Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 9, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1952
Page 3
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Early Approval Of Pay Hikes For Military Personnel Seen Deadlock Over Issue Broken By Agreemen! NOftTHWBT AJKANSAS TIMES,*ville, ArkonMt. Friday, May f, 1952 jHOpo.sal for S-lfl ;j co:nb;;t pay for all .:M. a n r i Representa- ( n - A l f i ) said he re- Compromise Move Wins Favor Of Lawmakers' Group Washinpton-'.-T 1 - - Cnn^rr-'-ioMn leaders lodny plruinc:! ea:v. .-.·!. pro'.'al of ;r.iliu:ry p tive- nrr:n. · i -'-if: '.r.- | Sor.aioj Ri;.-.ri| ( D - O a ) , head of : ' h e ii'iifcre:-i-. sinci Ho;ir.c :;pnk(.-?- ::i(.-ii ..t:ii]!; inn iK.rcpt the Korean · !''-.· jji iv::;;in bcc:iu.',r- they had , !;t-id '.; hc-tirir^s; on i!. Whether 1 '::'· Si-:;aio v.'ill accept the com. ; :·';: : s- v. Phout ihr rombfit pay ipru.iMon remain" lo lr .^ren. The compromise measure fol: !v.\ ;·. conf'!';iliy the. pa f tern of a Miilii.'iry pay im-reri f voted by the lifiii:^ 1 in .l.iMM/ir 1 JL ;ippniveci a fiat 10 per cent boo^t m base piy .nn toed ; ; !ri it-ntnl i!lr,y..-inu." Union Members Found Guiltv Of Contempt HP pxppcts to ho away for thrpp | Mr. and Mr« .f V Ciirnrs went to Kaypttcvillp Tuesday, where Mr. Carnes -ntrred thp Yptpi r t ns ' Hospital for inpdii-al treatment. Mr and Mrs. T. J. H;itfio!d and ! i grandson. Douglas Kobrrt.-. nf | Hu.v.envillp, .-pent thp wc'-kcnii in j Reniorsville visiting their Mirt-in| lav/ and daughter, Mr. and Mrs ! R. J. .Sent!. Mrs. Nnla Dr I-aitis, Kiank He j ].;HM.-, and \Vaym 1 RcvnoMs went to Baxter SpririKs. Mo, Sund;iy. ' w h o r e they visitrd Mr. and Mrs. Dean Shai-klefoul. Mr. Shncklo- ford i:'. a former coach of Bctiton- IP hiRt Atomic Gun Developed by U.S. Reported To Be Accurate And Devastating Weapon Neu- York-'.-IVAn a'o do 1 , elaped by the 1' S. A described laM as ;i a t e anri d e v a s t a t i n g] menrlous "finger-tip" fn i -nntf hpraldms -T no\i. pia tn Ihr The dp.MTipii u ith t i r - Fines Assessed By Chancellor Wofford In Fort Smith Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Haxton ^ irjlt atomic r.itiilrrv wpapon - ;, have jpturnpd from Houston. K un l!l '"'t ( ' ;i " "hit IK tarRpt under Texas, where they spent the win- ;m . v ^ealhei conditions nnd c i \ e icr v/ith their son-in-lnw and · K round troops thp kind of daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harold : tatini; Hawkins and children, Hal and .available in w a r f a r e " Anita. ;ippral lo (tie p.,i' of Hi,- d- -uppnrt ne\er before ( " 1(!in K In: " ·' p.ninci-hi;i cv; ·amp from ;in(l K' V 1 "C "" J'idK"" ' ^' Arnry Secretary Fiank Pare "· dcpo-;!'crl " ifh tir* rlerk. .'.-·i-l.-.i- liutt hurrl h» case three J,i . {j^t-::- nandn,,^ dova his rle- ^lirrcrul^r larkff) I:.,-.- i;r.rn.:i:i- -f,r.-Th» V.Vs! ; - i " ·:, .;',. fi r-.:r,rn' today marke,^ ^ ;·". .ii.'ii. cr ;ary of Qrr- ;'. i:. "/."rid '.V.jr II surrender ··· ',: "Ji;: I'M rr:.i:i; to unite \vith An outstanding flavor--Junge'i Unman Meal Hreatl. 11-19-rt THE BLAIRS, STATIONERS o,,Th.s q0 o,. Th« Oldcil O f f i c e Suppy House and Gil! Shop in Norlhweit Arklnm MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS Pretty -- Permanent -- Practical Mother's Day Card»-5c lo )J.QO-Styled by Gibson I E. S. Craves of Kansas City Is ' pace said thp new weapon '-is ·visiting his sisters, Miss Anna cseutiallv an nilillerv p i c c r -- b u t ' | Graves and Mrs. D. T. I.aine, and with immeasurably pjca'er p o w e r ' | his brother, Charles Graves, this , than any arnllery'hithrrto known week. Up will return to* . Such tornic weapons, he added. Knrt Smith, Ark.