Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 8, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1952
Page 9
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(AMM 1MB. feytHtvillt, Arfcanm flwrwfay, May ·, IfW. Committees Work Out Plans For U. C. T, Convention The Fayetteville council of the U n i t e d Commercial Travelers play« host this week to the state 'convention of the U.C.1V Local officers are: '»;·. · Senior counselor, Fred E. Delnil: junior counselor, Basil H. Nelson; cast ien!or counselor, Carl t, Boot*; secretary-treasurer, U. D. Bl«hk«nship; conductor, H: C. Otwell; page, Jo*l Bunch; sentinel, .Jack Slade; chaplain,' Malcolm F. Stanford The Executive Committee is 'composed of : Hoy T... Edwards, G. M. "Jerry" LeMarr, .Royae M. 'Lirisfordy Arthur F. Cooper. Dr. Coy 'C. Kaylor Is surgeon. Committees for the Grand Council meeting, with headquarters at the Mountain Inn, are: Registration -- Grace Blanken- ihip, Marie Hampton,. Irene Le- Marr. and Lela Otwell. Advertising and Decoration -Carl Booth, Julien Dupuis, Dr. H. Otwell. Program,--- U. D. Blankenship, Fred Delzell tnd J6e Hampton. . Souvenir--Jerry I^eMarf, Basil GoodbyiHtirtbum - Hello TVMS! Quick relief for tour MS. icid iadifi Still only lOc. TUMS ran THE TUMMY Nelson, Dr. M. Stanford. Banquet and men's luncheon- Jake Davis, Shorty Hill and Jim McGaugh.v Transportation and Hotels--Art Cooper, H. 0. Ames and Royce t.ansford. Entertainment and Dance--Roy Edwards. Arthur Davidson, Bill Sonneman, Joel Bunch and Jack Sladc. Committees of the women's auxiliary which have helped or* Ranize the convention: R e c e p t i o n Committee: Mrs. Royce Lansford, chairman- Mrs. Raymond Ash, Mrs. J ome Stanford, Mrs. Wayne h. .jest, Mrs. Lige Phillips, Mrs. Norman Reed.. Luncheon Committee: Mrs. Cy Carney, J$r. Decoration Committee: Mrs. Earl Hill, chairman, Mrs. Art Cooper, Mrs, Carl Booth. - . · fc Favors Committee: Mrs. Jerry LeMarr/ chairman, Mrs. Roy Ed* wards, Mrs. Arthur Davidson. Door Prize Committee: Mrs. Jack Slade, chairman, Mrs. Basil Nelson, Mrs. Bob Barns. Program Committee: Mrs. W. A. Davis, chairman, Mrs. Fre4 Delzell. Distinguished Guest "Committee: Mrs. U, D: Blankenship, Tour Committee: Mrs. Cy Carney, Sr. . ( Appearing on the luncheon program will he Betty Ann Delzell, piano _ solo Kay Thimpson, so- pr»no soloist; accompanied by Mrs. Cy Carney, Jr. A men's;luncheon will he held Friday noon at the Legion Hut, with a ladies' luncheon Friday noon Yfar Cafes Than fte StaprMw Use/ CARMEN FRANCO HOME TO BABY SAVE nut * KIK ro » DEIUS FOOD CAKE To mokft the most of every recipe, be sure you have the best ingredients. Try this Domino recipe for rich, tempting devil's food c^ke. Y o u ' l l see why more w o m e n choose Domino Sugar than any Other bund I H cup shortening 2 cups Domino Extra Fine Granulated Sugir 4 squirts (4 oz.) unsweetened chocolate IV* cups all-purpott flour 1V4 teaspoons baking soda Vt teaspoon salt IV, cups milk I'/, teaspoons ranllla extract Cream together shortening and Domino Granulated Sugar. You'll appreciate Domino's quick-dissolving, free-mixing qualities. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each. Melt. chocolate ovtr hot water; add. Sift together flour, baking *xta and salt; add alternately with milk to creamed mixture. Add vanilla extract. Pour into i greased 9" layer pins. Bake in mod. ovcnV 350°F. 40 min. Cool 5 min. Remove layers from pans; cool on wire rack. For Ciuy, never-fail icing, use recipe on Domino Confectioners XXXX package. For generous layers of Icing, double the package recipe. You'll always make 1 delicious cakes, praise-winning pics and cookies, when you bake with Domino Sugars. . AMERICA'S LARGEST SELLING SUGARS at Ferguion't cafeteria; and a banquet will be held Friday at the (Jark Bowl, /ollowed by a dance.' A $2 registration fee will b e j charged, each womap, and will cover cost of following: Coke party room 6 of Mt-i Inn Friday from 10:JO-H!30 a.m.; luncheon Friday 12:30 p.m. at