at could paint. ; work and make it as easv ».« I love land. Don't need it. ! but just love it. we can for ourselves and Inns, who iraverse it. I just hone Ihe bypass proves a help to those in its area. So often iusf liecnminr accustomed means Fair" is also ( h a t we like it. I can see hills so ihaf Ihe lichls seem most im Fayeltevillo The Fair "Fayetteville Ifi hnill ritrht in th . ·"" ' H e . ' in* M U I I I S seem most im- there s no way but to take Ihe nortant. but [ ciunn* refrain advantages and the disad- from thinkine that four-Ian- vantages of these tips and fine pfece of hiffhwav is a biff (InwrisJTur cities 0,1 Hie river asset and will he a benefit f widnu-pH siller i^ in ill hrallh. un- ahlp in rnr*» for hpr fnur-yr,ir-nlr; son. Sh« u Hnts uc *n takr Ihr rhilri. Rill, my husband, and \ n tippn married 1ft yrn r ^ and ha-. P nn rhildrnn. I hs\-c a £m%-d jnh in an offiro nnd [ !nvp a. ! can't brine mvrrlf fn thr point of quittinir my jnh and taking nn sn great » rpFpnn.cihility as a «pm]r«r|. selfish child. Thf hny ha?; already raupod much frirtinn hrtM-ppn Rill and me. and I already ha'.-" r-nn- siderahlp rp?pntmcnt inward him. Bill jrivfs thf rhild a sreat deal nf attention, and ah?nluteh ignore!my nier**-: and- npoheu-p. Thi«; sistpr-in-law ha? a mnthor and two sister? whn rou'd si\-p her at ]pa*t partial help. I could never i Rive the hny thp !O,P and rare hr ' shnuld have; ] knnw ahsolutely nothing ahnut raipinc children. I'm a jrood-natureri, easy- going prr- snn. hut find mvself sieiting nrri-- ou: over this situation. \Vhrn i a m ' homo I like tn he a'nnp, and quiet. Dn you think I am being mean and selfish? | I.K.ONARK s. · Anpu-pr: If yon arn easy gnmg and £ond naiured, your letter crr- l.'nnly heHp.p ynn. R\'ery sentence IP a irspntmeni againyt .^nnifthin^ pipe. VOM recent Rill's attentinn · fo hi.« nephew, his lark nf a f f p p - ' tinn fnr your r*wn famii;,. the (lo.c-i 5lhle \r*f: of yo;tr prarp and rjuif t · and. of rnur."C. ahn-. ? all. the littlr hny. Your summation of (he child 1 ?. tn say Ihe least, rnreasonsblf A fnur-yrMr-nlfl boy with a very Cl mother, 'vhn has himself betn 1 handed around tn several relatii1»s alrrariv. sureVv drser-'es a hetl(sr . descripijnn Ihnn that. i In ynur present frame nf miTiri I must ec-tamly wnijld r.nt advri- r?tr ynur fakine this rhi'd. ikp unuld lead a mnsl unhapuy I fife 1 with ynu. You are full of friistip- tinns. iirejurlires and animosit ; (es. ' The vjuiiesfr n-milrl he better off with rhecrful. friendly strangers. Hnwevcr. I am hrii'nd tr pr)int mil lhat ynu are rtninj ymirselj' a - cravr injustice in nnt only rhn- tinuing these attitudes, but in ibe- inc proud nf them. And that jmu ; arc! Ynu scrrn tn regard as a miark nl distirirtinn thr fart that T n u rannnt hpar the sitht nf a Sttle hny. that ynur entitp life i n . e n compassed in ihe small wnrlfl of evrilinc nff;ce and peacefully quiet (and I '..-arrant, dull) hfime! It lakes a michty small nattilre to hnlri a si tiflEe aeainst a four-year old. which ynu admit ynu hafr r e! K's tnn bad that ynu can't'open ynur bean and home tn your! husband's nephe-v; ynur life wofild be much happier if ynu coulrf. He would be lots mnre rewarding than an office. In normal times, about qfri million inn= of eonds are transported alnng the Rhm« River} e\ery year. Cowboys HOMZONTAL 3Wh.Hod»r i «_ _ loin u. 1 Rojeri ; 4 The Ranger 8 Froth 12 Fruit drink 13 Love fod H R i m 15 Legal msttert 16 Animated 18 Lover of beauty 20 Monsters 21 Hearing organ 22 Forsaken 24 Aromatic plant '26 Former will be tomorrow 4 One who washes 5 Leave out * Romances 7 Age 8 Sham 8S«-nt 10 Chills and fever 11 Disorder Russian ruler n d«crl .27 along 24 Medieval Cassidy ships ·30 Make beloved 32 Irony .34 Ignominious failure 35 Evaded '36 Furtive 37 Foot parts 39 Try 40Dandi;;..- 41 Male «v.-«n 42 Lower 4.M!»ting place 49 ImprfMlnns 51 One (preflxi .12 Guide .VI Stain M Seine SS IVrnvlj 8(1 F.ssrntial bfinj 57 Dayllnht ««vln| time «b.) VI»TICAL 1 UniMual JPc*m» 25 Indigo 2« Body of soldiern 27 Bigoted cowboys keep 23 Mineral rock their livestock 29 Nuisance 19 Underworld 31 Performers . 2.1 Green spots In .IS Teacher 3R Bars (legal) 40 Hereditary hostilities k »««port i!uil»c**' 48Ciieher'i v '- «*** - f " ' 50Ndin

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