-VPi-Seba.=tian C 'l£ Snn( ! a '; ¥ ,, essentially an artillery piece-but! Chanceller C M Wnffnrd has ,, Mr , anri Mr!i ' Jim Scott 3nd chanpps" in the Army's trarijtmn- ... «* «u« rt^iL. : na»Rn(pr, Jan. are leaviiiK Satur- ' a! mission of cln--in« with and! T* lonight-trcat yoyrself to the armed fo:TM "nri""^!;;.;' 1 ';,;;,;;;.','.;!: TM**W ^^. *·-.* dependents/ pt. 1, mtc.n.nonalropiesenta- W0l , h , K,,,,., , irrivpd Mftn(1a , . n thp A i m v ^^ I10I) . atomit . Hiinilu . ed r.rrv 1C e ? ^,,s bir.M-n !,te ;.»-,- Be.-uu,,- n,.,; ; n - a i e s i.r.d other tl ^ " f th( ' 1! 1; ' i:i - TM ""«! W" 0 viMt ^ narpnts. Mr. and Mr«. C Iliti(jni but nffirl!l , , pC cifica!ions of · t c r d a " Inv · · i n ' - i r - c ' n i l l i c - n r i norcnrnol ' i; 'd S C I ' - O f H T d H SO (1,'IVS in J . ' l l . F S ' i l l f i f M « -inH '-.miK- I-To ,..;ll ,1 .1 ii-ru,i.,. icA.-^ni^ihu ( peiponnri · 1 r - ^ncuis, ,irm jj-.nn.x. He will the Run remained n secret until A Sena'tM!'.;,,,. Confm-npp ···'^' i'^d and ]od S nie furnished Allen .I'.rip.s ptCFidnit of the local return t- Fort Leavenworlh Tn^- l as t night. Pai-p in dirlu.p- n-np i Comm.ttcp .-.Kiccci MI a con-p:n- ''V Ih(! t'ovt-rnmcn: ar.d have no nn ?lnKc "Samst the Dixie Lup d ay . to a w a i t orders for an over- n f the weapon's siipeifirations I nm-e nif?a?urc pio/idiin -!R4 nnl tieprnr-cpl:. tli^y \voiLd K pi only Compunv here. \vas fined SiiO and se as ass-icnmpnt .u:- _......,,_·.,'^ "I Ofoi \'ire F'resident Arthur Locnr 'Bentonville Come In and See Us About Our Easy Paymenf Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, ere. Cliflon Lumber Co, Phone 27. West Fork, Ark. visit fnr a fpw v.-onks. The boys have been visiting their gramt- j)aren!s smip last summer. Alvin J-'snst was i-pturncd lo his omo from the City Hospital when 1 s. J. O. Kuinp'- hnvr he had bfrn n patient thoii }.o:i. .1 O. Mrs. Polk Bnukoui of '/.\nn com nt' Snnri(rclnlp · \ isional equipment I II ran travel rross-couniry. It i-an fit into a landing ship dp- :;ifinccl for arnphibious operations.' And it can fire w i t h nmirar\ i ''comparable to cnn-^pntmnal artillery, and trs!s indicate i 1 i" much UNTUCK wffis K j Rendered Benlon County Case ;i,-:-i- ct\ in I'UKHM, KOCPH, in Anril. , HrntnnvilliMSucriall- Cham-el' his mn*hrr, Mr^ Grju-p Smith of lor Thoriins Run ynstordny icndfr- Sprin;;r : ;*ie lir IIHS hocn in 1 \rnn- fnr Tie pasl thrcr yc.irs. Appcrfon afainsl I.. S. Holland , l.t in ^' r - ·'" lri ftll ' s - ·'· "· Neil w ( ' l e .'iirl Paiil O'Xral doinR business: BRAKES - U6HTS - STEERING THE BIG THREE OF SAFE DRIVING See KOHIER and HAIL for o FREE checkup on these important tafety fciciors at Whiteiey's Garage CORNER MOUNTAIN SCHOOL ^';?'i.y**.*^ L A N i« J, -,.,, iL I,;,,!,..,! ,/,,,,, /.-. ,», /:·-,, //;, ,,,, ,/ ./ f;,;,,,,. iL ,,,:,,,./ · ·! ii.u-ic'cl.iW lie i" '·'' '" W.-^liinRiin. D. C.. nflor | Arriving mrdical Irrntniollt. i.f the Irxl. -bui Mil- ' :pn:ilinp Iho psrt two w r r k s hnr ' ( 'P'- R r - S"iilli nf Springrtal · ;';c." u-Tfi b,\- Ihr music vi::itinc her :-ons. .Johnn;,- GiUin-:, .... Ho has w:-i;iTM more and Pfc. ami Mrs. Tt-rl Oilbnit ··"·I'Dmin- In a It-tier rrmvrri by 'f^-^- · Mrs. Dob^on is nr.plovrd in t ^ r . " " " ~ o f f i c e nf the scrrrtary n f s t a t e in Sprin.",r : ale. llr lias hrcn in thp r,| a $S,99l'.(l4 judsmcnl (or i,. R. '" A -t" ; n:; '". v 1ra J Washington. Mr c . Gracf* Jean Fir-Mr, ,..,,. Hutler. Mr,., visiting hrr sister, ''·'Hfd In Slnlnn. Texas. Mond.iv - f s ]hp Arkansas FouKry Company Mr.