Ferguson's; banquet Friday at Uark Bowl for U.C.T. members and wives at 7 p.m., followed by dance at 9 p.m. Tour Saturday-morning, leaving Ml. Inn 9 a.m., return at noon. Ex-Bookie Says He Contributed To O'Dwyer Helped Campaign With Money, Grots Asserts At Hearing New YorW/P)-Ex-bdokie Harry Grose--hi* lips unzippererl after months in jail--testified ydsler-. day that .Tames 3, Moran shook him down for a $15,000 "political contribution during former Mayor William O'Dwyer's 1949 campaign. Moran, long-time political crony of O'Dwyer, is in Sing Sins prison on a 12 ',4-28 year sentence for masterminding a »500,000-a-year 'firemen's shakedown rtcket when he was first deputy lire commissioner. Gross, who returns to the witness stand today, also testified he had 'Ian arrangement" with Inspector William P. O'Brien whom O'Dwyer later named police commissioner. T h e "arrangement," Gross said, was for protection at the rate of "$50 or $100 for him, O'Brien, plus the regular amount for the spot." " Gross rcpUtedly paid one million dollars a year graft to police for protection . until his- 20-mil- llon-do!lar-a-year bookie racket was smashed in 1950. O'Brien, asked for comment on Gross' testimony, declared; "He's a liar. . . . I don't know him, I never saw him. I never met him." O^Brien, now in private business, quit as police commissioner during the graft scandal which broke after Gross' arrest. At the lime of the resignation, O'Dwyer said, "I believe Bill O'Brien 'is as honest a man as I have ever known," ^ O'Dwyer, now U.S. ambassador to Mexico, said i n ' M e x i c o City last night that he had "no comment" on Gross testimony. Gross testified at -the departmental retrial of five policemen charged With protecting his'gam- bling operations and with perjury at their first trial last November. The original departmental trial and also the' mass criminal trial of 18 alleged police grafters were wrecked when Gross refused to talk. He drew a five-year sentence for contempt of court, and later was sentenced to 12 years on bookmaking and conspiracy charges. The 315-year-old ex-bookie from Hrooklyn has had a taste of penitentiary l i f e since September, and apparently hopes to win reduction of his sentence by testifying. Russell Gains More As life Returns Come In Miami, Fla.-(;P)-Scn. Richard B. Russell of Gcotgia, continued to ·pull away from Sen. Estes Kofau- ver of Tennessee in their presidential popularity contest in Florida as results from Tuesday's voting *ricklcd in from rural areas. . With 1,626 nf the state's 1,682 precincts tabulated; Russell led by 389,916 to 272,238. Pollen lised in artificial pollination is sometimes frozen and fcept for use the following season, CARMEN FRANCO, marchioness of Viltavcrde anil daughter or Spain's Generalissimo Francisco Franco, Molds her 14-month-old daughter nt airport In Madrid on return irom a tour of tho Near East with her husband, who was a mcmoer of the Spanish million seeking a pact with six Arab nations. The baby was taken tw the airport by Dona Carmen Polo de Franco (right) wile ol generalissimo. (Intemationaij Chickens, Tomatoes Down In Price Somewhat Most Places, Ham Cost Lessens By The Associated Press Frying chickens and tomatoes cost a little Jess in mnst places this week and many stores also trimmed retail prices of hams, chuck roasts and several cuts of lamb as specials for the corning week crlri. . Shoppers are likely to find snmn unusual bargains in cakes, too, for Mother's Day. The stores are promoting special cakes, candies and even apple pie more heavily than usual for the occasion this year. Price declines predominated In the fresh produce department. The supply squeeze . in potatoes continued over most of the nation. Dealers said it appeared that markets distant from growing areas might have to wait until early June for any notable improvement. * They said .many growers m California apparently were leaving their potatoes in the ground longer than usual, to grojv bigger, with buyers fairly well assured for them. Some commission dealers who normally buy large amounts of potatoes in the South paid the current shortage, of potatoes had resulted in disruption" of normal distribution patterns. Many growers, these sources said, were selling their crops ungraded'nnd in used bags, directly to truckers and refusing large-scale contract com- 'Critical Blow' mitmcnts, Spanish potatoes continue to be impnrinri into New York, How- over, an Agriculture Department market analyst there said potato importing was not likely to increase much bocnusc, with larger domestic supplies in prospect within the noxt few weeks, shipping from across the ocean would be a risky speculation. Frying and broiling chickens were one to ;is^min.'h ns 10 cents a pound cheaper in many glares thin week, reflcfiinjj record production Some 2V£ million more brnil- cr-frycrs arc .expected to. be on the market this month tlmn nt this time.hist year. The tender young chickens top the Agriculture De- partmeni's list of most-plentiful foods for t h r i f i y buying both this week nnrl "ox? Farminglon Plins Decoration Service KftrmlnKl on-(SpKlnl)-Decors- lion services will be helrt »t the Kttrminplrm icmiftcry S n n d « y. fiervlcw in which the Jrtvf* will he d^rnratcd will bis conduct*!) between 2 and 5 p.m., Mrs. Lucy Phillips, secretary nf the Cemetery Association, announced loci iiy. A special Mother'! Day pro- KTtim will be held at the first Baptist Church at 11 a.m. under tho direction nf the Rev. D. M. Krc-ls. EJ o u q u e t s will he pro- fentcrt to the olricut and ynunjcst mothers, nnri the mother with the largest family. Botiinically. apples are clos* relatives nf pears. . Outer Like in th* C««*rlp Mountains of Oregon is in th* t ^"to^LTa on n( the hlchct world. . New Zulind tin 17V» tvsry person. a TM nw , h ««' peaks in the. JUH g,; Romin MnlBrWd.' Taste/nark TO OUR 110, COLORFUL · ·BIRB · IHI V^W.k D E M O N S T R A T I O N ; Friday and Saturday, May 9th and 10th THIS COUPON WORTH 25 IN THE PURCHASE OF A QUART OR MORE OF IPS FLATLUX -- FOR 10 DAYS -- BEGINNING MAY Mi, 1952. On the above d«e, a paint expert froir The PattertomSargent Company will be on' hand to fiiily demonstrate the wonders of Flitlux, the.made-toith-oil one-coit wall paint. He'll answer any and all Questions . . . convince you beyond a doubt that Flitlux topi them ·U. Don't mm tbii demonstration! WASHABLE! DUMILE! ECQKOMIMl! N O W . . . MORE THAN EVER... USE A PROVED PA/NT/ FAYETTEVILLE HARDWARE JUST 40 STEPS OFF THE SQUARE .*»' ···JK PHONE 2837 SO. EAST ffrf- MOUNTAIN IN Northwest Arkansas' Most Famous Hotel Has Rolled Out The Carpet We Cordially Invite ITED ^/DMMERCIAL J_ RAVELERS to dine at FAYETTEVI LIE'S · MOST DISTINCTIVE DINING ROOM '·PLEASANT DINING ATMdSPHERE · EXCELLENT DINNER MUSIC · ' «MOST DELICIOUS FOOD AND DINING ROOM LOCATED IN WE MT. INN HOTEL SERVING FROM 4 A.M. UNTIL 9 P.M. For The U. C. T. HOUSE CURBS on military upending strike a "possible critical blow" to the nation's lecunty nnd Its nbil- tty to malntnln troops in Kuropo nnd Korcn, the ficnnte military committee was told by Defense Secretary Robert Lovclt, t who !· shown leaving Die hcnring In Washington. (International) Nirt Like SIN! O't lltwrty rMM fn.M mltcry of I'lln. Am»ln Ir.rn.u1. J.vrlr.i.rrl l.y f«-..m 71- M«r*lM ftr'.-lnl Cllnlr l.llfllr* fMt rAlll.Uv* rillef from r,ctt!lTr i,»ln. ffhinr, »«rr- tm. nHr.« Mliir* thrinti ".r]Hr\ff. Mtftrfi terr) i*m. M»V III. --Ml. IMnr ifl« -- f*l (fir. mHI'-illf.n prnvfrt l,y ftprrtrnf. with 70rXI^ rtlnlr pnllrnU. !tt ThnrnlMi MlnW-ln r,lnlrr.rn( or rnir^ilnry (r,rmTM Irrm rmr JniMIl M«r. Yrw'll r11iriv«r W»«iH trllff It. Pfifr. ».r r'^i' m'lnr-y rr. fnniM. A»k f»r It lir ritnr- ThnrtrM Kin.r-.t i*4 itut tUnH rttrr»l". United Commercial Travelers J MEETING IN FAYETTEVILLE 1 THURSDAY, MAY 8 3 At Mountain Inn MODERN FACILITIES COURTEOUS SERVICE -ANY TRAVELERS HOME, AWAY FROM HOME! Mr. and Mrs. Roy BromfitM Ty Rwd, Asst. Mgr.

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