- rjoss Allrpd. »'Kht by t!u ilpulh of Mrs. Neil's at fJentry. Thp Rev. Hirl-aui Gcigcr left M^tci-in-lnw. MIT. ('. T. Scrog- ' He directed the Rarnishce. Bank Wednesnav /ui Yales Camn nrai- " U1S - ·" i "'' ? - ScrnaEins was n f o r m e r O f Bentnm ille, lo S3 Ifil SO i I-'-u- Smith, wheic ht- will attend n r^idpnt of Sprin^daie. Funeral. v ., ith lhc clrrk (]f lht . ( . nur , , 0 hp ! coMroioncL of lhc l.'.S. and U.S A .'iervices were held Wednesday af- -~.T-.--- - -· - : .* hr.niches of thp Pj-esl)\'terian If'ti' 10 '! at Stolon. Mr. and Mr?. Chuu-h. Mi. Gi'iurr wtll ie;ive next ^' ri! w c r c Hccompnnied by their ux-ek f'ji- New York City, \vhore dauph'pr-in-law and granddaufrh- hp will rppresent the Arkansas ter, Mrs. Marion Neil nnd daugh- Prcsbytery nt the General As.«em- t c r - -Jennifer. bly of the Presbylrrian churc!ics. ' ^ Irs - J°hn Hodson of Uaskell. Okla. arrived in Spnngdale Sun' day to spend thp week visiting her Mftor-in-lav.-. Mr?. \V. A. Graves Mrs. Dodson is a former resident of Spj'ingdale. IWinistt'is from spvpral slaie. 1 were here Tuesday nicht to lake part in ihe spcvial services held- in the Gospel of Pcarn Tabernacle at 7:4.^ n. m. The Rev. Roy Muriel! is the regular pastor. The Elm Springs Paren'.-Tearb- pr Association met Tuesday night A renial was. Rivpn by the pupils of Mrs. -I. /,. Croft. Refreshments \vere ?ei'\ ed at the close of the meeting. A bnnid meeting of the Sprinp- U'oinens Chjb -.v;.s i i !d Thui s'lay nii;ht in the lounge, of me Fir.'' National Hank. The time of the meeting v.-a- 7:.'i(. \Va:-hinirl f 'n School pupils pre- ser/pci an i ^ - e r o - i a . ' c ,now \\'hi!e and Ihr Sr-- fn I") 11 , arfs." \\Vrinr- A musical concert wfi? helri in Ihv r.c-v in-'.} housr Tiie.-fiay niifLt Mr---. Cu\ \V;i-- -.vas the rln'cclor nnd v.«? in rha:^e of lhc program of \ ,·! H d cum be is. The choi us fi).'iv.ted of l^.'i lo IfSii v oi:'Ps. The Spi ir.^dale Hmh School b.iiui, aM.- !"fl by the Svmphon- et 1 '. prevented n concert Thursday nitrht .v 8 o'clock in ih^ firid hoii.r l» ·.'.-.i;. ihf second Nnlio;:;.! Mtisir \--ppk onsr? vailcc OIO;M ;ur.. OLD k BRANIN T H E O l D S U N N Y i l O O K C O M P A N Y , l O U I S V I l L E . K E N T U C K t Air conditioned for your comfort m^^^^-^^ : -^\^. ^- ;vr-. ; j Selected for this Award Because We Served You Best! 17.000 Plants in America! Only 100 have this Certificate! ©Highesf Standards of Sanitation · Proper Temperatures in all rooms · Fine HANDLING OF ALL MEATS See Us For ... 1. Wholesale Moots for Your Locker or Home Frccicr 2. Good Ice Crcan at Reasonable Prices 3. Cartons and Wrapping Paper for Meats, Fruits and Vegetables 4. Complete Professing .lobs on Your Pork, Beef or Lamb 5. The New BEN-HUR Home Freezer -- America's FINEST HOLLAND BROS. LOCKER PLANT Phone 263 203 West Dickson First in Fayetterille Repeat Shipment Cotton Skirts Specially Purchased for Yon! $5.98-$7.98 $O98 Values H.i d i r e c of e^d. Ri!I Vr ...nn, R nd .I..}.n Pmtl*-. Sp h School ylndrnu. oMMi f"i pai t:ci|,;it!'' !;;il Rfr/. S t a t e ar M' . :!l I.e held ;,! :hf !;-.;,,· !.;"if f ( ( , r k in . Beautiful, sanforized printed cottons in c i r c u l a r and flared styles. Sizes 10 to 16 / 2 GALLON Vanilla Ice (reim 63c Hollnnrf IrM lotk«r Wnn« · batement first Quality Danby Nylons 94 C oO-g(juf}« nylom in n fovor- itft Spring \haH*. Ml^^/ * Sppr.mPy pMffrJ fr r Mnthrf * Do/ Fancy Nylon Briefs $|00 R"Htlnr $1 59 brirfi of 100% nyion . , , with nylon IOCP PT fcmry m*?h , . . whit* only, A Mo!her'» Day f«aturo. · main floor front

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